Thursday, December 31, 2015

year 5 Day 29

movie: Iron Man 3
starring: Robert Downey Jr., Guy Pearce
genre: Action, Sci-fi
format:TV Edit

plot: When a series of bombings brings up unanswered questions, Stark begins to research on his own. What he digs up is not just an elaborate plan to kill the president, but ghosts from his own past.

So I got to see one of the missing pieces to the Avengers series. And in true superhero fashion, everything got blown up. Big kabooms all around.
I know this was a tv edit, but I would have liked an explanation to why in the big fight scene at the end, Pearce's character suddenly had glowing tattoos? One second he was normal, commercial break and the next chest full of glowing dragons.

The film seemed to focus a lot on the relationship between Stark and the kid. I don't know if that was the angle of the film originally, or the angle created from the tv edit? But I thought it was interesting and kept waiting for some be revelation about the kid. Which never came. Again, that might have been because it was a tv edit.

what do I think I learned? You can do a lot of damage with x-mas balls and a nail gun.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Year 5 Day 28

movie:The Suburbanators
starring: Joel McNichol, Stephen Spender
year; 1995/97
format: TV Edit

plot: A bunch of teenagers wander around the city trying to find something to do during the course of the day. Some get arrested, others end up in hospital.

There isn't really a thread of story happening here at all. You literally follow a group of guys around town inter-cutting with another group of guys. Half the characters seem to be looking to buy dope, while the others seem to be trying to retrieve band equipment.
Half the dialogue is in Arabic, and there were no subtitles for their scenes. I was so confused and lost on their segments.  And there seems to be a discrepancy over the year of this film too.

This movie was done at a time when these random style films were popular, but this didn't come as close to interesting as the 1991 film Slacker did.  It's the same premiss; the camera follows person A then we randomly see person B and start following them for awhile, then person C...etc.

what do I think I learned? All I learned was that I need subtitles more often.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Year 5 Day 27

movie: Police Academy 2 Their First Assignment
starring: Steve Guttenberg, Bobcat Goldthwait
genre: Comedy,
format: TV Edit

plot: A group of rookie cops have to prove themselves when faced with a gang of petty criminals who start terrorizing the town; while dealing with sabotage from one of their own.

I remember seeing this way back when it first came out, and never really thought of it as a buddy movie before. Actually, more like a bunch of little buddy movies all squashed up together. This sort of manages to break up the storyline into a couple littler ones. Such as the romance between the one set of partners, as well as the sabotage storyline that Guttenberg's character seems to be at the center of.

Some of the gags are simple, but work because of it. Such as the scene in the sushi shop where the pet goldfish begins to boil because it was accidentally placed on the grill side of the table.  Bonus, it's one of those movies that used a montage to get the point across of the story, not just for the sake of using one.

Michael Winslow and Bobcat Goldthwait steal their scenes, and to be honest, who most people think of when they think of this film series.
There's something innocent about movies from that era that never really trickled down into modern films. I miss that.

what do i think i learned? Movies in the 80's were so much funnier.

The Nosferatu Adventures s9 p24

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 248, chapter 248


Dagan was feeling the heat of the sun as it began to rise over the edge of the cityscape. The salt of the water's spray as it was constantly in the air, sloshing around the edges of the cargo. His forearms scraped and covered in dirt. No one on the docks ever seemed to notice the scrapes and cuts disappeared as quickly as they happened or that he did not have calluses from the crates; even though he never had to wear gloves. To the other dock workers, he was just a drifter who appeared looking for work a few months ago. The fishing boats always seemed to need unloading, the workers were nice enough, and it kept him physically busy. No time to think about the fact he had stayed in human form since being there. He had even gotten used to the fact the radio station still thought it was 1954.

The City; hadn't changed at all in the decade since he'd last been here. Sniffing, the auburn haired male pushed the memory out of his mind. That had been the first time Nosferatu had run off.
Counting up the crates in front of him, Dagan nodded to himself, marked off a list on a clipboard and called it for the morning.  He had three hours before the next shipment came. Grabbing up the thin t-shirt he'd taken off and tossed down beside a bench, he headed towards the diner.  When he was sure no one was looking, Dagan stuffed the t-shirt into his back pocket like a rag, magick misting a grey one. Hiding the fact he was a shapeshifter had gotten easier over the course of things. The longer he stayed in human form, the easier it was to resist transforming. Though, it was an empty victory, he needed to be able to blend in.  Loki had tasked him with finding some mystical box that had been cloaked to the god. Dagan had paid a few local divers, mostly teenagers, to fish along the bottom of the water-bed, for anything that might have lodged there. He could have done it himself, being a werewolf he could stay underwater for long amounts of time. But when the prize hadn't turned up within a hundred feet of the docks, and he realized he'd need to go deeper off the coast, he hired others to do it. Blending in would not have been so easy if he'd been scratched or bitten by a mermaid. He shivered at the thought of it. With all his supernatural strengths, he had to admit he was still terrified of the idea of being poisoned. Or eaten alive.

Wiping a hand over the back of his neck, the auburn haired male winced at the memory of having been knocked off the ship all those years ago, being helpless in the water as he was attacked by mermaids then waking up in the small space, only to die over and over. Snarling he opened the door to the diner, the little bell jingling as he did. That part of his life was over. That part of his life had been connected to the banshee. If he hadn't been mated to her back then he would never have been in the position to begin with.

He sat down with a thug on the farthest stool at the counter near the jukebox. Leaning one strong arm over, the lycanthrope hit B17 on the machine, watching as the mechanical arm streamed across, grabbing the little 45 and dropping it into place. The whole diner suddenly seemed to be washed by the song 'Twilight Time' by the Platters.  The radio station might have been stuck in one year, but the jukebox catered to a full decade.
The waitress smiled at him as she placed the large dinner plate on the paper mat in front him, followed by a smaller one. The steam still rolling off the hashbrowns and eggs forced the werewolf to lean back just a centimeter to avoid a face full of it. The coffee was just as hot, as he watched the fresh dark liquid falling gently into the cup beside his left hand.

"Now I better see that lemon meringue pie still on your plate till after you eat that breakfast. I swear sometimes you're like a little kid, sneaking your dessert first."

"Yes ma'am." he agreed stirring milk into his coffee. His nose twitched at the tickle of a familiar scent. Looking around, the auburn haired male sighed under his breath as a large stack of bacon and sausage were handed to a costumer at the far end of the diner. Reaching for the syrup, Dagan licked the sweet sticky liquid off his thumb as he dumped it over the extra large stack of pancakes in front of him. It wasn't bacon, but it would have to do.  He was needing to keep his werewolf nature under control, and for the moment, a vegetarian diet was helping.

"That looks lovely." a male voice said suddenly over his shoulder. Dagan felt a strange tightness in his knees at the sound of his voice, like he was ready to pounce. Leaning forward, the werewolf guarded his plate, shoveling two forkfuls into his mouth, chewing but not tasting. "I'll have some of that." the guy continued his eyes wide addressing the waitress. "With an extra side of bacon." he nodded smugly, elbowing the shapeshifter. He was in his forty's, with a nearly hawk nose, grey eyes, and sandy coloured short hair. "You know I haven't had a really great plate of bacon since..." the guy shifted his eyes to glance at Dagan sideways. "Since a certain banshee cooked me lunch one afternoon." he closed his eyes gesturing to the empty spot in front of him. "Oh thank you love." he continued as the waitress handed him a large plate. Grabbing two strips of the bacon, the guy began chomping loudly, flinging one around as he talked. "The best BLT, I'd had in over a half century."  Turning in his seat, the guy pointed to himself. "What do you think of my new look?" Dagan tried to ignore the smell of the bacon grease as it dripped down the edge of the plate. "I got bored of the lawyer look after a whole decade."  It was Bacchus. That explained the wanting to pounce on him, ripping his neck to pieces.

"What do you want?" he asked slurping his coffee, still trying not to notice the bacon.

