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The Nosferatu Adventures S5 p12

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 143, chapter 143

Dagan lowered himself down into the darkness of the stairs, taking the first few steps carefully as his eyes began to adjust, while Reuben leaned over, his hair smashing the other werewolf in the face as he jumped into the darkness, landing in one of his perfect shoulder rolls at the bottom of the stairs.

"Really? You couldn't use the stairs?" Dagan grumbled, chewing on his bottom lip.  Reuben shrugged, spinning on his heels sniffing. He leaned over near the wall sniffing once more, this time trying to get some sort of scent as to who it was that was living there. But the mold and earth was overpowering everything.
The two males continued through the underground tunnels, finding themselves having to walk single file as the passageway got smaller. "She likes to read at night to you." Dagan said out loud.


"The female. She reads in bed like all the time, and doesn't matter what she's reading, if she thinks it's even sort of interesting to her, doesn't matter, a recipe, spell, history of someplace, she'll wake you up if you're asleep and read it to you. We went through one of the old witch's diaries in one night once. Before I claimed her as my mate."  Reuben let out a deep sigh his cheeks puffing out as he did, slamming a fist into the wall as they continued on to the end of the tunnel. "And if you try to sleep in the bed in wolf form, make sure you're not muddy, cause she'll just toss a bucket of water on you if you make the bed dirty." Dagan started to press his palms against the wall that was suddenly in front of them, trying to locate a door or opening. "And another thing, she pretends that she hates it when you get all wolfed out but, if she wakes up to find you in wolf form, she'll start scratching your ears like you were a pet or something..." he turned leaning his shoulders against the wall.

"Don't talk about scratching..." the dark haired male said suddenly his hands at his long hair. "...I still think I might have fleas."

Dagan was about to say something when the wall he'd been leaning on disappeared and the auburn haired werewolf went flying backwards landing on his back. Rolling over, he found himself face to shoe with whomever they were looking for.

"Not who I was expecting, but welcome just the same." the voice was smooth and very feminine. Jumping to his feet, Dagan nodded. "I'm Kendra." she looked to be in her mid fifties, but that didn't mean much.

"You were expecting someone?" Reuben asked. Kendra nodded, pulling the shawl around her tighter.

"The half witch. But you'll do for now." she turned heading towards a table that was covered in bottles and jars, a small pot in the middle with purple steam rising from it. "and might I say, you look well for a dead man." she gestured then to Reuben before turning to Dagan. "Both of you."


The rain had started to lighten up, and our heroine decided to head back to her room. She'd made it out of the barn, but before she could manage to get another two feet, she found herself being dragged backwards into the woods. A very strong hand covered her mouth keeping her from screaming out, while the other arm was tight around her waist. They stopped moving long enough for the female to be spun around and pushed against a tree.
Her eyes went wide when she saw the very tall dark haired werewolf standing in front of her, his one hand now at his own lips sshhing her.

Rolf was breathing heavy, his hair matted around his shoulders from the rain and sweat. It was clear he'd been running, and from the fact he was naked, it had been in wolf form. Our heroine blushed as she looked away, but her own embarrassment was interrupted by the sounds of voices. Rolf closed his own eyes, pressing against her in the darkness, shuffling her around the large tree as to not be seen.

"He couldn't have gotten too far." the first female voice said.

"Try a locator spell." the second replied. "That worked on the last one."

"I don't have anything of his to use in the spell." she let her hands slap against her thighs in frustration. "Ugh! Let's just go back and cut our losses. We'll get him later."

When Rolf finally heard them leave, he let out a deep breath, moving away from Nosferatu, and finally magic misting a pair of shorts. He then promptly fell to the ground, his left hand groping for her arm.
That's when the vampire noticed the burn marks on both Rolf's wrists, and on his neck. The two women had used silver chains on the werewolf.

"What happened?" she asked suddenly on the ground beside her friend. Rolf said nothing, just shook his head, his massive curls flying everywhere, while he gasped for air. Turning his eyes up to look at her, he just sniffed. "I can't help if I don't know what's going on?"

