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The Nosferatu Adventures s11 p11

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 285, chapter 285

Rolf's Kingdom

The dark haired male arched his back as he flung himself to the floor. The pain ripping through him like a hot spear as it tangled itself around his ribcage and solar plexus. Rolf's long dark mass of curls hung in strains to his forehead, the sweat burning him as if his flesh was on fire. The roar that escaped him, caused Finn to come running into the shapeshifter's room. "Something's happened to Nosferatu." Rolf managed to whisper.


Out of Time

Edric walked up behind our heroine, reading over her shoulder as he frowned. "If The Seer is so dangerous that you went ahead and did what you did, why are you still sitting here shuffling papers? Shouldn't you be off being all slayerish doing your best Buffy impression?" he sniffed her neck quietly before closing the gap between them, his hands first at her elbows before slipping silently down to her wrists, locking his fingers with hers.

"He can shimmer. I can't fight him if I can't figure out how to find him and keep him in one place right?" she had to desperately fight to keep from relaxing into his embrace. The heat of his body like a beacon, towing her towards him. She was almost regretting having sent Quentin and Ruthven back out for a new batch of blood bags, as the two were alone with no chaperone.

"And you think the answer is in some old man's diaries?"  he reached over with her right hand still locked with his, flipping a page of the notes. He frowned again, his eyebrows knitted together in worry. "What happens if you loose?" he brought his left hand still holding hers, up to scratch at his nose.

"You get to do whatever the hell you want. If he doesn't kill you too." she shrugged. "You'd be free no more sire bond."

"There's kinda no point in being locked into this alone." he mumbled under his breath.

"Well, you'd be free to do that too. Sire someone else once I'm gone." she brought her right hand still locked with his, back to the stack of notes trying to turn the page again, but finding herself suddenly in a childish game of keep-away.  "Someone who's in your league. Landin's very pretty. He'd make a nice mate."

"Hey!" Edric slammed both his knees into her causing her to fall backward into him. "If! If The Seer...not when. Never when. He's already got you beat if you think that way." the hybrid sniffed lowering his blue eyes. "Besides, Landin isn't my type. Too tall. Too muscular." the male spun her around to face him, quickly locking his fingers with hers once more. "Not too mention, he just doesn't make me laugh the way you do."

"Careful. It almost sounds like I've grown on you." she couldn't take her eyes off his, like a fly trapped in a spider's web. It took every ounce of her being to fight the instinct to throw herself at him.

"Like barnacles on a humpback whale." he winked bringing their locked fingers behind his back.

"Can I have my hands back now? Need to get back to the books." she sighed in mock exhaustion.

"You can have this one." he let go of her right hand. "But this one I'm keeping. I ain't done with it yet. I have plans for this one." he tightened his grip on her left hand, tilting his head to the side smiling a devilishly grin. It put our heroine in mind of a school kid up to no good. Bringing her hand up to his nose, he sniffed her wrist giggling.

"If the next words out of your mouth have anything to do with  learning the Klingon dictionary by braille, I'm going to bite you." her tone became caught between annoyed and playful.

"It wasn't but now the thought is in my mind. Thanks for that." Edric's eyes went wide as he blushed. "Your hands are really cold actually."

"Dirty minds think a like." the voice said from the corner of the room. Both turned to see Bacchus standing there suddenly.  "Sneaky." the sandy-blonde god said as he slowly moved towards them, the leather pants he was wearing squeaking with every step. He wasn't wearing anything else, not even shoes. "What, did you think it would go unnoticed by us? Huh? That you'd be getting away with something this big?" he brought his hands up from his sides, palms up. They were stained with blood. "Before you bother to ask, Rolf's fine for the moment. Loki's there now dealing with it. But ohhh." Bacchus sucked in a hard breath shaking his head, before turning his blue eyes up to look at our heroine from under his bangs. "Odin is pissed." he tapped his hands across the edge of the dinning room table, over the stack of papers our heroine had there, over the still unopened metal storage box of Edric's. "This game of hot potato you've got going on with Rolf. You hide part of his soul becoming a lycanthrope, then you give birth to Damen who has a small chunk, now you drop yours into Rolf like a saving account. Did you really think Odin wouldn't sense it?" the god slammed his hand down hard, cracking the heavy dinning room table like it was ice. "Once again, we're left cleaning up the mess!"

"It was Loki who split Rolf's soul remember?" our heroine added quickly. "That was never my idea."

"But you happily did it. You happily took the advantages that it offered you." Bacchus pointed at her.

"To save him! To save my friend. A member of my pack!"

"But you were given the choice. Loki told you the plan and you accepted. All of you. Yourself, Rolf and Dagan. You made the choice together. This...this you did on your own. Without consent. Without Rolf's knowledge, or Loki's. Or for that matter, any of the other pack members. You did something only a god is suppose to do." Bacchus gestured one blood stained hand towards her, before letting his blue eyes drop to the male behind her. He didn't trust the hybrid.

"Isn't that what you want me to be? Huh? One of you? Isn't that what you have been breeding my...bloodline for? To be one of you? To be strong enough, powerful enough, quick enough give you new ways to repopulate, and fight for you?"

