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Year 2 Mid-Season the rest of the story 24

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 24, chapter 24

"Did the female make anyone upset? Any enemies?" Harker asked.

"Yep. Don't have time to make a list." Rolf responded calmly. He pointed to Dagan as he came around the corner of the cabin, his hair slicked back from having washed the blood out after their hunt. "I've got good news and bad news. What you want first?"

"Good news of course." he said smiling.

"Okay, we don't need to go to the graveyard tonight." Rolf said running his fingers through his hair. "Bad news, the reason we don't have to is because someone grabbed her."  The smile never left Dagan's face.  "Feel any different? Like the bond being broken?"  Dagan shook his head.  "Then I guess she's still around somewhere. Not, you know..." Rolf made a staking gesture to his heart. Dagan continued smiling for another few long seconds, before it sunk in they were not joking.

"Damn it! Great just great." he stomped his foot then spun in a circle, his hands at his sides in tight fists. Tilting his head to the side, he made a face, puckering his lips in a thin hard line, his eyes closed. "Stupid... Let's go find her." he raised his left arm then let it slap against his thigh. "And when we do, I'm going to finish the job I started. Have her heart and lungs for lunch." he stormed off towards the road.

Reuben and Rolf just stood there for a moment, both shaking their heads."We've got to find a way to break that bond." Rolf said. "I'm dreading what's going to happen to him when she is gone back to wherever she's suppose to be."

"If she doesn't end up slaughtered first." Reuben added. Letting out a deep breath he scratched at his ear. "None of this would be happening if he'd just left her human."


The Seer brought another large heavy looking book over to where our heroine was still chained to the bedpost. "You know..." he placed the book on her stomach. "...hold this for me." he leaned over reading, tracing his finger lightly on her throat. "And your throat, amazingly enough, is not wide enough for the charms I'm going to need to paint on it. Guess I'll have to invest in a really delicate paintbrush. Is it hot in here or just me?" he removed his t-shirt, the candle light flickering, casting dancing shadows on his pale skin. "In case you're wondering, I've put one of my cute little binding spells on you to keep you from talking. I was all out of duct tape." he placed the book on the table again, moving around the room slowly. He said nothing for a few minutes while collecting jars and ingredients, taking them to the table with the cauldron. "You really should just relax.We've got plenty of time." he added a splash of some pink liquid from one of the jars to the cauldron. "And I was thinking that, why should we stop at one portal, if it works." he rubbed his hands together crushing some sort of herb into the mix before crossing back to her. "Pay attention cause this is good news for you. If this works, then we'll be able to open portals whenever and wherever we want. Which means I'll need to keep you alive." he said eyes wide, mouth open before smiling again at her. "I hope you're not the jealous type, because I'll still have to continue doing what I do." he climbed over her on the bed, stretching out beside her again. "My power only gets stronger when I seduce other creatures. It's sort of like how you feed off of blood. Same idea." He ran his hand through his short dark hair. "Which reminds me..." leaning over her, he retrieved a small leather pouch from the floor, removing two small bottles of blood. "...I'm aware of your little addiction. And this should get you through the night at lest. I'll get more later. The good thing about having a werewolf hooked up to an iv, is that you can use the iv to take blood as well as use it to feed him." Placing it back on the floor, he rested his hand on her shoulder, sending another wave of relaxation through her.
"I can't help but think that if I had just gotten to you sooner, before you got hooked up with those furballs, that it would have gone a lot smoother. None of this would have been necessary. I mean, I tried being your friend, that didn't work, tried giving you secrets to win your trust, that didn't work. And when I saw Ripper's reaction after what happened to you in that ring, well I knew I had to resort to force." he moved closer causing the bed to shake, a faint scent of sandalwood and nutmeg on his skin. "And I don't like using force, it's bad for the complexion."

Bringing his hand then to his lips, he whispered something under his breath, touching his fingertip to our heroine's throat. The binding spell had been removed, allowing her to talk.

"Had you gotten to me before the others, I'd have been no use to you. I was human then. The only reason I'm a Banshee, is because of Ripper."

The Seer smiled once again, his blue eyes calm. "Ironic then isn't it. I would have figured something out." he said running the back of his hand across her jaw. Our heroine could do nothing to fight him. Whatever spells he was using, were being transferred through his skin, and he was making sure that he was constantly in physical contact. "I have a small confession to make. I think I might like having you around. You're more interesting then the last one I had to seduce." he rolled over onto his back, his hands behind his head. "It was a fairy. But she was a toad worshiper.Can you believe it?" he laughed out loud, his voice raising a few notches, his eyes crinkled. He looked at her over his shoulder, turning back on his side facing her. "She worshiped toads. Ah man."

"And what did you steal from her?"

"This." he brought his hand up showing her a perfectly round bubble. It glowed green, and inside it, she could see a tiny tree. Blowing on it, it disappeared.  "And trust me I earned that. Do you have any idea what it's like sleeping with someone who smells like swamp constantly, who's fingers are stained green from the toad juice? She drank a steady diet of frog juice." he scrunched up his face. "And I don't mean blood either." he tapped her forehead. "This will be better. I don't have to work so hard to make you fall in love with me. I don't have to pretend to be in love with you either. Cause that's such hard work."  He started to trace circles on her thigh. "How's my hair?" he asked as he ran his hands through his hair again.

"Oh my god!" our heroine's eyes brightened in the candle light. "You don't know what to do with yourself. You have no idea how to not be in seduction mode."


"I still can't believe that of all the guys on the docks, she picked you? How is that possible?" Reuben asked.

"She didn't actually." Harker said as the four men searched.

"She didn't?" Reuben looked at him over his shoulder as they reached the edge of the woods.

"I spotted her. I know all the regular females who haunt the area, hookers and nuns, and didn't recognize her. Took her for a common pick-pocket at first."

They stopped walking. "So you're saying you noticed her? You picked her out of the crowd" Reuben air quoted the word crowd. Harker nodded, licking his lips. "And you planned on doing what?" he shrugged fixing his hair into his trademark ponytail.  Harker said nothing just raised an eyebrow. Reuben let out a deep breath, his eyes wide. "Brave man."

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Year 2 Mid-Season the rest of the story 23

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 23, chapter 23

Ash left the room to clean up, and our heroine crossed the room as quickly and quietly as she could, grabbing her binder and lunchbox then bolted out the door. Rolf, Reuben and Dagan were nowhere to be seen, leaving our heroine to believe they had all gone hunting. Harker was the only one still hanging around the front of the cabin. He sat on a tree stump that  was in front of the fire pit, waiting for someone or something.
Our heroine did not stop to chat with him, in fact, she tried not to even look at him; as she continued on down the path. She needed to get away from the mess she'd gotten herself into before she did something really stupid.

"Hello again." she stopped in her tracks dropping her lunchbox as she let out a small gasp. Bending to pick it up, the pale female realized she was lost. The Seer stood  just in front of her, dressed in what looked like a pair of grey pajamas and a t-shirt. Our heroine shook her head blinking as she stood up. "You are actually a very difficult female to find." his eyes were sparkling as he smiled at her advancing another step. "And I really mean that." he brought his right hand up to his chest palm flat. "I've seen about ten different visions about you just in the last few hours. All contradicting each other. The only thing that was similar was here." he gestured then to the road. Looking around, our heroine realized she was standing at the edge of a path that seemed to twine over a hill.
The Seer then scratched at the back of his skull before blowing a handful of dust into her eyes. Everything went black as she fell to the ground.

It was dark when she came to. The sound of the waves somewhere to her right, candles lighting the small room. She tried to move, but found herself chained to the bedpost.

"Finally, you're awake. Thought I'd have to wait all night." the Seer said from the table he was sitting at, a stack of books open covering it. "I guess I over estimated how much fairy dust to use. I wasn't sure with your weight and all...but never mind." He stood crossing to where she was, sitting down beside her. "Thirsty?" he handed her a bottled water. "No?" he shrugged then putting the bottle on a side table. "And no, I'm not going to kill you. Not yet anyways." the smirk on his lips only made them seem more inviting. Made him seem more seductive. He got back up, and picked up one of the books from the table, crossing back to where she was, sitting down beside her again.

Tilting the book so she could see it, the Seer cleared his throat. "You're going to open a portal for me. Not today. We've got plenty of time. But, that voice of yours..." he leaned over tapping her nose as if she were a child. "Imagine my thrill when I had that first vision of you. I wasn't totally sure what kind of creature you were at first, I just knew that you were the key to the ritual. I thought maybe I needed your soul, or your blood or something but when I heard you scream the other day after those death matches, and realized I had a Banshee..." He tossed the book down onto the floor, sliding over beside her on the bed. "It's your screams. Something to do with the vibration."
Resting his face on his hand, he leaned on his elbow, tracing symbols on her arm with his other hand. "I'll be gentle. I said I wouldn't kill you till it's absolutely necessary, and I keep my word. I did try to do this the easy way. Use my powers of suggestion, to seduce you just would not bend." his voice rose a notch as he bent his face to her shoulder, leaning on her. He let out a deep sigh, closing his eyes. "You know, I've seduced so many. Humans, shapeshifters, fairies, witches, even a troll once. Do you know how difficult it is to seduce a troll and keep a straight face about it? Huh? Nearly impossible." he smiled at her again. "Nearly impossible. So you, you should have been no problem for me. I mean, you're not pretty but you're not a troll either." The Seer let his fingertips rest on the inside of her elbow. "What I hadn't taken into account, were those werewolves you got yourself hooked up with." he smiled again sending a wave of relaxation through her. "Or that they would actually want you around. I realized when I watched the three of you in my chambers, just how much they liked you. I mean really! They liked you." he moved his hand over her stomach, causing a trail of yellow light. "Watch this, this is cool." he continued to move his hand up over her body, a different coloured light appearing as his palm crossed over each Chakra. "I had to seduce an 80 year old witch in order to learn this trick." The Seer then grabbed her face tight, leaving scratches on her jaw and left cheek as he planted a kiss on the side of her temple. Getting up from the bed he returned to the other side of the room where he had a table set up with a small cauldron."Like I said, I was trying to do this the easy way. Even warned Reuben, that if he didn't slaughter you, you'd end up in trouble. His weakness was so plain, it practically rolled off him in waves." the Seer whistled as he lit a fire under the cauldron with just the snapping of his fingers. "He actually thought that I meant you would be passed around the Fort." he laughed. "Werewolves. Their biggest weakness is their sense of honor."