"No one can help me. I did something and now..." his breathing was starting to return to normal, but the burn marks were not healing. " time is up."

"Rolf? What do you mean you did something?"

"They're collectors. I...I tra...traded my soul."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. What would be so important to loose your soul?)

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year 3 Day 87

movie: Silence of the Lambs
starring: Jodie Foster, Anthony Hopkins
genre: Thriller
year: 1991
format: Shaw Video On Demand

plot: The FBI need help catching a serial killer named Buffalo Bill who has been skinning his victims. They enlist the help of Dr. Lector, by having him work with a young profiler, and soon learn that Buffalo Bill is connected to a former patient of Lector's.

This is based on the novel of the same name.

I seem to remember there being more to this film. It's one of those things where it's set the standard for it's genre, and when you look at how movies/television are now, you see so many elements of the 1991 movie everywhere.
I saw this film when it first came out 23 years ago, and for some reason, today when I had the chance to watch it again, I kept thinking there was suppose to be more.  For some reason, my memory had another character, another sub-plot.

Hannibal has become such an iconic character, I had forgotten that he's barely in the film, that it's not his story as much as it is everybody else.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Coffee talk May 22nd 2014

The last week has been fairly dead blogging wise, sorry folks. I haven't watched any movies at all in the last week. But I have been watching the season finales of shows.  I don't know about anyone else, but this year almost all the season endings have felt flat and pointless.
Once Upon a Time, really felt dead, almost like a regular episode. Very disappointing. Grimm ended season 3 feeling to me like an echo of season 2. Same with the Good Wife, it ended on a note that just made me think of last season. The big episode for the Good Wife was back last month, the one that had everyone heartbroken and talking.
And isn't that one big thing people expect from the season ender of a a show?  To talk about it and be interested in what next season has to offer?

So while talking about tv shows, I have to say, I'm eager for season 2 of Witches of East End. So much in fact that I got myself all three of the books it's based on. The second season starts in July, with a DVD release of the first season next month in June. I read the first book, just before the New Year, and just finished both books two -Serpent's Kiss- and three -Winds of Salem-  in the series this last week.
This means that I have not finished reading the books in the Night Watch series yet. I'm still on book one.

And I wanted to post this too because, I'm in the process of moving apartments. So the blogging will be very limited during the next few weeks.

Till later

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Top 5 creepy vampire kids

Don't ask where I came up with this list, I just did...

1. Claudia from Interview with a Vampire

2. Homer from Near Dark

3. David from Whisper

4. Eli from Let the Right One In

5. Laddie from Lost Boys

Bonus round... the Baby from Grace, Gregory Sackville-Bagg from The Little Vampire

Okay, let's deal with the bonus round first... the older brother in The Little Vampire, pre-teen/teenager who does the wrong things for the right reason. I thought the dude was creepy on the level that all 12-13 year olds are up to something.

The baby in the horror film Grace... babies are creepy by default. The idea that something is feeding off you, pooping and peeing inside of you... and then to find out once you give birth to it that it has fangs and needs to feed off of blood to survive...dude, the scene in that film when they show the mother breast feeding and you see all the sharp teeth marks/scars....nightmare inducing.

Laddie from Lost Boys is on this by default. The character has maybe ten minutes total in the movie, but it's a classic image of the kid under the bed trying not to vamp out while the Frog brothers are talking about him, and then he can't control it anymore and flies out from under the bed, ripping it to pieces in slow motion, clawing at the air...every babysitter's nightmare.

Eli from the original Swedish version of Let the Right One In, is disturbing on so many levels. Here you've got a centuries old vampire who decides to become best friends with a twelve year old boy, playing that come to me-no leave me alone- no come to me game of seduction, sets off my slayer's spidy-sense. As much as there is going on in this story, the surface of it is just disturbing.

