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The Nosferatu Adventures S6 p22

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 176, chapter 176

New Year's Eve 2011...

He sat down on the blanket, a bottle of wine being poured by someone dressed in nothing but an ivy crown and a braided beard. Smiling sideways, the Seer tried to hide the cringe. This was not fun. In no way could this possibly be considered fun. Slumping over, he watched as two of the women joined the circle dance, their long hair flowing in the breeze from their movements. Looking up towards the now twilight sky, the dark haired male let out a long breath and decided to leave. Slowly he made it to his feet, the crowd having gotten suddenly double with bodies slamming into each other, voices singing out of tune at massive volumes, wine heavy in the air.

"I love you. I love you. I love yooooouuuuu!" a soft drunken voice slurred into his ear, their hot breath making his skin feel momentarily damp, as he hiked up his shoulder to avoid their dirty fingers as they tried to embrace him. "I want you. Please don't leave."  The Seer sidestepped the female, scolding himself once again for having allowed his grandmother's coven to sucker him in. He had been feeling lonely as of late, missing the friends he'd grown up with. He made it to the end of the field, the main part of the noise behind him, the heat and smoke of the bonfire just out of range just as he fell to his knees.

The vision that overtook him, blinding him, snuffing out all other sounds as the pain burned behind his eyes, would change everything. Edward saw nothing but the large werewolf that stood over him, it's fangs dripping with blood and saliva, it's eyes glowing the deep amber with flecks of grey and the deep halo also of grey around the pupils. Felt it as much as saw it rip into his flesh, heard it's deep growls echoing in his mind. This seemed to be inter-cut with images of a pale female the colour of moonlit chalk. Saw her standing in the deepest forest holding a large book tight to her as if afraid.

There was a scream, followed by more pain thundering down his spine as the Seer realized he had fallen down the edge of the hill. His left knee smashing on a small series of rocks, his fingers now bleeding from grating his knuckles on them as well as he slipped farther down the side in the loose mud. 

New Year's Eve 2014...

"Hey!" Reuben snapped his fingers in front of the other male's face a few times. "Everything alright?"
The Seer shook his head, smiling meekly at the other werewolf, nodding. "Come on." Reuben slapped the back of his shoulder. "It's New Year's. We should be happy. We've managed to get rid of half of the Queen's guards, without any of us dying this time. Harker's safe, Ash is safe, the timber wolves are safe, the cabins are safe." he flicked his long dark hair out of his face. "The amazons are for once not trying to stab us with silver pointy sharp things. There's rum even."

The Seer licked his lips as he squinted his eyes up, turning to look away from Reuben. "I don't know what's wrong with me." he shrugged scratching the back of his skull in his usual nervous way.

"Hungry?" Reuben off handedly asked as he gulped down half a mug of rum. "There's plenty of food." he gestured to the roasted pig still on the bbq spit. "You need to feed your sidhe side..." he poured himself another drink as the Seer shook his head again.

"I was just remembering a few years ago..." he trailed off not finishing his sentence, the air around him suddenly feeling too thick to breathe. "...okay this has been horribly not fun..." he stretched making a low sound in his throat that was not totally human. "And I know it's been a strange ride for you, but..." he turned on his heel a half inch, running his left hand down his chest patting his stomach. "I'm going to go."

"You turning in for the night already? It's barely dark." Reuben spoke into his mug already half drunk.

"No. I'm going to grab my grandmother's spellbook." he pointed at Ash's cabin. "and I'm going to go." he crossed his right arm over his chest first pointing to the back of the yard, then moving to point towards the main path. "Away. From the pack for awhile."

Reuben nodded, his bottom lip curved into a pout as he poured the last of the bottle into his mug. Staring into the depths of it, he let his long lashes flutter. "Say hi to Nos. Tell her I'll see her soon." he mumbled as he finished the drink. "I'd come with you, but I'm getting the impression you don't want a travel buddy." he elbowed the other male.

The corners of the Seer's mouth turned up in a slight twitch as he cleared his throat. "It's not that I don't want you to come with's just that..."

"You don't want me to come with you. No I understand. I do." Reuben commented, pushing his hair again out of his face. "Just tell me one thing. Are you going because you had some big vision that involved her or are you going because you want to shack up with her to secure the alpha position without having to fight Dagan? Cause..." Reuben snickered making a sound as he tilted his head to the side grinning. "I don't see her falling for that line again." 

The Seer stammered as he tried to think of a reasonably good excuse without lying.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Raise your hand if you want to peek inside the book of shadows)

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All Jane Austen part 1

Okay so after my post this morning, I started feeling like I should at lest get one post in for Emma before the month is up.  I may or may not get back around to it later in the year...I sort of want to do one book a month.
Emma:  Clueless version

Plot: a high school student takes it upon herself to play match maker for those around her, given that she herself has decided not to marry. She soon finds she's not always right as she falls in love with one of her closest friends.

This is a 1995 movie starring Alicia Silverstone, and Paul Rudd.

Back in 2009 I had been part of an all Jane Austen online group, and Clueless was one of the movies I decided to talk about on my old book review blog Pencil-Pushers and Ink-Splotches. Here is a few lines from that
1) regency style clothes and the use of high empire waist dresses, corset cut tops, hats, feathered collars/cuffs  2) the switch up of the Frank Churchill character, in this case Christian, whom they made a gay character removing the secret girlfriend-Jane Fairfax. This let them have him flirt without being a total baddie that so many view him as.  3) the use of the Mr. Martin character who was a farmer in the book becoming a pot smoking/drug dealer addicted to martian cartoons. And Tai of course being the Miss Smith character.

And now for the new notes... the Elton character isn't changed much in this modern version (strange calling something that is 20 years old the "modern" version) The character is still thinking of his status in the group and how a token girlfriend will look on his arm. As in the book, the character of Mr. Elton marries for status, money and you can tell regrets his impulsive decision.
Cher, the Emma character, still spends most of the story trying to play matchmaker thinking she knows better then anyone around her what is good for them. For all her good heartedness, she's blind to her own ambition.
Josh, the Mr. Knightley character, in this case seems to dumb down mid-way through the film. He starts off as this much wiser character who by the end of the film, is on the same level as the girls. 

