Friday, October 31, 2014

Year 3 Day 130

Hallowe'en Week 2014

movie: Halloween 6 Curse of Michael Myers
starring: Paul Rudd, Donald Pleasense
genre: Horror, Thriller
year: 1995
format: Netflix Canada

plot: Seventeen years after the deaths on Halloween night, Tommy, who'd witnessed the events, finds himself wrapped back up with Michael. He lives in the house across the street, keeping tabs on the people who move into the old house. After overhearing a desperate woman on  a radio show calling for help, he tracks her last known location and finds her baby. The last supposed relative of Myers. Because of Tommy's obsession with the case, he learns that Michael is from a clan of Celtic assassins, cursed with the need to kill during a certain planetary alignment.

This is one of, it not my favourite of the franchise. Again, it's got that "devil made me do it" sub-theme going on, and the return to the witchcraft idea that was brought up in part 3.   I've always been one of those people who likes an explanation to why the story is going the way it is, which you don't always get in horror anymore.

I've seen all the Halloween movies, but to be honest, this is the one I seemed to remember the most. Where as all the others sort of blend together in my mind, this one because of it's origins idea, stuck bit more in my mind. And this was the first time in close to twenty years since I watched this episode of the franchise.

With that said, I do seem to remember there having been a scene where they revealed that the baby was Micheal's, but this version didn't seem to have it.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Year 3 Day 129

Hallowe'en Week 2014

movie: The Tomb  aka Ligeia
starring: Wes Bentley, Sofya Skya
genre: Horror,
format: DVD

plot: A young English professor is seduced by a young woman, who ends up being a witch. He leaves his girlfriend to marry the mysterious woman, and moves to her home in Romania. After learning that she cast a spell on him, he leaves but returns to the house when she kills herself. Depressed, he reunites with his first love, only to find out his now dead wife is haunting them. 

Based on a story by Edgar Allan Poe

So we've got it all here, little bit of a witch story (okay lot of witch story) little bit of a Frankenstein story (she plays with dead things) little bit of a vampire story (she sucks up the souls of the dead things) a little bit of a ghost story (she possesses two other women in order to get back to her husband)

I liked this.  Bit slow going, but it keeps you watching. This movie covers every classic gothic tale, and does it well. At the heart of this it's a story about madness, not being able to trust what you see but what you feel. 
There is a scene near the beginning when Ligeia convinces Jonathan to try absinthe, which he becomes addicted to and you have to wonder if she's done it to keep him from seeing the reality of what she's done? 

It's also about obsession. Her obsession with both finding away to live forever, and her obsession with him. Then there's his obsession with his ex-girlfriend. 
I like how this movie asks you to bend your personal sense of reality, and expects that you the viewer are willing to fully believe in the supernatural without question.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

year 3 day 128

Hallowe'en Week 2014

movie: Doppelganger
starring: Drew Barrymore, George Newern
genre: Horror, Thriller, Crime
year: 1993
format: online

plot: A young woman moves across the country after the death of her mother, claiming she's innocent of all charges even though she was the only suspect. She rents a room from a struggling writer, starting a romantic relationship with him. Soon, he starts noticing that she has intense mood swings, which she blames on the fact she has a doppelganger. Her psychiatrist who is stalking her, arrives with the information that she is suffering from a split personality. But nothing is what it seems.

I didn't understand this film when I was 20 years old, and I still don't understand it twenty years later. It has a split personality of its own.

This movie can't make up it's mind if it's a supernatural thriller, a slasher film or a straight up crime mystery. The majority of this movie plays on the idea that the main character Holly is suffering from a split personality which is triggered by seizures. There are other moments in this movie that lead you to think she's been hypnotized into committing the murders. Then just when you think you've figured it out, it takes a 180 and throws a demonic supernatural element at you in the form of a skinless walking skeleton and five foot worm.

Dude, it's just a mess.

It defines a doppelganger as "the ghostly double of a living person that haunts it's flesh and blood counterpart."  Quote taken from the cafe scene as one of the supporting characters reads it out of a dictionary.
But the way the supernatural elements in this movie plays out, it can't decide if it's a ghost or a succubus or a vampiric entity or a skinwalker or a shapeshifter or a demon possession.  It's just jumping around the scope, leaving you wondering what the real story was that the writers and directors wanted to say?

Saturday, October 25, 2014

year 3 day 127

Hallowe'en Week 2014

movie: The Devil's Advocate
starring:Keanu Reeves, Al Pacino
genre: Crime, Drama,
year: 1997
format: DVD

plot: A young hot shot lawyer relocates his wife to New York for the chance of a lifetime. He soon finds that his lust for his job replaces everything else, including leaving his wife alone all the time causing her to have a mental breakdown. As he continues to win the un-winnable cases, he begins to suffer at the hands of his own conscience. The biggest shock is finding out that his father is the devil.

This is based on the novel of the same name.

I love these the devil made me do it films. This is one of my favourite Keanu Reeves movies.  This is obviously also firmly based on Paradise Lost, with a major nod to John Milton as the Pacino character is named after him.
So here we have a movie that deals with some darker topics from child molestation, to insanity, to murder and incest.  The theme of temptation is the main theme, which hits you over the head like a bunch of bricks. The subjects of vanity and greed run wild through this, giving a sense that it's more grounded in reality then the actual supernatural spin it's taking.

I really liked the idea that the character of the wife is the psychic link/prophet to what's going on, even if no one seems to believe her she manages to see through the lies.
It makes you ask yourself how balanced are you in your own personal scales? Will you tip one way or the other before you admit your faults? 

Friday, October 24, 2014

The Nosferatu Adventures s6 p8

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 162, chapter 162

Dagan leaned on the desk, waiting for the room key. He saw our heroine turn slightly beside him, her attention towards the window, squinting.  "You hear him then too eh?" he said as he raised his eyebrows. "Don't think I've forgotten about the fact you two..." our heroine made a clicking sound dismissing him. "He was just using you."

"I'm flattered that you're jealous of me. Don't worry sweetheart..." she nearly spat the word. "I only got your boyfriend dirty once."

"Don't get fresh with me." he shook his head at her.

"Fine. I'll go be fresh with Reuben. I'm going to go up the road, meet him." she was out of the building before Dagan could blink.  She made it about a half mile away from town when she stopped dead in her tracks, swearing. Someone had dropped what looked like a half bag of sunflower seeds. Bending, the vampire started counting.