David from Whisper. This is one of those films that might have gotten lost in the shuffle for a lot of people, but the idea of a child who can make you do things with mind control, and feeds off your emotions...double creep factor. I remember seeing this (and back to back with horror film Joshua both from 2007 about a little boy who is a psycho killer) and thinking that it was a brilliant take on the vampire genre. Not too mention, it's one of those films that has you wondering if what you saw was what you were suppose to?

Homer from Near Dark. Who could forget the old man in a child's body. It was one of the first films to bring up the topics of if you turn a child can they really fend for themselves as vampires?  A trend that would be further explored in Lost Boys, Let the Right On In, and Interview with the Vampire...

Claudia from Interview with the Vampire... the original some would say (given the book was written in the 1970's) of vampire children. Here we are introduced to a character who is turned at such a young age, that they don't know how to be anything other then a hunter. As the character ages mentally, but stays trapped in the same body, we see her become more and more angry, till there is nothing left of her but despair. She's cruel, manipulative, and because of her resentment for being kept from growth, she becomes heartless.  This was one of the first stories that dealt with the idea of the ethics of vampirism so bluntly. In fact, the one of the storylines is that ethics should always be brought into play, something Dracula never dealt with (there are more then a few scenes in Dracula where a baby is dinner)  Her "evil" comes from a place of pain and confusion.

Okay, so I don't think anyone can argue that Claudia is the creepiest vampire kid ever. Wither it's the book or the movie, this vamp rips your heart out with icy-cold cruelty as much as with her fangs. The way the character underlines every single motion with the element of seductive manipulation, is played to perfection.

Till later

Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Nosferatu Adventures S5 p11

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 142, Chapter 142

Dagan was about to head deeper into the woods, when he turned having heard a heavy thug, then the female swearing. The male went to the barn to investigate. He found our heroine on her butt about ten feet from where Reuben was standing, laughing his head off at her.

"Not funny!" she mumbled.

"What happened?" Dagan asked, scratching his right knee. He shook his head sending the rain flying everywhere, as his hair fanned away from his forehead. This caused him to have to run his fingers through it to comb it back flat.

Reuben raised his hands to his sides, shrugging. "Don't know. One second we were heading towards those hay stacks, the next she's across the room on her ass." 

Dagan helped the female up. "I hit a wall."

"There's no wall." both males said in unison. Our heroine sighed walking towards Reuben again, and stumbling back.

"For me there is." she held her hands out, palms flat against the invisible force, standing on her tiptoes trying to find away around it. Dagan took a step towards his buddy moving easily beyond the spot the female could not. He then raised his right foot in an over exaggerated motion planting it firmly on the ground then shuffling his other foot beside it. He turned in a half circle and did it two more times. "Okay smartass, you proved your point. The question is why?"

"This might have something..." Dagan said spotting a small trap door a few inches from the heel of his foot. Grabbing the small iron latch, he opened it. "Looks like stairs." he nodded to himself. "Hidden room I'm guessing." he sniffed loudly twice. "Someone must be living down there."

Our heroine turned, and walked a few feet towards the left of them, her hand still out to her side as she did. Stopping suddenly she found herself falling over to the right, and barely managed to keep from landing in a large pile of horse poop.

"You're as graceful as a moose." Dagan commented, his hands out in front of him. "A really big moose." he smiled his dimples on display before gesturing to the trap door turning to look at Reuben. 

"So the back half of the building over where they are living..." Reuben remarked pacing the twenty feet behind them. " like their front porch. Interesting. And that trap door is their front door. Question is, who would be living underground?" he made his way back to where the trap door was, watching as Dagan moved to where Nosferatu was standing, and began to count the invisible line by going toe to heel all the way to the other end of the barn. Reuben rubbed his hands over his face then pointed at the floor. "Shall we?"

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. So who's under the stairs?)

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Year 3 Day 86

movie: 3 Backyards
starring: Elias Koteas, Edie Falco
genre: Drama
year: 2010
format: TV edit

plot: one afternoon in the lives of three people who live in the same neighbourhood.

This was crap. TV edit or not, this just blew goat. It made no sense, had no connection, and just dragged on and on. 
It was just plain weird.  Hated it.