What this film deals with is hope, pride, innocent betrayal of trust, and first love. Which, is pretty much keeping to the original book's plot.
The Miss Bates character in the novel, isn't really represented. Though, you can see a slight trace of her in other characters, such as the female teacher they help set up in the beginning of the film. With the movie dropping the whole Jane Fairfax sub-plot/character, the use of Miss Bates who introduces her to Emma's circle, wouldn't necessarily be needed. (Miss Bates is one of my favourite characters in the 1996 Gwyneth Paltrow version)

What stands out in this story's plot, be it the original book or any of the movie versions, is that Emma is the only Jane Austen lead who doesn't need to be married. She's independently wealthy, giving her the opportunity to put all her focus outside of herself. When in the end, she realizes how shallow and careless she's been with her attentions.
Why do we like the character of Emma when she's so clearly a snob and a half? Because like all of Austen's works, we see ourselves as a society mirrored back at us. And there isn't a story that rings more true in today's society, with our lust for the limelight. And you have to remember, it's 200 years since this novel was first published.  Jane Austen set off to write a story where no one liked the heroine. It was almost an inside joke, pointing out the general view most people had and exposing their biggest faults.

Till next time.

Monday Dec 29th 2014

It's 8:23am here, sitting at a -24C with a windchill of -37C, the sun not yet up and my upstairs neighbour already drunkenly singing old Black Sabbath songs.

So, I thought since I'm up, I'd come in and do a short post.

Okay, so my Spudguns! if you remember beginning of the month I was uber hyped going on about the all Jane Austen Book Club and how I had this big blogging plan to incorporate the movie versions to match the book we were reading. And you might have noticed I ended up not doing those posts. That's because book club fell apart at the seems. I have to learn not to mention things till they happen cause I always seem to curse myself. So it left me just blah and the last thing I wanted to do was sit through hours of JAthemed films. It's still a spiffy blogging idea, and I'm thinking of doing it anyways in the course of 2015. Just not this week. This week the idea is leaving me ggrrr-argghh feeling. 

Year four has really been struggling to find it's identity. I'm hoping some structured randomness will bring about something great, spiffy even.

8:43am- had to pause to make coffee.

Couple of movies I'm looking forward to in the coming year are Mortdecai starring Johnny Depp, Furious 7 starring Vin Diesel,  The Avengers 2 Age of Ultron starring Robert Downey Jr., Hotel Transylvania 2 starring Adam Sandler, and  Frankenstein starring Daniel Radcliffe.

I'm not even going to pretend that the cartoon vampire film Hotel Transylvania isn't the big hyper for me. Cause, vampires make me happy. That's sad isn't it, when Johnny Depp comes in second to a cartoon vamp.

till later

Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Nosferatu Adventures S6 p21

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 175, chapter 175

Our heroine stomped into Jarl's place, Finn practically on her hip. The short, dark haired male stood up from his kitchen table, the chair scraping the floor as he did pointing at her. "Just because you're momentarily alpha does not mean you've got permission to barge into my home!"

Nosferatu shoved him hard knocking him back a step. "You let hunters here? Hunters Jarl!"

"What the hell are you so pissed about a few poachers for?" he snarled at her looking the new alpha up and down. "It's one of the ways we hide what we really are, and make a bit of a living." he raised his hand to her turning a half step. "Selling furs..."

"I'm not talking about the kind with bear traps who make fur coats. I'm talking about slayerfest straight up Sam and Dean Winchester." Our heroine growled forcing Jarl to look her in the eyes.

The male shook his head at her not wanting to believe her. Taking another half step back he spun around his eyes having shifted to the amber-grey of the wolf. "Do you really think I would let something like that happen around here?" the male was in her face, saliva collecting on his now extended bottom fangs. "A hunter! Huh?" his hands were on her shoulders before she knew it, all the air knocked out of her as the female felt the hard edge of the wall slam against her."I'll gather the others and if you're right cupcake, we'll flush them."

"We need to take care of this now." she practically hissed the sentence her own fangs having broken through her gums as she turned leaving his house. "Not that I'm opposed to a hot Jensen Ackles type roaming around." the female mumbled to herself. Finn grinned wide as he draped his arm over her shoulder letting out a deep breath.

"Somehow, I totally knew you were a Dean girl." he mumbled planting a kiss on her ear.

"More ways then one." She hadn't heard the male perched up on the roof of Jarl's house, laying in wait. Mason had jumped down just as the pair took the final step off the porch as Finn found himself almost a hundred feet away, his sunglasses fallen off and broken in the dirt.

"Full moon is safely past. And I don't know how your other pack did things, but there is no way I'm letting a female tell me what to do!" he had her pinned up against the wall of the next building, his one hand squeezed tight around her throat. Raking her clawed nails across his neck then his wrist, our heroine headbutted the dazed werewolf. Mason stumbled back a full two inches, just enough for the banshee to drive her elbow into his throat. The male advanced towards her snarling, only to have our heroine slash his neck again before sinking her fangs deep. Ripping a chunk from his neck, the female spat it back in his face, the blood a hot golden gush of sweetness. Her eyelids flickered as she drank greedily throwing her full weight on him, knocking Mason backward into the middle of the street.

"That's enough!" Finn's voice somehow managed to break through the blood-haze, making the banshee aware of where she was. She chose to ignore it her palms smeared in the thick liquid as she continued to feed. "You can't afford to kill him!" The familiar screamed, his strong arms around her chest cutting off her air. "You've humiliated him enough!"
She felt the cold blast of air separate herself from her victim as the familiar dragged her off of him. Finn then turned pointing at Jarl as he helped Mason up. "Save your little turf war for another time. Just grab the others and we'll deal with the hunter." he turned back to glare at our heroine. "You, go take a shower! God! I hate dealing with furballs. You're like a bitch in heat or something." he tilted his head. "Actually, that would be easy to fix. This; this is a pointless cycle."


The floors creaked as he noisily walked across it. One foot over the other as if dancing. The scent of vanilla grabbing his attention, causing him to weave closer to the girl on the boardwalk. Jumping the two stairs, the male reached out giving the double doors of the Inn a hard shove. He smiled to himself spotting the other man across the room, making his way over to him. Leaning on the bar he clumsily reached for the bottle of bourbon pouring himself a glass.

