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What that movie inspired me to do #17

The April and May Food n Flix are being counted as #15 and #16

I decided to make mead.  Inspired by the movie Beowulf , and the scenes where they are in the drinking hall talking about the mead and how it made their land famous.  I just could not resist.
I decided to do this for my youtube, cause I keep promising to do recipes on there.

But, if you just don't want to hit play...the recipe is super simple.


Bring water and honey to boil for 5minutes, then let cool for a few minutes before adding spices.  Let sit to cool for another 15minutes and add your yeast.  Pour into a large container and cover with cling wrap for 7 days.
Then put in fridge for another 3 days before straining and transferring to a dark glass bottle.
Let sit for 6 months.

Amazingly easy right?  Here's the video anyways, cause I made a video.

till later

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Random movie May 27th 2015

The Coven

plot: A group of teenaged girls decide to spend Hallowe'en night in the nearby woods, after hearing their professor talking about Wicca. While there, they find themselves being stalked by an unknown biker. Before long, two teenaged boys walking home from a party find themselves lost, one getting injured when he falls landing on an animal horn. While this is happening, elsewhere one of the teacher's is preforming a ritual to keep them all trapped in the area, and the one classmate who was not invited to go with them begins researching the legend of the woods.

This is a 2015 British horror starring Rachel Summers and Dexter Fletcher.

I have nothing nice to say.  Well, okay one thing, that they at lest tried to bring some real elements with mention of Robert Cochrane  and the mention of Belial.

This is an hour and half movie that could have shaved off 40 minutes just by not following the kids for such long stretches of lost wandering. The dialog the girls have seem like nothing more then long stints of giggling and less about the actual story. 
You are given one random shot of the teachers talking about the mysterious Miss Belial, which was, I believe to either give the story some explanation or just possibly some understandable dialog that isn't full of mumbles and giggling.

You have the character of the biker who's face is never seen, and is obviously meant as Lucifer. But, it reminded me more of the pale rider-death character from the Ghost Rider movies.

Seriously, I have no clue where this movie was trying to go, but all it did was stop dead in it's tracks.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

All Jane Austen part 5

Spudguns!  How's the coffee? Cold? Steaming? Lukewarm?  I was coming in to do the last of the Jane Austen and realized, I missed last months'.  OOOPPPPSSS!
So, this is in fact NOT the last one, but the second last one.

Mansfield Park   1999/2000 version starring Frances O'Connor and Jonny Lee Miller

plot: Fanny Price is sent to live with her wealthy uncle and aunt after her parents have yet another baby, and are unable to look after all of their children. Raised more as a servant then a family member, she's made to feel excluded by the other children and one aunt, until that is she becomes old enough to marry. Up to that point, the only family member who really accepts her is Edmund, one of the older cousins. At this point, the Crawfords have moved into the town, a pair of siblings, both looking to find a stable marriage and to cause some mischief. Henry Crawford, sets his sights on both Fanny and her recently married cousin Maria; while his sister Mary Crawford, has declared herself the intended of Tom. Only to find out the oldest Bertram is a drunk with little to offer. She soon turns her attention to Edmund, who himself has become a minister.  Mr Bertram, Fanny's uncle, learns that  Fanny refused to accept Henry's marriage proposal, and in a fit of rage sends her back to live with her parents. While there, Fanny learns of Edmund's plans to marry Mary Crawford, and of  Tom having an accident; causing her to return to her uncle's. Quickly, Henry starts and affair with Maria which creates a scandal, causing the family to remove themselves from them. Edmund soon learns that Miss Crawford is only interested in the family's money, and ends their engagement. This frees up himself and Fanny to finally be together.

The original novel was published in 1814, and has never been out of print.

There are a lot of differences between the original book and this version of the story. Most for the better.  As always in Jane Austen's works, betrayal seems to be a major theme.

Fanny Price is more then a bit stuffy for me in the original novel, but at the same time, MP is one of my favourite stories. Here we have a heroine who is really not much of one. Where in this movie version, Fanny has some backbone. 

In the novel, it's almost as if the heroine isn't a person but an ideal. It's her innocence and strong blind faith in the original story that makes her the heroine, even though she scolds everyone and is cold.
It's the idea of the moral compass. Fanny never gives in to temptation, even when it is the logical thing to do. Instead, she holds firm to her belief in her ethics, her ideal partner and her ideal family life.  The only time it's brought into question, when it looks like she might bend, is when she's sent home to live with her parents and the hoard of children; and realizes even in her state of being ignored at Mansfield Park, she's still in a better situation then the rest of the family. When this happens, she has a brief moment of "what if" and begins to soften towards Henry's marriage proposal. Afraid that she might not ever have another come her way and end up like her mother. But her core values keep her from going against her instincts, and she stands firm in her thoughts on Henry. She loves one man, which is Edmund.
In the book, Fanny comes across as both snobby towards Mary Crawford at times because Mary is willing to just let Edmund know in no uncertain terms she-Mary- is interested in marrying him, and at other times, Fanny backs off to the point of giving the impression she doesn't seem like she's worthy of love.

Yeah, mixed messages galore. And in this movie version, you see a bit of that, but not as much. The movie has Fanny as strong willed, outspoken, and bit cocky. More like the author Jane Austen was herself.

I'm waiting for a version to be made where Fanny says screw it and just ends up having a relationship with Henry Crawford. That's the twist I keep hoping for.  I mean, yeah he's the typical bad boy, the shack 'em and leave them before the condom's off kind of guy, but isn't that what JA built her reputation on?  Overcoming the scandal? Recovering from the heartbreak that seems to be universal and timeless even by today's standards...and isn't always the case that when you've got a major heat for a man, your best friend steals him when you're out of the room...

And now I need a refill on my coffee...till later

The Nosferatu Adventures s8 p16

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 216, chapter 216

Out of Time

Edward yawned as he poured the coffee into the blue mug, sloshing it everywhere causing him to jump back. The laptop sat there mocking him, his cell phone buzzing with alerts, texts and other such nonsense. The stack of cold covered trade paperbacks threatening to fall over if he moved the wrong way.  There was a knock at the door, consistent, long demanding.
Sighing, the dark haired male shuffled his way the ten feet to see who it was. Though he already knew, it was his publicist. No one else would be so annoying at 8:30 in the morning.