The three werewolves returned to find the cabin empty. Ash had gone to the market square, and Harker had fallen asleep under the tree. Reuben walked into the cabin to find that our heroine wasn't there.  He sniffed the air but he couldn't pick up her scent. "She's not here." he said to Rolf as he walked back out to the lawn, where the larger man was preparing the Moose they had caught while hunting. "Hey, Harker." Reuben screamed waking the man up. "Any idea where she went?" he gestured to the cabin.

Harker shook his head, yawning. "She went that way right after you all left. She was carrying something, looked like a notebook and a tin box."

"I guess dinner will have to wait." Rolf grunted as Reuben ran off in the direction that Harker had pointed to. He spotted her binder and lunchbox about a mile up the path, crouching down he sniffed the binder. Getting her scent, he swore as he picked up the objects flicking his hair out of his face. When he got back to the cabin, he shook his head just handing the items to Rolf.

"She's gone man. Like hours ago. The trail is cold. But these were laying in the middle of the road, covered in some sparkly dust."

Harker stood up taking the binder from the werewolf. "Let me see that." he dipped his finger into the dust tasting it. "Fairy dust. It's used as a sedative."

"Somebody took her?" Rolf asked raising an eyebrow.

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Year 2 Mid-Season Rest of the Story 22

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 22, chapter 22

"Did you say vampire?" Harker asked. Our heroine nodded still trying to process everything. "How could you possibly belong to my brother if you're a vampire?"

"Dude, it's a long story." she said closing her eyes. "So you're not a werewolf though?" she asked. He shook his head. Grabbing a leather messenger's bag, he agreed to go with them. Reuben filled Harker in on everything that had happened as they walked back to the cabin.  Our heroine tripped twice from the distraction that was Harker. (well he was cute and our heroine is a clumsy goof)
When they got back to the cabin, they found Dagan standing outside by the large tree that Ash had hung the piece of leather on to dry, chewing something while looking up at the sky.
A maple syrup like substance covered the man's mouth and was smeared across his face. Walking closer to him, our heroine saw what looked like a large piece of honeycomb in his hand as he bit into it greedily.  Running over to them, he grabbed her by the shoulders, guiding her towards the tree.

"Come here, come here, come here." his words were nearly blended together as he spoke. "Here have some of this." he shoved the half eaten honeycomb into our heroine's mouth.  She spat it out making a noise. "Well that wasn't very nice. I was sharing!" That's when he noticed Harker standing a few feet away with Reuben.
Standing very still, his shoulders hunched, neck extended, Dagan glared at his brother. Wiping his face, the male wolf grabbed the ends of our heroine's shirt and proceeded to then wipe his hands in it, before  turning and disappearing into the woods.

"That's the only shirt I have." our heroine commented as she turned towards the cabin.  She found Ash cleaning fish on the kitchen table, and Rolf stretched out on the sofa trying to sleep.

"He said to give him an hour once you got back, then to wake him to go to the graveyard." Ash remarked. "What happened to your clothes?"

"Dagan wiped his sticky stuff on me." she blushed. "That sounded so wrong."

"I'm awake." Rolf's voice was low and gravely. "He's been eating nothing but sweet things all day. All the sugar is gone, he got to the point where he was just eating the sugar cubes by the handful, then he was spooning out maple syrup, climbed a tree earlier destroyed a bee hive for the honey." Rolf said as he yawned sitting up. He stuck his tongue out like he was tasting something bad. "And the strangest part is, he grabbed a handful of flowers and made a tea of it, tried to get me to drink it. I've been tasting garlic all day."

Both Ash and our heroine stared at the large male. "He tried to get you to drink tea made out of garlic flowers?" our heroine asked. "Is he on drugs, like right now?"

"No but I think he's trying to keep you from getting a fix. He tried the garlic flower tea on me this morning too." Ash commented as he stood crossing to the sink, cleaning off the knife then went back to his task. "If everyone has garlic in their system, you can't feed off of them."

"Then why would he be loading up on sugar?" our heroine asked crossing to the bathroom to clean her shirt. "That's just going to make his blood all that more inviting when I feed. What kind of mind games is he playing?"

Rolf pointed at Ash. "I hate to say it, but I think he's marking his territory. I mean, he does weird things sometimes, but this is just..." Rolf shrugged flicking his hair out of his face.

"So we're back to that whole Alpha male thing again are we?" our heroine asked as she walked out of the bathroom, the ends of her shirt soaked from having cleaned off the mess.

"Hey, like it or not, you're sort of the deciding factor in this." Rolf grinned at her, his blue eyes shinning. "An Alpha with a female has more seniority. This blood bond, as far as the rules go; carries pretty much the same weight as if you were actually his mate." he stood up stretching to his full height, scratching at his stomach. "I'm not even sure Dagan realizes what he's doing? Unlike some people..." Rolf's eyes became slits as he glared at Ash. "Dagan has spent so much time in wolf form, that his instincts are more wolf then human."

"Is this something we can fix before you lug me off to the graveyard?" our heroine asked.  The very large man's eyebrows knitted together in concentration.

"I never considered how this might affect things. I'm still taking you before sundown." he said pointing at her.

"Well, then we better hurry cause that only gives us about five hours to figure out what the Seer is really up to, unfreeze the King putting him back in power, find me someone to turn into a vampire to break the bond with Dagan, unless of course his hottie of a brother Harker out there is willing to be my vampire boyfriend... what?"

"Did you say Harker?" Rolf asked as he quickly moved out the door of the cabin. He stood on the porch, his arms crossed over his massive chest, a look of stone on his face.

"There's a story there isn't there?" our heroine asked Ash as she leaned over the kitchen table, trying to listen without having to go back outside.

"Harker and Dagan had been camping the night Dagan was bitten. Harker ran, didn't stay to help. Didn't come back for days. By then it was too late, Dagan was a werewolf. Rolf's family sort of took him in. Regular wolves have a strong sense of community; werewolves more so. Extremely loyal creatures. I know these three haven't really been acting like it, but trust me on this."

Our heroine smiled at the very tattooed male, leaning over closer to him. "So what colour are you? Your fur I mean when you transform? I've noticed all three of them have different colour fur. Dagan is auburn, Reuben caramel and Rolf onyx. What are you? Blue from the tattoos or something?"

Ash scratched at his jaw his eyes turned up to look at her from under his long dark lashes. "Red. A shade or so lighter then Dagan. He and I are from the same bloodline. As is the King."

"So you were all bitten by the same werewolf?" our heroine gave a small scream. Ash didn't bother to turn around to see what had scared her. He had smelled the other werewolf's scent before he had climbed through the window.  "Dagan! Damn it! You nearly gave me a heart attack." she stood up straight.

"You can't get a heart attack, you're already dead." his voice was low, barely above a whisper as he tilted his head, rolling his eyes at her, still the amber-grey of the werewolf. He then rested his chin on the top of her hair, taking a deep breath, his teeth exposed, his nails long glassy points, what seemed like two days worth of beard on his face suddenly.

"Okay this is awkward." our heroine said unable to move. The male bent his face to her neck sniffing deeply.

"You smell different. You fed off of someone." he sniffed again, his nose trailing from her jaw to her collar bone. "Oh just Reuben. That's okay I can...can live with that. Harker's off limits. Promise. Say you promise."

"I can't do that."

"Promise me that my brother Harker is off limits! That you're not going to bite him! That you're not going to feed off of him or try to turn him. Say the words." he had grabbed her by both elbows, his nails digging in.

"I promise that if he rejects me, I won't force it." (get ready for the one flashback link)

He Banged his hand down hard on the kitchen table causing her to jump. "I'll take it." Dagan rested his chin back on top of her hair. "See that wasn't so hard was it? We can all get along if you just play by the rules." he made a grunting noise that was more human than animal, moving from her suddenly, his hands in the air in a surrender motion, completely in human form again before jumping back out the window.

"Well, seems you got arise out of him." Ash remarked.

Our heroine blushed. "And the bruise on my hip to prove it."

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Bang Shoot it

It was another one of those days where I was at mom's, flipping channels and found a movie on tv.  The Bang Bang Club.
It's a 2010 film about a group of photographers who were in Africa during the early 1990's. Two of whom won Pulitzers for their photos. 
It was based on the real lives of four of the main photographers.

Okay, so this was a tv edit, but it didn't seem to be very edited. Other then bad placing for commercials and cutting out the f-word, all the carnage seemed to be there.  The sound on this edit was really bad, I don't know if that was the channel or the tv or what.
I found the first twenty minutes to be jumpy and difficult to follow, but again this was a tv edit.

And I have to admit, when I saw actor Taylor Kitsch listed as one of the leads, it was the main reason I wanted to see this film. 

till later

Intermission July 28th 2013

So if you're reading my Nosferatu Adventures, you might have noticed some things in it that are a little mundane, like the lunchbox and the binder. Both vampire themed/print.
I didn't come up with that out of thin air, those are based on real objects I have here.

Here's a couple of photos of the binder. I got it from Zazzle Canada, last year.