"Did you get it done?" the voice whispered into a glass of his own.

"Took care of it myself. By this point the whole lot of them should be panicked." Bryon replied tossing his head back gulping down the whole drink in one swallow. He poured himself another drinking it just as quick before turning to look at Victor.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Didn't see that coming did ya!)

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Random movie Dec 25th 2014

The Interview

plot: Two lowbrow reporters are given the chance to go to North Korea to interview their leader. The CIA contacts them, asking them to be part of a murder plot.

This is a 2014 slapstick comedy starring Seth Rogen and James Franco.

Like millions of people in the last 24 hours, I just saw the now infamous The Interview
I have to say, when I first heard about this film back in the summer, and saw the original trailer for it at the cinema, I thought it looked like a funny waste of time. Then all that happened happened, and I was bummed to find out Canada wasn't going to get a release for it. Dude, that sucks.
Then, hey last second we get it online. Yay!

I have to say, they had me at the line "Eminem is gay on our show!"  It was funny, like snot out your coffee funny.  This movie, for all it's hoopla, has it's fair share of moments. I kept thinking back to movies like Top Secret and Spies Like Us, pretty much the whole time. The fake fruit was nifty.

What do I think of this movie? To tell the truth, I didn't bother to think as I watched it. The scene where Seth Rogen gets his fingers bitten off was a little extreme, and the tiger was uncalled for but was one of countless slapstick boarding on raunchy films to be produced in the last few years. The rocket up the butt was funny for what it was worth.

This movie will go down in history as a lesson in film making, not because it was particularly good, but because it was the little engine that could. Even if it really shouldn't have.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Random movie Dec 24th 2014

Dr. Cabbie

plot: Having just gotten his medical license, a young man moves to Canada to work, only to be turned down by every hospital he applies to. Left with no other choice but to drive a cab, he ends up having to deliver a baby in the middle of a traffic jam. He then finds himself unable to ignore the customers when they start coming to him with problems.

This is a 2014 Canadian film starring Vinay Virmani and Kunal Nayyar.

Oh my god! I laughed, I cried, I nearly choked on my coffee because I laughed some more. It's interesting to see Nayyar playing a pimped out type of character. Stephen McHattie has maybe six minutes of screen time, but he steals the show with each of the scenes he's in, as a cancer patient who owns the cab company. 

Here you have a story that deals with some real life issues in some very funny ways. The fact that we are short on medical staff in Canada and many-many-many young doctors from elsewhere are told they can't practice here unless they have Canadian credentials. Their skills end up wasted or lost.

I'm trying to stay away from anything that would give any major spoilers, cause this is one of the better films I've seen all year and I really think people should rent it. But one thing I can say I could have done without, were the dance sequences. Watching this great movie and then suddenly it's like a Micheal Jackson video or something the way they dressed the lead actor...I could have done without the musical dream stuff. (which was my big complaint for the movie Breakaway few years ago which also had Vinay Virmani as the lead)

Monday, December 22, 2014

Random movie Dec 22nd 2014

Welcome Home, Roxy Carmicheal

plot: a misfit teen becomes obsessed with the returning local celebrity, believing her to be the mother that gave her up for adoption.

This is a 1990 film starring Winona Ryder and Jeff Daniels.

I remembered I had seen this film way back in the day when it first came out at the cinema, and didn't really remember anything from it. So, when I spotted it online, I decided to refresh my memory. Wish I hadn't. 
There is nothing great about this film. It plays out like so many films from that "generation" did. You have a kid who's misunderstood, dresses in black, hates everyone around her, falls for a guy who's nice to her, and then has her heart broken. The only real novelty of this is that you never see the face of the local celebrity Roxy Carmicheal. You keep waiting for some reveal that never comes.
The only other twist, is the school guidance counselor who befriends the Ryder character. Through the whole thing you expect her to reveal that she's her real mother, but never happens.

I'm not sure if this film was trying to express the idea of how teenagers just feel so disconnected from everyone, finding solace in the idea of celebrities, or if it's a social comment on how celebrity obsessed society can be?  Most likely both. In which case, it was slightly ahead of it's time.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Nosferatu Adventures S6 p20

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 174, chapter 174

Our heroine sat on a small step outside the general store, yawning. Finn was inside getting them supplies. He managed to surprise her when he sat down beside her silently, handing her a mug of coffee. "That's not fair you know. Not right. You being able to sneak up on me like that given I'm half vampire half werewolf."

"Cat remember." the familiar grinned at her pulling his sunglasses down his nose winking at her. "So what's got you so distracted?"

"The white wolf." she sipped her coffee taking in the scent of it, letting the steam fill her nose as it hit her face. "I haven't dreamed of it yet."  The familiar shrugged clueless for once. Our heroine looked at him sideways, both hands wrapped around the coffee mug for dear life. "Female shapeshifters dream of a white wolf when they are having a litter. I dreamed of him last time weeks before I actually...and this time nothing. Got me a little worried."

"But last time, you weren't half mutt even." Finn said tossing a tiny ball of loose threads into the air over and over again playing with it.

"Right, which is why not having the dream is upsetting this time."

"Drink your coffee." he nodded towards the Elton's house. "The sisters are going to church, they always go to the next village which means they will be gone for about an hour and a half. When they do, the servants get that time to themselves. I overheard them say they wanted to head to the next village as well for supplies. So this is our best chance to look around that old house."


