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The Nosferatu Adventures s7 p13

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 191, chapter 191

He sat on his heels, blood dripping down his chin, as he chewed on the still twitching animal in his hands. Tossing a piece of the duck to the hellhound, Dagan wiped the back of his wrist across his mouth. "I told you to leave the skunk alone. Now you'll be days smelling like that."  Tombstone made a low growl as he bowed his head. "I'm not going inside that estate. Don't even think about it." the auburn haired werewolf spoke softly as he continued to eat, spitting out feathers haphazardly. "I mean, what's there for me? Certainly not the female." he sniffed, his nostrils burning suddenly with the heavy scent of blood. Only it wasn't coming from his hunt.
Tossing the rest of the bird to the creature beside him, he stood up slowly rubbing his palms down the length of his thighs, his fangs still extended both top and bottom, his lips glistening with drops of blood saliva.  Dropping his chin the shapeshifter made a sound low in his chest as he cracked his neck, rotating his shoulders as if he were about to step into a boxing ring.
Reaching his arm out, Dagan brushed his hand down the nearest tree. Slowly, moving one foot over the other, he crossed the small patch of dirt on the edge of the property doing the same thing to a small clump of vines. The werewolf had no idea why he suddenly felt the urge to mark his territory? He didn't even want to be there. The air shifted causing his ears to perk up as it carried on it the sound of footsteps.
The male dodged the carcass as the foot long clump of dead fur came flying at him from the bushes.

"That thing still smells better then you two mutts." Finn replied as he pointed at the skunk.  The familiar hissed as Dagan advanced a half step, his fists clinched.

"Should have known it wouldn't take you long to come sniffing around her." he spat out another piece of a feather, picking a small bone from his teeth. His fangs having retracted. "Just because I don't have her, doesn't mean I'm going to let you have her either." Dagan blinked as he thought about what he'd just said, scratching the back of his skull.

"Figures." Finn stretched as he tossed an energy ball from hand to hand as if playing with a ball of yarn.  "You furballs are such a greedy lot. I can't believe you're considered the evolution of things." he shook his head. "Why the hell would I want her now? She's more your kind then anything else."

"Then why are you here?" he brought both hands out to his sides palms up as he grinned, his dimples on display.  "Can't be to give me cooking tips?" 

"Something is wrong with the Seer. He passed out for like four hours. Some sort of magickal trance or something, and then when he woke, said nothing about the locator spell he had been doing when you last saw us. Just stabbed me. Left me to bleed to death." Finn's voice never wavered.

Dagan squinted at him, sizing him up trying to get a good read on him. "You poor thing, down to what seven lives now is it?" his eyes flashed the amber-grey of the wolf as he snarled. The other male was telling the truth, his blood pressure never rose, his breathing never altered.

"Hate me all you want. But I'm going to make sure Nosferatu is alright." the familiar pointed at the taller male as he pushed past him. Dagan stood there for a long few minutes, seething as he waited till he was sure Finn was a good distance from him. Turning he punched the tree, his knuckles sinking deep into the splintered wood, sending chips of bark flying everywhere. Tombstone shook off pieces of the debris from his muzzle.

"Well..." the werewolf let out a deep sigh. "As pack leader I suggest we walk in that direction until we find some sort of shelter. Then I suggest we get you shampooed to cut the skunk smell before drinking ourselves into oblivion. And as the pack leader, I think that should be followed up with shacking up with whatever banshee we might come across, and possibly re-establishing the sire bond. This is of course a precaution. So that he doesn't have the opportunity. And in no means because I miss her fat ass." Dagan sniffed tugging on the hem of his t-shirt as if to make his point. "And..." he dropped his chin again, his right hand now at the back of his skull. "Should a claiming take wouldn't be the end of the world." he tilted his head looking down at the hellhound, who was ignoring him, still crunching on the remains of the duck. The dirt crunched under his heels as he turned in nearly a full circle moving his left arm in a chopping motion. "Righty-ho, righty-ho man. I suddenly feel like I should be wearing golf shoes."  The auburn haired male let the magic mist swirl around him then, replacing his t-shirt with a pineapple printed button up short sleeved shirt, and a fishing hat appearing on his head."Come on boy, let's go catch us a moose."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Can't you just picture Dagan wearing a khaki coloured fishing hat with a bunch of lures he made from animal bones and werewolf fur, the rim down over his beautiful blue eyes...*sigh*)

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