Thursday, January 31, 2013

Top 5 Hints You're in an 80's movie

 I haven't done a Top 5 in awhile, and thought that this would be an interesting waste of time... one to do.  Silly, fun and I think...totally awesome.

Top 5 hints you might be  doing a movie from the 1980's if...

1.   You find your costume has a lot of neon.

2.  You find you are wearing shoulder pads the size of a small bus

3.   You find yourself in a high school prom/dance at the big finale and/or have a break dancing scene or dance off for no real reason

4.  You're a 35 year old actor cast to play a 17 year old

5.  The words totally, gag me, like,  and/or awesome dude  are highly peppered in your character's vocabulary.

Bonus.....  6.  If you are in a movie about a sport and suddenly there is a five minute training montage

7.  You find the make-up and hair department used two full bottles of hairspray on you resulting in either a headache from the spray and/or weight of your hair, a strange stickiness at the back of your throat from accidentally breathing in the hairspray, your hair is so big you have to bend to fit through a door.  (or a combination)

till later

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday Movie Club Week 5

Once more it's a Tuesday.  And yes, I got in here on the right day this week.  Only I'm sort of jammed for time and I don't think I'll even get tonight's main vampire blog post done on the other blog.... But I'm picking the movie club movie for this week as .....  Night Stalker.

The original 1971 movie that ended up having the spin off tv show not the one about the teenaged serial killer.

The film starts with the lead character Kolchak who is a reporter in Las Vegas, writing up notes from a tape recorder about one of the strangest cases he's covered to date.  A string of murders, all women, all drained of blood and a killer on the loose who can not be captured.
He manages to convince the police that what they are dealing with is a man who they at first think, is believing he's a vampire.  But as the case progresses and they finally corner him, they learn he is in deed the real thing. His make -up that allows him to blend in is washed off exposing his whiter then bleach skin and red eyes.
Kolchak follows him to his house and discovers his latest victim tied up and connected to an iv and pump, draining her of her blood. Himself and an FBI agent then manage to run a stake into the vampire's heart killing him.
Back at the police station, he's told that his news story can not run as is, and they are covering it all up by running another version of the events, claiming the killer was just a mad man.
Kolchak then learns that his girlfriend has been threatened by the cops to leave town, and he himself made to move to another city.
The last scene is once again of him listening to his tape recorder writing up a fresh copy of the story.

You almost have to wonder who the real vampires are in this, the actual vampire or the dudes who are covering it up?   I think the theme of conspiracies is a perfect metaphor for vampirism.  The whole idea of blackmail to get what you want and to bury the truth, fits fully into the idea of vampires, draining the passion and reason from others.  The madness it can create.

This was a made for tv movie that was based on a book.  And it's script was written by the same guy who did "I am Legend"  so there is this idea of the lone individual fighting for survival.  The idea that you're the only one in the situation. 

I got the feeling from this, that the vampire - who is sort of a minor character in scope of the film- is dealing with a duel or dare I say neutral position.  He's doing what he needs to survive. And since you don't get to know what makes him tick, in fact the vampire has no real lines, you never feel anything for him.  Not in the way modern vampire films do.  This is all done from Kolchak's point of view, and he's really the Van Helsing styled character. 

and with that note... till later.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Swap Meat

Movie: The Casserole Club

Where: my sofa on Netflix Canada

Reason for seeing it: the title got my attention obviously, and bonus when I found out Kevin Richardson of the Backstreet Boys was a lead actor.

Holy cocktail weiners Batman. Where to I start on this one.  When I heard about this film's title, of course I went looking for the trailer.  It made it look like a really low budget film.  But so many movies are being done lately that are so, nothing new. Then I read the reviews others had of it on Netflix Canada, and most were just nasty.  One person had something nice to say about the film. Mostly about how the settings and costumes were bang on for the decade it's set in. They even went on to talk about how it's faded in that style of a 1960's/1970's film, which is the time frame of the film.  Which, I have to hand it to the film maker, is brilliant. If for no other reason see this film for the set design and costumes and take it as a really great slice of history in review.

