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Random movie Feb 28th 2015

Laggies (aka Say When)

plot: A woman about to face thirty, finds herself wondering why she can't seem to fit in with her married friends, and after her long time boyfriend asks her to marry him, she runs away. Bumping into a group of teenagers outside a store, she forms a bond with them, and ends up staying with one of them for a week. To complicate things even more, she starts dating their dad.

This is the 2014 comedy starring Keira Knightley, and Sam Rockwell.

This felt like a mix of Jane Eyre and Slacker (the 1991 Linklater film) You've got the idea of a governess type character falling in love with the dad, while dealing with the feeling of being adrift trying to find where you really fit.
I liked this film. Sadly, because I can identify with the idea of not fitting in with the age-expected social norms (mid-life identity crisis anyone?)

There were moments in this film when it felt like the teenaged daughter was just the excuse to introduce the main character to the dad, and there were moments when it looked like it might take a deeper plunge into a mother-daughter type theme. It sort of danced around both ideas without committing itself to either side.

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The Nosferatu Adventures s7 p16

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 194, chapter 194

Dagan lay with his arms crossed over his chest, his knees nearly hitting his nose, as he tried to fall asleep in the cramped tub. He hadn't thought she was serious when our heroine had kicked him out of the bed, but the bitch growled at him. He had been both taken aback and proud at the same moment. The werewolf in her was continuing to become stronger all the time, and he wondered if it wouldn't be long before she could shift?
His forehead was wet. Opening one eye, the auburn haired male blinked as a drop of water hit the top of his skull rolling into his eye. Grumbling to himself, he wiped the drops away. Didn't help. The shower seemed to be dripping. Throwing his one leg over the edge of the tub, the werewolf climbed out, shuffling back into the bedroom. He was about to sneak back into the bed, but was stopped cold when he realized that Tombstone had stretched out on his side of it. Shaking his head in disbelief, he moved back into the bathroom, through the doorway to the adjoining library. Stomping back and forth he paced the room like a caged animal. Getting angrier with each step.

"What am I to you?" he asked suddenly in the doorway of the bedroom, hanging off the edge of the doorframe. He kicked the bed when she didn't answer him, causing it to shake. The hellhound jumped up moving to the corner of the room by the window. "Hey I'm having a crisis here. Wake up and talk to me." he jumped onto the bed forcing her to wake up. Leaning over the female, Dagan waited for her to acknowledge him. "What am I to you?" he shrugged the magick mist rolling off him in tendrils of anger, leaving his torso exposed. Our heroine could see he'd let his human blue eyes change to the amber-grey of the wolf; as his jaw started to be covered with the traces of fur. His left foot was twitching causing the bed to be unsteady.

"Ripper what are you getting at?" she yawned her arm over her eyes. Not because she was pretending sleep, but because she couldn't bare to look at him. His moods were unpredictable to most, but the leg twitch she'd learned was always the indication he had way too much pent up energy. Last time he was like that, he had gotten up and cleaned the entire cabin in the middle of the night.

"It's a simple question?" he shrugged again, his hands now on his thighs as he moved so that he was straddling her hip, one knee on either side of her; the leg still twitching. "And you haven't called me that in a while. What do I mean to you? Am I just the pack alpha? Am I just..." he brought his hand up to his nose rubbing his palm against it to scratch it, exposing the fact his nails were sharpened to glass points. Our heroine wondered if he was about to shift right there? She wasn't sure she could handle him wolfing out literally on top of her. Dagan continued his rant. "...the one who sired you? Am I worth anything to you?"

"What's gotten into you?"

" my question. Other then being the first breathing blood bank for you when you turned, what do I mean to you?"

It was her turn to shrug. "What do you want me to say? You're my friend. You're my pack alpha. You're the last man I ever expected to come into my life." she shoved him from her, sitting up feeling the need to runaway again. He was too close, too there. Too in her face, too intimate. Dagan no matter what, was just that, a larger then life personality that intimidated Nosferatu on so many levels. Moving from the bed, she started to pace around the room herself, the magick mist fading in and out, causing the slip she was wearing to grow shorter and longer with each breath. "I don't know what you want to hear from me Ripper I really don't. But when I thought you were dead, the first time I thought you were dead and I was with Reuben; I dreamed of you every night. It was like I could feel your presence all around me constantly. And I felt safe. After everything that had happened, it was the one thing I couldn't wrap my head around. How safe you made me feel. Through all the immature insults and teenaged behaviour, and trying to figure out why you kept reinforcing the sire bond...I started to feel comfortable with you." she pointed at him, tilting her head to the side scrunching up her nose.
Dagan climbed off the bed rotated his shoulders in his habit, and stalked towards her. Towering over our heroine, he stood there. Unsure what to say; all his bravo melted in the time it took him to move the half step towards her. 

"What am I to you?" he asked her again, raising up on this toes as if trying to intimidate her, then rocking back at the knees. There seemed to be a strain in his eyes then. Like he was holding back. Harker had been more then right when he had told her that Dagan wore his heart on his sleeve.

"What am I to you?" she replied. "Anything other then a quick lock for your alpha position?"  He dropped his head at hearing that. The tall male wasn't sure how to respond as he licked the corner of his mouth, sniffing deeply.  "Oh my god!" our heroine brought both hands up to her face, turning from him, the magick mist encasing her fully, replacing the little black lace slip with a plain black over sized t-shirt that fell to almost her knees. "Of course! All this time...well you had me fooled. You had us all fooled." she sniffed back a half laugh, a half cry. "You had it in your head before we ever met. When the Magic Ninjas told you to deliver me through the darkest forest, in exchange for helping Rolf free his brothers. Didn't matter who I was, what I was as along as I was female."

Dagan tilted his head to the side staring off over her shoulder. "Never lied about that part. You know that was my plan. Hell, I told you that over a year ago. That day in the woods, in the rain..."

"I know. I know. And ironically, that's when I fell in love with you." she thought back to that afternoon in the rain, when Dagan had drunkenly poured out his heart to her. Right before he claimed her as his mate the first time.

Dagan tilted backwards, his hands up over his head like a little kid as he bit his bottom lip. "That's all I wanted to know." he answered through a smile, his dimples on display.  Our heroine stammered as she stood there in disbelief.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. What, like you didn't see that coming?)

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All Jane Austen part 3

Sense and Sensibility:

The 1995 version starring Emma Thompson and Hugh Grant.

plot: The Dashwoods have their world torn apart when their father dies, leaving them nearly penniless, and their half-brother moves his family into their house. With no choice but to move in with a widowed uncle and his mother in law; the four women find themselves at a disadvantage. Having to adjust to a new status in life, their prospects for marriage is lessened. Elinor and Marianne, both attract love, but from very different ends of the coin. One will get her heart broken because she is too free, while the other will have her heart broken because she's too proper.

The original book was written in 1811.

This is my favourite version of it as much for Emma Thompson's vision of Elinor as anything else. Though I have to admit, I am more of a Marianne then Elinor.

The younger sister, Marianne, is the wild child uncaring who thinks what of her. And ends up falling in love with Mr. Willoughby, who we learn as the movie progresses, has a nasty reputation for seducing young girls and leaving them pregnant. Which, for that era was the worst thing that could happen.  We -the viewers- are led to believe that his feelings for Marianne are in fact honest, but because of his past actions; he's forced to marry someone else for their money.  (a running theme in a few of the Austen novels)
Marianne ends up following Willoughby to London, and in her single-mindedness, ends up embarrassing her family publicly.  She then becomes so depressed, she almost dies.
Marianne soon discovers she's in love with Colonel Brandon, an older gentleman who lives on the property next to theirs. 

While all this is going on, Elinor falls in love with Mr. Edward Farris. The older of two brothers she meets through her sister in law.  Their courtship is considered to be a cute little summer flirtation by their sister in law, at first. But after awhile, they are separated by devious means. During which time, we learn that Edward Farris has been secretly engaged to Lucy Steele.
Miss Steele is more then aware of Elinor, and sets out to mark her territory, starting up a fake friendship with Elinor. Reminding her every chance she has that Edward is engaged to her, and the only reason they haven't married yet is because she's even poorer then the Dashwoods.  Edward's family soon discover the engagement, and disown him leaving him penniless.
Miss Steele then starts an affair with the other Farris brother marrying him now that he has all the family money. 
This opens up Edward to marry Elinor who does no care he's poor.

The movie focuses on the two sisters, leaving the mother and youngest daughter just in the sidelines.
But as much as this is a love story, it's also as movie about faith in others, manners, following your heart, and trust. Both of the two sisters find their hearts in two opposite ways. The younger of them, casting off any sort of ethical (for the time) display of public ego. While the older, holds back maybe too much.
Half the supporting characters are there for background noise, such as the constantly meddling-gossip Mrs. Jennings.

I'm going to end this one here, because even though I've seen this about a hundred times in the last twenty years, it makes me cry every single time and now I've got a headache.

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The Nosferatu Adventures s7 p15

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 193, chapter 193

Dagan moved around his uncle's study in the east wing of the estate. Sniffing the wall he tapped the back of his knuckles on a small discoloured piece of wallpaper. Smiling to himself, he removed the chunk of it, turning the lock on the family vault.  Sighing, the werewolf didn't have to turn around to know Victor was standing there in the shadows.

