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Random movie May 26st 2017 (Food n Flix )

Spudguns! It's that time of month, when I offer you up my dinner and a movie, for the blogging group Food n'Flix. This month is being hosted by Debbi at  Kahakai Kitchen  .... and it's Princess Bride.

movie: The Princess Bride
starring: Cary Elwes, Chris Sarandon
genre: Comedy, Adventure
year: 1987
format: DVD

plot: When a young boy's grandfather shows up to read to him, his imagination is sparked with a story about pirates, true love, evil murder plots, revenge, and things that are not always what they seem. We follow the characters in the fairy tale - Westley and Buttercup- as their adventure unfolds. Buttercup believing Westley is dead at the hands of the Dread Pirate Roberts, agrees to marry the prince. The prince is trying to start a war with the next kingdom, and plans on doing so by killing Buttercup and blaming it on the neighbouring kingdom. But his plans are foiled when Westley who is not only alive but in fact the Dread Pirate Roberts shows up to rescue her.

Based on the 1973 novel.

This is one of those stories everyone loves. It's got something for all tastes.  My favourite scenes are Westley sword fighting with Inigo Montoya; who has like the coolest line in all of moviedom  "Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya, you have killed my father prepare to die".  I mean, who hasn't at some point in time quoted that like for no other reason then it's damn cool!  My other favourite scene is when Inigo and Fezzik take Westley half dead, to see Miracle Max. The comedy timing of Carol Kane and Billy Crystal is as perfect as the sword fight is earlier.

Notes:  cheesies, cow, chicken, pig, apples, garlic, leeks, bread, carrots, dough, celery, water, herbs, goats, buttercup (her name) brandy (mentioned) peanut (mentioned) cheese, eel, wine, "cinnamon" (the sand made me think of it) "swordfish" (the fencing made me think of it) sandwich, juice, coffee, sliced ham, pears, rabbit, soup/stew, lemon juice (mentioned) mutton-lettuce-tomato sandwich (mentioned) chocolate, muffin (mentioned) potatoes, wheat, onions, walnuts, mango, grapes, pineapple

I have to confess something. My recipe didn't work. And I did not have a back up plan. I had said in another post, I'd be back that week with this, but my recipe failed and I wasn't sure I was going to do this at all. And if you've been following this for any length of time, you know I like to think outside the box as much as I can.  What I ended up doing, was going with the obvious. I ended up making a soup.  My inspiration scene being where Inigo is drunk and falls face first into his soup/stew.  And it used more than half the ingredients from my notes.

 Ingredients for mom's beef soup

1 package stew beef
2 large potatoes or 3 small ones
1 cup chopped carrots
2 stalks celery chopped
half onion chopped
1 cup instant rice
1 can tomato soup
1 can veggie soup
1 container beef broth
half a turnip chopped
salt to taste

Rinse the beef in cold water until most of the colour is out.  Then put it on to simmer for about an hour, at which point you remove any scum from the top. Let simmer for another half hour,
Chop all the vegetables, adding in the celery and onion first.
Stir in the beef broth
Let simmer for another fifteen minutes, before adding remaining ingredients

With the lid half way on, let simmer for another 45 minutes, so that the rice can plump up.

First off, yeah I did a meat dish. Which of course I did not eat. But mom seemed happy with it so... And second, it ironically fit. This was one of those weird situations, where I was banging my head against the wall with lack of inspiration, and was literally walking around the apartment with the damned dvd in hand when mom called asking me to go to the grocery for her. When I saw how the shopping list was turning out;  it made perfect sense. And yes, I walked around the grocery with the movie in my purse cause I'm spiffy like that.

That's it for this month. If you try this one, let me know what you think cause this is one recipe I didn't taste myself.    Next month the group will be doing the movie Volver and is being hosted by Evelyne at  CulturEatz

Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Nosferatu Adventures s12 p11

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 311, chapter 311

Out of Time...

Landin sat in the living room, a blanket wrapped around his shoulders like a fur coat, a cup of hot tea beside him on the table, and the remote in hand.  He said nothing as he settled into the warmth of the sofa; overly aware that he was being watched from the kitchen doorway. Edric leaned against the wall, his arms crossed as he observed his friend.

"So what is he doing?"

"Uh...Mohawk Girls are on."  Seward said matter of factly before licking a maple butter sauce off his thumb.  Edric turned his nose up as he squinted at the younger male.