Rolf was standing in the middle of a park, trees lined the entrance by the street, cars parked neatly on either side of the road. He stood staring down at the large onyx wolf pressed against his hip, feeling just as confused and lost as he was. They took a step in unison towards the sounds of a group of kids somewhere, all around them it seemed, as a small sandbox suddenly caught his eye. There were two figures sitting in the sandbox, one pale as chalk with sunken looking eyes, amber-grey wolf eyes, thin like he'd been starving, reddish hair; dressed in jeans, white sneakers, a red hooded sweater and grey shirt, the other a mirror image of the little boy only his eyes were black empty sockets, and his skin glowed of health. The first little boy looked up at Rolf giving him a weak smile, the second turned staring up at the werewolf with a mocking tone.
"Uncle. I don't want to play with him anymore. He's taking all my toys from me." the first little boy's voice was thin, strained making it difficult for Rolf to hear at first. Crouching down on his heels, Rolf felt the onyx wolf sit as well as the male reached a strong hand out to rumble the child's hair. The wolf lifting his paw at the same time. That's when he noticed the string attached to them both going from each of the boy's chests. Touching it, the male got a shock that sent both himself and the wolf tumbling backwards.
Getting up, they ran back to the sandbox, the sound of other children getting louder and louder around them, as Rolf watched the first little boy slump over his nose bleeding. The second boy turned to look at Rolf laughing as he stuck his finger out smearing the blood then licking it. 
"Come on, let's play." the second little boy said jumping up grabbing the hands of the first. He dragged him out of the sandbox, moving as quickly away from Rolf as he could. Rolf tried to move, to say something but nothing came out. Even the wolf who was trying it seemed to howl was silent. They watched the two little boys then shimmer into two wolf pups, one with pure white fur the other like a strange silken shadow.

Rolf woke with a start, his right leg knocking over a lamp. The dream had seemed so real, as he leaned over palm flat on his forehead. Sniffing, the dark haired male blinked getting his barrings, remembering he was in an Inn two days away from where he'd left Nosferatu. Stretching, he shook off the cobwebs of the dream and headed into the shower.

The village...

"This isn't fun by the way." our heroine said leaning over Finn's shoulder as the familiar picked the lock. They had sneaked around to the back of the house, thinking it safer in case they were spotted.

"What part? The fact we're breaking and entering, the fact we're about to go into a creepy house filled with bad memories for me, or the fact that your so called new pack are twitching less then twenty feet away trying to figure out how best to well best you?"

"All the above now that you've mentioned it." she slapped his shoulder. "And don't mention it."

Finn opened the door standing directly in the threshold, his arm out for her to go first. "Ladies first." Our heroine sighed looking around feeling like some rebellious teen looking for a place to make out. Which, glancing at her companion wasn't a bad idea.

"Good thing they already invited me over otherwise, you'd be looking pretty foolish right now." she mumbled, unable to keep the smile off her face.

"Didn't even think about that part." he frowned. "You want the basement or the attic?"

"Basement sound fitting." she still couldn't get the idea of them being in a cheesy detective movie out of her head as she moved quickly towards the basement stairs. And like every cheesy detective movie she'd ever seen, the stairs creaked and squeaked with every step she took. There was a sliver of light coming from a broken window casting shadows across the floor, in the shape of the glass. "Cue Abbott and Costello." she mumbled to herself as she made her way across the length of the room, not finding anything out of the ordinary. She couldn't really smell anything, there was just too much dust and dirt overpowering her senses. Turning, our heroine was about to return upstairs when she saw something. She scolded herself for not noticing it right away. A small puddle of what looked like dried blood was under the edge of the stairs. The banshee moved towards the back wall reaching for the small door. It was obviously a root cellar. Opening it, she found nothing to indicate anything horrible, just a cold damp room the size of a small cabinet. The blood could have come from anyone at anytime over the last two decades. Sighing, she headed back upstairs.

"I found something." Finn called out, his voice coming from the direction of the second floor. Sprinting up the flight of stairs, our heroine found him hunched over a small locked chest. "It's one of the trunks the aunt brought with her when she cat-napped me." he ran his hand over the lock chanting, an orange light glowing from his palm as the lock came undone. Reaching in, Finn found a stack of books and a old doctor's bag. "So what's the big importance of some books that they would need to be locked?" he started flipping though them. "Diaries." he sounded disappointed as he tossed it back into the trunk. Our heroine had already reached over his shoulder, grabbing the doctor's bag, opening it.

"Uh Finn." she tilted it towards him, then sat it down on top of the nearest trunk. It had two extension shelves filled with bottles and small items. They found a set of oils, runes, a lighter and candles, a small poppet, a book, mirror, graveyard dirt, rose petals and thorns, a mallet, salt, a bottle of water, a large knife, a crossbow with bolts that were silver tipped, a cross, a silver chain, and wooden stakes. "What are they doing with a hunter's bag?" she took a large step back moving in a blur. Hitting the wall, our heroine felt something sharp in her back. Turning she found she'd bumped a doorknob. The door seemed to be hidden in the wallpaper. She let her eyes flash that of the wolf before turning to the pure white of the banshee as she opened it. The room smelled of stale incense smoke and burnt wood. Finn was beside her in a heartbeat, his hands on her shoulders as they surveyed the room. It was like something out of a true crime novel, photos covered the whole wall with x-ed out marks, string leading from one area of a map to another, notes on every kind of supernatural creature Nosferatu had come in contact with. "I thought you said the aunt was a witch?" she nearly spat the words.

"She was." the familiar said letting his hand slap his thigh as he turned around in a circle, looking at every inch of the room. "This isn't the aunt's. Her scent isn't attached to it. I'm betting whoever's space this is, is the reason the aunt disappeared after she came back home." he looked down at the female his ears twitching. "I hear someone. Come on, we've got to get out of here."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. We made it this far without the vampire hunters thought it was time...) 

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Random movie Dec 16th

The Woods

plot: A young girl is sent away to boarding school after having gotten into trouble for starting a fire. She begins to have nightmares about a former student whom she didn't even meet, which then jump starts her own abilities. Being bullied by one of the other girls, she witnesses her friends beginning to disappear. Before long, the students start turning up dead, and the staff revile themselves to be a coven of druids.

2006 supernatural horror starring Patricia Clarkson and Bruce Campbell.

This is one of those quiet films that gets you interested, looses you, gets you back and then has you half scratching your head half looking for a sequel. Or at lest that's how it was for me.
Slower paced, which is good, reminded me of an old Hitchcock style. The word Druid is never actually mentioned, but the fact that everything that happens to the victims happens to revolve around trees/vines, the logical leap is there.
A lot of the film happens in a creepy-fog induced dream, that leaves the viewers wondering if it really happened or if the lead character is crazy.  There were a few plot holes but, nothing that distracts too much. 

Did I like it? Yeah, I think I liked it enough. Would I watch a sequel if there is one? Sure why not...

Monday, December 15, 2014

The Nosferatu Adventures S6 p19

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 173, chapter 173

"You really have no idea what you've done? Do You?" Reuben said pointing at Dagan. "Huh?" This experiment works, and she safely gives birth..."