"Just the bloodsucker I was waiting for." Loki's voice seemed to work it's way around her, touching her cheek. Looking at him, she continued counting. "Take you're time. I'll just wait."

"176" she said standing. "Loki, never a pleasure." she crossed her arms tight over her chest for some reason feeling the need to give her boobs a boost.

"Sweet talker." he smiled, wrapping his arm around her, licking the palm of his hand. "It's time." he whispered as a sharp pressure of pain doubled our heroine over. "Trust me, I'm doing you a favour."


Gustav was returning from having collected the wild flowers he brought to the sisters every week, when he spotted the creature attacking the new female.  "Hey!" he charged towards it, grabbing it's arm forcing it to turn towards him. Stumbling back, Gustav recognized the amber-grey eyes of another werewolf. He went flying thirty feet backwards into the field, as Loki batted him aside snarling before turning his attention back towards our heroine. His muzzle brushing against her neck, he shimmered away.

"It was like a werewolf but not. He was standing on his two legs like a man, but it was as large as a tree. His fur dark as pitch." Gustav was talking fast, pacing back and forth a few minutes later in Jarl's kitchen.

"Werewolves don't stand on two legs. Maybe what you saw was an angry bear?" Mason added.

"No.No.No." he shook his head. "It was a werewolf but not." he started to raise his voice.

"Why'd you just leave her there?"


Nosferatu coughed as she vomited against the nearest tree. Everything was going black, gravity threatening to take her when she felt the heat of Reuben's body next to her's as he caught her. Grabbing her up, he tossed the female over his shoulder and continued to follow the scent of werewolf into the main part of town.

The dark haired male felt his muscles begin to go rigid as the scent of the other pack invaded his nose. He was more then alert, more then ready for a fight if it came to it. It didn't take the pack more then a few seconds to decide to investigate him from their doorways. Ignoring them, Reuben entered the inn, sniffing deeply, following the trail of Dagan's scent to their room.  Dumping our heroine on the bed, he flicked his long hair out of his face. 

Dagan looked at his friend, then over at his passed out mate, then back towards Reuben. "You brought the kids?" he said pointing to Tombstone.

"Just this one." he bent scratching at the hellhound's ear. "He's been a whimpering baby for days looking for her."

Jarl was suddenly standing in the doorway. "Need to talk." Dagan sniffed his arms crossed over his chest, feet apart as he weight the idea. Slowly he moved out of the room following Jarl outside. "Just saw that guy carrying your mate into town. Right after Gustav said he saw some large beast attacking her. Said he tried to stop it but was tossed across the road. Said the thing was on two legs but was a jacked up werewolf."  Dagan leaned his upper body closer making a chewing motion, shrugging.

"Don't worry about it." he patted the other alpha on the shoulder turning on his heels quickly heading back into the room. Jarl growled as he swore about to challenge him but thought better of it.

Our heroine woke to a weight on her chest, opening her eyes just as a wet nose sniffed her face. Tombstone was curled up beside her on the bed. "Baby!" she rubbed the hellhound's face like an excited child.

"Oh sure, the mutt you are glad to see, me you puked on." Reuben mumbled from his seat on the dresser. The female sat up, feeling like her head was going to explode.

"Morning sickness?"she shrugged blushing suddenly feeling like the room was spinning.

Reuben's jaw dropped as he jumped down landing with a bounce. "Loki again? When how?"

"Two minutes before you got to me. And same as before, glowing orb lots of pain." she climbed out of bed, the hellhound tight beside her. "Actually, half the pain."

"Before you were full vampire. Banshee flavoured. Now you're half werewolf. Rolf flavoured." Dagan commented leaning in the doorway. "This pack says one of them saw a two legged man beast attacking you." he couldn't hide his grin as he petted Tombstone. Dagan would never admit it, but he missed the timber wolves they had rescued.

"Beast? It was Loki. I would have noticed if another thing was killing me. Only one there was Loki."

"Well, Gustav claims he saw an almost seven foot beast, black fur, wolf eyes standing upright. Also said he bit your face." he instinctively rubbed his own jaw.

"Loki kissed me. On the nose. Winked at me before shimmering off. Told me to trust him that this was a favour he was doing for me."

"Then what the hell did he see? Dude must be on drugs." Dagan added scratching his neck."Which he obviously isn't sharing."

"Unless he saw Loki's true form?" Reuben replied stretching his hands up trying to touch the ceiling. "What's true for him anyways. He is the god of shapeshifters. Maybe that's the image he has of Loki?" he rubbed his hand over his beard finding fluff and what he thought was a piece of rabbit fur.

"Then why do we all see him the same?" our heroine asked. "We do all see him the same right? 5 foot 10-ish short dark spiky hair, brown eyes, pale wears a lot of shirts with the word Detroit on them..."
she moved her hands around gesturing to her chest.

"Yeah. That's what he looks like to me." Reuben remarked fixing his long hair into one of his trademark too smooth to be human ponytails. "Only, he wasn't like that before we met you. Before..." the male raised his hands up then out. "he was more disturbing. Dog like...big black mastiff on steroids." he held his arms out like he was holding something bending at the knees then slightly leaning back for effect.  Dagan scratched his elbow head down, remembering months before when he'd summoned the god, learning that he'd taken the image from Nosferatu's dreams.

Biting his bottom lip, suddenly feeling nervous, Dagan shuffled his feet. Running his hand through this hair, he took a half step towards our heroine pulling her roughly towards himself. The quick movement caused her to gasp. Wrapping his arms around her shoulders, the werewolf rested his chin on her hair grunting. "We'll deal with that later. How's my brother?"

"The Seer is looking after him at the old witch's cabin. Honestly, other then some memory loss he's fine. Never know he died."

"Memory loss?" Dagan's voice started to become low, his arms tightening a slight bit around Nosferatu's shoulders.

"Little things. What he did last month, who his last employer was. Recent stuff."

Dagan started moving his chin in tiny circles against the female's hair. "Next bit of business. We get Rolf back. So I need you since you're here, to go pay a visit to your little friend Prince Kraven. Sweet talk that witch of his. Teshi. Have him locate Rolf."

"Teshi isn't interested in my sweet anything." he almost sounded like his pride was crushed.