"That soul little girl, that soul was the only thing Loki had keeping you his pet." Bacchus laughed with immense joy, echoing to the point Edric had to cover his ears. "You win this one, and you're mine early. I will collect you and you will lead my bacchae. 139-ish years early." He threw his head back, hand now on his chest. "It's part of why he chose to bring you here. Time runs different. He was keeping you to himself. But none of that matters now. You removed your soul, you can't have little furballs without a soul. He knows that. It's why he's on the other end of this begging Odin's forgiveness."  Bacchus pointed then towards Edric. "Oh and you, might as well forget about claiming her during the full moon ritual now. You'll never get to be pack alpha that way. Without a soul, she can't be claimed." he smiled towards our heroine. "But you knew that too didn't you sweetheart. If I were you, I'd hope Loki does get his forgiveness, and is allowed to stick your soul back into you before the moon rises tonight. Otherwise, Matilda might just become the new top bitch around here." the god shimmered leaving the two with ringing ears.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. A locked storage box, a locked coffin, and a soul locked in a werewolf.)

year 5 day 176 (night bleeds Sept)

movie: Dark Crystal
starring: Barry Dennen, Joseph O'Conor
genre: Fantasy, Sci-fi, Adventure,
year: 1982
format: DVD

plot: Being told he is the only one left of his kind, Jen is given a quest to make the great crystal whole again. He is given the missing piece of the crystal, and instructed to save the worlds in which the crystal controls. Along the way, he meets Kira; who has also been told she is the last of her kind. The two, Gelflings, then find themselves on a journey against time, as each member of the races of both the Mystics and the Skeksis are dying. The Skeksis who currently own the crystal, are unwilling to see it repaired, as it would mean they will die out completely. They have for the last few hundred years been able to cheat death by draining and drinking the lifeforce of other creatures.

This whole movie is about duality of life. Light and dark, male and female, positive and negative, and how it all balances each other out.  When the one race splits into two; the Skeksis become the more physical representations of "human nature" while the Mystics become the more enlightened representations.

I like the little addition of the "drained creatures" becoming zombies and aging rapidly once they have been juiced for their life energy. Shows once again the direct link between the vampire genre and the zombie genre.  They become the slaves to the Skeksis, in a way very similar to Renfield in Dracula. Completely under the spell of the ones who drained them.
I've always said this isn't a kids movie. From the vampires to the witch to the young lovers, this really is something heavier, something darker than a kid's movie.  The fact too that the creatures look like vultures (animals that represent death/rebirth/new way to view things)  and sloths (the need of a different perspective/the way will be slow but you will reach your destination/psychic insight) adds an undertone that makes you think if these were picked for those reasons? I like the touch of the idea that the Skeksis have to sit in the "light of the sun as it is prismed through the dark piece of the crystal" hinting at it as if it were moonlight. (another toss back to vampiric folklore)

You also have this coming of age story. The character of Jen is sent out into the world alone, to deal with very adult issues when his "parent" dies. He discovers girls and violence, and revenge.  The "grandmother" figure of Aughra, is a psychic/hoodoo/hedge witch; who puts him on the right path in his "crossroads".
There is also the fact that the female Kira, is drained almost to the point of death, then does die having sacrificed herself, only to be brought back to life once the crystal has restored everyone else. You could look at it as her being "turned" by the vampiric energy. It's the sacrifice that makes the point that to enjoy life, you have to know when to let go. (birth/death/rebirth)

what do I think I learned? I'm an adult and I still get creeped out by the one character's "hhmmmmm". Will haunt my nightmares for a few days trust me.

Okay, so this month, I decided to do something bit different, I gave you the movie, which was Dark Crystal, and told you to pair it up with a vampire book, expressing the combo of it. Think of it as a mid-term test. I want to see how good you my lovely Spudguns! have gotten with finding the vampires in things.

My personal choice for the book half of the combo is ...Sweet Blood by Pat Graversen (1992).

plot: Adragon and his mother Elsbeth are never seen apart. They look alike, act alike and have spent almost every moment of his seventeen years together. That is until the night Elsbeth gets invited to the Society of Vampires. They want her to write a novel about them, and their secrets. Adragon accompanies her to the strange private party, where he meets Del. A twenty-six year old woman who he quickly falls for. Against his mother's wishes, he begins an affair with Del. After their first night together, she informs him that what he saw at the party was real, and that she is a vampire. Refusing to believe her, Adragon begins to fall deeper under her spell, choosing his new lover over his mother. Before long, Del lets him feed off of her own blood, awakening the vampire side of him. Adragon discovers that for one to become a vampire, one has to have already been one in a past life or at the very lest, one parent must currently be one. To his horror, he finds out both to be his fate. He learns his mother Elsbeth is in fact a vampire, and that they have both lived many lifetimes as such. When he confronts Elsbeth, she confirms this; letting him know they are one in the same. They share a soul, and have been punished in this reincarnation to be only parent and child, and not lovers. This truth begins a downward spiral for Adragon, as he begins to deal with his new life and new choice of who to trust, and who to love.

My "combo connection" was the idea of soulmates and duality and how one can't exist without the other. As we see in the movie, how the creatures of the Skeksis and the Mystics are each soulmated to each other, unable to move on to the next incarnation without the other (originally one being who was split when the crystal cracked), and how the Gelflings can share psychic/telepathic connections. And of course, the taking of "life essence" (souls in the movie via liquified sweat like, and blood in the book) in traditional vampire fashion.

I found it a little ironic that one of the sub-themes in this novel, is that of the "vampire pretending to be human pretending to be vampire -author" which became a strange sub-genre in the 1990s in vampire fiction.

