Monday, December 31, 2012

Day 365- Last Day contiued

Movie: Julie and Julia
Starring: Meryl Streep, Amy Adams
Genre:Comedy, Drama, Bio-Pic,
Year: 2009
Format: DVD

Plot: After reading the cookbook Mastering the Art of French Cooking,   Julie Powell decides to cook her way through the large volume, and becomes obsessed with the life of Julia Child.

What do I think I learned from this film?

I decided it was only fitting to end the challenge the same way I started it. By watching the movie Julie/Julia.   The film that got me going in this direction to begin with. 

So it's a year later...

I started the year by  watching the movies at night and writing up the post to have for first thing in the morning.  It gave me a schedule and forced me to sit down for a few hours every day.
But along the way,  because of things happening in my life,  the movie was done in the morning and therefore, posted later in the day.
I was about three weeks into the challenge when I started wondering if I was in over my head and if I was going to even continue into the New Year.   But I got past that bump and kept at it. As crazy as it sounds,  I needed this.   I needed to finish something that I had started. 

A year ago, I had talked about finding your passion, another reason I wanted to do this year long challenge.

Nine weeks in, I sort of had an A-HA! moment.
I am not the type to do up New Year's resolutions, but I did for 2012. Two of the things on my "wish list" for the year were to get back to work on my scrapbook that had been sitting half done since 2008, and to get back to painting again. Something else I had not done since about 2006.
I'd realized the little sketchbook I'd been using to keep track of the movies I'd seen to that point, was more of a journal/scrapbook then just a list, with tickets I'd kept from the cinema, the lessons I felt I learned from each film and drawings I'd done that had been inspired by some of the movies.
So I ended up heading to the craft store and stocking up on art supplies and a photo album.  I turned what had been a simple list into these single mini projects.  The list had started just so that I could refer back quickly to make sure I did not  re-do a movie.

This challenge had unknowingly helped me to fulfill two of my New Year's "wishes".

Twelve weeks into the challenge I fell and broke my kneecap. Just shattered it.  I, ironically was coming home from the cinema when I slipped on some ice. It put me a full week behind on the challenge having been in the hospital.  
The challenge gave me something to focus on while I went through recovery.

This was not a cheap challenge by far.  I gave up around May trying to  keep track of everything spent over the course of the year in regards to this challenge.  From movie rentals, to the price of a popcorn etc.

Some of the movies I watched for the first time during the year, some were old favourites, and others still were movies I had in my collection that I'd watched once and didn't remember I had until I started to dig through my collection. 

I think the movies I enjoyed the most during the year were  Warrior and  Anonymous

This challenge ended up seeping into every part of my life.  I did not take in account at the beginning of this how it would affect my budget or how my family interacted with me.  As, because of my knee injury I spent a few months crashing on my mother's sofa; my movie choices were limited to what she was willing to watch with me.  That ended up being a major game changer. Not too mention that she babysat a lot, which would account for some of the kids movies I ended up seeing.
Ratings and how appropriate a movie was suddenly became something I needed to think about. 

There were many disappointments, because of my knee injury with me not getting to the cinema for all the films I had been looking forward to.
When I started this challenge, I was stuck on my sofa with a broken foot on a December afternoon in 2011. Who would have guessed that would be a foreshadow to the coming year with my knee?
I thought "how difficult is it to do something I do every day anyway? A year is nothing"  What I didn't account for were the unknowns.  Things like my health getting in the way, bad weather that caused power outages which kept me from seeing the movies and from getting online, the uninvited company who would stop by keeping me from being able to see a movie etc. All things that factored into the year going over by a few weeks.

This year was not what I was expecting it to be. But if I learned anything, is that life usually isn't what you would expect.

My official challenge is over for 2012.  But the blog is not.

You would expect to have a life lesson from something like Julie/Julia  or Eat Pray Love,  which I did. but you wouldn't expect to learn a life lesson from something like Evil Bong (okay I didn't learn anything from that but I needed an example)
The day I started this year long challenge, I really had nothing in mind other then I thought it would be cool to watch one movie a day for the year and blog about it.
But, after a few movies, I realized I actually wanted to get something out of this whole thing. I wanted to discover stuff.  Stuff about myself, new interests, new hobbies, new people. I realized in the end I really do want to find my passion.
It all ended up leading me back to a few common things.  Scrapbooking, art, and vampires.
That's when I decided I wanted to do an all vampire challenge.  Which is what I'm setting out to do in 2013.

This past year, despite my injury (two surgeries, seven months of physio therapy, and almost nine months sharing an apartment with my mother) despite the lack of a social life, I still had some fun with this challenge. (I think it helped keep me from going totally mad during the whole thing.)
And I'm sure a few of my readers checked in to see if I was honestly going to finish.  There were times when I wasn't sure I would. But very glad I did.
And I also know, that there are a few readers (mostly in the wrestling industry -big kiss-) who checked in to this blog simply because it was a ridiculous challenge.  I think that was another part of why I actually had fun doing this.  I was not working for any magazines or newspapers as a movie reviewer, it was done for fun.

As I said, my official challenge of one movie a day for the year in 2012 is over, but the blog is not.  The plan as I type this, is to continue the blog as I watch movies, as the movie club progresses (keeping my fingers crossed on that one) and diving head first into the vampire challenge I have planned for 2013. (more on that after tomorrow)

And as I realize this post is about as long as the last five I've done combined, I will say stay tuned, Happy New Year, and stay safe. 

What that movie inspired me to do #6

The movie Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, was a movie that came into my life when I was at a major turning point.
I had just gone through an extremely rough year personally, and when I watched that movie, I fell in love with the scrapbook. Which I know hundreds of others out there who saw the film also did.
In that year, 2002-03; I worked on my first serious scrapbook.  I've been scrapbooking off and on since I was a kid, but that was the first time I sat down and said "I'm going to do this"

Here all these years later, I've begun to get back into the habit of it.

These are some of the results from this year's movie challenge via my scrapbook.

This was my Alice in Wonderland  (Days 162 and 164) inspired page. I've posted this before on another blog and over on one of the scrapbook communities I'm part of.
 This is my Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas page. It's more of a drawing then a typical "scrapbook design" page. The red is showing up pink in this picture, because my webcam is crap.

I suppose, in a way, blogs are scrapbooks themselves.

So, I thought I would share a couple of my side projects from the year's challenge.  You never know what a movie will inspire you to do.

Day 365

movie: X-Men Origins:Wolverine
starring: Hugh Jackman, Liev Schreiber
genre: Sci-Fi, Action,
year: 2009
format: DVD

plot: We learn about Wolverine's past, from his discovering his ability, to learning he has a brother, to how he was given the adamantium skeleton. Which he uses to destroy the military based corporation that has been killing mutants for their abilities.

Based on the Marvel comics. Film number  4 in the X-Men franchise, and film 1 in the Wolverine sub-series.

I think the character of Wolverine is so loved because he's the sort of character that is more human then human but is still superhuman.
This film, like a lot of superhero stories, is based on the Frankenstein factor.  Experiments gone wrong, or totally successful depending on your point of view.

