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The Nosferatu Adventures s8 p10

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 210, chapter 210


There was a smell tinting the air, as Ash entered the graveyard. Tilting his head to the side, the very tattooed male closed his eyes, rotating his shoulders stepping cautiously closer to the vault. Snarling, the werewolf bared his fangs as the winged creature emerged from the darkness hovering in the doorway. The male stepped over the threshold waiting, the smell overwhelming him to the point covering his nose and mouth didn't help. He held out the piece of paper as the creature took it, reading.
This was the source of the Necromancer's zombie juice. The blood that ran through the veins of this bat like monster.  Had Ash not been on alert, tracking the Necromancer, keeping an eye on the newest lycanthrope, he would never have known Tombstone was back. Would never have been able to save the beast from the distraught wolf.  The Necromancer had been turned less then a week before, by the Seer, giving Reuben's bloodline another member. It wouldn't be long it seemed, before Reuben would have enough in his line for a pack of his own. If that's what he wanted? Till then, Ash was more then okay tending to his extended family.

The bat like creature crumpled the paper tossing it to the ground before nodding. It held up one of his clawed hands then grabbed the werewolf flying out the door.

The male found himself coughing up dirt, dust and what he thought was a few bugs, as he rolled over in the middle of the vineyard trying to catch his breath. The flight had been fast, just a blur even to him, it was the landing that hurt.
Clearing his vision he spotted what looked like the winged creature circling him a good hundred or more feet in the sunset sky.
He stood, brushing the remains of the landing off his leather pants, as he studied the place. Nothing had grown here in years. Cautiously, he treaded his way around the area that Rolf and Finn had turned into a small camp, smiling when he recognized the fact they'd replicated his design for the front lawn.  His ears twitched with the noises coming from the estate, people shuffling around, bottles being uncorked, silverware being dropped, and someone swearing.  Shaking his head, a small laugh escaped him in a single breath as he headed towards the estate.

The werewolf didn't bother to knock. He just made his way around to the back door and let himself in. "So the rumours are true there really are two of you." he said clearing his voice leaning against the large kitchen sink, crossing his arms over his chest.  Victor turned to look at the stranger standing in his house, his one arm crocked at the elbow his thumb moving in circles, one leg still balanced in midair from having been stooping to pick up the fallen dishes, his mouth half open in question.

"You're not my nephew."

"It's wing season." Ash replied, confusing Victor. "The fairies. This is the time of year their wings slough off, become brittle and get turned into fairy dust. Biggest hauling season for a pirate." he waited for the other male to register what he was saying, rubbing the back of his neck. "Harker's off in the middle of the sea somewhere can't be reached."

"You're the one who made my boy a wolf." Victor said turning in a circle trying to find a towel to wipe up the spilled coffee. Ash couldn't help but grind his teeth on that comment. There was so much bitterness in Victor it came off him in waves, he could smell it. "I understand this happened before? The female leaving him through some magickal portal."

"Yeah, he went mad."

Victor grunted as he cleaned up the mess, not wanting to look at Ash. "He's out in the barn still I think. But you already knew that. That nose of yours and all."

"True. I just wanted to see for myself if you really looked like him." Ash replied as he made his way out to the barn. He found Dagan in the far corner of it, punching what looked like a mauled side of beef, but on closer inspection, it was something larger. "That's tenderized enough."

Dagan said nothing as he barely gazed over at his sire. "Not for sausages." he threw another punch at the carcass.

"What is that?"

"Buffalo. I couldn't...I couldn...couldn't bring myself to hunt a moose you know." he stepped away from the chunk of meat, his one foot swinging in a circle as he threw another punch at it swearing. "She's ruined that for me too."

Ash nodded as he pulled up a small wine barrel sitting on it. He wasn't sure if he should be glad to see Dagan handling it so well, or really worried? He had the feeling this was just the calm before the storm. "How are you feeling?"

"Say it!" he cracked his neck leaning towards the older male. "Ask me what you're thinking." Dagan poked his temple squinting up his face. "You want to know if I'm going to fall apart like the last time? Do you see me laying in a puddle of my own drool this time? Huh? Do you see me mumbling to little corn husk dollies this time? No. You know why? Because she wasn't my mate this time."

"Nosferatu wasn't your mate the first time either. Just the one you sired, and it had a really heavy hold on you."

"Not this time." he tapped his veins. "We barely tasted each other's blood this time around. The sire bond...well it just wasn't what it used to be."

"That's impossible." Ash said without thinking. Dagan was too cool this time, too collected. The man standing before him was more angry then anything else. Ash watched as the other male scratched at his veins again, mindlessly. The scratches bleeding for a half second then healing instantly. But the small time the wounds were there, was enough for him to smell traces of something in the air. Something clinging to the salty copper of blood. Dagan was so calm because he'd been drugged.

Wiping his hand over his mouth, Ash stood back up saying he was going to tour the estate. Dagan nodded not paying any attention as he went back to hitting the large carcass of a workout bag. "What did you do?" Ash asked finding Victor again.

"Laudanum, fairy dust mixed with honey and vervain. Won't hurt him." he looked out the window at something. "Just keep him under control."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Remember he is a doctor...)

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Coffee Talk April 28th 2015

I got this beautiful painting yesterday from a local artist here in Thunder Bay, Angela Gollat.  You can check out her other works at her website.
I was doing tarot readings at the Bliss Cafe (you can check their facebook out just look for Bliss Cafe Thunder Bay) and Angela was there, and she jumped up handing it to me. That's one of the sweetest and coolest things I've received from anyone, pretty much ever.

And I'll be there on Friday again, doing tarot readings if anyone in the area wants to come down.

Till later

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Random movie April 25th 2015

The Shining

plot: A family moves into a hotel for the winter, and slowly start to loose their grip on reality, realizing that the hotel is haunted.

This is the 1980/81 film staring Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall based on the novel by Stephen King.

Okay, so after the documentary the other day, I just could not get the idea of this film out of my mind. It's been years since I sat down and watched it all the way through. I actually found the book creepier.
While watching it this time, ironically, I didn't have any of the theories in my mind that played out so well in the documentary. On the contrary, all I could think was how similar some of the scenes were to Nicholson's other two movies Witches of Eastwick and Wolf.  There were just too many moments that were mirror images to things he did years later in those films.

