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The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p2

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 61, chapter 61

Reuben entered the cabin first, still spitting and swearing, Rolf following behind him. Our heroine stopped mopping the floors when she realized the males were tracking in mud, blood and god knows what else.  "I give up. What's wrong with him?" she asked gesturing towards Reuben. Rolf said nothing as he glared at Finn who was still sitting at the kitchen table, reading from one of the old witch's spell books.
Dagan sauntered into the place, covered from the knees down in mud, streaks of something dark seemed to be all over him, his hair messed up. He didn't stop moving until he was right up on her, his face buried in her shoulder as he hugged her.  "Okay what the hell is going on? Are you guys stoned or something?"

"We just spent the last half hour burying wolves. Timber wolves, not shapeshifters." Rolf said."He stumbled upon one in the woods, and when we went to check out the area, we found all these dead wolves."

"Wolves. As in plural?" she asked as Dagan sniffed a few times and she realized he was wiping his nose on her shoulder. "Ew! Off of me." she tried pushing him away but he just hugged her tighter. "I guess I should be thankful it's just snot. What is it with you and wiping your bodily fluids on me?"

"You make a fabulous snot rag." he said, his voice still heavy with emotion. "I mean handkerchief. I meant handkerchief." he grabbed her arm rubbing his face down the length of it snorting just to add effect.  "I'm actually not finished hugging." he squeezed her ribs till he heard a popping noise then let go. "You'll heal in a minute."

"Someone has been killing wolves. We need to find out why?" Reuben said, flicking his hair then grabbing it with both hands nearly ripping it out.

"There was no sign of anything human or that it was by another animal." Rolf  shook his head as he looked everywhere but at her, his own eyes filled with rage.  "It had to be magical."

"Wait." our heroine breathed once she felt her ribs starting to heal, giving Dagan a kick in the thigh. "No marks, no bites, no hunter's arrows? Then how do you know it wasn't just old age or disease?"

"Because it was nearly four full packs. Wiped out." Rolf continued. "There was nothing, not one mark or scratch or anything to suggest they were carrying disease, and it wasn't old age, some of them were puppies." he shook his head again, his voice getting louder. "Na, this was someone magical. What I don't understand is why? And where was Loki or Artemis? Why didn't they protect them?"

"Wasn't Artemis known for having hounds?" our heroine asked.

"Yeah." Finn commented. "But she was also a moon goddess, which automatically connects her to wolves."

"Thanks for the history lesson." our heroine replied.

Finn tucked his chin towards his chest, pulling the tinted glasses down his nose as he looked at her. "You're the chick who runs with wolves remember." he gestured towards the other three. "Their lore is now yours."

"Why are you still here?" Dagan screamed at him, moving towards the familiar his hand up in the air midway between Finn and himself.

"Sunrise is still another forty minutes."

"Might be a really stupid question, but how does this impact you lot exactly?" our heroine asked, her voice dropping to a hush.

"We're werewolves. Distant cousins if you will of normal wolves. We share so many of the same traits, pack wise. Seriously Nos, you should know this by now, you've been with us long enough." Reuben answered as he uncrossed his arms pointing at her. Tossing his head back, his hands linked behind his neck he closed his eyes, his shoulders slumping. "I didn't mean to accuse you of anything. This just..." he shook his head again leaving the cabin.

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The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p1

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 60, chapter 60

"How long was I gone for?" our heroine asked sitting up.

"Long enough to give me two pulled muscles in my back carrying you in here. No more gingerbread for you." Dagan commented as he flopped down on the corner of the sofa.  Reuben leaned over the back of the sofa then, his hands dangling between them, while Finn stood there his arms crossed over his chest a look of shock on his face.

"What were you drinking?" Reuben asked. Our heroine shook her head resting her pale fingers at her throat.

"I don't remember." her voice was a low hush as she looked around the room. Standing up she turned staring at the back wall just behind them. "There should be something here." she commented, stepping up onto the sofa, forcing Reuben to stand back up straight, as she opened her arms wide pointing. "Against that wall." climbing over the back of the sofa, she moved towards the wall, running her hands over it.

"This place looks just as it did when we arrived." Reuben assured her, as he leaned on the sofa again. "All but the destroyed door." he tossed the comment at Finn.

"You mean that door?" the familiar said waving his hand towards the broken splitters that were scattered across the floor, as they magically pieced back together and fitted themselves into place. "Door looks fine to me."

"Again, I ask you why are you still here?" Dagan stood now, his hands at his back staring at Finn.

"I still have 4 hours till sunrise."

Dagan shuffled towards the female, resting his chin on her shoulder. "I think you are just a little oxygen deprived from being dead. Again."  he grabbed her shoulders pulling her away from the wall. "There is nothing wrong with the wall."  he tilted his head pouting as our heroine was about to say something else but he wouldn't let her. Letting out a deep sigh she grabbed his wrist dragging him back outside.

"Something is missing from the wall. I don't know if it's a painting, or what but you've got to believe me. I saw something just as I was coming, back to life...waking up whatever you want to call it."

"Okay, what do you think you saw?" Dagan was smiling at her, his blue eyes sparkling. "I'm waiting."

"A large jellyfish."

He shook his head in disbelief, his eyes wide, licking the corner of his mouth. "Oh of course. The jellyfish. The one that was..." he took a step back his arms out as he spun in a slow circle before facing her again. " the living room on the far wall. Right next to the book case and the lantern." he leaned forward, one leg now crossed over the other as he tapped his forehead smiling. "The big green slimy invisible jellyfish that sat like a trophy in the middle of the living room..." he took another step towards her, leaning in so that he was just a centimeter away from her, this time tapping her dead center in the forehead. "...mounted in the frame on canvas with the spotlight. That one." Dagan snickered at her, resting his forehead against hers. "Do you need to feed? Is that it? Were you dead just a bit too long this time? Low blood sugar?"

"I wasn't dreaming if that's what you're thinking."

"No of course you weren't dreaming." he made a noise as he closed his eyes continuing to laugh. "You were dead, can't dream if you're dead." he opened his eyes again shaking his head, his forehead still touching hers. The werewolf cleared his throat then, as he heard the sound of leaves crunching not far off, the smell of another werewolf in the air.

"So all is well then? You two..." Rolf asked as he made his way through the woods towards them. A smile crossed his face when he spotted them standing there

"Alright alright alright." Dagan said his hands up in the air in a surrender gesture. "Noooo! Never happened." he said backing up about five feet.

The larger wolf ran his hand through his hair, brushing it out of his face as the grin turned then into a look of puzzlement. "So Reuben is our alpha? He actually decided to..."  our heroine shook her head, her hands clasped behind her neck.

"No one claimed anyone. There was no shacking up of any kind." the female said blushing.

"Then what happened? It's still a few hours till sunrise, the moon is still full and that means, it never reverted back to what gives?"

"I died. Well, to be more precise, he killed me. Again. That's like what, five times now you've killed me?"

Dagan nodded in agreement. "Haven't been counting." Rolf grunted as he crossed his arms over his massive chest, his shoulders slouching. Our heroine went back into the cabin, leaving the males standing in the light of the moon. Dagan started to chew on his bottom lip as he slapped his buddy on the back. "It all worked out for the best."

Rolf grunted again as he turned to look at his friend, making a face as if he'd tasted something bad. "Why did you never tell me that the sire bond can be completely broken?" he shifted his weight slightly, the look of disapproval in his blue eyes. "Huh?"

Dagan nodded, looking at the ground as he started to wipe his feet, his eyes turned up to look at the other man from under his lashes, scratching then at his eyebrows. "I forgot.'s just a little...I mean...we have...and there was the rose garden to dig through..." he stammered. 

"You forgot? Na, man that's just..." Rolf shook his head licking his lips as he moved past him following our heroine into the cabin. "Who's he?" he asked gesturing towards Finn.

"Rolf, Finn. Finn, Rolf." our heroine said not bothering to look at either of them as she started to flip through the large spell book that Reuben had been reading. "Huh." she said rotating the book sideways, "Finn what did you know about the old witch who lived here?"

He shrugged, making his way towards where she was sitting, leaning on the kitchen table beside her. "Melinda. She was one of the members of my witch's coven. Why?" our heroine slid the book towards him pointing to a page.

"If I read this correctly, she was a seer herself.  She wrote about having a vision about one of her children before they were even conceived." She looked then up at Rolf. "Speaking of, is our human crystal ball back at Ash's cabin with him and the King. Just what are we calling him these days? Since he's not seeming to want to be all kingly."

"The Seer went hunting hours ago, haven't heard from him since and as far as the king is concerned...I don't know. Oh but that reminds me." Rolf reached into his back pocket holding up  a small leather pouch. "I'm suppose to give you this. The King...Leo made it."  Rolf handed her a necklace made out of suede, the charms were a single owl feather between two sharp animal teeth. She guessed it was cougar. "He said he noticed you weren't wearing your mermaid one anymore."

"I lost it back at the castle." she took the gift getting Finn to help her tie it in place. The placement then of Finn's hand on her shoulder did not go unnoticed by the larger male. Sniffing, his eyebrows knitted together in worry.

