Friday, July 31, 2015

Coffee Talk July 31st 2015

Spudguns!  How you doing?

Just wanted to run in and give you all the note. The August Food n Flix selection will be hosted by Eliot's Eats, and they picked August Osage Country.

I'll be back in the next few days with my entry for the film.

And...I've already got the August theme week figured out, so it will be up the first week as well.  In the meantime, hope you all enjoy the Blue Moon tonight.

Till later.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Nosferatu Adventures s9 p5

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 229, chapter 229

Out of Time

Edward sat in the little coffee shop not too far from the studio, his fingertips pressed hard against his temples, trying to will the migraine away. The headaches were worse, constant, like grinding nails being pounded around his eyes, in the bridge of his nose, his sinuses.  Nothing worked other then Matilda's secret concoctions. Too bad he was technically at work still and couldn't leave that area of town to get to her shop. His lunch break was too short as it was for his liking.
The sound of the chair scrapping on the floor caused him to look up from his coffee. One of the girls from the wardrobe department smiled at him shyly as she boldly sat down across the tiny table from him.  He leaned back in his chair, arms crossed over his chest as he clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth silently in annoyance.
Edward's nostrils flared as he instinctively sniffed. She was ovulating. He found himself grinding his teeth suddenly, his annoyance turning into disgust as he watched her lick her lips, ducking her chin just slightly in a innocent way. He couldn't suppress the snort of arrogance at the fact she was making a play for his attentions.
He crossed his ankles under the table, the tip of his right shoe bumping into her calf as he did. She pulled away from the movement, clearing her throat as she tried to assure herself this was a good idea after all.

The dark haired male was about to lean across the tiny table, about to play along with the woman's fantasy; about to smile his most effective smile that just made women swoon, about to suggest she follow him back to the parking lot of the studio to the small equipment shed behind the building, about to give in to the boredom he was feeling. His own teeth suddenly aching at the very thought of ripping the peach coloured silk blouse off her shoulders, saliva puddling in the back of his mouth at the idea of destroying what he knew was this woman's only sexy lace underwear.

That was until he saw her tuck a loose strain of hair behind her ear. The clanking of the cheap bracelet as she did echoing in his ears.  Curling his top lip as if in a snarl, Edward grabbed her wrist with a lightening fast movement.

"Where did you get this?" he hissed dragging her to her feet as he himself stood, his chair knocking over.

"It was a gift from a former co-worker." she managed to say as she tried to pull her arm away, the pain of his grip shooting up her arm as she sucked in a hard gasp. "You're hurting me." Ripping it off her, Edward took a closer look at it.  The charms no bigger then the tip of his thumb, as he held it in his open palm.  A wolf, a pentagram, a moon, a dream catcher, a bat, an arrow, and a pirate's flag with skull and crossbones. 

He's seen this bracelet before. More then once he'd dreamed about the very same one on the delicate pale wrist of his heroine. So much so, he'd added it his latest manuscript. Drawn it even.

"It's just a silver charm bracelet. Nothing special." she said wiping the tears from her eyes, holding her hurt wrist in her other hand.

"Not real silver." he mumbled as he tossed it back on the table walking out of the building.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Could the Seer be reverting to his soul-less self?)

Monday, July 27, 2015

Coffee Talk 27th July 2015

Spudguns!  How you doing?  Been a long weekend for me...not as in a five day weekend, but as in I had some massive computer issues, and was totally without a computer since Thursday.  Which I talked about on my other blog few hours ago. So if you follow that one...old news.

And in new news...I don't really have any new news given I've been sitting here pouting about my computer for a few days, working on one of the Hallowe'en projects.  Actually, working on two of them, one more successfully then the other. I'll need to go back to the drawing board with the one.

It's good to be blogging again. Seriously, I didn't realize how much time I actually spent with my blogs. Kept thinking I should be working on the Nosferatu Adventures, only I couldn't.  I do however, have a ton of sticky notes and loose pieces of paper with scribbles for a few twists and turns in the serial. So, trying to organize them into proper segments should be an interesting and time consuming task.

And with that said, time for coffee.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Nosferatu Adventures s9 p4

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 228, chapter 228

Rolf's Kingdom

Rolf was breathing heavy as he turned his blue eyes up to look from under his curtain of long dark curls, as he heard a branch snap in the distance. Sniffing, the lycanthrope grunted as he shifted the dead weight of the large elk he'd just hunted from one shoulder to the other. Flicking his hair out of his face, he shook his head snorting as Reuben emerged from the woods.

"Been looking all over for you."

"Of course you have. What's the matter this time? Did Damen sneeze on you or something?" Rolf chuckled.

"When Nosferatu had him, you felt everything right? I mean, with you two all soul sharing and all?"

"Yeah why?" Rolf put the elk down sending leaves and dirt everywhere.

"Maxwell is here. He's got a little boy with him, and he said she had a whole litter. So...why didn't we know about it? Shouldn't you have known? Felt it?"  Reuben asked running his hands over the bark of the nearest tree, breaking off a piece sniffing it. "Someone's been marking their territory." he commented wiping his hands on a patch of grass.

"Ah...the Necromancer has been hanging around again."

"Well he needs to stop it. Needs to be chained up or something."