Not only does this novel jump into the idea of what a real soulmate is, it's main theme is addiction. We have the character of Adragon, who becomes addicted to the vampire blood of his lover, Del. He's seventeen, with the temperament of someone who is used to getting their own way. Though the character doesn't start off that way, it only shows itself after he starts the affair. He's also, in his own innocence, experiencing the emotions of that first real love. The two elements begin to counteract each other, making the character a violent greedy one. (much like the character of Chamberlain in the Dark Crystal) He becomes possessive of her, but at the same time disgusted with the situation. He flounders back and forth between wanting to be with his girlfriend Del, and wanting to be with his mother. And then he begins fighting the instinctual desire to be with his soulmate on a sexual level. This brings up a whole new set of insecurities within the character and becomes a new undertone to the story. (I've said it before you can't escape the theme of incest within the vampire or werewolf genres. Whether it's on purpose or not it's always there.) 

Just like in the movie, we have the character of the "girlfriend" being the teacher to the young male hero. Who's real history has been kept from him.

In another ironic twist, both the movie selection and book I picked this month, has a "society lead by an ancient vampire".  In the case of the book, we have the character of Raymond, who has lived in the same "body" without dying for centuries. He's reluctant to let go of his physical life to restart the next phase, because he is alone; without a soulmate of his own. It's only when a willing sacrifice by one of the main characters is offered, does he accept his fate.

I think that is the big theme here that you can say truly runs through both stories. Knowing when you have to give up the thing you are clinging to most, and face the big fear.

And I will stop there for today. October's selections are Salem's Lot (book) and Fright Night (1985) but I will be back later in the week with the official post for it.

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year 5 day 175 What the movie Inspired

movie: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
starring: Johnny Depp, Benicio del Toro
genre: Comedy,
year: 1998
format: DVD

plot:Raoul Duke and Dr. Gonzo, have decided after much deliberation over drinks, that Duke should take an assignment for a magazine to cover the events of one of the biggest drag races in Las Vegas. After renting a very loudly stylish car, they find themselves on the desert highway stoned, drunk and decide to pick up a hitchhiker. Whom they promptly scare away by screaming about bats. The two then proceed to invade the hotel with zero intention of paying for their bills. Having gotten completely caught up in their own version of the trip, they end up missing the end of the race. As Duke is about to flee, he gets a message informing him he's to go across town for another journalism assignment, at a different hotel. The madness gets deeper for them, as Dr. Gonzo has gotten involved with a young girl. Dumping her at yet another hotel, the duo continue their rampant destruction while in a drug induced nightmare.

This is based on the book by Hunter S. Thompson.

This is my favourite Johnny Depp movie. I think he's at his ultimate peak in this. He manages to get the dead pan humour down to point, as well as having amazing on screen chemistry with  de Toro.  This is by far, the best buddy road trip film, I've ever seen! Specially given the fact they only travel together for about 10 minutes of the film, the rest of the time they are either camped out in posh hotels or trying to meet up in the posh hotels.

Besides the fact this is one of the craziest adventures, you have to remind yourself that this is based on fact. At lest most of it, given Thompson wrote a 50/50 style of fact/fiction to begin with, creating the "gonzo style of journalism". (he's my god!)  There are so many layers to this, from the culture of the 70's, to the drug/alcohol addiction, to the extreme excess of the times, to the underlining idea that easy is never really easy...that I could try to write an essay and never get close to the core.

I'm just going to say it's what a road trip buddy movie should be trying to live up to.  

what did I learn? You may not know you're on top of the next wave because you're still looking at the one that just past

Okay, so this is our 90's day! I have had so much fun doing the single theme days (80's, Disney, Supernatural) with Heather, at All Roads Lead to the Kitchen, that we had to do the next decade.
(I had massive issues with the rotation of the photos, they looked fine on my phone, but uploading to the blog...well yeah.)

Notes: fruit, alcohol, peanuts, fries, steak dinner, salmon (mentioned) pie, bagels, cheese plate, coconuts, eggs, crab (mentioned) candy floss, hot dogs, candy apples, donuts, coffee, candy, soup, bread, pretzels, desserts, club sandwiches, shrimp cocktails,

I took my inspiration from a scene at the end of the first half of the movie. The part where Duke wakes up after days of his drug coma, to find that he's been abandoned by his buddy Dr. Gonzo, and left with such a large hotel bill that just can't be paid. He picks up a plate of days old fries and decides it's time to hit the road.
I decided to do a vegetarian version of Poutine.  I was thinking of originally doing fries with a homemade sauce of some sort, to incorporate the fact the movie has a ton of limes and grapefruit, but I'm not that talented. So instead, I went with the "magic mushroom" idea, making Poutine with mushroom gravy.
I did make this with cheats, frozen fries and gravy mix.  Just cook the fries to package instructions.

Normally, you would use a cheese curd, but I used a lactose free vegetarian friendly cheese. This melts slight bit better than the vegan soy cheeses they sell here, but still not as good as proper cheese does.
The gravy came out a bit more on the watery side than I was hoping for.

I'm a fan of quick meals, even better when they are one pot-style. As you can see, the cheese was just starting to melt when I took the photo, I couldn't wait. As I said, it was little on the runny side and even with the spiffy Hallowe'en bat place-mat, it was dripping everywhere. (we can't park here it's bat country)

So, if you haven't headed up over to Heather's blog yet, it's time to do that. I love seeing what movie she picked and what is on the table. We've got a few more of these coming at you next month, heading quickly into Hallowe'en, so if you would like to jump in with us, you can leave a comment on either this post or Heather's. Next month's theme has not been pinned down just yet, but if you let us know you want in, we'll let you know the theme.