"Then she's the mother of Loki's kid. A demigod. So?" Dagan interrupted "Bravo." he clapped his hands. Reuben's eyes were wide.

"If it works, the second others find out, they will come for her. She'll be completely vulnerable. With no pack, no mate to protect her. Every shapeshifter will try to use her. Trust me, all they will care about is that she's able to have a litter. Born bloodlines are so few Dagan, so few. We're practically extinct."

Dagan just sat there rocking back and forth. "What colour do you think it's fur will be? I mean, Loki is the first of us...could be any colour I suppose." he pushed himself up the wall to lean against it biting his nails. A smirk crossed Reuben's lips as he ran his hands over his face and through his hair finger combing it over and over in frustration.

"You're a piece of work you know that? Come on man! I'm telling you her life is over. that she's a target and you..." he started to laugh he was that upset at the absurdity of the situation. "'re pouting over...I don't know. Guess we'll find out in about thirteen years." the dark haired male shuffled his feet as he nodded. Leaning back arms out at his sides palms upward he shrugged. "My gut instinct is onyx." his eyebrows knitted together as he practically shouted the word onyx. "Yeah. Given it's Rolf's soul she's got that's allowed her to become half lycanthrope to begin with." he scratched at his neck tossing his head back closing his eyes. "Why can't I get through to you? Like talking to a brick wall." Reuben leaned towards his friend then. "The Seer warned me the first day we meet them. Told me her fate was going to be worse then death that she was going to be handed off like a toy. At the time, thought he was saying it just to get under my skin, get the upper hand. I thought he meant the Fort and the guards. But this is what he really meant." Reuben snorted as he began to pace a few feet. "Oh! And it won't be quick or painless. No, cause we both know that every werewolf that finds out about her situation, will try to charm her. The manipulation, the emotional abuse...not too mention the full moon ritual." he moved another few steps across the room, stepping over the dead body. "If we're lucky. If we're lucky enough, the ritual; without a mate to protect her from the full moon ritual, it will do all the work, all the nasty dirty work for them. Have those poor werewolves kill each other to get near her wipe out half the species every month till someone finally claims her. That's on your head." he pointed at him staring at him from under his fallen hair.

"You make it sound like we're all nothing more then rapid dogs in perpetual heat." Dagan replied stretching, scratching at the middle of his back.

"Aren't we? Isn't...isn't that why Loki put all the restrictions into our DNA? So we behave like good little puppies? Claim a female mate earn our stripes and lock in alpha status. The catch being we can't cheat. Choose a human wife walk away from our pack. Still, unable to be with anyone else for the rest of our lives. Sex is a locked doorway for us. We need to be invited in Dagan. Then there's the full moon ritual. Let's us behave like the animals we are with no guilt. No remorse. I'd tell you to try it sometime, but we both know you don't have the balls for it."

"Oh what? And you do?" Dagan blinked twice pointing at him. "I'm still surprised you were able to get it up to go through with it given she doesn't have the right parts for you."

"Ritual overrides preference." he shook his head. "Dagan. The need to control, to dominate takes over. The thought of blood, of ripping things apart is all you can think of." Dagan snickered mumbling to himself. Reuben growled as he continued.  "I know you were barely affected that few seconds the first full moon she was with us, but you do remember the feeling. The blind need to conquer, that desire for total power. The night she said my name! The whole process stopped cold because she choose to claim me not you. You never got over that did you?" he made a duck bill as he flicked his long hair out of his face, rocking side to side his hands now at his belt. "I didn't have a choice the night I did claim her. When we were alone together during that full moon." he closed his eyes then, a devious smirk crossing his face as he let himself remember what he could remember of it. Reuben had told them he'd blacked out during the ritual which was only half true. He remembered her fear, the taste of her blood as he ripped bits of her flesh from her neck and shoulders, remembered how much he hated her in that moment. And how much he'd enjoyed hunting her down, like common prey.

"None of this has anything to do with me anymore. She's not my problem any longer." Dagan laughed at him, his hands up over his head like a little kid.

Reuben opened his eyes at the sound of Dagan's voice. "Yeah I still can't get over how selfish you were. Finding a way to break the claiming, I understand to a point. But to have the sire bond removed after all this time. After all you have been through. That's just reckless. And mark my words you'll live to regret it."

"Never going to happen." Dagan replied  as he misted himself a shirt. "No, what you're pissed about is that no matter what, if you want to be alpha of the pack, any pack, you either have to go it alone or claim a female as your mate. In which case you'd be miserable for all eternity. Cause like it or not you can't claim a male for your mate. We're hardwired...pardon the pun, for bloodlines. You said it yourself, full moon ritual activates the biological need to have a pack, to create the foundations for that infamous family. Overrides everything."

Reuben glared at him making a sound of disgust. "And you threw your's all away." He turned to leave the room, stepping over the body again slamming his shoulder into the Seer as he did. Both Leo and the Seer had arrived a few minutes before, hovering just outside the door.

"Once again, timing not as perfect as needed." the Seer cleared his throat. "We need your help back home. Issues with the Queen."

"We're busy saving Rolf." Dagan sniffed not looking at them.

"I'll go. You stay here, wait for Teshi and then two of you help Rolf. You Dagan are the last person I want to be around right now." Reuben pointed at him, growling. The dark haired wolf was out of the castle before anyone could blink.

"I would have called house keeping to clean that up." Dagan gestured to the dead woman still on the floor. "If I'd known you were coming for tea, but I think she was the maid."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Anyone else got that old Chilliwack song in their head, whatcha going do when she's gone whatcha gonna do....)

Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Nosferatu Adventures S6 p18

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 172, chapter 172

Rolf followed our heroine into her room, hovering at the door. "You realize those werewolves outside won't behave for long?"

She shrugged as she magic misted the slip dress and knee length sweater again, having removed the party dress. "I know. But at lest I bought myself a few hours. They won't bother to do anything till after the full moon has past. Then I'm sure, Jarl will be the first to challenge me."

Rolf took a step farther into her room, closing the door behind him as he spotted Finn and the hellhound enter the hallway. "And next full moon? What then? You think they will just sit back and let you be alpha a few days a month?"