Then I watched the film. And seriously, I wasn't sure I was going to make it past the first 15 minutes, but ironically, I'm glad I did.  I think if it had been me, I wouldn't have edited it in a liner form but done it with intercutting flashbacks...but that's getting off the point.

The first 15 minutes is the big set up for the film, and is just a cocktail party of drunks who are acting like fifteen year olds.  So you think at first. 

plot: Five couples living in the same suburb neighbourhood, get together one night to have a casserole contest, with the wives cooking and the husbands picking the winner. After supper, everyone gets extremely drunk and decide to have an orgy in the pool. The next day, as everyone tries to pretend it didn't happen, we start to see the break down of four of the five marriages. Over the course of the next few weeks, they all decide to have another dinner party, which ends with one wife having an affair with one of the men in the group and ends up pregnant. One more party happens a few weeks later, this time they've introduced another couple, which doesn't go well with half the group, and someone ends up dead.

Seriously, at first glance, this film seems like just a made for tv porno. But once you get past that first party scene and into the grit of the dynamic of the couples, you understand why the film was made. Everyone of them have major insecurities that seem to affect how they treat each other (from the husband in couple A being a self mutilator and rejecting his wife over and over, to the husband of couple C who is a bisexual trying to convince everyone he's a straight stud because of his wife) the cruelty they subtly and not so subtly inflict on each other at times, all leading to the breaking down of most of their marriages. 
This is an excellent story of pulling away the curtain to see the plastic forest for what it is, and the masks they all wear.

Were this set in this decade, it wouldn't have worked as well as it did.  Just the use of the casserole scenes themselves were a great metaphor. (the women talking about the easiness of canned soup and spam which little to no real prep time but yet no one discussing anything of real value)

I know some of the reviewers were talking about how bad the acting was, and yes the first party scene I think had some lame ducks in it, but as the movie continues, you see it for what it is; following a recipe laid out in the 1960's/1970's  when acting really was that cardboard and flavourless. It really feels like you're watching something from the Exploitation era.

I only wish there were more dinner table scenes.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Jan 25 2013

Friday... end of the week. This means it's time for the weekly round up on the vampire blog  for my vampire challenge.  I've been sick half the week, so I have missed well, half the week. But none the less, here we go.

Sunday was Day 17 and I covered the movie Priest

Monday was Day 18 and I covered the movie  The Dead UnDead Vampires vs Zombies

Tuesday wad Day 19 and I covered the 1979 version of Dracula starring Frank Langella

Friday (today) was Day 20 and I covered the movie  Once Bitten

(yeah I missed last Saturday, Wednesday and Thursday this week)

till later

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tuesday Movie Club Week 4

It's a Tuesday night, and that means it's time for another round of Vampire Movie Club.  Only this week, I'm not sure which one I wanted to dive back into?   Actually, it's a Wednesday night, yes I  know, I'm a day late.  I was late with the movie de jour last night on the all vampire blog, and just could not keep the migraine headache at bay any longer and went to bed before getting this one done last night.

Sorry guys.

But, I'm rolling on now, and the movie of the week is .... Buffy the Vampire Slayer.   The original 1992 version with Kristy Swanson and Luke Perry. (Day 16 on the vampire blog)