"What are you looking for?" the older male asked as he silently moved across the floor picking up a glass from the sidebar.

"Grandma Ethel's jewelery box." Dagan mumbled under his breath. He might not know what kind of creature his uncle had become, but he knew enough to know he had hearing just as sharp as his own.

"I see." Victor grunted as he poured himself a whiskey.

"She left it to me and Harker so I don't want to get into a fight with you over what's in it." the auburn haired male tucked the small wooden carved box under his left arm, turning on his heels. "You might want to repaint that or something." he nodded towards the now ruined wallpaper.

"I'm surprised you waited so long." the grin on Victor's pale face sent a chill up Dagan's spine. Sniffing the werewolf shuffled towards the door, heading back down the hallway towards the south wing.  He hadn't been able to get out of his mind what Reuben had said. As much as Dagan hated to admit it, Reuben was right. If the banshee managed to carry the baby to term and survive the birth, every single male werewolf would be trying to get to her. And without a mate or pack to protect her, she'd be a sitting duck. The idea that her fate could swing that way, burned at his soul. Dagan would not be able to live with himself knowing he could have kept her safe. Being that he was immortal, that would haunt him for a very long time.
Smashing his fist into the wall as he continued down the winding halls, he licked his palm a few times, rubbing it down the wall marking his territory. Stalking silently into the room, Dagan quietly placed the wooden box down on the dresser, letting the magick mist swirl around him, leaving the male in nothing but a pair of shorts as he climbed into the bed beside our heroine.  Biting the edge of the blanket, he growled.

"I think I actually missed you." he sniffed her collar bone trailing his nose down to her breast, his hair tickling her shoulder.  They both felt the bed shake as Tombstone whimpered jumping up on top of them his one paw slamming Dagan in the face. "Now really? You can't hold it for like fifteen minutes?" The hellhound whimpered again turning in a circle jumping back down, headbutting the door open. "Fine." the male huffed as he climbed over our heroine again, magick misting a pair of jeans as he took the beast for a walk.

"You think that claiming her will be any different this time?" a voice said from behind a large tree. Finn was sitting there, back against the bark, his hands dangling over his knees, two chickens half eaten beside him. "It's not what she wants you know. She deserves better then just being used to help you keep your alpha position." the familiar pulled the tiny round sunglasses down his nose looking up at the other male.  Dagan leaned against the tree, one ankle crossed over the other, tilting his head to the side, his blue eyes sparkling in the moonlight.

Shrugging, the werewolf sniffed deeply. "Thought you didn't want her anymore because she's half lycanthrope now? What's it matter to you?"

"She keeps getting her heart broken because of you." Finn's voice was half mixed with bitterness, half with sarcasm. "If you were really worried about her, you wouldn't have left her alone with your demonic uncle."

"Yeah well..." he scratched at his jaw turning his face up towards the lower branches of the tree, biting a leaf. "It's going to rain. I see you found the barn already, feel free to sleep in there." he turned whistling for Tombstone to follow. The hellhound sniffed his way back towards the male, spooking a raccoon in the process. Dagan entered the estate once again marking his territory as he wandered through the halls, stopping only once he was back in their bedroom.
She was asleep by the time he returned, her breathing slowed as she hugged the blankets. "That was suppose to be me she was all tangled in." he commented to the hellhound. The creature just snorted as he wagged his tail, curling up on the floor by our heroine's side of the bed. "Hey, who's side are you on?" Tombstone raised his muzzle as if to question the werewolf. "I mean, you want her safe protected, well how can I do that if I can't claim her as my mate?" the magick mist rolled off him again in smokey rings as he moved towards the dresser opening the wooden jewelery box.

He swore as he dropped the necklace, not realizing it had been on a silver chain. Shaking his now burned hand, the shapeshifter howled in pain. "What did you do now?" our heroine asked sitting bolt upright in the bed.

"Nothing. Go back to sleep. Here." he slid the amulet off the silver chain, careful not to burn his other hand, finding a small piece of ribbon in the sewing kit on top of the dresser. "It was my grandmother's." his voice was so low it sounded more like the wind rustling the curtains. Nosferatu held it in her left hand, tracing her pale slim fingers over the locket. It was gold with a small dime sized blue stone. "I think it's an aqua..."

"Aquamarine." our heroine interrupted him.

"You've heard of it then?" Dagan replied sitting now on the bed beside her, scratching at his right shoulder mindlessly. "My grandfather gave it to her as an okay?"

"Fine. Yeah heard of it. It's my birthstone ironically."  she shook her head. "Wait, hang on...are you suggesting..." she held it out to him. "No. Bad idea." she jumped out of the bed only to have him grab her by the waist pulling her back down beside him.

"If you survive this baby, you'll be a prize to be won. Killed for even. You need a pack therefore a mate to protect you. Loki was trying to warn me about it, but I was too stubborn. Reuben reminded me in no uncertain terms."

"Protect me. Sure wonderful, great idea. Until someone challenges you and you in your hotheadedness get into a fight and have your neck broken. Even for five minutes. And loose your alpha position and leave me vulnerable. Then what?"

"You do realize that we are not the norm right? Most lycanthropes don't get into as many brawls as I have in the past..." he nipped her shoulder the scent of the lavender shampoo and her blood pumping just below the surface of her neck causing his teeth to ache.

"Not helping." her voice was harsh as she leaned back against his chest closing her own eyes, allowing herself one long second to pretend they were just any normal couple, having a normal argument.

"I mean..." he gave a half giggle. "What's the alternative?"

 "Your uncle Victor wants the baby. I thought at first..." she felt herself being picked up and spun around landing hard on the bed, the werewolf pinning her shoulders down.

"What?" his voice was nothing more then a growl of anger. "And you let yourself stay here? You let me come here thinking..."

"I couldn't leave. He's got spells wrapped all over this place. Did you bother to notice he sealed me up in the wing with the nursery. I don't think he's planning on killing it. I think he's planning on raising it. At lest till he's old enough...till his lycanthropy starts to show."  The werewolf blinked as he thought about what she had said. It did seem a bit odd his uncle choose now to take his revenge when he had plenty of opportunities already, and he did as she pointed out give her the wing designed for the kids. Grunting, he laid back down beside her in the bed.

"So just how much fatter you think you're going to get with this baby?" he asked flatly, bringing his hands up in front of his face. "I mean, you're already what 200 pounds? Don't normal pregnancies add like sixty pounds..." Dagan felt his skull crash against the edge of the bed as the pillow he'd been laying on was ripped out from under him, just as our heroine kicked him off the bed.

"You can sleep in the tub."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. What is Victor's true intentions?)

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The Nosferatu Adventures s7 p14

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 192, chapter 192

Tombstone slid across the tile floor as he bound ahead of Dagan, having caught the scent of our heroine. The half timber wolf- half hellhound sped through the hallways of the estate past Bryon who was lounging in the north end of the large house, a bottle of wine empty beside him, past the two maids who were preparing a roast for dinner, past the butler who was rearranging furniture in one of the rooms. Stopping cold, he began to sniff the edges of the floor, the scent jumbled under more mundane ones; food smells, flowers, the wine in the cellar, mud someone had tracked in from the vineyard. Snorting, the large beast licked his chops torn suddenly between investigating the smells coming from the kitchen promising of sweets and bacon, or continuing on to see the female. Tombstone turned around in a full circle, his claws click-clacking as he did, having caught the scent of Dagan; as the werewolf caught up to him. Tearing again down the hallway, the hellhound decided he needed to see our heroine more then he did the kitchen. 
The now four foot tall hellhound barked twice, sending a echo through the empty hallway as he found the south ward of the estate. Slowing his pace, Tombstone lowered his muzzle having caught the scent of magick. Cautiously, the beast moved through first the bedroom then into the bathroom before heading towards the half open door that lead to the library. 
Lifting his paws as if dancing in place, the creature headbutted the door open the rest of the way and ran into the room straight to where the banshee was standing, the large spellbook open on the desk beside her. There was so much to tell her. The creature needed to know if she had seen how brave he'd been when the other man who looked like Dagan but wasn't arrived? Did our heroine know that he had been dead and Loki brought him back? Did our heroine realize that he'd been on an adventure with the Seer and now with Dagan? 
Making a noise somewhere between a howl and a yelp, Tombstone jumped up firmly planting both front paws on our heroine's shoulders, licking her chin. He sniffed her face and hair, before again making noises. 

"Tombstone!" our heroine began to scratch the creatures ears. "How did you find me?" she smiled as the beast sat back down on the floor, his head back howling. He was so excited, as he once again began to try communicating with her. "Slow down, I'm still new at this."  The beast swallowed as he stopped making noise, turning to look over his shoulder as the air shifted. Dagan appeared in the doorway that separated the library from the bathroom.

Tombstone watched as a potted plant flew across the room, the auburn haired werewolf ducking just as it hit the wall smashing across the bathroom floor.  The female was across the room in a blink as Dagan stumbled back a half step holding his jaw. "You let me think you were dead!" she punched him again. Tombstone grumbled as he tried to shrink into himself.  His delicate ears hurt when the banshee screamed. Nosferatu shoved the werewolf hard, sending him backwards into the tub. "You didn't have to break the sire bond like that! I felt like my lungs were collapsing, like my ribs were being shattered and I thought you were dead." she moved from him back into the library. 