"Then threaten him. Pay him. I don't care just figure something out." He took a deep breath, breathing in the subtle scent of magick still clinging to our heroine from Loki's attack. Closing his eyes, Dagan let it invade his sense. He was feeling relaxed, confused, almost euphoric as he slammed against the wall, the female still in his grasp. Snarling he looked at Reuben over the edge of the female's head as if daring his buddy to challenge him.

"Holy wooden stakes and crosses Batman. What's going on back there? You need a hand with that?"

"And that's my cue to leave." Reuben grinned wide as he grabbed up Tombstone leaving the room. 

The image of Loki laughing at him flashed behind Dagan's eyes. Clearing his throat he loosened his embrace nearly tossing her across the room. "Nope. I'm good, fine." his voice squeaked. "Just..." he cleared his throat again. "Establishing territory in case any of Jarl's pack is watching." he ducked his head and shoulders out the room door as if checking the hallway.

Tombstone got the scent of something following it to the side street. The beast became agitated as it paced in front of the sister's house, growling and pawing at the window. Reuben grabbed the hellhound just as a marmalade coloured cat jumped up on the window. He could have sworn the way the cat was placing it's paws on the inside of the window and meowing, that it was trying to get his attention. The way someone bangs on a door screaming for help.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. The cat came back...)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Year 3 Day 126

Hallowe'en Week 2014

movie: The Crow
starring: Brandon Lee, Michael Wincott,
genre: Action, Fantasy, Crime,
year: 1994
format: DVD

plot: A year after a brutal double murder, one of the victims is brought back to life to take revenge. Unaware of why or how he's brought back, he follows his spirit/animal guide, finding each of the gang members who were responsible, working his way up the ladder. Along the way, he manages to get closure with the cop who tried to solve the murder and the teenaged girl who'd been one of the closest people to him when he had been alive.

Based on the graphic novels and the first in the franchise.

Anyone who's ever seen the film, or even the trailer for it, knows the energy it has.
It's beautifully shot, eerie in all the right places, manages to make sense while asking you to believe the impossible. Romantic, violent, desperate, suave, dreamlike and all while taking on a series of hard to deal with topics. (murder, rape, incest, drugs, arson)  

I liked that the Day of the Dead was used as the driving force of supernatural energy to bring him back, therefore there was no need to get into if he was a vampire or a zombie or what have you. I always thought of the Crow movies as vampire films actually but that's me.

Monday, October 20, 2014

The Nosferatu Adventures S6 p7

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 161, chapter 161

Our heroine woke to the sound of panting as a blast of hot breath hit her face. The golden coloured wolf ran out of the room at being caught watching her. Slowly she got out of the bed, checking her leather bag hoping there was a bottle of blood hidden inside. Huffing, she let the bag drop to the bed, making her way out to the kitchen.

Jarl had left a kettle filled with water on the stove, and a small cup with what looked like instant coffee in it. There was a small note beside it saying the group had gone fishing. Making the cup of coffee, Nosferatu thought about how the place reminded her of the wild west.  She sniffed suddenly as the smell of wet dog over powered everything. She didn't have to look to know there were at lest five werewolves coming towards the little house.

"You're up." Jarl said completely expressionless. He stalked towards her; leaving her feeling unsure if he was going to rip her throat out or not.

"Your bloodline is golden retrievers." the statement sounded like an accusation as she slurped her coffee hiding behind the rim of the cup.

"Some of us. Why?" he asked dumping four large fish into the sink, adding a bucket of ice to it.

"I woke to find myself face to face with a large blondish wolf. He ran away without introducing himself."

"That would be Gustav." Mason replied walking past her, sniffing. The tall brown eyed, dark haired male sat down at the table, shuffling a deck of cards. "Strip poker?"   Ferguson, Malone and Odo all pulled out chairs joining him.

"I'll pass." our heroine rolled her eyes drinking her coffee. Her nose twitched again, as her ears perked up at the sound of boots crunching, and footsteps heading towards them. She turned to see a 6 foot 5 bearded long haired werewolf hovering in the doorway, with a basket in hand. He said nothing, just stood there wide eyed. Finally, he entered the house, holding the basket out to her with both hands like an offering.

"Apples." he put the basket on the table, sending the playing cards and poker chips scattering. "Can you bake? I was really hoping you'd be able to make a pie out of these for us."  our heroine noticed he had a British accent.

"I can try." she replied as Gustav just stood there wide eyed, looking her over.


A chill ran up Dagan's spine as he walked down the dirt road, counting dairy cows. The smell of manure burned his nose, making his fangs itch. The smell was so strong, he almost missed the underling one. Wet dog.
Following it for the next few miles, he ended up in a small town. The trail took him to the main street, if you could call it that. Stopping Dagan surveyed the situation. A small school house, a tavern, an inn, few apartment style buildings, a general store and a church lined it. He could see another side street that had what looked like a few small homes and possibly the hospital.  Running his tongue over his teeth, the male snarled as he continued to follow the scent of wet dog. It took him straight to one of the homes on the side street. Banging on the door, he waited.

A short man dressed in red leather pants and a worn faded t-shirt opened the door. He said nothing as he sized up Dagan; the two alphas in a stand off, before side stepping. But Dagan didn't move, didn't enter. He just stood outside the front door, one hand on the door frame, his head down.

Our heroine raised her eyebrows in a quick movement licking her lips. The blood coursing in his veins like wild rapids was all she could hear, even from across the room fifty feet. He'd been eating honey and sweets again, his blood tempting her to the point of her fangs breaking her gums. She moved without thinking about it, without really realizing it till she was beside him.
Smirking, Dagan leaned his shoulders against the outside wall of the house, stretching his right arm out to close the door.

"Let's go find some shade." he mumbled grabbing the female by the waist, guiding her towards a large maple tree. Pushing her hard against it, he bent his face to her neck sniffing. His nose trailing across her collar bone, over her shoulder, all the while his fingers gliding over her pale arms. "Examination almost complete."   At lest that's what she thought he'd said. She wasn't sure of anything her brain was swimming with the thought of feeding. Remembering how thick his blood was, how much of a high it would be. She tried to talk but all that came out was a whimper as her double row of fangs got in the way.
The blood was warm as it gushed down her throat, clearing her head. The female's teeth were buried so deep into the curve of  her mate's shoulder that she hit bone. Her right hand ripping the werewolf''s upper arm leaving more droplets of crimson, while her left made it's way to his thigh, pulling him as tight as possible.  "I'm not human prey. Not going to bolt." his voice slithered into her brain as she let go, burping. "Very lady like." Dagan smiled.