The female shrugged. "Haven't thought that far ahead yet. All I know is I'm not letting anyone claim me again. Not for the sole purpose of securing their alpha position. I get why it's done I really do, and I don't fault Reuben. He didn't have a choice because of the full moon ritual. But Dagan..." she moved closer to the large werewolf, her hands everywhere as her agitation grew. "Twice I let him claim me and look where it's gotten me." she swiped the back of her thumb across her cheek. "I've had two mates already in under two years. It's suppose to be for life!"  The dark haired male smiled to himself as he let his hair fall over his eyes. He turned as he watched her walk the room in circles. "Next time I let anyone claim me..." she air quoted the word claim. "It won't be for status!" she tossed the last sentence at Rolf as the warning it was.

"Was never my intention. Just sort of following orders." he replied, flicking his mass of curls out of his face.

"You said Ripper's not dead?" the banshee stopped moving, letting out a deep sigh as Rolf grunted. "How'd he break our sire bond?"

Shrugging Rolf thought about how to answer her. "Loki said it was a deal with Bacchus. I don't know why." he added, tilting his eyes to look at her, praying she didn't break down crying again. Once was enough, the male didn't think he could handle watching her acting so emotional again so soon.  Our heroine grunted in response as she stood there, not looking directly at the large wolf. Fidgeting Rolf crossed his arms moving his feet in place, his hair once again hanging in his face. "You going to be alright?"

"You heading back to the darkest forest back to help Ash and Harker or tracking down Reuben and Dagan?" it was her turn to fidget as she began picking at a small chipped piece of the dresser.

"Neither. Loki dumped another bit of information on me, and I'm off to deal with it." he let his hand slap his thigh letting out a deep breath that blew his hair away from his face, the ends of a few strains hitting the female's nose. "You can come with me."

She shook her head no. "I'm going to stick around here for awhile with Finn. Snoop around the place. There's something not right with the people here."

Rolf sniffed, his shoulders suddenly rigid at the mention of the familiar. He still didn't fully trust Finn. Clearing his throat the large werewolf crossed his arms over his chest again standing to his full height. "Yeah, how did he get here?"

"He was kidnapped by a witch who trapped him in his cat form. I got a spell from the Seer and undid it. I'm going to try to help him find out why exactly..." she let her thoughts trail off turning once more towards the far end of the room. Rolf suddenly got the impression she was trying to distance herself from him, and took a large step towards her practically cornering her against the wall.

"Look, I know you don't want to hear it..." he started, his hand massaging the back of his skull from where he'd hit the tree hours before. The wound had healed, but he'd been feeling off since watching Nosferatu fight Jarl.

"Then just don't say it. Please. I know. I've got a month to sort it all out. That or leave before the next month's full moon." she flung herself hard against the wall, her eyes closed, hand resting on her stomach. Rolf had to fight the urge to burp, suddenly feeling queasy himself. Nodding, he turned again in the small room his hand on the doorknob.

"If I happen to see Dagan..."

"Tell him I'm the new local alpha. Describe in full detail how I defeated Jarl for the position. That will drive him insane."

Rolf snorted as he pictured telling Dagan, and the look on his face. Alpha was all Dagan ever wanted, and here the banshee had accomplished it against all odds. Smiling, he held back a snicker. Leaving her hotel room, he closed the door tightly behind him, coming face to face with Finn. The werewolf sniffed as he rotated his shoulders, a look of distrust blazing in his blue eyes. "I've got something to look into but...I will be back." he cracked his neck never taking his eyes off of Finn. The familiar had put on his sunglasses, and pulled them down his nose to stare at Rolf over the rims. He shrugged at the larger male not taking the threat seriously. Rolf ran his hand over his mouth licking his lips before slamming into Finn's shoulder as he walked past him.

"Awfully protective of her considering your not her mate." the familiar spun on his heels to face Rolf, a sly smile on his own pale lips. "I mean, she turned you away am I right?  Something about finding the idea of you bedding her gross or something?" the cat stuck his tongue out, grinning madly. "You mutts are all the same..." he found his sentence cut off and the air choked out of him. Rolf had moved at lightening speed, his right hand so tight around Finn's neck, that he had lifted him two feet off the ground, pinning him against the wall.

"I don't like you and I'm not going to pretend to either. But you're right. I'm very protective of her. She's the only reason I'm alive right now. I owe her." he dropped him to the floor, Finn landing perfectly on his feet.

"I know." Finn nearly spat the words. "She's got a piece of your soul. The thing that's turned her into a half-breed mutt. Don't think I'm unaware of it."

"And yet, you're still hanging onto her like lint. What's your game?" Rolf screwed up his nose glaring at him.

Finn shook his head. "Nothing." pushing his glasses back into place he made a sound low in his chest that almost sounded like a meow. "I warned her this would happen. That all you mutts would be sniffing around her simply because she was the only option. She didn't believe me. Now..." he gestured towards the still closed bedroom door. "Now she's in way over her head."  Rolf snorted in agreement as he left the hotel.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. The cat is up to something...)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Random movie

Witchboard 2 the Devil's Doorway

plot: A young artist moves into a new apartment, only to uncover first a ouija board left by the last tenant and second, a string of murders that someone in the building wants to cover up. Before long, she finds herself possessed by the former tenant.

This 1993 movie is the first sequel in the Witchboard series that started in the mid-80's. It stars Ami Dolenz and Timothy Gibbs.

I hadn't seen this movie in years, then stumbled on it online earlier. One of my favourite lines from it is when the landlady is talking to the lead character and says "This is Dew...I named him after the know Me and You and a dog named Dew."

"I think the song is Me You and a dog named Boo."

"What? No. Who'd name their dog Boo that's a stupid name."

On the scare factor, it's low on the scales, reading more like a made for tv movie,  but the story is decent.  It does get caught up in it's own style, but then again most movies from that era did, locking themselves in a time-bottle.
For a ghost centered film, it works it's dream sequences perfectly, but lacks the real drive behind the possession scenes.  

Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Nosferatu Adventures S6 p17

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 171, chapter 171

"It doesn't have to be this way cupcake!" Jarl's voice carried as he laughed, backing up towards the house.

