Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What we going to watch then?

Movie: Skyfall,  Looper,  Here Comes The Boom

Where: mother's

Reason for seeing it?: They were on Shaw Video On Demand and it's what mom was willing to watch

Shaw Video On Demand,  it's a beautiful thing.  I had hoped there was going to be some vampire movies on there, but there wasn't.  So instead, I had the chance the last few days to see the latest Bond movie, one of the most original sci-fi time travel stories, and a sports comedy-drama that is fast becoming my favourite sub-genre.

Skyfall is one of the best Bond movies I've seen.  The theme here is old vs new.  The first half is all about the widgets and whats-its, and the second half is totally old school techniques.  You have to ask who do you trust and how far are you willing to go for them?

From old vs new to another round of old vs new.  Looper is about a hitman who is sent back in time to kill himself.  I spent the first few minutes in awe on the make-up and acting of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He had a young Bruce Willis down cold.

When I first saw the previews for Here Comes The Boom, I was thinking it was a straight up guys' comedy. But, it's a hell of a lot more.  It falls in line with the movie Warrior, which I loved by the by.  A teacher who gets into MMA cage fighting in order to help out the school and one of his best friends

I'm finding that I'm really liking these movies that are about MMA stories.  Which I personally am surprised with myself for, given I've never gotten into MMA in real life. (wrestling junkie but I just never really got hooked by the rest of it)

till later

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