We open with a shot of the middle ages and the Slayer being given her weapon by her watcher. Cut then to modern times, and we see the same girl at cheerleading. We are shown all the major players in the story, then whisked away to the mall with our four teens, who are drooling over a leather jacket.
Little do they know that they are being watched by .... the Watcher.
Outside the mall, the group catch up with their boyfriends, one of which decides to walk home and is attacked by a vampire.
We're given another flashback of the middle ages and see the Slayer battling a mob of vampires, and the Master Lothos. We then learn that it was a nightmare Buffy was having, and cut to a scene of the two head vampires in modern time.
Back at the high school, the senior class are planning a big dance, and you learn just how shallow and uneducated they are.
After school, one of the girls shows up at the local hangout in the leather jacket Buffy had been wanting to buy, and we are introduced to Pike and Bennie. We follow the boys as they are walking home drunk, and Bennie is taken by the same vampire that attacked the other boy.  While Pike is rescued by the Watcher.
The next day at school, the Watcher shows up to inform Buffy that she is the Slayer for this generation and has a difficult time getting her to believe him. But he finally convinces her and gets her to go to the graveyard and kills a vampire. 
Then we see Pike's apartment and see Bennie floating outside the third story window.
Buffy goes home and has another dream about the master vampire.  Meanwhile, one of the girls from school has been taken by the vampires.
The next day after school, Merrick shows up to start Buffy's training, and ends up having to throw a knife at her to check her reflexes, and then the training montage is intercut with scenes of the teens at school being normal teenagers.
Buffy gets called into the principal's office and lectured, and we see some of her natural skills when she stakes a fly from across the room by spitting a thumbtack at it.
From there, we see Pike getting ready to runaway, only to get trapped by a group of vampires and Buffy save him. She ends up having to take him back to her place and patch him up. We then see the two head vampires talking over the whole situation.
Buffy goes then to the school basketball game, and we see the first kid who was attacked by the vampires. He has been turned into one, and Buffy chases him out of the school into a warehouse killing him.  Pike has followed her, and they bump into the two head vampires.  Merrick is also there, and as he tries to stake the master vampire, he ends up getting killed himself.
Back at school the next day, we see the group of girls decorating for the dance, and Buffy tries to talk to them about what's going on in her life and they snub their noses at her.  We then see Buffy and Pike talking about the dance, where he tells her that she shouldn't be wasting her time on things like that now that they know the truth about vampires. Bennie overhears them talking and tells the two head vampires that Buffy is going to be at the school dance. 
At the dance, the in-crowd are standing around mocking everyone, as Buffy comes in looking for her boyfriend, only to find out he's there with someone else. Pike crashes the party just before all the vampires show up. 
The two of them try to stop the chaos but it's more then they can handle. Pike and Bennie square off, as Buffy ends up in the basement battling first Amilyn, then Lothos. But the battle between Buffy and Lothos ends up back upstairs in the middle of the dance. As she stakes him, and everyone runs away screaming, Pike and Buffy share a silent dance.
The last scene is the two of them riding off into the sunrise on Pike's bike.  As the credits roll, we see the remaining teens talking to a news crew about the vampires.
And one final "out take" of Amilyn's death scene.

This has one of the best quotes  when Pike introduces himself and Buffy says "Pike isn't a name it's a fish."

This is one of those films that is great because of the campy style, and because it is so locked into a generational mode. It's got some of the most common cliches that were found in movies from the 80's, the school dance, the training montage, the mall scenes.  It's also very much a marker for the 90's with its wardrobe and music.   There is just this cool undertone that vibrates from the way the film is balancing on the end of the one decade.

I've always been interested in knowing what it would have been like if Pike and Bennie had been given their own spin off?  The character of Bennie always seemed to me like he was meant originally to be a bigger role then what ended up in the film.

Okay guys, again sorry it's a day late
till next time.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Coffee-Talk Sunday 20th Jan

The new show  Ripper Street  premiered in Canada this week, on the Space channel. (on the BBC America in the U.S.)
The British mini-series (8 episodes I think?)  takes place a few months after the crimes of Jack the Ripper, and follows the police as they deal with the aftermath.

I had a chance to catch the pilot episode on Space Channel website this morning (which strangely is down right now)  and was surprised at how similar I found it to be to another British show I've gotten hooked on MI-5 (Spooks outside of Canada)
Given that Ripper Street takes place 124 years ago, when solving crimes like that were nearly impossible and MI-5 is current with the use of every technical gadget around; you might at first wonder how well the detective drama would translate? Well, it translates perfectly.
I've been interested in the history of Jack the Ripper for years, and was hoping this show would have a bit more of the actual suspects in the plot, but it at this point doesn't seem like it's going to flow that way.