Which brings me to mirrors. In one of the first scenes we see him go to the hotel bar. he passes a group of mirrors. The first and second mirrors have his reflection but not the third. And Duvall's character does not seem to have a reflection at all in any of her scenes until the end of the movie. It's almost as if she doesn't have a real self to loose.
Speaking of...bloody hell she's a terrible actor. Those big bug eyes...but she plays the character like she's in a coma. Don't know if that is how her character was meant to be played in this version, or if she's just that bad an actor?

What I saw in this movie, is pretty much what I've always seen in it. Guilt plus isolation plus addiction equals opening themselves up to receiving the ghosts. Becoming portals for their psychic abilities. You have to think, in order for the character of Danny to be that much of a medium, the parents have to have some abilities themselves.

What I see in this movie, is the idea that after Jack finds the scrapbook, he becomes so obsessed with it, that he begins to imagine himself in the lives of the people the scrapbook is about. Which, in this movie you only see one shot of the scrapbook on his desk open. There is also the possibility that he's hidden alcohol or drugs in the hotel and is back to his addictions.

The character of Wendy, never really sat right with me. Not just because the actor is terrible, but because there's just something sinister about her. I know she's portrayed as the victimized wife, but I always got the impression there was something darker about her. Like, she's the abuser. In this version of the story, she is the only one to actually draw first blood.  Come to think of it, she draws blood twice before Jack ever does, and when Jack does, it's against another man.

Just once, I'd like to see this movie end with the character of Jack and his son getting away from Wendy, leaving her to the snow storm. How different would the story really be, if the roles were reversed? I could sit here and write hours worth but that's enough for today.

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The Nosferatu Adventures s8 p9

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 209, chapter 209


"I got it." Reuben said holding his hands up towards the others, as he stepped backwards, one foot swinging around the other. "You..." he tucked his hair behind his ear sighing. "just deal with them." he turned following our heroine into the cooking tent. "What's the matter with you this time?" he asked not bothering to look at the female. She shook her head letting out a deep breath of her own as she continued to add spices to the meal.

"You know what!" she hissed at him.  The dark haired werewolf made a sound as he slowly moved towards her, his beautiful chocolate brown puppy dog eyes shifting to the amber-grey of the wolf. Stretching his arms up then locking his fingers behind his neck, the alpha stood a few centimeters behind our heroine, his breath leaving hot clouds of moisture on the top of her hair.

"There is no need for you to have a mate now. I'm the alpha." he leaned in sniffing first the pot of food, then her skin. The steam from the large soup pot was clinging to her, reminding Reuben of the early days when they first met her. "Besides if you want one so badly..." he reached around her gesturing to the wall of the tent. "There's seven newbies you can go play with."

"Sure thing boss. Maybe I should go do that now, you know before the sunrises. That former pack alpha was easy on the eyes, I'm sure he'd love the idea of having a mate to reclaim and secure his alpha position again." she waited not needing to look at the tall male to know she'd hit his soft spot. The sound of his breathing shifting was all our heroine needed to know he was calculating the whole thing. "And something tells me those pack members out there, don't take the kinds of risks you do. They won't die so often..."

"Shut up! I don't want to hear it!" Reuben grabbed her by the shoulders pulling her away from the cooking area. "Come here!" he pushed her in the direction of the back of the tent, towards a small flap that served as a back door. Shoving her through, he dragged her out into the night air once again until they came to a small patch of trees. "You are defiant, boring..."


"Boring!" he flicked his hair out of his face as he let the magick mist swirl around him, removing his clothes. "Unfortunately you're right." The dark haired werewolf pushed her against one of the larger trees. "Hurry up, mist yourself." his patience was more then worn thin as he let his fangs both top and bottom grow, his ears half points, his body becoming slightly covered in a thin layer of fur. "Don't be getting any ideas either. This is just like last time, one time deal." he sniffed. "I claim you as my mate, secure the position as pack alpha, and you stop shacking everything in sight. Got it!"  Our heroine wiggled out from him, moving away from the tree just an inch, causing Reuben to turn around. Reaching her hand out she gently backed him up against the tree, letting her own eyes flash that of the wolf.

"Understood." she reached up on her toes, about to kiss him then hesitated. "So I take it that's an invitation?" she asked.

"I'm naked aren't I?" he tossed the sentence back at her his anger having gotten the better of him. Our heroine licked her lips nodding.


Rolf stood staring at the seven new werewolves. He couldn't wrap his mind around the fact that he was standing there talking to his ancestors. Shapeshifters that he assumed were either long dead, or in the very lest hundreds of years old in 2015. Given the fact his father had told him tales of how the Oaken family line had been slaughtered in battles, he guessed these wolves standing before him were all long gone in his timeframe. A sadness tugged at the muscular male as he realized he was having the kind of moment you only read about.

Then he felt the wind get knocked out of him, as he found himself doubled over, struggling to breathe, his hands instinctively going to both his chest and his stomach. Growling, the large male stood up straight, running his fingers through his hair, grinding his teeth. The unmistakable notice that a new alpha had emerged. Rolling his eyes, Rolf couldn't figure out how Reuben got himself killed that quickly?
He was about to sound the alarm when he spotted first our heroine emerge from the cooking tent, followed by Reuben. The large male's eyes went wide as he comprehended what he was seeing. The laughter that ripped from him had him nearly doubled over in tears.

"What's so funny?" Reuben asked innocently.  Rolf was unable to say anything, the laughing getting in the way of his breathing. "What?"

"Have you looked in the mirror lately?" Finn asked pointing to the werewolf's hair.

"What's wrong with my hair?" he started to finger comb it, thinking he had something like a leaf or tree sap in it from having been with our heroine. It was bad enough in his mind that he had to resort to becoming her mate, he didn't need the guys mocking him for it.  "What the shack?"

"You said it. And it seems did it." Finn commented slapping the wolf on the shoulder referring to the now two large grey streaks that ran through Reuben's dark hair.

"Yeah about that..." they all turned to see Loki standing behind them. "You did mention earlier that she was Dagan's creation, that Nosferatu was a Frankenstein through and through. His blood running through her veins, as well as Victor's. And well, you know all about the Frankenstein family curse and how it brands the wives." he gestured to the now confused Reuben.

"But that's not possible! I'm a guy! Can't be a wife." Reuben spat the words his face bright with anger.

"Physically. But from a magickal stand point. From a pack stand point." Loki smiled wide enjoying this new torture that seemed to have befallen Reuben. "She instigated the claiming."

"You're the alpha now?" Finn replied crossing his arms over his chest.