"Who are you again?" Rolf asked, flicking his hair out of his face, leaning back against the wall.

"Finn. I'm a familiar, my witch sent me here because she sensed trouble." he let his hand slap his thigh. "I'll be gone in a few hours once the sunrises. Back to my cat form."

"Uh huh. I'm going hunting. Reuben you coming?" the large male said turning and walking out the door of the cabin. Raising his eyebrows, Reuben made a duck bill with his lips as he followed his buddy.  "We need to find where Dagan went. I don't trust that guy."

"I've been human before, twice. Both times sent by my witch to help other witches. Both crones." Finn said running his hand through his short hair then gesturing towards her. "You're the first mother I've been sent to."

"I'm not a mom. Vampire can't have kids."

"I didn't mean it literally, I just meant going by your age you're not in the crone stage and I'm guessing that you're not in the maiden stage, so that would put you in the mother stage according to the three forms of the goddess."

"Got it." she raised her chin squaring her jaw as her words slithered out expressing her annoyance.  She sighed, just as Finn leaned in kissing her. "Okay, what the hell was that?"

"I told you, I've only been in human form around old women in their last years of life. And chalk it up to curiosity killing the cat."

"Well, careful or else it will be someone else who kills the cat." our heroine shook her head. "I have no idea why I said that."

"Tell me about the sire bond, how does that work? Him being wolf and all?"

"We fight all the time, lots of trying to one up the other, insulting each other, sometimes it's borderline flirting. And that's when we're getting alone. There's an odd comfort level with each other, and don't like to be apart for long."

"So are you his mate?" Finn asked.

"No. He's not interested in me. None of them are. And as Dagan likes to point out, I'm just not pretty."

Finn shook his head his tongue running across his teeth. "But that is just a shell. Not what counts. And as any crone will tell you, a shell withers. I mean, look at me." he raised his hands out to his sides. "This is just a shell, temporary."

"But it's a really nice shell as far as males go." our heroine said. 


Dagan sat with his back against a tree, tossing handfuls of grass and rocks into the lake, the half eaten deer beside him, as he waited for Reuben who was still hunting. Rolf was sitting a few feet away by the campfire, a look of worry etched on his face. Both men turned silent, as their ears twitched with the sound of someone screaming in the distance, the scent of another werewolf suddenly filling their nostrils.  Dagan said nothing at first as he continued to sit there, rocking slightly, slamming his back against the tree, bored.
Reuben emerged from the darkened woods, his hair matted with blood, his face smeared in it, a large white wolf limp in his arms.

"We've got trouble." he said carefully placing the creature on the ground, as the other two quickly moved towards him, Dagan crawling.  "This wasn't a hunting accident. There are no bullet marks, no..." Reuben choked back his emotions as he raised his hand, then grabbed a handful of his hair. Spinning around he swore.

Dagan knelt beside the dead creature, his eyes cast down, completely silent. Rolf on the other hand, let out a roar of anger as he examined it.

"No teeth marks, no claw marks. Nothing to indicate it was another animal. No marks on the skull..." he sniffed deeply taking a second to process the scents around the creature. "No indication this was done by a human either. This was magical." 

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. But who can stay away from those three werewolves for long eh? And what's Finn really up to?)

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Top 5 Fav Charmed episodes

Okay, so I haven't been watching any movies in the last few weeks. To be honest, I haven't been in the mood. What I have been doing, other then writing my serial on here "The Nosferatu Adventures", is watching old episodes of Charmed. 
So I thought, why not give a quick list of my top 5 favourite episodes...and frankly, the blog needed a post on something right now.

1. Chris-Crossed

2. Witchstock

3. Something Wicca this Way Comes

4. Oh My Goddess part 1 and 2

5. Cat House

I'm one of those who thought the series got better after the end of season 3. 

I really liked that they finally started to focus on the character of Chris's future story in the episode of Chris-Crossed.

Witchstock was just a light episode in general that also added some depth to the "older" characters.

Cat House is on here because I liked the idea of seeing what happens to a "character" that's been there for most of the series who was sort of written out, by giving them a "current" life.

Something Wicca this Way Comes...pilot episode. There is just a vibe about that episode that to me fits better with season 8.  Don't know why just does.

Oh My Goddess... nice to see some real mythology being used, even if it is in a sitcom way.

till later

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The Nosferatu Adventures Season 2 part 29

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 59, chapter 59

The Seer shrugged, chewing on his bottom lip.  "It means..." Rolf continued with a grin. "Dagan can't hide behind the excuse anymore of the sire bond for his behavour. It also means, that if they are apart from each other, like say if we do get her back where she belongs, he won't go mental."

"So this is a good thing?" the Seer said bringing his hands up to rest his chin on them.

"Mostly." Rolf replied scratching at his forehead, smoothing out the ridge of worry that seemed to be a near permanent fixture between his eyebrows. "I had a dream of her while you were gone. She was a ghost or something big hole in her chest." he gestured to his own chest then. "Said Dagan did it."

"Uh yeah. That's what led to the whole draining of blood thing. Basically." the Seer raised both arms out to his sides, tilting his head forward, taking a half step towards the other werewolf. "She slept with his uncle. Who, by the way, could have passed for Dagan."

Rolf raised an eyebrow staring at him through a mass of hair. He started laughing then, a deep rich sound as he brought both hands up to his face, letting out another short roar, as he then spun around in a circle, just giddy.  "Is there anyway you can induce a vision? We need to know what to do with them?"

The Seer frowned as he started to run his hands down his shirt, smoothing it out. "I'll need to feed the sidhe side first."


Dagan was rummaging through what was left of the old witch's kitchen. "There's nothing left but some herbs, and bottled water." he complained.

"I cleaned this place out the day we met her." Reuben commented from the floor where he was sitting, a large book on his lap. "You could always go hunting, or there is a chicken coop out back, if you want eggs or chicken."

Dagan scrunched up his nose. "I'm not leaving this house. Not till after sunrise." he replied, hanging off of a cupboard door, his face squished against the handle. "Where is she anyways?" he stepped over a fallen chair as he walked through the cabin, peaking in the guest room and bathroom before heading to the bedroom he'd found our heroine in earlier. She was asleep. Finn was nowhere to be seen. Quietly, he stepped into the room, closing the door.
He stood there for a moment, the glow of the moon pouring through the window, casting shadows and dusty light across the bed, spilling onto the floor. Closing his eyes, he felt his fangs as he began to flex and unflex his claw, a low growl emerging from his throat. Cracking his neck, the male threw himself back a step against the door, his back flat as he slid down it. He started to transform suddenly, unable to control it.
Our heroine woke up to the sounds of bones snapping, shifting, the wet gurgles of his human voice becoming a howl. She had covered her eyes, trying not to see, to listen. Trying to pretend it wasn't happening. The auburn wolf then jumped onto the bed, growling at her, his ears flat his fur bristled. Shaking himself as if throwing off water, the wolf whimpered jumping back down from the bed, and hurried into the closet.
Nosferatu got up, padding towards the tiny side room, only to have the auburn wolf snarl and snap at her causing her to jump back, away from the closet door.  Dagan stayed there until the moon shifted position in the sky, and was no longer visible through the window.
Cautiously, the wolf moved back into the main part of the room, sniffing everything. When he felt it was indeed safe, he transformed back to his human form. Our heroine tried not to show too much fear, to not shake too much as she cleared her throat from the far side of the room.

Finn was at the door then, a basket of eggs in hand. "You alright? Why is he naked?"

Our heroine threw her hands up in defeat. "He seems to be allergic to pants." she crossed the room, squeezing past Finn in the doorway. The magic mist circled Dagan, leaving him once again fully clothed. The two men just stared at each other, daring the other to move first.
The werewolf grinned raising his eyebrows in a single movement, as he started to leave the room, scratching at his jaw. 
He sat on the floor beside Reuben, determined not to let Finn get the better of him. Looking over his friend's shoulder, Dagan tried to read the book Reuben was flipping through. It seemed to be the old witch's spell book, half of which she'd written in another language.

"Hey, hey!" Dagan jumped back up running after the female as she slipped out the front door. "Where the hell do you think you're going?" he demanded grabbing her by the elbow spinning her back around to face him.

"Anywhere you guys aren't. This whole full moon mess, if I understand it right, means someone either has to die or shack up. I don't want to see any of you die. It's why I claimed Reuben to begin with. To keep the whole lot of you from killing each other." she rocked back on her heels, touching her palm to Dagan's shoulder, her fingertips grazing his collar bone.

"And now you've got a babysitter there with your feline friend. To keep you from shacking up with Reuben, or the Seer, or whomever." he pointed towards Finn, then poked her in the chest. His temper starting to show.
Licking her lips, Nosferatu laughed. Then she shoved Dagan, hard, not strong enough to actually move him away from her, but enough to have him rock his left shoulder a few centimeters. She shoved him again, this time advancing herself towards him, closing the gap between them.

"What's the matter, jealous?" her thumb tracing the edge of his bottom lip. "I didn't choose you. Despite the bond we've got between us, I choose your best friend. Didn't choose you back at the castle either. That must really have gotten under your skin?" her voice was a near whisper, causing the werewolf's ears to twitch. "The big wolf on campus, and you still came in second. The fact is, you're nothing Ripper but an illusion. Just a figment of a bad trip. Some dirty shrooms is how you made a name for yourself. All bark and no serious bite." she reached up licking the hollow of his neck, then his collar bone.