"It's not what I want. But what Loki wants." Bacchus smoothed down the purple tie he was wearing, unbuttoning the equally purple suite jacket. "That trinket he's got you hunting for. Been what? Four months already?  You'll never find it at this rate. In fact, I'm guessing he'll start to put the pressure on you, demanding you look harder, keep searching no matter how long it will take. Which I'm pretty sure will be exactly 139 years." the sandy haired god said shuffling some more bacon around the plate licking the grease noisily off his fingers. "Which is exactly the amount of time he's got left for his side of the deal he and I have. A deal in which our favourite scream queen gets to be his personal pet. He's hogging her." Bacchus said pointing yet another piece of the crispy bacon in the werewolf's direction. "Think about it wolfboy. Why else would he have you on this super secret mission alone? Something this big, would surely call for the three of you puppies, or at the very lest two. Better yet, your brother the pirate would be more equipped to handle deep sea adventures. So why turn to you? Why ask the one male out there who still has nightmares when he watches moby dick. Why put such a large task in the hands of the one guy who Loki knows is afraid of the ocean now? Hum? If he didn't have an ulterior motive?"  Dagan cracked his knuckles as he turned his eyes towards Bacchus, his mouth slightly puckered. "How about we blow this fishstick stand, and I get you what you're looking for. Shave a good 85 years off your search. Then we go to Loki and how unhappy the trinket makes him?"

The werewolf said nothing as he sat there for a few long seconds, then simply reached across the space between them taking the nearest piece of bacon.


Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Damn, I miss bacon.)

Monday, December 28, 2015

Food n Flix Round Up

This month I was allowed to host the Food n'Flix group for the first time. And, as I stated in another post, I was nervous about it given I'm the only non-food blog in the group. My original reaction as always was to go for the jugular and hand out a vampire movie, but decided a better way to introduce myself was with another passion of mine, Jane Austen.  I ended up picking The Jane Austen Book Club, ( based on the book of the same name)
What came about was a vast collection of ideas and recipes this month, some close to the heart of the member, others just happy to have the moment to breathe during the holidays.

First we stopped by Wendy at A Day in the Life on the Farm, she made for us her husband's  Comfort Hot Toddy. A simple recipe, that lets you feel all the warmth of the season, and as she pointed out, comfort was a theme in the film.  

Next on the tour was Evelyne over at  Cheap Ethnic Eatz with a Christmas Bundt Cake   She went with a classic, severing up her version of a regency style recipe. 

Next  we stopped in on Debra from Elioteatz who made Curried rice and Artichoke salad, inspired by the picnic scene when the group gather for their chat on Persuasion.

From there, we stopped in on Amy at Amy's Cooking Adventures  for some Snowman Pizza Buns.  A recipe she's shared with friends and family often.

Heather at All Roads Lead to the Kitchen made Orange Current Scones
She got her inspiration from both the movie and it's special features where the actor playing Allegra talks about having brought scones to the cast/crew backstage. 

Deb at Kahakai Kitchen gave us Raspberry Drinking Shrub Sodas and Apricot Marmalade on Baguette.   Her inspiration scenes, were the big break up scene at the "Marmalade" restaurant and the coffee shop scene. 

And I made an apricot "traffic jam" with banana bread and tea biscuits (here) inspired by the scene where they are meeting for the first time in the coffee shop, and Bernadette is holding a plate of pastries.

I'll remind everyone that in 2016, Food n'Flix will be kicking off the new year with January's selection of  Failure to Launch and hosted by Amy's Cooking Adventures.

year 5 day 26

movie: Zoolander
starring:Ben Stiller, Will Ferrell
genre; Comedy
year: 2001
format: Netflix Canada

plot: When an evil fashion mogul finds out the way he does business is threatened, he brainwashes a male model with the intent of having him secretly kill. Once the models figure out the conspiracy, they have one chance to expose the plan. Right after fashion week.

I liked the 80's soundtrack that seemed to be playing through the whole thing. I liked that David Bowie and Billy Zane had small roles. I actually liked the fashion in this, and thought Ferrell should have had a larger role. I was otherwise, unimpressed by it. The whole joke that Stiller's character only has one pouty look through the movie didn't pay off in the end like I'm sure it was suppose to.
The nod to how the fashion industry pulls from strange bits of real life was cute. And having Ferrell's character at one point wearing a garbage bag neck tie was sort of genus.

what did I learn? Nothing, I was too distracted by Owen Wilson's broken nose.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Year 5 Day 25

movie:Coffee Shop
starring:Laura Vandervoort, Cory M. Grant
format: Online

plot: When a coffee shop owner finds out she's about to loose her business, she becomes entangled with a play-write who finds his muse in her shop.

This is one of those typical "harlequin" style made for tv romances.You have the heroine introduced first, in the mist of a breakup, and searching for someone new. Then after she realizes the guys she's meeting are not compatible, she throws herself into her work, and meets the perfect guy. Until her ex comes back to mess everything up for her, both romantically and financially. 
I'm sort of partial to these kind of romance. The ones that are not really designed to be comedies, but take a hint from real life more. I also grew up reading Harlequins in the late 80's/early 90's, so this style is what I expect when I hear romance.

And you know I'm going to dig on a story where a writer and a coffee shop owner get together, so bonus on the foodie-book element.

what do I think I learned? Everyone has a lighthouse they can run to.

Night Bleeds

Spudguns!  I know I promised earlier in the month, bit more information on the all vampire movie group/book club for 2016. I had hoped to have a cute banner for it but, time is running out on the selection announcement so here's a short note...

All vampire movie club
Idea: pick one vampire movie a month and blog about it.

All vampire book club
Idea: pick one vampire book a month and blog about it.

Bonus: if you were inspired by it to do a craft, or cook/bake something, then add that to the mix.

January selection: (book ) Life and Death Twilight Reimagined  (tenth anniversary edition)
                            :(movie) Twilight

Deadline: January 24th 2016  (Sunday)

I'm going to steal a rule from the Food n Flix group, and say it must be a current post if you are joining in. (during the month of Jan 2016

The book/movie combo will not always be the same title. Some months it will be two random titles. 

That's about it for the moment.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

year 5 day 24

movie: Oceans Twelve
starring; George Clooney, Brad Pitt
genre; Crime, Comedy
year: 2004
format; Netflix Canada

plot: Three years after the first heist, the group find themselves having to repay the man they stole from. With a time limit of two weeks, they travel to Europe, only they find that they're not the only ones working the plan this time. Soon the group is in the middle of a game of one up man-ship with the world's craftiest criminal.

This was good. Better then I expected. I liked the addition of a second thief; it gave a little bit of a spin to the same-old-same-old story.
There is a sub-plot where they have the character played by Julia Roberts, impersonating Julia Roberts as part of the heist. I thought it added a touch of brilliance to the whole film.

It does however, take a good 30 minutes before it gets interesting. The set up to all the characters drags on a bit long for me.

what did i learn? People will fight over anything.

Friday, December 25, 2015

year 5 day 23

movie: Vacation
starring: Ed Helms, Christina Applegate
genre: Comedy
format: Shaw Video On Demand

plot: After feeling like he's failed his family's expectations, a pilot decides to take his family on a trip to a theme park, just like his own dad used to. But after four days in a car together, the family may not have bonded as he'd hoped.

This is both number 6 in the series and the first of the reboot series.

This is one of those films that you've got to love simply because it's in direct line to the original. There is a scene that is straight up an inside joke, where the lead character is talking about the "original vacation" and his oldest son comments on not having known about it, with the dad's response being that it's same but different because that one had "a boy and a girl and this one has two boys."

I nearly choked from laughing so hard with the scene where Chris Hemsworth did the underwear scene. I don't know how he did that with a straight face.  There is also a fairly funny scene between the father and oldest son's characters, when the son ask a question about sex that the dad can't seem to answer, which leads to a strange misunderstanding later on.

The chemistry between Helms and Applegate was spot on, I could see the rebooted series working simply on the strength of their characters alone.
But I have to say, Chevy Chase has less then five minutes of air time and he still manages to steal the show.

what do I think I learned? Every family is insane.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

year 5 day 22

movie: Hitch
starring:Will Smith, Kevin James
genre:Comedy, Romance
format:Netflix Canada

plot:A  matchmaker-relationship expert, is hired to help an office exec get the woman of his dreams. Who just happens to be both his boss and one of the wealthiest women in town. Meanwhile, the matchmaker finds himself having to put his money where his mouth is, as he himself has fallen in love.

This would never have worked had it been a female matchmaker. The story would have been too trite. Kevin James steals the show in every scene he's in, and pretty much the only reason to watch this.