"I am no one's wife!"  Reuben kept repeating over and over as he stomped in circles. "No one's bitch!" Rolf's fist connected knocking the other wolf out cold. 

"Yeah. I did what you wanted. Now I want what you promised." our heroine was beside Loki in a blur. "You and me." she reached her arms out wrapping them around the god's waist about to kiss him when she felt a barrier go up. "Loki! We had a deal! You gave me a ring, I thought..."

"You thought what darlin? And it's a beautiful ring. Great ring, all yours." the god moved from her waggling his finger. "But you know the rules. An alpha can't get it up for anyone but their mate. Well, in your case, can't get it on with anyone but Reuben now. At lest for the next..." he started to count on his fingers. "8 months."

"But...I...when I defeated Jarl and took over his pack..."

"You were already knocked up with a son. My son." Loki took a step back shimmering into the shadows. 

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Sometimes, it just don't pay to be on top)

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Random movie April 23rd 2015

Room 237

This is a 2012 documentary on the most common suspected themes in Stanley Kubrick's version of Stephen King's The Shining.  

There isn't really a plot as much as there are overlapping theories. And I have to say, I was glued to the screen during this film. Some of the theories given in this movie, I am ashamed to say I never thought of myself.  When I first saw The Shining, I looked at it at face value. A story about a man who through a combination of guilt, isolation and drug abuse opens a portal for ghosts.  This documentary helps to pull back so many other layers that are there.

Speaking of, one of the theories is that the movie is designed to be watched back to front and then front to back, at the same time. That the story uncovers more parallels by overlaying the movie properly with it in rewind. And I have to say, it does. Like another whole episode of drug induced nightmares/visions that just help to make the film connect better.

Another theme in this documentary is that Stanley Kubrick was basically telling the same story in all his movies. That each one was almost like another episode of the same plot. Which was the truth is out there. Pick your conspiracy he's revealing it, over and over and over...they keep repeating and connecting.  Which given the fact I've only seen The Shining, A Clockwork Orange and Eyes Wide Shut,  I can't say for sure.  And personally, I didn't care at all for Eyes Wide Shut.
And of course, the idea that he was secretly admitting...or not so secretly...that he faked the moon landing.

This documentary has got me thinking, and not surprisingly, got me wanting to re-watch The Shining. 

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The Nosferatu Adventures s8 p8

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 208, chapter 208


Our heroine entered the prince's tent, scanning the place for the mirror. There didn't seem to be one anywhere, making her doubt Finn's honesty for the first time.  "Your friends are willing to use you as bait. Again." she turned to see Vlad suddenly standing behind her in the shadows. "If this is what you are looking for, all you had to do was ask." he gestured to a mirror about a foot high that was directly behind him in the darkened room.

"You heard." she cleared her throat as her eyes fluttered. The scent of blood was fresh in the air, the sound the only thing she was able to focus on suddenly. Vlad nodded as he moved slowly towards her, the air around him shifting in swirls of fog. "You had it buried under the pile of rugs." she commented as she realized they were moved. Nodding to herself, the banshee turned to face him.

"It's a powerful tool that some people would kill for. I should be insulted that your friends are only willing to steal it."  He reached out his hand, running his thumb across her neck. "What if I said your friends could have it without a fight?"

"What's the catch?" she heard her voice crack as she started to sway.

"You leave them. Join me for a time." he raised his chin casting his eyes down at her. She could see the edge of his teeth, the double row of fangs gleaming in the light of the candles. "As I said before, I've never met another of my kind. I want to learn more about you."

"What's to know? I was human, I died, became a banshee, stuff happened and now I'm connected to the werewolves." she shrugged trying to make it seem less important then it was. Vlad moved his fingers across her stomach as he walked behind her before trailing his hand back up to her neck, tightened his grip at her throat.

"You said the one was your brother? How is that when he's clearly a born lycanthrope and you're vampiric?"

"My life is..."

"Complicated?" he hushed

"I was going to say shacked up. Really really shacked up." our heroine replied as she felt the prince loosen his hand on her throat.

"Then stay here, and it will be less so." he moved from her then, still hovering just to her left out of her direct eye sight.

"I can not love you if that's what you're looking for?" she was holding the book tight to her chest as if it could protect her. "My heart's already divided."

"I never asked you to." he brushed it off as if water on a duck's back. "I'm more interested in how you arrived here?"

"Now that's whats complicated." she turned towards him, only to find he had moved to the opposite side of her, forcing her to spin in a circle trying to keep up.

"How so?" he raised his left hand palm up as he continued to keep her in circles. "And who other then that arrogant wolf out there, has divided your heart?" Vlad seemed to have a few hidden agendas that he was willing to shell out in pieces. Our heroine gave a half sound as she realized he was baiting her.

"I'm in love with one man who is in love with me but unwilling to allow himself to be. I'm also in love with a man who too is in love with the first man. And I'm having a third man's baby. That shacked up enough for you?" She waited for him to register shock, but his expression never changed.

"And the arrogant wolf out there? Where does he fit?"

"Ah, the second man."   The sentence was barely out of our heroine's mouth when Reuben entered the tent. He stepped in with authority as he shoved the curtained door aside, one boot crossing the threshold.

"Everything alright?" he kept his eyes locked on Vlad's, seeing the twinge of amusement on his lips, while his eyes stayed cold. The dark haired werewolf sniffed as he moved towards the female, flicking his hair out of his eyes. "They're up." He referred to the other pack. "They want to talk to you."

"Me?" our heroine asked in confusion.

Reuben ran his hand over his beard nodding. "You and Rolf." he reached for her arm, pulling her out of the tent. "You see the mirror?" he asked whispering. Our heroine nodded. "And?"

"He'll give it to you on one condition." she replied as they marched to the edge of the camp, the scent of wet dog burning her nose. she stumbled nearly dropping the leather bag and spellbook, as they caught up to Rolf and Finn. Rolf turned to look at them, his arms crossed over his chest, hair pulled back loosely out of his face. "Whoa." the female pointed towards the now shifted wolves with the hand holding the leather bag. Licking her lips, she stared in awe at the seven males. All had dark hair the same shade as Rolf's, all had blue eyes the same as Rolf's.

"Down girl." Rolf's voice was barely a breath as the corner of his mouth became a one sided smile.