Dagan let out a roar as he snapped her neck, her limb body falling into his arms. Finn came running out of the cabin, a panic in his steps, Reuben right behind him.

"What the hell...?" Finn asked removing his tinted glasses so that his cat eyes were exposed, his left hand warming up to throw an orb.  Reuben stopped him, grabbing his arms pinning them behind him, as Dagan picked up the female carrying her back inside.

"Okay that's it, first rule, it's blood-lite for you from now on. This chick seriously needs to go on a diet." he huffed as he managed to place her on the sofa. "You're still here?" he replied over his shoulder not bothering to look at Finn.

"Why did you do that?" the familiar asked.

"She asked me to." Dagan replied as he  raised his arm towards Finn, making  a bouncing movement. "Relax, this will be over in a minute with little pain."

Reuben snickered unable to hold back a fit of laughter. "You practiced that speech in case you needed to do things the hard way didn't you?" 


Rolf cracked his neck about to head back out to hunt for the female, when he felt it. A ripple of energy that seemed to flow through him. "Well, I guess either Reuben or Dagan shacked up with her. We've got an alpha again."  the smile softened his features as he rotated his shoulders, relaxing.

Ash yawned stretching, semi-glad the situation was over. He had given up his active role as alpha years before, knowing Dagan was better suited for it. "So who do you think finally got to her?"

Rolf shrugged, his hair falling onto his shoulders. "Better track them down and find out. But..." he grinned like a little kid with a secret. "I would think Dagan would have done anything to keep his alpha position."  Ash agreed, a devilish look in his own eyes.  "What?" Rolf asked as he whistled for the King, who was still wandering around in wolf form near the back of the garden.  Ash shook his head, smiling to himself as he stood there, his arms crossed over his chest.

"She had commented about how we were a family. She just knew you know, that's what I'm wanting." the older werewolf sighed, scratching at the back of his neck. "And when I asked her what it was she wanted, she said to be loved. I hate to think she lost that chance by helping one of them."

Rolf stared at nothing as he half listened to his friend. "Where's the Seer?"


Opening her eyes, our heroine clutched at her stomach as the loudest scream burst from her lips. Doubled over the edge of the sofa, she vomited up what looked like water.

The Seer lay on the edge of the beach, his energy being drained from him by the large blob that seemed to engulf him. The old sea witch raised her hand again, controlling the jellyfish like substance.


Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (yes, another straight up story. Don't worry, season 3 isn't that far away...)

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The Nosferatu Adventures Season 2 part 28

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 58, chapter 58

"You were about to crawl back out the window." our heroine said her hands on her hips.

"No I wasn't." Dagan shook his head, running his hand through his hair.

"Okay, then I'll leave." she opened the window and was about to climb out but stopped when Dagan told her about having sprinkled sunflower seeds all over the lawn.

"You climb out, and you'll be stuck there counting the seeds for hours. Trapped, vulnerable to the rest of the werewolves."  the smile that crossed his pale lips spread into his eyes, which were the amber-grey of the werewolf, his dimples on show as he then seemed to be beside her, his shoulders hunched neck extended. He let out a sigh, his hot breath hitting her flesh as he rested one arm, palm flat on the edge of the window just over her head. He sniffed her hair, her ear, tracing the edge of her jaw with his nose till he reached the hollow at her throat. "I'm bored." he threw himself then on the bed, bouncing causing the springs to squeak."Wow." he bounced a bit more; a deviously playful look in his now blue eyes. "How long before your new friend in there freaks out and breaks down the door?" he stuck his tongue out at her, jumping into the center of the bed with all his weight causing the squeak to get louder. "Two minutes? One?" he rolled over a few times, making even more noise,  the door started to rattle as Finn and Reuben were trying to open it. "Thirty seconds. He's really paranoid."  In a blur, Dagan reached for her pulling her down on the bed beside him, the smile still on his face. Nosferatu laughing. "Watch this." he let the magic mist dissolve his shirt and boots, leaving just his black pants, which were half unzipped. He brought his hand up to his hair, messing it up, just as the door was kicked in.
Finn nearly fell face first, as he tripped trying to get into the room. Reuben just stood in the doorway a few inches behind him, his eyebrows knitted together.

"Did you two just..." Finn asked out of breath, his already pale features draining of colour.

 "And that is the proper way to preform the cross face chicken wing."  Dagan nodded as he rolled over winking at Finn, then slowly stood up zipping up his pants. He moved past them into the living room managing to keep a straight face.  Nosferatu was laughing to the point tears were rolling down her cheeks. 

"That's not funny. Really not funny." Finn replied pointing at her.

"Yes it is." she nodded still trying to catch her breath. "The look on your face..."

"You have anything to say about this?" Finn turned to Reuben.

The dark haired male shrugged patting him on the shoulder. "That's our Ripper. He's a switchblade."


Rolf paced back and forth around the main path, unable to calm down. The Seer sat a few feet away, one of his bubbles in front of him, trying to locate them. "Anything?"

"Sshh. Not easy. If I didn't know better, I'd say someone has her cloaked. Which is weird, cause last time I checked, banshees didn't have that kind of power." the Seer moved his hands together causing the bubble to fade away. "Unless..."

"Unless what?" the large male asked as he stopped moving and stood with his arms crossed over his chest.

"Unless she's evolving? She is a vampire, so at some point, she will begin to..." he let out a breath that was closer to a burp then a huff. "absorb what she'd taken in."

"You mean she's not what she's suppose to be?" he tilted his head, flicking his hair out of his face.

The Seer nodded looking at the ground. "It's possible. Not saying that's what's happening, just that she's fed off of us enough times, that she could become more vampire like. Just the fact she's got that sire bond with Dagan, that in itself is odd. Vampires don't bond with other species. Ever."

"Yeah, well werewolves do." Rolf replied as he closed his eyes pacing again.

"Did either of them happen to mention what happened while we were gone?" Rolf shook his head still pacing. "Their sire bond was broken. Just for a few hours, but it was completely severed."

Rolf stopped, turning a half circle on his heels. "How?"

The Seer stood up brushing the dirt from his clothes. "Victor. Dagan and Harker's uncle. He is like beyond crazy, anyways, he drained her blood. Completely. To the point Harker and I were ready to give up. But Dagan never did. He was afraid of loosing the bond completely because of his alpha position...but there was at lest I'd say a full hour where, they weren't bonded."

Rolf threw his head back letting out a roar, then fell to a crouching position. "You know what this means don't you?"

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (yeah another straight up story piece. Hands up if you think Rolf is getting ready for a hostile takeover?)

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The Nosferatu Adventures Season 2 part 27

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 57, chapter 57

Our heroine stood there, watching the intruder. It wasn't long before he came to. "Who are you, what are you and why are you here?"

"Untie me and I'll tell you everything." his voice was low, steady, smooth. But there was something else just under the surface. An urgency.

"Talk first, untie later." she said daring to step closer to him.

"Names Finn. I'm a familiar."

Our heroine doubled over laughing hysterically. "A familiar? Like a witch's protective animal?" Finn nodded as she nearly fell over laughing. "Right. I'm suppose to believe that?" she leaned an arm on the tree he was tied to, staring up at him. She found herself removing his tinted glasses without even having thought about the motion. His eyes were not human, but indeed shaped like a cat's, the most beautiful green eyes she'd ever seen. "Talk."

He took a deep breath looking up at the moon. "Long story. Boils down to I've been sent here to protect the witch who lives here. I only have till sunrise, then I turn back into my animal form till I'm needed again."

"Okay." she cleared her throat as she moved around him to untie him. "First off, you're a little late on protecting the witch who lived here. She's been dead for a few weeks. Who sent you?"

Finn took his glasses from her as he rubbed at his hands from where the rope had been digging into his flesh. "I was sent by my witch. Something to do with the full moon tonight." he placed his glasses back on his face, pointing to the sky.  Spinning around suddenly, his arms out to the sides as if shielding our heroine, he spotted Reuben emerge from the cabin.  "Werewolf. Stay behind me." he was about to throw another orb when our heroine grabbed his arms.

"No! He's with me. What is your problem with werewolves?"

"There has been a number of witches killed lately. All evidence points to a group of werewolves." Finn answered still standing in front of her.

"Well honey, you're making headlines." our heroine said moving around the familiar. 

"Wait, he's your mate?" Finn asked in shock.

"Depends on who you talk to." she pinched the bridge of her nose.

"Did I interrupt a claiming? During the full moon a werewolf can claim a female for his mate, therefore taking the alpha position from the current pack leader, or strengthen his own position already."

"Yeah, learned that part the hard way."

"Unless the ritual isn't completed. Then, until sunrise it's anyone's he's your mate then? The pack alpha?"

Reuben shook his head glaring at them both. "I refuse to take that from Dagan! If she had just kept her mouth shut, none of this would have happened!"