"Yes it does!" our heroine's reply caught the ears of the other werewolf just as he was coming to the edge of the woods. Rolf hurried towards where the female was, hoping he was wrong. The large male groaned as he shook his head upon seeing the banshee. She was standing about a hundred feet away from Jarl, her eyes completely white, her fangs extended.

Rolf snarled as he watched clinching his fists into his thighs, as the short male werewolf was practically doubled over from laughing out right at her. "Rip him a new one cupcake." he mouthed the words, the other shapeshifters not paying him any attention. They were all hovered around the street, watching, laughing, mocking.  All but the familiar who stood silently holding his breath, back against the nearest tree, arms crossed over his chest, and Tombstone by his feet.

"He's going to kill her." Finn mumbled, turning his eyes towards Rolf.

"She knows what she's doing. Don't count her down yet." the dark haired male whispered, flicking the mass of curls out of his face. He prayed silently to Loki that the female came out of this in one piece.

"She's out of her mind." Finn continued, not moving, his full attention back on our heroine.


"She can't win this. I mean, what is the point?" Finn asked, chewing on his thumb.

Rolf tilted his head to the side rotating his shoulders. "She knows the full moon is less then 40 hours away. She'll never be able to fight off one of them once the ritual starts, let alone a full pack. At lest she's got a chance if she can stop it ahead of time and take herself out of the equation."  Rolf turned a half step, his eyes darting from side to side as he saw Jarl charge at her. The banshee didn't move, didn't fire back, just stood there till the last second. The male stumbled forward as he brought his hand up to his face. There were large scratches already healing down the length of his face. He arched his back, more gashes appearing suddenly on his shoulders. Spinning, he grabbed her tossing the female down. Nosferatu was on the ground flat on her back all the air knocked out of her, but managed to create enough of  a cloud of dust, blinding the wolf as he grabbed at his calves. Blood droplets began to fill the air from every angle as the male seemed confused. Jarl howled, spinning in circles his voice low, angry; all the humour gone from him as he grabbed hold of the banshee's arms, keeping her in place.  The dust still floated around them, still keeping him semi blinded. Rolf heard the familiar sound of swearing as Jarl stumbled back another few feet, tripping landing hard on his butt. Our heroine sat on his chest, her hands at his neck, her fangs deep in his throat. Jarl's blood poured out of his wounds, like a broken tap, bubbling at the base of his neck. The female didn't move from him till she was sure he was weak enough for her to snap his neck. Till she felt every muscle in his chest and arms go limp.

The rest of the pack stood in silent disbelief as Rolf grinned wide, his eyes sparkling with amusement as he moved towards the female. "Next time, jab him in the base of the spine with a hard right. Send him to his knees faster, let you get a better grip to bite...ooff..." Rolf stumbled an inch trying to keep his balance as he found Nosferatu's weight a surprise. The female had thrown herself at him, hugging him, her arms wrapped up under his own. "You can't be seen crying after winning the alpha position."

"Dagan's dead." the words were soaked in a sudden rush of tears, the female sniffing repeatedly, her shoulders trembling from the emotions.

"Yeah about that..."  Rolf  made a noise as he hurried her away from the rest of her new pack, into the hotel. "I don't feel anything."  His eyebrows knitted together as our heroine continued to choke back the tears, sniffing back the snot. Her pale slim hand pointing towards her hair. Then she broke down in a complete fit of sobs, reminding the large shapeshifter of every girl he'd seen in the village after they'd had their heart broken.  Part of him wanted to hide, knowing there was nothing he could do to make the female in front of him stop snotting all over the place, and part of him wanted to toss her through the window and tell her to just get over it.  Instead, Rolf just stood there, rocking back and forth on his heels, brushing his fingers through his hair.  "When we loose our alpha, we feel it. I'm telling you, I know for a fact Dagan is not dead. He's a total dick, but he's not..." letting his shoulders slouch, the large male roared in frustration. Nosferatu jumped at the sound, her hazel eyes back to normal as she managed to get some control over the crying. "Loki told me I could find you here, like this." he gestured to her, his one hand on his hip as he bowed his head slightly. A look of disgust crossing his features. "Something did happen to Dagan, but he's not dead. Loki sent me here to find you to make sure that they didn't..." he stood up to his full height scratching at his neck. "Loki wanted me to..." he gestured first to her then to himself.

Nosferatu stopped crying. Tilting her head her eyebrows wrinkled together, as she leaned away from him. "EEWW! Incest!" she took a full step away from Rolf slamming into a small statue of a train nearly knocking it off the table. Turning away from him she shivered in an over exaggerated gesture as she headed into her hotel room.

"She took that well don't you think?" Finn asked suddenly appearing to the left of Rolf. The werewolf just stood in silent shock for another few long seconds, his eyes wide, lips pressed together in a pout. 

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. What, you didn't really think Rolf was going to claim her did you?)

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Saturday Dec 6th 2014

Year four. Off to a slow start, but that's because I don't have any challenges planned for this year. I've got an All Jane Austen book thing happening this year, so I figured some of the movie blogging will connect to it.

There are many versions of movies based on the novels Emma, Persuasion, Sense and Sensibility, Mansfield Park, Northanger Abbey, Pride and Prejudice and yes, I did talk about a few of them before. But, there is no rule that says I can't talk about some of them again. (it's my blog damn it!)   Crossing fingers that the book club part actually lasts more then one book this year,  and from where I am sitting right now (my living room facing the television) thinking of talking about each title (dvd) that corresponds to that month's book.  (man that sounds dry doesn't it?)

Book club is starting with Emma. So over the course of the month, I'll be kicking around with a couple of versions of Emma.  (I have the 2009 version, the 1996 version with Kate Beckinsale, the other 1996 version with Gwyneth Paltrow, and Clueless.)

Don't worry, there will be other movies as well. A girl can not live on Mr. Darcy alone...though many of us have tried. (I'm more of a Captain Wentworth girl myself...) 

Till later

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

At the table with...Dec 3rd

Vegan, vegan, vegan...I have no rhyme for that. But, yes my Spudguns! it's that night of the month again, when I spend a mad afternoon cleaning and cooking with the high expectation that people will be seeing my apartment. Where they will be subjected to the sounds of Twiztid and the scents of raw onion and paprika will fill the air.

Good times.

I do love these dinners, even if I end up with leftovers for a week, but anyways... 