"Hi Roger." he mumbled as he opened the door, sidestepping just enough to let the man in before re-locking the deadbolt and the chain.

"Damn you're paranoid." the other male said cheerfully as he chewed on a long since wasted piece of gum. He was dying for a smoke, but had technically quit a year ago. Except for the occasional one he sneaked when he's wife was not home, or when he was waiting for a new client to show up who were usually late for meetings, or when he went to the strip club for his lunch break and drank five beers instead of ordering that burger he always claimed to order. So technically he'd quit smoking. "You're not dressed. We have to be there in twenty minutes, and you're not dressed."  Opening the cupboard Roger grabbed himself a mug pouring what was left of the coffee pot into it. Slurping, he screwed up his face putting the cup down with a loud clank. "Tastes like diesel fuel. How can you drink this stuff so thick?"

"I don't think I can do this."  Edward mumbled scratching his ass. "I haven't slept in a week. Well, not more then about three hours combined." his blue eyes were dull as he took a sip of his own coffee, daring to look over the rim of the mug at Roger.
The other man shook his finger at him, digging into his coat pocket handing him a small pill bottle.

"Take this. Just two. And get dressed we're leaving. You can't blow this one, not this time. You have no idea who's arse I had to kiss to get you this interview."  He watched as the younger man shuffled his way then into the bathroom, listening to the neighbours screaming in the apartment next door, to the dogs barking upstairs. Shaking his head, the older man swore. Edward had been his most popular author for the last ten years, selling out wherever he went. The teen-young adult section of the stores plastered his photo on every shelf along with millions of copies of his books. That was until two years ago.
When the nightmares had started.

At first, Roger had thought the guy was just under a bit of stress, working too hard, touring too much and told him to take a few weeks off. And at first a break did him some good, seemed to rejuvenate him. Even talked about beefing up the stories with real folklore, wanting to tackle something harder then just teenaged vampires. Decided to use the nightmares to his advantage.
Walking around the apartment, Roger shook his head again as he studied the items that now sat on the bookshelf like a display of personal demons. Careful not to get too close lest they come to life. There were gargoyles, skulls, candles, small trinket boxes shaped like coffins. Nothing too out of the ordinary for a gothic writer. But the large book that now sat under glass in the middle of the display, on the black velvet cloth with the pentagram embroidered on it and the five onyx crystals that were placed at each point of the pentagram, the wolf teeth and claws that lined the front of the glass box. The worn tarot cards that took up space on the right of the shelf some Shaman was said to have given Edward. The strange jars of powders and herbs that sat on the second shelf beside a selection of small bones sent chills through him.

The bathroom door opened forcing Roger to look over his shoulder seeing Edward cross into the bedroom to finish getting ready.  Smoothing down his tie, he ran his hand over his forehead clearing his throat. The need for a cigarette was gnawing at him forcing him to move some more, heading towards the coffee table that was scattered with notes. Flipping through them, his mouth fell slack. There were drawings throughout the pages all it would seem of the same woman. Names crossed out beside one drawing in particular.

"You've met her." Edward's voice said calmly as if the echo of a ghost. Roger held the page up asking who she was?  Shrugging the dark haired male ran his hand through his hair as if preening for the piece of art. "My heroine."
He suddenly squeezed his eyes shut bringing his hand up to pinch the bridge of his nose grunting in pain.

"Those headaches again?" Roger asked reaching mindlessly for a cigarette which he didn't have any of. Padding down his pockets he sighed as he popped another piece of gum into his mouth.

"Yeah. I'll be fine. Need some fresh air and maybe another coffee." He sniffed.

"Well you can get both on the way we've got to go."

They found themselves standing in line at a coffee shop on the main floor of the building where they were scheduled to meet the editor, nearly late for the interview. Roger checking his messages every two seconds, hoping praying that the guy hadn't decided to cancel, hadn't decided that Edward's behavouir as of late was too much to handle, half way listening to a couple talking behind them.

There had been another set of attacks last night just after the bars closed which would have put them around 3am. Some kind of wild animals from the way the victims were ripped apart. Roger cringed as he listened, waiting for the girl behind the counter to stop trying to flirt with Edward and just give them their orders. It never stopped amazing him, how no matter what was going on in his life, Edward had admirers falling over him. The guy could walk out in the middle of the street in filthy rags covered in blood and still, all he needed to do was smile and women were throwing themselves at him. Like moths to a flame. He could be Jack the Ripper for all the world knew, but yet Edward never seemed to have to work for companionship. Like he had them under a spell. 

Roger leaned over tapping him on the shoulder. "We've got to get upstairs or we'll miss the meeting." he pushed the younger male towards the door just as someone else came into the coffee shop with a newspaper in hand. The headline once again about the animal attacks that had happened, this time with black and white photos. He didn't get a good look as they were rushing out, but the newspaper guy slammed slightly into Roger's shoulder just enough to tilt the paper. This had been the fourth attack in under a month, and this one had been a block away from Edward's apartment.  This time, there was said to be a witness.  A man claiming he'd seen a large 6 foot wolf running around the area just minutes afterwards.  "Wolf man strikes again." he read the headline as they headed towards the elevator. "Huh." Roger made a noise as he pressed the up button. "Not even a full moon." he smiled as he shook his head, the elevator doors closing.

"Sure if this was a hollywood movie. The moon has nothing to do with real shapeshifting. Folklore is filled with stories of Shamans changing while in deep trance state." Edward said from the corner of the elevator where he was practically hiding, one leg crossed over the other, examining his nails. 

"Do me a favour huh? None of this voodoo crap for like the next half hour. Can you do that? Just get through the meeting without talking like a witch doctor." the elevator binged and the doors opened letting on the next group of people as they pushed their way off.

"Sure but I don't know how much I'll be able to say about the new manuscript then." he shrugged tossing the now empty coffee cup into the trash as they made their way into the office.  They were shown in instantly by the secretary, who in the course of the minute and a half walk down the hallway, managed to unbutton the top button of her blouse and hike up her skirt just a half inch; in hopes of getting Edward's number. He barely glanced at the poor tart as he counted his footsteps, turning back to look at the front of the office, one palm pressed to his chest.
Entering the back room, Edward jumped back a half step. There was a large painting that seemed to cover half the one wall. It was a simple white canvas against a white wall. In fact, everything else in the room was white. The table, glass and steel, the chairs white leather, the rug a white pattern of circles. It hurt his eyes.