This is Wolverine's story, but it's also Sabretooth's as well.  I would love to see Schreiber have his own film in the series.

what do i think i learned from this film?
Everyone has a dark and light side to them. Everyone is capable of letting go of the controlled "human side",  it's how you proceed towards the more primal side that defines your character. If you're willing to work with your more natural instincts or fight against it, thus creating a monstrous part of yourself.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Day 364

movie: The Pink Panther 2
starring: Steve Martin, Andy Garcia
genre: Comedy, Crime
year: 2009
format: DVD

plot: A few of the worlds national treasures have been stolen by a master thief called the Tornado, and a group of detectives from around the world are called together to find them.  Top of the list is Inspector Clouseau

This is one of those films that you can sit back and waste time with.  It's got a small thread of an idea, but I really don't think it managed to pull it off proper.   It is however, extremely camp which makes it one of those it's so bad it's funny films.

Steve Martin is the master of the modern age of physical comedy and that's just what he serves up in this god awful laugh fest.

what do i think i learned from this film?
Alfred Molina looks hot even in a pink tutu.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Day 363

movie: Jawbreaker
starring: Rose McGowa, Julie Benz
genre: Comedy, Crime,
year: 1999
format: online

plot: A group of girls kidnap their friend on her birthday, only the jawbreaker they use to keep her quiet gets stuck in her throat killing her. They make a pact with another student to keep it all silent but the truth has a way of making itself heard.

Some would say this is a mild rip off of Heathers.   I can see the elements in it. 
This movie is hard to really place in a solid category.  It's dark humour has lent it to cult status, but at the same time, the core of it is a serious story about jealousy.

Most of the actresses went on to make a name for themselves in the horror genre, most notable Benz for her role in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel tv shows.

This movie really nails it for me, on how brutal high school can get. The competition, specially between women can get very close to the way it's portrayed here. The need to be the queen of the scene, can bring out the devil in some people. That's why there are so many movies on the topic of mean girls.

what do i think i learned from this film?
It's movies like this that remind me why I choose not to have any female friends

Friday, December 28, 2012

Day 362

movie: The Addams Family
starring: Anjelica Huston, Raul Julia
genre: Comedy,
year: 1991
format: DVD

plot: A con artist decides to steal the Addams's money by hiring an imposter to pretend to be Fester, Gomez's long lost brother, but nothing goes according to plan.

Classic. What can I say, other then it has become a cult classic in the last 21 years.
Christopher Lloyd I  think really makes this one.  He's officially played everything there is to play, and many of them strange characters. I know I don't think of any other actor when I think of the character.

This movie is almost hard to pin down as far as what it's all about.  Seems like it's got a bit of everything, from being comfortable with yourself, to always trusting your gut, to never letting your family heritage down.

what do i think i learned from this film?
Most of the time, your family can forgive you anything...most of the time

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Day 361

starring:Paul Bettany, Kristen Dunst
genre: Drama, Romance, Sports
year: 2004
format: online

plot: A tennis pro who is in his 30's decides to do one last championship game, and ends up falling in love with a female player

I don't think I've ever watched tennis in  my life before, nor have I ever seen a movie about tennis before.  I found it more interesting then baseball.

This is a movie about refinding yourself. Like many of the starting over after a heartbreak movies, the lead character is faced with the reality of his choices. I did like the fact that this was about a man experiencing the heartbreak and lack of direction.  Normally these films are geared to women. 
Bettany has a way of making everything he plays seem real, even when he's an arch angel on the war path (Legion)

what do i think i learned from this film?
You never know what you have left in you till you try. Love and passion are like a comet, appearing  out of nowhere and strikes you just when you lest expect it. Cold and hot at the same time.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Day 360

movie: Trouble with the Curve (aka Back in the Game)
starring: Clint Eastwood, Amy Adams
genre: Drama, Sports
year: 2012
format: Shaw Video On Demand

plot: A baseball scout's contract is about to end, and if he wants to have it renewed, he needs to sign the next big thing. Only he's starting to go blind, so his daughter goes with him on a week long scouting trip.

You sort of have an idea right off what's going to happen here. Father and Daughter who don't really get along are forced to do so. Daughter meets another baseball player and ends up in a relationship with him, while struggling with the job she is suppose to be doing that she took time away from to help her dad.

I don't know a thing about baseball, and no this movie did not make me want to learn anything about the sport.
It was a cute movie, and one of the better ones I've seen over the years about baseball. This is Amy Adams movie all the way. And if you watch this back to back with Julie/Julia, you can see why she's becoming someone to hold the lead.

what do i think i learned from this film?
People will disappoint you no matter what. The question is, will you disappoint yourself?

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Day 359

movie: Premium Rush
starring: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Shannon
genre: Action, Crime
year: 2012
format: Shaw Video On Demand

plot: A bike delivery guy is given a mysterious envelope to take to China Town and is chased all over New York by a cop who wants the envelope.

This was different.  I like different.
The main character is introduced and then you're taken back two hours to introduce the bad guy which then brings you back to the first time slot where their stories intertwine, then you are taken back about two hours again to be introduced to the other two characters all leading up to the point where their stories intertwine.

Confused?  I make it sound more complicated then the actual story is. 

what do i think i learned from this film?
Don't get mixed up with gambling.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Day 358

movie: Rise of the Planet of the Apes
starring: Andy Serkis, James Franco
genre: Sci-fi, Drama
format: Online

plot: A scientist finds a newborn ape in his lab, who has been genetically enhanced. Raising it like his own son for 8 years, Cesar is removed from their home after an accident. Soon, Cesar's intelligence evolves to the point he is able to teach the other apes who are being held captive, and leads them in an uprising.

I was expecting a solid sci-fi action flick. What I got was a heartwarming drama.  I ended up with a crying headache.

This is suppose to be the first in a series of rebooted Planet of the Apes films.   It was extremely well written, and kept me glued to the screen.  I have to admit, I sat there wondering for most of it how much was digital and how much was puppets/man in a suit?  I was surprised in a good way to learn that the apes were actually all done by motion capture and that it was 97% "men in suites".   You're drawn in by them so much, you forget that you are watching a "digital" movie.

All I really have to say is, I can not wait for the next installment of the series.

what do i think i learned from this film?
Humanity is what you make of it.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Day 357

movie: Hope Springs
starring: Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones
genre: Drama
year: 2012
format: Shaw Video On Demand

plot: A middle aged couple decide they need to have therapy after their 31 year marriage becomes troubled.

This was difficult to sit through at moments.  The conversation was frank but handled tastefully.  I was really expecting more of a film along the lines of Heartburn or The Hours, but instead this was a more realistic approach to the topic of lost intimacy.

Tommy Lee Jones steals the film with his portrayal of a man who seems like a lost little puppy who just wants to be forgotten in the corner. His character is so comfortable in the cocoon he's built for himself that he fails to understand that his "perfect situation" is far from perfect for his wife.
He brings this beautifully real sense of awkwardness to the relationship and makes you believe that he feels out of his depth with the woman who "could have had her pick of men but picked him" scenes.

The rating on this was a PG-13, and you wont see anything worse then what you would on a typical soap opera, but the topical discussion should be given a more serious parental warning.

what do i think I learned from this film?
Sex is the second major form of communication besides talking, and when we loose sight of how to be connected on that level, we loose our ability to communicate in general with our mate.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Day 356

movie: The Fast and the Furious
starring: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker
genre: Action, Crime
year: 2001
format: Shaw Video On Demand

plot: An undercover cop joins forces with a drag racer to find out who is behind a recent bought of truck hijackings

Okay, this is the first movie in the series.  The one I thought I had rented way back earlier in the year (Day 59) when I had actually seen part 4.
And to be honest, I can't really tell the films apart. The titles are confusing.