The lunchbox, which I'll take a photo of at another time, was part of a box set of vampire  movies.

It's weird what we collect isn't it?

Year 2 Mid-Season the rest of the story 21

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 21, chapter 21

Reuben scratched at his jaw, rolling his shoulders as if he were preparing for battle. "This one here." he said, pointing to one of the ships. "It's got a large crew, no one will miss two." he guided her towards a large cargo box. "Don't go in guns a blazing, be subtle. You want to get invited onto the ship, somewhere dark where you can leave the body and it won't be discovered right away. Which means, don't go all wild. Make the bites less noticeable." Our heroine nodded, turning towards the ship but Reuben grabbed her again, spinning her back around. He started to roll up the sleeves of her shirt past her elbows, and unbuttoned the top three buttons.

"Um what the hell?" she started to button them up again.

"Only two kinds of females come to the docks. The ones who take the guys money, and the ones who are trying to save their souls." he started to unbutton them again "You're trying to get invited on the ship, you need to be inviting yourself." he let out a deep sigh his shoulders slouching. "This is not going to work, no one's going to believe...too bad I didn't think to grab a bible or something, but then again, I don't think it would have been too convincing you trying to sell salvation if you yourself were exploding into flames."

"Hey, that whole vampire religion thing total myth." Reuben raised an eyebrow at her."Honest. Every culture has vampires, every religion. Besides, I tested it out the other day in the Seer's chambers. He had this cross hanging in his bathroom and it did nothing. Didn't turn me to stone or sending me screaming in pain or burst into flames or anything."

"Maybe we'll luck out and they will mistake you for a salvation type pretending to be a hooker to get their trust?" he said grabbing a handful of her short pixie cut hairdo, hoping to make it look less flat.

"Says the man who's had his hands on my boobs for the last minute and a half."

"Don't see real ones too often anymore." Reuben remarked. Our heroine burst out laughing to the point tears were clouding up her vision. "See now your eyes are all bright and shiny moist, some colour to your cheeks, that's inviting. It was either that or well I didn't have a plan B." he pointed towards the ship and moved behind the cargo box. Our heroine shook her head still laughing at him as she moved towards the large ship.

The name printed on the side was the Demeter, which caused a strange deja vu for our heroine as she continued to head towards the few crew members who were unloading large boxes. One of them spotted her and smiled as he approached. He was large, his clothes dirty, his eyes dull looking. He was a few feet from her, the sound of his blood pumping in his veins loud, when something else grabbed her attention. Turning to the left, our heroine spotted the shorter man, dressed in a burgundy coloured trenchcoat, handing someone a large envelope.

That was our heroine's next big mistake.

He turned to look at her, smiling over his shoulder causing her to blush at the realization she'd been caught staring. He moved very casually towards her, like he had all the time in the world.
He's the one she thought. The one she was going to turn into a vampire, who would help break the blood bond with Dagan. A quick fantasy flashed in her mind of spending the rest of her existence with him as vampires. She stood waiting for him to approach, her hand mindlessly fidgeting with the necklace Reuben had given her.

"You're new aren't you?" he said once he was beside her. He wasn't much taller then herself, his eyes blue, his nose sculptured, what looked like a day's worth of beard. "I'm Harker. Captain Harker."  our heroine didn't get the chance to introduce herself before he was gesturing towards the ship, leading her up the makeshift ramp.
He took her to his private quarters, the whole time talking about how they had just returned from a trip to Romania. Our heroine smiled, licking her lips as she listened to the soothing sound of his low voice, her attention still focused on what this man would be like as a vampire. He turned towards the bed, removing the blanket from it. 

Our heroine moved backwards towards the wall as she found herself face to face with a crossbow, a large wooden bolt pointed at her.

"Busted wide open." she said as Harker took another step towards her.

"We've nothing for you to steal. Whatever signal you've got set up with your pimp, give it, have him come running in here thinking you've found some pot of gold."

Our heroine lowered her hands, throwing her head back. "Is that what you think this is about?" she nearly laughed out loud from relief.

"Isn't it?"


Harker dropped the weapon onto the bed. "Then better you peddle yourself back to the nunnery because I've already made peace with my god."

Our heroine gave a snort as she shook her head in disbelief. "Reuben was right." she let her hand slap against her thigh. "I'm so not inviting." The crossbow was at her throat again.

"You belong to Reuben?"

"Actually, she belongs to your brother." Reuben's voice echoed from the doorway. He was leaning on the doorframe in such a casual manor. "Put the weapon down before I break your arm." Harker dropped the crossbow again, stepping away from our heroine.  "Of all the guys on the docks you pick him?"  Our heroine said nothing, was unable to even think as she tried to process what she just heard.
The werewolf was grinning wide, his eyes turned to their wolf nature, as his hair fell across his face. "What were you thinking?"

"He's pretty. Thought he'd make an interesting vampire. Break the blood bond with Dagan." she replied still in a daze.

Reuben swore as he pinched the bridge of his nose. "Come on, let's get you back before you do anymore damage." he turned to Harker. "You're welcome to come with us. I'm sure Dagan would be upset if he found out you were here and didn't stop in."

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Year 2 Mid-Season the rest of the story 20

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 20, chapter 20

"He's just finally comfortable having you around. Which is pointless cause we're taking you to the graveyard shortly." Rolf said gesturing towards Dagan. "Too comfortable."

"Comfortable. Too comfortable. Too...comfortable." our heroine started to mumble to herself as she moved across the porch and back into the cabin. Finding her binder, she started to flip through the pages. "Damn it! I'm missing half my notes. They must have fallen out of the binder." she said turning around looking at the bookshelf Ash had. "Do you have anything about myths, or folklore?" Ash shook his head as he continued to work on a fishing lure at the kitchen table.

"Calm down." Rolf said from the doorway.

"The Seer..." our heroine said closing her eyes her hands everywhere. "...he didn't flinch when I touched him. Like he was way too comfortable with the idea..."

"You were way too comfortable touching him." Dagan mumbled stretching out on the sofa.

"... Guys tend to pull away from me." our heroine continued.

Reuben had joined them now too, as he stood beside Rolf, his arms crossed over his chest, and ran his hand over his beard, his chocolate brown puppy dog eyes sparkling with questions. "Um...okay? And this means what?"

"He's a slut?" Dagan said  "Bad taste in females?"

"Exactly. Sort of. Do you remember when we were talking about the mermaids?" our heroine asked as she began pacing around the cabin.

"Actually you were ranting in a junkie's delirium. We were just putting up with it." Dagan replied. "Okay, yeah you were wanting to know where all the males were."

"I think I figured it out. Well, what the Seer is really hiding. He's not human. Leanan Sidhe, are creatures that are half fairy. They are said to be connected to the mermaids. But unlike mermaids, they can breed with humans. They hunt by seduction."  all four werewolves just looked at her like she was speaking in another language. "He's too charming! The Seer."

"Okay, you're not making sense. When was the last time you fed? Do you feel like you're needing a jolt?" Dagan asked sitting up, his hands on his knees. Our heroine threw her hands up in the air, then walked over to him, placing both hands on the male's shoulders she tried to explain.

"The Seer, is not human. Not totally. He's half Leanan Sidhe. His power lies in his ability to seduce."

"But he didn't seduce you. Didn't even try." Reuben said as he grabbed a chair from the kitchen table and sat down.

"You smell really yummy right now." she said to Dagan moving away from the werewolf. "Your blood has a honey-ish scent." she rocked back on her heels trying to get her barrings.

"Okay you really need a fix right now." Rolf added, his hand out to her.

"I'm fine. Honest." she took a deep breath but backed up another step into the corner of the room.

"Just how did the Seer seduce you without seducing you?" Rolf asked.

"With magic." our heroine answered. She took another deep breath shaking her head, as all she could hear was the sound of blood coursing through their veins.

"Well you just said that. If you're right and he's half fairy then yeah, magic." Rolf continued.

"The book." Reuben interrupted standing up from the table. He moved towards her, pointing at her. "When you found the spell book, you didn't find it by accident. He planted it for you to find." Reuben spun around on his heels a grin on his face. "He figured out what your weakness was and used that. Damn."

"I'm still a little confused." Rolf said flicking his hair out of his face. "What does this have to do with him being too comfortable with you? I mean..." he turned his shoulders pointing towards the porch. "You said he didn't flinch. I'm just not following here."

"Not too mention he got jealous when I said you guys were hot." she was sweating now, bent over her hands on her knees. "Okay I need air." bolting from the cabin, our heroine ran around to the back of it, pacing around the vegetable garden.

Reuben was beside her in a blink, having jumped out the window. "You need to feed. The docks aren't that far from here, maybe if we get some human blood in you..." he gestured towards the path as if that was explanation enough. Our heroine looked at him but just did not understand what he was meaning, she could hear nothing but the rushing of blood, could smell nothing but the way his sweat stuck to his flesh, mixed with lemons and lavender soap. Her teeth were aching, her mouth dry as she nodded, agreeing to anything.

The next few minutes were like slow motion, as Reuben continued to talk, his lips moving, his eyes animated, but the words were nothing but garbled echoes. Somehow, they had begun walking on the path to wherever it was he wanted to take her. She didn't even remember moving her feet, couldn't feel the ground under her anymore. All she knew was that his blood was pumping centimeters away below his skin.

Then she bit him. She didn't even remember doing it. Didn't remember making the choice to grab his shoulder, pulling him towards her, one hand around his chest, the other digging into the soft underside of his elbow, her fangs deep in the curve of his shoulder. The werewolf tossed her off of him, throwing her to the ground hard. He stood over her, a mild fury contorting his features. Our heroine watched as his face softened again, rubbing both hands over it. Letting out a deep sigh, Reuben helped her back up and gestured for them to continue on the path.