You have a little girl who steals her mom's birthday gift, a man hiding from his wife, and a woman who's starstruck. That's not a movie, that's a bunch of stuff.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Nosferatu Adventures S5 p10

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 141, chapter 141

The large wolf sneezed as he shook himself off, cold rain water flying everywhere. Our heroine woke with a start, sitting bolt upright in the bed. She found herself face to muzzle with the shadowy figure as he growled, inching closer to her on the bed.

"Dagan. What are you doing here?" the auburn wolf snorted as he laid his face across the female's lap. "You can't be here." she shoved him causing him to growl. "You have to leave back through the window like you came in." He snorted again refusing to move. "The nuns can't find you here. Not in wolf form, or human. Reuben can't find you here." she shoved him harder forcing the wolf to jump from the bed back out the open window.
Our heroine was barely laying back down when the male popped back up at the window, sitting on the edge of it one leg on either side.

"I just want to talk to you."

"Dagan, I'm serious. They let us stay with one rule. Everyone in their own rooms."

"You're afraid of some human nun?"

"Afraid no, respectful yes. And not all are human-human. Some are witches remember. That's why we're here"

The male nodded looking out the window, his legs swinging. "You smell different. Better. Like you again." he said not looking at her.

"Well, no more baby. I lost it."

"All for the best." he mumbled something bitting his bottom lip. He grunted then, letting out a sigh.

"You said you wanted to talk. You've got two minutes." she got out of bed, crossing the few feet to stand by the window. Our heroine instinctively reaching out to touch Dagan's hand but pulled away from him, crossing her arms under her chest.  The male said nothing, just continued to bite his lip, and swing his legs. Leaning over, he caught a face full of rain before turning and grabbing her arm pulling her to him.

"It would be so easy to say that after the thing on the ship, while I was rotting away in that hell, that you were what got me through it. I could say that, but we both know it would be a lie. All that time. Starving to death over and over again. Alone, forgotten. I did think of you a few times. But not in anyway that mattered. Not in any real way you would think of your mate." He pouted eyes wide as he ran his now wet face against her chest. Sniffing deeply, the werewolf growled. "I guess I missed you. I missed your scent. As a werewolf, it's the first thing I missed. The familiarness of certain smells." he hugged her tight. "The comfort of your scent." he dug his nails into her arms, causing small drops of blood to run down her pale flesh. "And I missed your blood. The way it tastes" his mouth was pressed against her throat before she could react. Dagan drinking greedily, ripping bits of her flesh chewing it like gum. Before our heroine could breathe, she felt the familiar sensation of his wrist against her mouth, his blood coating her tongue in a thick hot gush. Moving from her, the male smiled, still chewing on a small chunk of her flesh. "See now I know you thought of that. I know you missed me the same way I missed you." he planted a noisy kiss on her forehead as he pushed her away a few inches. "Like I said sweetheart, you might not be my mate anymore, but I'm still connected to you. This sire bond it might drive me insane when we're apart, but that doesn't mean I'm not in control of it."  he nodded as he spat out what he'd been chewing, wiping the back of his hand over his mouth. "You are still my best insurance policy and I intend to make it work. I'm going to get back what's rightfully mine and you're going to help."  He pulled her tight to him, closing his eyes suddenly breathing heavy. "We were always closer before you were my mate anyways. I think we had more fun then." he sniffed her hair, his hands then at her ribs, nails scratching. "Okay so here's the plan. I'm going to kill Reuben..." Dagan brought his finger and thumb up to her nose. "Just a little. Enough to get my alpha position back. And while he's slightly dead, are you listening, following this, need to take notes or anything?" the male jerked her towards him. "While he's dead, I'm going to claim you again." his eyes went wide as he whispered. "I'm not joking around. Being the pack alpha is my only goal. And I'll do whatever I need to in order to keep it. So get used to the idea sweetheart, of those grey streaks coming back to that hideous hair do of your's and if you even think about helping Reuben, I'll end you."