I kept waiting for something big to happen in this, but there wasn't much more then driving around with a few shoot em up scenes.  One of the major movies that helped to start the wave of driving around with a few shoot em up scenes in the movie- genre. 

what do i think i learned from this film?
I don't think I learned anything from this movie other then Vin Diesel is still hot.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Day 355

movie: Pitch Perfect
starring: Anna Kendrick, Skylar Astin
genre: Music
year: 2012
format: Shaw Video On Demand

plot: A college dj is talked into joining an A cappella group, and finds herself at the national finals.

This is based on the non fiction book.

Basically, this is a vocal version of popular dance off movies. And I have to say, it was better then I was expecting.  This managed to mix romantic comedy along with the music, which I wasn't sure would blend well enough to keep the flow of it going, but it did.

There was an unintentional joke - lest I think it was unintentional- with the line about the lead Beca becoming a Bella. As the musical group is called the Barden Bellas, and the lead actor Anna Kendrick played the best friend in the first 4 Twilight movies.

I have to say, as cute as this film was, I'm not too sure I'd be able to sit through more then one more like this.  I can see this becoming a new sub-genre, which would turn me off completely from the whole thing.

what do i think i learned from this film?
I had no idea that there were real competitions of this, that there were serious communities and groups that did A cappella competitions.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Day 354

movie: Morning Glory
starring: Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford
genre: Drama
year: 2010
format: online

plot: A young television producer is fired from her job, and soon finds herself taking a job on a morning show, which is failing in the ratings. Her only chance to save the show is to get a former late night news anchor to work for them.

This is a love story, but not in the typical sense.  Which I loved. 
The lead character is forced to deal with an older co-worker who develop a work relationship that mirrors a typical romance.  But I liked the fact they gave the characters relationships with other people, leaving their "relationship" strictly work.  She woos him for the job and after a "break up", he wins her back with a news segment.

what do i think i learned from this film?
Your dream and goal will come to you if you believe in it and work for it, it just might not come in the package you think it will.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Day 353

movie: My Life in Ruins
starring: Nia Vardalos, Richard Dreyfuss
genre: Comedy, Romance
year: 2009
format: online

plot: A history professor is forced to be a tour guide while living in Greece. On her last tour, she finds that she is being sabotaged by one of her co-workers, and starts up a romance with her new bus driver.

This is one of those it is better then it sounds, but not as good as the trailer made it seem.

It's a "starting over" movie that just always seems to be geared to us women over 30. It's sweet, but ten minutes into it you get the "been here seen this movie"  feel. 
I can not say I hated it, but I can not say I really liked it either.

What makes this film laughable, is the pick-pocket grandma.

what do i think i learned from this film?
Relax, have an ice cream, have a dance.

My Top 5 Best and Worst of 2012

We're nearing the end of the year, and everyone is talking about the top movies that either made their hit lists or miss lists.

So, I think I'll add my lot to the pot.

Top Worst 2012

1. Sexual Chronicles of a French Family  (Day 333)

2.ParaNorman (Day 332)

3.  The Campaign (Day 316)

4. The Hunger Games (Day 244)

5. Wraith of the Titans (212)

I have to say, ParaNorman was the lest of the worst on this list. There were a few more films that just made me want to turn off the movie, but I want to keep the lists to 5 each side

Top Best of 2012

1. Batman 3 The Dark Knight Rises (Day 339)

2. Twilight Saga 5 Breaking Dawn part 2 (Day 325)

3. Amazing Spider-Man (Day 315)

4. Hotel Transylvania (Day 288)

5. This Means War (Day 79)

I have to say, the surprise film for me on this list is actually Amazing Spider-Man. I had heard so much negative on it, that I wasn't sure it would be of interest to me, but it is by far my favourite Spiderman. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day 352

movie: Total Recall (remake)
starring: Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale
genre: Sci-fi, Action
year: 2012
format: Shaw Video On Demand

plot: A factory worker has a recurring dream that he is a spy, and goes to a place that can alter dreams and memories, only to find out that his dreams are not just dreams.

This is based on the 1990 movie which was based on the book "We Can Remember It for you Wholesale" by Philip K. Dick

I've never seen the original 1990 version, so I can't compare the two. Which might be good for me, given I really liked the remake.  Farrell plays the lead character of Quaid as clueless but does it without coming across as boring. Beckinsale makes the movie.  She might have started off doing romantic roles but she owns the action genre now.

(talked about the vampire connection on my vampire blog here)

what do i think i learned from this film?
Sometimes our minds are not what they seem. Follow your instincts over everything else.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Day 351

movie: Fred Claus
starring: Paul Giamatti, Vince Vaughn
genre; Comedy
year: 2007
format; TV EDIT

plot: Santa's older brother Fred ends up spending a few weeks at the North Pole, to pay off a debt. Meanwhile, Santa is having issues with a corporate executive who wants to shut down the whole thing.

Okay, I have to admit, I love Paul Giamatti, and he was the only reason I sat through this movie.  That and it was on tv so it was a free movie.

This movie was actually better then it sounded.  Vaughn was funny, and given everything I've seen him in before has been rude and vulgar, this was actually funny. Semi-clean, but then again as I said it was a tv edit.
I liked the idea of exploring the rest of the family of someone famous.  Really liked the scene with the support group for brothers of celebrities.  Stephen Baldwin was a crack up.  You don't think about how the rest of the people in the life of a famous person deals with stuff, and this movie extreme as it is, gives you a small taste of how it might affect them.

what do i think i learned from this film?
Nothing is ever completely black and white no matter what you might think about the situation. No one can ever be totally nice all the time.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Day 350

movie: Men In Black 3
starring: Will Smith, Josh Brolin
genre: Sci-Fi
year: 2012
format: Shaw Video On Demand

plot: Agent J. is affected by a time disturbance and is the only one who realizes that Agent K. is missing. He needs to travel back in time to 1969 and fix the mistake that was made in order to save the world

It's been over a decade since the second movie in the series was released, and to be honest, I don't remember anything about the first two movies.  Maybe it was a mind eraser probe? 

I loved Josh Brolin in this.  I was skeptical on if this film was going to be any good, as because of how long it's been between films, but Brolin was worth it! He captures the character that Tommy Lee Jones created to perfection, while still adding his own touches to it.

what do i think i learned from this film?
Everyone has a moment, touching or harsh that makes them become the people they are currently.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Day 349

movie: Santa Buddies
starring: Christopher Lloyd, George Wendt
genre: Family
format: TV EDIT

plot: The magical icicle that powers the North Pole is melting because people have stopped believing in Christmas.  Santa's dog, is the only one who can make people believe again as he travels around with a group of dogs to help save a small town.

Another talking dog movie.  Why is it, whenever I'm babysitting I get stuck watching talking dog movies? 

This is one of those its so silly but it must be cute because it's got animals in it.  Short on story but then again, it's for kids. I feel sorry for the dogs in this, as they all had to wear stupid costumes.

what do i think i learned from this film?
According to my 6 year old cousin "it's all done with computer you can't make a dog really fly or anything unless you hang on to it and jump off of something that's really really high and land like that. But it's safer with a computer no one gets hurt when you do it all with computer."

Friday, December 14, 2012

Day 348

movie: Star Trek the Motion Picture
starring: William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy
genre: Sci-fi, Drama
year: 1979
format: online

plot: Kirk takes command of the Enterprise in order to help stop a machine based threat from destroying Earth. But after one of his crew is taken and replaced by a robot, another makes the ultimate sacrifice.