"Ash and Leo are doing the best they can with him. It's not his fault The Seer turned him and them vanished. You're his next logical bloodline. And to answer your question, since she's been with Vlad, I've had a few visions, dreams mostly, the odd feeling that I should do this or do that, the odd cravings but nothing like when Loki first divided my soul giving her a piece. I've got more of a link with the boy. Since Damen was born, it's his nightmares I wake up to, his fears I feel, if he scraps his knee I feel it." Rolf picked the elk back up tossing it over his shoulder once again and started to make his trek back to the castle. "A whole litter?"

"It gets wilder." Reuben cast his eyes down swinging one foot in front of the other holding it in midair. "She hooked up with the original Seer and turned on everyone. Maxwell said he got the little one out just in time before she killed him too. That this Edmund guy has her hypnotized or something."

"Well, given how connected her and our Seer was, I don't doubt it. And our Seer, from what I've read is nothing compared to how powerful the one in the 1400's was." Rolf nearly spat the sentence as he growled, grinding his teeth together. "What I'm worried about is the fact we told everyone she didn't survive the birth. Damen knows we lied now.  Not too mention..." he didn't bother to finish his sentence as he moved through the gates of the castle walls, leaves crunching under the weight of his heavy footsteps as he did.

"A certain former mate of her's. He's going to be furious when he learns we lied." Reuben replied as he walked behind his buddy, one foot in front of the other arms out at his sides as if he were walking a tightrope, dipping and swaying for effect. "I think we should let Maxwell tell him." he grinned wide.

Darkest Forest 

The auburn haired werewolf sat with his back against the bark of the tree, feeling every groove every splinter of it against his naked shoulders. The empty rum bottle still gripped tight in his dirt covered hands. Dewy whimpering a few feet away from him, having laid out over the newly dug grave. "Rufus was a good kid. He was the best timber wolf you could ask for." he raised the empty bottle about to drink from it, squinting as he realized there wasn't a drop left.  Crawling then to where the last of his rescued timber wolves was, the male tossed the empty rum bottle as he pressed his face to the ground. "You're brother lived a full and happy life. I think..." his words were beginning to slur. "I think I gav...ave youss wall appy your all I'e got lefff." he went to pat Dewy on the head but missed hitting the ground. "Stay still. Stop spinning." he closed his eyes. "Okay jusssss a little ap...." The auburn haired male passed out, still laying on the fresh grave.

He was in a room filled with swords. Every shape, every size, crossbows filled with silver and wooden tipped arrows. Weapons he'd never imagined lined the walls as he slowly crept through. And in the center of it all a well with smoke rising from it.
There was a faint voice calling him from the depths of it, luring him towards it, forcing him to look inside.
The thing living inside the well jumped up grabbing him, it's face looking half melted as if acid had been tossed over it. It's snow white hair slicked down it's back and shoulders. The eyes a strange shade of blue-white as if blinded. "Help me." it screamed as it placed it's clawed hands on his shoulders dragging him under with it.

The werewolf screamed as he woke from his nightmare, a thin layer of sweat covering his whole body. Catching his breath, he saw it was night time, the moon high in the darkened sky.  Dewy no longer beside him on the grave, the timber wolf having been frightened off it would seem. That's when he realized he was completely naked, having magick misted off his pants and boots during his dream.

The spooked werewolf took off in a blur heading back home to the old witch's cabin.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story...see what happens when you drink too much, demons and ghosts visit your sleep...)

Monday, July 20, 2015

Coffee talk July 20th 2015

Spudguns!  it's just before 9am here where I am. And I'm about to have my third cup of coffee for the morning.  Already, I've got the theme weeks planned out leading into Year 5 of the blog. With October being the "13 Days of Hallowe'en".  Which will be little more then just movies for that extended theme week.

Providing I get everything finished in time.

I've got something cooking for September too that I am already working on.

Do you like movie posters?  I do. I collect them. For years, whenever a movie rental place in town would either clean out their old posters or even go out of business, I was one of the first ones there grabbing anything I could get my hands on. Now, it's so much easier, cause if you've got the money you can order them. I sense a new addiction in my future.
I spent an hour this morning going through some of my collection looking for one in particular. Which I didn't find. I can only assume it got lost when I moved last year. Little heart broken, cause I can't find another copy.  Let me rephrase that, can't find another copy that I can afford.  Collector's prices are not always easy to achieve.

till later

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Nosferatu Adventures s9 p3

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 227, chapter 227

Out of Time

Matilda couldn't sleep. There was something in the air, a strange fog, no that wasn't completely right; a crispness. Like when the seasons changed from late summer to fall, the way the temperature drops but still holds the sun in mid-October.  She tossed the covers off; her nose twitching as she tried to identify the feeling. Slowly, she crept out of bed and over to the window. The moon was full, almost too full as it weighed down on the cityscape. Closing her eyes, she listened. The sirens as they blended with the sounds of the bar few blocks away, the nurses getting off duty at the hospital as they walked by still smelling of antiseptic, the bakery truck delivering flour for that morning's fresh bread, and the thing causing her to stir.
Opening her eyes she smiled bright as she zeroed in on it. Magick. There was a hint of magick, the kind that used to float free around everything before. It had an underlaying of lemons this time, lemons and wet dog.  Bouncing up and down, the middle aged hippy tore out of the room and down the flight of stairs, opening the door of the shop. She stood there on the edge of the street her nose in the air as she turned from one direction to the other trying to locate the source.