"Whoa. You mean you didn't claim her?" he turned to look at Reuben then to look at the female. "She claimed you? How is that possible?" he pulled his glasses down his nose looking at her. "She's not even a werewolf. Ah man!" he looked up at the sky then. "Never an easy job." he shook his head then staring at the ground. "I think I'm here to protect you. To keep you from..." he moved his hand in circles as he let out a soft breath. "To keep you from finishing the claiming. If you claimed him, then that means you become the alpha not him. And you can't have a non-werewolf in that kind of a position, it throws the balance off. The natural order."

"So you're saying no shacking up with Reuben?" she laughed some more. "Your job just got a whole lot easier. Cause I don't see that being a problem."   Reuben rolled his eyes tilting his head, throwing her a seductive smile, letting the magic mist dissolve his shirt, leaving him half naked. Our heroine closed her eyes suddenly thinking a cold shower was in order.

"Yeah, basically. If the ritual isn't completed before the sunrises, the whole thing is void. Alpha position reverts back to whomever you took it from." Finn replied oblivious to Reuben's teasing.

"Not to worry. I've been around these guys for the last few weeks, and trust me when I say none of them are interesting in having me as their mate." the female said as Reuben walked around the other male, smiling as he stuck his tongue out at Nosferatu, his eyes sparkling with mischief. 

"You would think. But, if you don't...finish the ritual pretty much right away, the others will start to get restless, they will come after you and's some weird instinct they have. They need a pack leader, and they will know if there isn't one. Even for a few hours."

Our heroine screamed as she stomped off into the cabin and crossed into the bedroom. Putting her palm flat on her chest, she jumped as the figure moved from the window where he'd been sitting, waiting. Slowly, the male emerged from the shadows, spinning the dream catcher around in his hand. Dagan looked at her, his mouth open his eyes half closed before pouting. His hair slicked back as he tossed the dream catcher onto the bed. "You and I have some unfinished business."  He was beside her suddenly, leaning one shoulder on the door frame, his hands behind him. Sniffing deeply, he raised both eyebrows in a quick single movement. "You still smell like you, so you haven't fed. And if you haven't fed, I'm guessing you haven't..." he tapped her foot with his. "Which means that I technically am still alpha, and besides..." he stood up straight wrapping his arms around her shoulders, resting his chin on her hair. "That damned sire bond is still there. Itching." he growled. 

"Tell it to my new babysitter Mr.Kitty." she wriggled out of his grasp managing to squeeze past him into the bedroom. Dagan swore as he spun around then to face her, his eyes squinted as he advanced a step. Bringing his left hand up he touched his right shoulder, investigating the bite that was just at the edge of his shirt. "You were right, I haven't fed."

"I told you they would be coming after you." a voice said from the living room. Dagan turned to see Finn standing there suddenly.  "Wait, were you two flirting?"  

Dagan nodded as he blocked the doorway, hanging onto the top of the door frame. "We were in the middle of a game of I'll show you mine if you show me yours...fangs I mean." he smirked snapping his teeth at Finn, stretching his right arm out waggling his fingers at him then made a bouncing gesture with his hand.  "Fangs." he closed the door bolting it.  Leaning against the locked door Dagan let out a grunt. "So where were we?"

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (yeah another straight up piece of the story. A dark room alone with Dagan...)

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The Nosferatu Adventures Season 2 part 26

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 56, chapter 56

"So what exactly happened here?" the Seer asked as he brushed off the mud from his clothes, spitting out someone's hair. "One minute I'm sitting in the cabin studying the weird mustard painting and the next, I'm fighting you guys." he gestured with his left hand towards the cabin then brought it up to fix his hair wishing he had a mirror.

"Full moon. Well, that and the female." Ash answered.

"Is that going to happen every month? What about blue moons? There are at lest two blue moons a year." he said, rotating his head leaning slightly, his eyebrows raised.

"No. Shouldn't happen again. Not because of her anyways." Ash continued, slapping his hand to his thigh then shrugged. "She declared herself Reuben's mate."

"She declared...what?" the Seer giggled as he turned to look at the woods then back to the others who were all standing there waiting for the someone else to move first. "She wasn't suppose to pick Reuben." the Seer rubbed his temples shaking his head, his lips in a perfect 'o'. "She was suppose to claim you." he gestured towards Ash. "That's what I saw the other day. I saw her..." he pointed towards the older wolf. "claiming you as her mate."

Ash did a double take eyes wide. "Huh."

"That's all you have to say?" Rolf questioned, wiping the corners of his mouth.


"I'm so sick of the whole sire bond" our heroine said moving around the cabin, heading to the bedroom of the old witch.  Reuben was hot on her heels, slamming his fist into the wall as he followed. He watched from the doorway, one arm out straight hanging onto the door frame, the other rubbing at his face in frustration. The female started searching through the dresser for something to wear, then moved over to the closet. She pulled out a flower printed dress that reminded her of something from the 1940's, and a slip. Unbuckling the belt she'd taken from Harker, she let the bed sheet she was still wrapped in fall to the floor as she slithered into to the slip then the dress. "Would a pair of pants really kill anyone?"

"Females around here don't really wear pants. Other then the amazons." Reuben spat the sentence out still extremely upset.  Our heroine threw him a look over her shoulder as if to say figures.  She tried to leave the room, but he was still blocking the doorway.

"You going to move?"

"You going to answer my questions?" His eyes flashed wolf for a second, his nostrils flaring, his breath coming in sharp gasps.  Placing both palms on the tall male's chest, she stood up on her tip toes, her tongue darting out over his mouth as she pushed him out of the way, moving past him.

"Well, I didn't plan on claiming anyone. But, I saw everyone killing each other, and something snapped. I figured, pick one anyone." she stepped over a fallen stack of books, looking around the place.

"But why me?" he punctuated the sentence with a flick of his hair.

"Cause you're safe!" she let her hand slap against her thigh. "If I'm going to be linked for god knows how long to a man, it might as well be someone I can trust not know."

"No, actually I don't know." he stalked towards her kicking a fallen chair out of his road.  That's when the door to the cabin burst inward, a glowing orb smashing Reuben in the chest sending him flying backwards into the wall.

"Knock knock anybody home?"  The guy was dressed in jeans, a grey long sleeve shirt. his short hair the colour of wet sand, streaked with grey and sun-bleached blonde. She couldn't see his eyes as they were hidden behind tinted glasses. "You're not Melinda. You're not even a witch." he moved towards her, his right hand passing over her like a metal detector. "What are you? Your aura is not normal, not natural. It's coming off you like smoke."  he turned then towards Reuben as the werewolf stood back up, charging at him. The guy simply raised his hand, another glowing orb crashing into Reuben again. "Werewolf. Don't worry, I got him." he moved a step towards the fallen male.
He fell to the floor with a thump as the large hardcover book smashed across the back of his skull.

"You werewolves really need a new press agent. Everyone seems to think you're the bad guys." our heroine huffed as she stepped around the new guy, moving towards Reuben. "I think it's all the lovely black you wear."

"Black goes with everything." he looked at his arm which was now scratched up from having snagged on an exposed nail. "Perfect!" he shouted, once again punctuating the word with a flick of his long hair. "See this." he pointed to first the scratch then the man on the floor. "This is what I don't want to have to deal with all the time. Trouble follows you like a lost puppy." he leaned over, his nose almost touching her's. "Dagan is much better suited for all of this extra...stuff." he waved his still sliced arm around, blood smeared across it.

"That doesn't look like it's healing." she commented grabbing him to get a better look. Reuben jerked his arm from her, still angry.

"Let's get rid of this guy and find out what's going on." he moved a few feet picking the guy up by the back of the neck, tossing him outside. He was about to tie him to the nearest tree with the laundry line, when he stopped licking his lips. "What do you mean by me being safe?"   Our heroine crossed her arms under her chest, her eyes sideways at him.

"You know. The fact I'm not your type, that you're not into..." she grabbed her boobs.  Reuben's eyes went wide as he tied the intruder to the tree, then fixed his hair into his too smooth to be human ponytail.

"I never said that. What gave you that idea?" the werewolf asked shaking his head.

"The others mostly." she commented.

The tall male made a duck bill with his lips as his features changed, an evil thought clearly in his eyes as they turned to the amber-grey of the wolf. Sniffing her, he whispered "Sweetheart, everyone's my type." he made a sound that was not totally human and not totally animalistic as he moved from her, heading back into the cabin, smacking her ass as he did.

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The Nosferatu Adventures Season 2 part 25

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 55, chapter 55

Rolf wandered out of the cabin, a look of concern on his face. "We should get ready, we need to get going soon."

"Go?" our heroine asked turning to look at the large man.

"You didn't tell her yet?" he cracked his knuckles as his eyebrows knitted together.

"Forgot." Dagan commented as he stood up, leaning over the female sniffing deeply. "Ah, you smell like you again." he grunted.

"That's creepy." she replied still flipping pages in the book.

"No, it's the full moon." Rolf answered as he ran both hands over his face. "This is the first time a female..."

"A supernatural female." Dagan corrected as he jumped up and down, shaking out his shoulders.

"...a supernatural female, has been around the during a full moon. Which means, we've got to get some distance between us and you for the night."

"Uh?" she closed the book standing up, taking a couple of steps towards Rolf, but he backed away nearly jumping out of his skin.