He said nothing as he climbed out of the tub, thankful there hadn't been any water in it. Grabbing her, Dagan held her tight to him, sniffing her hair. Trailing his nose down her neck to her collar bone, the werewolf continued to sniff deeply, as his blue eyes shifted to the amber-grey of the wolf. A low growl escaped him, his emotions betraying his intentions. 

The taste of her blood had his mind swimming in memories as it filled his mouth. Crushing against the back of his throat, swirling over his tongue like the jeweled silk it was. He could taste the energy in her blood as he brought his own wrist up to her mouth forcing her to drink. 

Tombstone sat five feet from them his head tilted to the side as he watched Dagan rip a chunk out of our heroine's throat. Watched as she bit into the soft pale underside of his wrist. Not sure if the yelp he heard was from her or himself as he saw her limb body fall into Dagan's arms after the snapping of her neck.  The hellhound scuttled back a half inch as he watched the werewolf drag her out of the library through the bathroom and drop her down on the bed.  The creature began to snarl as he followed, ready to pounce, his ears flat against his head fur standing on end. 

"What?" Dagan asked turning his torso towards Tombstone, his one hand up at his side. "Do I have someone in my teeth?" he wiped at the blood smeared across his face and lips, licking his fingers as he did. The beast inched closer to him still growling. The male smirked as he moved towards the bedroom door locking it, then towards the bathroom running water in the tub before searching the cabinet. "There's got to be shampoo here somewh...Ah! Found it." he held up the small purple bottle sniffing the lavender shampoo. "You still smell like skunk. And I figure we've got about twenty minutes till she wakes up letting out a soul shattering wail. So, get in the tub." he spoke to the hellhound like nothing had happened. The beast refused to move, sitting now beside our heroine's lifeless body, whimpering.  Dagan whistled getting the creature's attention. Tombstone made a low noise as he slowly moved towards the bathroom door. "When she wakes up, the sire bond will be back in place between us. Okay." he gestured with his left arm towards the door of the nursery on the far side of the library, sending soapy foam flying everywhere. "And I know it won't be long before Finn figures out how to get past the servants...and...and I don't want to let that happen." he licked his lips petting Tombstone on the butt pushing him into the tub. The hellhound growled again obviously not wanting to get wet. "The damned cat can not win!" he poured some of the shampoo onto the hellhound. "I just don't like to loose." his voice began to take on a hard edge as he splashed water on the now shivering beast. "What does she see in him anyways you know?" the lather now covered the large beast and half of Dagan's arms as he scrubbed the creature's fur. "I mean, he's a cat! Not even like a proper shapeshifter, but a plan old ratty-house cat that someone waved a magick wand at and gave human parts. Kinda gross when you think about it." he raised an eyebrow as he bit his bottom lip, continuing to splash water on Tombstone. He grabbed at the hellhound's paw lifting it up washing them. Leaning over, he spotted the toothpaste reaching for it, squeezing a drop on his finger, sticking it into the dog's mouth. Tombstone sneezed not liking the taste.
He was about to continue ranting when an ear splitting scream shattered the bathroom mirror and one window. Dagan covered his ears turning his body away from the bedroom door, as Tombstone jumped from the tub and ran to the far end of the library, huddling in the doorway of the nursery. "Sweetheart, you're up early." 

Dagan leaned against the threshold of the door, wet soapy blobs still clinging to his hands. Our heroine sat in the middle of the bed, her palm pressed against her chest. "I...I...thought..."she struggled to breathe. "You didn't want to be bonded?"  The male shrugged as he ran his hands down his thighs before remembering there was a towel in the bathroom.

"I was just giving the kid a bath, and now I need a shower myself. Tell the servants to bring up a bottle from the cellar and that we'll have dinner in the library." Dagan closed the bathroom door behind him, throwing himself against it. Letting out a deep breath he rubbed both hands down his face grinning wildly.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Maybe I'll finally let those two be happy...)

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Random movie Feb 21st 2015

The Big Year

plot: Three birdwatchers, spend a year competing to be listed that year's best. Dropping everything at a moments notice to travel across the United States and Canada, they find themselves making choices about their personal and professional lives that they didn't think they'd be forced to make.

This is the 2011 movie starring Steve Martin and Jack Black.
It's based on the non-fiction book.

This was listed as a comedy, and there were moments that were funny, but this was a drama in every real regard.
The characters each had their own personal journeys they had to dive into, each at different stages in their lives. One character starts off with nothing to loose and looks at it as a once in a lifetime adventure, while another character sees it as a missed opportunity. And the third main character is afraid of live beyond what he's created, afraid to let go of his record.

I like that it managed to mix the buddy road trip film seamlessly with the dramatic point of having to find your own balance. All three of the main characters have to learn what they are comfortable with loosing in order to gain their real prize. So many of us now a days find it hard to balance our real passions with our responsibilities.

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The Nosferatu Adventures s7 p13

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 191, chapter 191

He sat on his heels, blood dripping down his chin, as he chewed on the still twitching animal in his hands. Tossing a piece of the duck to the hellhound, Dagan wiped the back of his wrist across his mouth. "I told you to leave the skunk alone. Now you'll be days smelling like that."  Tombstone made a low growl as he bowed his head. "I'm not going inside that estate. Don't even think about it." the auburn haired werewolf spoke softly as he continued to eat, spitting out feathers haphazardly. "I mean, what's there for me? Certainly not the female." he sniffed, his nostrils burning suddenly with the heavy scent of blood. Only it wasn't coming from his hunt.
Tossing the rest of the bird to the creature beside him, he stood up slowly rubbing his palms down the length of his thighs, his fangs still extended both top and bottom, his lips glistening with drops of blood saliva.  Dropping his chin the shapeshifter made a sound low in his chest as he cracked his neck, rotating his shoulders as if he were about to step into a boxing ring.
Reaching his arm out, Dagan brushed his hand down the nearest tree. Slowly, moving one foot over the other, he crossed the small patch of dirt on the edge of the property doing the same thing to a small clump of vines. The werewolf had no idea why he suddenly felt the urge to mark his territory? He didn't even want to be there. The air shifted causing his ears to perk up as it carried on it the sound of footsteps.
The male dodged the carcass as the foot long clump of dead fur came flying at him from the bushes.

"That thing still smells better then you two mutts." Finn replied as he pointed at the skunk.  The familiar hissed as Dagan advanced a half step, his fists clinched.

"Should have known it wouldn't take you long to come sniffing around her." he spat out another piece of a feather, picking a small bone from his teeth. His fangs having retracted. "Just because I don't have her, doesn't mean I'm going to let you have her either." Dagan blinked as he thought about what he'd just said, scratching the back of his skull.

"Figures." Finn stretched as he tossed an energy ball from hand to hand as if playing with a ball of yarn.  "You furballs are such a greedy lot. I can't believe you're considered the evolution of things." he shook his head. "Why the hell would I want her now? She's more your kind then anything else."

"Then why are you here?" he brought both hands out to his sides palms up as he grinned, his dimples on display.  "Can't be to give me cooking tips?" 

"Something is wrong with the Seer. He passed out for like four hours. Some sort of magickal trance or something, and then when he woke, said nothing about the locator spell he had been doing when you last saw us. Just stabbed me. Left me to bleed to death." Finn's voice never wavered.

Dagan squinted at him, sizing him up trying to get a good read on him. "You poor thing, down to what seven lives now is it?" his eyes flashed the amber-grey of the wolf as he snarled. The other male was telling the truth, his blood pressure never rose, his breathing never altered.

"Hate me all you want. But I'm going to make sure Nosferatu is alright." the familiar pointed at the taller male as he pushed past him. Dagan stood there for a long few minutes, seething as he waited till he was sure Finn was a good distance from him. Turning he punched the tree, his knuckles sinking deep into the splintered wood, sending chips of bark flying everywhere. Tombstone shook off pieces of the debris from his muzzle.

"Well..." the werewolf let out a deep sigh. "As pack leader I suggest we walk in that direction until we find some sort of shelter. Then I suggest we get you shampooed to cut the skunk smell before drinking ourselves into oblivion. And as the pack leader, I think that should be followed up with shacking up with whatever banshee we might come across, and possibly re-establishing the sire bond. This is of course a precaution. So that he doesn't have the opportunity. And in no means because I miss her fat ass." Dagan sniffed tugging on the hem of his t-shirt as if to make his point. "And..." he dropped his chin again, his right hand now at the back of his skull. "Should a claiming take wouldn't be the end of the world." he tilted his head looking down at the hellhound, who was ignoring him, still crunching on the remains of the duck. The dirt crunched under his heels as he turned in nearly a full circle moving his left arm in a chopping motion. "Righty-ho, righty-ho man. I suddenly feel like I should be wearing golf shoes."  The auburn haired male let the magic mist swirl around him then, replacing his t-shirt with a pineapple printed button up short sleeved shirt, and a fishing hat appearing on his head."Come on boy, let's go catch us a moose."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Can't you just picture Dagan wearing a khaki coloured fishing hat with a bunch of lures he made from animal bones and werewolf fur, the rim down over his beautiful blue eyes...*sigh*)

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The Nosferatu Adventures s7 p12

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 190, chapter 190

The caramel wolf stretched out under the shade of a large spruce tree, waiting. Pan had left Finn dead a few miles back after having been brought back to this reality still in the Seer's body. Only trouble was he couldn't get a scent on the female.