Then she saw him. He was a spec at first, half a mile down the road, walking slowly as if confused. She remembered the feeling herself. One night waking up in the empty shop, this new body, this new set of memories. She had spent days alone afraid to leave the shop, keeping the blinds closed and doors locked. It wasn't until she'd run out of food that she finally had to emerge. That's when it made sense. Standing in the twenty-four hour grocery, her arms filled with apples, the one thing she could really identify, when she saw Edward.
He had been carrying a basket filled with bread, and what smelled like chicken wrapped up in tiny packages of clear stuff when Loki appeared to her in the middle of the overly lit building holding a similar basket, which he gave to her taking the apples and putting half back half into the already overflowing basket. Telling her Edward wouldn't remember her, and that she had to be careful when trying to look after him.  Telling her that magick didn't work the same here, it was subtler.
The god had kissed her forehead before disappearing into thin air. The knowledge that flooded into her mind after that. She remembered the silver tipped arrow that had injured Dagan and having tried to remove by biting it in half. But at that point she had still been just a timber wolf.  She had been able to get Ash, but everything went black after that. That was until she'd woken up few days before in the shop as a human.

Shaking her head of the memories, Matilda stood nearly bouncing in place as she watched the spec come closer towards her. Raising her hand she waved frantically trying to secure his attention. The figure stopped once he realized someone had spotted him, as if startled. She watched as the male first hunched his shoulders then relaxed them his head tilted up just a bit trying to sniff the air.
Cautiously he made his way towards her; her excitement growing to the point it was all she could do not to run up and hug him. When he was finally in view, Matilda took stock of him.
Average height, she gathered around 5'8, darkish  hair with grey at the temples, piercing blue eyes that reminded her so much of a husky dog it made her giggle. He had a small beard that made his age difficult to guess, and his limbs soft looking.
Clapping her hands together she couldn't contain herself any longer, as she laughed to no one dancing from one foot to the other.  He stood finally in front of her, a look of puzzlement in his eyes.

Leaning over he sniffed deeply, his eyes closed as he moved his own face around her shoulders, her hair, her throat. His eyes began to soften as he caught a familiarness from her. Not her scent to his dismay, but just the way she made him feel.
Matilda gasped as she tried to keep her balance as she found herself under the full weight of his grief and relief. His arms tight around her as he buried his face in her shoulders.

"Rufus." she cooed her hands delicately stroking the back of his hair. Pulling his face away from her, he nodded.

"So, we're..."

"Familiars now. Yeah takes some getting used to."  She placed both palms on the sides of his face comforting him. "And things are so different here."

"I woke up just as the sun was setting and just started walking. Something told me to walk until..."

"You found the shop. I know. I'll explain it best I can. But come inside, I'll make you something to eat."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Two familiars for one werewolf...something's up.)

Monday, July 13, 2015

The Nosferatu Adventures s9 p2

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 226, chapter 226

Out of Time

The wooden beads clanked together as he pushed the curtain aside. Edward sneezed as the smoke filled his nose, clinging to his hair, reminding him of some opium den you would read about from the turn of the century. Or a hippy love fest. Either way, it was making his eyes water and his nose burn. He found his senses were always heightened at night.  He spotted Matilda in the corner, slouched over the little glass coffee table, her runes spread out haphazardly. Looking up at him, she couldn't contain the grin as she first waved at him, her legs bouncing rapidly, then jumped up from her spot on the very worn sofa coming to gather him.
Edward let out a deep sigh under his breath as he allowed the very eager woman to prance around him like a school girl with a crush. Her words coming out in a single rushed sentence as she offered him everything from cookies and tea to a joint to getting his runes read to if he needed her to sew his buttons back on his coat. The woman all but jumped him right there in her excitement at seeing him.
As much as the dark haired male enjoyed Matilda's company, and her cooking, he couldn't help himself with wanting to pat her on the head like you would a pet. There was something about the frizzy haired matron that put him in mind of a puppy.

"You were brilliant today." she cooed as she cupped her very bejeweled hands around his, her thumb working in circles against the knuckle of his. The multitude of bracelets clanking together as she did seemed to echo too loudly in Edward's ears, causing him to grind his teeth together for the briefest seconds.

"I haven't done anything." he whispered as he let her lead him towards the back of the shop and up the short flight of stairs. The smell of what could have been pot taking over, leaving a visible cloud as they ascended to the top landing.

"I mean your show dear. I was riveted to the screen as T.R. Colt pulled that noose out of the hiding place in the floor boards under the catacombs. And the way Mallory took charge of the seance exposing Juniper as the long lost sister to the dead priest..." she closed her eyes placing her palm flat on her chest. "I didn't even have to wait for the closing credits to roll, not that you can actually read them they fly by the screen so fast, to know that you were the one writing the scenes." keeping her eyes still closed, she gestured wildly with her hand as if encompassing the room. "The realism you gave to the necromatic chant, not too mention the fact when they found the blood soaked sari of the Japanese businessman and proceeded to use burdock root to disclose his real identity...I was so proud of you." she tapped the tip of his nose gushing.
Edward cleared his throat, running his tongue over his teeth lowering his gaze. "Anyways my dear, I was just cleansing the room with some burning mugwort and sage." she said guiding him into the room where the smoke cloud was coming from. He spotted a small charcoal disk still smoldering with  loose herbs sitting on an altar.  Letting go of his hand Matilda bent to retrieve the beat up looking doctor's bag from the smaller coffee table on the far side of the little room, just to the left of the altar, handing it to him with wide giddy eyes. "Hunter's kit. Can you believe it?"