"You know how you keep referring to yourself as a championship belt, well think of it like putting that belt up over a ring with a ladder, and it being every man for himself." Rolf said, starting to make a chewing motion.

"To the extreme." Dagan smiled scratching his jaw. "It's more complicated then just that."

"But it's that alpha male issue again?" our heroine asked moving another few steps towards Rolf, who once again took another few steps backwards. This time not paying attention to where he was going and tripped over her leather bag falling on his butt.

"You're not claimed as anyone's mate, if you were, this wouldn't be an issue." he grumbled still sitting on the ground, his hair falling into his face. He let out a deep breath eyes cast down as he stood up. "The full moon will activate a primal instinct to challenge for the alpha position. In turn claiming you. We will literally rip each other limb from limb trying to ..." Rolf blushed.

"Climb the ladder to the belt. Got it." our heroine let out a deep breath. "But I still don't get the whole supernatural female full moon combo? Little lost on that."

"Heightened awareness." Dagan said moving closer to her. She could swear he had skipped he was still so giddy. "Sort of like how you were when you were still addicted to wolf blood. We won't be able to help ourselves." he rolled his eyes then, tilting his head, his mouth open as he bent down picking up a large piece of grass blowing on it, making it whistle, then grinned at her like a little kid.

"You'll be fine. Totally safe, if you lock the windows and the door and stay in Ash's room. We're all going to the old house on the other side of the woods. Where that old witch used to live before Reuben ate her." Rolf commented unable to keep the worried expression from his face.

"And you never thought to tell me this sooner?"

Dagan shrugged, "Didn't think you'd be around that long."  he grabbed her then by the shoulders, pushing her towards the cabin. "Come on, sun is almost set. You can already see the moon in the sky." he continued and in one smooth motion, grabbed her leather bag from the ground still hanging onto her. They made it to the bottom of the porch stairs when it happened.

The first hit came out of nowhere.  Rolf stood over his friend, his eyes having turned to the amber-grey of the wolf, his head down claws sharp, fangs exposed as he growled.
The others ran out at the same second, all having sensed the change in the air. The sun had dipped behind a cloud for a few long seconds as it was setting. Just enough for the moon to be completely visible in the night sky.

Rolf bent back letting a massive roar fill the air, his hair flying everywhere as he tackled Dagan, sending him hurdling backwards. Dagan sprang to his feet, his teeth bared, as he charged Rolf. Both men went tumbling through the dirt.
Ash was flexing and unflexing his fists, snarling inches away from the Seer, who himself had dropped to a crouch ready to pounce. Blood and fur flew in the night air.   Reuben went to grab Ash to hold him back, only to get an elbow to the nose.

"Roo." our heroine breathed as she found herself holding the spell book to her chest like a shield, back flat against the cabin wall.  All she could do was watch as the six werewolves, all in different  states of transformation, tear violently into each other.  "I...I...I claim Reuben!" she screamed, her own eyes pure white of the banshee, letting her voice raise to a pitch that seemed to echo off the trees. All the males stopped cold, Rolf in mid punch breathing hard, Ash kneeling on the chest of the Seer, the King having changed completely stopped biting Reuben and licked his chops looking in our heroine's direction. Reuben rubbed the back of his hand over his mouth, wiping the blood from it.  Dagan moved slowly towards her, his shoulders hunched, half turned, a look of disgust and pain on his face. Sniffing, he spat out a mouthful of blood then grabbed her by the back of the neck.

"Do you have any idea what you just did?" he growled as he shoved her back against the cabin wall hard. "You just took from me, my alpha position with that sentence."  he backed away from her jumping over the railing of the porch. "You've taken the only thing from me I had. That was truly mine." he shook his head, his hair falling into his eyes as he laughed. He nodded to no one as he transformed completely and then disappeared into the woods.

Reuben stalked towards her, tossing what looked like a handful of fur to the ground, pointing at her. "I didn't want this!" he gestured towards the rest of the werewolves. "I didn't want to take that from him. He's my best friend, family! You should have kept your mouth shut vampire!" he leaned in over her then, spit flying everywhere he was so angry. Shaking his head so that his long dark hair was in his face in sweaty ringlettes, Reuben growled at her. "You will find a way to fix this. Tonight! Before it's too late." he stomped away from her a few feet then swore as he ran his hands through his hair nearly ripping it out. Turning around on his heels he stomped back to where she was grabbing her by the wrist. She nearly tripped down the porch stairs trying to keep up with him as he moved quickly towards the woods. The dark haired male didn't speak to her again till they were at the old witch's cabin.
Shoving her into the doorway, he continued to throw a tantrum as he entered the place. Reuben kicked at the furniture, threw books off the shelves, broke a lantern before falling down to a crouch. "Why did you feel you had to say anything?" he asked "And why couldn't you have just picked Dagan?" he swore again as he stood back up spinning around on his heels.

"Gut instinct." she whispered.

"No. No. No!" he screamed at her, pointing with each word. "I'll have none of! Do you hear me? You're not meant for me." he gestured then to the doorway of the cabin. "The King, Leo he put you up to this didn't he? Huh? So that he can have his little scheme."  our heroine shook her head as she backed away farther into the cabin. "Then why would you do such a thing? We had a balance going." he slapped his hands together. "And I thought you and I were becoming friends. Why destroy that?" Reuben looked at her his chocolate brown puppy dog eyes pleading, searching for something. "No, this isn't right. We need to fix this. Dagan is our alpha. You have to figure out a way to undo what you've done before morning." he closed his eyes, licking his lips, flicking his hair out of his face, taking a half step towards her.

"What are you afraid of?"

"I'm not afraid of anything. You don't belong to me!" he slapped his hands together again. "I'm not the one you have the sire bond with."

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The Nosferatu Adventures Season 2 part 24

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 54, chapter 54

Looking up from the spell book, our heroine spotted Dagan outside by the oven, moving in a strange stiff limb fashion.  "What is he doing?"

"I think it's the robot."  Reuben said smiling wide, his chocolate brown puppy dog eyes sparkling. "Just hope he doesn't start singing."

"Not a lot of time in the karaoke bars?" our heroine remarked.

"Are you okay?" Reuben asked still resting his chin on her shoulder trying to read the spell over it. "You're acting really snarky."

"I'm FINE! I'm good, totally don't worry about it." she opened the picnic basket removing some of the jars, trying to read the labels. "The sooner I fix his hand, the sooner I can get going."

"Go where?" Rolf asked. "We took you to the graveyard and it didn't work."

"Maybe there is another crypt we need to try...I need to try." she said letting out a held breath, still holding onto the severed hand, twirling it in circles.

"Hey careful I still need that!" the Seer said leaning over the table, still holding on to his empty wrist.

"That's what you get for messing with people's love lives. Lucky it was only your hand." she screamed dropping the hand onto the table as it moved giving her the finger.

"I still have motor functions in it? That's information that might come in handy." he said smiling. Everyone just stared at him. "What, it's the obvious joke."

"As cute and funny as you are, right now I need you to shut up." our heroine snarled at him while she mixed ingredients into a mortar making a paste. "Here." she leaned over the table, slathering the paste on the wound, then on the severed hand, telling him to hold it in place for a moment, while she sealed it with more, then chanted the spell that was listed in the book.  The Seer's arm started to glow green as the paste melted into his flesh.  He was back to normal within minutes.

"So it would seem you've got some Ripper in you." Rolf commented smiling wide.  Our heroine glared at him over her shoulder as she cleaned up the table, putting all the ingredients back into the basket, and taking the spell book with her outside. Ash leaned against the table, raising an eyebrow at the large male. "I just meant the whole severed arm thing."  Rolf flicked his hair out of his face, his eyes still shinning bright. "What?"

Our heroine took a seat on the tree stump a few feet away from the firepit, resting the spell book on her lap.  "of course, no sort of index." she mumbled angrily. Dagan leaned over her right shoulder, trying to read the book.

"What you looking for?" he asked, his blue eyes crinkled as he smiled at her. He then reached over and ruffled her hair, before crouching down beside her. He was in a strangely playful mood.

"A way home." her voice was flat as she continued to flip the pages. "Why the hell are you so giddy?"

He shrugged scratching at his shoulder, and started to bounce on his heels. "Full Moon."

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The Nosferatu Adventures Season 2 part 23

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 53, chapter 53

"So, why are you running away?" Ash continued.

"Small cabin tiny bathroom, really tired of sharing it with 6 werewolves.  Little unsure about this whole Farscape moment I seem to be having you know. I might not get back to where I'm suppose to be but unlike the character of Crichton when he got stuck on the show ...he had a life. You would think that with all the magic that walking book of shadows can do, he'd be able to send me back to where I'm suppose to be, but I'm stuck here. With that twisted version of the Charmed Ones...those Halliwell hounds."  Ash raised an eyebrow at her, dipping one shoulder towards her. " You know the power of three...forget it." our heroine tried to move from him, but he held on to her arm.

"So you're unhappy?"

"I'm frustrated." she answered gesturing with her free arm. "You got what you were looking for in life. You wanted a litter of puppies, and you got it. Not in the form you were totally expecting, instead of getting them as babies, you got them full grown but..." she gestured towards the cabin. "You got your family. What the hell do I have?"