"What is it with this family and their soap operas? You with your Vampire Diaries, him now with his Mohawk Girls...what's next is Ruthven addicted to..." he gestured then towards the television.

"Death in Paradise. He's got a thing for British detective stories." Seward remarked a little too snotty.  "I mean, Mohawk Girls is good, but it's not exactly North of 60 or the Rez."    Edric let out a deep sigh as he shook his head, his left hand at the back of his neck.

"You're killing me here. How is any of this going to help our situation?"

"Landin is filtering all this best he can."  Seward said raising an eyebrow.

"Landin has ears and is only sitting ten feet away. I can hear you guys you know." the bleached blonde said not bothering to turn to look at them. Pointing the remote towards the tv, he turned the volume up. "And whatever you've got hatching, I don't want any part of it. I'm done with all this supernatural crap."

"Great to say, but you're a medium. All this supernatural crap isn't done with you. Far from it I'm betting given you were visited by the white wolf."  Vlad said from the stairs. The dark haired vampire stood in the middle of the stairwell, taking a seat lengthwise one leg dangling between the rungs. "I can't tell you why because I don't really know yet, but you've been chosen. Given a gift. You need to explore your gift, expand your mind not dull it with pretty moving pictures." he nodded towards the television.

"Honestly man, if I don't dull it with pretty moving pictures I will loose it completely." Landin said around his nails as he started to chew on them.

"And this...this helps?" Vlad continued, running his hand over his short goatee before running his fingers through the short spiked sandy brown hair. Tapping the top of his skull, he rolled his brown eyes to the ceiling. "Whatever happened to Shakespeare?" 

"Ah, turned into movies." Seward remarked. The youngest of the group was feeling the most bold since their visit from Odin. Seeing the way he'd manhandled Edric made Seward realize they were all truly in this together, none of them more important than the others.


Rolf's Kingdom

"How long he been like this?" Maxwell asked as he stood in the doorway of the library a sandwich in hand. Finn shook his head not bothering to look at the werewolf.

"Since yesterday." the familiar responded pulling the tiny round sunglasses down his nose to glare at Rolf in shock. The familiar's cat eyes glowed green in the darkness of the castle. He watched as Rolf was kneeling in the middle of the large room, a blanket over his shoulders and a crayon in hand. The shapeshifter had been covering every bit of wall and floor in the room with what looked like gibberish. "Woke up screaming about seeing a large wolf dead in the middle of the room, and there being nothing but a large room filled with snakes. Him being trapped in it." he shrugged then, pushing the glasses back into place, before running his pale hand through the sun-kissed highlights of his sandy-gold hair.

"At lest he's stopped blushing every time Reuben walks into the room. Dude's been messed up ever since Nosferatu dumped her soul into him. Can't be easy getting all her memories too?" Maxwell commented his own brown eyes shifting around suddenly. "Uh...any idea how to you know remove it?"

"No. I've tried everything magickally I know, talked to the Sea Witch, and the Necromancer. Until either Loki returns and zaps Rolf, or another god decides to get involved; our king is stuck."

"And no one has seen or heard from Loki in months." Maxwell mumbled.  "Hang on. What's he doing now?" they watched as the large werewolf stood up the mass of dark curls tangled in knots around his face, pulling the blanket tighter around his shoulders as he shuffled through the library. Watched as he lifted his left foot stepping over one drawing he'd done, the one in the green crayon, as he then shuffled two millimeters to the right performing the same side step over a large patch he'd done in orange crayon, before walking toe to heel as if on a tightrope to the far corner of the room. Here he knelt carefully beginning again with the now blue crayon in hand as he began to write more of the unknown language.

"That's it. I'm going to Victor's. Try not to get yourself killed while I'm gone." Finn commented turning sharply on his heels.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Maybe Rolf just wants to colour for awhile, cause you know, it's relaxing...)