Edward felt a sick rumble in the pit of his stomach at the very thought of it.  "You put money into that cheap prop?" he sniffed feeling light headed suddenly.

"It's not a cheap prop. It's the real deal." she opened the old leather lock blowing dust from it. Prying the rusted hinges open, the old doctor's bag made a quiet creaking, as the faded lining seemed to poke out from the cracked leather.

"What makes you so sure?" he giggled.

"These." she dropped her hand into the bag, her red fingernails disappearing into a side tear before she brought her hand back out showing Edward three tiny bullets with little scratches carved into them. He jumped back as if repulsed. "Silver bullets. Real silver, not fake aluminum coating made to look like silver but the real thing."  She still had her head down hand out, not paying attention to the male's reaction. "I thought at first it was a side pocket, but then realized it was a tear in the lining, was about to sew it up when I felt something in it. I was shocked to see them. Just rolling around in there."
Edward felt like his skin was vibrating as a cold sweat began to break out on his neck and back as he stood frozen in what could only be shock.  "I thought you might like it for your collection." Matilda commented as she put the offensive little trinkets back into their hiding place, closing the bag up once more.

Edward's eyelashes fluttered as he licked his lips, the sick feeling beginning to ease. He was about to say no, that he didn't want the hideous thing anywhere near him, but stopped. Finding himself reaching out instead for the kit, his hands delicately holding the weight of it. The thought screamed in his mind as if someone was speaking it through a loudspeaker; better he be the one with it than someone else. If he owns the fowl thing, then no one can use it against him.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. A hunting we will go, a hunting we will go, hi-ho the...)

Coffee talk July 13th 2015

Morning Spudguns!  It is I, your heroine, Ardeth Blood, aka creepy vampire lady, aka Nosferatu aka...yeah we all get the picture.

I just realized it's been a week since I posted. I don't even know how that happened, other then my days seemed to blend into one the last few days.   Been working on some of the crafting projects for the "what that movie inspired me to do" posts coming up in October for Hallowe'en season. Some very unsuccessfully I might add.  Between the hot glue, the gathering of materials, the lack of hand eye coordination with sewing, and the sandpaper, my crafting ideas leave a lot and I mean a lot do be desired.  Not too mention the cuts and burns on my hands. 
But, if I can get them even half way done by Hallowe'en then mission semi-accomplished.
Speaking of Hallowe'en season, I've jumped ahead and gotten my theme week sorted for October month, which you know is not as easy as you would think. Specially given I did the vampire theme week already.

Speaking of disappointments, I was completely jazzed to find out that last week on the 7th, Witches of East End season 2 was released on dvd.  Only, it seems not in Canada. The one place I was able to find it available, was sold out on pre-orders. That totally blows right...but shows you how popular the show really is.

And now coffee. Much much needed coffee.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Theme Week part 4-Clearly Canadian

Bon Cop Bad Cop

plot: When  a man's dead body is found on the boarder of both Ontario and Quebec, literally, detectives from both provinces are brought in to share the case, and find themselves at the head of a serial killer targeting members of the National Hockey League.

This is a 2006 crime drama comedy starring Patrick Huard and Colm Feore.
It is one of a few films that is completely bilingual, switching rapidly back and forth between English and French.

I needed subtitles, cause I don't speak a lick of French. The dvd does however, allow you to choose if you want the main dialogue in one language or the other, or if you do not want any subtitles at all.

I love this film. It's a  forced to work together cop buddy films. The fact that Rick Mercer has a small role as a "Don Cherry" type character just adds to the inside jokes.

There are moments where it's a bit over the top in the humour, like when they break into a suspects house and trip a security alarm that blows up the marijuana plants and the one cop has to crawl out under an overturned bathtub, causing himself and his partner to get high.
Or the running jokes of each yelling at the other to speak their language for the first half of the film.

I eagerly await the sequel.

The Nosferatu Adventures s9 p1

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 225, chapter 225

Rolf's Kingdom...

"You must be Max..."  the sentence rolled off Harker's tongue in a single breath as the dark haired pirate leaned against the wall just behind Reuben, his arms crossed over his chest causing his leather jacket to make noise.

"Who are you? I don't know you?" the dark haired male said as he took a step closer, little William clinging to his neck still.

"No. But I know all about you." he cast his eyes down not sure how he felt about the whole thing. "The one who staked his claim pardon the pun, on Nosferatu before Reuben had any chance to convince her to come home. Clearly you got what you were after." he gestured towards the little boy.

Maxwell grinned licking his lips. "Nice to know I've been the topic of conversation." he placed a hand on his chest before adjusting the boy on his hip.

"No. Not really." Harker remarked under his breath. Closing his eyes again he raised his chin turning towards Reuben. "Is he alright?"   Reuben nodded turning towards his reluctant friend, letting Harker run his knuckle gently across the auburn haired eight year old's cheek. "Well then, I guess I'll head back to my research."

"Research?" Maxwell's attention was still half on them half taken by the room itself as he walked around with William still clinging to him.