"I remember what that is like. Blood-lust is the same for werewolves too in the beginning. Just, next time don't wait so long. We all offered back in the cabin." 

"So you were bitten not born?" our heroine asked, licking her lips. Her mind was starting to clear.

Reuben said nothing for a long moment, making a duck-bill with his lips, his cheeks puffed out eyes wide.  "Yeah, I was born a werewolf. You could say. But, it doesn't kick in till you're in your teens. Like puberty, only a million times worse." They reached the stream, Reuben continued walking completely forgetting that our heroine couldn't cross it. He was gone for a full five minutes before he realized and turned back to get her. When they finally got across, he continued talking. "Same with Rolf. He's a born shapeshifter but Dagan...he was bitten."

"You said you were born one so to speak. What do you mean?" our heroine asked getting caught up in the mystery of it all.

"If someone is born dead but not..." he was searching for the words to explain, but our heroine interrupted him.

"Folklore. If a baby is stillborn, but brought back to life with like cpr, it's cursed to be a werewolf. Yeah I've heard that a few times before." she smiled, proud of herself for having remembered something from her research. "Just like folklore that states male vampires can father children with human females, but female vampires can't get pregnant at all..." she stopped talking causing Reuben to give her a sideways glance. "Let me guess, male werewolves can only reproduce with female werewolves?"  Reuben said nothing, just nodded. "And that explains Ash's reaction when we first met. He's looking to have a litter of puppies."

"So explain to me what you were trying to say back in the cabin?"

"We need to get proof, but I'm pretty sure the Seer is a sidhe. Or at lest half, a male version of a siren if you will." the air started to shift, became filled with the scent of the sea and our heroine knew they were nearly at the docks where he wanted to take her.

"Got to give me more on this." Reuben was smiling again, which lit up his whole face.
"It was almost like he was expecting me to be touching him." she blushed as she said it, the male beside her laughing madly. "Exactly my point. That's just not normal, not for me. He didn't move away, he didn't protest but he didn't flirt either. Just not normal behavour for a male. Not with me. I mean, he was afraid of me when I vamped out, but not when I was close to him. He was too calm, no embarrassment, no smugness, no ego. Just..." she shrugged trying to find the right words.

"And that makes you think he's a type of siren? Because he didn't pull away from you ? He is a Seer, maybe he had a vision of it or something and therefore wasn't at all shocked when you touched him?"

"Still doesn't explain why he had no reaction, none. Good or bad, just neutral." our heroine replied shaking her head."If he saw it in a vision, wouldn't he have either flirted or told me to back off?"

Reuben had to agree with her on this point. The sound of wooden beams creaking underfoot ended the conversation, as they found themselves now at the edge of the docks. A lighthouse not that far in the distance, and at lest a dozen large ships loading and unloading cargo with a few scattered fishing boats were all our heroine could see. The sound of seagulls battled it out with the waves for her attention.
The male beside her, tapped her shoulder gesturing towards a large ship as he flicked his hair out of his face. "Hope you like seafood."

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Year 2 Mid-Season Rest of the Story 19

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 19, chapter 19

Looking around the darkened room, our heroine decided she needed answers. Answers that she just wasn't going to find in that cabin. Tossing the blanket down she headed out the door.
The auburn wolf woke with a start as he shook the discarded blanket off of him growling. His ears twitched as the sound of footsteps echoed in the distance. Jumping up, he followed. 

The wet leaves crunched under her feet as she tried to remember which way they had come in order to get to the cabin. The rain still poured down making her task that much harder.  She felt her spine hit the bark of the tree before she knew what was going on. Dagan leaned over her, his left arm on the tree trunk, his hair plastered to his face from the rain, his eyes glowing with anger. They were not the amber-grey of the werewolf, but the normal blue of a human male; which frightened our heroine more. He said nothing for a few long seconds, just stared at her with his head tilted to the side his jaw squared. The tall male then leaned over and snarled at her simply pointing towards the cabin before sneezing.
Then sneezed again. Shaking his head, his eyes wide, mouth open as the rain continued to pour down on them, his demeanour changed. He gave her a meek smile as he wiped at her face, realizing that he'd sneezed on her. The two of them broke out laughing.

"In the last ten minutes, I have been drooled on and sneezed on. What's next, does Rolf or Ash want to cough up a fur ball on me?"  she asked as they headed back into the warmth of the cabin.

"Don't tempt them. They just might." Dagan said finding a towel and drying his hair.

Mid-morning as the sun beamed down and the birds chirped as our heroine sat on the porch. She had been trying to understand the last few days, trying to find the missing pieces to the puzzle that she was now in the middle of. Trying to figure out what the Seer was really hiding.  She slurped a cup of coffee.
That was until Reuben started to work out. He had climbed one of the large trees at the edge of the lawn, using one of the thicker branches as a balance beam, flipping and swinging. Our heroine could do nothing but sit in silence and watch, completely spellbound.

"You realize you are really, really not his type?" Rolf's low voice slithered in her ear, as he leaned over her shoulder taking a seat beside her.

"I'm not anyone's type." she blushed as she continued to stare at the werewolf as he hung from one of the branches by his knees, his arms straight down, hair everywhere. "No harm in looking." she replied still blushing as she turned to Rolf. He winced as the sun reflected off her.

"You kept it." the large man yawned.

"Shouldn't I have? Woke on the beach and found myself wearing it." she grasped at the mermaid scale necklace.

Rolf coughed then shrugged. "That was in case. Reuben wanted to make sure there was some sort of funeral rite. Just in case." Rolf scratched at his back wincing. "We were about to dump your body, and he suddenly starts whispering some prayer chant thing and added the necklace."

"It's still pretty."

"Speaking of the Fort. I want to say thank you for what you did." the large man glanced at her from under his hair.

"Don't. I saw how you risked your life just to find them. I knew you'd be willing to die in that match for them, so..." she shrugged. "Lest I was useful for something."

"You really need to change your perspective. Like just now when you said you're not anyone's type. You're just looking at it wrong."

Our heroine laughed as she took another sip of her coffee. "Um...let's see. Change my perspective okay. I like a guy who will never in a million years be interested in me. I am magically linked to another guy who is not interested in me. And then there is bachelor number three over there who even though is not interested in me thinks he should own me by default like a deed to a house. There isn't any other perspective on this. I'm in a place that is filled with guys and still there are no available men." Rolf gave her a puzzled look. "And I'm going to say something to you that no one has ever said to you ever I'm sure... Rolf sweetie, you are just not my type."

Dagan walked out of the cabin, took a deep sniff of the air like he was on the trail of something, scratching at his stomach, then grabbed the coffee cup right out of our heroine's hands taking a deep gulp of it. He made a face sticking his tongue out a couple of times. "It's so bitter. How much sugar did you put in this?" he turned back towards the cabin door disappearing inside.

"Did he just steal my coffee?" she asked in shock.

"You'll get used to it." Rolf said matter of factly.

"Seriously, why is it so bitter?" Dagan asked poking his head back out the door, a handful of sugar cubes being added to the cup.

"There's no sugar in it. I don't put sugar in my coffee." she answered as she watched the male stir the stolen coffee and take another sip. "And why on earth would I need to get used to it?"

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Year 2 Mid-Season rest of the story 18

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 18, chapter 18

"Well fix it! Undo it!" our heroine said turning to Reuben.

"That explains a lot actually." Rolf said laughing as he walked into the cabin, taking a chair and sitting down. "Explains his behavouir..."

Dagan interrupted him. "Now now now. Alright alright shut up!" he turned to his buddy his hand out at him wiggling his fingers, his other hand at his lips "Ssshh".

"...when we went to dump your body." Rolf continued.

"Yeah, how did you guys manage to escape?" our heroine asked as she made her way back over to the sofa, curling up in the corner of it.

"Well, you were dead and the one guard went to remove your body from the cage and this one here went nuts bit his arm clean off at the elbow..." Rolf pointed at Dagan.

"We needed a distraction." Dagan shrugged.

"...had to kill a few of the guards but we managed to get out of the Fort and to the cliffs. With your dead body I might add. Didn't really have a choice, had to dump your body into the river. There were a few guards that had followed us, and burying you wasn't an option in case they dug you up to drive a stake into your heart or cut your head off. Knew the water would carry you with the current and all we would have to do was fish you off the beach. Wasn't counting on anyone else finding you first. But this blood sire thing, explains why he..." Rolf started to laugh again, a deep rich noise. "...acted the way he did."  Dagan relaxed for a second thinking Rolf was done talking. "He was..."

"Aaahh! No no!" Dagan covered his ears then thought better of it and moved a few feet to our heroine and covered his hands over her ears. "Enough! Ssshh. Seriously." Rolf shook his head still laughing at his buddy but didn't say anything else. Relaxing Dagan moved his hands away from her ears.

"Was talking to you. Just stretched out on the ground beside the edge of the cliff right before we dumped your body, telling you not to worry that the water wasn't as cold as it looked and that you'd be fine. Kept repeating over and over that you would be fine in a few hours. All the while making the dream catcher, just mumbling about how you didn't have any pockets." Reuben added. "Then he pouted for a bit after we dumped your body. Just sat there staring over the cliff." he leaned on Dagan's shoulder, a smirk on his face causing his eyes to crinkle and sparkle. Dagan shoved him off snarling.

"So his reaction has nothing to do with you being his mate?" Ash asked as he busied himself with the task of making a pot of tea.

"No." our heroine said laughing. Rolf and Reuben both turned to look first at Ash then at Dagan, and both men were snickering.  Dagan made a movement like he was wiping his feet as he smiled clearly embarrassed at the idea. He left the cabin then without saying anything. That just made Rolf and Reuben laugh harder.