You can pretty much say, this was the beginning of the Borg that would show up throughout all the other series and films.
Two characters who were introduced in this film only to end up dying as they become part of the machine.  It's creepy and brilliant all at the same time.

We're talking 1979 here. The story is confusing and thin, while the effects are comical now, they were the best in the world at that time. The downfall of the film is the amount of effects that were used.
There are these scenes of rich dialogue that though were sparse, showed the fact the film was character driven. Then you're given these long pieces of effects for the sake of the effects which I found broke the story for me. I would rather be carried away by a really great scene of witty dialogue then by effects. 

There has been so much said good, bad, mediocre about the first ST movie, that I'll keep my post fairly short.  BUT, I did like the idea that there needed to be a duel element of "god and goddess" to create something new. One of the final scenes had the crew talking about a new lifeform, which could not have happened if the male and female crew members hadn't agreed to give themselves over to the machine.
This gives the seemingly odd comment by the character of Ilia when she's introduced in the beginning about her vow of celibacy a purpose. Total foreshadowing for her role in things.

what do i think i learned from this film?
Resistance is futile.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Day 347

movie: Mona Lisa Smile
starring: Julia Roberts, Ginnifer Goodwin
genre: Drama
year: 2003
format: DVD

plot: Follows the lives of a female art professor and her students at an all girls college in the 1950's, and how they each deal with the conservative issues of the time.

This is a film that asks what would you do if you're life ended up being less then you expected?
It's almost a foreshadow for Roberts as it gives many of the similar questions as Eat Pray Love.

The art almost becomes a character in itself, and forces the characters to reevaluate their personal views on how they are living their lives. And what they are willing to put up with from their families.

The romantic issues that all the characters go through, from the free giving characters to the traditional married ones, to the almost nun like character; in the end are all how the women deal with their fears.  One of the teachers fears being alone and heartbroken to the point of hiding where as another character fears the rejection and what people will think of her to the point of belittling a classmate.

what do i think i learned from this film?
Are you living your life for you, or are you living the life everyone expects you to be?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Day 346

movie: Dinner with Friends
starring: Greg Kinnear, Toni Collette
genre: Drama, Food
year: 2001
format: DVD

plot: Two couples discover the truth about the marriage of one of them over a late night dinner.

This at first glance, seems like a sweet little foodie film, but after about the first ten minutes, you realize the food is more of a backdrop then anything else.

It's also based on a stage play.  Which you feel within seconds of the set up.
Rich in dialogue, the story shows how one couple's lives overlaps with the second couple's.  As the first couple reveal their affairs and their break up, the second couple start to wonder how things will affect them. 

what do i think i learned from this film?
There is a fine line between lust and disgust. Lies no matter how small can destroy people's faith in the world around them.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Day 345

movie: Prophecy 5 The Forsaken
starring: Tony Todd, John Light
genre: Fantasy, Thriller
year: 2005
format: DVD

plot: Allison, is given the job of protecting the book that contains the name of the anti-christ from both sides of Archangels in the war between heaven and hell from getting it.

This is the fifth installment in the Prophecy films, and if you have not seen the others, it won't make any sense.   Which is unfortunate. I like movies that can be seen as a stand alone, even if it is part of a series.  And usually by the time you get this far into a franchise the stories start to become self contained, but this one is clearly part of something.

We're introduced to a whole new cast of characters in part four, creating a new arch and a new set of plot rules. And if you missed part 4, then you end up loosing the connection to the lead character and why she's doing what she's doing.  

what do i think i learned from this film?
Sometimes the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one

Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 344

movie: Prophecy 2
starring: Christopher Walken, Jennifer Beals
genre: Thriller,
year: 1998
format: DVD

plot: Archangel Danyael comes to earth with the intent to have a child with a woman.  The child will be a Nephilim, to help with the war between the Angels.  Gabriel, has been released from hell in order to stop it from happening.

 I love movies that follow a heaven vs hell plot. This is the second of 5 movies in the Prophecy series. And, the one that I believe is where the series should have started. 

Walken brings enough dry humour to the role of  Gabriel, to make you wonder sometimes if all his lines were improvised?
It's never explained why the Beals character is chosen to be the mother, or if it's a random thing. That's one plot hole I would have liked to have filled in.

what do i think i learned from this film?
Just because you think you know what side you're on, doesn't mean you really do.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Day 343

movie: Shopgirl
starring: Steve Martin, Claire Danes
genre: Drama, Romance
year: 2005
format; DVD

plot: A young woman working in the glove department of a store, is torn between the older man who seduces her and the younger man who seems to be too much of a mess.

This is based on a short story originally written by Steve Martin.

We follow the lives of the three characters as they try to figure out what and who they really want in their lives.  The Danes character, first meets the younger guy in a laundry which is one of the most intimate places you can yet one of the most coldest.  Her first impressions of him lead her to think that he's not really relationship material, but she keeps him sort of in the background.
Meanwhile, she meets the Martin character at work, and is dazzled by this older wealthy man who seems put together but is really an emotional shell.  She ends up becoming to him, what the younger man is to her.

This story is about how we connect or refuse to connect to people in our lives.  The ones we see as plastic and disposable and the ones that we consider treasures.

There is a scene where both men are shown at home in their kitchens eating take away and watching a game.  Two sides of the same coin.  I like how this paralleled.  

what do i think i learned from this film?
Sometimes what you really want and need is right in front of you but not the way you would expect

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Day 342

movie: Wuthering Heights
starring: Tom Hardy, Charlotte Riley
genre: Drama, Romance
year: 2009
format: online

plot: Heathcliff  is taken in by a wealthy man, raised alongside his two children. As they grow up, the daughter falls in love with him but they are kept apart by the older brother. Soon, Heathcliff driven by a broken heart, plots revenge on everyone that helped to keep them apart.

Based on the classic novel of the same name.

This is also a made for tv movie. 

I was swept away by the story.  This is one of those stories that everyone knows, but might not be aware that you know. 
I've never read the novel, never seen an adaptation of it before, but the story is one that's been told so often in other things - like soap operas- that I knew it on a subconscious level.

I had one thought while watching this,  when does pure love turn into unspeakable cruelty? 

There is a bit of  a taste of what Pride and Prejudice lends to.  The idea that no matter how much the character of Cathy loved Heathcliff, she was too prideful to allow herself to be just his wife. She wanted to be more and make a larger name for herself.
You see how  Heathcliff's purity becomes obsession for what is owed him, and how he lets it turn him into what he hates the most.

what do i think i learned from this film?
Real passion has a way of devouring a pure soul until either they become expressive in a creative way or in a destructive one, leveling everything in their path that inspired them.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Day 341

movie: Bronson
starring: Tom Hardy, Matt King,
genre: Bio-pic, Comedy
year: 2008
format: online

plot: Following the 34 years that Charlie Bronson was in prison in Britain for petty theft. 

This is based on a true story.

If you've paid any attention to anything I've said over time, you know I love Tom Hardy.  I had stayed away from this originally because I'm not real big on prison stories, but everyone has told me that it's his best work ever.
I went into this film thinking it was going to be like an episode of OZ, but was surprised to see it wasn't. 

The violence is there, but not in the way you would expect. It's not gory or extreme just for shock value.  It is there to help get the message across. I found the violent outbursts of "f***-off" to be more brutal at times then the actual fighting scenes. The raw emotion that Hardy manages to tap into when you lest expect it, rattles you.