"Yes, I have a personal library filled with books no one reads." he clasped his hands together bowing slightly. "I'm lucky that witch let's me have pee infuriating." he turned heading back down the hall. 

"Witch?" Maxwell asked tilting closer to the throne running one hand across the velvet.

"He's inherited a reflective position as of late." the dark haired male said giggling. "He's a magick mirror."

"I take it he didn't ask for the job?"

"No one asks to be a magick mirror. Being forced to stay home all the time."  he sniffed. "The pack had some run ins with a pretty powerful sea witch over the years, and at one point, she took it out on him." Reuben shrugged. "Plagued his crew for months, cursing them, hexing them. After awhile, Harker tried to get some revenge. Didn't work. He accidentally broke her magick mirror in the process. As punishment, the sea goddess Yemaya, told him he needed to take the place of the librarian for this generation."

"Why not just make a new mirror for the old librarian to use? It is just a mirror."

"Where's the punishment in that? She could have easily killed him for attempting to kill the sea witch. But to be honest, I think either Loki or Bacchus intervened. Talked her into just grounding him." Reuben put his hand on the eight year old's hair half amused half displeased with the fact he was staring at them, one fist clinging to Reuben's belt while the other hand started to flex and unflex at his side. Then the little boy raised his right hand squinted and pointed at them both mumbling under his breath. "Hey! What have I told you about that!" The little auburn haired eight year old put his hand down, sheepishly looking at the floor. "No spells unless your life is in danger."

"Why? The intervening I mean not the spells part." Maxwell asked shifting his weight so that little William would relax his grip around the werewolf's neck.   Reuben smirked rubbing a hand over his beard.

"They owe this pack a few." he said squinting.

"But...he's not even a werewolf."

"But his brother is." Reuben let out a deep breath telling the auburn haired boy to go find his uncle Rolf, waiting until he was out of ear shot before continuing. "Nosferatu's sire."

"Aren't you curious as to why I'm here?" Maxwell asked spotting the toys still on the floor, allowing William to sit and play with them.

"Not in the slightest, just waiting for you to hop back through." Reuben said crossing his arms over his chest, taking a stance, blocking the doorway completely to the rest of the castle.

"She's turned. On us. The packs, Vlad, the kids..."

"Kids?" Reuben's voice cracked causing him to clear his throat.

"It's that Edmund guy. The second he showed up, Nosferatu...well let's just say she's been under his spell for the last few years."

"Kids? I'm still waiting here." Reuben sniffed feeling the very pit of his stomach begin to curdle with a sourness.

"He safe here?" Maxwell asked gesturing towards the little boy. "I don't want to talk in front..."  Reuben whistled Tombstone appearing suddenly.

"Guard him." The hellhound snorted but walked over to the new boy, sniffing him wildly before plunking himself down beside him.  Reuben nodded in the direction of the hallway, Maxwell following as they turned at a set of large doors, Reuben stopped putting his hand out on the other werewolf's chest. "Talk."

"After you all left, Loki returned for awhile. Couple of months actually. They fought constantly."

"Well she does bring the best out in men." he mindlessly scratched at his beard.

"She refused to have another werewolf claim her. Even married Vlad can you believe it!"

"Wouldn't expect anything less. Continue." Reuben's chocolate brown puppy dog eyes sparkled as he heard that. He knew our heroine better then she knew herself sometimes. Something in him just couldn't see her willingly giving up a chance with Dracula for anyone. He ran his hands through his long dark hair, sniffing back a giggle.

"Vlad disappeared a few months after that. Just before a full moon. It triggered the ritual, Jacob claimed her, and she got pregnant."

"Just like that? No mystical magickal from Loki...just normal..."

"Yeah, just normally the old fashioned way. She hated him for it. Bitch ripped him to shreds one night, out in the open in front of the rest of his pack. Literally, tore his arm clean off..." Reuben shook his head as he listened, thinking she was so much like her sire.  "Left him on a pike in the middle of the woods like Vlad used to do. Said it was a warning to any pack members that she wouldn't be claimed again."

"And how'd that work for you?" Reuben shifted his weight from one foot to the other the bad feeling in his stomach getting worse.

"Loki returned. He did something to myself and two other pack alphas, reached into us, removed something. Next thing we know, she had a litter." Maxwell brought his hand up to his chest making a clawing gesture.

"And she survived the birth? They survived?" the feeling expanded into his chest up into his throat, causing Reuben to swallow hard, his eyes watering with nausea.

"Yes. All four of the young werewolves survived the birth. But...she wasn't her anymore. And that's when this Edmund showed up. The second he did, she turned on everyone. He said she was his dead wife and she was just completely taken in by him. Something to do with that old spellbook she carried around all the time." Maxwell leaned back at the waist his shoulders hitting the wall. "Vlad returned to the castle, talking about the portal and a visit from Bacchus. They fought, and I mean swords, spells, silver tipped arrows, fought. Edmund wanted the kingdom and he was using her to get it." Maxwell's eyes became distant as he lowered his voice to a whisper. "That's when she killed them. Vlad's men, the other pack members...I found the old gypsy woman Vlad had been so fond of, had her open the portal send me here. William...he's all that is left of her litter."