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Coffee talk May 16th 2017

Spudguns!  Got your morning drink of choice...I'll's okay I know the drive thru can be a long haul...okay good.  It's spring where I am finally. The weather where I am has been all over the board, like it's got split personalities or something. Hot with +30C one day, -10C with snow the next etc. If you follow me on youtube (me on youtube) then you might have seen me talking about the fact one of those crazy random flash storms the other week caused a power outage/surge that fried my television. It forced me to upgrade my life. This sort of has nothing to do with this blog yet everything. As it put me a few weeks behind on the schedule I had going for the movie reviews, both on here and the youtube ones. And naughty me, I don't always post the same movie reviews on here as I do on youtube. Which is why I'm posting about this right now.
Which brings me to my next thing. I'm going to be spreading out the Nosferatu Adventures, a bit more the next month or so. I'm still trying to find my balance between writing it and making the videos. So, thru mid summer, I'd say T.N.A. (my werewolves not the wrestling company) will be closer to two weeks between installments.

I'll be back later this week with my offering for Food n' Flix; and the next installment of Nosferatu Adventures.

And if you follow me on youtube, then you can connect to me on instagram too, the link is linked on my channel page. You can see photos of my vampire t-shirts, and my pointless Hallowe'en countdown, and other such randomness.   Oh my god, social media is exhausting, I'm going to need a nap just from trying to link my life. 

talk later

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Random movie may 14th 2017

movie: Bon Cop Bad Cop 2
starring: Colm Feore, Patrick Huard
genre: Comedy, Crime,
year: 2017
format: Cinema

plot: Two Canadian detectives, David who is undercover, and Martin who is now a federal agent, find themselves reunited after ten years since they last worked together to solve a murder investigation. This time around, they are caught up in a terrorist plot that at first seemed like nothing but a simple car theft.

I talked back few years ago about how much I loved the first of the films. So of course, I had to rush out to see this one in cinemas. First off, let me just say thank god for subtitles, because 95% of this was French and I don't speak a lick of French.  And I'm actually amazed it landed in my local cinema, because we never get subtitled films unless it's a film fest. So this was very cool simply for the fact it was a non-English film being shown in my local cinema.

The first film was a buddy cop comedy that didn't take itself overly serious. This however, is a buddy cop drama-comedy that does take itself more serious.  For me, the biggest laugh came which the joke of the theft of the hockey helmet, and what to do with it afterwards.
The plot starts off soft, with what looks like just a mob boss running a car theft business. But, it soon turns out the cars are being used as mobile bombs and being sent over the boarder to the states.  This movie pretty much says the states are/is destroying itself at rapid speed.

And the mob boss isn't even "the big bad" in this. The first half of the movie is centered around the undercover investigation, framing the mob boss as the bad guy; but we quickly learn he's just a pawn in a much more devious plan.

Since it just came out in cinemas this weekend, I won't say too much else because of spoilers, but I will say, that the ending leaves plenty of room for a third film. Even though one character is dealt a "shaky hand", his storyline can easily be reopened. There is also a hint of the possibility if they make a part three; there being a female cop brought in. And I really really really hope there is a third part to the series. 

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Coffee Talk May 9th 2017

Spudguns!  It's that time again, where I come in and let you know what the current Night Bleeds combo is. And yes, I realize I'm late with it this month. Sorry, I would forget my skull if it wasn't bolted on.  But, the current combo is Witches of Eastwick  the original 1984 book and the 1987 movie.

Rules are simple, you must have a blog to join in. Read the book and  watch the movie and if you are inspired to bake/cook/craft anything, let me know with a link and a comment to either this post or the post on the day.
The deadline is the last Sunday of June 2017, which is Sunday June 25th 2017.  Please link to either this announcement or the Night Bleeds page itself.  The blog post must be current; in this case done in June 2017.

As always, if you are in the Thunder Bay area and would like to join me for the physical book club, let me know. 

I think I remembered everything I needed to tell you guys, so I'm to coffee.

Monday, May 8, 2017

The Nosferatu Adventures s12 p10

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 310, chapter 310

Out of Time...