You've got two parallel stories happening here that just happen to intersect.  One with the lead character, Hitch, who is being accused of being a player because one rotten scoundrel tossed his name around, thus getting the attention of the media sending an undercover reporter in to the mix, and the story of the Kevin James character. A nerdy guy who thinks he's got no chance when he's been holding all the cards the whole time. 

It's a romantic comedy so it's predictable. Boy meets girl, boy gets himself into embarrassing situations, boy gets girl.  Romantic comedies have become stale in their workings, and less and less enjoyable to watch.

what did i learn? Don't be afraid to be you. No one has all the answers.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Year 5 Day 21

movie: Pretty Ugly People
starring:Melissa McCarthy, Jack Noseworthy
format:Netflix Canada

plot:When a group of college buddies get a call from one of them, asking for everyone to meet her for a long weekend, they assume she's dying. When they arrive at the cabin they are all surprised to discover she's lost 300 pounds, and is wanting to share her new energy with them. Only so much time has past, no one is the same anymore.

The film starts off with a voice over of the lead character sort of envious of her friends, saying how beautiful and kind they all are. But, by the midway mark, she realizes their lives have not brought them all the joy they pretend it has. 

There is a scene, where the lead character talks wistfully about having been left out of certain events growing up because of weight and other health issues, and this being her big chance to finally make up for it, and achieve a few goals. She's made fun of a lot in the beginning of the film by her friends. This turns around midway through the film, when the themes begin to become about each of the other character's views of society and themselves. Everything from sexuality to race comes into play, exposing some of the deep prejudices and fears everyone in the group has.

what do I think I learned? Grass is not always greener.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

year 5 day 20

movie: the Ridiculous 6
starring:Adam Sandler, Nick Nolte
genre: Western, Comedy
format: Netflix Canada

plot:After a visit from his dying father, and seeing him kidnapped, a man goes on a quest to find the ransom to get him back. As he travels around he discovers that he's got 5 half brothers who decide to blindly follow him. All the while, two other bank robbing gangs are hot on their trail.

Where to start? A) I can't believe I sat through this. B) I can't believe this got made. C) I can't get over the less then lowbrow humour. D) Vanilla Ice needs to pick better movie roles.

It's crude,racist, frat boy style jokes that no grown man should be still trying to pull off after high school, but with the names in this - Nolte, Steve Zahn, Harvey Keitel, Danny Trejo- I knew the acting would be okay.  And those are the characters that keep the story in some check. Just an inch, that is until Keitel's character is beheaded in a slapstick sort of way.
It was interesting to see Taylor Lautner play something so completely different than the few movies I've seen him in before (Twilight series, Abduction) in this case the village idiot, literally. And technically, the narrator as his character writes letters home.

I sort of get the homage to classic westerns from the 1960's with the attitudes the characters have, but at the same time it's a shame they went so far with it.

what do i think i learned? I don't know man, my mind is goo after that.

Monday, December 21, 2015

The Nosferatu Adventures s9 p23

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 247, chapter 247

Out of Time

Hanging up the phone, our heroine let out a deep breath as she stapled the latest round of photocopies together. Her nose twitched the same time as her ears. Someone was in the elevator on their way up. Someone human. She moved across the length of the office, not sure she would be able to handle a face to face client today, with Loki having been gone most of the week, she hadn't fed in a few days. It was starting to catch up to her. The plan was to get through the day hiding indoors and then come night fall, break into a blood bank. Clients coming into the office hadn't been part of her plan.

"Miss. Miss." the male voice said from across the room, as his footsteps moved closer, they were drowned out by the rushing of his blood. It echoed too loudly suddenly, the smell of wet salty copper forced her to turn her back to him, her fangs already breaking through her gums. "Miss..."

"Loki's not in at the moment." she had to cover her mouth with one hand, the other now bracing against the wall. "He's had an emergency and cancelled all his appointments this week." she closed her eyes not able to focus on anything but the fact the guy wasn't moving. The sweat that clung to his skin just under the collar of his shirt where his tie was knotted was heavy with vodka and hinted at thyme. It was barely noon and this man had been drinking heavily already. Our heroine's shoulders jerked as she tried to hide the giggle, as she laughed at the irony of it.  "I'm sorry what?" she moved her hand from the wall, bringing it up to her own throat as she turned, slamming her shoulders hard into the surface. The coolness of the wall now her focus point as she continued to apply pressure to her spine.

"It's not Loki I need to see. I came here to see you." Roger's voice was  low as he leaned over just a centimeter as if he knew the secret to life itself. "It's about a friend of mine. He's a writer..."

"I can't get him a job. Best I can do is book him an appointment." she began as she moved around him, one slim pale arm reaching for the edge of the photocopier for balance.

"No you don't understand. He's already a client here. It's just that I'm worried about him. Have been for awhile. Then the other day when I was here, I spotted you...Edward has been drawing these pictures..." She spun around suddenly at the mention of his name.  "...has been for months, years maybe. And they're all of you. I thought you should know."  Our heroine backed away as she processed what he was saying, still trying to get control of her banshee side.

"Sorry, not feeling very well. We'll have to finish this conversation another time."  she moved as fast as she could without using her werewolf speed, slamming the door to the ladie's room open.  Growling, she slammed her fist into the mirror smashing it. Our heroine realized there was nothing she could do and there was obviously no way she was going to get through the whole day without feeding. "Okay you can do this." she started mumbling over and over again to herself as she slid to the floor, laying on the cold tiles, sweat beginning to drip off her. Her nails had become long glass like claws, both her top row of fangs extended, her eyes the pure white of the banshee. The simple fact that this guy had walked in his fresh blood pumping in his veins would have been enough. But, he had been nervous and slightly drunk which only made the blood flow that much faster.
The last time our heroine had felt like this had been years before when Victor had kidnapped her locking her in the basement.  Back when she only drank werewolf blood.  Werewolf blood. She let the thought tangle in her already swimming mind. That guy had just told her he was friends with The Seer. Worried about him. If she could just get to him, then everything would be alright. She could feed off of him, just long enough to get things under control, then after a few bags of O negative, she could feed him, keep him from anymore attacks. Only one problem. Loki said The Seer didn't even know what he was. Okay, two problems, as Loki also forbid her from hanging around him.
She heard Rodger leave. Slowly she managed to get up, moving out of the ladie's room, back into the main area of the office.  Werewolf blood.  The thought began to echo in her mind. Sniffing, she started to search for something, her mind fighting for control again, the bloodlust becoming more a hazeness and less a demand. Licking her lips, she found the phone book, flipping to the M's. There it was, under metaphysics; the phone number to Rufus's occult store.

The elevator seemed to take forever, as Rufus waited. He ran his left hand through his hair smoothing it down, nearly hoping from one foot to the other as he cleared his throat. Matilda holding her purse to her chest as if someone was about to jump out of the empty space beside them and steal it.  They stepped off the elevator as the doors were opening, to find our heroine pacing back and forth, wringing her hands in between biting her nails. Which were still long glass like claws. Matilda reached into her purse pulling out the container handing it to her. Our heroine snatched it from the familiar with a growl as she ripped the lid off, chugging it back.

"It's cow's blood. From the Scandinavian deli down the street from us." Rufus commented as he watched her practically lick the container clean.

"That's wonderful thank you." she burped. "And he didn't ask any questions?"

"We go there all the time. We get our chicken feet from him for the shop. He just thought we were doing some sort of ritual I'm sure." Rufus continued as he gazed around the office.

"How have you been feeding to this point?" Matilda asked.

"Loki. I've been feeding off of him. Only, he's been away last few days."

"You've been drinking the blood of a god?" the other female asked in complete shock. Our heroine nodded as she stick her fingers into the empty container then licking the blood from them. 

"I should have known the withdrawals would be brutal." she replied wiping the back of her wrist over her mouth, licking her lips once again.  "Speaking of tasty men. That Arthur guy, the one who you gave my address to..." our heroine tossed the empty container into the trash her eyes flashing the amber-grey of the wolf before returning to their normal hazel, her fangs having retracted once again, and her nails back to normal. "What is he?"

"What do you mean?" Matilda asked still holding her purse to her chest.

"What is he? He didn't smell like a werewolf and I didn't sense any kind of banshee vamp vibe." the banshee said waving her hands around in circles. They both looked at her in pure cluelessness. "The dude who came in for the tea leaf reading the day I was at your shop. The hot blonde with the attitude. "

"Oh him!" Rufus nodded suddenly remembering. He grinned wide "Right he came back later that night before closing, asking if we knew where you lived..."