"Great you're on time." a voice said from the far end of the room. They turned to see a guy not much older then Edward himself, sitting in a large white chair that had what looked like wings coming up from the top of it. Like play-doh that's been stretched in all directions. His back was turned to them, a television screen propped up on a filing cabinet and a video game box on the floor. He held the only black item in his hand, the gamer as he leaned forward making a noise, the game itself on mute. Putting it on the floor, he turned around standing. "Can I offer you anything before we start?" the dark haired male said stretching. He wasn't much more then 5 foot 10, dressed in dark jeans and a grey t-shirt that had the word Detroit across it. "I'm Loki by the way."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Well, you wanted to know what the Seer has been up to while missing...)

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Coffee Talk Tuesday May 19th 2015

Finally! I got off my lazy arse and made you my lovely Spudguns! a video!!!
It's just a quick little something, and don't panic, there is no sound for the first few seconds. I have yet to get any kind of music program for this computer so...and the editing program I have does not allow me to do voice overs with splitting sound...but, none the less, here's the first taste of me on here in video form.

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The Nosferatu Adventures s8 p15

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 215, chapter 215


Letting out a deep breath, our heroine shook her head as if moving a stray hair out of her eyes, even though she had short spikes. It was a habit she had developed when nervous. Clutching the book still to her chest, she began walking in the direction this new pack of werewolves were. "The last few years of my life has been nothing but fighting off angry demented egotistical wolves. Why should this be any different?" she commented as she continued on into the wooded area. The dirt crunching behind her as the Oaken male began to follow. "taDmoH" our heroine said as she half turned back around, her slim pale hand out in front of her.
The male found himself unable to move another step. Growling, he let his eyes flash the amber-grey of the wolf as he reached a clawed hand out, trying to grab her. 

"What was that Latin?" he snarled again. "Unbind me!"

"Actually, it was Klingon. I don't know Latin." she smiled in the dark as she moved quickly away from him, not sure how long he'd stay under the spell. "Now, if I were a mandrake root, where would I be?"
She found herself at the edge of a small stream, unable to cross it. Stomping like a mad child, she swore as a heat began to rise around her. This new pack of wolves had circled tight, their breaths mingling in the night, directed towards her, forcing her to move closer to the edge of the stream. Unfortunately, that trapped her against the invisible barrier that kept her as a vampiric creature from crossing the running water.

The largest of the wolves advanced towards her, his ears flat against his skull, his muzzle covered in blood. He was caramel in colour. This made him Reuben's bloodline. Raising an eyebrow, our heroine smirked. "This is too easy." she said under her breath with just too much smugness.  The wolf advanced again, slowly, growling, blood saliva dripping from his teeth.
Our heroine could not retreat any farther, the invisible barrier both tripping up her heels and holding her in place as if leaning against a wall. The large wolf pounced, snapping at her ear, nearly biting a chunk out of it before landing both front paws on her shoulders. Howling, he moved just enough to start transforming into human form.

He was about 5 foot 9, with jet black hair that was cut short, pale skin and brown eyes. His nose was not what you would call flat nor was it really round. And for a werewolf, he seemed very under shaped, nothing she'd come to expect from Reuben and the others.
The male wiped the back of his hand across his mouth, the crimson stain not budging. Squinting, he demanded to know who she was.

"Nosferatu." she replied licking her own lips in amusement.

"Does that come with a last name?"

"You going to mist some pants there buddy?"

"No." he answered bitterly. "Answer me woman!"

"Currently, it's Blacksmith." she sniffed, adjusting the strap of her leather bag on her shoulder, still clutching the spellbook.

"Currently?" he scratched at his jaw, letting the mist tease around him leaving a pair of leather pants in it's wake. The other shapeshifters still in wolf form, hovering a little too close for comfort.

"Recently claimed." Her attention was drawn to one of the other wolves who was nearest to her right. There was something off putting about him, the way he kept licking his muzzle, one front paw twitching. Then she realized, it wasn't twitching as much as not putting weight through it. The werewolf was injured. Most likely happened while in wolf form, therefore not having had a chance to heal yet. "You going to shift then?" the question was directed at the other wolf.

"He's fine. Where's your mate?" the male asked still looking at her like he wasn't sure if he was going to turn her into bbq?

"Around. Why?"

"Because..." he was nose to nose with her then, his right hand at her throat. "I'm the pack alpha for the Blacksmith clan, and trust me when I say, you do not belong to any of us. So tell me again who your mate is? And how did you know about us?"

Clearing her throat, she reached over, grabbing his hand, breaking two of his fingers. "Not only am I mated to a Blacksmith wolf, I'm also the pack alpha of the Oaken wolves." she growled, her own eyes flashing the amber-grey of the wolf.
The male howled in pain shaking out his hand, the fingers healing instantly. His teeth were about to close on her neck when he stopped. The other wolves turned in unison, towards the direction our heroine had come from. There just over the edge of the river bank, a figure emerged.

The male werewolf suddenly turned his back to her, his arms out as if to protect her. "I'll deal with you later woman!" he spat, baring his teeth.

"That won't be necessary." the prince said as he slowly moved towards them. "You left without saying good-bye. I am insulted."  He gestured towards her, never taking his eyes off the ground.

"It was getting a bit stuffy. Needed some fresh air."

"We had a deal." Vlad continued as he was then face to face with the alpha, who was still shielding our heroine from him. Tilting his head to the side, the prince flicked his wrist, sending the alpha flying sideways. "Not only am I insulted, I'm disappointed." 

"I meant you no disrespect. Just wanted to get my mandrake root. Nothing more." she replied flatly.  Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted the alpha in mid pounce as he sprang up from the dirt. "I've got this!" shouting, her voice caused all the wolves to wince. "He's not going to hurt me. Lest not this minute."

"I can not allow you to have the mandrake." Vlad made a clicking sound as he began to walk around her in a semi-circle, clearly avoiding the edge of the stream himself. Our heroine made a mental note of that, Vlad having at lest one of the same weaknesses as herself. "I do however, think it's best that you return with me to the camp. Say goodnight to your furball friends." He held out his left hand for her, waiting impatiently.
Sighing in defeat, our heroine relented moving away from the edge of the stream and starting to head back in the direction they had come from.