"I think as long as we keep you two separated when you need to feed, everything should be fine. The bond in theory should start to weaken the more you feed off of others. In theory." Reuben remarked. "And I can only assume that it will work the same as any other blood bond in that once you create another vampire, your bond will be with them." he scratched at his temple looking over her shoulder at the wall."I'm going to go hunt." he was out the door in a blur.

"Do you need to hunt?" our heroine asked Rolf as she yawned. The very large werewolf rubbed his stomach and made a face shaking his head.

"Na I'm good. I had two full guards." he smiled at her like a little kid telling her a secret. "So what do you think the Seer is up to?" Rolf asked as he sat up straight in the chair accepting the cup of tea from Ash.  Our heroine shrugged as a cup was handed to her too.

"I don't know, but something isn't adding up." she noticed the look that passed between the two men. "Okay ever since you boys showed up there's been a strangeness. What's up?"

"Nothing you need to worry about." Ash said sipping his own tea. Rolf snorted flicking his hair out of his face. "You think different?"

"Yeah I do actually." he gestured towards our heroine with the mug, sloshing tea on himself. "The reason Ash here is a hermit is so that no one challenges him for his Alpha position. Which is ironic considering he's stopped living like a werewolf and is trying to pass for full human. Isn't that right?"

"Dagan seems quite happy filling those paw prints. Alpha suites him." he took another sip of the hot liquid.

"So now you know. Just in case you thought all this talk of mates was legit, it's not. Just a territorial thing." Rolf added as he turned his eyes up to glare at Ash over the edge of the mug. Getting up he headed outside. "In fact, it's such a lovely night outside, think I'll spend it under the stars." he stomped his way down the front porch stairs and let out a small howl.

Our heroine was asleep, dreaming of fog and the slow dripping sound of ice melting. A voice began whispering in her ear, telling her something in another language but she couldn't understand it. She woke slowly, turning towards the back of the sofa, as something dripped on her face. Opening her eyes, our heroine found herself blinking away a droplet of spit. Sitting up, she focused on the large shadowy figure that was curled up, balanced on the back of the sofa. Her first thought was to freak out in disgust at the realization that she was covered in werewolf drool, but instead she had to cover her mouth to keep from laughing out loud.
The large caramel coloured wolf had somehow perched himself on the top edge of the sofa and was snoring. Looking around the room, our heroine saw the other two also in the room, one by the fireplace and the other on the small rug near the door. Rain poured outside the window explaining why the werewolves had retreated inside. "Well you're inventive I give you that." she whispered before hitting the sofa knocking the werewolf to the floor. He yelped as he woke up, shaking his head at her growling. "If anyone ever told me I'd be sharing a bunk-bed with a wolf I'd have said they were insane." she moved from the sofa. "Reuben, take it for a few hours. But you have fur, I keep the blanket." she stretched heading towards the fireplace sidestepping Dagan as she added another piece of firewood to it. The sofa creaked as Reuben stretched out on the sofa in her place. The wolf sneezed twice as he sniffed the pillow our heroine had been sleeping on. She scratched the back of her skull then pointed at Reuben. "If you gave me fleas I'll kill you."  The wolf snorted sneezing again scratching at his ear himself.

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Year 2 Mid-Season Rest of the Story 17

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 17, chapter 17

Ash just stood there, leaning against a kitchen chair. "So the werewolf that made you that little trinket, killed you but didn't turn you, and you fed off of him getting addicted to wolf blood? How is that possible?" his voice rose a notch as he squinted at her.  She shrugged taking a half step towards him. "How did you go vamp and not wolf?"

"Oh, he just broke my spine didn't bite me." she said it as if telling him the weather.  Ash turned from her shaking his head as he moved towards the door.

"Right, I'm going to get some more wood for the fire before that storm gets worse, be back in a few minutes." He crossed the yard in a slow pace letting out a deep breath, once again shaking his head; unsure what to do about her. Grabbing a half a log worth of firewood, he stopped. Sniffing, he caught the scent of another werewolf  heavy in the air. "I really hate company." he whispered to himself. He crossed back to the porch, dropping the firewood then turned to investigate the area around his cabin.  Ash found himself  looking at a set of wolf tracks near the back of the cabin. Running his hands through his hair, he sighed to himself. "Of course."

When he returned a few minutes later, he said nothing just added some of the firewood to the fireplace, dumping the rest in a basket beside it, before moving around the cabin getting a large kettle and filling it with water. When Ash finally turned to our heroine, his eyes held no clues in them. "You're welcome to the sofa. I have a feeling the storm is only going to get worse over the next few hours. Can you eat regular food?"

"Think so. Been mostly a liquid diet the last few days." our heroine said, the sound of the werewolf's blood thundered through his veins like water sloshing in a sink. She found herself standing beside him without remembering having moved.
The tall thin werewolf had a smirk on his face as he grabbed a chair from the kitchen table, turned it around and straddled it, his arm resting on the back of the chair.

"Once. Then we try the stew."

Ash tossed in his bed, the sound of howling working its way into his dreams, waking him. Sluggishly he got out of bed and crept to the window. He didn't see anything. Crossing to the door, he unbolted it and managed to sneak past the sleeping vampire making his way to the porch. It wasn't much of a surprise when he saw the large wolf in the middle of his lawn.
The onyx coloured wolf was stretched out in front of the stairs. Raising his head, he tilted it to the side his ears straight up, eyes fully on Ash. Bowing his head in disbelief, Ash descended the stairs and walked over to the creature.  "Talk to me like a man." he said crossing his arms over his chest. The wolf gave a snort shaking his head but got up from the ground and transformed.

"You need a better security system." Rolf said crossing his own arms flicking his hair out of his eyes. "Nothing around the back of your cabin to keep out intruders." he smiled, his eyes still that of the wolf.

"No intruders for decades, no company for that matter then tonight, two. Which is one too many in my book."

"Four actually." Dagan said as he sauntered over to them from the corner of the house. Reuben right behind him.

"I should have known." Ash said letting his arm slap his thigh.

"We misplaced our pain in the ass. She's about 5'7..." Dagan said holding his hand up to his waist. Reuben leaned over adjusting Dagan's elbow to the height of his chin.

"5'7." Reuben nodded as he tied his hair back in a too smooth to be human ponytail. "You were a bit low there... bit low. That would have put her...on her knees." he smiled at his buddy.  Dagan glanced at him over his shoulder and shrugged closing his eyes.

"She's short! Short is short."  He turned back to Ash, a bored look on his face his lips turned up in a snarl. "Well?"

"You said our. Is there something going on here that I need to know about?" Ash asked as he took a step forward, his eyes locked with Rolf's. 

Rolf shook his head flicking his long hair again out of his face. "We were told to escort her to the graveyard, by the Magic Ninjas. We hit some trouble, but we handled it. Now, we need to finish our job."

"So none of you are staking claim on her?" Ash asked.

Reuben laughed.  "Stake...vampire...oh come on it was funny." he turned around in a full circle on his heels.

"She's all yours." the look on Rolf's face was unreadable. "But I intend to keep my end of the bargain and that means making sure that she gets to the graveyard." he pointed to the cabin. "I keep my promises. Out here, that's all we've got."

"Suddenly I feel like a championship belt. Everyone talking about me. What's the score then, looser gets the gold?" our heroine was standing in the doorway wrapped up in a quilt.

"Time to take you to the graveyard." Rolf said.

"Great wonderful. After we figure out what the Seer is really up to and how to unfreeze the King." Dagan was beside her in a flash, staring at her. Poking his fingers into her mouth, he growled. "What are you doing?"  she tried to back away but got tangled in the quilt falling over.

"Funny, you don't look like a junkie going through withdrawls. By now, you should be curled up in a ball on the floor screaming for blood." he snorted with disgust. "Didn't take you long to sniff out another werewolf and make him your personal vending machine."

"Careful, that almost sounds like jealousy." Reuben remarked smiling bright as he sat on the porch railing, his legs swinging.

"So there is something going on here?" Ash asked now standing on the porch.

"No!" Dagan shook his head, his blue eyes squinting.(get ready for the one flashback link) "I mean, you accidentally on purpose decide to slaughter someone to speed their supernatural nature along, cause you need to know what kind of Spooky you're dealing with, and suddenly you're the bad guy." he gestured with both hands, his arms out in front of him pointing towards our heroine. "I mean, how is this my fault? She bit me! Twice! It's not my fault really that she's a bloodslut for wolf." he ran his hand through his hair fixing it. "You bit me and then you insulted me, which didn't stop you from drinking from me again did it?" he leaned over her pointing at her throat."Okay, granted your blood, it left me little dizzy..."

"Blood bonded." Reuben said jumping down, eyes wide pointing at them. "Why didn't we realize this before? All the signs were there." he laughed out loud. "Prime rule with vampires, when fledglings are made they are connected to their sire. Can I say on record that I love this." Reuben slapped Dagan on the shoulder. "Like I said before, she's your creation."

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movie: Sinister

where: mom's on Shaw Video On Demand

reason: It just looked cool

plot: a true crime writer moves his family to the house where a brutal murder happened in order to research it. He has not told his family that their new home is a crime scene, only that it happened in that neighbourhood. As he moves boxes into the attic, he discovers an old 8mm film projector and a box of home movies. Sitting down to see what might be on them, he discovers not only are they snuff films, but that they seem to be connected. At first he believes them to be the work of a serial killer, then of a cult. As he digs deeper into the connections of the killings, his children start to become affected by sleepwalking and night terrors. Deciding to move again in hopes of solving the family problems, he makes it worse and opens a door that can't be closed.