Victor ran down the hallway having heard the crash as the smoke began to fill the estate. Forcing the door open to the library, he found our heroine coughing as she opened a window.

"What the hell happened?" Victor demanded as he pointed to the mess of broken glass and spilled liquid on the floor.  Our heroine gestured to the large spellbook on the desk.

"Bored. Just decided to learn a few rituals."

Victor grunted as he flipped a few pages in the large volume. "Take it you did it wrong." he couldn't help but crack a smile as he tried to read the name of the spell. "Chamomile, ginger, catnip, rosehips...tea? You're big explosion was tea?" the older male clapped his hands together as he broke out in a fit of laughter.

"Okay yeah so I was trying to do a ritual and midway I got really blah feeling, sort of sweaty and dizzy and thought I'd stop the energy work and try to deal with it." she answered leaning now on the window ledge. Our heroine was looking a little green. "Is it hot in here or is it just where the room is spinning again?" sitting down, she clutched at her stomach doubling over. "God, the tortures of the damned! I know they say when you've got heartburn all the time when pregnant it means the kid is going to have a full head of hair when they are born, but I'm having a werewolf. This is ridiculous."

"Yes it certainly is." he sighed scratching then at his neck. Victor sniffed as he moved across the room to where she was sitting grabbing her by the shoulders, forcing her to her feet. "You don't want to sit."

"I don't?" her voice took on a whine.

"No you don't. If you sit that upset stomach will turn sour and you'll be puking all over yourself. Or worse..." he started to laugh again.


"It'll turn into gas. I watched my sister in law go through it with the boys, and my first wife..." his voice trailed off as he suddenly found his shoes the most interesting thing on the planet.

"Dagan and Harker have a cousin?" our heroine asked as she reluctantly let Victor walk her around the room. He said nothing for a few minutes, blinking away the memories before shaking his head. The short sandy blonde hair falling over his one eyebrow in the same way it did his nephew.

"Still born. Twin boys." Victor's voice was a soft rush as he tightened his grip on her shoulders as if to shield himself against the thought.


Arrows zipped past them at every angle, followed by rocks dipped in wax and set ablaze. Rolf ducked behind the large stone wall best he could, the wound on his left leg already healed. His men on the other hand were not so lucky. He didn't remember how he got there. Just seemed to wake up in the middle of the battle. The last thing he had remembered was being four miles south huddled over a campfire studying the maps. He had gathered a few men willing to fight with him for his family's kingdom, but that was all. And now here he was, smack in the middle of the whole thing, with no memories of how they got there.
Closing his eyes, the large werewolf sniffed taking in all the scents around him. The wax as it burned, the scorch marks from the fires they had started, the panic laced sweat of some of the men, and the salty cooper of blood as it filled the air.  But that wasn't why Rolf had shut his blue eyes tight. It was the wave of nausea that forced the lycanthrope to clinch his jaw tight and count to five. As soon as this was over, as soon as he secured his family's kingdom, Rolf had to get a message to our heroine, to let her know he'd been sharing the white wolf dreams. He was afraid for her. Something just wasn't right with our heroine's baby.
Opening his eyes, they had shifted to the amber-grey of the wolf as Rolf stood, leaning back letting out a roar that shook the very foundations. Many of the men on both sides fled in fear as they saw him start to transform. His nose having extended, his fangs both upper and lower having exposed, his ears having become pointed, and his hands now claws as he gripped an axe.
The next sound that ripped itself from the angry werewolf was not heard by many, as it was so loud it shattered the ear drums of those within a thirty foot radius. Much like the way our heroine's banshee scream did.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Nice to see Rolf found his voice)

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Random movie Feb 15th 2015

Lucky Them

plot: A music critic is given the assignment of locating her rockstar ex, who is thought to have killed himself over a decade before. She ends up joining forces with another former lover who decides to make a documentary of the experience.

This is a 2013 film starring Toni Collette and Thomas Haden Church.

This started off very familiar, the first half hour rang so much like the 1989 Canadian rock film Roadkill by Bruce McDonald (about a record production assistant sent to find a missing rock band and the documentary film crew that go with her across Canada)  And for that first half of the movie all I could think of was the original.

I did like this movie. It is subtle in it's portrayal of a woman who is haunted by her past love. She's unable to have a real relationship because she's still clinging so painfully to the memory of what that big love was to her. And in the end, she not only learns to let go, but sees she was the only one stuck in the past.
Johnny Depp has a small 5 minute cameo as the lost rockstar.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Top 5 Fav Movie Couples

I'm bored, it's Valentine's  and I ate all the chocolate I bought while watching Sex and the City, so it's time for a Top 5 something...

1. Carrie and Mr. Big (Sex and the City)

2. Dracula and Mina (Bram Stoker's Dracula 1992 version)

3. Anne Elliot and Captain Wentworth (Persuasion)

4. Sally Owens and Gary Hallet  (Practical Magic)

5. Beauty and the Beast (Disney)

Yeah, Beauty and the Beast. They are my favourite Disney couple.  Actually, none of these "couples" should be of any surprise to anyone who's been reading me for any amount of time. 
Dracula and Mina...everyone who's ever seen the 1992 Gary Oldman version knows what I mean. The scene where they are alone and she drinks his blood...shivers, complete shivers. Or when they are in the cinema house and the wolf gets loose...I remember sitting in the crowded cinema opening night here in town and the collective sigh from every female in the building...
Sally Owens and Gary Hallet...come one, who doesn't love the idea of soulmates who find each other after twenty years of waiting and living through crap, all because the ultimate love spell brought them together. It doesn't get much better then that.
Anne Elliot and Captain Wentworth...a second chance at first love. Deep sigh here. Two people forced apart by their families, only to stumble upon each other over a decade later and find they never stopped thinking of each other.
Carrie and Mr. Big...every woman can find something to identify with in that on again off again crazy making stylish romance. The push pull of confusion and pride mixed with the delicate cocktail of desire and a slight dash of jealous lover. Dude! Who could deny that stir crazy star crossed gaze Big always gives Carrie from across the room or car?

Okay so that's enough for now...till later

Friday, February 13, 2015

The Nosferatu Adventures S7 p11

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 189, chapter 189

His dreams were weird, nearly random as images of stairs floating above him filled his mind. Jumbled with scenes of fire engulfing the forest. He saw himself running through the smoke and flames, searching for something that he just could not get a scent on. Unable to shift from man to wolf, trapped in his own sense of panic. His grandmother appeared out of nowhere, wrapping a sweater around his shoulders telling him not to worry about the broken dishes. Shaking his head he screwed up his nose, as his grandmother had been dead since he was four. She shoved him into a doorway which led to a stage where his brother Harker was in the middle of a performance of Hamlet. Covering his eyes against the lights of the stage, Dagan continued on to the far side, finding himself once again in the forest, with nothing but dead trees.

"Get off me...not in the mood..." Dagan mumbled as he felt the warm tongue licking his face, whimpering filling his ears. Tombstone was beside him, howling and nudging him with his muzzle, a dirty paw heavy on Dagan's chest. Rolling over, the auburn haired male made a face as the hellhound's hot breath hit his cheek. "Dude you really need a mint flavoured milk-bone." he sat up finding himself tangled in a clump of half dead grass, about a mile from his uncle's vineyard. "How the hell did I get here?" He swore as his left palm landed on something sharp. There was a small wooden figurine on the ground beside him, broken now from having leaned on it. Picking up the fragments, he saw it had been a moose. "You hungry? I'm hungry." he said to Tombstone as he got to his feet, letting out another howl of pain. The dog jumped in a circle licking his chops as he waited for Dagan to lead the way. "Please tell me you carried me..." he stumbled for a second trying to get his barrings. Sniffing, he caught the scent of burning trash coming from the east, as he looked down at the creature. He knew Tombstone being supernatural didn't grow at the normal speed. But, given the half timber wolf -half hellhound had been a puppy only hours before, the werewolf was in near shock to see the animal had doubled in size. At this rate, he'd be full grown by morning.
The hellhound barked his nose now to the ground as he headed off in the direction of the vineyard. "No No No!" the male said gesturing to the creature. Tombstone sat waiting, his tail wagging. "We're not going there. Don't even think about it." Dagan scratched his right thigh. "There's nothing to eat around here either." he sniffed deeply coughing as the thick haze of burning leaves began to irritate his nose. Sneezing twice, the werewolf looked around, seeing nothing to indicate how he arrived there. "This way kid." he turned heading back towards the small Inn he knew was on the edge of town. Having spent a year at the vineyard after his parent's death, Dagan learned every inch of the area. Tombstone howled again as if to whine about the decision  "Oh you think arguing with me will work huh?" the werewolf raised his chin challenging the animal. Tombstone made a sound as he lowered his own head, resting it on his paws. "Don't try to look cute. Cute doesn't work on me. I've got a heart of stone."
Tombstone whimpered again, his eyes becoming soft as he begged. Letting out a sigh, Dagan threw his hands up over his face kicking at the dirt. "Shack!"  The tall male stomped back and forth for a few long seconds, biting his lip as he mumbled to himself. "Fine! Fine! We'll go to the damned vineyard. But just so you know, you pull this crap on me again and you're getting neutered." he pointed at the creature before heading in the direction of the vineyard.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. I am mad north north west. When the winds are southerly I know a hawk from a handsaw. -Hamlet)

Theme Week part 3 -Love

Catch and Release

plot: A young woman finds out at the funeral of her fiance that he led a life with another woman she knew nothing about. As she discovers more about it, she finds herself falling in love with another man.