But, that doesn't take anything away from the intensity of the story.

The opening credits put me in mind of the two Sherlock Holmes movies.  The whole look of this episode had me thinking at any moment someone was going to scream for Watson. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Jan 18th

Friday once again.  This week zipped on.  And that means this is my weekly wrap up for the vampire blog.  

Friday was day 11.... the movie was Mom's Got A Date With A Vampire

Saturday was day 12...  Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Sunday was Day 13... and it was the next Blade the Series recap

Tuesday was  Day 14... And I did the movie  Vampires 

Wednesday was Day 15.... WWBD? part 5

Friday (today) is Day 16... and I covered the original 1992 movie of Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Yes, I missed a couple of days this week. But ya know, that's life.

till later

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Random Thursday Jan 17th

I miss coming into this blog every day and writing about a movie.  Is that odd?  Well, bit of an odd person so deal.  If I hadn't of already had the all vampire blog for the last few years, I would have just done the vampire challenge on here. But I'm one of those who tends to jump in head first like the Aries ram I am.

Been a slow week for movies in general for me. Starting to feel like an addict who is handling withdrawls.  Only my drug of choice is Shaw Video On Demand.

Don't forget, the Book-Movie club is doing American Psycho  for February.  I'm actually very pleased at the number of people who seem interested from the book club side of things.  That was a movie that I did "unofficially" back as part of the Hallowe'en night marathon (part 3) And as we get closer to the deadline for that, I'll have more to say on it.
For anyone who wants to join the online book club side of things, you can get in touch through the Goodreads group

Till later

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday Movie Club Week 3

It's once again a Tuesday, which means it's Vampire Movie Club night. And this week's selection is...  Vamps.

We open with a montage of shots explaining the relationship between Goody and Stacy and how they became vampires, letting us know that the term Stem means the vampire who turned you. Right off, the viewers know Goody's real age which is over a hundred years old, and a thing hidden from Stacy.  Then a package of dirt shows up for Stacy to use in her coffin, only it's empty.  They work as exterminators which is fine for feeding.
Then the two girls get a psychic message from their Stem, demanding they show up to help her pick out clothes. Then the Stem orders pizza so that she can kill the delivery guy. 
The girls then go to a goth club and hang out with other vampires and a few wannabes. We learn that the whole vampire community is being audited.  Which sends panic throughout.
Goody goes home with a guy from the bar who is a drug addict and when he gets a nose bleed, she falls off the wagon.
The police then find the chopped up body of the delivery guy the next morning that the Stem had feed on.
We then see the girls go to a vampire's anonymous meeting.
Stacy then goes to a night class and starts flirting with another student, who ends up being a Van Helsing. Meanwhile, Goody runs into an old boyfriend that she hasn't seen in over 40 years, while at work.  She tells him that she is the daughter of the woman he used to date to explain why she hasn't aged.
Stacy then goes on a date with Van Helsing, and ends up meeting his parents who figure out she's a vampire, and then try to convince their son. But he doesn't believe them at first.
We then see the girls at another VA meeting, this time a new member who claims to be a Psy-Vamp shows up, and Stacy bullies her into leaving.
The next scene is Van Helsing's dad breaking into the apartment of a vampire and staking him.  The girls then have another chat with their Stem, who doesn't care about any of it and is packing to go to away. She's got it in mind that she's going to make a rock star fall in love with her. Which we find out later didn't go too well.
Goody then goes on a date with her old boyfriend and discovers that he's married, and looking after his wife who is dying of cancer and only has days left to live. While on her date, Goody sees a man having a heart attack and saves him with a dose of vampire saliva, and has to tell her ex the truth.
Meanwhile, Stacy learns that she is pregnant. Goody does some research and finds out that the pregnancy will terminate itself within a few days because of the vampirism, unless their Stem is killed, which would allow them to all turn back to their real ages.
The vampire community get together to talk about the fact they are being audited, which would drive them all out into public view if they don't find a way to handle it.  Goody learns that her ex is now a lawyer and figures out that if they all go with him during an eclipse, they can have just enough time to show up at the government building and have him represent them, clearing their records.
In return, she has one of the vampire Stems turn his wife into a vampire, saving her life.
The group then throw an 80's style prom to celebrate, only to be summons by their Stem to help her clean up her mess. She's back in town heartbroken and has managed to feed on the entire restaurant of customers.
Goody and Stacy decide that the only way the vampire community- who prefer to call themselves things like Eternal Life Form (ELF)-will be safe from future detection, is to team up with the Van Helsings to kill their Stem. This lets Stacy turn back to her real age which is around 42, and able to keep the baby. While Goody ages rapidly before their eyes and turns to ash given that she was over a 100.
The final scene is of Van Helsing's dad playing with the baby who is a vampire. 