I know the trailer for this called it the Clockwork Orange for the 21st century. And I can see that clearly, but there are moments when I kept comparing this to Rocky Horror Picture Show; mostly because of the scenes with the stage and audience.  It just seemed to have that flow for me.

And to address the nudity.  Yes it's there.  Hardy's character spends a lot of time completely naked in many of his fight scenes. But it's never sexual. It's always an extension of the battle he's about to partake in. Those scenes ironically, have him with is shoes on and his hands tapped up like a boxer. It's like the alpha in a pack showing that he's ready to do what needs to be done.

what do i think i learned from this film?
The system may have failed Mr. Bronson, but he seemed to understand that he could make the best of it without loosing his morals.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

quote of the day Dec 6th

 I decided for today's quote, to go back twenty years and pull out something from Bram Stoker's Dracula...

Lucy -"I love him I love him!  Oh Mina, it's so wonderful, I decided. I love him and I've said yes."

Mina-" Don't tell me, the Texan with the big  knife"

Lucy " Oh no, to my dear number three, Lord Arthur Holmwood. Lord and Lady Holmwood"

from the scene when the two girls are in the garden just before Dracula's spell reaches them.

Day 340

movie: Hungry for Change
starring: Kris Carr, Frank Ferrante
genre: Documentary
year: 2012
format: online

plot: Following the lives of a variety of people, as they discover how much processed foods are really affecting their lives

This is another one of those food documentaries designed to educate how much hidden sugars are really in things.

what do i think i learned from this film?
I was shocked to see how aspartame is hidden in so many foods.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Day 339

movie: Batman The Dark Knight Rises
starring: Christian Bale, Tom Hardy
genre: Action
year: 2012
format: DVD

plot: It's 8 years since Batman stopped fighting crime, and now Wayne Enterprises is bankrupt. Meanwhile, Bane; a masked criminal has taken the city hostage forcing Batman to return for one more battle.

This is the conclusion of the story arch of the Dark Knight movies. But with it, we get the introduction of Catwoman and another character; whom I thought would be taking up the role in the coming series - I am hoping there is a  new series-

What you learn about the character of Bane, makes you realize that not everything is as it appears, and that in the end everyone is truly on an even playing field.
And compared to the last movie -The Dark Knight- where the Dent's face was shown in all it's grotesque glory, Bane stays behind his mask and is more subtle.

I have one complaint, the way they designed the voice of Bane was difficult to understand.

what do I think I learned from this film?
This is a story about faith in yourself and what drives us to believe what we believe.  The successes and failures that collect up within us to help form our core values, as well as knowing when to push beyond the limits we've set for ourselves. The place myths have in keeping the fabric of community and society together is truly a thread. 
Where as the first film in the series- Batman Begins- is about facing your fears and letting them go, this was about knowing when your fear is your strength and when it's your weakness.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Day 338

movie: Demonic Toys
starring: Tracy Scoggins,Daniel Cerny
genre: Horror, Sci-fi
year: 1992
format: DVD

plot: A cop chases a suspect into a warehouse, only to find out that a demonic presence has taken over the toys and has intentions of possessing her unborn baby.

This is one of those straight to video movies that starts off really seeming more like a cop drama, then switches gears into a typical satanic ritual film. 
The acting is actual better then expected, this might be due to the fact this was during the age of soap stars who did B-movies. Compared to some of the stuff that has come out in the last few years in the name of B-movie-dom, this stands head and shoulders above.
The dolls are creepy, and witty with their one liners.  

what do i think i learned from this film?
Dolls are creepy.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Day 337

movie: He' Just Not that Into you
starring: Ginnifer Goodwin, Justin Long
genre: comedy
year: 2009
format: DVD

plot: A group of female friends find themselves rethinking everything that they have learned about men and relationships

This is based on the self-help book of the same name.   I have to say, I love this movie, really hate the book.

Much of what is shown in the film is common sense, even though we normally don't pay attention to it.  It does breakdown the myths that every woman is told over the years about men's behavour 
What I liked was that there is a flip side to this.  As one female character is going through the whole situation, the guy she originally likes ends up going through the whole situation with another girl.  It shows that sometimes it's a cause "she's just not that into you"

what do i think i learned from this film?
It's not always us women who don't see the forest for the trees, sometimes guys get there maps wrong too

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Day 336

starring: Josh Charles, Lara Flynn Boyle
genre: Drama, Comedy
year: 1994
format: online

plot: Alex, a woman is mistakenly added to a men's dorm room, and falls quickly for both her roommates. One of which is straight and one who is gay.

This is said to be a semi-autobiographical story by the writer/director.

This is one of those films that debuted a few years before the big rush of bad raunch-comedy that has become so connected to college movies.  And thank god it did.  There is a real story here that if this film had been made even four years later, would have fallen victim to the raunch-comedy.

The sub-stories run from finding yourself, to finding friendship where you didn't think it could be, to the idea that a lot of people simply can't handle the notion that someone around them/that they care about could be anything other then what they wish they could.

This film is all about the sex.  Even though the actual sex scenes are limited, the topic is pretty much the only one expressed.  It's almost like a escape route for the characters whenever anything serious is about to happen.

what do i think i learned from this film?
You can't change who you are, nor can you change anyone else to fit your idea of them.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Day 335

movie: Labor Pains
starring:Lindsay Lohan, Luke Kirby
genre: Comedy
format: online

plot: At the threat of loosing her job, a secretary lies about being pregnant in order to not be fired. Soon, she is dressing the part and acting as if the baby is real

This at first seems like a cringe worthy idea, but after the first few minutes, you settle into it.  It's a cute, though sometimes twisted look at how pregnancy changes the way people view things.
I have to say, the few movies I've seen Lohan in she's surprised me at her acting ability.  You hear so much about everything but her career you forget she can actually act.

what do i think i learned from this film?
Don't take anything lightly

Friday, November 30, 2012

Day 334

movie: Lawless
starring: Tom Hardy, Guy Pearce
genre: Drama, Bio-pic, Crime
year: 2012
format; Shaw Video On Demand

plot: Three brothers running a moonshine business during the 1930's prohibition, have to deal with a crocked cop as well as a few gangsters who want a cut

This is based on the book  The Wettest Country in the World by  Matt Bondurant.

I was excited for this for one reason, Tom Hardy. (I think I'm the only person who really liked his Star Trek character)

The violence is minimal considering the topic, and the film is very much about the characters.
Guy Pearce is brilliant as this creepy cop who has mysophobia (fear of germs, oh yeah I broke out the dictionary) to the point that I was thinking that would be his character's undoing...

I was disappointed Gary Oldman had little to do in this film. I was expecting him to have a larger role.

what do i think i learned from this film?
Never underestimate the strength of the human heart. You're usually much stronger then you think you are.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

What that movie inspired me to do Nov 29th

The Ninth Gate Project... continued

Do you remember, I talked about trying to make a copy of the Ninth Gate book? (here)

I've stumbled on some websites that have some great how-to instructions on making your own prop copy like in the movie.

Well, seems it's much easier then it looks.  I'm not even going to show the mess I have.  And the only reason I'm mentioning it is because I mentioned the project few months ago to begin with.
I promised an update, good or bad or otherwise, so here's the update.

You need some talent for this or you know the crafting gods to bless you with some motor skills other then being able to make coffee.
Seems, I have nether talent for crafts or decent motor skills for anything other then stirring drinks.