Turning towards them all, she growled."I will get what I want." she tightened her grip on the spellbook as she moved backwards. "Even if I have to kill everyone, and destroy every existing pack to do it."

"I wouldn't expect anything less." Vlad hissed. "From a mutt."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Yep, more wolves.)

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The Nosferatu Adventures s8 p14

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 214, chapter 214


"You're sure about this man?" the kid asked as he wiped his hand over his eyes, sniffing madly.

"Oh yeah man, don't even worry about it. God fearing freedom man no doubt about it." Bacchus said leaning over his shoulder, squeezing it with his currently long nails, silver polish chipped on the one thumb. "You'll be herald a star. Pip the court and all that." he said as he bit down around the cigarette holder. "Just remember, you're writing history man." 
A high pitched beeping sound started to whine causing the sandy haired god to turn looking at his hip.

"What's that?" the kid asked as he jumped the drugs having kicked in.

"What? Nothing man, nothing. Just my beeper." Bacchus said mindlessly as he read the number flashing at him. 1462. Cringing, Bacchus sucked back a blast of the cigarette before dropping it to the floor, the sound of the kid's hands scathing across the keys of the old typewriter, the ding of him hitting the return bar echoing in the loft.  "Uh...just keep writing man, just keep writing. We need this completed as soon as possible."

"I can't promise anything. Real art takes time." the kid mumbled as he tried to concentrate.

"Wonderful, wonderful. I need it by end of the weekend."

"I don't work well with deadlines. It ruins my creative flow." he continued typing at top speed, hitting the return bar every 90 seconds. "What is this for anyways?" the kid asked sniffing into his hand again before changing the page in the typewriter.

"Bending the laws of reality is all."


"Lucy, I'm home!" Bacchus sing songed as he shimmered into the room.

"You've really got to stop hanging out in the middle ages." Loki crunched around a mouthful of peanut butter and celery.

"That's the 1950's dorkbreath."

"Like I said, the middle ages. What are you doing here anyways, I thought I told you to go check in on our girl?" Loki moved around the room, reaching for a plate of chocolate chip cookies that suddenly appeared on the table.

"No, you only said 1462. No reason or details..."

"You were in a decade where you couldn't leave a message on those things." he pointed at the black chunk of plastic still attached to Bacchus' belt. "All I could do was leave a number. Why did you send her there anyways? Huh?"

"Cause when I saw her open that time portal, I just didn't want her back in 2000 again. That would have just put her right back to the beginning of Dagan's transformation. And since you didn't toss him back in the past with the others, I thought why not?" he clapped his hands together.  

"And it had nothing at all to do with the fact Vlad was there? Or that the original Seer, that Edmund character was all mighty and controlling? "

"Might have." Bacchus said with a smirk as he sat down in a very large red chair. "Maybe she needs to be around some of her own kind for awhile."

"Werewolves are her own kind. You've known that from the beginning. She's got both our dna running through her veins." Loki cracked his neck gritting his teeth.

"And you don't think it's just a little bit one sided?" the sandy haired god answered crossing his legs, his hands now behind his neck as he laughed. "Chill out cousin. She's fine. And the second she gives birth, she'll be even better." he sniffed back a half snort as his fangs elongated; gleaming. "By this time tomorrow, Nosferatu should be up to her white neck in carnage. Then we'll see the real side of her come out." he made a noise that was purely sexual.

"If that's the way you want to play it fine." the dark haired god moved around the room, gesturing towards Bacchus dismissingly. "What were you doing in 1974 anyways?"

"Removing Dagan from the story."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story...Don't worry, Dagan never really gets removed I keep trying and failing...but maybe I'll misplace him for a few chapters?)

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Coffee Talk May 12th 2015

Spudguns!  How you? Hanging in there? Spiffy.

Remember few weeks back, I asked if you guys wanted to start seeing videos on here?  I got so many hits to comment, but like four times the usual hits, so I don't know if that's a show of interest or not? 
I am working on a few of the "what that movie inspired me to do" projects, that I hope turn out enough to post on here. Maybe I'll post even if they fail horribly...cause when has failure really stopped me?

So, again, if you; my lovely Spudguns! want me to start upping the jives on here...yep I said jives...then comment. Cause hitting the post 700 times, doesn't really tell me much, in the long run.
And if you do, there might possibly be more cake.  Does that bribe work on you?

till later...

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Random movie May 9th 2015

Hot Pursuit

plot: When a Cooper is partnered up to help escort a couple into witness protection, she finds herself alone after her partner is killed along with the husband. With no choice but to finish the job, and get the wife Mrs Riva, to safety. They end up having to dodge dirty cops, and a couple of mob hitmen while dealing with both a time limit and being suddenly all over the news.

This is the 2015 buddy comedy starring Reese Witherspoon and  Sofia Vergara.

How can you tell it`s spring/summer time here?  I can actually get out to the cinema! I hadn't originally planned on seeing this film, I mean, you see one buddy cop movie you've seen them all right? But, I decided to go to the cinema and this was the first showing of the day so...

Not bad for what it is. At an hour and half, it flew by.  There is enough action to keep people interested, but the main attraction is the way the two leads interact. The chemistry is better then I've seen in recent buddy movies. I hope the two leads work together again.
With Vergara's accent and Witherspoon's fast delivery of lines, it's easy to miss some of the jokes, but it adds to the charm of the pairing. 

Because this is just out at cinemas, I don't want to give too many spoilers, but the "shotgun" factor shows up in a few good moments. 
And I have to say, stylish shoes and granny underwear rule the day.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Nosferatu Adventures s8 p13

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 213, chapter 213


The two werewolves and the familiar had been walking east for the last three hours, when they finally came to a crossroads. Stopping, Reuben stretched out his back. "Which way?".

Rolf shrugged wishing they'd thought to bring water. "Ask the mirror maybe?"

"I got this." Finn replied as he rubbed his hands together, making a gesture towards the center point of the crossroads. Something flew out of his hand landing directly on the middle point, but leaning a little more to the left side of the fork.  Reuben took a few steps closer to see what the item was. He was about to pick it up when Finn told him not to. "Think of it as a token to the crossroads. Which way is it pointing? Not leaning but actually pointing?"