"Haven't feed in days." she answered wiping her mouth with the back of her wrist. "All I could do not to devour one of them. Another hour and I wouldn't of had a choice."

"So what you're saying is you missed me."

"I was really hungry." she cooed reaching her hand up to brush his hair out of his eyes.

Dagan closed his eyes continuing to smile. "But you missed me. Really."

"I haven't seen you in weeks." our heroine answered. She pressed her back against the bark of the tree, giving the impression she wanted to distance herself from him.

"So you really, really missed me." he let his arms drop to her waist, pressing against her.

"I've been holding the pack together, doing your job as alpha."

"And that pissed me off." he bent his nose to her face, nuzzling her cheek. "Doesn't change the fact you missed me."

"I didn't track you down. You tracked me down."

"Cause I knew you missed me."


The three of them watched from across the street. Their morning tea almost forgotten.  "She's not even pretty. Looks like a wild beast." Jessica said snorting. "How does someone who looks like her land someone as handsome as him?" She moved the lace curtain to get a better view of the two strangers.

"Must be very rich."Elizabeth remarked swirling a sugar cube into her cup.

"But she doesn't look like she's wealthy." she fanned herself with the folding lace fan for effect.

"Maybe she's a witch?" Maryann added. "Cast a spell on him to love her?" her tone was somewhat dreamy as she nodded to herself, her needlepoint forgotten in her lap.

"Must be something. She's been here less then 24 hours and already all the men in the town have stopped coming around. Whatever it is, got Gustav to bathe." Elizabeth added stuffing a cucumber sandwich into her mouth.

"Either way, mark my words by tomorrow night, that man will be mine."  Jessica stated turning from the window to look at her sisters.

Back at the tree...

Our heroine slapped Dagan's chest gently. "So what's the news?"  The tall male tilted his head to the side, his eyes squinted.

"I haven't read the paper. Does this place have newspapers?"

"How's Harker? Is Rolf safe?" she stared up at him suddenly half euphoric half worried.

He shrugged. "I don't know. Rolf didn't return with us. Reuben and I just sort of got sent home. And I haven't seen my brother in months. Since the ship."

She shoved him hard, causing no affect. Running her hands over her face she groaned. "So you have no idea what's going on? Why I'm here? What kind of alpha are you?" The male shrugged again bending down to face her, his hands now planted on either side of her face on the tree trunk.

"Loki told me Bacchus is gone off the rails." he licked the corner of his mouth, his thumb thumping a drum solo near her ear.

"Yeah, to punish me it would seem. Harker got stabbed and when my blood didn't work..."

"What do you mean? My brother's alive isn't he? He's human right?" he voice rose as he shoved his face into hers. "Right?"

"...alive now yeah. Lest he was when I was forced to leave the Fort. Dont' know about totally human..."

The male growled as he jutted his chin out eyes wide.  "Fort? What the hell were you doing there? Listen to me, talk to me here, why were you at the Fort?" the anger was causing his shoulders to tense up, as he involuntarily moved his lower body a few inches away from her.

"...the deal was he saves Harker and I give him my blood. Only, I didn't keep my end exactly. Not on purpose. He...Necromancer...fixed Harker and that's when the collectors showed up for Rolf's soul...uh the tiny piece I have. Next thing I'm in Odin's prison and Rolf is fighting in a death match."  Dagan shook his head in disbelief. "Then Bacchus showed up freed me, and banished me from the kingdom. Said I was to blame. I screwed up and caused Rolf to fail because I chose to save Harker."

"Damn it!" he punched the tree sending bark splintering everywhere. He made a face like he'd tasted something bad, moving from her in a circle, one hand at his waist the other at his hair before turning back to her. Growling, his eyes changed to the amber-grey of the wolf. "Can you get a mental message to the Seer?" he tapped her forehead hard leaving a bruise. "That freaky psychic link you two have?"

"I can try."

"Do it! No try, just do!" he screamed spitting. "Tell that walking ouija board what you just told me, and have Reuben get here double time." he moved from her pointing. "Don't talk to me! Not another word until Reuben arrives. Just tell them to find Harker and do it quick!"

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Oh the drama)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

year 3 Day 125

movie: Knights of Badassdom
starring: Steve Zahn, Jimmi Simpson
genre: Comedy, Horror
year: 2012
format: Netflix Canada

plot: A group of role players spending a weekend involved with a dungeons and dragons game, accidentally perform a real ritual from a real grimoire, unleashing a demon.

A stoner, wizards geek and a metalhead walk into the woods...I actually liked this. There was just enough silliness for the horror to work, and just enough gore for the comedy to fit.  No, I didn't say that backwards, if this had taken itself seriously as a straight up horror, it wouldn't have worked at all.
Zahn and Simpson are both amazing comedic actors, who always seem to turn any script into something worthy.
I loved how the last two and a half minutes are a throw back to old heavy metal videos from the 80's.  You're totally expecting to see Iron Maiden or ManOWar to come tripping out of the bushes.  In fact, this film has all the elements of an old 80's horror movie, the campers in the woods, the cool metal guys, the geeks, the jock type etc, only they are not as cliched.
The one thing I have to say though about the demon, which looked like a giant gremlin in it's last scene, was that it wasn't as much a succubus as it was a ghoul.  

This is the part where I point out that in the middle ages, certain musical notes were banned because they are so low, they activate the lower chakras with their vibrations; ironically the same lower scale used in most heavy metal music.  Pointing it out because of the use of heavy metal music as a weapon. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Nosferatu Adventures S6 p6

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 160, chapter 160

Our heroine found herself at the edge of a small cliff, having walked all night long. Stopping, she dropped her leather bag, sitting down a few feet away from the ridge on a large rock.

"So, your mate is the alpha of that pack over in the next kingdom." it was a statement not a question. The female turned to see a short, muscular man leaning against a tree. "Jarl. We met back in the prison."

"How'd you get out?" she asked standing back up arms crossed.  He took a few slow steps towards her, stalking her. Rocks crunching under foot as he did. He was dressed in what looked like red leather pants, and not much else.