This is a 2007 comedy drama starring Jennifer Garner and Kevin Smith.

This was a surprisingly touching story. I went into it expecting the typical drivel of bad romantic-comedy, but instead it ended up being more endearing then sad. Everything that happens in this film is subtle, with nothing exploding the way you would expect it to in the more emotional scenes. It's a quiet film -emotionally.

I loved the little touches of the Smith character being a guy who works in a tea company, spouting -pun intended- little quotes of wisdom that he reads on the back of the tea boxes whenever the situation is needed.  Tea is comforting, and his character is like a living breathing cup of tea.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Nosferatu Adventures s7 p10

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 188, chapter 188

Reuben stretched as he moved around the old witch's cabin. It had been a strange few weeks having the cabin to himself. Well, not completely to himself, as Harker was still hanging around, but no other werewolves. Not since the Seer had left back on New Year.

"Pssst. Pssst. Hello?"  a voice tickled his ears causing them to twitch. The mirror was talking to him. Moving towards it, he removed the blanket covering it. "Oh thank god." Nathaniel replied on the other end. "Something's happened. A shift in the timeline. Where is the female? The banshee?"

"Gone." Reuben replied grabbing an apple from the fruit bowl on the kitchen table, biting into it.

"When are you expecting her back?"

"I'm not. There's a force field keeping her out." the dark haired werewolf spat the core into the trash. "What's got your boxers in a bunch?"

"My books have changed." the image on the other side of the magick mirror was walking out of frame his hands gesturing to an area Reuben couldn't see. The werewolf shook his head jumping up on the back of the sofa, perched hovering there, his hands over his knees as he waited.

"Shacking old dudes."

"I heard that." Nathaniel said on his end of the mirror as he returned into view.

"I meant you to." he said scratching at his neck and beard. "Damn fleas." Letting out a deep breath that puffed his cheeks out, Reuben growled sniffing. "So what is it? You said something about the time?"

"Timeline. I said the timeline had shifted." he removed the little wired glasses pinching the bridge of his nose as he held one of the books up to his side of the mirror.  Reuben shrugged.

"What am I suppose to be seeing here?" The shapeshifter's nose began to burn as the air changed carrying on it the scent of muddy dog. The warmth of fur touched his arm as Dewy jumped up beside him. The now full grown timber wolves roamed freely between the old witch's cabin and Ash's. Rufus and Matilda were still outside lounging by the chicken coop. The two males had adopted the stray female, in a brotherly fashion. Smirking Reuben let out a snort as he thought about it. "Man have you gotten it easy. What I wouldn't give to be able to just stay in wolf form all the time and not have to deal with all the human crap." he patted the timber wolf before turning his attention back to the mirror. "What you got?"

"The covens. They were originally wiped out. The ones connected to the Seer...well his ancestor...or past life Edmund. Now...this book has a new entry a recent one. Well recent for my time." he looked at him. "What year is it on your end?"

"2015. Why what's the year where you are?"


"And this doesn't have anything to do with that one surviving member of the coven you talked about before?"

"No. No this is a completely new entry." he flipped the pages in the book his mouth having fallen open in confusion. "There's more now. Four whole pages...but but there was only one paragraph few hours ago." he closed the book his hand rustling through his short hair. "It's gotten worse rapidly."

"You going to tell me what it says?"

"Uh...yes yes alright." he traced his finger down the page mumbling to himself as he located what was upsetting him. "One of the covens that worshiped Edmund, or the demon they believed him to be. They not only survived, but grew in devotees."

Reuben shook his head at him as he jumped off of the sofa stalking towards the mirror. "Wait wait." he pulled his long dark hair back into a perfect too smooth to be human ponytail. "That's like nothing. What the hell is all the fuss about?" he sniffed rubbing his nose.

"The fuss is the fact that something happened to have this happen." Nathaniel's voice rose in pitch as he began to wave the book around in frustration. "Something on your end. A spell so powerful that it changed history. What are you not understanding here? You're a werewolf for god sakes! The all mighty protectors of the supernatural. Loki's favourites, blessed with the divine blah blah blah." he slammed his palm down hard on a stack of books nearest him on the edge of his desk.

Reuben sighed stretching again feeling the desire to hunt. "Okay, then why were you looking for Nosferatu? Huh?"

"You will need to open a time portal. You need a banshee to do that."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. You all forgot about the mirror didn't you?)

Monday, February 9, 2015

Food n Flix February

February's Food n Flix  movie pick is the 1955 Disney cartoon, and it's being hosted by Lawstudent's Cookbook.

plot: Lady is brought home as an x-mas gift from a young husband for his wife, and ends up being pampered. That is until the young couple have their first baby, and suddenly Lady finds herself being forgotten. Her two best friends, Jock and Trusty who live on her quiet little street in the homes next door, begin to feel sorry for her. That is until Tramp shows up one morning. Tramp, is a ownerless dog who's best trick seems to be running away from the dog catcher, and surviving on his wits. Seeing that Lady is feeling forgotten, he talks her into running way with him, only to have her captured by the dog catcher.

Okay you know what, I know this is a "classic" and we all grew up with it, but after re-watching it, I sort of have nothing nice to say about it.  I loved this when I was a kid, but as a woman in my 40's, it made me cringe.
It's this big classic love story about two souls from opposite ends of the social scale, who find love against all odds. Beautiful sentiment, but...I just wanted to slap her and tell her to wake up that he's a dink.

So that's the review part as cynical as it is, now to the food part.

My food notes this time around contained - pasta, chicken, squab (pigeon), hot dogs, scottish shortbread cookies, christmas cookie tree ornaments, "pigs in a blanket", "lady fingers", coffee/donuts, grapefruit, bones/marrow, "collar greens", pub food (because of the shot of a grill/bar), pastry (shot of a bakery), pizza,  "kibble and bites", steak, baby food, watermelon, chopped suey, maple (the beaver chewing bark; so Canadian beaver= maple), schnitzel, corned beef, bread sticks, cabbage and potatoes, and "junkyard scramble".  Some of which was shown, others just popped into my head because of certain scenes.

What I went with was... Cabbage and Potatoes.  There is a scene about midway through the movie where Tramp is fighting off three wild hounds to protect Lady, and while battling; they knock over barrels of potatoes and cabbage. I could not get this scene out of my head. I then wrestled with how to prepare them. At first, I was thinking doing a boiled dinner, and simply dropping them in a pot of salt water with some carrots and turnip, but changed my mind. I knew I didn't want to tackle cabbage rolls or scalloped potatoes, nor did I want to fall back on a soup.
What I ended up with was a quick chunky cut potato salad and sauteed cabbage with onions.

I would like to say that I did something fancy, but it was a really basic recipe. 

1 medium potato boiled in salt water about 15 minutes, rough chopped with skin still on
3 small green onions rough chopped
3 hard boiled eggs, rough chopped
2 and a half Tablespoons of Miracle Whip 
2 Tablespoons paprika

The cabbage I just ripped into small pieces and boiled in salt water for about ten minutes, while I rough chopped in strips an onion. Sauteing the onion in about a tablespoon of butter. Draining the cabbage, I added it to the onion and sauteed for about ten minutes. 
I had full intentions to get photos of the sauteing but, I got interrupted by a phone call.  

I had this for dinner with some left over veggie-meatless-meatloaf.

Okay, so once again not the prettiest dish on the planet, but very tasty. 

Okay my lovely Spudguns!, I promise one of these times I will do something a bit more dressed up and fancy. 

I know this was a bit rushed today, and I was thinking about redoing it, but I've had one issue after another with the whole Mercury in Retrograde...from the internet being out for almost a whole day, to the cable box resetting itself every half hour on the hour for like a day straight, to something I have cooked a hundred times deciding yesterday to explode in my oven nearly setting the oven on fire. 
This last week has kicked my arse every time I try to do anything.  
I swear the universe triple power bombed me and followed it up with a curb stomp... 

No, you are not seeing things, that is a VHS TAPE copy that I have of the movie.

Okay...till later

Theme Week part 2- Love

Love Wedding Marriage

plot: When a relationship therapist finds out her own parents want a divorce, she moves heaven and earth to get them back together, and damaging her own marriage in the meantime.

This is a 2011 comedy starring Mandy Moore and Kellan Lutz.

Okay...Lutz still reminds me of wrestler Brad Maddox and pretty much the only reason I bothered to watch it. had a very made for tv sensibility to it, even though it wasn't a made for tv movie. This is one of those cute films you would expect to see on a Sunday afternoon during Valentine's movie marathons. The idea was there in spades, but the film itself just felt more like it was an introduction to something bigger.
For me, and I find myself saying this a lot lately, it was too happy, too wrapped up with a nice big frilly lace bow. I would have liked more depth with the young newly weds and less with the two sisters.   James Brolin's character came across as too silly and not desperate enough for a man trying to win his wife back.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Nosferatu Adventures S7 p9

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 187, chapter 187

Dagan stood there, his right leg shaking as he grinned, nodding along to the song. Our heroine wasn't sure what to make of it as she watched the auburn haired male start to sing along to the song only he could hear at that moment. Reaching up to grab the other earphone, Dagan put it in his empty ear, the cord still hanging around our heroine's neck, trapping her against his shoulder for a long few seconds while she stood in shock. 
The sputter of laughter that came from both Rolf and Reuben broke the trance she seemed to be in as she ripped the earphones from Dagan's ears.