Ash made a sound as he lowered his gaze. "What is it you really want in life?"

"Just to be loved." our heroine turned to look in the direction that Harker had driven off in. Ash sniffed as he followed her gaze, shaking his head.

"He's off limits remember?" the very tattooed male said as he leaned in whispering as to keep the other werewolves from hearing too much. "Besides, something tells me you wouldn't be happy with such a normal life." he smirked at her, his eyes filled with concern.

"Normal? In this place?" she moved from him, heading in the direction Harker had. "And he's only off limits as far as biting goes. I said I wouldn't turn him or feed off him. Didn't say I wouldn't shack up with him."  Our heroine arrived at the docks, a speech memorized in hopes of winning over the dark haired man; only she found herself too late.  His ship was gone.  Harker was gone.

"I heard what you said about being stuck here." the warm breath hit her ear as the Seer sat down beside her.  Our heroine had been sitting on the edge of the docks for the last few hours, watching the sun shimmer over the water, hoping somehow that Harker wasn't really gone. "Have you thought that maybe you're here for a reason?"

"You see that in your little crystal ball?" she snarled not looking at him. He let out a deep sigh, shaking his head.

"More of a gut reaction." the Seer commented.

"Not like anyone here needs me. All I've done is get kidnapped, killed, used as a pawn in a family feud, so yeah not buying the whole here for a purpose thing."

"Well, you ruined my plans by the way, by freeing the King and you helped rescue Rolf's brothers along with the other shapeshifters that were in the prison. You brought Harker and Dagan together again." he smiled at her, leaning towards her.

"Rolf rescued his brothers and the other shifters, I was just the distraction. Reuben, Rolf and Ash freed the King, I had nothing to do with that. Your plans would have been ruined anyways, cause you didn't think it totally through to begin with, and Dagan and Harker were fine before I came along." she let her hand slap her thigh in defeat.

"Well, you are the first person in my life who's stuck around without being under a seduction spell." he nudged her with his shoulder, the grin never leaving his beautiful face.

"Only cause you said you didn't want to put the energy into seducing me. And you're only sticking around me because of the werewolf in you. The whole loyalty thing." she made a sound as she leaned over, her face in her hands. "I really made a mess of it with Harker. I really liked him."

The Seer cleared his throat. "Um...yeah about that. Maybe you shouldn't take it so hard, given..." he swallowed as he stood up suddenly intrigued by the contents of his pockets. "Cause it was me." he gave a short laugh as he scratched at the back of his skull then smoothed down his shirt with his other hand. "I was in the lighthouse that day, watching, waiting, plotting and I saw you show up looking" he gestured around them towards a few of the people still lingering on the docks. "And I cast a small spell, just to point Harker in your direction. And when I say I saw, I mean..." he brought both hands up to his face playing peak-a-boo. Tilting his head he took two steps backward from her. "Remember, that was before when I was soulless and not a wolf."

The Seer fell to the ground holding his wrist, screaming in pain. Looking up at our heroine who's eyes were pure white of the banshee, her double row of fangs jutting out, her claws dripping of blood. She licked her fingers as she sliced at him again, then grabbed the now severed hand.

"Okay the one time I could have really used a vision, would have been nice to have seen that ahead of time."

Our heroine stomped up the porch stairs, a large book tucked under one arm, and a picnic basket in hand. She was swearing and mumbling something as she dumped everything on the kitchen table. Ash looked at her with a raised eyebrow, as all the werewolves came into the room sniffing.

"I smell blood." Reuben said reaching for the basket. Our heroine slapped his hand with her claws then pointed at him. "Okay not dinner then?"
The Seer stumbled onto the porch a few minutes later, a mess of blood everywhere, holding his empty wrist. Rolf flicked his long dark hair out of his face, letting out a grunt of disapproval as he glared at our heroine.

"What did you do to deserve that?" he asked not looking at the Seer.

"He cast a love spell. On Harker." She started flipping through the book, grabbing the severed hand from the basket shaking it in the direction of the Seer.

"Oh that's not good. We can't grow our limbs back." Reuben commented as he rested his face on her shoulder.

"There is a spell to fix this." the Seer said from the far side of the room as he shuffled towards the nearest chair.  

Dagan stood in the doorway of the cabin, his eyes wide, his hair falling into his face as he stared in shock. He pointed at her, then rested his hand against his leg, squinting as he tilted his head, then looked down at his shoe, his jaw squared as he opened his mouth to say something but didn't, instead just let out a deep breath, his eyes now bright as he smirked at her nodding, before walking back out of the cabin to tend to the outside oven.

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story again today. The Seer is lucky his hand is the only part she chopped off.)

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The Nosferatu Adventures Season 2 part 22

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 52, chapter 52

Our heroine moved a few feet towards Harker, asking him if he was using his belt on his trenchcoat. Taking it off, he handed it to her.

"Don't think it's going to fit." Dagan said holding his hands up in front of his face. "You're like three times his size."   Our heroine said nothing as she wrapped the belt around not at her hips but up under her chest.

"It's called an Empress waist. Smartass. It's the only thing I can think of to hold this sheet in place." she reached for Harker's hand, but he backed away from her.

"We should leave." Harker said, turning on his heels and quickly walking away.

The Seer stood there, one arm crossed over his chest, the other at his lips as he turned his eyes to look up at our heroine from under his long lashes.  He cleared his throat then as he reached out for her elbow.  "Just give him space."


The King sat on the ground, handfuls of daisies and thorns beside him. He twisted them up into a crown, placing one on his head, his eyes bright as he mumbled voicelessly to himself. The sun was now high casting reflections off of everything.  Reuben was working out not far from him, once again using a tree branch to do pull ups; while Rolf was busy helping Ash clean fish.

The King suddenly looked up at the sky, then got up from where he had been sitting and walked over to the edge of the path standing extremely still. He didn't move for over an hour, then he headed back to where he had been sitting and continued to work on his crowns. He made three.

The other three men stopped what they were doing, as they caught a scent on the air, their ears twitching from noises that echoed in the air at a pitch only animals could hear. Reuben moved quick and silently towards the edge of the path, as he spotted a horse drawn cart approach.

They were back.

The Seer got out of the cart reaching up to help our heroine while Dagan, who had been sitting at the front of the cart tossed the reigns at his brother and jumped out. Harker did not, he nodded towards Reuben and continued on towards the docks.

"You going to explain?" Reuben asked as he pointed towards the direction of the cart. Dagan shrugged as he hugged his friend then continued on to the cabin.

"How can you be afraid of horses?" Dagan asked suddenly not bothering to turn around as he stomped up the porch steps. "You hang out with werewolves but your terrified of a horse?" he disappeared into the coolness of the cabin and went right to the sofa flopping down on it.  He was asleep in seconds.
Our heroine did not answer him. Spotting the King, she ran towards him.

"Clive!" her voice rose with joy as she hugged the tall man. "You're not frozen anymore."

"Actually his name is Leo." both the Seer and Ash said at the same time.  The King hugged her mumbling something again under his breath, as he reached for one of the crowns he'd made of the daisies and thorns, plopping it onto her hair. Taking her hand he then reached for another of the crowns, and moved to where Reuben was standing and placed it on his head, before grabbing Reuben's hand. He held both of their hands together between his as he closed his eyes and started mumbling.

"Oh, okay." our heroine said as she moved away heading towards the porch steps. The King then smiled wide as he continued to mumble to himself. Reuben took the crown off holding it in his hand, but the King once again grabbed it placing it on Reuben's head. This little circle of removing and re-placing continued for a few long seconds before Reuben had enough and stormed off to the garden. "What was all that about?" our heroine asked as she yawned.

"I could be wrong, but I think..." the Seer crossed towards her, smiling wide, his hands now in his pockets as he tilted his head to the side. "...he thinks you and Reuben would make a good...match." he swallowed a laugh nodding to the ground as he gestured then towards herself and Reuben.  Our heroine sat up straight suddenly, her eyes wide.


The Seer sat down beside her on the porch, his knee dangerously close to her's. "I think he is trying to play matchmaker." his voice took on a subtly innocent tone, as the Seer rested his face on his arm looking up at her. "The question is why?"
Our heroine make a soft sound as she sighed, turning first away from him then towards him, her knee touching his. A ripple of relaxation went through her signaling one of his seduction spells, but she didn't care.

"You know don't you?"

The Seer stared down at his shoe, his eyes suddenly sad, his mouth turned down in a frown. "Had you asked me that two weeks ago, I'd have told you with all certainty that I did and the outcome. But now..." he touched her bare arm taking her wrist in his hand, leaving a small scratch. "Since becoming a werewolf, things have gotten..." his perfect lips turned then into a snarl. "...fuzzy. My visions are less often, and I really don't like that. I can't loose my visions, I just can't."

"Hard to believe, it's only been two weeks since you all popped into my life." our heroine said, leaning then on the Seer's shoulder.  She jumped as she heard a growl. The King was in front of them only a few feet away, crouched on his heels as if to pounce. Moving with the werewolf speed, our heroine found herself cast in shadows as the King was leaning over her, putting the crown of flowers back on her head and pulling her up from her seat. He started herding her towards the garden, his hands at her elbows moving in a choppy way.
He put one of the other crowns on his head eyes wide, then took it off putting it on Reuben's.