"Shack me!" Reuben blinked processing everything he just heard, the nausea still clinging tight in his throat, his ears starting to ring. Pressing his hand flat against the wall, Reuben leaned over, a feeling of vertigo flashing hotly behind his eyes, causing what could only be considered a vision as he gave in to the vomit. He saw Edmund, the first Seer, commanding his covens with Nosferatu at his side.

"You okay?"

Reuben grunted as he flicked his hair out of his face spitting  "I better get a mop."

"Let me guess, you just had a skull splitting vision?" Maxwell asked. Reuben nodded. Making a noise, the older werewolf sighed. "William!" he turned heading back into the room only to find little William standing in the doorway with Tombstone beside him, a handful of the hellhounds fur clutched tight in his fist, the beast panting contentedly.  "I told you before, not everyone wants to talk to you in that way. If you want to communicate you use a pencil and paper."

"He doesn't talk?" Reuben asked.  Maxwell said no as he went over picking the boy back up. "Neither does our little monster. But when he screams..."

"Tell me about it. Who knew banshee children could shatter windows in the next village?"  He sniffed little William's hair. "So nephew, I haven't heard you call him by his name yet?"

"Damen...Damen Frankenstein."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Yes, Damen... no "i" no "o" no extra "a")

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Theme week part 3-Clearly Canadian


plot: Small town cop Lou Garou, is called in to investigate a bunch of disturbances in the woods on the edge of town and is kidnapped. He wakes up the next morning with a pentagram carved into his chest and only flashes of memory. He is then called in to investigate a murder in the woods. Once there, he realizes he saw the victim the night before while having been kidnapped. This happens to be the night of the full moon, and he turns into a werewolf. His best friend who owns the gun shop, has been researching werewolf mythology and convinces him to let him help, by locking him up for the night in the police station, only they get a call about a robbery. The two then head out to stop the crime in progress. Before the night is over, Lou gets kidnapped again, and we learn he was made a werewolf by a group of  occultist changelings who want his blood.

This is a 2014 comedy horror starring Leo Fafard and Jesse Moss

There are a couple of nods to other movies/shows in the genre, Ginger Snaps trilogy being the obvious with actor Jesse Moss being in both films, and the peeing blood scene which is similar to GS as well, as the line about "you may or may not start to get your period".
The style of the wolfman costume is just that, like the old throwbacks to the classic Wolfman starring Lon Chaney, and even the one similar in Monster Squad which was played by Jonathan Gries. With real stunts and practical effects. I do love a movie that goes through the trouble and time to do make-up/prop effects. There just isn't enough movies doing things this way anymore.
And there is just a small nod to Teen Wolf, with some of the car he doesn't truck surf...but he does have his "wolf mobile".

The fact the lead character's name is Lou Garou, which is a play on the French version of werewolf or wolf man (loups garoux, loup-garou) was genius.

This picks some of the best pieces of previous werewolf culture and mixes in just enough of an original idea that it's more then enjoyable. I do love a movie that has a fresh take on things, and the addition of the other type of shapeshifters is new.

I can't wait for the sequel.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Nosferatu Adventures s8 p24

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 224, chapter 224


"So, how are you feeling?" Loki's voice was nothing more then a hushed whisper as our heroine entered her bedroom to find the dark haired god stretched out on her bed. He batted at the fringes of the large curtained tapestries.

"My boobs hurt all the time, but otherwise spiffy. Yourself?" she closed the large wooden door, not wanting any of the servants to see him.  Loki patted the bed beside him. "I would ask if that was an invitation, but knowing you I know better." she crossed her arms giving her boobs a lift. The god made a clicking noise with his tongue winking at her.

"You ready to go?"

"Go where?"

"Back to 2015. Where your pack is, where your sire is, where your son is..."

"Your son. I was just the carry on luggage he hid in while he crossed the border. Me..." she shrugged making a duck bill. "I'm fine right where I am. No passport." She gasped for air as the god waved his hand then made a gesture like he was tugging her towards him on an invisible rope, causing our heroine to glide towards him as if on a conveyor belt.

"That trick never gets old." he winked again tilting his head to the side patting the bed once more. Our heroine grunted as she flopped onto the mattress, unable to reclaim control of her limbs. "Now that's what I call curb appeal." he growled running his hand down his stomach locking his fingers together. "You don't want to go home." He shrugged. "That's fine. Really. The boy doesn't need a mother he can just be an orphan. I mean, male lycanthropes have been raising their kids alone for centuries. Why should this be any different. Besides there is double the amount of werewolves here for you to shack up with." he said it all with a straight face as he began petting the top of her hair. "Packs!" he let the word form like a hiss. "Two of them."  Loki trailed his palm down our heroine's spine, as he leaned in quick grabbing her, pulling her down beside him on the bed. "Now that we know you'll survive the birth any one of those beasts will be lining up for their prize. Keep it single births of course, at lest for the next few years, then gradually let you start having liters."  The dark haired god brought his left hand up behind his head as he continued to tease the female with his other arm, which was wrapped around her tight, his thumb making small circles on her hip.
She tried to move from him, but he grabbed a hold of the back of her neck, digging his nails into her pale flesh enough to cause her to bleed.  "What? Did you think I was done with you?" Loki snickered. "The experiment worked. A banshee gave birth to a werewolf. That's talent."  He leaned in just a centimeter licking her from the edge of her collar bone to her ear. "And I want some more." he rolled over, pinning her to the bed, straddling her. "Enough for a whole hockey team."
The god let out a deep sigh as he started to toss miniature green orbs at her watching them bounce off her face, her neck, her chest before disappearing. "And I think...I think we should do this the old fashioned way." he let the orbs grow from the size of peas to the size of grapes, still tossing them at her. "Let some of the other bloodlines expand. So who's it going to be? You going to be the mate of  the pack alpha of the Oakens, or the Blacksmiths of the other seventy or so packs out there you've never met?"