"Dagan, Fine. Challenge Reuben. Win if you think you can. But, what I don't understand, is now I'm not your mate anymore why haven't you bothered to get yourself another? Huh? If that's all it will really take once you slaughter Roo? Claiming another female mate."

"Human wives don't count. Only supernatural creatures do. You're the only one who fits the bill."

"Do witches count?"  Dagan blinked as he started to fidget, shifting his weight from one foot to the other, licking his lips. "They're supernatural creatures. There are at lest six witches in this building alone."  our heroine shrugged. "If that's the big key to securing your leadership role, then I'm sure you could make do." She moved closer to the male, her own slim pale arms now at his shoulders as she stood on her tiptoes, her hazel eyes flashing the pure white of the banshee. "Unless you've got something in that shadowy heart of yours Ripper that you need to confess?" she licked his face from the edge of his chin up over his lips to his nose and up to the center of his forehead. "Dagan, your words might hide what you really want, but not your body language. And certainly not your DNA." she patted his stomach as she moved back to the bed. "I've learned to taste emotions when I drink blood. Yours screams of..." she dropped her voice to a near whisper. "Fearful desires."

He stalked towards her, shaking out his shoulders. "Fearful? Of what? I'm not afraid of anyone or anything."

"You Ripper are afraid of getting what you want again. You got hurt last time and you're terrified it will happen again. You immediately thought you had been betrayed..."

"I was betrayed."

"No you weren't. Why can't you understand that? You were dead. Physically dead for long enough that your claiming me was undone, long enough that the pack was without an alpha. Reuben didn't have a choice. Challenge him, win if you can, get your alpha position back. But don't you dare use it as an excuse to claim me again! I'm your's Ripper, only if you're willing to admit it to yourself that's your true intentions. I'm tired of playing this backseat game to your pride, to your ego. Stop sneaking around me like some monster in a fairy tale. If that dream or whatever it was, that we all shared is any indication to your innerself, I know what you're really afraid of. It's not loosing your status. It's the idea that you could love someone like me. Even in that dream even on a subconscious level, you were laying claim to me. Even through all the insults and the rude behaviour you didn't want to let someone else care about me. You are such a bully sometimes, worst of all, you're a coward."

He stood there his mouth open slightly, his neck craned, shoulders hunched, pointing to his chest. "Coward?" he blinked twice for emphases. "A bully? You really think that little of me?" he breathed, his breath hitting her hair. Nodding to himself more then her, Dagan grabbed her arm pointing towards the window. 


There was a tapping on Reuben's bedroom door. Rolling over, the werewolf sniffed deeply, not recognizing the scent. Silently, he got out of bed and shuffled to the door. Opening it a centimeter, he spotted one of the young nuns. Smirking to himself, the male opened the door enough for her to enter. "Is there a problem?" he asked flicking his hair out of his face, his fangs beginning to show, his mouth filling with saliva. The young girl held her breath as she gazed around the room seeing he was alone. "Miss?" Reuben sniffed as he leaned against the closed door.

"Your wife's not here?"

He raised an eyebrow about to say he didn't have a wife when he remembered the banshee. Clearing his throat Reuben looked at the floor. "Your mother superior made us take separate rooms." he had to suppress a giggle knowing full well the young girl trembling beside him knew this. "I believe she was placed in the east wing. If you're needing her."   Her temperature rose, causing her to blush as she let out a held breath, her fingers working manically with the cuff of her sleeve. She was nervous. "Did you have a message for her?" the werewolf let his hair fall back over his face hiding his eyes as they flashed the amber-grey of the wolf. Best not to scare her too soon, her blood was already hot, he didn't want it to be bitter too.

"It's you I came here to speak to." she managed to squeak out. The dark haired male couldn't keep the fit of laughter in any longer, and found himself bent over from the roar of it.

"Miss, I'm flattered. But even if I wanted to...speak to you in such a manner, I can't." his nostrils flared with the hot sweetness of her scent, of the innocent nervousness mixed with her peach shampoo. It alone was enough to make his body react, in more ways then one.