"I'm going to go." she mumbled turning from the tall male, "This whole day has been a mistake." she managed to move from him adjusting her purse on her shoulder, turning to wave at Rolf and Reuben. "It's been nice meeting you two."
She hadn't gotten more then ten feet when a hand grabbed her elbow. Dagan was once again standing beside her, a deceptively blank look in his blue eyes. She waited for him to say whatever it was he had stopped her for, but the male just stood there chewing his gum, another hot rush of cinnamon drifting between them.  Side stepping to let a couple of teenagers pass them, Dagan spat out the gum, his hand now at her waist as he led her into the nearest building. He opened his mouth as if to say something, but thought better of it, blinking before rocking back and forth. Catching something out of the corner of his eye, he nodded towards a small booth that was selling homemade crafts.  "Okay what am I looking at?" our heroine asked feeling emotionally drained.
Saying nothing, Dagan started to paw at the rows of knitted mittens, scarfs, woodcarvings, beaded necklaces and printed postcards, stopping at a small group of keychains. Leaning over the edge of the booth his fingers tapping on his chest he bit his bottom lip.

"What's that one there?" he pointed to one that was off on the side away from the display.

"That one is broken. I've moved it for the trash." the man said mindlessly.

"Can I see it anyways?" Dagan asked suddenly feeling defensive. The seller shrugged turning to grab up the broken item handing it to him.

"Suit yourself."  It had been a mini-dream catcher with a small moose carved on top, but the moose had broken clean off at the base. "If you want it you can have it. I was going to just toss it anyways." the seller replied having turned his attention back to another customer. Dagan thanked him, turning his back to the guy. Smiling more to himself then the female, Dagan held the bottom half out to her, keeping the small moose for himself.

Holding the small dream catcher up to the light, our heroine blinked, a strange dizziness forcing her to brace herself against Dagan's arm. Flashes appeared behind her eyes of a forest and large wolves. Images that felt so real she couldn't feel the floor under her feet any longer; only the tree roots and dirt. Opening her eyes, she swore she saw the male's beautiful blue eyes staring back at her in amused puzzlement shift to amber-grey ones, causing her to grip his arm just a bit tighter.


"Oh no. Pull them out now!" Bacchus demanded as he stood from the chair pointing at the mirror. Loki told his buddy to chill out as he waved his hand in front of the mirror, causing it to go black in a strange cloudiness. A moment later, the image that appeared before the two gods was of our heroine passed out in her room at Victor's vineyard.  "What the hell was that?" Bacchus asked turning to look at the dark haired god.


"Well obviously. But why? Aren't these alternate worlds suppose to be separate from each other? Isn't that part of why you did this?"

"Yes and no. I told you earlier, I put them all there so that they could remember what they mean to each other." Loki responded crossing his arms over his chest as he sat on the edge of the large table. "I need to undo your mistake." he grumbled reaching around to grab a goblet of wine from the center of the table.

"My mistake?" the sandy haired god pointed to himself. "Is that what all this was for?" he gestured to the mirror. "To get those two back together?"

"In a way yeah."

"Dagan came to me begging me to release him from his bond with Nosferatu. I only did what he wanted." the god replied rolling on his heels, his hands linked behind his neck in frustration.

"And now I'm trying to put the pieces back together. Dagan doesn't know what he wants." Loki nodded more to himself as he moved from the table walking slowly around the large room. "The werewolf side of him wants Nosferatu, needs her."

"But the man doesn't." Bacchus replied pointing again at the mirror.  Loki waggled his finger at him as he emptied the goblet.

"Are you forgetting that he was simply a man when he ripped her heart out of her chest?"

"After she slept with Victor!" Bacchus's voice rose in disgust.

"Exactly. The human side of him was just as hurt as the lycanthrope side. Besides, Dagan was your choice for her mate. You're the one who let him claim her as his mate to begin with. I'm just following the rules you already set down on the chess board." Loki shrugged gleefully. 

Making a sound caught somewhere between disapproval and disgust, Bacchus waved his hand in dismissal.  "Carry on."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story.  Did you remember the order of the playlist or did you have to go back a few pages?)

Theme Week 2 -Love

L.A. Story

plot: A weatherman down on his luck, finds out his girlfriend has been cheating on him for the last three years. While processing the emotions, he meets two other women, a divorced woman his own age and a store clerk half his age. Unsure what to do next, he finds himself at the mercy of a street sign that begins to give him advice.

This is a 1991 romantic comedy starring Steve Martin and Sarah Jessica Parker.

I'm surprised I've never seen this movie before. It was cute, witty even.

I loved the idea of the theme - when we hit a crossroads in life we need a sign- and literally making that the plot of the story. Not just in a metaphoric way, but literally having an electric street sign at an intersection telling the lead character what to do.
I also loved the fact it points out that growing up and falling in love, does not equal knowing how to handle it, and still being blown away by the whole thing. That just because you're an adult, doesn't mean you're immune to feeling like a nervous teenager.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Random movie Feb 6th 2015

Powder Room

plot: Sam decides to go out to a club with some friends she hasn't seen in years, only to bump into her current group of friends. As she feels embarrassed by her current life, she spends half the night jumping back and forth between the two groups and hanging out in the ladies room, where she overhears bits and pieces of everyone's drama.

This is a 2013 British movie starring Sheridan Smith and Jamie Winstone, and is based a stage play.

I have to admit, I went into this not sure I was even going to make it through the first ten minutes, but it ended up surprising me.  It's funny in all the right ways, without being overly rude. At the core of it, you have a group of women who are all for one reason or another, not completely happy with the way their lives have turned out, and all trying to live up to some expectation of what a powerful/sexy woman should be.
From the good girl who can't get into phone sex no matter how hard she tries, to the under aged teens who sneak into the club, to the fashion divas and perpetual party girls; each character has to learn where to draw their own line.

I actually really liked this. And I'm not the type of girly-girl who digs "sisterhood" type films.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Nosferatu Adventures S7 p8

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 186, chapter 186

"It's so weird." our heroine whispered. "I'm having this really wild deja vu today. Like, everyone I've come into contact with, I feel like I've known for years." she looked at Edward expecting him to raise an eyebrow and laugh. But what she got from him was a smile as he leaned over planting a quick kiss on her right temple.

"Yeah, now that you've mentioned it..." he scratched his ear casting his blue eyes down tracing the edge of the book with them, as he watched our heroine's slim pale fingers tapping on a page. "I thought I was going crazy earlier." he cleared his throat twice glancing around, his left palm first smoothing down his shirt, then landing on the small of  the female's back. "Like, the dude with the hair." he gestured to the right side of his face. "I had this really strong urge to like, hug him or something. Like you would a brother or cousin you haven't seen in a while. But I'm glad I didn't cause that would have been weird and possibly dangerous for my bodily health. Cause he's also kinda scary." he tilted his head to the side closing his eyes.

"Yeah. His hair seemed wrong." the female shook her head closing her own hazel eyes for a brief second. "When I first saw him, one of my first reactions was what the hell did you do to your hair?" she shook her head again returning her attention to the book.

"One of your first reactions? What was the other?" Edward leaned in a little closer.

"All I could think was that he's got such a great neck. So smooth and just the right shape, right size."

"His neck? What?" Edward grinned at her as he squinted up his eyes this time actually raising that eyebrow at her in puzzlement.

"I'm sorry but he does. Reuben has a beautiful neck. And all I could think was how wonderful it would be to chomp down into it. I mean, really some men have ugly necks with their adam's apple sticking out like five feet or worst, no neck guys. I hate that. Too many men on this planet have that all shoulder to chin no neck thing and it's gross. I really don't see how anyone could find that appealing at all. So yeah, I noticed how beautiful Reuben's neck was." she was blushing at this point, her normally candle wax pale skin was covered in a hot red tint that covered even her ears.

"Wow. You're weird to say the lest." Edward commented as he spotted Ash and Dagan watching them.

"Hey, what ya reading?" Reuben's voice said out of nowhere as both him and Rolf stood suddenly a few feet behind them. Edward closed the large volume quickly as if hiding something.

"What? Nothing important. Just my grandmother's recipe book." he smiled nervously, gathering the book to his chest. "Ah look at the time." he brought his empty wrist up to his face. "I have to go...I've got an elsewhere I need to be. But, we should do this again sometime." he pointed first to our heroine then back to himself. "You and me. Talking...cause that's all we were really doing was talking in case these two large intimidating looking gentlemen are here to protect you or something." he bowed his head rapidly taking first a half step back still clutching the leather book like armor, then nervously leaned in to plant another quick kiss on our heroine's ear. Edward ran off then before anything else could be said, leaving our heroine confused.
The dark haired male wasn't looking where he was headed as he continued as quick as possible through the pockets of people, dodging the dog poop, discarded cigarette butts, and general trash that lined the fair grounds. If he had been paying attention, he would have seen the strange fog that seemed to seep upward from a sewer drainage vent. But he didn't. Instead, Edward continued on towards one of the buildings near the small stage where a country band was playing.  There was a new age psychic working at a booth, selling tarot decks, candles, charms and doing readings for people. She was also a close friend of his late grandmother. The whole point of Edward having gone to the fair grounds that afternoon was to see her, and find out some information he'd read in his grandmother's book.
Butting his way in the line of customers, he smoothed down his hair as he cleared his throat, waiting for her to notice him.