"I did a locator spell." Matilda said brightly touching her left hand to Rufus's arm.

"Right okay, and what kind of creature is he?"

"He's not. As far as I know, he's just a human." the familiar said turning to look once again at our heroine.

"Just human? That's impossible." our heroine closed her eyes slumping her shoulders, resting her right hand on her desk. "He sent me flowers. Why would a human send me flowers?"  Again they both looked at her in puzzlement. "I mean, sure I had boyfriends when I was human." she stretched out the word 'was'.  "But not one of them ever sent me flowers."

"And this worries you?" Matilda asked tilting her head to the side in the same fashion a dog would when listening.

"You don't get it." turning a half centimeter towards Rufus she brought her hands up between them palms upward. "She doesn't get it. You know what I'm saying right?"  Rufus nodded then shook his head.

"Not a clue." 

"It's a banshee thing. It's a werewolf thing. Whatever. I've had more attention since becoming a supernatural creature, then I ever did as a human."

"Really?" Matilda lowered her eyes blushing. She had one admirer since becoming a familiar.

"Well, yeah. There was that whole sire bond with Dagan, married Vlad." she shrugged.

"And Reuben was your mate for awhile, oh and before that Victor and you were together, and The Seer, Finn, the other seer Edmund, weren't you starting to get close to one of the werewolves in that other pack..."

"Thank you Rufus, you made your point." our heroine cleared her throat scratching at her temple. " point for me. All either lycantrhopes or vampiric. So, there is just no way Arthur is just a human the odds are stacked too high. Did you see anything in his tea leaves? His aura?"   The familiar shook her head.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. okay so the lady is a tramp-vamp...)

year 5 day 19

movie: Punisher
starring:Thomas Jane, John Travolta
format: Netflix Canada

plot:After his son is killed in a drug bust, a wealthy mob boss takes revenge on the family of the undercover cop he feels is the one responsible. Thinking him dead, he forgets about him until the cop returns for revenge of his own.

Based on the comic/graphic novel series.

Through this movie I kept having deja vu. Then I found out this is a remake of the 1989 version.

Typical of the movies for that part of the decade, all shoot first talk never. Car chase, check, lots of bullets, check, token wrestler in non speaking role, check. Yep, all there.
In all fairness, I really dug this movie. It seems to be hinting at the fact it takes it's cues from westerns and not the big cop action films.
I also like the fact this is a dark movie and makes no apologies for it, putting it on par with the Batman films. It makes you ask yourself if your entire world was taken from you, how far would you go in order to get some peace of mind? Having him use his skill set as an undercover cop with the manipulation the lead character uses to get in the head of Travolta character, was a great departure from some of the typical shoot em films I've seen.

what did I learn from this movie?  There is a fine line between what is taught to be right and what we know to be right, and few are able to go there. 

Sunday, December 20, 2015

year 5 day 18

movie: Night at the Museum 3 Secret of the Tomb
starring:Ben Stiller, Dan Stevens
genre:Comedy, Fantasy
format:Netflix Canada

plot:When the magick tablet that powers the museum's displays, starts to loose it's powers, the night security guard must find the key to helping keep the spirit alive.

Based on the children's books.

Okay, so I'm not having much luck this week with seeing things in order. I actually had no idea there is more then one movie in this series. I was a few minutes into it before I realized this wasn't the first movie.  Luckily, it's one of those movies that once you get past the first five minutes, it's pretty much a stand alone.
With that said, it was funnier then I was expecting.  The scene where Sir Lancelot is talking to Hugh Jackman was funny, but didn't need so much screen time, it could have been shorter and still worked.
The set up seemed like it was going to be more to do with Egyptian lore and characters, but they were minimal at best, which was a slight disappointment. 

what do i think I learned? Magick is everywhere, you just have to be willing to accept it.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

December Food n Flix

This month's selection for Food n Flix is the Jane Austen Book Club, and it's being hosted by! (read my announcement post here) My first FnF hosting gig, and dude, I'm a bit on the nervous side. I think I chose fittingly, as we started off 2015 doing Bridget Jones's Diary, which is an adaptation of an adaption of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice,(yes you read that right an adaption of an adaption) and now we've come full circle and closing out the group's year with another view point on Jane Austen.

plot: After seeing the people in her life seeming to all have a week of random bad luck, (a death in the family, a divorce, desertion)  Bernadette decides what everyone needs is a distraction. Realizing that everyone she knows has already read the six novels of Jane Austen, she starts a book club. For six months, each of the groups members host one of the books at their homes, discussing the ups and downs of the novels plots/characters, while trying to maneuver through their own daily lives.

This is the 2007 drama comedy starring Emily Blunt and Mario Bello.  Based on the novel of the same name.

I first talked about this film year one of the blog (day 32)

What I loved about this is that each character is a representation of the book they choose to host. With Grigg, being the embodiment of all the Austen heroes. Prudie, even though is the host for Persuasion, is living a good portion of Mansfield Park, while Sylvia hosts MP, she's actually living more of the story from Persuasion.  I also love the use of  written letters/love notes in this, which is a heavy theme in all of Jane Austen's works.

The food: "hot crossed buns" (opening traffic scene made me think of that) "traffic jam", pizza, pop, coffee, chocolate, pretzels, chips, iced tea, vending machine snacks, brandy, fruit, deli plates, cold sandwiches, wine, beer, "marmalade" (name of the restaurant) cheesecake, whip cream sundaes, pie, hot water with lemon, eggs, flan, martini, limes, peanuts, whiskey, pastries, "egg drop soup"(the sky diving made me think of it) club sandwiches, yogurt, radishes, waxed beans, tossed salad, tomatoes, lemons, grapefruit, herbs, scones, lemon-aid, melon, fruit salad, tea, tortilla shells, deviled eggs, dip, pepper strips, wraps, rolled sandwiches, salsa, guacamole, brownies, ice cream, bacon, chicken wings, lasagna, pudding, celery and carrot sticks, "by the book soup" (the scene in the library made me think of it) "birthday cake" (the car seduction scene) artichokes, hot dogs, steak, strawberries, donuts, asparagus, manicotti, pasta salad, potato salad, "crab" and "clams" (they are on the beach in the picnic scene)

Since there are a few different kinds of sandwiches seen in this film from cold meat ones like ham and salami, to clubs, to wraps, tacos, hot dogs. I couldn't think of a more suitable idea. And with it being Jane Austen, the whole concept of tea and sandwiches was too perfect. (I have to admit, every time I watch any movie adaption of a Jane Austen novel, there is a certain food I connect with it. But that's another post for another day) So my original plan was to make a bunch of different sandwiches. Now, being a vegetarian, I wasn't sure how far I could stretch cheese to make it of any real interest?  So my plan was to get to the grocery and pick up the vegan meatless ham/turkey/bologna/hot dog alternatives; only we got a massive freezing rain here. I was then stuck inside for longer then I had hoped.  New plan... I had to use what I had in the kitchen.  I had some dried apricots and over ripe bananas. I decided to make jam, banana bread and tea biscuits.
Lucky for me one of my favourite scenes happen to be the coffee shop scene where the group meet for the first time, and the character of Bernadette is seen holding a large plate of unidentified muffins/cakes/scones.  So this is my inspiration scene.  Along with the "traffic jam" and "marmalade".
The Jam

1 pound of dried apricots
1 cup water
1/2 cup sugar
splash lemon juice

Soak the apricots till they have puffed up, then simmer on low heat 
add lemon juice and sugar, stirring/mashing once and awhile,
add extra water if needed to keep them from burning.
let cool before transferring to container

Tea Biscuits

1/2 cup oil
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup sugar
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 and a half cup flour
1/2 cup water

mix the dough till it's no longer sticky,
form into shape of your choice and bake at
350degrees for 20 minutes depending on your oven. 

Banana Bread

1 3/4 cup flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/3 cup butter
2/3 cup sugar
2 eggs beaten
1 cup mashed banana
Mix all together

bake at 350degress for 50-55minutes depending on your oven.

So I'm not going to lie, I was disappointed that I didn't get a chance to make my original idea, but one of the themes in the film is dealing with the unexpected that life throws at you. And a freezing rain that turned the city into a giant skating rink qualifies as unexpected.