"Very possibly." she stammered shaking her head, her pale hand finding it's way to the back of her hair as she blushed. "That was so wanted..." she cleared her throat. "to talk to me?"  The one closest to them nodded, then bent down on the ground on one knee. Our heroine shifted her weight, hiding behind Reuben. "He's going to pounce!" the leather bag made a thug as it fell to the ground beside Reuben's foot, dirt slopping over his toes.

"Nos!" he shook his foot before wiping the mud from it.

The male cleared his throat eyes cast down; not completely willing to continue. Another of the werewolves closet to him punched him in the hip. "We were unaware there were other branches of the Oaken pack out there. Even more so that an Oaken female was among that pack. By the laws of our tradition we must bow down before you. Pledge our loyalty. I am to understand that the wolf who defeated me during the full moon ritual is also your  mate...though." he gazed his eyes up at them the amber-grey of the wolf steady, making his already pale skin glow in the darkness. His breath seemed to reach farther then it should have as he spoke, the coldness capturing it between them. "You are not claimed?"

"This feels like a trap. Should I feel threatened? I feel threatened." our heroine said in a single rush. Reuben rolled his eyes as he grabbed her hands from his waist, removing them for a split second before she grabbed hold of him again, this time an inch lower.

"Nos, you're drawing blood." he slapped her hands away once more. "The Seer's book is stabbing me in the spine. Quite it!"

"It's not a trap. You know this, female shapeshifters are rare. Protected." Rolf tossed over his shoulder never taking his eyes off of the pack. "Like the way we thought of you in the beginning before you shacked up our lives."

"I'm the reason your still breathing butt-munch." she snarled in return. "Wait. You said Oaken. That's your last name?" she turned to look at the large male to her left, seeing Rolf nod. "Huh. Yeah someone read their tea leaves wrong. I'm not your girl. I'm a Frankenstein soon to be Blacksmith."  The former alpha stood then in confusion, tilting his head to the side. "Well, Frankenstein-Blacksmith-Frankenstein. If you want to get technical about it."

"Well, yeah technically you are an Oaken because of what happened to us." Rolf replied gesturing between them. The former pack alpha bent down again on one knee.

"So you're saying your bloodline..." our heroine moved an inch from using Reuben as a shield, gesturing herself towards the other pack. "Trumps having been Dagan's or Reuben's mate?"  The former pack alpha stood again his eyebrows knitted together in conflict and puzzlement. "How is that fair? How does that work? I can't shift completely."

"That we are aware of." Finn added from his position a few feet away. "And only because you've never bothered to try."

"I don't want to try! I've seen how painful it is for you lot. I might be careless and a bit of a hot head, but I'm not crazy."

"A bit?" Reuben, Rolf and Finn all said at the same time. "Na, no, no!" Rolf continued shaking his head. "You're just as much a nutball as Dagan is. You know you're right." he tilted his head to the side, stabbing her in the chest with this finger. "You are a Frankenstein. Dagan's blood still runs hot and rampant through your veins." he wiped the back of his wrist over his mouth. "And the two years we've known you, you've made one bad decision after another just like he has. From day one you've been his creation. With everything that's happened, you're still Dagan's creation. Stitched together like a monster in a fairy tale. Look at you!" the large male slapped the spellbook out of her hand, getting angrier by the second. "His blood, my soul, the Seer's magick, Reuben's protection. All to feed Loki's bastard growing inside you. Three werewolf bloodlines." he leaned in close then, his eyes having turned to the wolf's, the grin spreading across his lips in a delicate humour.

"You are forgetting the fact I single handedly defeated Jarl, taking over his pack for a  brief time." she smiled back holding up her hand, exposing four fingers. "Technically that makes four bloodlines."

"Apologies. You've consumed four different lycanthrope bloodlines." he turned towards the other pack, his hands out palms up, his shoulders back. "She can't be controlled. Not by her mate, not by her alpha. But, if you want to be looking over your shoulder constantly, by all means." he took a step closer to the former alpha. "Pledge yourself to her. Protecting her isn't all it's cracked up to be."

"That's not very brotherly of you." the former alpha stated. "Handing your sister to another pack."

"Correction. I defeated you. You're part of my pack now." Reuben added, rubbing his left hand with his right, his eyes never once leaving the group before him. "I'm the man in charge." he slammed his fist into his chest a few times.

"Wow, how very Dagan of you." our heroine rolled her eyes as she bent to pick up the book and leather bag, fixing the strap on her shoulder."When you boys decide who gets to be on top, let me know. This title belt has a stew to finish cooking."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. I've got something in store for Reuben and his alpha position in the pack...)

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Random movie April 19th 2015

Hateship Loveship

plot: When a woman decides to take a job as a live in housekeeper, she finds herself the target of the young daughter and her friend, when they fake love letters to her. Believing the letters have come from the girl's enstranged father, the housekeeper secretly runs off to be with him. After learning of the lie and that he's a drug addict, she realizes she's got nowhere else to go, and stays to help him recover.

This is a 2014 film starring Kristen Wiig and Guy Pearce and based on the short story.

I wasn't sure I wanted to see this, but it's been on the Netflix Canada recommend list for over a month, so I thought it's raining out nothing better to do.  It's a sweet movie in a pathetic sort of way. Almost painful to watch at times. Wiig's character doesn't have a lot of dialog considering she's the main character. Instead, it's all done on her end through sad expressions.
When I say painful to watch at times, I mean just that. There is a lot of grief expressed in this film, the topic of loss and broken promises being the main themes. The idea that everyone deserves a second chance at happiness is underlined, as we see the couple dealing with their relationship from a very fishbowl perspective.

I want to say this movie had a subtle Jane Austen-ish vibe to it, given the lead character takes a life altering chance on a faint promise of love. Then stands by and watches who she at first believed to be her hero, throw his ego aside for her; exposing his own vulnerabilities.
It's what I have called in the past a "quiet movie". Taking you along for the ride without any real excitement. 

Coffee Talk, vote and viewer's request

No, I don't look this good. This is a still from a video I did last week, where I was talking about the movie  Ninth Gate. And it was a balancing act I tell you, one shoulder forward slightly, one hip raised while turned just so, leaning forward as far as possible holding in my gut. While still trying to breathe and talk. 70 pounds gone without airbrushing just by turning towards the camera a certain way.(in the full video I moved and you can see just how much I really weigh...but I looked cute here so damn it!)

Illusion. Truly all it is. (I'm not kidding, I'm a 200 pound fat chick who managed to look 150 in this photo so yeah, I'm going to milk it!)