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Night Bleeds Round Up continued

Spudguns! I know, I'm really horrible at doing these. Like really bad at finding the time, which if I did them once a month like I'm suppose to, they would only take me five minutes. But no, I'm just too...lazy. 
Here, because of my laziness, are the round ups of the Night Bleeds all vampire movie/book club posts from...

April, where the combo was Vampire$ by John Steakley and the movie version John Carpenter's Vampires. The announcement post is here. You can read my post here, and Heather from All Roads Lead to the Kitchen here. She made a drink to die for!

May, the combo was the 1992 movie Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the mash-up book Jane Slayre. The announcement post is here. You can find my offering here, and Heather's from All Roads Lead to the Kitchen, here. She made really fabulous old fashioned scones.

June we talked about Interview with the Vampire, book and movie. The announcement post is here. My essay is here, while Heather from All Roads Lead to the Kitchen, she cooked crawfish and you can find that post here.

July was a slight twist on the path. The combo for the month was Carmilla and Disney's Hocus Pocus. The announcement post is here. And sadly I was alone on that one, you can find my essay here. 

August we tackled both the book and movie versions of Let The Right One In. The announcement post is here.  Heather from All Roads Lead to the Kitchen gave us this wonderful offering. And we had a new player Carrie from Witchy Kitchen, you can find their post here. Both ladies gave us their own take on cinnamon rolls. And my essay is here.

With that said, I'll do my best to get the September one up the first few days of October. Remember, the combo for September is slightly different. The movie is The Dark Crystal, and the book is your choice. I am eager to see how people find the combo in it. The deadline for September is Sunday the 25th. So there is still two full weeks to join in.

Till later

The Nosferatu Adventures s11 p10

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 284, chapter 284

Out of Time

Edric woke up in the backseat of Ruthven's car. The hybrid sneezed, three times in rapid succession. Stumbling out of the back passenger side door, the male snarled as he fell to his knees. The whole vehicle smelled like cigar smoke, making his nose and eyes water.  Shaking his head, he managed to sniff deeply. He swore as he staggered to his feet, heading in the direction of the warehouse ten feet away. The door to the building slammed as he stormed in, the place silent except for the sound of shallow breathing informing him someone was sleeping. Opening the little beer cooler, he growled seeing it was empty, then turned opening the door to the new refrigerator. There were at lest six bags of blood still, the sandy-blonde grabbing one, tearing into it greedily. Tossing the used plastic to the floor, he shook his head again still trying to clear the cobwebs, when he caught a scent. Following it to the little make shift sleeping areas, he nearly tore the male limb from limb as he moved the curtain that was blocking off his bed.

"Do it and I'll break your neck again." our heroine said from behind the next curtain. Edric swore, moving the few feet to where she was. Tossing the curtain aside he pointed towards the human.

"Why the hell is he in my bed?"

"You were in his car, he couldn't drive home."

"But my bed?" he brought his hand to his chest as he all but stomped his foot. "Where am I going to sleep?"  our heroine sighed sitting up grabbing the edge of the blanket. "But he's in my bed. I can't sleep there anymore after he's gone. It will stink of human." Edric crossed his arms over his chest as if about to pout. Wincing, he sucked in a sharp breath rubbing at his temple.

"We'll wash the sheets settle down man. One thing I'm not missing about being half werewolf, is the extreme emotions." she flopped back down yawning. "Or you can sleep with Quentin. Either way, let me sleep, I've been running on empty for the last few days."  The hybrid stood his ground for a few long seconds, his chin down eyes their human blue but fuming mad, before taking a step towards the bed. The magick mist rolling around him as he did so that he was only wearing a pair of shorts by the time he climbed in beside her.

"Don't try anything." he said grumbling laying on his back.

"I wasn't planning on it." she mumbled half asleep already.

"Sure you weren't." he smiled to himself in the darkness, half waiting for her to say something. When she never responded, the male looked over to see she was turned from him, her breathing slowing down. Wrenching his neck, he took in the scene before him. Our heroine's neck was exposed, the oversized t-shirt she was wearing hanging off the one shoulder. Crossing his arms over his chest, Edric sighed as he closed his eyes trying to block out the sound of her blood rushing in her veins. All he could think was that it would take one bite, one small nick in the right spot to let just enough of her blood flow. A few drops would be all he needed to curve the sire bond craving. Pinching the bridge of his nose he sniffed, telling himself he was starting to sound like some junkie. But wasn't that what this was? The results were the same. Get the desire handled, get the fix and feel safer, lighter, calmer for a few hours. Until the whole thing began to ache at him again. A grunt seemed to escape him in a shallow breath as he rolled over on his side, away from his sire. The bed bouncing as he did. That lasted for all of two seconds, as he spotted Quentin's shoeless foot sticking out from under the next nearest curtain; a small vein seemed to stick out just at the edge of his ankle bone. Another low noise that was neither a growl or a groan filled the air as Edric rolled over again, this time facing the female. Resting on his elbow, he traced his fingertips over the hollow of her throat, restless and bored he was tempted to wake her. Pressing his nose to her shoulder, as it was practically glowing in the darkened room; he wondered if he'd end up being that pale in time? Running his hand through his hair in frustration, he let his arm fall over her form. She didn't move, didn't seem to be awake, as he pressed his mouth against the curve of her shoulder, his teeth posed to dig in. He waited, counting the rhythm of her breathing. His top row of doubled fangs barely scratching the surface of her flesh, just enough of a pin prick to allow four perfect drops to appear like candied ecstasy. The male licked her shoulder, a cloud of intoxication filling his overworked mind. His legs twitched, tangling them in the blankets, his instincts screaming at him to complete the circuit. Biting down on the heel of his palm, Edric ran his fingertips through the crimson liquid. Holding his breath, he leaned over on one hip, smearing his thumb across her mouth. "Hey wake up." he shoved his knee into the back of hers. Our heroine sighed licking her lips as she batted at his thigh.