"The guard got too close and I snapped his neck stole the keys." he remarked holding up a small metal ring with four dangling keys on it. "Hum. I couldn't get a clean scent off you back there, you were a jumble of multiple smells. But now..." he got close enough to grab up her bag handing it back to her. "He's all I can smell." the dark haired male sniffed deeply, licking his lips, his blue eyes closed as he let his nose touch her ear. "Any werewolf outside of your own pack will be able to smell him, your mate, on you. You've been claimed, it's like he pissed on a tree marking his territory."

"Great. Like I didn't feel used before." she huffed letting her hand slap her thigh. "You following me?"

"No. Well, yes not on purpose. Caught the scent of another werewolf, had to check it out. The closer I got, the more distinct it became. Screams alpha." he stood there, only an inch and a half taller then her, built like a bull. "What I don't understand is you're not a wolf yourself so how is it you're part of a pack? Huh?" he sniffed again this time letting his tongue dart across her collar bone, his eyes flashing the amber-grey of the wolf as he shot her a devious smirk. "When we take human wives, we leave the pack. Live with them as humans till they die on us."

"I'm not a human. Banshee."  Jarl snorted as he rubbed his hand over his chin. Turning, he shot a look at her over his shoulder.

"This way. The village isn't that far off. I'm sure even a banshee can keep up."  She followed him through a small patch of trees towards a road. It didn't take more then a few minutes for the sounds of people to float on the air tickling at her ears, the scents of the village invading her nose with the promise of feeding. It was all she could do to keep her fangs from showing. "Do you hunt?"

"Only when I have to." she hissed, her fangs betraying her.  Jarl smiled his back still to her.

"How often is that?"

"Only when my pack aren't around for me to feed off of."

"This should be interesting." he commented stopping at the edge of the village.  "Wait here. I need to get a few supplies." he took off down the middle of the main road, disappearing into a small building.


The auburn red wolf ran till his legs were starting to cramp up, his tongue hanging out of the corner of his mouth. He was thirsty, hungry and tired. Too tired to even hunt. Dagan found a small pond, drinking greedily. He stopped cold as the fur on his body stood on end. The wolf growled, his ears flat, his front paws stiff as he readied himself to pounce.

"I wouldn't if I was you. I've already beat your ass once this week, the next time I'll kill you." Loki remarked in a hiss. The wolf  lowered his muzzle but stayed on the ready. "You want you shapeshifting abilities back. Have them." he moved his hand in the direction of the wolf. Dagan's bones cracked and snapped from one position to the other, sending the worst pain through him.
After a few minutes, the male knelt there shaking, sweating still from having been running all night in wolf form, his vocal cords weak from lack of use. "Don't bother thanking me. This comes at a price. I would have left you like that for the next fifty or so years if I wasn't in need of you."  the god bit his nails, spitting them on the ground. "A choice actually. See Bacchus is getting a little freaked out over his grand plan to save the universe. So much so, he kidnapped the little bat dropping relocating her. He's put up a forcefield, one even I can't break through, blocking her from reentering the kingdom." he crouched down beside the exhausted werewolf. "So here's the deal. I'm giving you a choice, go back to the pack, be alpha live out your days as you please, unable to ever shack up with anyone again, knowing your mate is free to fornicate with anything or anyone who smiles at her. Or give it up and find her. Putting your family back together. One damaged member at a time." Loki stood up moving a few feet from him. "See, up till now, Bach and I have been on the same page. We had a plan worked a combined schedule. But he's worried that all the time you've spent shacked up with his precious Nosferatu has made her too dependent on you. And he's gone off the agreed upon time frame, knocked things out of order. And I can't have that." he started to pace back and forth, his hands in the front pockets of his pants. "First order of business was to have her play mommy dearest to my experiment. Making sure that we find a solution to the whole lack of female werewolf problem, and supplying me with a true heir. Second order of business, and this is what really concerns you, was leading the next generation of bacchae. But he jumped the gun on things. Once she makes the transformation she'll be useless to me. To us..." he gestured from himself then towards Dagan. "Do you see what I'm saying? I need you to put that crazy making sire bond you have with the female to use and find her. Sniff her out. The choice is yours. Stay and be the pack alpha to your rapidly dying numbers and live as a monk knowing you will never have sex again cause you're still mated to her, or follow your instincts. Find your mate." the god smirked licking his lips. "Think of all the fun you can have screwing up Bach's plans. Besides, the last thing you want is another pack taking her in." he rubbed his hands together as if it was good news.

"You're a god. You're telling me you can't find her yourself?" the werewolf was standing now, still naked, still covered in sweat as it rolled off his hair. He shook his head, his bangs plastered to his forehead, spitting.

"No. What I said was I can't bring her back here. The invisible wall Bacchus put up keeps vampires out. He uninvited her to the kingdom. However, you as a shapeshifter are not affected. There is nothing stopping you from going to her."

"What if I don't want to?" he raised his chin squinting his eyes at Loki.

"Then like I said you live the rest of eternity as a celibate monk. Cause you're mated to her and once she becomes Bach's wife..."

Dagan rolled his eyes turning slightly from the dark haired god, scratching at his ass as he misted himself a pair of black pants, boots and a shirt. "Sex is no big deal." he shrugged. "We're werewolves, we can go a few hundred years without it if need be."

"You don't get it. If she is turned into a bacchae, becomes the wife of Bacchus, she becomes more then a vampire. More then immortal. She becomes a god herself. And that link she has with you, the one that makes your chest feel like it's crashing in on you, that makes you the ultimate jealous husband when you're apart too long, will start to turn you inside out. You really will loose your mind. Over and over and over again, every day for all eternity. Because, it's something you will share with her, the god-like immunity to death. Any death. You'll both be able to overcome your current weaknesses to silver, running water, fire, will be locked into it along with her. Only, you'll be alone. She'll be the one with the fancy new man and you'll be just the moron who bonded with her."

Dagan growled as he cracked his neck leaning closer to Loki. "Like I said, just sex no big deal." he sniffed, never taking his eyes off of the god. "You mentioned another pack taking her in. Who else in their right mind would want her?"

"Spoken like a truly jealous husband. By now they've already found her. Few territories over, in the next kingdom. A pack that has taken over a small village. She'll settle with them, if you let her." the dark haired god shrugged as he turned back towards the pond. "Not all shifters are the polite gentlemen you and your pack are. Since she's already claimed..."