"Dude it's a tarot card." Reuben replied squinting his eyes up, turning to look at the other male, still hunched on his heels. "Why did you throw a tarot card?"

"It's the Fool's card. The card of the crossroads." he replied walking closer to see what direction it was truly pointing in. "Left it is."

"I really don't like you." Reuben commented crossing his arms as he stood.

"That's okay. I don't like you either." Finn shrugged moving towards the left side of the road. Rolf sighed as he turned his back on them both, pinching the bridge of his nose.

"You okay buddy?" Reuben asked half turning his upper body.

"Fine. Just got a headache. Could really use some water." he grunted blinking a few times as he swore sparks flew and popped in front of his eyes. "I got a bad feeling about having left her alone back there."

"She wasn't alone." Reuben added gesturing in the direction they had come from. "She was with like 200 men...and prince Vlad, the ultimate king of all bloodsuckers." letting his voice raise a notch, he brought his hand up to mock fangs. "Chill out. Nos is in heaven. Well, her twisted idea of heaven. She'll be fine."

"Yeah till she's not." Rolf said letting another grunt of discomfort escape him. "And you're not helping me feel any better." he said flicking his hair out of his face, turning his blue eyes up to look at his friend from under his eyelashes. "She's not exactly the shy quiet type."


"How long before she says or does something that pisses the prince off? A month, a week five hours from now? We left her with the man history dubbed the impaler. The guy slaughtered millions..."

"To save his kingdom. Not like he's some crazied serial killer."

"Isn't he? You've read the history lessons. Hero to his kingdom or not, he impaled people. And we left Nosferatu with him."

"What are you so worried about? She can take care of herself right? I mean, she's half banshee, half werewolf now, she has The Seer's all powerful spellbook, plus half your family tree hanging off her every word. Not too mention Loki would never let anything happen to her while she's still carrying his baby." Reuben said slapping his buddy on the shoulder. "Relax. I got this."

"Reuben, if something happens to her, I mean really happens to her. Not just a broken neck that being supernatural can repair, but impaled or decapitated or heart ripped out, not only is she dead but so am I. Do you not understand this?" he shook his head sniffing. "I think I should go back."

"No no no no no! You are not leaving me alone with him." he pointed to Finn. "Besides, Loki sent you here too. He had a reason for it."


Our heroine clutched the book to her once again, as if it were a shield as she swung her leather bag over her shoulder. "Where do you think you're going?" she clinched her teeth as she slowly turned to see yet another of the Oaken pack standing behind her.

"For a walk. I need to find some ingredients." she held up the book in both hands for him to see.

"What do you need? I'll get it for you." he said moving away from the tree trunk he'd been leaning on. He was dressed in what looked like dirty leather pants, boots and a simple tunic. Modern for the time, but so out of time compared to herself. Nosferatu hadn't even thought to mist herself something more appropriate; as she was still in the over sized t-shirt she'd been wearing before she came through the portal. At lest she thought to herself, she had had the sense to mist some yoga pants before Sebastian had found her.
Moving towards her, he held out his hand. "Oh no, you're not touching this book." she gripped it again.

"Then tell me what it is you're looking for?" he frowned, lowering his hand.

"Wild savory, mandrake root, willow bark and yarrow."

The werewolf chuckled as he looked off to the side, his hands now at his belt. "Mandrake root? There is only one reason you would want mandrake root." he shook his head. "I'm sorry, I can't let you do that." he shuffled his feet. "Do you know what that baby means? Yes, I heard you talking." he pointed to his ears. "Shapeshifter remember. The whole pack knows."

"Look werewolf boy number 17; you asked. And I'm going to get my mandrake root if you like it or not." she snarled as she turned, only to stop as the winds picked up leaving the hint of another werewolf pack on the air. "Oh that's not good."

"They most likely were on their way already when you got claimed by your mate. Who, as I recall left you high and dry." the point was made with a hint of humour. "You're actually really lucky we got here first."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story Yes, he's the 17th or 18th werewolf to be introduced and no I don't have a name for him yet)

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Theme week part 5- Corey Feldman

Blown Away

plot: Rich and his brother Wes, find themselves in the middle of a murder investigation after Rich falls for the teenaged daughter of their boss. She seduces him into leaving his girlfriend, and plants the idea in his head that her father is not only abusive but the one who killed her mother. But he begins to suspect he's being played when more bodies start to turn up.

This is a 1992/93 crime thriller starring Corey Feldman and Corey Haim.

Feldman has the supporting role in this and not the lead. He ends up playing the character of Wes as a creepy sleezeball, delivering his lines one way but with camera zooms and angles giving a nod to what his character really is. Hence the creepy sleezeball.  While Haim ironically, spends most of the movie naked.

Given the year/decade this movie came out, it's no surprise you have way too many sex scenes that don't really advance the plot, and leave you wondering how much of it was actually acting and if you're just watching a porno?

The pace of it is a bit slow, not really getting to the heart of the matter until the last 15 minutes when we see the Feldman character freak out in the police station, which honestly, if they had opened with that scene would have made the movie a bit more interesting.

Monday, May 4, 2015

The Nosferatu Adventures s8 p12

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 212, chapter 212


Our heroine was in the cooking tent, mixing herbs in a small bowl, checking every few minutes in The Seer's book. "You killed one of my best men." she looked up to see Vlad standing in the shadows. "I'm going to have a hard time replacing him. Tell me why I shouldn't just kill you now?"

"With my luck Loki or Bacchus would just bring me back from the dead. It's a habit they have." she threw the comment over her shoulder not caring how she sounded.  Picking up a sprig of herbs, she sniffed sticking her tongue out tasting it. "That basil? Marjoram I think." She was about to add it to the mixture when it disappeared. Prince Vlad was beside her, the herb having been tossed across the room in the dirt. "Hey, I needed that."

"Marjoram would cause you to miscarriage. But..." he smirked tilting his head to the side. "you already knew that."  Pointing an extremely pale finger at her, he leaned over reading the book. "You really don't seem too torn up about having your friends leave you." he raised his chin casting his eyes down at her. "Is there something else going on?"

she smirked back at him then, feeling brave. She couldn't get over the fact she was standing there with him. "Maybe I just wanted to be alone with you my prince." she felt herself blush.