And not why I came in here.  I came in to do this post to ask you my lovely Spudguns! if you want this blog to start having videos?  I've been working on a youtube channel the last two months, and some of my videos are movie related. 

But I'm lazy and not going to put the time and energy into something that no one gives a crap about.  So this is where my faithful readers, you have to let me know, what do you want? 

To vid or not to vid that is the question...

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The Nosferatu Adventures s8 p7

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 207, chapter 207


Reuben grabbed our heroine as she walked back into the camp. "Are you mad? Don't be mad." he winked at her, his chocolate brown puppy dog eyes sparkling as he did. He leaned in tight to her ear, whispering "We've located the mirror, we're leaving."

"Where did you find it? How did you?" she asked as Rolf and Finn both huddled beside them.

"The prince has it." Reuben said quickly rubbing his free hand through his beard. His other hand still gripping the female's arm leaving bruises.

"You know this for sure?" she found herself reaching up with her free hand to brush his hair out of his eyes, while balancing the spellbook in her other, part because she needed to look like they were sharing an intimate moment and part because it was driving her insane seeing it in his face.

Rolf grunted as he leaned over both their shoulders."Finn did a locator spell. The king of the bloodsuckers has it in his tent. Think you can get him out of there long enough to let us snatch it?"

"Not in the slightest." she closed her eyes letting her shoulders slump. Rolf sniffed as he spotted some of Vlad's men watching them. Moving a few steps, the large male planted his feet; one hand formed into a fist, the other cupping it, as he stared the one guy down, daring him to start a fight. Dropping her leather bag and the book our heroine took advantage of the situation grabbing Reuben by the hair, pulling him down into a kiss. "Just in case he kills me for real, I wanted one last kiss." she bent to pick up her stuff again, bumping into Rolf as he half turned around before heading into Vlad's tent. He raised an eyebrow at them in amusement as the other werewolf stumbled in shock, wiping at his lips.

"I taste blood."

"Relax. I don't see anything." Rolf replied snickering at him. 

"Shack. You mutts are nothing but hormones." Finn commented under his breath.

"I know why I'm immune to the full moon ritual in regards to her, sharing a soul; but how come you didn't go into a heat?" Rolf asked his buddy. Reuben turned his eyes to look up at the taller male.

"The urge to kill the competition was stronger then the urge to reclaim her. Another few minutes and I would have." he shrugged. "Taking the alpha position from the other pack cut the ritual at the source."

Finn crossed his arms over his chest then gestured towards the still dead-undead lycanthropes. "And speaking of, they should be awake any moment. What's your plan for them?"

"Ah shack me!" Reuben sighed grabbing fistfuls of his hair turning to look at them as he puffed out his cheeks. "Didn't think about that part."


Tombstone didn't feel well. The half timber wolf-half hellhound had been shaking ever since the large winged creature dropped him in the middle of the graveyard. Flying was not for him. The creature was now waiting in one of the crypts, it's yellow eyes all you could see of it in the darkness.  The man who looked like Dagan but wasn't; had sent him home to find Harker. The beast had a hard time keeping from scratching at the collar he was now wearing, the little glass bottle attached to it kept clanking as it swung back and forth. But he wasn't going to whimper, this was an important job for him. Finding Harker.
With his nose now to the ground the hellhound tried to clear his mind enough to find the trail back to the cabin.  Which was not easy for him because the squirrels were taunting him, running in front of him, circling around before running up a tree. They waited still, trying to be unseen before climbing back down the trunk sending silent bits of bark everywhere. They were waiting for him to bark, to growl, to chase. But Tombstone was on a mission. He just did not have time today to play hide and seek with them.
He continued on down the one path leading through the village. The baker was home. Tombstone could smell fresh bread, cakes and buns. Licking his chops the beast hesitated at the doorway. Sometimes, the baker's wife would toss him the end pieces of the loaves, with sweet sticky honey on it. He felt his mouth start to salivate. Shaking his head, the hellhound ignored the temptation.
He was hardly out of the village when something familiar got his attention. His ears twitched as did his nose, suddenly, the scent of werewolf hot in the air. That was where he needed to be, he thought. Where this werewolf was, Harker must be too. Picking up speed, the hellhound followed the trail to the edge of the pond, getting more and more excited with each second.

The sight before him confused him. Stopping on the edge of the bank, the large creature tilted his head to the side sniffing again. The male sitting half in the water half on the land wasn't Ash or Leo or even the Seer. The bleached blonde male turned to look at him over his shoulder his eyes the amber-grey of the wolf. Magick flowing from him, around him almost like a cocoon.
Grabbing a handful of pebbles, the Necromancer tossed them at him snarling. Backing away a few feet, Tombstone watched as the Necromancer began to shift, his bones snapping, his human voice first screaming then becoming wet gurgles before finally a howl. Slowly, the now large caramel wolf stalked towards him, angry.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Home sweet home eh?)

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Coffee Talk April 12th 2015

It's 5:24pm EST here, and we're sitting at a lovely +18C, which means finally the winter is over. Beauty.  Weather report not why I came in here, just wanted to give this more then one sentence...

I'll be doing tarot readings at the Bliss Cafe on Friday April 17th 2015, in the afternoon (around 12:30pm-ish) if you're in the Thunder Bay area, please fill free to come and let me read your cards. (price to be decided still)
You can check out the Bliss Cafe on Facebook.

Honestly, I would love to be able to do this beyond the one day, so Thunder Bay, come try it out.

Till later- 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Nosferatu Adventures s8 p6

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 206, chapter 206


Our heroine stormed across the length of the divide between Vlad's tent and the cooking tent. Grabbing up her leather bag and the Seer's spellbook, she left while everyone was still frozen in place. She'd had enough of being told what to do, who she should be with, or why she should be with them.
She didn't get far, as a force seemed to scoop her up lifting her off the ground.  Next thing she knew, our heroine was on a small patch of burnt ground, prince Vlad before her.

He seemed much taller suddenly, and our heroine realized she was in fact on the ground having been dropped on her butt. "That was more then just any wizard. Tell me, what makes you so special that you would have the attention of a god?" the prince asked not looking at her as he took a step closer.

"What can I say, every Crichton needs a Scorpius."

"I am unfamiliar with these names." he crouched down to face her, his teeth gleaming.

"It's an Play, it's a..." she cleared her throat feeling the full weight of his eyes on her as if they could pierce her soul. " Fable really."she shook her head getting up. "Hey wait'em second, you were under a sleep spell. How did you..." she pointed mindlessly towards him then towards the direction they had come from.