Reuben stopped laughing suddenly. A cloud then seemed to cross his features as the male stood back up to his full height. Grabbing the girl by the neck, he pushed her out the door back into the hallway.
Closing it, he rested his forehead against the smooth coolness of it, his eyes having changed again to that of his true nature.
The girl being there had tempted the wolf, but she also tempted the rest of him. Something was wrong. Reuben had claimed Nosferatu, she was the only one who should have been able to get a sexual reaction from him. Male werewolves couldn't cheat once they had claimed a female mate. Growling, he nearly ripped the door off it's hinges as he headed in the direction of our heroine's room.

Reuben didn't bother to knock as he entered the female's bedroom. He blinked when he found it empty, then took a long sniff of the room, a slight anger engulfing him. The smell of wet dog was strong, but not just any dog, he knew Dagan had been there.
Turning the male slowly made his way through the empty halls of the building, his eyes dark as they had turned back to their chocolate brown, his lips pressed in a thin line. His ears twitched as he zoned in on their voices. Reuben let a small sigh escape him as he followed the sound of growls outside to the perimeter of the grounds. There he found Dagan hunched over a large raccoon face covered in blood, the rain pouring down on him. The female a few dozen feet away hugging her elbows.

"I'm stuck." she said, directing her voice to Reuben. Gesturing then to the newly planted garden. "There are seeds everywhere."

Reuben crossed to her, clearing his throat before picking her up, tossing her over his shoulder. "You stopped to count."

"In my direct eyesight, 3654 sunflower seeds, 400 pumpkin, and 50 seeds I couldn't identify." He put her down a few feet away under the edge of the barn roof.

"Why are you out here?" his hair was now plastered to his face from the rain.

"Does it matter? What you doing in the rain?"

"Looking for my mate. Thought we could talk." he answered looking over his shoulder at Dagan. "I was serious when I said you had to follow the rules and not have any affairs. We might have been forced into this, but I really don't want you disrespecting the rules."

"We were just hunting." she opened the barn door wanting to get out of the rain, Reuben following her inside. "I thought you didn't care about the whole alpha thing?" she let out a sound as she stumbled, her eyes not adjusting to the darkness as quickly as his. Reuben reached for her, keeping her from falling over.

"Of course I want to be a pack alpha. Just didn't think so soon or anything." he pulled her to him, his fingers locking on her stomach. "Why were you hunting in the rain with Dagan?"

"I missed him." her voice was a hush.

"That all you two were doing?" Reuben asked moving them towards a large stack of hay squares.

"We fed off each other." She felt Reuben pull her tight against him. "Whoa, okay I think I got your point as to why you were looking for me."

"Quick, let's have this conversation before I change my mind."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story.  It's all about who's top dog.)

Year 3 Day 85

movie: New in Town
starring: Renee Zellweger, Harry Connick Jr.
genre: Comedy, Romance
year: 2009
format: TV edit

plot: When a small town factory is scheduled for closing, a high powered exec is sent to over see the deal, but ends up finding herself befriending the town, and helping them to save the factory.

Shot in Canada, this American-Canadian film is pretty much what you would expect out of the romantic comedy genre. The big shot falls in love with the little town and the one single guy who everyone knows she'll end up with.
Yet another of those I didn't love it but I didn't hate it films. Connick spends most of the movie looking like a typical winter lumberjack with a beard, which is actually a good look on him.  Zellweger carries the whole movie, giving a bit of her Bridget Jones physical comedy style to anchor the character.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Nosferatu Adventures S5 p9

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 140, chapter 140

Ash's ears twitched, as he woke. He had been given one of the two rooms in the wing by the kitchen when the group arrived few hours before at the convent. He hadn't been sure they would be let in, but The Seer had talked not only his way into an invitation, but the rest of the group as well.
Ash had barely been asleep for an hour when he heard noises coming from the kitchen that he somehow knew wasn't right. The werewolf jumped out of the small bed, magic misting a pair of leather pants, before silently opening the door and making his way down the hall.