"Ta-da" his voice was low but strong enough now that the wolves didn't need to strain to hear it.

"I stand corrected." the Seer's voice slithered around as he stood five feet away leaning on the corner of the cabin. "He's not playing matchmaker. I think he's choosing his successor."  The King nodded eyes wide, grinning from ear to ear as he clapped his hands silently a few times before walking away towards the woods.  "And if Reuben's his new heir."  the Seer air quoted the word heir. "He would need someone to well, to rule with him."

"Great, so it's the whole alpha thing again." our heroine said throwing her head back, the crown of daisies and thorns falling to the ground. "That's all I'm ever going to be to you lot isn't it? Just basically a living breathing championship belt." she turned and headed towards the main path, just wanting to find some quiet.

"Is that all you know how to do? Runaway?"  Ash was beside her suddenly. "Cause you seem to do it a lot." the older werewolf grabbed her by the shoulders, forcing her to face him. "I've known the King now for..." he shook his head eyes closed. "...doesn't matter. But, he never makes a decision without weighing all the consequences."

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (yes another straight up story piece.)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday the 13th 2013

It's a weird day to say the lest.  Okay, I had done another one of my "what this movie inspired me to do" projects, and when I came in here to post about it, I noticed my blog was looking off.  The title was the wrong size, the type set was wrong... but, no matter how much I try to fix it, it's still off.  Okay, chalk it up to Friday the 13th.

I have been looking at all these websites for party planning for awhile now, and got it in my mind to do a vampire themed dinner.
I picked menu items from vampire movies, picked a basic colour scheme, and tried my hand at decorating.

It so did not turn out the way I had hoped. But when does anything I do work the way it should? I think the roof would cave in if something actually came out the way it was meant to with me.
I ended up having to cut almost everything out of the menu because they didn't fit together, and had two things plus dessert.  So in essence a three course meal.

Step One- the invitation.   I just used a simple white envelope that came in a box of crafting cards. I used a simple stamp to add a cartoon bat to the outside of the envelope and a plain bat to the invite. The invite is also from the box of crafting cards.  The DCWV "Immortal Love" set which is inspired by Twilight.

Step Two- the menu.   I have been seeing a bunch of vampire themed parties on other blogs, over the last three years. Most based on Twilight and True Blood.  I wanted something a bit more classic. Didn't really work out that way, but what I did do was sit down and write down any scenes in a handful of vampire movies that had food.  Like the rice in Lost Boys which I did a post on few months ago.  This is why I say I had to really cut back on some of the items on the menu list.(at some point I will do posts on the menu items that were not used today, and there were like ten that did not get used.)

Twilight... the big easy right?  In the movie there is the mushroom ravioli that Bella has on her first date with Edward, and of course the trademark apple.  Everyone and their dog's grandmother has done that since the movie came out in 2008.  But I noticed, that it's not the only vampire movie to go Italian for dinner.  I wanted to stay away from garlic bread, cause that's just too cliche.
In Vampire in Brooklyn, they have fusilli. (they talk about ordering it but you never see it)  In Innocent Blood, they order muscles in red wine sauce and garlic.  Lost Boys, has a scene with the family eating pasta, and Fright Night 2, has a gimmick to do with garlic pizza. So, with this in mind, I thought I would do a pasta mushroom dish. 

In the movie Dracula from 1979 starring Frank Langella, there is one scene where they are eating soup. It's never announced what kind of soup, but it looks like a cream soup.  I chose a cream of asparagus.

Linguine with sauteed mushrooms and garlic

Step Three- the decor.  Well, I wanted a bit of a mix, but I wanted some traditional things happening here.  Again, it so did not turn out the way I had hoped.
But, I went with what was originally suppose to be just black and red. That ended up being too difficult to find enough of anything in this city in that colour scheme.  I ended up breaking down and using white/clear and grey as well. 

You will notice the tablecloth is a spiderweb pattern, and the backdrop a spider pattern.  Again, something I had wanted to avoid.  But, I just could not find anything with bats, and my attempt to paint bats on a white cloth was a mess. The mini busts were something I had from a few years ago that I'd picked up at the craft store.  The large poster/puzzle of the Vampire Diaries, that's actually a half finished project.  More on that as time rolls on.

Step Four- the wine.   I know there is a large selection of Hallowe'en and vampire themed wines out there. Only, none of them are sold in my city, and many of them can't even be ordered in Canada. But, what I stumbled across at the liquor store, was a red wine called "Eclipse"  which, ironically fits in with the whole Twilight thing. That was a no brainer.

Step Five- desserts.   Right off, I'm not a baker.  My ability to make cookies and cakes are extremely limited.  But, I did attempt to make an apple pie via Twilight and Monster Squad (actually I think the character of the "scary German guy" serves cherry pie but...) and a stake through the heart cake.

Okay, not going to lie to you, they were total cheats.  I bought a pre-made pie crust and the cake was a boxed mix, and the "stake" was a roll of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls. 

I attempted to decorate the top of the pie with a small bat shape, but it fell apart.

The red "blood splatter"  on the cake was a cake gel and the icing from the cinnamon rolls. Very tasty.  Okay, so the "stake" ended up looking more like a large knot then a stake but it worked, it was tasty and it stood up in the cake. The cake pan was something I found back at Valentines. So yes, it was a heart shaped cake pan.

And ended with sugar cookies.  Those I did make from scratch.  Just a basic sugar cookie with sprinkles. Well, some managed to have sprinkles, the rest of the sprinkles went everywhere in the kitchen.  I'll be sweeping sprinkles up for days I know it.

So that was my Friday the 13th/Vampire themed dinner.  Okay, so it wasn't pretty, it wasn't elegant like what you would see on the normal crafting websites or the party planners websites, but I had fun doing it.
It was a goal I set for myself and I think I reached it. 

till later

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Nosferatu Adventures Season 2 part 21

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 51, chapter 51

A howl pierced the air, causing Dagan to shake his head in a single twitch, closing his eyes, licking his lips. Turning towards the doorway, he ran at a blur in the direction of the Seer.  The tall male found himself out of breath as he came to a lingering stop, hands on his knees in the middle of the gardens.
Sniffing deeply, he followed the other werewolf's scent into the area of the grounds that had a large maze. Dagan remembered when they were kids, running through the maze, Harker always managed to find his way to the center before him.
This time, it was a breeze as he let his animal side guide him within seconds.  He found the Seer, Harker and Bryon gathered on the north side of the maze.  His brother had his crossbow loaded, pointed at Bryon, who was standing with his hands in the air, his face covered in blood, his hair a tangled mess and his clothes stained with fresh mud.

"She's in there." Bryon said gesturing towards the heart of the maze. "He doesn't know." the shorter man commented, his face reflecting something devious as he turned his eyes to gaze up at Dagan sideways.

"Why should we trust you?" Harker asked.

Bryon grinned, a strange giggle deep in his throat. He shrugged. "Up to you. But I kept her out of the oven." his grin made his face look unnatural in the darkness.

"Again, why should we trust you?" Harker continued, his arm straight with the weight of the crossbow.

"I'm done." he shrugged. "Bored being the sidekick. Who cares. I'm tired of seeing him get everything and me get nothing. I work in the dirt for him, I've gotten parts for him, girls for him, and in return, nothing! He takes all the credit."

"Still?" Harker shrugged himself, before letting the crossbow fire, hitting Bryon in the shoulder. "What, did you think we were going to just let you go?" Harker turned to his brother nodding. "Let's see if we can remember this thing."  They entered the heart of the maze, the Seer following Harker and Dagan.

"This is useless!" Dagan screamed in frustration. "I can't get her scent. It's like she doesn't have one anymore."  He stopped dead in his tracks, turning around causing the other two to smack into each other. "Can you create some sort of tracking spell? Oh great living ouija board?"

" not without something of her's to begin with."

"Hang on." Harker reached into the pocket of his trenchcoat. "This do? I found it in the hallway after you tore her heart from her."  he held up the mermaid scale necklace. "It must have fallen know."  

The Seer took it from him and took a few steps back. With a deep breath he held the necklace in his hand, and blew on it forming a bubble around it, then closing his eyes, he chanted something under his breath both hands on either side of the bubble. It began to glow red, then divided into two separate orbs. The orb on the right did nothing but glow, while the orb on the left zipped off ahead of them in a blur. "Follow that one." the Seer said running now after the orb.

"And the other one?" Dagan asked.

"Will either sit there till we get back or fade away. It's the imprint of whoever made the necklace."

"Reuben did."

"Nice job, does he sell those?" Harker asked.

"No, it was a one time deal. To impress our little fanged friend." Dagan smiled, trying to lighten the mood. The three men stopped when the orb did. It seemed to hover over a large patch of ground. "Oh god." Dagan ran his hands through his hair, his eyes wide.

The orb had stopped in the middle of the rose garden.