"Was I?" Vlad smiled his eyes once again flashing the pure white of the banshee. "I learned a very long while ago, that when a god orders you to do something, best to just do it." he stood then too, his face rippling with what looked like the beginning stages of a transformation. "Or at lest act as if you are.Your boy said reclaim you as his mate."

"Reuben. And trust me, he's no boy." she heard her own voice drop to a seductive tone. Prince Vlad was emanating a version of the Seer's seduction spell, much like Victor had done time and time again.

"But how could he reclaim you? Isn't werewolf mating for life?" he reached his hand out to touch her face, trailing his nail across it, letting a single stream of crimson drip down her flesh as he sucked the blood from his finger.

"Kinda sick of men tasting me without giving any in return." she tried to move from him but found herself unable to. "And my pack has an unhealthy habit of getting themselves dead. Broken necks are a hazard in their line of work."

"Oh? And what work is that?" Vlad asked as he began to walk around her in a circle, never taking his eyes off of hers.

"Oh you know saving the world from evil monarchs, planting trees, helping lost souls cross over, riding the world of zombies, out smarting sea witches...oh wait they haven't actually done that part yet...the usual epic hero stuff." she shrugged as if telling him the weather.  Vlad snickered as he stopped just behind her, his arms raised just an inch as he held them at her hips not quite touching her.

"So this Reuben, this mate of yours. He seemed very willing to just hand you over after he gained the alpha position from that intruding pack. Yet, you've pledged your loyalty to him? This great love of yours seems less then worthy."

"I never said he was my great love. We're friends." she replied bringing her own hands up under her chest, one in a fist the other wrapped around it before crossing her arms.

"But yet he was your mate..."

"Full moon ritual. He didn't have a choice. We were stuck together alone." our heroine twitched her neck feeling her own fangs aching to break free of her gums, as her nostrils flared. She could smell blood on the air coming from the camp. The others must have unfrozen, the wounded once again bleeding freely. She turned on her heels to face the prince. "What exactly do you want from me?" she asked screwing up her nose at him.

"Dinner." he stated flatly. Turning then from her Vlad started to walk back towards the camp. "Sebastian brought you to camp to cook. I've yet to see anything edible."


Bryon stood on a chest of drawers, an iron fireplace poker in hand as he jabbed at the large angry auburn wolf. Dagan had turned without warning, howling and snarling as he made his way through the estate. Something was wrong with him, and not just in the typical bad hair day way shapeshifters were prone to. 
The short male was so busy trying to run away from the wolf that he missed Victor entering the room, missed him uncork a small bottle and the handful of fairy dust that was scattered across the room. Otherwise, he would have been able to get out of the way before being hit with some himself.
Bryon slumped first to the top of the chest of drawers, then stumbled to the floor, landing just inches away from the now passed out wolf. 

"Well, this is a crazy turn of events." Victor mumbled to himself as he stepped over his nephew in order to rescue his companion. He lifted the short male by the arms, dragging him out of the room and half way down the hall. Dropping him, Victor sat on the floor beside him, his hands dangling over his knees. Tombstone who had been hiding, peeked out of the empty room nearest the stairs, slowly making his way over to Victor. Whimpering he nudged at his elbow. "I don't suppose you know how to get a message to my other nephew Harker do you?" Snorting, the hellhound stretched out beside Bryon, resting his face on the male's chest. "Didn't think so."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Don't forget, the Seer is still off somewhere possessed by Pan...)

Theme week part 3- Live in the Now!

The Skeleton Key

plot: A home care worker takes a job looking after an elderly man in the middle of the New Orleans swap. But she becomes suspicious of the wife's intentions when the husband begins begging for help to leave even though he's bed ridden with a stroke. She soon discovers the house has a history deeply rooted in hoodoo, and fears the ghost stories are more then stories.

This is a 2005 paranormal thriller staring Kate Hudson and Peter Sarsgaard

The big plot in this at first plays like it's a psycho revenge/control story of the wife wanting to keep her husband from leaving, one would assume for the money. But, as the story unfolds, and you learn about the prior people who lived there, it doesn't take long to realize it's a body-switch movie.
The characters of Mama Cecile and Papa Justify end up becoming more then just a "ghost story" or even supporting characters; proving to be the actual plot twist.

I love this film. The idea of body-switch movies are a genre all their own, usually dumbed down to fit Disney or teenaged comedy-romance, but giving it a horror twist makes this one worth your time.
I also love the fact the script didn't shy away from actual hoodoo practices, like the red brick powder that becomes a theme all it's own throughout the film.

Another theme here is the idea of what are you willing to believe? A point that gets made over and over in this film is the idea that not only is there more out there then what we see as life and death, but once you are willing to believe it, a world of unseen experiences opens up to you.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Coffee Talk and a challenge

Got my coffee, and some Twiztid playing this morning. Thinking about vampire movies. Then again when am I not thinking about vampire movies...rhetorical there babe...I've been working every so often on a prop for the "what that movie inspired me to do" for a vampire movie. Two props actually. So, here's my challenge for anyone reading this who gets a kick out of those posts, or likes vampire movies, or is the arts n crafts type or what have you. 

Pick any vampire movie, and tell me what it inspired you to do.  Anything, from building a prop, to checking out the original book it's based on, to having a coffin build for your bed...anything.

No time frame on this, it's just whomever whenever you come across this post, leave me a comment and let me know.   Partly because vampires are always a cool topic, and part because I'm not finished my props yet myself.

Okay my little fang-club, till later.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Theme Week part 2- Live in the Now!

The Banger Sisters

plot: After Suzette looses the same job she's had as a barmaid for over thirty years, she decides to track down her best friend Vinnie, whom she hasn't seen in over twenty years since their days as rock groupies. Along the way, she picks up Harry, an uptight writer who is set to get revenge on his dead father. The three find themselves dealing with their past, while trying to handle the fact they've gotten older.

This is a 2002 comedy starring Goldie Hawn and Susan Sarandon.

One of the main themes in this film is the fine line between growing up and hiding from life.  At first glance, it looks like Suzette just hasn't grown up while Vinnie has; but as the film progresses, you realize that Vinnie hasn't necessarily grown up as much as she has given up.
Both women look at the other and part of them each wants the life the other has created for themselves.

The film deals with the idea of self acceptance, as much as it does finding your own freedom. Accepting that in life you are going to do things you're not always proud of, and being able to get past them.