This stars Ethan Hawk and I have to say, I'm not a big fan of his but he is perfect in this role. This is a real horror film. You know the formula but it doesn't matter, the story is still solid, the acting brilliant, and the feel just creepy enough.
There are a few cheap jump-scares, but it's what's needed to keep the vibe going.

I think we have a new Freddy on our hands here - all puns intended- with the mythos that is created in this movie, you can go in so many directions.  And from what I've been reading there is a sequel in the works.

There is something about having an isolated drunk writer who sees things, that is rooted firmly in any really great horror/thriller story. 

I'm actually debating if I should add this to the vampire challenge or not?  I might. Just because the big spooky in this devours souls. Which comes under the vampire heading. 

till later

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Year 2 Mid-Season the rest of the story 16

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 16, chapter 16

"Photo?" he looked at her with a sideways glance. "I have no idea what you're talking about." he shrugged. "Nice necklace, you make that?" Our heroine moved her hand down her neck, her pale slim fingers brushing across the mermaid scale necklace.

"Um no, a friend did."

"Your friend the one who made that too?" he said, pointing a very tattooed hand at the mini dream catcher that was tied to her wrist. Our heroine nodded as she brought her arm up to look at it.

"Different friend actually. Why the hell do I smell wet dog?" she asked still holding her arm up. She sniffed, then took a really close look at the dream catcher. "Oh my god! He used werewolf fur for the thread." she spun it around in the moonlight. "Is that teeth?" she untied the little gift from her wrist, but held it tight still in her hand. The little charms knotted to the ends of the werewolf fur were indeed teeth. "Why do I have the feeling I don't even want to know."

Ash took the dream catcher from her holding it up to the remaining light. "What exactly was your friend doing with werewolf fur?" he handed it back to her with a look of disgust on his face. That's when our heroine got a look at one of the tattoos on his knuckles. It was the word stay.

"Uh. Being one."

Ash smiled as he threw his head back, closing his eyes and relaxed his shoulders. "It's going to rain soon. I'm going back to my cabin. It's up to you if you want to stay here and wait for your friend." he pointed to the dream catcher. "How'd you end up in the lake?"

Our heroine sighed. "I have no idea. I was fighting someone, last thing I remember; then I woke up here."

"You were fighting someone?" Ash asked, his eyes still closed.

"It's a really long story. And I'm pretty sure this was a goodbye-good riddance gift." our heroine replied as she tied the mini dream catcher back to her wrist, as she didn't have any pockets. "So, how do you know the King? And why aren't you like old man material?"

Ash opened his eyes staring at her. "You've been to the Fort?" he smiled then, rubbing his hand over his jaw. "Well, that's an even longer story then yours might be."

"Condense it for me." our heroine wrapped her arms around herself as the wind began to pick up and her water logged clothes stuck to her.

"I was the adviser to the King. We were traveling, were attacked. I think you know by what. He went back, I stayed in the woods. There, condensed." a clap of thunder roared through the sky. "I think it's time to go." He turned grabbing a large picnic basket and the long leather trenchcoat that had been sitting on top of it. "You're safe. Promise." he nodded towards another path that lead into the woods.

"I've had two werewolves kill me already. You killing me again, doesn't scare me." she said following him.  Ash turned to look at her over his shoulder.

"I wasn't even referring to that, but okay." he handed her the coat. "You're still soaked through. Put this on." They reached a small stream that trickled slowly, creating a small crater in the mud. Our heroine stopped suddenly, unable to cross it. Looking around she didn't see a break on either side for miles. Ash turned when he realized she wasn't moving. "You okay?"

"I can't...I can't cross the water." she said suddenly feeling like a child. Ash chuckled shaking his head as he put the basket down and moved back the two steps to where she was. He found a rock and placed it dead center in the stream telling her to just step on the rock.

"Vampire eh? Damn!" he said picking up the basket again and continuing on. It wasn't long before they were face to face with his cabin. Our heroine felt a chill run up her spine at the site of it. 
Dead animals hung skinned from a large wooden spit. A fire pit and brick oven were outside in what anyone else would consider the front lawn. A large piece of leather was hung over a low tree branch, and the strangest part of all was the row of tiny white flowers around the tree. "I use every part of the animal. Food, leather, fur. For a vampire you're sure jumpy."

"Hey, it's only been like three days man." she said scrunching her nose up as they pasted the tree. "Garlic? You planted garlic flowers?"

"Keeps the racoons away from the leather." he led her into the cabin, lighting a fire in the fireplace.

"So what did you mean just then with the little comment about vampires?" she asked hovering in front of the fire.

"Female werewolves are extremely rare, like maybe one out of every forty-five are born. When you told me you had been hanging around another wolf, my first thought was that you'd been bitten. But clearly, that's not the case." he moved across the room opening up the picnic basket and putting stuff away in a cupboard.

"Okay, so where are all the bitten ones then?"

"They usually don't survive the bite. And given that werewolves, like other canines, have litters, most females die in childbirth."

"Sounds like the middle ages." our heroine started to examine the room. She spotted a red and black book on a shelf as she surveyed the bookcase. "Where did you get this?" she asked pulling the binder from the shelf.

"Found it near the edge of the woods near the lake. I take it, it's yours?"  Our heroine nodded holding her vampire themed binder to her chest. "Then I guess this is too." Ash remarked opening up another cupboard and retrieving her lunchbox. "So you going to tell me how you became a vampire?"

"He killed me." she whispered.


"The werewolf who made me this." she said holding up her wrist, the mini dream catcher spinning as she did. Opening up the vampire themed lunchbox, she decided to put the dream catcher into it. "And I drank from him, and now seems I need werewolf blood every so often." she turned looking at Ash, studying his tattoos, thinking of nothing but the vein at his wrist.

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Top 5 Fav Slasher Films

I was sitting here, just flipping through the blog, and thought...have I done slasher films yet?   I don't think I did.  I did horror films in general, scream queens, vampire movies, werewolf movies, zombies, witches, but I don't think I've done slasher?

So here's my top 5 fav Slasher films. And it's an excuse to break out the pink logo.

1.  Happy Birthday To Me.

2. Nightmare on Elm Street (original)

3. April Fool's Day (1986)

4. Sleepaway Camp

5. The Club

Okay, so you might notice that Happy Birthday To Me is on another one of my lists. Can't help it, it's a really great movie.

The Club.  A little know Canadian movie from 1994. Brilliant story about a group of teens who are stuck in a single moment of time all facing death. It stars Kim Coats, Zack Ward and Paul Popowich. (all who have done multiple vampire films.)

The other films, well they speak for themselves.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Year 2 Mid-Season the Rest of the Story 15

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 15, chapter 15

Our heroine stood slowly, her right knee feeling a bit wobbly, as Jance turned telling the Seer to get Reuben.  The Seer waved his hand in a circle while mumbling something under his breath just before Reuben's chains sprang open. Jance herded Reuben into the caged ring then. Our heroine thought it was strange he never tried to fight, he just let himself be shoved into the cage.

The guy he was up against was a large man with an iron mask. Our heroine suddenly felt a crazy deja vu, as she watched Reuben use his speed to duck out of the way. The masked man picked him up, slamming him into the cage twice before dropping him in the middle of the ring. But Reuben, was able to roll out of the way before the masked guy could slam an elbow into his throat.
Reuben jumped up on the top turnbuckle using the cage to keep balance as he sent a mule kick into the chest of the big masked man. The guy stumbled a few steps, giving Reuben the advantage. With a cross body press, he flung himself at the guy and got him to the mat.
An animalistic sound, something between a roar and a scream came from Reuben as he torn then into the guy's throat.
Our heroine let out a small scream just as Reuben was raising his hand in the air. He turned to face the crowd that had gathered. Blood dripped from his mouth, staining his beard, his clothes, his breath coming in hard gasps.
Our heroine closed her eyes. No wonder they hadn't really bothered to fight their way out earlier, for the werewolves this was more then a test of skill or even strength. This was more then just a death match for them. It was a free dinner.

Stepping out of the cage, Reuben smiled at her sticking his tongue out clearly enjoying himself. Another guard grabbed him by the shoulders directing him towards the far end of the gates, chaining him to a wooden stake.

Dagan was next. Jance shoved him a step, but Dagan turned back around snarling at him snapping his teeth. He then turned sharply towards our heroine and just pointed towards the gate. "Go. Don't want you here. You've been enough trouble as it is for us." he towered over her, as he snarled again.

"Can't." our heroine said trying to keep the tremble out of her voice.

Dagan nodded more to himself then anything. "Okay really?" his eyebrows were raised as the smirk on his face reveled nothing. "What are you trapped?" he shrugged. "Can't move?" he leaned over the Queen's table grabbing a handful of something from a serving bowl. "Now you're trapped stupid..." he tossed a handful of sunflower seeds on the ground between them. "That should keep you busy for awhile."

Our heroine bent down and started to count the seeds. " Five, six, seven,You rat bastard!"  

Dagan climbed into the cage then shouted back at her. "You should have left when you had the chance."

"Twenty-four, twenty-five..." she continued to count, her attention completely on the task, compelled by it. "Seventy-two..." she stopped cold. A scream forced it's way from her. Covering her mouth with both hands she looked up to see that Dagan was sitting in the middle of the mat, covered in blood breathing heavy, his opponent dead.

The Queen stood up crossing to where our heroine was standing. "My my my, you can hide it for only so long. But, the cry of a Banshee is always heard when someone dies. It's like the call of death." he turned to look at the crowd before gesturing to Jance to bring Rolf up to the cage. As the Queen was about to sit back down, he changed his mind. He called for Rolf's brothers to be brought out of the cell as well. "It's getting late, I've seen almost enough. So what I'm going to do is let one of you go, the other will be Rolf's opponent." he clapped his hands together with a mad fit of laughter. Rolf shook his head pacing back and forth in the caged ring, anger building up in him.
Biffy appeared out of nowhere, grabbing one of the guys shoving him towards the gate Reuben and Dagan were, while Jance herded the other into the caged ring. "Gives new meaning to brother vs brother."

