Sunday, February 1, 2015

Random movie Feb 1st 2015

Book of Life

This is a 2014 cartoon starring Diego Luna and Danny Trejo

plot: The Mexican gods of the dead make a bet after seeing three young friends. The two boys are both in love with the same girl, and the bet is to see who will finally marry her. Whomever wins the bet wins the right to rule the Land of the Remembered. 15 years later, we see the two boys Manolo and Joaquin, are the town's stars, both for different reasons. Manolo is tricked into dying for love, while Joaquin is tricked into believing he's the town's only hope against a warlord. Manolo has one chance to reclaim his life and the woman he loves before the town is destroyed and everyone ends up in the land of the Forgotten.

I wanted to love this film, I really really was looking forward to seeing this few months back when I first heard about it. The cast boasts names like Danny Trejo, Cheech Martin, and Ron Pearlman, so how could it not be wicked? 
Well, I found the story tired. I didn't realize there would be so many musical numbers which for me killed the flow, and I think it would have been more interesting had it been a live action film then a cartoon. This could have been done in the vein of Labyrinth and worked.

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