But, I will hand you the website link to the guy who inspired me to try.  The Ninth Gate to the Kingdom of Shadows Tutorial 

This dude knows what he's doing unlike myself.


Day 333

movie: Sexual Chronicles of a French Family
starring: Mathias Melloul, Valerie Maes
genre: Drama,
year: 2012
format: online

plot: A boy is caught masturbating in class and it starts a domino effect with the way his family expresses their own sexuality

Okay, I had seen a few reviews on this, and they vary from one extreme to the other on how sexual this film is from people saying there really isn't much in there to see, to people saying it's straight up porn.

Well, they are both sort of right. 

The opening scene is a graphic sex scene of a girl masturbating on extreme close up and then it cuts to the one of the main character, only you don't see him doing it. Just the facial expressions. And the plot of the story sort of gets lost, which seems to be that sex is natural and healthy at any age.  And I say it gets lost because there are so many sex scenes, all of which are done with the female characters doing a bit more then faking it and all the male characters are out of frame.

I think the worst part of this is that it's sort of bland. The dialogue is weak, the plot thin and it can't make up it's mind if it wants to be a serious movie or a porn film

what do i think i learned from this film?
Nothing, I learned nothing

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 332

starring: Kodi Smit-McPhee, Anna Kendrick
genre: Comedy, Cartoon
year: 2012
format: Shaw Video on Demand

plot: A boy who sees ghosts, is charged with the job of keeping a 300 year old curse from destroying the town

Zombies, witches and ghosts. In cartoon form. 
It started off with the feel of an animated version of Monster Squad meets Hocus Pocus, but quickly became a mess.

It's going to be one of those films you see on tv every year at Hallowe'en, like Nightmare Before Christmas did for years.  I think I would have like this story better if the creators had by passed the cartoon and made it as a live action film.

I will give it credit for the "boyfriend joke" at the end. There is a running sub-plot through the film where the older sister falls for the jock and can't understand why he's not going for her, then he says "you'll love my boyfriend"  Not too long ago they would have had either the two get together or the joke would have been about a girlfriend not boyfriend. Proves that audiences are given more credit now then even five years ago.

what do i think i learned from this film?
Believe the curse, it's most likely true

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 331

movie: The Bad Mother's  Handbook
starring: Catherine Tate, Robert Pattinson
genre: Comedy, Drama,
year: 2007
format: online

plot: A woman's life if uprooted when she finds out that she is adopted and that her teen daughter is pregnant all in the same day.

This is a made for tv movie based on the book of the same name

Okay, I will admit, I watched this for one reason it's an early Pattinson film. As in his work pre-twilight.  Basically, the trailer and the poster lie.  He's got maybe ten minutes on screen in this whole film, and maybe about three lines. But, as you can see he's got top billing and the trailer is cut with almost all his footage. Which makes me think it was re-released after Twilight simply to cash in. 

The movie isn't even really about the teenaged daughter as much as it is Tate's character, of the self absorbed mom.

what do i think i learned from this film?
History tends to repeat itself

Monday, November 26, 2012

Day 330

movie: Peace, Love and Misunderstanding
starring: Jane Fonda, Catherine Keener
genre: Drama, Comedy
year: 2011/1012
format: Shaw Video On Demand

plot: when a stressed out lawyer is asked for a divorce by her husband, she packs up her two teenaged kids and heads to her mother's in Woodstock for a few weeks.

This is one of those "odd couple" type films.  Fonda plays the hippy goddess with a believability second to none. (compared to her roles in films like Monster-in-Law and Georgia Rule)

The story is spread out over the four main characters, three women and one man- the grandmother, mother, daughter and son- exposing their vulnerabilities when it comes to believing they should be in a relationship.
The son is experiencing his first romance through the use of his video camera, while the daughter is coming to a compromise between her ideal belief and the reality that's available.
And the mother and grandmother are learning how to give each other the space to make their own mistakes.

Bit of a warning, the drug use in this film is almost like a character in itself. Which is handled in a realistic and endearing way.   yes I said endearing while describing pot.

what do i think i learned from this film?
A relationship only has value to you if you yourself let it have value.

Coming Attractions for 2013

Just a short list of a few films I'm aware of that will be released in the new year.

*All release dates are for Canada and the U.S.*

Hitchcock (aka Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho) Nov 23rd 2012 (that was a limited and film festival release, with a January 10th 2013 as a wider release)

Gangster Squad- January 11th 2013

Broken City- January 18th 2013

Last Stand- January 18th 2013

On the Road- January 18th 2013

Parker- January 25th 2013

Bullet to the Head- February 1st 2013

Warm Bodies - February 1st 2013

Identity Thief- February 8th 2013

Beautiful Creatures - February  13th 2013

Jack the Giant Slayer- March 1st 2013

Admission- March 8th 2013

Carrie- March 15th 2013

The Heat- April 5th 2013

The Evil Dead- April 12th 2013

Pain and Gain- April 26th 2013

Iron Man 3- May 3rd 2013

Star Trek into Darkness- May 17th 2013

Man of Steel -June 14th 2013

Monsters University- June 21st 2013

The Lone Ranger- July 3rd 2013

Red 2- August 2nd 2013

Mortal Instruments City of Bones- August 23rd 2013

I, Frankenstein- September 13th 2013

The World's End-  October 25th 2013

Thor 2 Dark World- November 8th 2013

Hunger Games 2 Catching Fire- November 22nd 2013

The Hobbit The Desolation of Smaug- December 13th 2013

And we all know that's not even the tip of it for the year.   I think I'm looking forward to Iron Man 3, and Star Trek into Darkness the most.
Will be interesting to see how the remakes of Carrie and Evil Dead are handled.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Day 329

movie: Christmas with the Kranks
starring: Tim Allen, Jamie Lee Curtis
genre: Comedy
year: 2004
format: Shaw Video On Demand

plot: When a couple learn their grown daughter is going to be out of the country for the holidays, they decide to skip the traditional christmas and go on a vacation, but when she comes home last minute, they scramble to make it seem like every year.

I actually like the first half of this, then got sort of bored when the "scramble" started. Where the majority of the comedy was suppose to be and it turned into a traditional style holiday film.
It is suppose to be one of those feel good morally up lifting endings, but it just played out like every Disney film and Hallmark Sunday night movie you see going into December 25th.

I've actually seen people in real life act that psycho when it comes to what the people in their neighbourhoods do for certain holidays, and thought the bullying and amount of busy-bodying a few of the characters had done was little too realistic.
Honestly, I was really hoping that the lead characters were going to stick to their guns, then the typical giving in, in the second half of the film just put me off.

The ham was funny. Who would have thought a canned ham could steal the show?

what do i think i learned from this film?
Always have a back up plan

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Day 328

movie: Alter Egos
starring:Kris Lemche, Joey Kern
genre:  Comedy
year: 2012
format: Shaw Video On Demand

plot: A superhero who is having doubts about being one, is called to a small motel to help with a mission. Soon, he finds himself wondering if it's all worth it in the end, as a plot to frame him emerges.

I have to say, I might not have even noticed this one other then the fact Kris Lemche is the lead.  I love everything I've seen the Canadian actor in.
This is also from the same team that did Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Undead (Day 35)

This is one of those films that at first seems like a nice mindless waste of time, but ends up feeling like you just watched a short stage play about the value of self esteem.