I covered this film last week. (Day 6 on the vampire blog) And the first time I watched it, I didn't really care for it.  So why might you be asking, did I sit through it again so soon?  Well, because I didn't want to get ahead of myself with the movies like I did last week. (I did a movie for movie club before covering it on the blog)  And I shelled out a lot  for this dvd, so I need to get some use out of it.

The plot is weak. The acting is not what you would expect from actors the caliber of  Sigourney Weaver, Malcolm McDowell, or Wallace Shawn.  When you see their names in a movie list, you figure you're going to see something good.  This was less then mediocre.  This is one of those films you will most likely see on late night tv along side the 7th installment of a bad horror franchise.

The characters are very flat, with little to no back history.  The pregnancy storyline is just plan odd, and again there is nothing in the way of a mythology that would lead you to believe in even the corniest of ways that the vampires could get pregnant.  Even the powers that the few vampires that do have them, are not developed more.  And why do some of the vampires have powers and others not?  None of that is explained. 
We're just given what is feeling like an unfinished script.  The cover and blurb on the dvd makes you think you're getting a vampire version of Sex and the City, while the trailer makes it look like it's Clueless all over again.  Only neither is true. 

I'm guessing the film is a bit of a veil for racial and political issues, as there are so many references to political rallies and demonstrations. And if you look at it from purely that point of view, it can have a few merits. But if you are looking at it as a romantic comedy, which is what it is billed as, you'll most likely be disappointed.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Jan 11th 2013

Once again, it's a Friday and time for the weekly round up for the vampire challenge on my vampire blog.

Saturday.... Day 5, I covered the movie  Vampire Clan,  and WWBD? part 3

Sunday was... Day 6, and I covered the movie Vamps

Monday was Day 7, and I covered the 1979 made for tv movie Vampire

Tuesday was Day 8,  and that was the next installment of WWBD? part 4

Wednesday was Day 9, and the movie de jour was Draghoula 

Thursday was Day 10, and I covered the movie The Caretaker

Also, on this blog, Tuesday nights are Vampire Movie Club,  this week I decided to talk about Draghoula. (See my last post)  I will do my best to go into so much detail on movie club posts.

So this week was a bit more organized then last week. So yay team blog.
And now coffee.

Till later

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday Movie Club Week 2

This week's vampire movie is .... Draghoula.  A 1995 Canadian film.

It's about  Harry, a lab researcher who lives with his mother; and has had his funding cut, and goes in search of a new supply of rats for his blood research. He ends up buying them from what ends up being a vampire. Then is bitten by one of the rats, and starts to turn into a vampire. 
Only, he starts to live what he believes is the way a vampire should live, which is as a drag queen.
His mother, who is Jewish, hires a Jewish exorcist to rid him of the demons she feels he's filled with. Meanwhile, his girlfriend also tries to help him.  