Dagan chewed on his bottom lip, swearing loudly as he scratched at his neck. "You're right." he let his hand fall to his waist. "She's too stupid for her own good..." he sighed dramatically. "She'll trust them, falling for every single little sweet nothing they whisper into her ears..." he wiggled his fingers by his own ear. "...manipulating her into all sorts of nasty self loathing positions..." he rubbed his left hand down his thigh. "...with no chance of accidentally claiming her, like you know...I...I did. It will be full metal mayhem." he brought his hand out in front of him, fingers spread bouncing it up and down. "Thank you!" his voice rose a few notches. "Perfect! Now I have that image in my head. I don't need that image in my head. I don't want that image in my head!" he pointed at Loki before bringing both hands up to cover his eyes. Peaking through his fingers, he looked at the god. "You're still there? You're not gone yet? You're not going to leave until I agree to this are you?" the auburn haired male stood there for a few more seconds his eyes now closed. "Okay I lied just a little. Some of that image I do want in my head." he grinned, his dimples on display. Making a sound that wasn't completely human as he opened his eyes again to find Loki had disappeared. 

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. New wolves new rules)

Friday, October 17, 2014

year 3 day 124

movie: Howling 3 Marsupials
starring: Imogen Annesley, Barry Otto
genre: Comedy, Horror
year: 1987
format: Popcornflix

plot:A professor discovers an old homemade film belonging to his grandfather from 1905, of a group of men having captured a werewolf and goes looking for proof. He ends up finding a tribe in a tiny Australian village of shapeshifting marsupials. Soon, he discovers a Russian ballerina has traveled there as well from another werewolf tribe in order to help blend the bloodlines. Before long, the government gets involved sending out hunters.

Based loosely on the novel, and third in the movie series.

Okay, um...yeah...bad acting. The first half of this is just chalked full of bad acting. The story is there, the humour is there, but the acting is like cardboard and rice cakes, stiff and bland. Half way through you can see where the actors are finally comfortable with the material and it starts to have some bones.

I think this was meant to be a stand alone, I'm not completely sure. There were however, tiny scraps of some real science and mythology in it.
This is listed as a horror but it's far from it. Even for a 1980's film, it's sort of a quack. What it does have going for it is the idea that the different parts of the planet would naturally lend to different species of shapeshifters, just like any other kind of animal.   I did like the idea that the two tribe leaders were able to find each other by a psychic link. The use of Shamanism to bridge some of the story was a smart move. Sadly, the ending was just ridiculous, with the U.S. president giving amnesty to all werewolves.

The little nod to the first film with the lead female werewolf turning on television was cute. 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Nosferatu Adventures S6 p5

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 159, chapter 159

She shouldered her way through the crowd  "Great, it had to be a cage." she breathed the words, shaking her head. Rolf was standing, more like swaying, on his heels, his upper back dangerously close to the walls of it. And our heroine could see from the burn marks on the werewolf's flesh, it was made of silver.  "Deja vu."
Closing her eyes, she gathered her courage and started to walk around it, looking for an opening. There wasn't one. Lest not one to the outside.  The banshee spotted what looked like a tunnel that lead to the cage from somewhere in the back of it. There was no way for her to get into the cage, or even close enough to help him. Rolf was going to have to fight the brute on his own.

"He's no longer your concern. I let you sacrifice yourself for him once before. This is his fight alone. Let him prove he's worth your faith." Bacchus said over her shoulder. "You've got other things you need to worry about now." he handed her the leather bag. "Here you'll need this." Our heroine looked inside seeing her binder, lunchbox, the talisman she'd taken from The Seer's spellbook, the clothes Ash had given her, and a few other items she'd gathered in the last year and a half.

"I'm not going anywhere." she said through clinched teeth, her shoulders slumping.

"Yes you are." Bacchus touched his right hand to her throat, causing everything to go black.  Our heroine woke to see the moon high in the night sky, vines seemed to be growing around her with every breath, tangling her within their brambles. It took her hours to rip herself from them, all her strength, leaving cuts that healed as quick as they appeared. She started walking in the direction she was facing, which she believed was west. Nosferatu screamed as she found herself thrown backwards into the bramble again. There was an invisible wall keeping her in place.  "I can't let you go back there. I've banned you from the kingdom, from the darkest forest." Bacchus said calmly, shimmering into view. "You're done with those dogs. You've gotten what I needed you to have from them and now they are a distraction."

"They are my friends..."

"No talking." he raised his hand causing our heroine's throat to close. She clutched at her neck, unable to breathe. "I let you keep your mementos of them, be grateful." he gestured to the leather bag. "Consider it punishment for Harker. It was his time to die. Had you not interfered he'd have moved on like he was suppose to and Rolf would not have failed." the god smiled, his lips exposing fangs and his eyes flashing  crimson, reminding her of a panther's in shape. He waved his hand towards her again, letting her breathe once more. "You screwed the pooch."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story.  Well, it's suppose to be a grand adventure)

Saturday, October 11, 2014

year 3 day 123

movie: Dracula Untold
starring: Luke Evans, Dominic Cooper
genre: Thriller, Drama,
year: 2014
format: Cinema

plot: Prince Vlad, already having earned his name as the Impaler, is now forced to either hand over his son to the Sultan just as he had been years before by his own father, in order to keep the peace, or fight an army larger then his own. Refusing to give in to the demands, Vlad seeks out the one person who is feared in his land, Caligula, a vampire. He makes a deal with Vlad, where if Vlad can resist the thirst for three days he will not be trapped as a vampire. 

I sat watching the opening scenes, thinking this is my new favourite Dracula.  The first hour and ten minutes flew by without feeling like that much time had lapsed. The movie is so intriguing, at lest is was for me, that the fast pace of it absorbs you.
It was a lovely departure from the usual Dracula stories out there, delving more into the "real man" behind the legend then the fable. The lead actor Luke Evans, manages to capture the idea behind the Prince of Wallachia, giving him the respect he deserves. Though, I couldn't help but keep comparing this film to the 2000 Rudolf Martin movie Dark Prince the True Story of Dracula, which followed a similar plot. There were also moments where the second Crow film, Crow City of Angels, which starred Vincent Perez, came to mind.

