Thursday, October 31, 2013

HW 2013 Day 8

Hallowe'en night

movie: Warlock 2 the Armageddon
starring: Julian Sands, Chris Young
genre: Horror, Fantasy
year: 1993
format: DVD

plot: During the time span of a week from a lunar eclipse to a solar one, the son of the devil is able to be born in a human body. His one goal is to find six rune stones that can open the doorway for the devil to return to earth. The only thing stopping him is a small group of druids, two of which are just teenagers. In order for their powers to be activated, both warriors have to die and be brought back to life.

I love the magic stuff in this movie, I hate the romance in this movie.

I've mentioned before how not a fan at all of Romeo and Juliet, I am; and this movie not just plays out the story in modern cheesy form, but has a scene straight out of the play in the beginning to solidify the idea.

Beyond that, this film serves up enough story, enough gore, and enough end of the world cliches to hold it's own any day of the year.  I like the idea that one of the elder druids is also a priest. There's a nice mix of inner conflict with his character, but doesn't 'demonize' the other religion like some movies have.
One of the opening scenes within the first few minutes, has a woman put on the birthing stone while looking up at the lunar eclipse, and within a minute has gotten magically pregnant and given birth to a full grown man. The pan of her apartment right before hand, gives a suggestion that she's into the mystical with statues of gods/goddesses, angels/demons etc. It's a great set up of the darkness/light/good/evil duality that runs through the entire film's subplot.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

HW 2013 Day 7

movie: Fun Size
starring: Victoria Justice, Jane Levy
genre: Comedy
year: 2012
format: online (netflix Canada)

plot: A teenaged girl looses her brother on Halloween night, and spends most of it trying to track him down. In between wrecking her best friend's car, shooting a man in a parking lot, and hitting the coolest party in school.

Okay, I feel cheated. This was in the Hallowe'en list on Netflix Canada, and it ended up being more like a teen romance.
The stuff with the younger brother was funny, he wanders off, gets kidnapped, sets firecrackers and toilet papers someone's house; with the guy who works the corner store.  But, the stuff to do with the main character and her friends, old hat man. Stuff we've seen a million times before in old teen comedies from the 1980's. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

HW 2013 Day 6

movie: The Boy Who Cried Werewolf
starring: Brooke Shields, Victoria Justice
genre: Family, Comedy,
year: 2010
format: online (Netflix Canada)

plot: A boy who is obsessed with monster movies, ends up moving to Romania with his family. While there, they learn about the family curse, that there must always be a werewolf to protect the village from vampires. His sister accidentally gets infected with the werewolf virus, and he's only got three days to change her back. Meanwhile, a group of vampires are trying to take over the village.

This is a made for tv movie, and it's good for a few laughs. Brooke Shields manages to say more with a tilt of her head and twitch of her eye then the rest of the cast does in a full paragraph.
It's not really anything new, but it doesn't need to be. If you're looking for something for younger kids to watch on Hallowe'en, it's a good move, if you're an avid werewolf fan, it's a cute few hours.

The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p17

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 76, chapter 76

Our heroine stood near the back of the yard, behind the cabin staring at the small garden as Rolf made his way from the woods. The very large male tilted his head to the side as he moved over to where she was, trying to see what she was looking at.

"What's this?" she pointed to the two sides that had been freshly dug and seeded.

"I had to expand the garden. This middle here was too small to really do much with." he replied as he flicked his hair out of his face, water flying everywhere from the rain. It had managed to settle to more of a drizzle, but a rain none the less. "You should try it sometime." he gestured to the muddy rows. "Connecting with the earth, working towards something, helps clear the mind too."

Our heroine nodded not taking her eyes off of the patch of ground. "Too small for a proper garden. But not too small for say burying something?" she leaned over a step grabbing the shovel Rolf had left beside the back wall of the chicken coop and started to dig.

"You're not are." he let his shoulders slouch as he watched her dig.

"Not the whole garden." she replied. "Just the part that was here before." it didn't take her long before the shovel hit something. The two of them each got down in the dirt on either side, and continued to dig with their hands till they had unearthed the object.  Rolf lifted the large five foot iron frame into the house and placed it on the wall.  "See, I told you something was missing from this wall." our heroine continued as she smiled at Rolf. The werewolf sat on the back of the sofa, the ends of his long dark hair now containing clumps of mud from where they had been digging.

"I was really looking forward to not having to scrounge for vegetables this winter." Rolf sighed.

"Cheer up, you still have half a garden untouched. Besides, anything that was planted over the area this had been buried in, once the roots grew enough to hit this, it would have cause it to die. You would have had a big patch of nothing." our heroine commented as she started to pick the mud out of his hair.
Someone cleared their throat. Neither of them bothered to turn, both expecting to see either Reuben or Dagan standing a few feet away. The person cleared their throat again.

"Excuse me." the male voice said causing both Rolf and our heroine to jump. The mirror was reflecting back a third person standing behind them. Turning they saw nothing. There was no one behind them.

"What the hell?" Rolf said moving towards the mirror, his hand out to touch the surface.

"I wouldn't do that if I was you. I don't like to be smudged." the figure was dressed in plan brown clothes that reminded our heroine of someone from the 1800's. He looked to be about mid forties, dark hair, tiny round glasses, pale, and the accent suggested British. "My name is Nathaniel."

"You're in the mirror!"