The main theme in this film is personal independence. The lead character is a grown man who's whole life is controlled by his mother, and the rest of the time he's so devoted to his job he has no idea who he really is.  He grabs onto this newness and throws himself into what he thinks is the life he should be experiencing.  At first, it starts off as a liberation for the character, but soon he finds himself a slave to the vampiric nature and the trappings he's set for himself as this glorified club kid.
(he actually looks like he's going to a Rocky Horror Picture Show party as Frank'n'Furter)  It's more of a case of him falling into the idea that "oh I'm a vampire, I must be goth then". 

There is a scene, where the lead character has a conversation with the woman who sold him the Transylvanian rats, where she tells him she's been a vampire for over a hundred years and has been searching for the real Dracula herself. And that she's been looking in movies and books but that she's found him there, as in Harry.  Harry doesn't find this at all odd, in fact he goes ahead and drinks the blood she hands him. The next scene is Harry shaving his chest and legs, getting all dragged out. 
That is just such a big jump in story. And he suddenly starts to talk with a Hungarian accent the more he becomes a vampire.

He doesn't question at all any of it, just jumps right into it.  Nor is he discrete about his kills, just attacks randomly in open streets at all hours and leaves the bodies where they fall. Not a very smart vampire considering he's suppose to be this big scientist.

This is one of those movies that follows some of the folklore, the vampire is not affected by religious symbols, has a reflection, can go out in sunlight but is weak.

The plot is thin, but the silliness makes up for it.
There is a showdown between the three women in the story, the girlfriend, the mother and the female vampire are all trying to keep the others out of Harry's life.  Makes you wonder if the idea of the lead character dressing in drag when he starts to gain power over his own life, is because of the women in his life up to that point controlling him?

The lead character's main "vampire traits" - sleeping all the time, up all night, suddenly caring about how he looks, sweating all the time, new fashions, new friends, keeping secrets from his mom- all typical teenaged behavouir.  Only he's suppose to be nearly thirty which is where the comedy comes in.
As far as the idea that he's only affected by Jewish symbols, that's an idea that not only was shown in the movie The Fearless Vampire Killers or Pardon Me But Your Teeth Are In My Neck,  but does appear in many folklore. The idea that a vampire is only affected by the gods of their own personal religion and regions.

The acting is bad... so bad I can't help but wonder if it's meant to be that stiff and bad. Again, I'm brought back to the Roman Polanski film Fearless Vampire Killers, which was also badly acted but because of the campyness.  Draghoula, is by far a trial in campy films, and if you don't look at it that way, then you might make the mistake of thinking the film takes itself too seriously.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Jan 6th

American Psycho.

Book to movie and part of the new theme for book club/movie club.  And it's the selection for February.
I have been talking about this off and on for a while now, but put it in writing last week over on the book club group.

More on the details as things progress.  But, if you want to join in, you will need to read the book before 24th of February 2013.

Till later

Friday, January 4, 2013

The mouse who came to dinner

Movie: Dinner for Schmucks

Where: My sofa

Reason for seeing it: It was the next recommendation from Netflix Canada

I am not sure if I should like it or hate it? 
It's a really funny movie, I have to say that right off the bat.  But it's a movie that should be hated because of the topic.  It's about this dude who meets this total moron and decides to ask him to join his group for dinner, but it's a dinner where they make fun of their guests. 

But damn it!, the movie is really funny!  You want to hate the film but you just can't.  What does that say about us in general as a society? It's like being in high school all over again.

This film's lead character played by Steve Carell, who is by far one of the funniest actors around right now, is a taxidermist, which I've always found to be one of the creepiest hobbies to have.
Yes, the vampire fan does not like taxidermy.  Anyways, in the movie he seems to work only with mice, making sculptures with them.  Art is the one thing in this film that draws everyone together. 

This is actually a remake of a French film  Le Diner de Cons

And yeah, this one movie a day thing is going to be a hard habit now to break.

Friday Jan 4th 2013

It's a Friday.  And I thought I would give a bit of a round of for the week over on my vampire blog. 