"What?" she mumbled into her pillow.

"Nothing. You're hogging the pillow." he smirked in the darkened room laying back down. Wrapping his arm around her waist, he fell asleep.

The intense pounding in his skill woke him a few hours later. The hybrid grabbed both sides of his face, feeling as if a vice grip was squeezing him. "Aaaahhhhuuggg" the sound slipped from his lips as if it were an assault. "What's...wha.." his left arm reached out suddenly across the bed for help. "Nos...Nosferatu!" bending forward his forehead pressed against his knee. He punched the empty blanket, his ears ringing as if a fire alarm was going off inside his head. Which only seemed to get worse when everything went black around him. "I can't see!" he screamed.

"Edric!" our heroine said before she realized he couldn't hear her. The male hybrid felt his fangs extract on their own, as the heat of his sire's arm seemed to appear out of nowhere, pressed to his mouth. Drinking greedily from her, he felt the pressure behind his eyes and ears begin to lessen, his sight returning, as the pain slowly dulled to a slight headache. Edric hadn't realized he was making very loud gulping noises as he fed. "That's enough." she spoke sitting behind him, her arm draped over his shoulder. Wrenching her wrist from his mouth, she gave him a disapproving look.

"What the shack was that?" he asked practically pouting a slight underwater echo still in his ears.  "And why..." he sniffed his armpit. "Do I smell roses?"  our heroine jumped down from the bed crossing to the refrigerator grabbing one of the iv bags. Opening it she sniffed dropping it as if it were something fowl.

"Rose water. Someone added pure rose water to the blood. But how...oh I'm so going to slaughter him!" she shook her head slowly her eyes turning to the pure white of the banshee. "It was The Seer. Had to be! The question is when did he do it?" she slammed her fist into the refrigerator door.

"What does rose water have to do with anything?" Edric asked as he made his way across the length of the building. He stumbled, his balance still off as his ears now felt plugged, as if he had a cold.

"Wild roses." Ruthven said from the other side of the room, still sitting on Edric's bed. He quickly put on his shoes. "Oh my god! So it's true? It's all true? Everything my grandfather told us is for real? Wild roses really works against you? And garlic?"

"Yes, garlic really screws with us. And any roses actually. Not just wild ones" our heroine replied. "How did you not know the blood was tainted?" she asked grabbing the remaining bags tossing them. The male hybrid shrugged.

"I couldn't think straight when I woke up in his car. My head was cloudy from you having snapped my neck, and my nose was overcome by the heavy stench of cigar smoke. Dude open a damned window when you drive got it."

"You didn't taste anything wrong with the blood?" she asked, Edric shook his head no. "And it didn't affect you till now? You drank that when you came in like three hours ago. Why...oh unless it's because you're a hybrid and not a full on banshee. That would have killed me instantly. Now that...I'm not a hybrid anymore."

"I had a slight headache, but I just figured it was cause you snapped my neck." he leaned towards her a snarl in place. Snapping his fingers the hybrid's face softened as the snarl quickly turned into a slick smirk. Edric's blue eyes had fallen to our heroine's right shoulder, the shirt once again slipping over the curve of it. He practically stared a hole into her pale skin.

"Are you about to have one of your 'hi, how you doing?' moments again? Like you did the other night when we were high on Landin's high?" our heroine asked. "Cause you've got that look."

The sandy-blonde male shook his head in a double take blinking rapidly. "I need to get out of here. Get some fresh air. Cause your neck and shoulder are starting to be more erotic then your boobs."

"You're so weird when you're cute. I like weird."  

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. This is why you should always mix your drinks yourself, so no one slips you something)

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Coffee Talk Sept 9th 2016

Spudguns!  Hey, just a quickie here to say, I'm not dead yet. 

I've been busy with tarot readings, and a few video shoots for another project the last week-ish.  I've decided from now till Hallowe'en week, that I'm going to do my best to schedule posts for Sundays. Yes, Sundays. Then heading into Hallowe'en, there will be a full week; I believe something like 8 or 9 days straight?  Then things should get a bit back to normal on here.

So, with that said, Sunday...oh don't look at me like that my lovely Spudguns! I did say last month September would be a very very slow month on here.