"Vlad was so angry when he realized he would never get a kid from me. I truly believe he thought he could magick one, that my lycanthrope side would counteract us both being vampiric. His grand plan was to raise the oldest, but Loki wouldn't allow it. Then of course, the others died before he could snatch them up to become his adopted heir." our heroine said to no one in particular. She was sitting on the floor in the corner of her little celled area, the trenchcoat spread out like a skirt. The female who had entered the room with the dinner tray said nothing as she pretended not to listen. "I wonder if anyone ever decided if I was worth my weight in gold?" she giggled at the thought. "Certainly, it couldn't have been silver now could it?" she scuffed her foot in a half circle watching the other female as she left the tray as close to the bars as possible. This new bacchae was careful not to get too close to either our heroine or the silver bars. Her violet eyes seemed to glow nearly lilac as they gazed unmovingly at our heroine. "That's all I ever was to any of them. The token wife. Dowried to the hilt. Only, no one paid for the mergers in any monetary wealth. No they all payed in death didn't they?"  she kicked the bars slightly, a small puff of smoke rising quickly from her ankle as she did. "I can't reach that. Not that I would eat any of it anyways, given I don't trust it to not be poisoned. Do you not speak? Huh? I know you should still have your tongue, as I haven't ripped it out. But only because you're new."  the auburn haired banshee licked her lips as she watched the other female walk around the room, one hand on the sword at her hip. "Afraid of silver. Interesting." our heroine sniffed deeply closing her eyes. "But not a wolf. There's not a hint of wet dog at all from you. So what are you? You're not like me. That much is clear, with those purple eyes and those octopus arms for hair."

The female stiffened when hearing that. "You ma'am; can be certain there is nothing wrong with the food. I made it myself."

Our heroine stopped giggling, stopped smiling as she slinked up the wall to a standing position. She was across the length of the little prison in half a breath, her palms smoking from the bars as she pulled on the one enough to get her arm through it.  The bacchae gasped as she stood in complete shock as our heroine unlocked the cage door stepping out into the main area of the room. She was then nose to nose with her as our heroine grabbed her by the throat holding her high above her head.

"You did not just ma'am me!" she tossed her to the ground letting the bacchae fall. "I know that word did not just come from those fish stained lips of yours. Clearly, I am no one's grandmother, therefore clearly, I am not someone you would ma'am!" she turned walking back to the little cell, sitting once again in the corner.

"But if you could escape why haven't you?" the bacchae said holding her throat.  Our heroine shrugged.

"I needed the vacation." her words were cutting.

"So you really are her? The one I heard stories of growing up." the bacchae said getting to her feet.

"Depends on what you heard?" our heroine snarled, letting her wrists dangle over her knees.

"The only female wolf to give birth and survive."

"Sure if you say so. I mean, yeah I pushed out those furballs. More than once. I survived, most them didn't though so don't get all party throwing. But I'm sure I wasn't the only one. Besides, I wasn't totally wolf now was I? Hybrid. Banshee first, then loaded up with all that shapeshifting goodness." our heroine sniffed again looking at the female. "You're not what you appear to be are you there?"

"I am not. I bargained with Bacchus. My devotion to be anything other than..."

"A female wolf." our heroine clapped her hands slowly. "Smart girl. You saw your mortality and chose to be a planter for a fish head instead. Explains the fear of the silver bars." she moved to a standing position again, daring to eye the tray of food. "So what are you not poisoning me? Looks like some sort of stew."

"It's mutton." the bacchae replied.

"You got a name?" our heroine reached for the piece of bread that was also on the tray.


"Shayne. Odd name for a female. Well Shayne. Give me your arm."

"What for?"

"I'm a banshee remember. Need blood."


Landin said nothing as the wolf entered the room. At lest he thought it entered the bedroom, but he couldn't be too sure it hadn't been there all along. He watched as the white wolf paced back and forth at the foot of the bed before jumping up on it. The creature's breath hot on his face and neck as it decided to stretch out on top of him. Landin could do nothing, as if his limbs were not his own. The white wolf licked it's muzzle nodding his head towards him, his eyes cast downward as it let out a lonesome howl. When the scream finally broke through Landin's lips, he sprang up to a sitting position, the sweat covering him completely. He was completely alone. No sign that the creature had been anything other than a fevered dream. Getting up out of the bed, the bleached blonde male began walking down the hall, down the stairs towards the kitchen where he was sure the voices he was hearing were real. The empty iv bag still connected to his arm, trailing behind him like an plastic tail.

"Anyone know who the white wolf is?"

Vlad had been standing in the backyard, hearing him, he turned and walked through the back door of the house. "Why would you ask that?"

"I just had a vision of a large white wolf."

"Only female werewolves dream of them. And only when they are pregnant. The only exception I've ever heard of was Rolf. But that's only because he shared a soul with Nosferatu."

"So what does this mean?" Landin asked making himself a cup of tea.

"I'm not completely sure." Vlad remarked.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Well he is psychic remember)