"I will not."

"Wrong answer." he snarled as he leaned over biting a chunk out of her neck, the blood filling his mouth in a gush as it sprayed them both, splattering on the wall for the briefest of seconds before her wound closed up. "Healing even quicker then before. Your body is adapting even as we speak."

"I'm not going to do it."

"You don't get it. This is what you were designed for. My bloodline, Bach's bloodline." he clapped his hands together sounding like thunder. "In one female. One beast that can not die. Strong enough to survive being a werewolf. To survive giving birth to the very things that sired you. You breed for me and then when it's Bach's turn to play with you, you bleed for him. Done deal."

Rolf's Kingdom...

The auburn haired boy sat at the stairs of his uncle's throne, a small doll in hand. It was still freshly made, smelling of wet dog fur, causing him to rub at his nose over and over again. The poppet nothing more then sticks wrapped with werewolf fur, another of the trinkets the alpha had left for him. No one said his name anymore out loud, but somehow, the little one just knew. He'd heard stories of when his uncle Rolf and Reuben had been members of a strong pack, long before he had been born.  Before the pack had split between his uncle's kingdom and the Queen's, where the Darkest Forest was. That's where the alpha had returned to. Living he was told, in the old witch's cabin.

The boy sniffed again, turning on his spot to stare at the wall behind the throne. Tilting his head just an inch to the side, he squinted his eyes. He knew he wouldn't come into his lycanthrope side for another few years, but if he concentrated really hard and stayed really still, he could sense things.

There just to the left of him, a small tornado of dust began to swirl sending a shiver through him. That exact moment, Tombstone ran into the room growling, as he stood between the boy and the wall.  It began to crack revealing a small black hole just as the boy felt the hellhound's body pressing against him, urging him to move out of the way. But the little one was frozen in fear.

Instinct took over, and he screamed for help, shattering the nearest mirror, nearest set of wine goblets, causing the hellhound to whimper and shake.
A set of strong arms swept the little one up quickly, one hand over his mouth rushing him out of the way in a blur.  Reuben didn't make it out of the room quick enough though, as the figures emerged from the portal. The room settling just as quick as it had opened.

The dark haired male stood just inches away from the edge of the stairs behind the throne, a couple of feet from the now repaired wall. A small dark haired boy in his arms.

"William, say hello to your great great grand nephew and your brother." 


Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Family feud anyone?)

Theme Week part 2-Clearly Canadian

Men with Brooms

plot: After the death of their coach, former team mates return to their small town for the reading of the will. In it, their coach's last wishes are for the curling team to regroup playing one more big game. With his ashes in one of the curling stones.

This is a 2002 comedy-drama starring Paul Gross and Molly Parker.

Can I start by saying how bloody difficult it was to first find this movie and second get through it with all the tech issues.   The construction here caused power outages/surges more then once knocking my internet out and causing me to have to restart the movie, not once, not twice, but four times. I think I know the first half hour now off by heart.  I literally spent a full day watching this movie. (I watched it on Sunday and waited till now to post)

There is a sub-plot happening with one of the character's trying to have a baby, and the way they handle the "sex scenes" are extremely funny without being vulgar. 

The main themes seem to be about forgiveness, loss, hope, honesty.  There is a love triangle happening between the Paul Gross character and the two lead females, while touching on the topic of death both from his character having lost his mother to the two sisters having just lost their dad.

I do like the fact this is a buddy movie on one level, having the team mates working together to advance in the tournament. As well, there is a scene that breaks down how curling works. Which, I am ashamed to say, I had no clue about till I saw this movie. Curling was always on the television growing up I just never bothered to pay attention. This movie will make you want to watch, or take part in a game.

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Food n Flix July

This month's Food n Flix selection was  Eat Drink Man Woman,  and hosted by Kahakai Kitchen.

plot: Three women, desire to leave their father's traditional home in order to have a life of their own. Each afraid how the other family members will react once they tell them.

 This is the 1994 drama starring Sihung Lung and Jacklyn Wu.

I watched this online, so there is a lack of dvd cover in the photos.
This movie kicked my arse all over town. Seriously, it had me whining to people after the first five minutes, because I was the only one in the group who could not seem to find a copy with English subtitles.

Asian cooking, is not my forte. I don't really eat it, and I never cook it. I had a hard time just identifying some of the items used in the opening scene. So, needless to say, my notes are a little on the thin side this time around.

I saw in the film fish, chilies, daikon, pork-belly, greens, bamboo, garlic, chicken, frogs, rice paper, broth, dumplings, noodles, rock salt, fries, pop, chicken-burgers, hamburgers, duck, shrimp, "fondue" (shabu-shabu) ham, rice vermicelli, sea cucumbers, cellophane noodles, seafood stew, sunflower seeds (I think that's what it was in a scene but I couldn't get a close up) spare ribs, bean sprouts and snow peas, ramen, tofu, green onions, wilted greens, rice, melon, citrus, tea. 