I am in the middle of writing the next segment of The Nosferatu Adventures, as well as needing to do the Night Bleeds Round Up still... for Sunday.

now coffee

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The Nosferatu Adventures s11 p9

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 283, chapter 283

Out of Time

Edric punched the tree. The hybrid let his eyes turn pure white, his banshee nature taking complete control, as he screamed. The high pitched echo caused the birds in the area to take to the sky, while a few squirrels and a raccoon ran for their lives. Falling to his knees, he starting digging at the roots of the tree. Sniffing, mumbling to himself, the dirt becoming thicker, darker, wetter as he clawed at top speed. Clumps of it stuck to the fine hairs on his arms, his elbows and knees stained from it. His nails hit the hard surface as he dragged them down across the lid of the box. Edric stretched out on his stomach as he retrieved his prize. The metal storage box was much lighter than he remembered now that he had his supernatural strength to lift it with.  His hair had fallen over one eye, forcing him to mindlessly blow at it, causing it to ripple out from his face.
The male had buried the storage box nearly five years before, when he'd first started working at the casino.
Edric zipped past Quentin as he entered the warehouse, slamming the still muddy box down on the dinning room table, his hands still covered in the remains of his excavation. He didn't understand how he missed it before, the smell of the cotton and denim our heroine was wearing. She would have had to change into normal clothes before having preformed the spell, as removing her soul meant no longer having the ability to magick mist. He purposely grabbed her by the waist, his dirty hands leaving smudges and prints on the grey shirt she was wearing. Strangely giving him a small bit of satisfaction at the idea of his paw marks being imprinted on her. They were days away from the full moon, the pull of it already driving the thought into his fatigued brain, that he had to mark his territory with her. The hybrid leaned over her, his nose dragging across the edge of her collar bone. "The van-van oil wasn't just because you were at the shop, you splashed it on you on purpose. And the lavender. You did it to..." he rolled his wrist in the air beside her face. "enchant me. Sneaky. Double points though for it." he dropped his nose then to the very edge of her shirt, sniffing deep.
The soft heat of his palm pressed on the curve of her spine, as the hybrid held her in place, while he got a good long drag of her new scent. It hadn't changed much since she'd done the spell to remove her soul, but it changed just enough that he wanted to memorize it. Actually, Edric found it a necessary thing his werewolf nature demanded he do. He was not ready to give up just yet, he was determined to become the pack alpha. Now, more so to rub Dagan's nose in it than anything else. The sandy-blonde male looked up at his sire from under his lashes, a worried look on his face.  "Does this mean the full moon ritual won't..."

"No it still will. You and the others are still lycanthropes. The fact I no longer am doesn't matter at all. The first time I found myself in the middle of  the ritual, I was just a banshee."

"First time? What happened?" he was still holding her close to himself, his hand still pressing into her spine, causing the female banshee to arch her back halfway reclining on the dinning room table. His teeth were mere millimeters from the hollow of her throat, from the tiny vein that glowed still like a neon road map to her heart. A hot wave of his breath bounced back at his face as he breathed on her. One bite would be all he needed to strengthen the sire bond. One split seconds taste of her blood, then force his own into her system. His gums ached.

"The pack went into overdrive. And I chose Reuben. He didn't like it, mind you but he was my..." she moved her right hand to the fledgling's hair, tracing her fingernails through it. "anyways, we never...not that night anyways. He claimed me months later. Twice actually." she continued to run her fingers over his neck and ear; half way expecting him to growl at her.

"Enough. You're just giving me a headache." a sigh escaped his lips as he moved to his full height. A small tint of jealousy coiled itself in his stomach at the idea. "Okay, so this is what's going to happen. I'm going to take a shower, wash all this mud off. Then we're going hunting."

"We're not going hunting. You're not going hunting." our heroine said.

"Yes, yes we are." he licked his lips staring her down, his nose almost touching hers. Edric shrugged. "What do you care now anyways, you no longer have a soul." Grabbing her face in both hands, he dared to assert himself by planting a quick rough kiss on her. Wiping the back of his hand over his mouth the hybrid smirked as he crossed into the tiny bathroom.

"We're not going hunting." she mumbled once the door was closed. Quentin stood by the refrigerator he'd bought that morning, still trying to figure out where to place it.

"He feels robbed. The fact he can't be alpha now has left him feeling useless." the red haired human said point blank. "Poor guy's having an identity crisis. Besides, I think he might actually have a crush."

"Huh". she turned to look at the storage box tapping a fingernail on it. "Landin is sort of cute. They will make an interesting couple." our heroine smiled to herself. "Which reminds me." she stripped off the now muddy shirt, tossing it down on to the nearest chair, before grabbing a fresh one from a shopping bag. "I have a date." she moved across the length of the building heading quickly out the door. "Ruthven and I are going to see if there is anything in the spellbook their grandfather had kept, that will come in useful against The Seer. Don't worry, I'll be back soon. Ruthven is going to meet me at the ice cream parlor up the road. So I won't be too far from my fledgling. I should be back before the sire bond makes him crazy." she remarked speeding out the door of the warehouse.

Quentin stood there, his arms folded over his chest as he gazed first at the now empty space, then towards the bathroom door. "Crap."

Edric returned from his shower a few minutes later, a towel wrapped around his waist. It was real, something he couldn't magick mist, the smell of the laundry soap coming off it giving the hybrid a headache. "Where'd she go?" he asked in complete confusion.

"You want to be the alpha. You wanted to go hunting. You got her scent. Go, sniff hunt." Quentin remarked as he wiped out the shelves in the refrigerator. "How you suppose to be the big wolf on campus if you leave everything to everyone else? "

"Would you like to keep your tongue or shall I remove it for you make a sandwich with it?" the hybrid said as he misted a pair of track pants and a t-shirt.

"You know, for someone without their soul, she didn't really act any different. Wonder why?" the redhead commented as he got himself a beer from the little cooler before starting to add their groceries to the new fridge.