I understand this is suppose to be the jumping off point for the reboots of Universal Monsters films, and the ending sets up for ...wait for it...a sequel to Dracula. Which, me personally is the best movie news since I learned  Star Trek III was in production.

Dominic Cooper as the Sultan of Turkey...I was expecting him to have a larger roll, but he filled out the "villain" role-supporting role- perfectly. And the fact they pulled from folklore about silver made me happy. Giddy in fact. I love when a new take on vampires happens, but I love real folklore being used more.

Obviously, I loved this movie. I've got nothing bad to say about it, other then I would have liked to have seen more on screen time of Dominic Cooper, and maybe a little more back story on the Renfield character. With the promise of a sequel, I personally am hoping/expecting the Renfield character to have more to do with things.

This really isn't a horror movie in any sense of the word. It's a war film if you want to get picky about things. Which, also makes sense given it's suppose to be a take on Vlad Tepes. I do however love the nod to Easter, when this happens (the whole movie is suppose to happen within the three days of Easter weekend). He was said to have had a feast on Easter where he forced his highest ranking families to build a wall/castle. 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Year 3 day 122

movie: The Terminal
starring: Tom Hanks, Stanley Tucci
genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance
year: 2004
format: TV Edit

plot: A man is detained at a major American airport after his visa is denied. What should have been a quick few hours, turns into a year of his life while he waits to find out if his home country is still at war.

This is based loosely on a true story.

I guess you can say that you can't really go wrong when you see Tom Hanks listed as a lead in any type of movie.  Okay, let's get it out there, I cried for the last 30 minutes of this film. I know this is suppose to be a keep strong and keep the faith in your destiny type film, but I personally was having a hard time getting past the whole left with nothing theme. The idea that in the course of a few hours, your life can be turned upside down to the point that you are left without a real home or identity, really really got to me.

Speaking of the keep strong and keep the faith in your destiny theme; this film hits on the nose the whole idea that no matter what, nothing is as bad as it seems. He figures out a way to feed himself, finds a group of friends who all happen to be immigrants/minorities, and even lands a job. The idea that the U.S. is a destination for millions of people every day, with the promise of starting fresh was more then clear.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

At the table with...

Me!  Damn, I look like I'm about to bust a gut or something. This is why I don't have any photos of myself that were taken after 2009.  But here I am...make-up-less, without my glasses, and pretty much ready to curl up in bed with a cup of tea. I know right, I look like a hyena or something. Albino hyena...if there are such things. The whole Nosferatu thing making a bit more sense now isn't it? When I go out in the sun I don't tan, I don't burn, I implode.

Anyways, so the point of the post is not to draw attention to how much I belong in the shadowy deeps of  the basement, but to tell a dinner time story.  Not a bedtime story, cause I'm known to cause nightmares in even the bravest of souls...not always by accident either.

Have you seen Julie/Julia lately? You have, good, you know that scene where Julie Powell has friends over for dinner?  You know the one...anyways, I got this idea in my zombied brain that I wanted to be part of a cooking group.  Only, there didn't seem to be any here in town.
So I did what anyone with the tiniest kitchen space -it's a hall with a stove sink and fridge really tiny- and like zero space for a dinning room. I sent out an invite to a few people to start a Vegetarian/Vegan group.
And you know what...people liked the idea.

It was small, it was a potluck and it was fun.

Okay, so I made Chickpea simple even I couldn't shack it up. Chickpeas, tomatoes, onion, spices.
Splattered the sauce everywhere when I was cooking it, and the turmeric bag ripped spilling the spice on the stove, the floor, my clothes. Yeah, I'll be cleaning all day tomorrow. Until then, my kitchen smells amazing and is basically covered in the golden yellow powder. Like fairy dust only you know, edible.

 Meg spent hours wrapping these to die for spring rolls...I don't know where she found the energy, cause god knows I'd never have the patience to put that much energy into it.
The plate was devoured, poor girl had none left over to take home.
 Helen made a vegan chocolate and raspberry cake. Oh my god! I wasn't fast enough to get the beauty shot before everyone dove into it. Yeah, I had seconds...damn right, can't keep up my whale-ish figure by only having one.
I'm squishy like chicken livers when hugged remember.

There's Meg and Helen toasting the camera with the Sex and the City -pink cups...
it was just us girls tonight, their hubands were both working.

And there's me and Meg.

Yeah that's me...feeling like the beast in a fairy tale...a beast who now has to master at lest five new recipes for next time.
I was so out-shined in the kitchen. When I saw their offerings, I kept thinking to myself  "you have been chopped."  What can I say, I have a horrible case of kitchen envy.

Till next time...Bon Appetit.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Nosferatu Adventures S6 p4

The Nosferatu Adventures 
 page 158, chapter 158

"You know why the Necronomicon is such a powerful tome?" a voice said from the shadows of the prison.  Our heroine stood from the mattress where she had been laying, to see a figure dressed in a dark blue shirt and grey pants, his suit jacket over his shoulder, and a grey tie. It was Bacchus, looking more like a lawyer then a god.  "Don't make me repeat myself girl, I know you heard me with those borrowed werewolf ears."

She let out a deep breath, swinging her weight on the steel bars. "Even though Lovecraft claimed it was purely fictional, it couldn't be proven as such."  she rattled the cell. "What are you waiting for, get me out of here."

"What else? Made it so powerful?" he raised his chin as he stood just inches away from her on the other side of the bars.

"It sparked such deep rooted imagination in people that they started to create their own versions. Thus, giving the object real life, even if it wasn't the all and mighty powerful book of the dead it was claimed to be. The simple fact enough people wanted to believe in it, gave...well still gives, it meaning, and therefore power." she shook her head slightly in a circle as if to add her impatience. "Where are you going with this? And why am I still in this cell?" she let her tone become heavy with anger.

"Because I'm not ready to let you just wander around like a lost child. Even though that is what you are." he flicked the bars. "You understand what I need you to understand. That's good. Now, put it into practical use." he pointed at the bars of the cell, taking a step backwards. "Get yourself out."

"Don't you think if I could, I would have by now?" she slammed her hands hard into the steel bars twice.

"You just don't get it do you?" he pinched the bridge of his nose. "Think! Lovecraft as you just said, could not or would not prove the book true but played upon it's dreamlike qualities. He bended reality to his will."