There is one scene where the two leads are sitting in the basement smoking a joint, looking at a bunch of old photos of rock stars penises. It's a crack up type of moment that could have gone horribly wrong, but instead touches on the lighter side and innocence of the era. It's the first bit of real tension too between the Sarandon character's present and her hidden past.
It asks the question what are you willing to give up of yourself, in order to be who you are truly meant to?

Monday, April 6, 2015

The Nosferatu Adventures s8 p5

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 205, chapter 205


Bacchus just managed to dodge the table as it went flying across the room. Loki was standing in front of the mirror, breathing like he'd just run a marathon, his brown eyes shifting to pools of black, as if staring into the empty socket, his mouth turned down in a pout.  The dark haired god pointed at him not saying a word as he stepped over the splintered furniture.  Bacchus raised his hand fixing the room back to the way it was moments before. "And we're redecorating why?"

"Your pet! Your precious warlord Vlad has just undone what took me days to fix." Loki pointed to the mirror showing his buddy the scene from 1462, as prince Vlad snapped our heroine's neck. "You need an instant replay?"

"No but I'm guessing you're not buying the beers tonight. What is she even doing there...or should I say then?"

"I don't know!" Loki said raising his hands out to his sides. "She's suppose to be all safe and snuggling up in the vineyard with Dagan, getting dogged. But she's not!" he slapped the mirror. "Instead, she used the Seer's spellbook and opened a damned portal following Reuben and the others."

"She does have a thing for Reuben." the sandy haired god replied as he moved across the room, his suite dissolving into a pair of leather pants and a white silk shirt. "Remind me again why you sent those mutts back to the crusades?" Bacchus smiled to himself as he opened a large wooden chest picking out a worn ripped notebook that had 1969 written on it.

"That's the year their magick mirror was created. They are suppose to have gotten it by now and be off to the 1800's. But, this little detour may have just made things worse." he stomped around the room, jumping over the table, kicking everything off of it, before ripping a tapestry off the wall.

"And pouting is going to work." Bacchus shook his head as his hair suddenly grew to his shoulders.  "So what? Nosferatu got her neck broken. She's a vampiric half breed. As long as her heart and skull remain intact..."

"What does he want with her anyways?" Loki raised his hand to keep him from speaking. "He's proving a point to the wolves. And by the way, Reuben is now the pack alpha."

"But I thought you just said Dagan was still in 2015?"

"He is." Loki jumped down from the table waving his hand as a fresh bottle of rum appeared on the table beside him. Uncorking it, he drank half in one swallow. "I'm talking about the pack from 1462. Rolf's ancestors. He's the pack alpha of Rolf's ancestors. And it's because he was in his own backassed way, saving the female from the full moon ritual." he emptied the bottle tossing it at the wall, shattering it into pieces.

"Fine, I'll go talk to Vlad." he huffed, tossing the notebook back down letting his clothes once again drift off to be replaced by the leather armor of the time.

"No! I'll deal with it." Loki replied as he shimmered into the shadows.

"Good. I'd rather be at a concert anyways."


Reuben sniffed as he stood there, his chocolate brown puppy dog eyes having flashed the amber-grey of the wolf, frozen in place, hands at his belt. Rolf stood a few feet away frozen in mid air, his fist in mid punch.  Loki stepped around everyone as if walking through a garden filled with statues.
Grumbling to himself he made his way into Vlad's tent. Touching his finger to the prince's forehead, he made a ssshh sound, as Vlad collapsed to the ground in a heap.

"What part of take care of yourself I don't have time to be babysitting did you not understand?" Loki spoke to our heroine who was still not revived yet. "UP Now!" he clapped his hands rubbing them together. Our heroine sat bolt upright a scream escaping her throat. "Quiet!" the dark haired god said, cutting the scream off midway. Leaning over her, his hands on his knees, he smiled. "Now. We've got two choices." he held one hand up to her counting on his fingers. "One, we can send you back up the line so that you can shack Dagan till his brains bleed, or two, you can go out there and find away to get Reuben to give up the goods. Either way, you need to instigate the seduction otherwise, you won't get the alpha position."  Loki scratched the back of his neck. "Personally I think you should go home and reconnect with Dagan. Build up that sire bond once more, but since Reuben is here now and everyone is acting like the lead in sleeping beauty." he shrugged. "Don't you want just a slight bit of revenge on him for the time he claimed you doing that full moon ritual? I know I would." He cupped his hand to his ear. "What's that might want to turn the volume up can't hear you." he laughed at her wiping the corners of his mouth.
Our heroine shocked the god by grabbing his neck pulling him down to the pile of rugs she was still sitting on. Pointing at her own throat, she slapped the god on the back of the skull. "What's that? You want your voice back? Oh I don't think so." he shook his head, his jaw clinched as he knelt over her, one hand on each of her shoulders. "I've killed people for less than that." sticking out his tongue, he grabbed her right arm licking her flesh from the inside of her wrist to her shoulder, dragging her tighter to him before continuing to lick her face; punctuating it by winking at her. "But darlin, if you ask really nicely I might go a round of musical chairs with you."  the dark haired god grunted as a cloud seemed to overwhelm his features. He stuck his finger in her face tapping her nose. "Just don't breathe a word of it to Bacchus okay." he leaned in about to kiss her but pulled his face away. "After you go take the alpha position from Reuben." he turned his eyes up to look at her from under his lashes. "I don't care how you do it, it." Loki tossed her to the ground before getting up off the pile of rugs himself. He snapped his fingers giving her back her voice. "You give me what I want and I will consider giving you what you want." he backed up a few steps, letting the magick mist swirl around him in a thick cloud. Licking his palm he trailed his hand down his body through the magick mist. "And trust me I'm the greatest thing since sliced bread."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Have I mentioned yet today how much I love wrestlers from Detroit?)

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Theme Week- Live in the Now!


plot: Two sisters who have a timer embedded on their wrists, informing them when they will meet their soulmates, look at life differently. Steph knows she's going to be in her 40's before the love of her life arrives, while Oona has a blank clock. Steph throws caution to the wind and decides to have a good time enjoying being single, while Oona refuses to waste her time on relationships knowing the guys are not her one. That is until Oona meets Mikey, a much younger guy who she gets swept up with. Everything goes well, until til Steph's new love interest Dan ends up being Oona's one.  