"Who cares." Edric made a sound that was something between a huff and a snort as he walked out of the warehouse. He waited till he was a few feet from the building, before allowing the magick mist to swirl around him again, replacing the outfit with a pair of dark jeans, cowboy boots and a long sleeve shirt. He followed his sire's scent, playing over in his mind the scene he figured he'd walk into. Our heroine at some bar, dressed like she'd just attempted to roll off some bad ad in a fashion magazine. Half drunk already dancing to some bad 80's rock band. Edric shook his head mumbling to himself about how she'd never be that obvious. No, he bet he'd find the trail leading him to some cinema playing an all night chick flick marathon. Stale popcorn and candy clinging to her hair. The hybrid giggled to himself making another half snort half huff sound as he continued on across the road.
Stopping cold, he looked around. "What the? You've got to be kidding? She went for ice cream?"
Sniffing, he growled as his eyes became slits. Ruthven's scent was heavy in the air. "Okay that I wasn't expecting." he grumbled as he entered the building.
All eyes were on him as he made his way across the room, heading straight for the counter. Leaning over so that his butt was on display, Edric winked at the teenaged server causing the girl to blush as she stared down at her nails. The hybrid smiled wide glad for once for his overly sensitive ears, as he was sure the girl was too shy to speak. Ducking his chin seductively, he ordered two mint chocolate shakes, and a large bag of chocolate covered almonds. Reaching as if to pay for the order he caught the girl's scent as her temperature rose a few degrees, her mousy voice telling him it was on her. He gave her another seductive smile as he turned from the counter. Taking his time crossing to the table where our heroine was sitting with Ruthven, a stack of notes, and photocopies between them, Edric had the entire clientele of the place, practically glued to his bumper as he stopped at the little half moon shaped table that carried all the plastic spoons and napkins. A fact for once he was enjoying way too much. Placing the one shake down in front of our heroine, he grabbed a free chair making sure to make as much noise as he could dragging it closer to her, making sure all eyes were still glued to him as he sat down. "Awfully public place for us to grab...dinner don' t you think." he said as politely as he could.

"We're not grabbing dinner here. I told you back at the house, we're not grabbing dinner. Not tonight, not anytime soon." she replied not bothering to look at him. In fact, our heroine was the only one in the building not looking at Edric. A point he was not going to let pass. Sitting up straight, he opened the bag of chocolate dumping a handful into his shake before offering the rest to her. 
Edric ran his tongue over his teeth making a noise as he leaned closer to our heroine, his left hand on her knee. Reaching down, she grabbed it moving it into the male's own lap. "Edric, you hate me remember. Just an hour ago you told me that yourself. The words dripped from your perfectly formed lips and now you have to stand by them." she replied still trying to decode one of the passages in the notebook.

"Yes, well an hour ago is already yesterday in some parts of the world. And now...I mildly don't." he turned locking his eyes with Ruthven's."You on the other hand, why...why are you here?" it was all the hybrid could do to keep from picking up the interloper and tossing him through the window.

"You really want to do this now?" our heroine asked sighing. She turned to look at him finally. Instantly regretting it, as the sight of the sandy-blonde male made her pulse race.

"Yes. Whatever it is, I really want to do this now." he nodded leaning back in the chair, his right elbow over the edge of it, slurping on his shake.

"Fine." she grabbed the drink out of his hand as he grunted, placing it on the table beside her own. Turning towards him, she wrenched his neck shocking him with a quick kiss. "Happy. Not going to make any difference. Sire bond can consume us for all it's worth. You can't become pack alpha if there isn't a pack."

The sandy-blonde male moved in his chair, leaning his elbows on the table, leaning over the notes and photocopies. "And what if there was?" he poked the table with his finger before turning his head to look at the crowded building. "Any number of these fine customers could become the newest members of our happy little clan. All it would take is a few bites."

"I would kill you. Rip your heart out, sever your head from your shoulders, gouge out your eyes and use it for a bowling ball. Then do the same to all your little friends." she said without a beat.

"I'd like to see you tr..." he slumped over the table with a small thug, our heroine haven broken his neck.  Ruthven jumped his chair scrapping the floor as he moved from the table.

"Sit down. He'll be fine in a few hours. I will need your help carrying him to the car though. Cause you know, he's so so very drunk right now, don't you agree?"   Ruthven nodded swallowing the lump of fear in his throat.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Now I'm just craving ice cream)

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Night Bleeds Announcements Sept

Here is your official Night Bleeds announcement for September 2016.

The combo this month is a little different than what everyone has been used to so far. I'm giving you the movie which is  The Dark Crystal. and saying the book part is up to you. Dazzle me with your new found knowledge of vampires and how you connected the combo.

Rules: you must have a blog, the post must be the current month (Sept 2016) you must link your post to this post or the Night Bleeds page. Please leave a comment/link on here or on the actual post day letting me know you joined.

Deadline: Sunday September 25th 2016 (it's always the last Sunday of the month)

And as always, if you are in the Thunder Bay area and would like to be part of the physical book club, let me know.

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The Nosferatu Adventures s11 p8

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 282, chapter 282

Out of Time

Edric stormed back into the warehouse, shoving the oversized spellbook out of the way, our heroine still leaning over the table having been reading it.  The male snarled as he reached for her hand, dragging her out of the building.  They were half way down the road, heading off in the row of bushes before he stopped, certain that they were far enough that Quentin wouldn't see or hear them.