"I thought you said you couldn't love me?" his eyebrows knitted together as he half way turned, gesturing to the empty tent. "That you're already in love with two men and carrying the child of a third. Who it turns out is a god."

"I said I couldn't love you. Didn't say I wouldn't like to spend some time with you."

The prince leaned in even closer leaving no space between them. "From what I understand, you can't even do that now that your mate has claimed you." Our heroine said nothing at first, as she let her eyes flash the pure white of the banshee. Her hands grabbing at his arms, leaning in towards his ear.

"But I can still feed off of you." she bit him before he had a chance to move from her, not that it seemed like he was going to anyways. Grunting, the prince returned the favour, his fangs sinking into the soft flesh of her shoulder, the current between them electric.
Her eyes went wide as she seemed to be trapped, images flashing in front of her like a movie screen. She saw Vlad in battle, saw the carnage that he had suffered, saw the night the priest came to him performing a ritual before ripping his heart out of his chest. Still warm, still beating as he tore a chunk from it before adding the black blood to it. Before placing it back into Vlad's dead body. Saw a necromancer bring him back to life. The same black oily blood that the Necromancer back home used to create his zombies, the blood from the winged bat like creatures.
Moving from him, our heroine found herself gasping for air. "They did this to you on purpose?"

"Didn't they with you?"

"No. The man who sired me was just bored." she said still stunned. 

"And then he abandoned you..." trailing his knuckles lightly across her throat he savoured the sound of her blood rushing through her veins. The way it pounded in his ears still electric, still heightened from their feeding.

"No, he claimed me as his mate. Well, after killing me a few times and letting his uncle use me as a puppet."  Vlad's face clouded over with confusion. "Dagan. My original werewolf mate. He killed me triggering my vampirism."  Her ears twitched as the air seemed to shift suddenly. Clearing her throat she moved away from him a few inches just as the door to the tent was flung open. The former pack alpha was standing there.


"Oh my god really? It's Nosferatu..." she realized she had no clue what the names of the new werewolves were as she stumbled over her embarrassment.

"Jacob." he nodded.  "The others have gone to deal with a situation. I'm about to check the perimeter of the camp. Just letting you know in case..." he nodded towards the prince. "you were needing anything."

She smiled weakly at him still flushed from being caught with Vlad. "No. I'm in good hands."  Vlad lowered his head, walking around the cooking tent waiting for Jacob to leave.

"I don't mean to be rude, but when I asked you to stay I had not planned on extending that invitation to a pack of dogs. Will they be here hovering all the time?"

"I'm afraid so. Loyalty is a high trait with shapeshifters."

"Then we might very well have a problem." the prince dropped his chin as he did his voice, his eyes stern. "I've worked very hard to keep my kingdom safe. My men safe. I have to be careful, as there are spies everywhere."

"As I said, loyalty is a high trait with them."

"You just met them." he gestured widely towards nothing. "How can you know you can trust them?"

"I'm the pack alpha."

"Not from what I heard." he rested his palm on her stomach punctuating the fact it was the unborn son that she carried that truly became the alpha when she shacked Reuben.

"Trust me."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. This is the king of bloodsuckers, you know he's up to something)

Theme Week part 4- Corey Feldman


plot: After moving to a new university, Andy finds himself without a place to live, and pledges a fraternity. Soon, he finds himself in the middle of a voudon (voodoo) cult, and on the list to be turned into a living zombie in order to be sacrificed. With the help of a strange old man who tells him he's got 24 hours to stop Marsh, the voodoo priest, Andy begins the fight for his life.

This is a 1994/95 horror thriller starring Corey Feldman and Jack Nance.

I could sit here for ten minutes alone just listing off the ways to spell voodoo which could be argued as having more plot then the plot of the movie.

Actually, this is one of my personal favourite Feldman films, not too mention witchcraft movies, even if the plot could have used a bit more filling.  A couple of years after this movie, a whole genre of fraternities-that-were-secretly-warlocks movies seemed to sprout up, but this was the best in my books.

Every time I watch this movie, I get caught up in the "witchy cabinet" that the character of Marsh the voodoo priest has. I want one of those! Some of the toys in that hoodoo hutch just makes me wish I lived closer to real occult shops...but I digress.

The only thing I would have liked to have seen in this film, is a bit more back story to the characters. How long have they been zombies? How long has the priest been traveling around looking for his sacrifices? What got him started?

Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Nosferatu Adventures s8 p11

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 211, chapter 211


"Can't believe you forgot that Loki was the trickster god." Reuben commented awhile later, still feeling the effects of Rolf's punch. Our heroine howled in frustration as her clawed hand slashed across her mate's throat, the gashes closing instantly.

"Get out of my sight! Take your damned mirror and go! Just go!" our heroine stomped away from the pack of werewolves and the familiar, heading deep into the middle of the camp. Rolf started to follow her when Sebastian crossed his path.

"Might be a good idea. I thought you had a mission of your own?" the bald headed male replied as he put one hand on Rolf's chest, shoving the mirror at him with the other. Rolf shook his head as the massive dark curls flew everywhere.

"No." he tilted his face so that his blue eyes were mere slits. "I'm not leaving without her."

"Your sister made a deal with Vlad. The mirror in exchange for her staying here." Sebastian added leaning in just an inch too close causing the werewolf to smile. He could smell the heat coming off of the man, the sweat that had yet to bead on his flesh and roll down his face and neck. Sebastian was hiding something but not very well. The nervous twitch that was already apparent in the soldier's eyes was starting to spread to his lips, his shoulders and before long his hands. The blush was not far away either. Nodding in amusement, Rolf backed away a half inch sniffing as he ran his hand through his hair.

"Jealous." It was a statement not a question as the taller male wiped at the corners of his mouth. Sebastian stiffened his right hand automatically hovering near the dagger he had in his belt. "Na, see at first I couldn't understand why you were hovering so close to her." he frowned. "Thought maybe you were just being a good spy? But still something didn't connect." the dark haired male gestured towards the camp. "Poking your head in the tent every chance you got. Was starting to think you were thinking things you shouldn't be thinking about Nosferatu." he scratched at his jaw. "That was until I saw how you looked at buddy over there." Rolf pointed then to one of the new werewolves, with the short dark hair and a thin mustache and beard that barely covered his jaw. "He is very similar to Vlad." Rolf punctuated the sentence with a slight bend of his knees. "Very similar in build, same shaped nose. And now..." he was a blur as he grabbed Sebastian by the back of his neck not letting him free. "We're leaving. They're staying. So you can stare at your little crush all you want."  his eyes shifted to the amber-grey of the wolf. "And they will be keeping an extremely close eye on her. If anything happens to Nosferatu while we're gone, your little love dove has full permission to shred your flesh off in a slow slow way." he spat on the ground as he let Sebastian go. Snatching the mirror, Rolf handed it over to Finn.