Dagan started to stomp wildly on the ground, kicking at the dirt, at the rose bushes, till he found the freshly dug area. He fell to his knees digging, his claws moving at a speed only the other werewolf could follow. Dirt flew everywhere as he mumbled to himself, his eyes having changed to the amber-grey of the wolf, his hair falling into his face. "I'm going to get you out of here and when I do that's it. No more Mr. Nice Puppy."

He was about four feet down when he stopped having seen a flash of what looked like a sheet. Snarling, he batted the dirt away from her body, pulling her out of the ground. Dagan sat on his butt, his left leg out straight over her in a scissor position, his tongue sticking out panting as if he were in wolf form.  He waited for the scream but it never came.

"Come on, I know you're still in there."  he shook her. The Seer and Harker exchanged a look both wondering if they were indeed too late? Dagan lowered his head, his eyes staring up towards them, his jaw squared. "Come on!"

"I think we're too late this time. There isn't anything we can do." Harker said reaching out to his brother. Dagan shrugged his hand away, rocking back and forth holding our heroine.

"Unexceptable! That means he wins and we loose, and I can't let him win!" he grabbed her face between his hand, leaving indents on her pale flesh. He kicked then at his brother as he once again tried to convince him that our heroine was dead.

The Seer bent down beside them, pointing to a large series of gashes at her throat and wrists. "He drained her. We need to get blood into her." he bit down on his wrist, ripping it open about to press it to her mouth, but Dagan growled snapping his fangs at him. "Or you know maybe it would be a good idea for you to start the process. Given your sire bond with her." the Seer smiled meekly as he nodded.  (and ready now for the flashback links.)

"Run back to my bedroom get her bag. There were samples in it that Rolf made us give." he mumbled. "BRING IT to me."  Dagan said out loud as he ripped a chunk out of his wrist, pressing it against her mouth. The Seer nodded saying he'd go given his werewolf speed. Lifting our heroine's arm to his mouth, Dagan bit into the underside of her elbow hoping there was enough of her blood left to re-establish the connection. "You know, whole wanting to take over the world thing aside, that walking tarot card isn't a bad guy. He's good PEEPLES."    His ears twitched, forcing him to bend over, his ear pressed against her lips. He laughed. "Did you hear that? No I guess you wouldn't given you're not a..." his features lit up with a grin that showed off his dimples. "A breathless scream." The Seer returned seconds later with the bag, already hunting through it for the blood bottles. Removing the cap, he handed one to Dagan.  "Reuben's good choice. Good vintage."

Harker shivered as our heroine opened her eyes exposing the pure white of the Banshee. She reached both hands up grabbing first at the little bottle, then for Dagan's arm biting down hard. Blood ran over his palm, through his fingers like spilled milk till he finally had to pull his arm away from her. She leaned against his shoulder still trying to bite into him.

"Welcome back. I'd say you have no idea how happy I am to have you alive again, but..." he untangled his leg from her's, pushed himself a few feet away from her, just out of reach of her fangs as he held his wrist. "...well you get my point."

"Okay..." she cleared her throat twice closing her eyes. her hand at her neck as the scars started to heal. "...this time, not your fault but really, this whole gothic Romeo and Juliet thing is getting old." she patted her neck then her chest.  "And why do I keep waking up naked in this place?" she said tugging the sheet she'd been buried with around her.

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your  

The Peeples

Rented the movie Tyler Perry's the Peeples.  

plot: A guy decides to follow his girlfriend to her family reunion in order to ask her to marry him, and ends up uncovering a ton of family secrets.

Five minutes into this and I was like "I've seen this before haven't I?"   only it's a new release.  The set up, the jokes, the whole thing was too familiar.  It was much like every Tyler Perry film, and the movie Jumping the Broom combined. Just too predictable. And he only produced this one.

For what it was, it was an okay film. Something with a few light laughs for a Sunday afternoon but nothing to get excited about or plan your day around. 

till later

Monday, September 9, 2013

Intermission Sept 9th 2013

It's British actor Hugh Grant's birthday today.   Happy Birthday!

Last year I did a Top 5 Favs list of his movies (here dude) I'm just going to point you to that one, because the list is pretty much the same this year, no additions to be made.

Happy Birthday actor Hugh Grant.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bring it 17

TV day, watched 17 Again and Bring It On: All or Nothing.

Bring It On All or Nothing- is the 2006 third installment in the series. And is about a rich girl who looses everything having to move to a middle class neighbourhood. She goes from being the head cheerleader in her old school to having to re-earn a spot on the new team. The team enters a contest in order to be in a music video.

Tv edit. It was a decent movie for what it was, a so called feel-good pep speech. There isn't much to say about it, typical formula for these dance-off style films.

17 Again- 2009 film  about a high school basketball star who as an adult, wishes he could do it all over again, this time getting the big schoolarship he missed the first time around. He's granted the magical chance to be a teenager again, and befriends his son while trying to protect his daughter and save his marriage.

Tv edit.  I rolled my eyes when I saw this pop up on the screen, and went to make a coffee. Two minutes in, I found myself paying attention and laughing.  If you've seen 13 Going on 30, then you know the type of film this is. It's a boy version of that, only better. In the tradition of Freaky Friday (the 1976 version ) and Big.

till later

Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Nosferatu Adventures Season 2 part 20

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 50, chapter 50

The celebration was in full swing by the time the two werewolves returned to the castle. The place was filled with the scents of food, wine, people. Dagan hovered in the doorway of the kitchen, leaning on it, his head down, running his hand through his hair, he sniffed. Rolling his eyes, he slowed his pace and entered the room. He walked straight past the servants, past the bedrooms and down to the ballroom. He knew there was at lest twenty people inside the room, knew most of them were drunk already, and knew the servants had set up a small table of food.  The smells were blending together invading his nose, the noises echoing in his ears. Since becoming a werewolf, he really hated parties.
Opening the doors he walked into the middle of the crowd.

Sniffing deeply, Dagan caught the scent he'd been hunting for. Turning to the Seer, he leaned in whispering for the other werewolf to check the left side of the room while he took the right.  The two weaved in and out of the crowd, but when they found themselves face to face again a moment later without having spotted her, they both seemed unsettled.

"She's here somewhere. The scent is fresh." Dagan said shaking his head his eyes closed.

"I'll check the next few rooms. Maybe she is with Harker?" the Seer commented as he disappeared into the hallway.  Dagan took another spin around the room, stopping when he found himself a few feet away from Victor and a blonde woman.
The woman was very pretty, beautiful even. Her long blonde hair piled high in ringlettes, her skin the colour of cream, which seemed to be enhanced by the rose coloured dress she was wearing.  Her blue eyes skirted across Dagan's form, before she turned to look at Victor.

"Are you two brothers?" she asked.

"Ah forgive me, Mary this is my nephew." Victor said as he gestured with the wine glass in his hand. "You look as if you're lost." he commented then a smirk on his face.

"Where is she?" Dagan asked as he leaned in towards his uncle. The scent he'd been tracking suddenly getting stronger.

"She who? There are at lest ten women here."

"The female you've been shacked up with for the last few days. Where is Nosferatu?" he leaned in again as to not attract too much attention, and that's when it hit him. The scent was coming from Mary.

Grabbing the woman, Dagan sniffed deeply, her hair, her ear, her neck. She smelled like our heroine. He was half transformed, his nails like glassy claws, his fangs exposed, two days worth of beard suddenly on his face, as he bit down on the woman's neck, ripping a chunk of her flesh. He drank deeply for a moment, the guests now huddled together near the one wall. The blonde's blood tasted like Nosferatu's, thickly laced with werewolf blood, his blood. Tossing her to the floor, Dagan turned facing Victor.

"What the hell have you done?" Victor's voice took on a menacing tone.

"What have I done? What have you done with Nosferatu!" he growled, bloody saliva dripping from his lips as he grabbed his uncle by the shirt.  Victor's eyes flashed yellow as he snarled himself, batting the younger man away like a toy.
Cracking his neck, Victor threw his arms back behind him slightly, his chest puffed out as he seemed to shimmer like a ripple through water.   Dagan expected suddenly for him to change, to become something other then the man he knew, but the only thing that changed were Victor's eyes. They were bright yellow like the creature that had stolen the female days before in the crypt.(get ready for the one flashback link)

"She was perfect." Victor screamed at him as he bent to pick Mary up, who was still half alive, her hand clutching at her ruined neck. "Finally, a triumph. Good LORD.  Do you know how long it's taken me to perfect the creation you see before you? Huh? Years, decades."

"What. Have. You. Done.With. Nosferatu!" the sound was more animalistic then human as the blood saliva still dripped.

Victor chuckled. "What you were too crippled with fear to do. Then when I was finished, I drained her. Every last drop for my beautiful..."  his sentence was cut off as Dagan's nails ripped across Victor's throat. He didn't bleed. The wounds closed without a drop of blood spilling. Victor smiled down at his nephew as he carried the blonde woman to a table, laying her down on it. Turning to face Dagan, Victor just shook his head. "What? Did you think I was less then you? Huh, that I was human? I have been more then human, for decades. Better then human, better then you and your little pack of lycanthropes, better then your little vampire slut."

Dagan took a half step back, his hand out fingers wagging in Victor's direction. "Then what are you?" 

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your