There is still some time left to join this month. (deadline is the 28th of Dec at 6pm EST)  I'll have the round up hopefully the day after.

year 5 day 17

movie:Avengers 2 Age of Ultron
starring: Robert Downey Jr, James Spader
genre:Action, Sci-fi
format: Netflix Canada

plot:the Avengers are faced with a corrupt form of artificial intelligence, they have one chance to stop the unstoppable from carrying out his version of peace; which includes the extinction of the human race.

Based on the comic/graphic novels.

I was a bit lost. I was thinking, I shouldn't be lost I saw the first avengers film (first year of the blog day 275)  but as it turns out, just because it says "avengers 2" doesn't mean it's the second movie in the series. It's actually movie #9, with references to Iron Man 3, Thor 2 and Captain America 2...of which I haven't seen. So that sort of sucked.

I didn't like this as much as I thought I would. I think it's because it was a little too Terminator for me, and I'm not a fan of the Terminator series at all.  That and at almost three hours, it was really long. It took a bit too long to set up, and then seemed to just drag. Some movies need a pace like that, this was not one of those movies.
I would have liked more of the magickal side and less of the robotics side. And the two new characters the twins with the cool superpowers, either I missed the explanation on their background or it wasn't given. But, I would have liked more background on them. Not too mention the vision quest that Thor goes on, that was one of the more interesting scenes, too bad it was only a snippet.

what do I think I learned? Even as a disembodied voice, James Spader stole the show.

Friday, December 18, 2015

year 5 day 16

movie: the Rewrite
starring: Hugh Grant,  Marisa Tomei
genre: Drama, Comedy
format: Netflix Canada

plot: A screenwriter is forced to take a job in a college as a writing professor after he finds himself unable to get a job.

I found myself actually liking this. I find the romantic-comedy genre to have become so underwhelming and typical, that I dread sometimes the thought of them. But, this was a bit more "natural" to it's approach. We watch the lead character go from a smug know it all slacker to this semi-wise self reflecting guy.
I love the fact he uses his knowledge of movies to interact with the students and others around him, as if it's a language all it's own. (well yeah it is)

It gives you a bit of a curve ball with the set up to the romance, as you meet a female professor played by Allison Janney who you think is the character who will become the love interest. And I have to say, the scenes Janney and Grant had together really were some of the highlights in the movie. There is one scene they do where they are talking about life and writing, comparing the works of movies to that of Jane Austen. Janney's character calling herself a "Marianne and not an Elinor" then having to explain her Sense and Sensibility reference to him. (The inside joke being that Hugh Grant played Elinor's love interest in the 1995 movie.)

what do I think I learned? Don't judge a book by it's cover, or a movie title for that matter. Sometimes rock bottom is really the only way to realize who we are and where we should be.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

year 5 day 15

Movie: Long way down
starring: Pierce Brosnan, Toni Collette
genre; Comedy, Drama
year; 2014
format: Netflix Canada

plot; When four people find themselves on the same rooftop on new year's eve, all with plans to kill themselves, they make a pact to wait until valentine's day.  The press soon find out about it, and turn their lives upside down, leaving one of the four ready to end the pact.

This is based on the novel of the same name.

This was a little drier a story the I was expecting. I was expecting either an emotional tear jerker, or a laugh out loud comedy. This was neither.  It sort of sat in the middle never really gaining any real speed.
Each character extends the story through their eyes, but only as it happens, and not really what led them to the point where they all met. We open with the Brosnan character already at the point where he's about to jump, then the next chapter is carried by Imogen Poots, who is stalking everyone after the fact, which then gives a chapter by the Aaron Paul character who is at the part of the story's arch where everything falls apart, only to be capped by Collette's character.

what do I think I learned from this film? Never take anything for granted and always remember there is something worth your time waiting around the next corner.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Year 5 Day 14

movie: The Paperboy
starring: Zac Efron, Nicole Kidman
genre: Drama, Crime,
format; Netflix Canada

plot:While reporting about a murder, a young reporter is dragged into the center of it. Falling for the girlfriend of the man who's innocence he's trying to help prove, while learning about some of the darker aspects to those around him.

This is based on the novel of the same name.

This starts off as a pretty straight forward crime story, but looses itself a bit when it takes a turn into the relationship between the Efron character and Kidman's.  It's dark without really jumping full throttle into the shadows, just sort of edging around them.
I can't say I didn't like it, and I can't fully say I did.  There is a semi-sex scene that is between Kidman and John Cusack. It's devised to be as awkward as possible, as Kidman shows what she's willing at that point to do for her boyfriend; with many cut aways to the other characters while they are stuck in the room with them.

The ending as predictable as it is, still manages to pack a punch, as we see Efron's character making his way through the swamp.  I do like the scene earlier in the film, where Efron is swimming and attacked by the jellyfish, and manages to in his dizziness focus on Kidman. It's the point in the character's arch where he realizes there is no going back to what his life was like before meeting her.

what do i think i learned from this movie? Love is never cut and dry, there are too many reasons not to take the risk and too many reasons to.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Year 5 Day 13

movie: Angel Heart
starring: Mickey Rourke, Robert De Niro
format; Netflix Canada

plot:A private investigator named Angel, is hired to track down a missing person, Johnny Favourite, who happens to have been injured in world war II. The injury kept him from honoring a deal he made that seems a little more then shady. Every lead sends Angel deeper and deeper into the world of the occult, until he finds himself at a crossroads he didn't want to know about.

This is based on the novel Falling Angel.

How did I never see this movie before now?  This has everything I look for in movies, a mystery, the supernatural, just enough of a romance, great one liners (I have a thing about chickens) and enough of a plot twist to have you glued to the screen.

There is some delicateness to the plot twist, which includes incest; but it is needed to give that sense of horror to the character's motives.
I liked the idea that so many characters had duel identities. The criss crossing  back and forth through the cities, digging up the past while facing the results in the present leading you to what is a metaphoric crossroads.

what do I think I learned from this film? Some secrets are best left buried.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Year 5 day 12

movie:Mr. Deeds
starring: Adam Sandler, Winona Ryder
format:Netflix Canada

plot:When a pizza delivery guy finds out he's the last living relative of a dead billionaire, he travels to New York for his inheritance, and learns not everyone is so nice.

This was a remake of the 1936 film Mr. Deeds Goes To Town.

This was a remake? I never heard of the original until just now, and I'm wishing I had never heard of this one either. But that does explain some of the innocent plot lines for a movie of that decade.  Overall, this movie was terrible. It was just not funny, the plot was thin, and it just read like a take-out menu instead of a script. So predictable. Nice guy gets screwed over, saves the town, gives the bad guys another chance.
I know Ryder was the queen string bean of my generation, which I've yet to figure out why? But dropping her in this film just made it worse.

what do i think i learned from this movie? nothing I learned nothing.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Nosferatu Adventures s9 p22

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 246, chapter 246

Darkest Forest

Dagan leaned against the door frame as he stared into the darkened room. He'd magick misted himself a pair of grey pants, a grey t-shirt, and a grey hoodie. Scratching at his jaw, the shapeshifter sniffed deeply, his blue eyes drinking in every inch of the place.  Leo walked out of the second bedroom in the old witch's cabin, slapping the younger werewolf on the shoulder. "Look at you, all gussied up. What's the occasion?" but he really didn't need to ask. Leo had felt it coming for a long time. Too long actually. Dagan was moving on, lest for a few decades. Immortals never stayed in one place for long. They couldn't.  Though, with lycanthropes, the packs rarely split up for long. But the pack hadn't been the same for years, half of them living here in the Darkest Forest, half living in the next kingdom with Rolf. The anti-vampire barrier still holding strong after all these years.

"You realize that right now, my brother Harker is off playing mediator with Jarl's pack?"  he crossed his arms rolling so that his back was against the door frame, crossing one ankle over the other. Dagan made a sound that was a half grunt half laugh.

"Trying to unite the packs?" Leo asked tilting his head to the side. "Isn't it a little late for that? Or early given that Damen is only eight?" he remarked thinking about Reuben telling him what happened when they had been with Vlad.

"Na." the auburn haired male shook his head looking down at the ground, the toe of his boot scraping on the floor. "They need blood from them.Need blood from all the packs actually." he nodded to himself more then to the older wolf. "Some sort of a dna test or something. To do with the kid. Not Damen, the other one. The one who came through the time portal. I mean, we know he's a werewolf that's not in question, but..."