Letting out a sigh, he ran his hand through his short mohawk slamming his shoulder into the door frame. "What are you doing?" He asked, peering around the edge of the threshold, seeing what looked like the young servant passed out in the corner of the room. At lest, he hoped she was passed out and not dead. A very nearly naked Dagan stood in the middle of the kitchen covered in flour, molasses and eggs. Puddles of liquidy gobs that the older werewolf assumed were failed attempts at baking, covered every solid inch of the table, a chair and the floor around Dagan's feet. Dagan himself had hand print sized splotches of coloured powders on his thighs and butt from where he kept wiping his hands on his pants.
Sniffing, Ash's nose became filled with the scents of cinnamon, cloves and honey.

The auburn haired  male mumbled to himself before turning to look at Ash, rubbing his hand through his bangs, leaving a trail of egg and smashed apricots. "...honey jars. Magic took from me magic will bring back...did you see the spoon? Big wooden thing..." he spun around in a complete circle nearly slipping on what looked like a crushed apple.

Ash pushed away from the door, seeing the spoon in question sitting in a large pot of chocolate that he figured Dagan had melted and forgotten about. Handing it to him, he raised an eyebrow. "Dagan, you've never used Hoodoo in your life."

"I can learn!" his voice cracked on the last word forcing him to clear his throat twice. "I'm a lycanthrope, I can do anything!" he nodded to the mess he had created.

"Anything it would seem, but lose gracefully." Ash scratched a very tattooed arm as he looked around the room. "How long you been in here?"

"Uh..." the younger werewolf threw his head back staring at the ceiling for a few long seconds, mouth open, tongue pressed against his teeth. "...twenty minutes?" he pouted rubbing his hand over his face, leaving another splotch of batter on his cheek. He licked his fingers clean of the mixture and continued to mumble to himself about needing more sugar.  "Hey, can you do me a favour and go into where that traitor backstabbing buddy of mine is and get me a slice of his flesh and some hair?" he grabbed a small jar that was filled halfway with molasses and some paper. "I need it for the spell."

"No." Ash gestured towards him. "Dagan, honey jars are not usually used for revenge. Usually they are used for love...spells. This isn't about your position as pack alpha is it?"

"What else would it be about?" he asked as he started to write on a small piece of paper, the pencil breaking. Letting out a sound of frustration, Dagan bit into his finger and started to write his spell in his own blood.  "These types of spells are designed to bring things to you. I'm going to use it to bring me back my position as alpha. And if I have to slaughter Reuben, breaking up him and that female in there in the process, well hey then that's what I'll do." he said as he started to fold the page towards him counting as he did. "They did that to me."

"Dagan..." Ash ripped the page out of his hands, tossing it into the pot of chocolate. "They didn't do that to you on purpose. They didn't do that at all. Ares did." he shook his head letting his hand slap against his thigh. "Now, I have no idea why the god wanted you dead, but he's the one who pushed you into the water for the mermaids. Not Reuben and not Nosferatu. They both have told you that they thought you were dead. They thought they were the only ones who made it out alive." he took a step closer to the younger male, grabbing Dagan's face between his fingers, forcing him to look at him in the eye. Ducking his chin a millimeter, Ash lowered his voice so that Dagan understood he was not threatening him. "They were trapped together for weeks, just them. And it wasn't pleasant from what they told me. There was a lot of mistrust, pain, anger and grief. Reuben loves you, he always has. He didn't stab you in the back, he was caught with her when the full moon hit. Triggered the ritual."  Ash let go of his face, Dagan's nostrils flaring as he pursed his lips together. Shaking his head, the younger male grabbed at his own jaw then as if to make sure it wasn't broken. "No more spells okay. Clean up this mess before we get kicked out of here. You might enjoy living in the woods twenty-four-seven pissing on trees but I don't. We'll talk about this with Reuben in the daylight."

Ash turned and left the kitchen heading back to his room.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Maybe Ash should be the alpha?)