"No! You can't!" our heroine flung herself towards Jance.

The Seer was beside her then, whispering frantically. "What are you doing? Rules are rules. You trying to get yourself killed?"  Our heroine turned then towards the Queen.

"What are the rules?"

"What?" there was a look of annoyance on the Queen's face.

"Is this like a typical wrestling match? If one of them can't compete, can a substitute be put in their place?" our heroine took a half step forward then back again, rocking on her heels.

The Queen thought about it for a second then nodded. "No one in their right mind would want to take the place of someone in a match to the death."

"Who said she was in her right mind?" Reuben huffed shaking his head.

The Queen pointed at her. "You would be willing to take his place?" Our heroine nodded biting her lip. "Knowing you're going to die?"

"Dead anyway right?"

The Queen smiled sitting back down. "So be it."  Our heroine started to climb into the caged ring, the Seer leaning over her shoulder once more.

"Why are you doing this? You're sacrificing yourself for them, and they are not even your friends!"

"Neither are you." she remarked smiling at him. Turning to Rolf's brother she let out a deep breath. "Whatever happens, do not let them bury me in pieces. Try to keep me whole when you kill me." He shook his head running both hands over his face, then took a step back.

Everything went black as our heroine felt an arm first at her throat from the brutal clothesline, then heard more then felt, her skull crack as she hit the ring post.

Our heroine spat out the water, nearly choked. A scream ripped from her now sore throat. Bringing her hands to her neck, and skull she found the broken bones completely healed. "Where am I? What happened? What the hell is attached to my wrist?" (time for the links for the flashbacks)

"I dragged you out of the lake. I think you must have slipped and got towed under. Any longer and you would have been totally saltwater Sunburnt any idea What you were doing out there? Looks like a small dream catcher." the guy said as he leaned over our heroine. She backed away from him confused. "By the way, the name's Ash."

"I know you. You're the dude from the photo."

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your 

Wanna see my groovy ash?

Dear book:

You're dead. But that's okay, cause you won't stay dead. You never do.
Love, me.

Okay, I just had the chance to see the remake of  Evil Dead, and I added it to the 365 Days challenge. Why you are thinking?  Because it's a vampire movie by default because of the zombie issue. Or, if you are like me, it's a zombie movie by default because of the vampire issue.

Either way, I watched it on demand and it is now Day 67 on the vampire blog.

But while I was watching it, I got to thinking. What do you think it was about the tiny movie done by a group of movie fans back 30 years ago that has managed to become one of the greatest horror films ever? And creating one of the coolest movie icons ever?
And the book... it became the standard that all witchy-evilish-magic books have to live up to in movies now. That's a lot of weight for one little prop.

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30 Days of what?

Just saw the movie Sweet November,  that Keanu Reeves version. Another film that was on tv. Now this one I liked.

plot: workaholic Nelson meets Sarah when he goes to redo his drivers test. Sarah challenges him to spend a month with her, doing nothing. No work, no responsibilities. He takes her up on the offer only after his girlfriend dumps him and he looses his job. but Nelson has no idea that Sarah has cancer.

I think one of the reasons I liked this is that it is does not have the typical sappy happy ending. The ending is a bit of a bitter pill, but I think that's what gives the movie it's charm.
It's also a remake of the 1968 film.

till later

Sunburnt Honeymoon

The movie Heartbreak Kid was on tv.  Ben Stiller movie.  Okay, on tv which means free movie, and I'm glad I did not have to pay for it. Didn't really care for it at all. 

plot: a guy tries to stop a purse thief and ends up dating the woman who was robbed, after a week, she tells him she's moving for work and he asks her to marry him. On their honeymoon, he learns what she's really like and starts to wish he hadn't married her. While she's hiding indoors for half of it because of a horrible sunburn, he meets and falls for another woman.

The plot is one that has been done a million times over. I didn't care for this film and I can't even put my finger on why, it just didn't spark for me.

till later

Monday, July 15, 2013

Year 2 Mid-Season Rest of the story 14

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 14, chapter 14

"You do realize those guys, they are not your friends, right?" the Seer said as our heroine continued to drag him out of the room. "I mean for starters they are werewolves! They hunt humans, like me. Ripping flesh from bones, devouring like..." he gestured wildly "like an all you can eat wings night at a sports bar."

"I know." she replied pushing him into the courtyard. The Seer stumbled as he looked at her over his shoulder. He smoothed down his grey tie at the same time that he did a double take.

"You know? Then why are we... going over there?" he asked pointing towards where the caged ring was set up.

"Because I want to."

"Why do you keep referring to them as your friends?"

"Because the hot werewolves in human form that are sort of my hired tour guides but not who sometimes seem like they would rather be anywhere but sharing air space with me but have to because they made a deal with the Magic Ninjas and are therefore my strange spirit guides; just doesn't roll of the tongue."  she said slapping the Seer on the back of the skull.

"Did you even stop for air on that?" he turned around then looking at the cage "Wait, you think they are hot?"

"You don't?" she replied moving closer to the area. There was a cell on one side of the caged ring. The three wolves and the two new guys were chained to the bars of it. Clearly waiting to be shoved into the fight. Our heroine was surveying it trying to figure out how to unlock them, but didn't see any actual locks.

"Don't touch the bars." Rolf said shaking his head, his long dark hair falling everywhere. "It's silver." our heroine stopped short of grabbing the bars just as he said that. "What are you doing back here? Thought you made a run for it?"

"Looking for something. You boys need to win. We all die if you don't." she said. The Seer coughed looking away as he ran his hand through his short hair. Reuben made a face shaking his head.

"Look, you need to leave. Now." Reuben said to her, his eyes that of the wolf.

"That isn't as scary now Roo. You've done that move too much." she answered. "I'll leave when everyone is out...hey no locks, how did they secure your chains with no locks?"

"Magic." both Rolf and one of the new guys said at the same time. Dagan looked bored as he stood there, his hair in his face, his mouth slightly open, eyes half closed.

"Has any of you lot tried to shift?" she asked walking around the cell. "No I guess the silver bars would keep you from doing anything." She grabbed the Seer by the tie, telling him to do something.

"I would like to live thank you." he said his hands out from his sides, tilting his head.

"That a no then?" she said her hand finding it's way to his elbow. Our heroine heard a growl but wasn't fast enough to see who it was. "Do any of you actually want to be free or what?" But our heroine was grabbed and tossed backward into the cage. It was Jance standing there looking like he was about to pop a vein. "Okay, that is going to leave a mark." our heroine crumpled to the ground.

"It's time for the first match." Jance said an evil looking smile on his face.

Tune in later for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (yes, another straight up piece of the story.)

Year 2 Mid-Season Rest of the Story 13

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 13, chapter 13

Our heroine found herself being led across the courtyard to where the table was, which was now beside a large caged ring. Guards were everywhere, some standing around doing nothing, a few getting what looked like a hangman's deck prepared, and a few chopping wood to feed a large bonfire.  There was one that was sharpening stakes near the monstrous wall of animal heads.  Biffy walked up to her, a pair of shackles in hand as he chained our heroine up to a wooden spike that was about two feet between the Queen's table and the cage.  "You better start praying that your friends win. All three of them. Cause if even one screws up, you're up for grabs. Highest bidder gets you." he made sure the shackles were tight. "Some of the guys, have new hunting knives they are just dying to try out." he winked at her before heading back towards the gates.

"You haven't begged, haven't pleaded haven't tried to buy your way out of your situation." the bearded guard said as he moved towards her. "One might think you want to die? Cause you're not that stupid to believe that your friends will all win are you?" he taunted her.

"No point in begging or pleading, no money to bother with. And what does it matter, something tells me that if my friends win or not we're all dead before we are allowed to leave this place." she replied as she noticed the guys being herded now towards the caged ring. She also happened to spot the Seer running across the courtyard, something in his hand that looked almost like a bottle of pop.

"Smarter then you look for a female." he smiled leaning over her. "My advice to you, behave while your friends are slaughtered, and just maybe I'll let the bidding start before you loose an ear. You're welcome." he walked off in the direction of the prisoners then.
Our heroine pulled on the shackles, managing to loosen the bolts. She twisted her body around yanking on them with her full weight and managed to get the bolts to snap. The shackles clanked to the ground as she made a run towards the area she'd seen the Seer disappear into.

"Don't breathe." she whispered into the Seer's ear as she grabbed him by the back of his hair, her other hand at his throat. "Where are you headed?"

"King's chambers." his voice trembled as he pointed to a small door. She shoved him forward, her nails like glass knives still at his throat. She watched as the Seer moved a now shaky hand to place a key into the lock, opening the door. He relocked it once they were inside, before she would let go of him. "What is it you want?" he scurried into the nearest corner holding the bottle to his chest. Our heroine shrugged.

"Maybe I was lonely." she gestured to the bottle. "What's that?"

"The King's dinner." he replied.

"Looks like antifreeze."

"Well, I'm sure you would think that. But, it's a very powerful combination of ..." he stopped talking as our heroine walked towards the far side of the room. There, locked in a glass coffin was the King.

"Clive?" she was standing beside the coffin, staring down at a man who looked way too similar to the desert wiseman to be anything but.(chapter 2 here people) He was dressed in the same dusty leather pants and black shirt, his eyes closed. Smoke seemed to fill the coffin around him, which she realized was the result of the spell. 

"Actually, his name is Leo." the Seer commented now standing beside her.