"Rolf doesn't trust him." Leo finished his sentence for him, his own eyes becoming soft.

"Rolf doesn't trust anybody right now." Dagan shrugged bringing his hand up to his hair, smoothing it down slicking it back, then rubbing at his right shoulder mindlessly. There seemed a dull ache in his shoulder constantly since his return through the time portal.

"He's a king. I remember what's it's like. All that responsibility, constantly having to look over your shoulder, sleeping with a dagger under your pillow. Much like being the pack alpha. It's a tough gig."

"He doesn't even...doesn't even have a security blanket being king." Dagan's voice dropped to a whisper, as he tried to lighten the mood. "At lest as alpha you get the option of claiming a mate to help secure your position so no one challenges you."

"Until you don't." the dark haired male added as he smiled weakly at his friend. "I'm going for a hunt before bed. You take care man." he hugged the younger male not sure when he'd see him again.

Out of Time

Arthur sat on the floor of his apartment, half of which was covered in news clippings and files. Reaching for his coffee mug, the blonde knocked it over spilling it over two of the files. He swore as he frantically began wiping the pages, and that's when he spotted something in one of the crime scene photos. Quickly searching all the open cases involving the animal attacks, he noticed the same thing in two other files.

"Bay leaves?" he said out loud to the empty room. "Why would there be bay leaves?"

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. That's a fabulous question)

Year 5 Day 11

movie: kickass 2
starring: Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Aaron Taylor-Johnson
genre:Action, Comedy
year: 2013
format:Netflix Canada

plot:After the death of her father, Hit Girl tries to live a normal life but finds herself unable. Meanwhile, Red Mist faces the death of his mother, and descends into further madness, creating his army of super villains.

Based on the comic book series.

I don't have a lot to say about this one. It has it's moments, but it lacks in areas. There is one action scene where Hit Girl is on top of a moving van that plays like something you would expect from a typical action film. Her character is dealing with a whole mean girls thing, which almost makes it seem like two separate movies sliced together at times.
We see the after affects of the superhero movement, with other people suddenly in costumes trying to clean up the city. The message is there to not sit on the sidelines letting the bad happen.
Then you have the Red Mist character, who gets a name change and actually ends up being the comic relief for 90% of the film.

This is the part of the blogging day I love...we get to play my favourite game; how many actors in this movie have done vampire movies: Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Fright Night remake) Jim Carrey (Once Bitten) Chloe Grace Moretz (Dark Shadows) Steven Mackintosh (Underworld 2 and 3)

what do i think I learned from this film?  don't have sharks for pets, they will eventually eat you.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

year 5 day 10

movie:Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors
starring: Alyvia Alyn Lind, Ricky Schroder
genre: Drama
year: 2015
format: TV Edit

plot: The film covers about a year in the life of Dolly Parton at the age of about 9 years old.

This was disappointing I have to say. I was expecting a lot more to be covered then what was. The little girl who plays her, even though she's the star of the movie, doesn't have the full amount of screen time I was thinking she would. But, she does manage to pull off some emotional scenes.

What seemed to be the the angle they were hinging it on, that it was a Christian movie, kind of fell flat. It didn't work as well as some other movies I've seen over the years that come from that genre. Even with Gerald McRaney who played on both Promised Land and Touched by an Angel; and seems to excel in those kinds of roles.  It made it feel less like a true story and more like a forced ideal.  I get that it was a movie about having faith, in yourself, your surroundings, but it came across like "an either-or" statement and not one of balance.

what did I learn from this movie? Who you are isn't always where you came from.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Coffee Talk Dec 11th 2015

Spudguns!  You like vampire movies? You like vampire novels? Great spiffy keep reading.
I've been tossing this idea around for awhile now, and because I still seem to have too much time on my hands, have decided to go forward with it.  Starting in the new year, I'm going to bring back the all vampire movie club.

Once a month this time instead of once a week, cause that wore me out. And I'm adding the bonus of an all vampire book club to the mix, because I live alone and have way too much time on my hands.

So once a month, I'm going to pick a vampire book and movie and blog about it. Not always the same book/movie combo either. (like if we're reading Twilight then we'll watch the movie to go with it, or Dracula, then we'll pick some version of Dracula to pair up with it) I will some months be picking a random vampire novel and a random vampire movie.

I'll be doing the first round in January 2016, so there is plenty of time if anyone wants to join in. I'll post more about it in the next week or so.

Year 5 Day 9

movie: The English Teacher
starring: Julianna Moore, Michael Angarano
genre:Comedy, Romance
format: Netflix Canada

plot:When a high school English teacher, bumps into one of her former students one night, after hearing about how he's been struggling to get his play done, she vows to help. She manages to talk the school board into producing the play, and before long everyone who's involved is involved.

Jealousy, greed, secret crushes gone wrong. Kind of a predictable film, but funny enough to keep you wanting to watch. Moore is pretty much gold in everything she does, and she manages to take this desperate housewife style mid-life crisis and give it some believability.

Luckily, they only did one musical number, and given it was Nathan Lane signing, I forgive the film that two minutes. But I have to say, like the theme running through the film, in which everyone wants to change the ending of the play,  I hated the ending.  The ending wrapped up too sweet for me.  *spoiler alert* she ends up with the dad of the student she had the affair with.

what do I think I learned from this film? High school is never over.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Year 5 Day 8

Movie: Bell Book and Candle
starring: Kim Novak, James Stewart
genre; Comedy, Romance
year: 1958
format: online

plot: A young witch casts a love spell on her neighbour, which causes a chain reaction of events. From helping him land a major client for his publishing company, to creating havoc on his ex-girlfriend. After awhile, the witch is forced to choose loosing her powers or the man she's in love with.

This is based on the broadway play.

I've seen bits and pieces of this over the years on tv, but till now had never seen the whole thing and actually had to hunt it down online to do so.  I sort of wish now that I hadn't bothered. For the decade it was done, I get why it was considered a great movie. But I guess almost 60 years later it's just lost some of it's charm...on me anyways.
I liked the fact they did do some research into the occult for this film, and the pairing of Novak with Stewart made sense. I guess with all the hype around it I was expecting some big breakthrough or something.
The scenes at the Zodiac Club, reminded me of the movie Bucket of Blood, and the meddling aunt was a cute touch. She seemed to know better then the other characters what was actually good for them. I was sort of put off too, by the idea that the witch wasn't allowed to be in love. That whole plot line had me raising an eyebrow.

What do I think I learned from this movie:Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Year 5 Day 7

Movie: 5 Flights Up   aka  Ruth and Alex
starring:Diane Keaton, Morgan Freeman
genre: Drama
format: Netflix Canada

plot: An older couple have decided it's time to move out of the apartment they've been living in for over 40 years, but finding a new place to live isn't as easy as they originally thought.

Based on the novel Heroic Measures.

I have to say, this plays like a Woody Allen film. I don't think it is, but it really reminded me of both Annie Hall and Celebrity.

There is this quietness about the film. The two leads find themselves interacting with a small group by chance during a week of house hunting. The irony that the people they are trying to sell their home to, end up being the same few people they have to bid against for another apartment, has the Keaton character in a panic, playing up the neurotic elements. Which Keaton does to a tee.
The few flashback scenes are mostly seen through the eyes of Freeman's character; in stillness as he weighs the choices they are about to make.
We see acceptance and fear on different levels from the folks around them, as the sub-plot of a news report that is keeping the bridge ways closed, isolating all the characters.

What do I think I learned from this movie:Sometimes we need to take things slow and reevaluate what we think we know and how we think we should be.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Year 5 Day 6

Movie: The Baker aka The Assassin in Love
starring: Damian Lewis, Michael Gambon
year; 2007/2008
format: Netflix Canada

plot: After a hit is taken out on him, an assassin decides it's time to quit the business. He does so by hiding out in a small village as the new baker. But it's not long before his cover is blown, and the villagers begin expecting more then just bread when they order from him.

I really dug this film. It had everything from elements of a buddy comedy, to a crime film, to a romance and exploding sheep.

There is a sub-text involving the second hitman who is assigned the bounty for the Baker, that plays out in the last few scenes when they have their big confrontation. Hint- love triangle.
And I love that they named the wannabe Eggs. Cause you can't really bake without eggs most of the time. 