It sort of deals with the idea of what do you do when you're special in a world where everyone is special.  It makes a comment about how labels are just that, a label; that just because it describes what you do doesn't mean it makes who you are.

The lead character, like hundreds of other people, has a power, but he's not really comfortable being a hero, he's more comfortable being an artist. (there are a few wrestlers right now reading this laughing their arses off at me for loving this film)
And brings up the topic in more then one form about what it is people really want to be known for.

what do i think i learned from this film?
At any time someone can be a hero, but at the end of the day, you have to be able to deal with just being you.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Day 327

movie: Harry Potter 6 The Half Blood Prince
starring: Daniel Radcliffe, Alan Rickman
genre: Fantasy
year: 2009
format: Shaw Video On Demand

plot: Harry discovers a copy of the magic text book with handwritten notes by a former student, and begins to become interested in knowing more about the boy.

This is based on the 6th book in the series.

This is where the characters really start to "grow up", as they are put into more adult situations.
Personally, I could have done with less of the relationships and more of the magic.

what do i think i learned from this film?
Nothing is ever black and white

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Day 326

movie: The Decoy Bride
starring: David Tennant, Kelly Macdonald
genre: Comedy, Romance,
format: Shaw Video On Demand

plot: A movie star and her author boyfriend have tried to get married a few times only to have the press ruin the wedding. On a trip to Scotland, they try one more time, only this time the publicity manager hires a stand in bride to throw the press off the trail.

This is one of those really sweet stories that plays up on the location, which is to die for by the way, as much as it does the actual romance.
There is no big twist it's all formulaic in that you have two people who are wrong for each other in a relationship and they meet two other people who are perfect for them and are thrown together with them throughout the film and then end up with the new people.
We've seen it a million times over in the course of romantic comedy history, but there is something about this one that is just that much sweeter.  

what do i think i learned from this film?
When you stop looking for the thing you want, it usually pops up in your life.

Over a coffee Nov 22nd

It's the morning after... breaking dawn (for me anyways) and I'm thinking about the next big thing.

Few days ago, on another blog for another random topic, I threw my thoughts out there as to what the next big thing will be movie wise for 2013.

I'm thinking in lines of the websites like GetGlue, that promote movies, and the magazines who's main income are the interviews and photo spreads of movie stars now that Twilight is over, what are they going to promote?

My thoughts,  Star Trek Into Darkness.  aka Star Trek the reboot episode 2  which is at this point slated for a May 17th 2013 release.

The other option right now seems to be the new Superman movie.  But, I'm thinking there is just more opportunities with Star Trek.

From Vampires and Werewolves to Vulcans and Klingons... seems like a natural transition.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Day 325

movie: Twilight 5 Breaking Dawn part 2
starring; Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart
genre: Action
year: 2012
format: Cinema

plot: Bella and Edward's daughter is seen by another vampire, and accused of being an immortal child which causes the beginning of a war between the clans and the Volturi.

Okay, yeah I said few days ago I wasn't going to cover any more vampire films before the end of the year.  Well, I actually said I wasn't going to cover any more after this one, cause I wasn't sure I was going to cover this one... yeah that's a run on sentence.
BUT, I just got back from seeing this at the cinema and I have to say, if you only ever see one of the Twilight movies, this is the one to pick.
Since this is still at the cinema as I write this, and I don't want to be tempted to give spoilers, I will say that it has some nice touches.
The credits, both opening an closing are very different style wise from the other films, and this one has the entire cast covered in the credits.  And I mean ENTIRE cast, from all 5 movies.  So they run close to 5 minutes on their own.

And this is not for kids!  We open with a vampire attack and then go into a sex scene. It's like all the vampire kills were saved for this installment. The werewolves are a bit on the thin side, but the plot does stick to the other clans this time around.

The character of Renesmee is a dhampir, which is always nice to see brought into mythos.  As well as all the the clans having a "magickal ability", which lends to a few folklores that say if you are a witch in life you will be a vampire in death.  I always love to see real folklores being weaved into fictional stories.

what do i think i learned from this film?
Some parents should have their heads smashed together- which has nothing to do with the film itself but my ranting on the fact that the cinema screening room was filled with kids under the age of 8 who just should not have been allowed in.

Things are not always as they first appear, and everyone has something special about them that will in time revel itself.  The force is always with you

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Day 324

movie: The Expendables 2
starring: Jason Statham, Sylvester Stallone
genre: Action
year: 2012
format: Shaw Video On Demand

plot: A group of ex military/CIA guys are brought together to retrieve a set of blueprints, but during a hostage situation, they loose one of their own men. Soon, the mission turns to one of revenge.

This is a straight up - shoot'em up. With little dialogue.  The bit of dialogue that it does have is gut splitting one liners.  Like Bruce Willis telling Arnold Schwarzenegger  that he's been back enough and it's his turn to be back.

The plot is a bit on the thin side, but what it lacks in logic -such as a scene where they are all running from a mob of gunfire and suddenly they are in a plane with no explanation as to how or when- it makes up for in bullets.

Bullets and Chuck Norris.

what do i think i learned from this film?
I have literally been sitting here for five minutes running a blank on what I might have learned serious or silly, all I can think of is Jason Statham didn't have a large a role as I had hoped. And who might be cast for the very rumoured female version.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Day 323

movie: Star Trek 3 Search for Spock
starring: William Shatner, Christopher Lloyd
genre: Sci-Fi
year: 1984
format: online

plot: Captain Kirk learns that Spock's coffin landed on the planet Genesis and promises Spock's father he'll return the body.  The crew soon learns that he's still alive and while they are trying to save him, they run into a Klingon warship.

This is one of those movies that everyone has seen a million times.

It's a film about doing what's right even when it's going to destroy your own way of life. Of how people connect even when they believe they are on opposite sides of the situation.

what do i think i learned from this film?
tachDaq maghom  (we will meet in the cocktail lounge)

it's the only thing I ever managed to learn in Klingon.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Day 322

movie: Daddy Day Care
starring: Eddie Murphy, Jeff Garlin
genre: Comedy
year: 2003
format: TV EDIT

plot: Two out of work corporate businessmen decide to open their own day care center after seeing the lack of choices available in their neighbourhood, and end up having to prove themselves over and over again to the competition

This was one of those last minute choices while I was flipping channels.  Surprisingly, it ended up being a lot funnier then I was thinking it would be.
In the tradition of Mr. Mom, it's a series of misfited mistakes that proves when you have no other choice, a dad can handle the day to day.

I wasn't too sure what to expect given most Eddie Murphy movies I've seen over the decades have been thin on script and high on the f-word, but this was witty, funny and even sweet.  Even though this was a tv edit, I don't think it was missing any of the core plot.

I loved the addition of the Steve Zahn character with his depth of nerd-culture.  He played it in a way that even though it was cliche, it didn't feel it. 

what do i think i learned from this film?
Be honest with what it is you are doing, honest to those around you and to yourself, and you never know who it is that might end up missing you when you're gone.

Quote of the night

I have no idea why this quote popped into my head, but here it is.  From the movie Big Money Hustlas from 2000

Catus Sac -"Did somebody order a steak out there?" (as he's looking at SugerBear with a broken piece of wood in his leg) "Chair, chair  please. This is going to hurt. Would you like some squash with that steak? Bang Bang." (he jumps from the top rope into a splash on SugerBear who has removed the broken wood and has it as a weapon) Oh a stake through the heart, that's the second time this week"

From the scene near the end when they are in the hide out, in the wrestling ring.