Tuesday was ... Day 1, with the movie Dark Crystal, and the first installment of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer  recaps called What Would Buffy Do? (WWBD?) and an introduction to the whole challenge.

Wednesday  was... Day 2, with the movie  Ring of Darkness

Thursday was... Day 3 with I Am Legend,  and WWBD? part 2

Friday (today) .... Day 4 with the first installment of Blade the Series recaps and The Vampire Diaries recaps.

I have to admit, this first week was less organized then I was hoping it would be. I'm going to put it off in part to it being the first week of the year.

till later

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's an adventure Watson!

Movie:  The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey

Where: Cinema

My reason for seeing it: originally just for AidanTurner (Being Human ) and Richard Armitage (BBC's North and South, Vicar of Dibley, Robin Hood, Captain America ).
It became a must see when I learned Martin Freeman (Dr. Watson in BBC's Sherlock) and Benedict Cumberbatch ( Sherlock) were in it. 
Bonus when I realized one of the characters was being played by Dean O'Gorman ( Young Hercules, Farscape)

I so totally loved it!  I see this trilogy being a to buy for me over the next few years. Will be adding it to my movie library for sure.  Which is ironic and slightly surprising to me, given I hated the original Lord of the Rings films.

See, go for the men, stay for the story.

For the first twenty minutes Richard Armitage was on the screen, all I could think was "Gisbourne"; even the costume he was wearing was very Guy of Gisbourne-ish,  kept waiting to see arrows come flying across the screen.  So you know, the second I stop thinking about his character in Robin Hood and really get into the film, an arrow comes flying across the screen. Aidan Turner had his "Hood" moment.
I was the only one in the room who found it funny. Go figure.

I remember seeing the cartoon mini-series version over twenty years ago, when I was a kid. It gave me nightmares for weeks.  Do I think this will make me want to run out and get the books?  Not sure, I think I'll have to wait till after part two at lest before I consider that kind of homework.

I look at this promo poster, and to me it just screams Farscape. Half them remind me of the make-up for the Luxans.
Armitage's look sort of has a Rob Zombie feel to it.

As you can tell, I'm not really going to give any kind of plot or anything.  Either you already know the story, which I only half way remember myself cause it's been over twenty years, or you are going to be glad there are no spoilers on this post.
I just wish now that part two came out sooner. I have to wait all year for the next chapter.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tuesday Movie Club Week 1

Okay, so tonight is the 1st of the year, and the beginning of my online themed movie club. Isn't my painting pretty? 
Anyways, I decided to pick the same movie I started with this morning over on my all vampire blog, for my 365 Days of Fangs challenge.  Yeah, I'm doing another year of a blogging challenge. This time, all vampires, which I think I hinted at more then a few times in the last two months. (I was hyper and can not keep a secret)

The movie I picked, if you haven't been over onto that blog yet today,  was The Dark Crystal. (Day 1 of my 365Days)  A movie that not a lot of people think of right off the bat when they think vampire movies. 

The film itself is about the contrast between life and death, taking life and giving life and what we need within ourselves to keep the balance.

Yes, there are scenes where the Skeksis actually drain and drink the life of the other creatures. There are also a few scenes where there are a few other creatures that act like servants without question. Much like Renfield to Dracula.

That puts The Dark Crystal firmly in the category of a "traditional vampire film"  (I'll get into the topic of traditional vs non at a later date when I have more time)

I'll keep this post tonight short, as I don't want to repeat yesterday's essay length post (nor do I want it to feel like an essay).

till later

Happy New Year

It's finally 2013.

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm looking forward to another year of movies.   The big one for me will without a doubt be the second installment of the new Star Trek reboot coming in May.

As I said yesterday in my way too long post even for my own tastes, the one movie a day challenge I had been doing in 2012 is over. 
It's going to feel good to stretch my movie blog muscles a bit and just blog about movies in general, themed or otherwise this year.

Again, Happy New Year.

And I'll be back later with the first movie of The Vampire Movie Club.