What do I think I learned from this movie:Everyone deserves a second chance. Sometimes the most unlikely job is truly your life's calling. Sometimes a chocolate cake is just a misunderstanding.

Monday, December 7, 2015

The Nosferatu Adventures s9 p21

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 245, chapter 245

Out of Time
Scrapbook Conspiracy

Our heroine let out a deep breath as she exited the elevator, it had been two days since the last time she'd seen Loki outside of the office. He had shimmered off into the either after acting strangely. The dark haired god had literally stopped talking in the middle of a sentence, went completely quiet, his eyes wide as he looked up towards the ceiling, his face in all directions as if trying to track something, then simply disappeared. He had phoned her the day before without an explanation, just telling her to cancel all his appointments for the week. Phoned her! Since when did an all powerful god need to use a telephone?

This morning, she found herself face to face with not Loki, but Bacchus as the sandy haired god leaned on her desk, an empty vase beside him. "Where is he?" the male demanded not looking at her.

"Hell if I know. Nice tie." she remarked trying to move past him but he grabbed her by the elbow stopping her.

"Please!" he screwed up his nose. "you're his private pet project lately, not too mention his personal secretary." the noise he made was something between a clucking and a grunt, but completely filled with disgust.

"Honestly, he poofed into thin air two days ago. Haven't seen him." she snarled the pressure on her elbow forcing her words through clinched teeth.  Letting go, Bacchus cracked his neck a smile suddenly on his thin lips.

"These came for you." he gestured to the empty vase.

"Oh goodie, I always wanted a big batch of empty. You shouldn't have." she remarked grabbing her coffee mug from her desk. Well, the coffee mug had originally belonged to the last secretary, but given she died, Nosferatu claimed it for herself.  It was pink with Team Jacob written on it. At lest she recognized the reference, unlike the one black one sitting in the lounge area that had a slogan about some dude dying and a riot, or the yellow one that sat on the coffee counter with the robot on it. Those she just didn't connect, the only connection they seemed to have was that they all belonged to Loki's past secretaries who were all dead. Which of course meant they had all slept with him shortly before their death. 

"I didn't." Bacchus held out the card to her. "They were roses. Red." he stood waiting for her to read the card but found she had moved across the room at lightening speed her hands up in a surrender. "And that's why I got rid of them. I'll read it for you shall I then...Thanks for brightening my day, Arthur."  he crumpled the card tossing it down on the desk. "Who's Arthur and how did you brighten his day?"

"Some dude who wandered into Rufus's occult shop while I was there, and don't know. Don't have any idea how he found out who I was or where I was either?"

"Rufus most likely. He was always the best tracker of the timber wolves." he yawned."You bored with all this cause I'm bored. How about you say we skip town while Loki is off doing whatever, and jump to the next phase of your immortality?" he let his voice drop a notch as he began cleaning his nails before smoothing down his tie. "I mean, you've already learned how to jump portals through time, your skills on the battlefield have improved tenfold. And I know you are just not the mothering type, so why waste another 140 years playing nurse maid for the big bad wolf when you could be a queen?"

"Sounds like the female equivalent to the whole werewolf alpha status. No thanks. In no rush to read that chapter. Besides, what would we do? Sit around braid each other's hair, talk about wait these little girls you want me to go on girls night out with are one step away from being amazons; some of them actually were amazons before you turned them into Bacchae, boys aren't high on their to do list. Why don't you just give the position to the runner up?" she had turned her back on him busying herself with making a fresh pot of coffee eyeing the clock aware that clients could wander into the office at any moment.

"There is no runner up!" he spat out the words, moving across the room in a blink, grabbing her by the neck. "I'm the one who found you remember? Searched high and low for you for over a century. Did all the work and he gets the rewards. I don't think so." his eyes went wide as his face shifted into something that reminded her of a panther for the briefest second. "You think I picked you because of your keen fashion sense? I didn't have a choice in the matter! We needed someone who had our shared bloodlines, who would be capable of doing what needed to be done without...imploding like a wad of cake batter."

"That's enough!" Loki's voice broke through the anger and disgust that had engulfed the room, as he appeared out of nowhere. "We have a deal Bach. She's my pet for another 140 years. I'm not done with her yet."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Someone's getting impatient.)

Year 5 Day 5

Movie: Burnt
starring: Bradley Cooper, Matthew Rhys
genre:Drama, Comedy
format: Cinema

plot: After having lost everything because of his addictions, chef Adam Jones, makes it his mission to once again be on the top of the food chain. His plans include getting back together his former co-workers, and sweet talking one of his oldest friends into handing over the restaurant his friend's dad built. But before chef Jones can build his dream future, he needs to settle the score with his past.

Right off, I went to the cinema to see this back in early November, but waited to post.

Since seeing this film, I've mentioned to friends a few times that it was like watching an episode of Hell's Kitchen. There is literally a ten minute scene where all the lead character does is throw out food because it's not "perfect".  There is another scene later on, when the sous chef starts screaming that "it's raw!" before tossing a plate into the wall.  It comes as no surprise that Gorden Ramsey was one of the producers on this.

This is listed as a comedy, but I have said before that I don't really get the classification system sometimes, cause all though there are some giggles, this is a pretty serious film.
And food of all kinds makes an impression in it, from 3 star Michelin to over processed burgers at a fast food chain.
I have to say, the scene where the two main characters are sitting in a fast food place arguing over a  burger  (literally and figuratively) and whether or not the minimum wage is fitting to the work, is one of the most point on arguments in the food industry. The Cooper character stating all food has it's value and place, while the sous chef turning her nose up at it. 
Then you have the whole metaphor of switching out one addiction for another, and how driven the lead character is to keep "clean".  His opening scene has him counting up 1 million shucked oysters, as a form of punishment for what we have yet to learn. And once he hits the millionth oyster, he writes it down in his little black book and simply walks into the sunset.

I was disappointed that Emma Thompson who plays the therapist only had a few moments on air.

Cooper played a chef on a short lived tv show few years back that was based on the biography of Anthony Bourdain, Kitchen Confidential

What do I think I learned from this movie: Nothing is impossible, even perfection.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Year 5 Day 4

Theme Week p4-Nicolas Cage

Movie: Matchstick Men
Starring: Nicolas Cage, Sam Rockwell
genre: Crime, Drama
year: 2003
format: Shaw Video On Demand

plot: When a con-artist is about to pull the biggest con of his career gets a visit from his long lost daughter, he nearly looses his nerve. He soon finds out there really isn't any honor among thieves.

This is based on the novel of the same name.

The fact the lead character here has OCD, lends to a few comedic moments that could have gone horribly wrong, but with Cage pulling it off, it works. There are moments when he's in full phobia mode; like when he's trying to get his medication and finds out the doctor gave him over the counter hormones, where all I could think was his character in Vampire's Kiss.
The ending isn't a full out happy-happy, but it wraps up a bit too clean for what the rest of the film delivers. I would have liked to have seen something else happen to the "business" partner played by Rockwell.  Given the fact Cage's character is really the only one who gets screwed, you end up feeling sorry for him when you shouldn't.

What do I think I learned from this movie? Somethings that seem rock bottom horrible at the time, end up being a blessing in disguise. As the old saying goes when one door closes another opens.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Year 5 Day 3

Theme Week part 3- Nicolas Cage

Movie: Next
Starring: Nicolas Cage, Julianne Moore
genre:Action, Sci-fi
format: Netflix Canada

plot:When a stage magician is revealed as the real deal, he's hunted by the FBI and a group of terrorists. The FBI want him to help stop a bombing, while the terrorists decide to hold his girlfriend captive in order to keep him off their trail.

This is loosely based on the story the Golden Man by Phillip K. Dick

Like pretty much every action film, this had it's fair share of car chases, shoot'em ups, and the running away which would have been a car chase twenty years ago scenes.
I've heard a few people call it confusing with the way the scenes play out, never clearly letting you know in the beginning of the movie, what is happening and what is a psychic vision. I found it more annoying more so then confusing.

I did however, love the scene where he astral projects himself into multiple versions, which would take a massive about of skill and energy like shattering your conscious through a prism.  I would have loved to have seen less shoot'em up and more supernatural elements.

What do I think I learned from this film? Sometimes things are hiding in plain sight.