"I've already tried breaking the steel. It's too thick, I'm not strong enough." she shouted back at him, a hiss of anger still biting at her voice.

"Not the bars themselves you stupid cow, your perception of where you stand in regards to them."

"You want me to walk through them? That's shacked up. I'm a vampire not a ghost!"

Bacchus dropped his arm letting his jacket swing at his waist as he fixed his cuffs, slipping it on. "You're not much of anything as of late." he took another step towards her, his left hand in the air. "Your problem is that you just don't believe. You don't believe in yourself, or your mate for that matter."

"Hey! I believe in Ripper! I believe he's a psychotic egomaniac with abandonment issues and a one track mind." she stretched out her leg between the bars, rotating her ankle without thinking about it. "Always trying to find ways to protect his precious position as the pack alpha..." she moved an inch and a half forward, her shoulders and chest slipping through the bars. "...never managing to admit when he's at fault for something, because he's too damned afraid to let anyone see any real emotion from him other then anger..." she lifted her other foot through the cell, planting it nearly on top of Bacchus's. "Not like the rest of the boys don't know him for his rea...real...ality. Hey, I'm not in there anymore. How'd I do that?" she smiled at the god, her right hand mindlessly twirling the short spikes of her auburn hair.

"You focused on something other then your prison. Something you wanted." he stated flatly, his right thumb caressing her bottom lip and chin.

"But I was thinking about Dagan, and how much he pisses me off. I wasn't even thinking about anything I wanted. Certainly not wanting to escape." she replied as she started to follow Bacchus through a darkened hall and up a flight of stairs. The sandy haired male grunted as he threw a look over his shoulder at her.

"Honestly, I'm starting to think you wanted to escape more then just that cell." he reached out grabbing her elbow with his strong fingers. "The way you just went on about him makes me think you're tired of him already. Is that the case huh? Tell me, do you want me to break the sire bond? Or at the very lest, break your mating bond?" he stopped her on the stairs to look at her.

"You can do that?" our heroine's voice was a soft hush.

"I'm a god, I can do pretty much anything I see fit." he tilted his head down whispering in her left ear. "You only have to say the word and your freedom is once again yours. No more pack, no more Dagan."  The female bit her bottom lip, her fangs suddenly extended as the feel of his breath trailed down her neck. She had to ball her fists into her thighs to keep from swooning in his arms.

"Why? What's in it for you?" she closed her eyes swallowing hard.  Bacchus shrugged, the material of his suit jacket wrinkling as he did.

"Those boys have done their part. They are no longer needed, no longer a part of my plans. Just say the word and you'll be disconnected from all of them." he brushed his fingers gently down her spine, teasing her with the promise of what his body could do. "So what do you say? Huh? Ready to break out of your invisible cage break the shackles that bind you?"

"I...I..." she felt herself sway against him, felt Bacchus's lean body next to her's, felt his hands as they slithered around her waist and up her ribcage, felt the weight of his dark eyes as they bore into her soul. "I'm not in any cage. Invisible or otherwise. Maybe a barbedwire fence or two, but never a cage." a devilish smirk played at her lips as her tongue darted out over the god's cheek. "And as far as those shackles go, he's just as bound." Our heroine took the next two stairs quickly moving from Bacchus's hypnotic gaze. "The one thing I hold dear that those boys have, my boys, my pack is loyalty. Now come on, we need to find Rolf."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. What? Just because a hot guy whispers a few sweet nothings in her ear does not mean she's going to leave her family)

year 3 day 121

movie: Halloween III Season of the Witch
starring: Tom Atkins, Stacey Nelkin
genre: Horror, Thriller
year: 1982
format: Shaw Video On Demand

plot: After a mysterious death takes place in his hospital, a doctor teams up with the daughter of the patient to find out what happened. Tracing the steps her father made in the days leading up to his murder, they find themselves at a small town factory that creates Hallowe'en masks. Before long, they learn the owner of the factory has planned to use the masks to kill millions by remote control.

I've read that this was suppose to have been the launch pad to turn the Halloween films into more of an anthology, hence it's complete departure from the first two.  I get where that was going, and have to say, that it would have been a brilliant thing to do. The only trouble was, audiences thirty years ago didn't have the brains to see that. They saw only that it didn't follow the continued storyline from parts 1 and 2, and didn't really give it a chance.

With that said, the plot of this installment in the series, falls apart in the last act, giving itself to genre confusion. I think the robot body snatchers was a good idea, and I think the ancient Druid storyline was good. I just don't think they were mixed well.  Were this to be remade, it would be wise to pick one plot or the other.

As a stand alone film, it works until the last fifteen minutes, then it just seems like a scrabbled mess of overlapping stories. As a part of the Halloween movie series, it doesn't fit simply for the fact they never came back to the idea of an anthology; they continued with a slasher film for the rest of the franchise.

I'd love to say I found some big bad hidden message here, given many other fans and critics over the years have talked about it in conjunction to consumerism and corporate evils, but that was barely a note from what saw. Personally, I think the movie The Stuff managed to tackle that theme much better.

Friday, October 3, 2014

year 3 day 120

movie: Chef
starring: Jon Favreau, John Leguizamo
genre: Drama, Comedy
year: 2014
format: Shaw Video On Demand

plot: After quitting his job at a famous restaurant, Carl takes his son and best friend on a road trip across the U.S. in order to start their own food truck.

This film covers it all, you've got elements of a good buddy movie, it's a road trip film, food lover's dream, and the messages is solid. Go do what you love, no matter how low you think you are you can always find the positive, family is the base of everything, and get back to basics.

I loved the contrast between the young son being the internet/social media guru and the adults being the ones who just wanted to get back to their roots. I thought the balance between the two extremes was timely, pin point accurate and needed. You get to see how the online world has both created and destroyed people in seconds with the touch of an button.

The food itself is like another character...scratch that, a series of characters, as with every stop they make along their journey, they spotlight a few local/traditional dishes. Beautiful to watch, and a warning not to watch on an empty stomach.
You start off seeing the main character just wanting to share a real meal with his son, which turns into this heartwarming bond between them as the story progresses. This film manages to mix just the right amount of road trip with one of those you've got to eat here shows.
I hope this does for some people what Eat Pray Love did few years ago, and makes you double think how you interact online with others, as well as getting back to the basics, whatever your basics happens to be.