"Edward!" the middle aged woman stood up from the small table she had been sitting at, her short hair in it's usual spray of dreadlocks. "It's been ages." she hugged him as the wispy bell sleeved see-through blouse encased them both, the large shell necklace she favoured digging into his chest as she did. "You're late." she moved from him just an inch waving her finger at him.

"Hi Kendra. I got held up chatting." he cleared his throat glancing over at the half done tarot reading, and the very annoyed customer who the reading was for.

"Well, you know I hate late. So you just have to wait your turn now." she scolded him gently pointing to the customer. Edward nodded telling the customer he was sorry for interrupting and took a few steps back to wait.
That's when it happened. A fire seemed to creep up his spine at the same moment he felt the air being knocked out of him. Gasping Edward felt like he'd swallowed a few lungfuls of smoke. Turning towards the door all he could think was needing air, but he couldn't seem to make his way through the crowd, as if it were closing in around him on purpose. Spotting the men's room he ran for it, without thinking shoving his way into the bathroom, leaning on the sink running the cold water. But it was of no use, he passed out before he could manage even one mouthful to stop the coughing.

He stood a few moments later, stretching, feeling every muscle tighten to it's maximum. Cracking his neck, he realized this body was even shorter then the one he'd borrowed in the past. Pan smirked at his reflection in the bathroom mirror as he picked up the fallen book. "Who would have thought the Seer would be nearly powerless in this world. In any world?"  Tossing the book into the far corner of the men's room, he turned to leave. "No need for that now." 


Dagan made his way over to where our heroine was standing with Reuben and Rolf, grabbing a bottled water from a cooler by the stage as he did. Ash having left to deal with one of a million issues the band was having.

"Feeling any better?" Dagan asked cracking the bottled water taking a large gulp. He jumped up on the five foot amp taking a seat. 

"You sick?" Rolf asked. "I notice you weren't eating anything earlier."

"Fine. Must have been the heat or something." the female replied waving her hand as if dismissing the issue.

"Yeah, the perfect 17 degrees celsius heat. Must have caused you heat stroke. Or you know, that just right overcast sky that isn't really letting any sunshine happen, that caused it." Dagan said taking another gulp of the water.

"What's your point?" Reuben interjected removing his glasses pinching the bridge of his nose. Jumping back down Dagan capped the bottled water leaving it on the amp, raising his hands palms upward at his sides.

"Nothing." he grinned at Reuben before turning away from them. But he didn't move. Instead, the auburn haired male reached back grabbed the bottled water opened it again, and poured it over his face, tossing the empty bottle to the ground. Slicking back his hair with both hands, he turned to face them again flicking the extra water off them. Water ran off his hair, down his ears, off the edge of his nose causing him to sniff. 

Our heroine closed her eyes shaking her head. "Deja vu."  Fans had started to collect around the main stage, creating a bit of a wall around the small group. One tripped smashing into our heroine, sending her flying into Dagan. Catching her, he reached out taking hold of the left earphone holding it up to his right ear nodding. The intro for track seven had started.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Uh oh Pan's back)

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Nosferatu Adventures S7 p7

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 185, chapter 185

Our heroine found herself being guided behind the main stage, and led onward through the back door of the bingo hall being used by the band. It was one of  five buildings scattered around the fair grounds. She tripped over a box filled with t-shirts nearly falling face first, as she felt a sudden heat  at her waist; Dagan once again propping her up. "You're a terrible drunk."

"I'm not drunk." the female insisted as they walked around the band's equipment in various stages of set up.

"Sure you're not. I saw you come out of the beer tent with those guys." he commented chewing noisily on his gum.

"I don't drink beer. I was just talking to them."

"Oh yeah?" He knocked on the door of the ladies room not waiting. "Coming in there" Opening the door, he shoved our heroine in first, pointing at the sink. "You're covered. The dry cleaning is going to be a bitch."  The auburn haired male ducked back out of the room leaving our heroine alone staring at her own reflection in the bathroom mirror. She was in tears of frustration and humiliation as she turned on the taps, wetting a paper towel trying to clean the vomit off her blouse.  "You might get the stains out, but the smell will haunt you all day. Here use this." a strong pale arm appeared in her line of vision, holding out a small plastic cup filled with a strange foaming concoction.

"What is it?" she asked turning up her nose as she wiped a fresh paper towel across her face.

"Vinegar, baking soda and meat tenderizer."  He wiggled his finger at one of her buttons. "Helps to get all the chunky bits off."  he stretched his neck a few centimeters towards her shrugging. "What? Like you're the first chick to ever puke on me. I'm a roadie, happens all the time." Turning, Dagan put the little cup on the edge of the bathroom sink ripping his own t-shirt off tossing it into the nearest trash can. He stood there for a few long seconds waiting for the initial reaction all women gave him, a flirtatious come on, or dirty cat call, but there was nothing. Throwing a glance at her over his shoulder, the male let his shoulders slump. Our heroine had turned her back to him too busy scrubbing at her ruined blouse to have noticed. The male actually felt a hit to his ego. "So do you have a name?"

"Doesn't everybody?" her voice was still laced with tears. Throwing her hands up in defeat, she let out a heavy sigh. "It's Nosferatu." she tossed the paper towel into the trash, digging through her purse for her make-up bag.

"That's not a name, that's a scary movie. I'm Dagan." he leaned on the edge of the bathroom sink, one foot crossed over the other, scratching his thumb at his upper lip. "That your boyfriend out there?"

"Just met the guy."  Dagan watched in semi-fascination as she pulled a small travel toothbrush and toothpaste out of her make-up bag, and proceeded to brush her teeth. "You're making me feel like a carnival act here. Thanks for the rescue, but I think I can handle it from here."

"You just happened to have a toothbrush on you?" he gestured towards it leaning in over her shoulder to see what else she was hiding in her make-up bag.

"Yes actually I do. Habit I got into back in college." she replied rinsing the little brush recapping it. Our heroine was about to toss it back into the little bag but Dagan had snatched it up shaking the contents.

"Tampons, eyeliner, more tampons." he mumbled as she grabbed it back from him tossing it into her purse. 

"Thanks again for the help." she moved from him, heading back out to the main stage. Spinning on his heels, he decided to follow her, grabbing one of the new t-shirts from the box as he did, slipping it over his head in mid-run. Skidding to a halt just at the edge of the large amps, Dagan cleared his throat rotating his shoulders as he leaned on the closest one a little too casually. 
Ash noticed his buddy as he looked up from his clipboard. He smirked to himself before shaking his head and walking over slowly to where Dagan was.

"She's cute." the overly tattooed male said as he cracked his neck gesturing towards both our heroine and Edward.  Dagan screwed up his nose, his eyes wide in mock horror as he leaned his upper body away from Ash. Raising his right hand, Dagan waved it in front of the older male's face.

"You been drinking? How many fingers am I holding up? She's..." he brought both hands then to his sides pointing out her size. "And not at all..." he then gestured to his face indicating she wasn't pretty.

"I said cute." Ash leaned in slapping his buddy on the back of the skull. "Not beautiful. Besides, some of the chicks I've seen you with...dude you've really lowered yourself at times." Ash turned back to watch our heroine as she stood at the far end of the row of amps, having talked Edward into letting her look at his prized book.  Dagan nodded in agreement, rubbing the back of his skull.

Our heroine stood carefully flipping the pages in the large leather bound book, her earphones once again dangling around her neck, track six starting.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Dagan and Nosferatu seem to have a thing for hanging out in the ladies' room in these alternate worlds.)

Monday, February 2, 2015

The Nosferatu Adventures s7 p6

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 184, chapter 184

Our heroine checked the time once more, and decided to say good bye to both Rolf and Reuben, getting up from her seat, heading for the door of the beer tent. She had barely stepped out when the beautiful dark haired man walked right into her again. He swore as he dropped the large book he'd been carrying, as he quickly bent to pick it up.

"Oh my god. I'm so sorry. This was totally my fault I wasn't paying attention." our heroine said digging into her purse for a napkin or kleenex to help wipe any dirt off the book.  The dark haired male let out a deep groan as he ran his hand down his chest, holding the book out suddenly to inspect it.

"You maybe need some glasses...oh you've got glasses, maybe you need to clean them or something. Hi!" he blew a chunk of dirt off the book. "I'm Edward."

"Everything alright?" Reuben asked suddenly behind our heroine. She turned to see him and Rolf hovering just to her left.

"Yeah. Everything's great." he ducked his chin clutching the large book tight to his chest for a long second before clearing his throat, shifting his weight to hold the book at his side. "Just catching up here with my dear dear friend..." he pointed at our heroine twice realizing he didn't know her name. "Cause ya know, we go way back. Way back to about half an hour ago. Good times." he stretched then faking a yawn. "Well, it's been spiffy but I need to get...back to...over there." he raised his empty hand over his head not bothering to look at where he was pointing at.