What that Movie Inspired Me To Do 33

This post came out of a bit of a strange moment in time.  I had been sitting here one lazy Sunday afternoon last month, thinking of the scene in the movie Mermaids, where Cher's character serves the kids their dinner of  "fun finger foods".  So, I watched the movie again (I talked about it back in year one day 69) and took my notes.
But guess what? I'm not the only one who thought about the food in this movie. No sirry bob, in fact, Heather from All Roads Lead To The Kitchen and the creator of the Food n' Flix group, thought a trip through the seaweed was a smashing idea.  So here's what this movie inspired me to do...and when you're done here, check out Heather's offering. (Sweet and Spicy Dr. Pepper Glazed Pretzels)

Notes- popcorn, cheeseball pick me ups, marshmallow-kabobs, mini franks, pumpkin, wine, "seafood", fudge, "sole" (the shoes) sandwiches, milk, canned fruit, sauerkraut, deli meat, velveta cheese, canned cocktail winnies, bananas, Hallowe'en treats, lollies, flax seed (their name is Flax) punch, chocolate cake, cookies, bagels, coffee, deviled eggs, lemon-aid, olives, pop, goose, pretzels, crackers and cheese, cabbage rolls, turkey, potatoes, celery with cheese, corn (decoration on wall) pancakes, juice, bacon, sausage, toast, rice crispies squares, candy canes, pot roast, roasted chicken, green beans, tossed salad, mashed potatoes, carrots, rolls, beets, fruit salad, potato salad, tomatoes, peanut butter, chips, salsa, cheesies.

Even though you don't see a tv dinner in the movie, the idea of a tv dinner just didn't leave my mind. I started by picking up a take-away style baking tray.

I knew I wanted to do something that reminded me of the tv dinners we used to have when I was a kid, which always included salisbury steak.  So I went with a tofu steak.

I used an extra firm tofu, slicing it on the long side, added salt and ground black pepper, cooking it on a medium heat for 45 minutes. Flipping every so often.

I made mashed potatoes and mixed veggies for my sides. Nothing special with the peas, carrots and green beans, in fact they were frozen. And my other cheat was a pre-packaged mushroom gravy.

Here's the ironic part, by the time I got it all assembled, it was cold and actually needed to be heated up again.  So into the oven it went with a cover of aluminum foil for 15 minutes at 250degrees.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Year 5 Day 2

Theme Week part 2- Nicolas Cage

Movie: The Weather Man
Starring: Nicolas Cage and Michael Caine
genre: Comedy, Drama
year; 2005
format: Netflix Canada

plot:A local weather man gets the chance  to expand his career into the national scene, only it arrives when the rest of his life is falling apart.

The lead character starts off the film in what we first think is a mess of self-centeredness, but as we continue to watch, discover it's not that he doesn't care, it's that no one will open up to him. His father is dying, his ex-wife moving on with her life, his son is dealing with an abuser, and his daughter has no clue.

At the heart of this film is family, and how twisted things can get when you stop paying attention.  I like the scene where he realizes that it's all fast food he keeps getting smashed with, and how he reevaluates how he is seen by others and himself. 

What do I think I learned from this movie? Life is tricky, usually messy; even more so when you're not communicating.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Year 5 Day 1

Theme Week -Nicolas Cage

Movie: Raising Arizona
Starring: Nicolas Cage and John Goodman
Genre: comedy
Year: 1987
Format: Netflix Canada

plot: After learning they can't have children, a former convict and his wife steal a baby from a wealthy family. But before they can settle in, two of his former inmates show up stealing the baby themselves.

This is a dark movie. For all the comedy, it really is a film about exposing the underbelly of what people are really like. From the whitewashed lecherous boss, to the kind hearted criminals. You see what people are willing to do to complete their dreams.

You're left wondering if the bounty hunter is real or a projection of High's own guilt? They both carry the same roadrunner tattoo in the same place, and in the scene where the bounty hunter is being hired, the father of the missing kid accuses him of stealing the baby in the first place. Then High has to go to extreme measures to rid himself of the bounty hunter, which leads to the only way he can clear his conscience.

This is one of those movies that normally I would say is "a product of it's time" simply for the crudeness of the jokes, but I can't say that because it seems to be written specifically to expose it's own crudeness.  Did I like it? There were moments where I thought it was a brilliant movie, but to be honest, not something I would want in my collection.

What do I think I learned from this movie: Nothing is ever just the sum of it's parts. 

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Coffee Talk Dec 2nd 2015

Spudguns!  Can you believe year four is over? Tomorrow kicks off Year 5, and the return of the One movie A Day Challenge.  So, I decided to kick it off with the last theme week of 2015.  Here's hoping I find enough different movies to cover 366 days...2016 is a leap year.

Rules to the One Movie A Day Challenge are simple, I have to watch one movie a day for the year and blog about it. And it must be a movie that I haven't blogged about on this blog before.  And for the days this coming year if/when the Food n Flix group covers a movie I have talked about before, then I have to have a second post that day.

So grab your coffee and power up your dvd player cause it's going to be a busy blogging year...and there will be snacks, maybe even more cake.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Food n Flix Announcement

Now, it's official. I'm hosting this month's Food n Flix selection, The Jane Austen Book Club. I know, I've mentioned it once or twice before this year cause I was unable to contain myself.   I've also talked about this movie a few times over the years with this blog, but what can I say, it's one of my personal favourites.

If you haven't seen the movie yet, it's about a group of people who come together and share half a year of their lives over the works of Jane Austen and what they learn from the books as they do.

The food is subtle, but it, like the books, is constant. First starting timidly and casual to the general tastes, then becoming an expansion of each chapter, as the characters begin to open up themselves.

How to join in... Grab yourself a copy of the movie Jane Austen Book Club, then head into the kitchen and bake/cook something it has inspired in you. Either something you actually spotted in the film, or something else that just happened to pop into your brain while watching.

Step 2: You must have a blog to be part. So...make sure you've got one.  Then post your creation on your blog.  It must be a current post - During this month December 2015-  you must have within the post a link back to this announcement post AND the Food n Flix blog.

Step 3: Email a link of your post; to me at  domesticanddamned (at) gmail (dot) com  with your name, your blog's name and url, the name of the dish, and a photo or give me permission to grab a photo from the blog post. Make sure to title the email "Food n Flix Submission".

Deadline:  Monday December 28th 2015, by 6pm EST...cause I'd like to have the round up for the next day if possible.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Friday Pie Day Nov 2015

Heather, who runs All Roads Lead to the Kitchen (formally; Girlichef) has once again allowed me to crash her Friday Pie Day.  And this month's Friday Pie Day, as last month's did,  happened to fall during my theme week, which means for me that I had to connect the recipe someway to this week's theme.  Which is Frankenstein.

I chose to make a savory pie. A version of a pot pie actually. Vegetarian at that.

And you're wondering how do I get a vegetarian pot pie to match up with Frankenstein?  Well, for one, I used leftovers.  I'll let that sink in for a moment. You good? Spiffy. And second, in the 1994 version of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, there is a scene where the creature is farming potatoes and other root veggies.  So I went with a potato and leek pie.

While checking out recipes for pot pies, I saw a bit of a discrepancy over what makes a pot pie officially a pot pie. Some have both a bottom crust and top, some only have a top crust, and some are simply a stew with drop biscuits as a crust.  Since this is technically a "mock" pot pie, because there is no meat in it at all, I saw no harm in compromise on the crust. I did a top and bottom crust made from a tea biscuit recipe, the bottom being flat and the top being a drop biscuit.

The crust

4 cups flour
4 tablespoons sugar
2 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup oil
1 cup water

mix and separate dough, spreading half into the pie pan.


3 cups frozen hashbrowns
2 cups frozen peas and carrots
1 leek sliced or chopped
ground black pepper
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup flour

in a pot, boil the hashbrowns, peas and carrots for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally
remove from heat, let cool for a few minutes, then add flour, stirring once again.
return to heat, add milk and let simmer for another 5 minutes,
add marjoram, sage, salt, pepper, and rosemary to taste, continue to stir for another few minutes,
remove from heat and let cool to thicken.
add leeks, stirring once again

pour filling over bottom crust, then with the remaining dough break up into smaller pieces dropping them on top as evenly as possible.

Bake at 350degrees depending on your oven for 12-15 minutes.

I have to admit, I liked the way the drop biscuit top looked given it was meant to connect to Frankenstein. The patchiness of it to me was more then fitting.