Running to the nearest tree, the familiar hung the mirror on a branch. Instantly, it seemed a small window to Nathaniel's library opened up. "Well it's about bloody time. I've been worried." 

"We hit a bit of a snag. How's the books looking?" Reuben asked smoothing his hair back into one of his trademark too smooth to be human ponytails.

"Chaos. Pure chaos. Whatever this rip in the whole timeline, it's gotten worse. And weirder." the British man said shaking a large leather bond volume in one hand. "More of the covens that worshiped that demonic self, that older version of The Seer, have not just survived, but thrived!"

"And that's bad because?" Finn asked silently adding to himself that his own witch therefore his own coven was one of those Nathaniel was worried about.

"They weren't suppose to. History has changed. At lest as far as my books here are telling me. Why haven't you done anything yet?"

"Loki send us here to the 1400's and told us to get you. We've just accomplished that much." Reuben answered."It still 1898 where you are?" the dark haired werewolf was getting impatient, his right knee itching. He just wanted to run, just to shift into wolf form and run for miles.

"What...yes 1898." he moved out of the frame farther into his library.

Turning to look at the others Reuben crossed his arms over his chest. "I hate when he does that."

"I heard that." Nathaniel replied returning into view.

"I meant you to." he turned slapping Rolf on the shoulder. "I better go say goodbye to Nos."  The other male frowned at him nodding. The ground crunched under Reuben's boots as he made his way to the middle of the camp. He didn't need to sniff her out to find where she'd gone, just had to follow the trail of blood that she had left.
Nosferatu was in the middle of what looked like a training pit, her face drenched in crimson as she stood over the lifeless body of one of Vlad's men. His chest looked as if a bomb had gone off in it, pieces of him dripping from our heroine's hands all the way to her elbows. Reuben's natural reaction was to taunt her as he clapped slowly, a grin brightening up his eyes.

"I was hungry." her words were solid but her voice trembled. "His blood tasted like tin but I wanted more." she turned to look at her mate, her eyes the pure white of the banshee with a pinpoint of the amber-grey of the wolf.

"Oh my god. Your first human." Reuben forgot how mad he was at her and just felt this strange pride over take him.

"I don't like it. It's like water compared to werewolf blood." she turned fully towards him. "Reuben, what am I going to do?" she inched closer to him, closing her eyes as she sniffed. "You smell yummy, what's that perfume your wearing?" the banshee reached both hands up to either side of his face, pulling him down to her height. "Don't leave me! I can't survive on human blood. I'll go mad."  Licking his lips, he grabbed her wrist bringing her hand to his mouth.

"Those extended pack members are staying while we do this. They'll make sure you're okay. Just try not to bite off more then you can chew okay. We don't need a repeat of last time you were pregnant. I still haven't forgiven you for cannibalizing Dagan and getting him tossed overboard."  Reuben answered as he growled, licking the blood clean from her fingers. "You good? You okay? Focused?"

Our heroine let out a breathed sigh as her eyelids fluttered, and her human eyes shone through hazel once again. "Okay yeah. Focused, will be after a cold cold shower."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Reuben needs a turn at being the face for awhile, he's been a heel too long)

Theme Week part 3- Corey Feldman

Bordello of Blood

plot: After her brother Caleb goes missing, Catherine hires a private investigator to find him. What he finds, is that Caleb and his buddies have fallen victim to a group of vampires when they went to a brothel. Which as it turns out is run by the vampire goddess Lilith.

This is a 1996 comedy horror starring Corey Feldman and Dennis Miller.

This was when Feldman seemed to be making a major name for himself as a "vampire actor". He was showing up in movies and tv shows where he either played a vampire or a hunter.  This film was also a major nod to the genre in general, having Chris Sarandon (Fright Night and it's remake) Erika Eleniak (Blob remake, Dracula 3000) and Corey Feldman at the time.

It is a Tales from the Crypt movie, second in what was suppose to be a trilogy. (don't know if the third ever did get made?)  And some of the jokes are directed to that fact.
Some of my favourite scenes have just the vampire Lilith delivering one liners like "this bloods for you" when she hands over a still beating heart, or "love a man who gives you head and let's you keep it." when she decapitates one of her victims.

This is another one of those stories that goes over the top at times to make it's point, setting what could be very serious situations into an extremely silly setting, like the preacher who co-owns the brothel and strip club, or the fact it's being hidden in a funeral home and what they're doing to the bodies of the victims.  Had this been a straight up horror, it might have played better.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Theme Week part 2-Corey Feldman

National Lampoon's Last Resort

plot: After Sam and Dave are tossed out of their apartment, they get a letter from Sam's uncle who owns a themed resort, asking them to come work for him. Thinking they are trained scuba divers, he wants them to help find a lost treasure in order to save the island. Having lied to him, the two find themselves battling their uncle's biggest foe who wants the island for himself.

This is a 1993/94 slapstick comedy starring both Corey Feldman and Corey Haim.

There is a lot of overlap with the idea of escaping reality. The character of the uncle is a former actor who can't seem to leave his biggest role, while his biggest foe is another former actor who feels he got stuck in the role of villain. At the same time, we see Sam disappearing into his fantasies while Dave is a cyber punk who lives in video games.
The "villain" is seen constantly dressed in old costumes from his films, which are meant to punctuate his only form of power.

I like the addition of the island priestess character, even though she's over the top in typical slapstick style. You've also got the family who have adopted an extreme fan style, dressing like the pirate characters, talking like them and changing their names to fit the plot. This lends to the idea that balance is needed to be found when dealing with fantasy vs reality.

This is a funny movie for what it is, which is an over the top slapstick. 

Friday, May 1, 2015

May Food n Flix/ Theme Week

I will never betray my goon dock friends
We'll stick together till the whole world ends
Through heaven or hell or nuclear war
Good pals like us will stick like tar
In the city or country or forest or boonies
I'm proudly declared a fellow goonie.