"Well, he told me his name was Clive." she stopped for a few long seconds staring up at the ceiling. "Lest I think he told me. I don't really remember. I was so confused when I bumped into him and there was the whole desert thing, and the weird sunglasses...but that's the guy. Huh, he's better looking then I remembered."

"Um, he can't be better looking then you remember, because you couldn't have met him as he's been in a magic coma for thirty years." the Seer said raising his one arm out to his side.

"Astral projection. Ever heard of it?" she replied her hand resting on the Seer's arm. He had a look on his face between confusion and smugness."Open it."

"I can't."

"Open the coffin." she said again.

"If I do that, it won't do you any good." the Seer still had that smile on his face.

"Fine, I'll open it." our heroine walked around the whole coffin but could not find a lid seam or lock. With her nails once again like glass claws, she scratched at the lid. Nothing. "Crap, child proof." she looked around the room for something to break it with then remembered the pop bottle the Seer was still holding. "You said it was how you feed him, how if the lid doesn't open?"  The Seer still smiling, moved to the head of the glass coffin and attached some tubes to the bottle. The tubes were a simple iv running into the coffin and connected to the King's left arm. "Smartass." She jumped up on the glass coffin. "Okay sleeping beauty, talk to me. How do I get you out?"

"Why would you want to?"

"Why wouldn't you want me to? What does keeping him a wolfsicle do for you?" she asked knelling on the coffin trying to find a weak point to the glass.

"Um, well for one it keeps me on the good side of the Queen. I get to keep my life. I also get pretty much the run of the place." he leaned now himself on the coffin in a very relaxed way.

"Why do I get the feeling things were better with wolfie in charge?" our heroine let her voice drop to a whisper.

"What is it with you and werewolves?"

She jumped down from the coffin, searching the room. "I like a man with hair on his chest." There was a painting hanging on the wall. "Who's this?" she asked pointing to the painting.

"The King before." the Seer answered now standing beside her.

"No him." she pointed to the second man in the painting. He was covered in tattoos and had a look that reminded her of the type of guy you'd see at late night showings of horror films.

"No idea. Never seen him before."  our heroine gave him a sideways glance. "I mean, never seen him outside of this painting. Cause obviously I'm the only one who comes in here so I've seen the painting before hundreds of times." he gave her that smile again. The kind of smile that was starting to make her think of every high school jock she'd ever seen trying to charm his way out of an English exam.

"Come on." she grabbed him by the waistban of his pants. "We need to save my friends."

tune in again later for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (yes, more just straight up story for this post. Lots of characters still to introduce)

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Year 2 Mid-Season the Rest of the Story 12

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 12, chapter 12

Our heroine, Reuben and Dagan somehow managed to make it back to the tunnels without being spotted. Halfway through the tunnels, Reuben slowed down. Dagan noticed and waited, letting our heroine have a head start into the winding darkness of the tunnels.

"You look like something is on your mind?" Dagan commented scratching at his shoulder.

"What do you think our chances are of surviving this?"

"100%. Why?" Dagan nodded.

"The Seer. He just asked me to slaughter Nosferatu. Said he'd seen her future and death would be the better of the choices." he scratched at his beard. "Seriously, I still think I have fleas."  The expression on Dagan's face was something between a pout and a smirk. He shrugged, his eyes closed.

"Your call man. The sooner we're done with her, the sooner we can go home." he slapped his buddy on the shoulder and turned heading farther into the tunnels.

"How'd I know you'd say that?" Reuben mumbled to himself following them. "I mean, that's cold man, even for us."

Dagan turned to him as they walked. "How is that cold?"

"We've gotten to know her. She's not just..." he raised his hand gesturing towards our heroine. "...dinner. Not someone we decided to hunt. Besides, what about the Magic Ninjas? We slaughter her and they might not be happy."

"Na." Dagan made a sound dismissing the idea. "Trust me, they won't care." he stopped walking again staring straight ahead into the darkness. Turning around once more, he ran his hand through his hair smoothing it down a little. "Why would the Seer care what happens to her?"

"Must have some sort of hidden agenda of his own?" Reuben shrugged.

"Are you sure he didn't just tell you all that so that you slaughter her for him?" Dagan asked.

Reuben shook his head again scratching at his beard. "He looked genuinely disturbed by the vision."

"Maybe he saw her naked? That would be enough to disturb anyone." Dagan smiled at his own cleverness. "You're not laughing. You should be laughing."

Reuben shook his head at his friend letting out a deep breath and moved past him in the tunnels. "That just might come back to haunt you." he replied as he quickened his speed catching up to our heroine. He saw that she'd made it to the fork in the tunnels, but couldn't see where she'd gone. Taking a deep sniff of the air he caught her scent and  realized she had headed straight and had not turned like she was suppose to. Reuben zipped down the tunnel with his werewolf speed. He tried not to scare her as he crept up behind her. The last thing they needed was for her to scream. She turned towards him as he pointed for her to head back the way they came.

"I was just thinking." she commented as they walked back towards the fork in the tunnels. "I should go back to the Seer."

"I'm sure you were." he smiled at her in the darkness of the tunnels, his eyes crinkled.

"I'm serious. I think we need to learn that spell. There is a hell of a lot more going on here then we've been told so far. The Seer said that he's one of the last kids to have been born, and that the King was bitten like thirty years ago. I'm pegging the Seer to be about thirty himself. So how could he have come up with the oh so powerful spell that's keeping the King frozen for all these years if he's not old enough to have created it in the first place? And why kill all these other shapeshifters? If the King has a big uber spell on him keeping him frozen, why not just off with his head and kill him? The Queen is waiting for him to die right?" she stopped, leaning against the wall of the tunnel suddenly sweating.  Reuben stopped as well, running that information over in his mind.

"I never thought about that before. Yeah, the Queen has been the queen for as long as I've been alive." he replied. "Are you okay?" Our heroine nodded but Reuben could tell she wasn't. Dagan appeared from the shadows, hitting the wall as he did.

"I just...that's what I need." she said pointing to Reuben's neck. "Feel like offering a vein?"

"Not really." he took a half step back then forward again. "I thought you said you fed off of the Seer like twenty minutes ago?"

"I did. Doesn't feel like it though. Feels like I'm starved."

"Maybe he did something to you? Spell or something?" Reuben's voice rose a notch as his eyebrows knitted together in puzzlement.  Dagan put one hand on our heroine's shoulder slamming her back against the wall, while checking first her eyes then her fangs.

"What does that look like to you?"

"Like a drug addict going through withdrawls." Reuben answered. He ran his hands over his face spinning on his heels in a full circle. "The first person you bit was Dagan."

"Congratulations. You're officially addicted to werewolf blood."  Dagan  jumped spinning in a full circle. "Damn it! Again!" he held left wrist as blood poured from the bite.

"Your arm was there, you were the closest." our heroine said licking her lips as she tried reaching for his arm.

"No!" the wolf snapped at her growling. He shook his head, the expression on his face like steel, his eyes wide. Slamming both arms into the wall on either side of her face, twice, Dagan snarled at her. "I am not your personal vending machine." he moved from her a few steps shaking his head again before turning back pointing at her. "There will be no more biting me." he jerked his thumb towards his chest. "Bite me again and I will finish the job I started earlier."   Reuben let out a deep sigh scratching at the back of his skull then stuck his arm out in front of our heroine's face. "Don't you dare offer yourself up like some greasy hamburger!"

"This is your creation." Reuben said as he leaned against the wall. "She wouldn't be in this mess if you had left her human."

"And another thing. How do you make threads out of silver? The net that those crazy amazons used to capture you guys in the woods, well that Dagan stepped into, it had pure silver threads." she pushed his arm away.

Reuben shrugged. "Mermaid hair."

"Mermaid hair. Mermaids." our heroine bent over for a second still leaning against the wall, her hands on her knees. "Tell me, you said that they were poisonous to you. Fill me in."

"Their blood has a high concentration of silver. Something to do with the water."

"Now if you had said mercury, that would make more sense. But silver? Silver?"

Reuben shrugged again. "You asked."

"And why is it, there are never any stories about boy mermaids? You never hear about pirates falling to their watery deaths because a boy mermaid seduced them or hunted them. Only about girl mermaids. What gives? There are gay pirates, we're suppose to believe that the siren song of a girl mermaid would be strong enough to seduce even a gay man?"

"You think too much." Dagan commented.

"Your blood, thick with a jolt like coffee. The amazon's blood, watery thin like when you have lettuce, no taste. The Seer's blood, like a mouthful of saltwater."

"You still think too much."  but our heroine didn't get the chance to  argue, as she looked up to see that both men were gone. They were running down the tunnel. She had no choice but to follow them. She barely made it through the doorway to a large room when she spotted the three men in the middle of a fist fight with a couple of guards. There seemed to be two other guys with them, that looked a lot like Rolf. His brothers she guessed.  They were in the middle of a large room lined with cells. Rolf had been trying to free a bunch of them, as doors to the cells were swinging wide some ripped and bent right off their hinges. But where were they? Had they managed to escape? Our heroine only saw the three werewolves and the two new guys.
Her questions would be answered soon enough, given one of the guards spotted her picking her up and dragging her out the gate.  The Queen was standing outside along with Jance and Biffy.

"I'm disappointed. I didn't lock you up because I thought I could trust you, but..." he let out a deep sigh. "that just wasn't the case. Tie her up somewhere close to the cages. Let her see what hanging out with wolves gets you. (get ready for the links for the flashbacks) See you do something really Stupid, like try to runaway, and look what you Make Me do,  I have a good Mind to let them kill you right now, but I'm not because I'm going to let you have a fighting chance. Your future depends on your friends winning their matches, and right now I'm being generous when I say I think they have a 70 percent chance of winning the cage matches."

tune in again later for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your