"That's where I'm headed. I'll walk with you." our heroine said fixing her purse on her shoulder, giving a short wave to the others. "I'm Nosferatu by the way." she said leaning in a centimeter, the scent of nutmeg and sandalwood filling her nose.

"So you're here for the concert or the bad beer?" he asked as he slowed down to her speed.

"The concert originally. I need to talk to the lead singer."

"oh so you're a journalist?"

"Not really." our heroine answered scratching her right shoulder suddenly feeling a strange chill slither up her spine. The sound of their shoes crunching on gravel echoed in her ears as they walked in unison. It was all she could do to keep her hands to herself, and she found herself fighting the urge to entwine her arm with his, to rest her face on his shoulder. There was just something about Edward that made her feel like she knew him. "What's with the book?" she nodded towards the large leather bound volume he was holding onto for dear life.

"Family heirloom." he replied as they found themselves standing in front of the main stage.

"Sorry, you can't go back here." They were greeted by a tall man covered from the neck down in tattoos and a deflated mohawk, dressed in leather pants and a band t-shirt. He was holding a clipboard with a large laminated badge hanging around his neck.

"Are you sure? Cause I believe we're on the list...Ash." Edward said leaning over reaching for the badge reading his name.

"You're not on the list." Ash answered sternly, crossing his arms.

"Look again." the dark haired male said giving Ash a very bright smile, causing his eyes first to crinkle then to go wide as he tilted his head to the side, his one palm flat on the clipboard.

"You're not on the list. Dude, don't try my patience." the older male replied removing Edward's hand from the clipboard. The two of them began to get in each others face, snarling like rapid dogs, completely ignoring the female beside them. If they had been paying any attention, they would have seen her already pale face drain of any colour she had, and a cold sweat breaking out on her skin. They would have noticed that she was leaning on the nearest amp, about to faint.

"Hey Ash, where did you store the guitar strings....uh oh." Dagan's voice broke over their arguing, as he appeared at the edge of the stage jumping down to land beside our heroine, catching her just as she passed out. "What do you want me to do with this?" he asked baring the full weight of the female. "Bloody hell she's as heavy as a moose." he groaned nearly dropping her. The auburn haired male had thrown our heroine over his shoulder, but swore he felt something pop as he did; bending at the knees to drop her carefully back to her feet. She was pressed then against his chest, her glasses falling off as he tried to catch them but missed. "Hey wake up. This is no place to take a nap. I should know, I got yelled at earlier for sleeping on the amps."  Her eyes fluttered open as she made a noise then promptly vomited. "Oh my god!" Dagan replied half laughing half disgusted as his t-shirt was hit. "We got a gusher."   Edward turned from them gagging himself having to take a few steps away. 

Ash hung his head shaking it in disbelief. "Take her to the green room, then clean yourself up. Both of you." he said gathering up her fallen purse and earphones just as track five was starting to blast out of it.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Dagan rocks!)

Coffee Talk Feb 2nd 2015

Working on the next episode/segment of the serial and musing out loud for forty minutes on the characters.

But, not the real reason for the post. The real reason was to just add a shout out to the Food n Flix group. The January round-up is up  on Cheap Ethnic Eatz and the February movie has been announced.

February is being hosted by Lawstudents Cookbook, and the movie is Disney's Lady and the Tramp.

I've also got my theme week scheduled for next week leading into Feb 14th. Shocker there for ya eh?  And February will be Sense and Sensibility month for the Jane Austen posts.  That will put it right in the middle of the JA books, as this will be month 3/6.

That about covers it for this morning.

Till later.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Nosferatu Adventures S7 p5

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 183, chapter 183

Our heroine was trying to get the dog poop off her shoe without toppling over, when she spotted the beautiful dark haired man. He had been sitting a few feet away at a table, getting his palm read.

"That's bull!" he screamed pointing at the woman, standing up he flipped the table over grabbing up his jacket and book moving from her. Storming past our heroine, he didn't bother to look at her as he slammed his shoulder into her.

"Hey!" she turned about to follow him to demand an apology but stepped in the dog poop again. "Damn it!" she let out a huff as she found herself once again cleaning the mess off her shoe.

"You're really unlucky aren't you?" the voice seemed to slither around her on the hint of humour. She nodded as she swore again. "Here, let me help." he reached his arm out for her to take hold, to balance herself. "I'm not going to bite. Or steal your purse promise." The most gorgeous chocolate brown puppy dog eyes smiled at her from under a mess of dark hair. Our heroine found herself stunned for a long few seconds, unable to think straight. "I'm Reuben by the way." he nodded meekly at her.

"Uh...Nos...Nosferatu." she managed to stammer out her name on a near hush. "Thanks."  It was her turn to smile, as she reached up to wipe a piece of candy floss from the corner of his beard. "Hit the snack bar I see." she dropped it to the ground, as Reuben cast his eyes down slightly embarrassed.

"You here with anyone?" he asked clearing his throat, pulling his hair back into a really clumsy ponytail. She shook her head at him, as a chunk of his hair, which was bleached out, fell out of the ponytail and into his eyes. Nodding again, Reuben pulled a pair of glasses out of the messenger's bag he had slung over his shoulder and pointed towards a small tent. "I was just on my way to the beer tent. You've got id right?" he said placing the glasses then on his face, the one arm being held on with what appeared to be a band-aid with fairies and pink stars on it.

"You really are blind without those aren't you?" she said gesturing towards the wired rimmed frames. "Hon, I haven't been carded since you were in diapers."

"I was being a gentleman." he blushed licking his lips. "Alright, I'm still going. Wanna come with me?" he undid the ponytail trying to fix it, only to have the one piece fall into his eyes again.

"What the hell. I've always been a sucker for a man with brown eyes." she found herself oddly unable to keep from wanting to fix his hair for him as they entered the beer tent. The scent of stale beer hit her nose in an assault that was quickly followed by hot dogs. Looking around the tented area, she noticed a small vendor near the back of it by the beer stall. A very tall muscular male with a curtain of dark curls and an armful of tattoos was standing by the entrance. 
Reuben nodded at him, moving quickly towards the larger male, his hand firmly gripped onto our heroine's elbow. She had a difficult time keeping up with him, watching every step now for any indication of more dog crap.

"Rolf!" he slapped the other male on the shoulder. "Been awhile. You still working at Flippie's Pie Hut?" he asked digging into the messenger's bag again for his wallet.

"Na man." he shook his head, the mass of curls falling into his face forcing him to flick it out of the way. "I quit working there last spring. Pulling the night shift most nights now at the hospital." he made a duck bill with his lips as he tilted his head to the side, his hands at his belt. "Pays thirty-five an hour." the smile lit up his eyes, causing small laugh lines to crinkle around them, softening up his fierce appearance. "I'm a male nurse." he gestured his shoulder towards our heroine. "You going to introduce your friend there?"

"No, thought that I would just let her listen to us jabber on for awhile like the rude asses we are. This is Nos." he ran his fingers over the edges of his beard as he turned eyeing the place. "Anything good in here?"

"If you mean what are your chances of scoring? I'd say none all I've seen are old drunk guys and a few under aged teens. But if you're talking about the beer, it all tastes the same." Rolf shrugged flicking his hair again out of his face.

"I'm in the mood for a dog." Reuben replied heading then towards the back of the tent. Rolf said nothing as he gestured for our heroine to pick a table among the pockets of people. They ended up sitting at a picnic table near the far end of the tent, closest to the vendors. Reuben returned, his hot dog already half devoured as chopped onions and mustard covered the edge of his hand, a tray of beers and two more hot dogs in his other one. "They've got fries. Hang on. I couldn't carry it all." he announced as he put the tray on the table and went back for a large basket of fries.

"You're wasting your time you know that right?" Rolf said dropping his voice, leaning across the table to close the gap between them.

"What?" our heroine asked checking the time on a large digital clock over the beer stall.

"Reuben's a flaming hoop." Rolf sniffed as he adjusted himself on the wooden bench having spotted a large blob of gum stuck to the seat a few inches away. Looking at her from the corner of his eye, he saw the disappointment creep into her as her shoulders drooped.

"I had no idea." the female's voice seemed strained as she reached into her purse pulling out the flyer, double checking the time on it. She felt stupid and naive suddenly, thinking Reuben coming to her rescue was anything more then that.

"No idea about what?" Reuben asked as he plunked down beside her. He was so close our heroine could feel the heat of his skin through the material of the green sweater he was wearing as his shoulder brushed her's.

"That you are a sausage hound." Rolf stated flatly as he scratched his jaw.  Reuben looked away from them both, his long lashes brushing against his cheek.

"I'm open to all possibilities." he replied opening his messenger's bag again, pulling out a large stack of comics. "Check those out, just came in." He turned a half inch towards our heroine his knee slamming into her's. "I run a comic book store." Patting her knee he jumped up once more from his seat. "Forgot the ketchup."
Our heroine sighed as she sat there, the thin cord of  her earphones dangling around her neck, the third track having just ended and the intro for track four catching her attention.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. This would be where you go back two parts and look again at the playlist)