30 years later and I still remember it. Scary right!  GirliChef is hosting Food n Flix this month, and if you haven't figured it out yet, her pick is the Goonies.  You might remember the first year of the blog (Sept 10th 2012) I did the Goonies as the quote of the day. I also mentioned it on my top 5 Corey Feldman movies, and top 5 movie nerds.

Normally, I give a heads up few days or so before I post the actual  post for it,'s the Goonies!   I'm sure I'll think of another dish or two and wish I had waited but...I sort of wanted this to kick off my theme week as well.

This should have been the easiest Food n Flix selection for me. And anyone who knows me, or even knew me 30 years ago, knows how obsessed I've been with this movie over the decades. I mean O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D! to the point of wearing out a couple vhs copies, a couple of dvd copies, reenacting scenes in drama class (when I was 12) to collecting everything I could get my hands on back in the day when it first came out in cinemas.  I ate more goonies chocolate bars then any person should ever admit to. (which I recently learned was just a Canadian thing! And basically just a Baby Ruth in a "Sloth" wrapper)
So, this is part of both Food n Flix series of posts, and my personal theme week; which this week is Corey Feldman movies.

Now, I said this "should have been the easiest" Food n Flix selection for me, but it was the hardest so far, this movie being what it is to me.

Plot: About to loose their homes, a group of kids- Mikey, Brand, Mouth, Data, Steph, Andy and Chunk- find a treasure map in Mikey's attic. The excitement leads to them believing they can save their homes if they find a 300 year old buried treasure that no one else was able to. As they follow the map and begin their adventure, they stumble upon a family of ex-cons-the Fratellis- who are running a counterfeiting scheme.  They also find a dead body in the ice-cream freezer. The kids realize the basement of the hideout is the entrance to the treasure. Chunk gets left behind to inform the police, but is kidnapped by the Fratellis, and stuck into a room with Sloth, the youngest Fratelli son who is deformed.  The Fratellis then decide to track down the rest of the gang in the underground tunnels. Before long, everyone ends up finding out "x" really does mark the spot as a fight for the treasure begins.

Okay...little excited here, but here's my notes for the classic 1985 adventure starring Corey Feldman and Sean Astin...

Baby Ruth bars, pizza, "turkey" (the opening scene the cop says turkey) "hangman's bluff" (same opening scene where we see Jake faking his own death) crackers, crab, strawberry milkshakes, chips, "vegan sausage" (the statue that Chunk breaks) pop, corn (hanging as a wall decoration on the outside of Mikey's house) "gumballs"(there are a few booby traps that have canon balls) chicken/eggs, tongue, "truffle shuffle", "fondue" (hearing Copperpot over and over just made me think of it) whipped cream, coffee, "that's what I said salad" (Mikey and his mom constantly say "that's what I said" whenever they get a sentence wrong) matzo balls, "shut up chunk cake" (they tell him constantly to shut up) twinkies, veal scallopini, wine, fettuccine, ice-cream, "Sloth's platter" (hard to see on my screen, but I always thought it meant to look like it was leftovers of potatoes, cabbage, eggs and beets...) "cobweb soup" (there's a few scenes where they are in the tunnels with both spiderwebs and water which never made sense cause wouldn't that much water melt the webs?) chocolate sauce, "counterfeit confetti cake", water (it's everywhere!) tomatoes, "nuts and bolts" (the scene where Andy goes crazy in the tunnels talking about her body) "skeleton keys", "fried bat wings" (the bats fly out of the tunnels into the hideout) "salt water taffy",  "shish kabob" (Data falling with his pinchers of peril onto the spikes) "organ meat", "mudslides" (the drink because of the waterfall scene) "peanut brittle" (Data falling through the ships deck) rum, "Captain Chunk's Brownies"(Chunk has a lot of chocolate related scenes and he does wear the captain's hat) sushi (Data mentions an octopus in the scene where they are rescued, plus the old music video has one plus if you are a freaky-geek like me and watch the deleted scenes there's an octopus)

And with so much water, all I could think was soup. I also couldn't get the shot of the character Steph fishing for crab out of my head. I thought of chowder. But, since I'm vegetarian, I was struggling to figure out how to make a vegetarian one...then remembered the corn decoration on the house. So I decided to make "Chunky" corn chowder and biscuits. 


1/2 pound butter
4 and a half teaspoon baking powder
4 cup flour
3 tablespoon sugar
1 egg
half cup milk

Form dough, roll out and shape, bake at 375 degrees for 20 minutes depending on your oven.

Being the ghoul that I am, having  Hallowe'en cookie cutters, I tried to make the biscuits shaped like skulls...only they didn't really turn out looking like that as much as just thick.

"Chunky" Corn Chowder

1 medium onion chopped
2 large potatoes peeled and cut
1 stalk of celery chopped
1 tablespoon butter
salt water
4 cups milk
1 large can of corn
black pepper
2 tablespoon flour

Boil potato in salt water for about 10 minutes until it starts to become tender, drain,

add milk to cover them, simmer for 5 minutes,
add corn, onions, celery, black pepper and cover simmering for another 15 minutes. 

Take off of the heat, and add butter and flour stirring till blended.

The original recipe called for corn on the cob to be added and boiled in the soup, letting the corn fall off naturally, but I took the easy route on the corn, plus I had canned corn in the kitchen and wanted to use it up.

You will notice, some of my Goonies collectables here.

The magazine which has been taped back together more then once, half the lining from the soundtrack, the spoken script on 45 record...I couldn't find my actual soundtrack which was a record as well or my novelizations, of which I have two. One is the "movie tie-in" and the other is the full "script novelization".  Somewhere in the amount of stuff I own, I also have a few of the collectors cards, the 6 poster set, the old case to the worn out vhs copy and one single wrapper from the chocolate bar.

Told you I I suppose I have to admit still slightly am obsessed with this movie...Okay a lot obsessed with it still all these years later.

And you can see I made one biscuit with raisins to try to make it more "skeleton" like and represent the key they use to unlock some of the tunnels, but...One Eyed Willie he's not. 

That's my take on a Goonies' dinner, and don't forget it's Corey Feldman theme week here.

And as I always say, not the prettiest dish on the table but "good enough for me"

till later...