"I hate you. I hope you know that." the male hybrid said as he released her arm, grunting. "I hate you because I love you."  He shook his head in a double take, his eyes flashing the pure white of the banshee before setting into the amber-grey of the wolf. "What you did to me...ripping my throat out, feeding off me. Tossing me aside. In a trash dumpster to be exact. Like literally dumping my carcass like a picked clean Yule turkey. I might have been nothing but a wicked convenience for you." He grabbed her by the back of the skull breathing heavily, pressing his forehead to hers before shoving himself away from her. "You freed me. I was like a slave in my own life." he giggled. "My life was miserable before. I was trapped! I was in this...this situation." his voice became a lower tone as he strangled the last word. "And I was sure as hell thinking I would die because of it." he laughed then as he started to move around first shifting his weight from one foot to the other, crunching on dirt and fallen branches. Then beginning to pace back and forth a few feet. A squirrel ran past them, stopping a meter away as if to watch. "You have no idea how many times I tried to fix it. To leave, to just walk away from the whole mess. But I couldn't." he lowered his chin, his voice starting to rise in pitch as his emotions took over.Turning, Edric brought his hands up to lock his fingers behind his head. He bent forward, practically doubled over as he let out a howl of frustration that was more human than wolf. " I prayed for something. An answer, a reason, something to explain how I got to that point.How I let myself..." he wiped his hand over his face. "Then that night, by pure coincidence you show up." he had turned again facing her, his hand out towards her, letting it slap his thigh. "And ended my...ended my situation." The male swallowed a wave of embarrassment and regret, his eyes pooling with memories as he picked a bit of dandelion fluff from our heroine's sleeve. His shoulders fell slightly as he tipped his head back eyes closed, balancing on his left heel. "This new life you mistakenly gave me." his shoulders shook with laughter as he began to giggle in his mad way again. "Ahhuuhh!" he took a half step towards her then doubled back dipping his right shoulder. "All this power. This raw energy that I don't know what to do with." Edric stared at his hands then, flexing them, holding them to examine them as if for the first time. "This lust. This hunger that binds me to this body. This body." his voice lowered again to a whisper. Another mischievous grin played at his lips. "Oh good god! This body. This sack of flesh." dragging his one hand now across his chest, the hybrid tore chunks from himself, the wounds healing just as quick. He stood in amazement smearing the blood between his fingers. His fingertips hovered suddenly in front of her nose as he raised an eyebrow, "No? You sure?"  before licking them clean. "Calorie free." another grin caused him to bow his head, little lines spreading from his eyes. "You would think I'd have had a happier life." he sighed sniffing deeply. "It was good for awhile, in the beginning. Being fond over, having my choice of anyone. And I do mean anyone." his eyes turned back then to their human blue as he stared off at a point somewhere over our heroine's head. "Then...well then I met who I met and it became less a blessing more of a curse."  Edric ran his hand through his sandy-blonde hair grabbing a fistful. "I was nothing. I was just..." he waved his palms towards his chest again. "This body. This face. Something for them to show off to their friends, partners, just a trophy. Empty promises on top of self important jealousies.You know what really sickens me. That kiss bit ago. That mindless sire bond controlled kiss you mistakenly allowed yourself to plant on my temple. There was more honesty in it, then anything anyone has shown me in years." he laughed again through his teeth as his fangs began to emerge. "The sire bond might be making me love you, put the urge in me to protect you at all costs. And I really hate you for that." he moved towards her, a grunt filling the air. "If this sire bond effected you in even half the same way it is me right now, you know just how much I want to rip your guts out. Just how badly I want to drain every drop of your blood, and use your ribcage for toothpicks." his raised an eyebrow nodding towards her. "And at the same time." he cracked his neck hunching his one shoulder closer to his ear, his other hand in a claw like motion near his opposite ear. Taking a deep breath Edric grabbed his hair again. "You gave me a new purpose for this body." his left hand now at his solar plexus digging his nails in drawing blood. "And for that I love you." he grabbed a hold of her wrist once more, dragging her towards himself, before digging his nails into her hips, like grappling hooks, slamming her tight against him. Licking his lips he bent his forehead once more to hers "Ironically, you trapped me in this unchanging image. This mass of skin and bones that tortured me the last couple of years. I had long since loathed looking at myself and you in your own lust..." Edric pinched her chin between his thumb and forefinger.  "...for someone else; made it so I would not only have to look at this unchanged reminder, but that I finally have some perspective on what to do about it." he moved his hips expecting her to blush, expecting her to try to run from him like always. Expected her to remind him again that trying to become the pack alpha by claiming her, would force them to be mated for eternity. To inform him that he did not want that.

Our heroine said nothing as she let out a deep sigh of her own. Casting her eyes downward, she allowed herself a brief second to admire the male's form before drawing her eyes once more to his. She couldn't help it, the hybrid had the most intoxicating stare, more so, when they were their human blue. She balanced herself on her toes, wrapping her arms around his neck. "Deja vu." the words were a hushed breath as she pulled him into a kiss.The sandy-blonde male startled himself, as he automatically inclined against her, his own hands locking at the small of her back. A live wire of  electrical eels seemed to charge up his thighs, at the same time that he forgot how to breathe. An unnatural shiver slid over Edric as he felt her tongue dart across his top row of doubled fangs, licking the inside of his top lip, breaking  the connection when she broke the kiss. Moving her right hand down his body between them, confidently teasing him, her tongue darted out again, this time across his chin "Welcome to my world." she said flatly before moving from him.

Edric was left speechless as he felt all the air rush out of his lungs. Turning his blue eyes up to stare after her from under his lashes, the male swore. He was too late, Nosferatu had already done the spell to remove her soul.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Talk about using sex as a weapon.)