I was watching the movie Julie/Julia  and started to cry.  I had seen the film nearly a hundred times by this point, and always felt as if I would find an answer within it.
It seems that night I did.   What I was missing in my life was what I was seeing on the screen.

It was the scene where they were sitting around with friends, enjoying a great meal, great wine and great conversation.
This is what I wanted.

I had started a book club a few years ago, with hopes of creating this type of atmosphere, but it just did not seem to grow the way I had hoped.
The scene in the film made me think of all the times in my life I had been truly happy.  In high school, college, and when I first moved out on my own.  The common factor had been late night dinners with my friends/co-workers after we'd seen a movie.
Sometimes we did pot-luck, sometimes I did all the cooking and sometimes we just headed to the coffee shop.

So at first I thought I would create a food club.  A Gastronomic Group. But that didn't work out either really.
What did start to catch on was in fact a movie group.  One where we ate and saw movies and talked about them over what we ate.

Movie reviews were one of the first thing I did when I was starting to blog.

Now, I've decided to mix all this together, movie group nights, movie reviews and a themed challenge like the Julie/Julia Project.

One movie a day for a year.


  1. Hey, It looks like you'll be making it onto our LAMBoard for the next update. Do you have a custom banner for your blog? I'd love to ad it to our gallery and have it represent you rather than our generic LAMBone.

    Here are some details: http://www.largeassmovieblogs.com/2008/03/random-lamb-banner-gallery.html

    1. Hey, thanks.
      I'll see what I can come up with. My comic program is only a demo so I'm limited on what I can do, if the rental time on the demo hasn't run out on me already. I've never done a proper banner before.

      What's my deadline for the LAMB board?

  2. It updates on the end of each month.