This is a 2009 romance starring Emma Caulfield and John Patrick Amedori

I see both sides of this coin. The whole idea of should you jump into relationships every chance you get because you never know what might be around the corner, vs the idea of not being foolish just because someone seems interesting. Where do you draw the line and find the balance? And should you?

The character of Steph's first instinct when she sees Dan does not have a timer, is to set him up with her sister Oona, but ends up becoming emotionally attached to Dan herself. That in itself kind of points to the idea that as humans we instinctively know when someone is right for us. In her case, she ignores the gut reaction and just goes with the flow.
Oona on the other hand, knows there is no real future for herself and Mikey, but out of fear, jumps into a relationship with him. The more she learns about him, the more it's obvious to her that their romance is only meant to be short lived.
Oona convinces herself that everything will be okay as soon as she knows who her soulmate is. Her single minded obsession to find him leaves her unable to deal with the information, thus hurting everyone around her. 

There is a scene, where Oona goes to see her father whom she hasn't seen since she was a kid, and discovers that he too has a timer. That he got one to prove to her mother that love isn't always enough, that when you know in your soul, not all romances have happy ever after stamped on it you have to let yourself admit there is better for you.

I loved the fact there are hidden clues foreshadowing  Oona finding her one. She has a dream about a masked man after watching a tv show, an in the dream he tells her not to watch the eggs in the pot because it won't boil. Later on, when she's breaking up with Mikey, he's boiling an egg and not bothering to watch what he's doing, causing it to boil over. This is followed by her seeing a group of joggers wearing the same masks from her dream, right before bumping into Dan.  Again, this is pointing out that as humans we really do have internal knowledge of when something is true/right for us, we just have to pay attention.

As you can tell, I love this movie. It hits really close to home for me...I personally would love to have something like that telling me when Mr. Right is going to show up, would save me a hell of a lot of heartbreak. And just like the lead character Oona, I like my men like I like my wrestlers, younger than me and from Detroit. (and Ohio and Iowa and the Toronto area...)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

April Food n Flix

This month's Food n Flix selection is the movie Chef   and is being hosted by Culinary Adventures with Camilla.

I originally talked about this last fall (Year 3 Day 120)

plot: After getting a bad review by a food critic, Carl quits his job and starts a public fight with the critic. After it ends up on the internet, he decides to go on a vacation with his son and ex-wife. Along the way, he buys a food truck and hires his best friend to help him.  The three guys, then spend a few weeks driving across country in the truck, creating the foods they love and earning a large fan base.

This is a 2014 film starring Jon Favreau and John Leguizamo.

There is one scene where they go to a bbq place, and you can see the transition from "movie" to "documentary" for that five minutes of footage.

I watched this online, so you'll notice a lack of the dvd cover in photos.

Normally, I find my notes on the Food n Flix selections to go about a half paragraph, but in this case I had a whole page handwritten.  :garlic, fennel, lime, orange, zucchini, milk, blood orange, kiwi, pork, soup, carrots, radish, kettle corn, fruit, jerky, sausage, hero sandwiches, bacon, espresso, sweet breads, french onion soup, caviar eggs, scallops, fricassee salad, lobster risotto, chocolate lava cake, wine, tequila, "pot brownies" (there was a scene where two of the characters are hanging out in the parking lot smoking and it just popped into my head)  beef cheek, saute onions, pasta, fried green tomatoes, green marinade, tuna, prongs, beef, quail with pickled radish, chives, grilled cheese, cereal, "alphabet soup" (one of the twitter scenes) hash browns, fried eggs, "breakfast sausage" (just because of the eggs and hash browns) juice, "tasting menu", brisket, octopus stir-fry, steak with braised zucchini, mixed berries with cream and caramel-brittle dust, iced coffee, "salsa" (they dance) Cuban sandwiches, potato wedges, coconut water, "sugar-skulls"(the office scene has skulls everywhere), "ice cream" (the first time you see the truck I thought ice cream) tacos, "dirty rice" (the New Orleans scenes) yuca /Cassava,  plantain, pickles, "rocky road" (cause of the road trip) beignets/donuts, Po'Boys, "sugar-balls",  "gumbo", shrimp, "churros", BBQ, sliders, "I love you cupcake"(the phone scene), pizza, "California roll" (just that they head to California), wedding cake.

I decided to make carrot and red pepper soup, grilled cheese and "sugar-balls".

The soup and sandwich was pretty much a given, but the sugar-balls popped into my head with the scene where John Leguizamo dumps cornstarch down his pants... thought was in my head and you know me, I couldn't pass this one up.

Carrot and pepper soup

3 carrots peeled and chopped
1 red pepper
1/2 an onion
garam masala
minced garlic
extra virgin olive oil
tomato paste
black pepper
1/2 cup milk or cream

Boil the carrots until tender, drain,
Roast the pepper for 45 minutes or till skin has started to blacken, peel the skin, then chop and remove the seeds.
Cook onion and garlic in oil until onion is see-through, add to pot with carrots, red pepper, garam masala, and salt.
Cover with water, and simmer 15 minutes
Add tomato paste, milk and black pepper, stir and simmer another 15 minutes

after the first photo of the carrots, I sort of got caught up with the making the donuts and forgot to take photos of the rest of the soup...and I was watching Bold and the Beautiful so distracted...

Grilled Cheese

monterey jack cheese
cream cheese

Spread the cream cheese on the bread, add two slices of the monterey jack, then the uncooked onion, layer the sauerkraut over, add two more slices of monterey jack.   Grill in butter as normal.

I used two types of bread, a plain white bread and a raisin-cinnamon bread.   The sweetness of the raisin-cinnamon bread gave a nice depth with the onion and the spice of the soup.

Sugar-balls (donuts)

I have to admit, I've never tried making donuts before so this was an interesting challenge in itself.
I went with a cake donut for this.

2 cups flour
1/2 cup sugar
1 tablespoon baking powder
teaspoon salt
teaspoon cinnamon
teaspoon nutmeg
1 egg
1 cup milk
1/4 cup unsalted butter melted
teaspoon vanilla
oil for frying

Icing sugar for coating

Mix dry ingredients together, making a well for the egg, milk, vanilla, and butter.  Mix well, then refrigerate for 1 hour.

Roll out on floured board, then shape.   Oil should be at medium-high for frying.  Drop into hot oil, cook 3 minutes per side, drain on paper towel,  cool only till you can handle them,  Roll in icing sugar

Once again...not as pretty as I would have liked, but classic comfort food you just want to have while curled up watching this movie.

And until next time...sugar-balls!