My one saving grace, is the fact that I've seen Tortilla Soup (year one of this blog) and given Tortilla Soup is the English remake, I at lest knew what the basic plot was.

I don't know what to tell you all this month, other then I was literally last minute trying to decide what to make for it.  Then, feeling totally defeated thinking I would either have to pass or to doctor up instant ramen; I got this idea.
I put on my ICP Riddle Box cd.  Riddle, like a case, like a briefcase, like a lunchbox. This caused me to first run to find my ICP lunchbox, which got me thinking about Bento boxes. Right, slap to the face it was staring at me the whole time, the scenes where the chef brings the little girl her lunchbox every day. 
Yeah, it was one of those cases where I was over thinking it and the second I stopped thinking about it, the answer came to me.   Okay, yeah my ICP lunchbox is a collectors item, and not really large enough for I used a plastic container instead. Just pretend it was done in a cool black metal lunchbox...

So I decided to make for the bento style lunchbox, a scallion pancake, eggs, rice and fruit.

The recipe I found on the Food Network site, and it ended up being a mess. I don't know if the recipe was missing a step or something, or if what I thought was a strange mess was what it was suppose to look like?   The original recipe called for mixing slowly boiling water into flour with a wooden spoon till you get a ball. That just brought me a bowl of paste. I ended up having to add extra flour, oil and get my hand in there for it to form any sort of ball.

 Scallion Pancake (original recipe)

2 cup flour
1 cup boiled water
1/2 cup scallions chopped
1 tablespoon sesame oil
1/2 cup canola oil

In bowl sift flour and slowly continue to add water, mixing with a wooden spoon till a ball forms.

Cover with a damp cloth for 30minutes

On floured board roll out dough into a rectangle, brush on the oil mix, add salt and pepper and the scallions.
Roll dough into a log, and cut into 4 pieces. Take one piece and twist it up 3 times to make a spiral, then flatten once more.

In a hot pan, add the canola oil and cook both sides till golden.

Okay, so I had to add an extra flour. Almost 2 full cups to the mix, plus a few splashes of oil.
I then had to keep adding extra flour to my board because it just wasn't holding up.

I think I will omit the salt when I try this again, as I found the salt was just too much with the oil.

They ended up not being any kind of identifiable shape. It ended up making four hamburger sized (there are two in this photo) "pancakes". 

The total time was listed as an hour and half from start to finish, but I clocked it closer to the two hour mark.

I rounded out my packed lunch with two hard boiled eggs, some white rice and orange slices.

I had heard of the bento boxes before, but never really paid any attention to it. It wasn't until I decided to do this today, and looked some of it up that I realized there is a whole sub-culture around making packed lunches. From fancy boxes to decorating the main items to look like cartoons, to take-away restaurants that deal only in them, to classes for housewives to be able to make them for their kids.   I came across a website that was dedicated just to cookbooks on the topic. 

I also have to admit, I was really thinking of going in a completely different direction for about five minutes; and making a veggie burger because of the fast food scenes.

Yeah, you know as always, not the prettiest but it is really comforting to have someone care enough to pack you lunch no matter how old you are.

Till next time.

Theme Week- Clearly Canadian


plot: Two female musicians reunite over a decade after their last gig, to catch up before attending a rock benefit and after party.  They discover that even though their lives have taken very different paths since they last saw each other, they are still as close as they ever were.

This is the 2010 Bruce McDonald  comedy-drama starring Tracy Wright and Molly Parker.

This was Wright's last movie before her death.

I have to say, I've been looking forward to seeing this film since I heard about back few years ago. Originally, meant as a squeal to Hard Core Logo, I was expecting a lot more Logo-ish jokes/vibes. Two of the HCL actors make an appearance as their old characters -Callum Keith Rennie and Julian Richings. -  And I laughed at the little in jokes presented; first with Richings character calling himself an alien (nod to his role on I was a Sixth Grade Alien) and Don McKellar's character sitting around in his robe eating cereal (nod to his role in Twitch City.)

This sort of presents itself as a love story, giving you the idea that the two leads may have been involved, either way it underlines a real sense of jealousy between them (just like HCL did with the characters played by Callum Keith Rennie and Hugh Dillon)  The one having made a major name for herself only after moving, the other having stayed connected to the local music scene. Both battling addictions in their own way.
The Parker character is trying to get back some sort of feeling she had when she was still in the band even though she now comes across as being a sell out. While the Wright character  has visions as if her true self is mirrored everywhere.  Both are clearly feeling insecure of what they think the other's current life offers.
The fact the last few scenes happen in a high school was a brilliant idea, reducing the two characters to their younger egos for a cat fight in what first seems like a back alley, but is in fact on the school stage. This is where the honesty we've been building up for the whole movie explodes. (again just like the last few scenes of HCL it happens on a stage and back alley)

But, with that said, I was disappointed with how it sort of went in circles and didn't really do anything. I know it was a low key, quiet movie, given the topic; but I was really expecting...more. More rock n roll, more in jokes to the fact it was a Bruce McDonald rock n roll film, more Canadian-ness.  I would have loved to have seen the other two HCL actors, John Pyper-Ferguson and Bernie Coulson make an appearance, even just standing there would have been cool.