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Okay, I think I just screwed up the whole blog.
I just did a post, for "Shrek Forever After"  which is Day 321,  and I posted it as Day 221,  and had to repost it.

Day 221 is "Jesus Henry Christ"  and was done back on July 22

Hopefully, everything is okay.    Sorry for anyone who was in the middle of reading it when I reposted.

Day 321

movie: Shrek Forever After
starring: Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy
genre: Cartoon,
year: 2010
format; TV EDIT

plot: Shrek is unhappy with the routine of being married with kids, and makes a deal to trade one day of his current life for one day of his life before all that happened.  But it ends up sending him into an alternate world where the Ogres are hunted and Fiona never met him

Short on plot really. I get that it's a cartoon, and it's meant to be all about the visuals, but still it didn't live up to some of the other cartoons I've seen in the last few months.
I had a difficult time getting into this one, simply because it was on tv and there was a house full of company.

I don't think it can be a stand alone film, as there were references to the previous movies, and since I have not seen any of the others, it made it that much harder to pay attention to. The only reference point I have is from having seen Puss in Boots few months back. (Day 89)

what do i think i learned from this film?
Always read the fine print

Friday, November 16, 2012

Over coffee Nov 16th

Okay, I'm down to just over a month left with the one movie a day for the year challenge.
This is where it's going to get tough.   Seriously,  picking through movies now, to see what I haven't already done to this point in the year.
Even tougher once I say what I'm about to.

No more vampire movies for the rest of the year.

Yeah, you just read that right.  Maybe just one more next week, maybe not.  I'm totally planning on going after the weekend to see the final Twilight movie, but just not sure I'm going to use it for the challenge.

And you might be wondering why would I waste a movie specially this close to the end of the whole thing?

Because, I've got a few ideas for 2013.  Which has to do with vampire movies.

I'll be finalizing everything in a few weeks time. Just sort of getting stuff in order now for when the new year starts.

Till later...

Day 320

movie: Macbeth
starring: Sam Worthington, Lachy Hulme,
genre: Drama, Crime
year: 2006
format: online

plot: A member of the mob goes on a killing spree to make a prophecy about himself becoming the head of the mob come true

Okay, this is the Shakespeare story in a modern format.  And I have to say, unlike  Romeo and Juliet from 1996,  this one actually works.  It works and it makes sense.

Sam Worthington plays Macbeth like a rockstar on steroids. You believe that he is a man falling into his own fear.

It could have been called magick murder and madness, because that's what this comes down to.
I've always avoided Macbeth, simply because everyone and their dog's grandmother have always made comments to me about how it must be my favourite.  This was the first time I've bothered to pay attention to the story since I was in grade 8.   And pairing the story with the setting it was, puts the original play in new light.

It's about betrayal, greed and self delusion.  Macbeth betrays everyone, his mob family, his wife, his business partners. All because he's been told he'll rise to power. Because of the way the prophecy is worded, he ends up believing he's a god and that nothing or no one could ever hurt him, and that's his biggest downfall. He believes his own hype.

what do i think i learned from this film?
Greed is never going to keep you afloat.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day 319

movie: Last Will and Testament
starring: Jonathan Bate, Charles Beauclerk
genre: Documentary
year: 2012
format: Shaw Video On Demand

plot: This is a documentary on the subject of who is Shakespeare really?

I would consider this a companion piece to the movie Anonymous (Day 70)  All the footage used in this actually comes from the movie Anonymous, which is spliced between the interviews with the historians and experts.

Many points are brought up that led to the idea that the man known as having written the works of Shakespeare was just a figure head. And that the man who indeed wrote all the plays and sonnets was unable to put his real name to the works.

what do i think i learned from this film?
The plot thickens

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 318

movie: The Watch
starring: Jonah Hill, Ben Stiller
genre: Comedy
year: 2012
format: Shaw Video On Demand

plot: After a member of their neighbourhood is killed, one guy decides to start a neighbourhood watch group to help catch the killer as the police have not done so. Three guys all volunteer for different reasons, and on their first night out, they discover an alien has landed down the road.

Okay, this seems to be what I would call guy-lit. It's filled with penis jokes but still somehow less crude then you would expect.

The alien is very typical of what you would expect to see in an Alien film, but it works. (yeah got tongue tied just typing that) There is also a nod to E.T. midway in this movie.

There is something about Jonah Hill that just screams comedy. The few movies I've seen him in, he's nailed the comedic timing with all his costars, making for very natural seeming duos.  

what do i think i learned from this film?
Aliens are like zombies you've got to shot them in the head... so to speak.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 317

movie: The Living Daylights
starring: Timothy Dalton, Maryam d'Abo
genre: Action, Drama
year: 1987
format: Shaw Video On Demand

plot: Bond is asked to help a member of the KGB to leave Czechoslovakia. When they find out it's a set up, Bond is then sent to Afghanistan, where he manages to stop a drug lord from selling millions of dollars in opium.

I found this to be fairly funny.  The oneliners are witty and Dalton's delivery of them slices through the drama of the film.
This is the first of only two of the Bond movies for actor Timothy Dalton.

I noticed that one of the end scenes, where Bond and his female lead are in the plane with the jeep was almost identical to the scene in Die Another Day (Day 299) I suppose that after twenty movies they had to start recycling scenes.  Die Another Day, I mean.

what do i think i learned from this film?
The bad guys in all action films seem to want to have a nuclear war.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Day 316

movie: The Campaign
starring: Will Ferrell, Zach Galifianakis
genre: Comedy
year: 2012
format: Shaw Video On Demand

plot: Two corporate guys want to sell a state to China, and decide to hand pick the new congressman. Soon, the guy they've chosen finds himself in a nasty battle with the current congressman who has always run unchallenged.

This was one of those really stupid films that you know frat boys will love and that will most likely end up having a string of bad sequels.
The plot is thin, the comedy crude, and overall I was disappointed.

what do i think i learned from this film?
I have to stop torturing myself with crappy Will Ferrell movies.

Quote of the Day

From the 1995 modern version of Jane Austen's Emma (yes it really is a version of Emma) I thought I would do a quote from the movie Clueless

Amber: Mrs. Stoeger, my plastic surgeon doesn't want me doing any activity where balls fly at my nose.

Dionne:  There goes your social life

From the scene when they are all outside for gym class playing tennis.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Day 315

movie: The Amazing Spider-Man
starring: Rhys Ifans, Andrew Garfield
genre: Drama, Adventure
year: 2012
format: Shaw Video On Demand

plot: Peter Parker is left one night at his aunt and uncles after his parent's house is robbed. Years later he learns that his parents were running from someone, who may have caused their deaths. And he meets a former co-worker of his dad's, a Doctor Connors. Connors is working on a way to splice human and animal dna.  Parker is bitten and becomes Spider-Man, while Connors becomes something else.

This has got to be my favourite of the Spider-Man films.  The casting was perfect, and this Peter Parker was by far more of what I remember from the cartoons/comics. (okay I admit, I watched more of the cartoons then I ever did reading of the books)

I love Rhys Ifans in everything I've ever seen him in, so for me he was bonus.  This was a well paced and smartly written story.  I know that there are many "alternate versions" of the spider man world, but this is by far -for me- more interesting then the one used in the previous films.
I just wish that they had included the J.Jonah Jameson.

what do i think i learned from this film?
Sometimes you have to walk away from someone in order to protect them.