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The Nosferatu Adventures s7 p12

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 190, chapter 190

The caramel wolf stretched out under the shade of a large spruce tree, waiting. Pan had left Finn dead a few miles back after having been brought back to this reality still in the Seer's body. Only trouble was he couldn't get a scent on the female.


Victor ran down the hallway having heard the crash as the smoke began to fill the estate. Forcing the door open to the library, he found our heroine coughing as she opened a window.

"What the hell happened?" Victor demanded as he pointed to the mess of broken glass and spilled liquid on the floor.  Our heroine gestured to the large spellbook on the desk.

"Bored. Just decided to learn a few rituals."

Victor grunted as he flipped a few pages in the large volume. "Take it you did it wrong." he couldn't help but crack a smile as he tried to read the name of the spell. "Chamomile, ginger, catnip, rosehips...tea? You're big explosion was tea?" the older male clapped his hands together as he broke out in a fit of laughter.

"Okay yeah so I was trying to do a ritual and midway I got really blah feeling, sort of sweaty and dizzy and thought I'd stop the energy work and try to deal with it." she answered leaning now on the window ledge. Our heroine was looking a little green. "Is it hot in here or is it just where the room is spinning again?" sitting down, she clutched at her stomach doubling over. "God, the tortures of the damned! I know they say when you've got heartburn all the time when pregnant it means the kid is going to have a full head of hair when they are born, but I'm having a werewolf. This is ridiculous."

"Yes it certainly is." he sighed scratching then at his neck. Victor sniffed as he moved across the room to where she was sitting grabbing her by the shoulders, forcing her to her feet. "You don't want to sit."

"I don't?" her voice took on a whine.

"No you don't. If you sit that upset stomach will turn sour and you'll be puking all over yourself. Or worse..." he started to laugh again.


"It'll turn into gas. I watched my sister in law go through it with the boys, and my first wife..." his voice trailed off as he suddenly found his shoes the most interesting thing on the planet.

"Dagan and Harker have a cousin?" our heroine asked as she reluctantly let Victor walk her around the room. He said nothing for a few minutes, blinking away the memories before shaking his head. The short sandy blonde hair falling over his one eyebrow in the same way it did his nephew.

"Still born. Twin boys." Victor's voice was a soft rush as he tightened his grip on her shoulders as if to shield himself against the thought.


Arrows zipped past them at every angle, followed by rocks dipped in wax and set ablaze. Rolf ducked behind the large stone wall best he could, the wound on his left leg already healed. His men on the other hand were not so lucky. He didn't remember how he got there. Just seemed to wake up in the middle of the battle. The last thing he had remembered was being four miles south huddled over a campfire studying the maps. He had gathered a few men willing to fight with him for his family's kingdom, but that was all. And now here he was, smack in the middle of the whole thing, with no memories of how they got there.
Closing his eyes, the large werewolf sniffed taking in all the scents around him. The wax as it burned, the scorch marks from the fires they had started, the panic laced sweat of some of the men, and the salty cooper of blood as it filled the air.  But that wasn't why Rolf had shut his blue eyes tight. It was the wave of nausea that forced the lycanthrope to clinch his jaw tight and count to five. As soon as this was over, as soon as he secured his family's kingdom, Rolf had to get a message to our heroine, to let her know he'd been sharing the white wolf dreams. He was afraid for her. Something just wasn't right with our heroine's baby.
Opening his eyes, they had shifted to the amber-grey of the wolf as Rolf stood, leaning back letting out a roar that shook the very foundations. Many of the men on both sides fled in fear as they saw him start to transform. His nose having extended, his fangs both upper and lower having exposed, his ears having become pointed, and his hands now claws as he gripped an axe.
The next sound that ripped itself from the angry werewolf was not heard by many, as it was so loud it shattered the ear drums of those within a thirty foot radius. Much like the way our heroine's banshee scream did.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your heroine...me (straight up story. Nice to see Rolf found his voice)

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