I made roasted brussels sprouts and cauliflower, as well as wait for it...a green salad.
Yeah, I know very predictable of me, but always good to have one just in case...

Meg .... Meg (I know bit blurry isn't it? Ghost bumped my arm...just kidding, I can't photography to save my life.)
She made a Falafel and Tabbouleh.


This is the point where I admit that I need to expand my culinary knowledge and get out of the comfort food and join the big kids at the not the kiddies table.
Yes, that made zero sense, but no one reads this to see me make sense. You read it to see me jump around like a maniac on the floor...dancing like we've never danced...  mmmmmm falafel! 

And while I'm in here, today marks the anniversary of this blog. Starting year FOUR.
Year four, not because I'm uber cool and um...readers I meant readers, flock to this blog every day to see what wisdom I have to offer, but because I love writing this blog. I had meant for this to be one year. That's all. One year with one challenge. And now look at it. Heading into year four where I'll be joining other bloggers and...stuff.

And that about runs me out of things to babble about for this post. In case you haven't noticed, I sort of needed some print to go along with the photos. So...

Speaking of Jane Austen...we weren't, but I will be.  That's just a hint of something in a I need to fill just a little more space on this to make it look like I know what I'm doing.

And with that I guess it's time to say...    bon appetit.

(yeah this post really looks lopsided tonight doesn't it?)

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Nosferatu Adventures S6 p16

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 170, chapter 170

Rolf snarled, flicking his hair out of his face, squaring his shoulders as he charged towards the other warrior, his left shoulder connecting with a tree sending him to his knees. The dark haired male shook his head, blinking as he pressed his palm flat on his forehead. He was no longer in the death matches, but in the edge of a field. Getting up slowly, he sniffed catching his barrings, spinning on his heels. He heard birds somewhere in the far distance along with the sound of rushing water. Whatever trick this was, he didn't care, just started to head in the direction of the birds. 
He hit the back of his skull hard against the bark of the tree trunk, blood trickling down as he found himself flat on his ass. There seemed to be an invisible barrier in the direction he wanted to go. Now he knew how Nosferatu felt whenever she found herself in a doorway.  Uninvited.

"Uh the exit is that-a way." Loki said appearing suddenly beside him, leaning against the tree. He had his head down, picking at invisible lint on his t-shirt.

"Where am I? What happened?" Rolf asked standing his hands out at his sides.

"I struck another deal with Odin. Called in a massive favour to get you out of there. Use it wisely because I wouldn't be able to pull any for anyone else in regards to him. Like for a few thousand years." he breathed the sentence through clinched teeth, his usually brown eyes the amber-grey of the wolf. Rolf found himself taken aback by the image. He'd never seen the god shift before.

"Really? What's the catch?" Rolf asked turning slightly, every muscle in his body suddenly on edge, his eyebrows knit together.

"See I like that about you. Very smart you know nothing comes without a price." the god poked his finger in Rolf's chest looking up at him. "The short of it is..." he leaned in closer his bottom fangs gleaming in the sun as he licked his lips. "I need you to claim your throne and then claim the girl. Basically." his right hand was pressed on the tree trunk beside the other male's shoulder. Rolf looked down at the arm that was semi blocking him, then began to grin.

"I think you've got the wrong werewolf." running his thumb and finger over the corners of his mouth, he let a deep laugh escape him. Loki just staring at him a grin of his own on his face.

"No I don't. Dagan made a booboo by making a deal with Bacchus, which I really don't want to get into cause it just makes me mad to think about it, and now, I need someone I trust to claim her as their mate." he looked at his wrist with the invisible watch gesture. "And time's a ticking."

Rolf tried to move away from him, but found the god's other arm suddenly blocking him in place. Sighing, the taller male cracked his neck. "First of all, you said throne. I'm no king. And second...eww."

"Not at all girly with that last comment." Loki closed his eyes nodding. "Your great-great-grandfather was a king. He was killed, poisoned. The man who then took the kingdom banished your family. The fact they were shapeshifters had everything to do with it. They settled in the other kingdom about two hundred years ago never looked back. But you are royalty. And my first choice to pair up with the female. Dagan, did what he does and well you know what happened that afternoon in the woods. Bacchus was ecstatic up till the other day. Then he freaked out and we need to clean up the mess."

"Let's say I pretend to believe you. The claiming would never work because we don't love each other." the male's voice became pointed as he shrugged. "And there isn't a full moon scheduled until..."

"Until 48hours from now." Loki tapped him on the stomach. "Which is why I need you to get a move on, because she's smack dab in the middle of another pack."

"Problem solved." he shrugged again. "Let one of them claim the banshee."

"No I like this idea better." the dark haired god pulled a leaf from the tree chewing on it. "I've restarted my experiment with her. And given that she's got a piece of your soul, I'm expecting things to be a lot smoother this time around. Which is why by the way, the no vampires allowed spell is affecting you. You're connected. Not to the degree her and Dagan were, but you are connected." he spat out the chewed up leaf. "Hell, she's practically more shapeshifter then anything else right now."

Rolf swore as he rolled his eyes, staring up at the sky. "Why is it I'm always cleaning up Dagan's crap? I love him to death don't get me wrong, I've fought for him, with him, but somehow I'm always the one playing pick up."

It was Loki's turn to shrug as he moved a step away from him. "You've got 48 hours to do what I need you to do."

"If I don't?" he crossed his arms over his chest feet apart, taking a stance trying to appear calmer then he was.

"Then we've lost this battle. Either way, as long as Bacchus wants to keep her out of the darkest forest, you can't enter either." the god shimmered away leaving Rolf standing there in the shadow of the tree. Letting out a breath that he didn't realize he'd been holding, Rolf doubled over, his hands on his knees as he gave in to the fear he'd been feeling the entire time. Loki had never intimidated him before. But this had been different. It didn't matter that the god favoured a form that was a good foot shorter then himself, didn't matter that he was always joking around, or dressing like he should be sitting around a food court in a mall; there was just something grander to him. It was as if Loki's real height, real strength was towering over Rolf. Making him feel like a child staring up at their parent. For the first time in years, Rolf had felt small, weak, insignificant.  Turning, the werewolf headed in the direction he had been told to.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. It's a twist.)