"Sort of but not really. It's more of a two way window then a simple mirror."

"Um guys!" Rolf screamed "We've got company."  Reuben emerged from his room clearly having been woken up, while Dagan opened the bathroom door, wet from a shower.

"Is that a magic mirror?" Dagan asked pointing. Rolf raised both eyebrows nodding. "Wow, so my little scream queen wasn't so crazy. Something did belong on this wall."

"Scream queen?" the image in the mirror asked.

"Um...banshee." the female said raising her hand. 

Nathaniel tilted his head bowing slightly, his eyes moving as if searching for something. "Right." he said the word as if it had been strained though something, dragging it out. "And could you perhaps tell me what a banshee is doing hanging around a pack of lycanthropes?  Just courious."

"That would take a few days to explain." our heroine said while Dagan checked out the mirror, first grabbing the end away from the wall to see that there really was nothing behind it, then poking it with his finger.

"Well, anyways, if I'm sitting here talking to you, that means that you inherited me from the previous owner, Melinda."  Nathaniel moved around his side of the mirror going completely out of view for a moment, then returned with a sealed letter. He cleared his throat again.

"This is unbelievable." our heroine said shaking her head.

"Yeah, normally these go for about $700 on the black market. We got it for free." Dagan commented as he crossed to the kitchen making a cup of tea.

"Now which one are you? Elizabeth or Gemma?" he said looking over the now opened letter.


"Did Melinda have another granddaughter while I was...uh hum, out of contact?"

"No. The place was abandoned when we moved in." Reuben said from where he was standing, his arms over his chest, his eyes flashing the amber-grey of the wolf.

"What is the year where you are?" Nathaniel asked scratching at his head.

"2013" Rolf answered.

The image in the mirror removed his glasses, rubbing his eyes as he processed that information. "So you're not even suppose to be there. Unless..." he moved out of view again returning with a large book. It looked to Rolf to be the exact copy of the purple book that the Seer had owned. "Does this look familiar to you?" he held up the book, showing a drawing of the Seer. Rolf grunted, while both Reuben and our heroine said yes. Dagan was still in the kitchen not paying any attention.

"Why did you say this and not he?" our heroine asked squinting her eyes.

"I just meant to look at the drawing."

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story today.)

Monday, October 28, 2013

HW 2013 Day 5

movie: Coraline
starring: Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders
genre: Fantasy
format: tv edit

plot:A little girl feels left out, when her parents move for their jobs. After making friends with the neighbours who live in her building, she finds a secret door that takes her to a parallel world. There, she's showered with attention but soon learns that her other mother isn't what she appears. The only way she can save herself and free the souls trapped in this other world is to out smart the other mother.

My cousin who is seven picked this movie. It's a cartoon with dead dogs that are stuffed and mounted with angel outfits, a giant preying mantis, a skeleton like severed hand made of needles, people having their voices ripped out, creepy dolls that seem to have the ability to move on their own, a soul sucking monster that removes peoples eyes in order to get their souls... are we sure this is meant to be a kid's movie?
I have to admit, I was glued to the tv the whole time. This just reminded me so much of both Alice in Wonderland and the Secret Garden. I don't know if that was the idea or not, but that's what was going through my mind while watching this. 

It also brought me back to movies like Dark Crystal. There is just something down right scary about films like this. It looks innocent, but the darkness that lies within sometimes, can do more damage then full on evil. It's that idea that things are not always as they appear at first.

This is based on the novel of the same name by Neil Gaiman. 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

HW 2013 Day 4

movie: Hansel and Gretel Get Baked
starring: Lara Flynn Boyle, Molly Quinn
genre: Horror
year: 2013
format: online (Netflix Canada)

plot: Gretel and her boyfriend Ashton, decide to buy pot from this new dealer in town, Agnes. Ashton ends up breaking the old lady's rule, he eats the gingerbread house on the table when getting the munchies, and ends up being cannibalized by the old women. She then steals his soul. Meanwhile, Gretel and her brother Hansel, start talking to the local drug dealers looking for the missing boyfriend before talking to the cops. Soon, everyone is showing up on Agnes' doorstep looking for both the new brand of weed and their missing friends.

I really liked this film. It's not much of a secret that Hansel and Gretel fairy tale is one I've always had a soft spot for.
And this film is perfect for Hallowe'en.  You've got witches, zombies, psycho killers, cannibals, and vampirism.  (yes, vampires when she sucks the souls out of the victims in the same vein that was done by the witches in Hocus Pocus and by the creatures in Dark Crystal) There is a great nod to an old folklore too about cats being able to steal the breath from someone, in the last scene.

The ending clearly leaves room for a sequel.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

HW 2013 Day 3

movie: Scary Movie
starring: Anna Faris, Dave Sheridan
genre: Comedy
year: 2000
format: online (netflix Canada)

plot: Loosely following the plots of Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer, a group of teens are being stalked one year after killing a guy and dumping him in the lake.

Normally, I try to stay away from teen-parody films because I'm not big on the raunchy style of comedy. But, I decided to give this one a try.
I have to admit, this one was not too bad, it kept the jokes within a certain level. I actually found it entertaining.

Not a lot to say on it, other then I think it was as good as it was, because of it being one of the earlier teen-parodies to come out in the last decade.

Friday, October 25, 2013

HW 2013 Day 2

Movie: Satan's School for Girls
starring: Shannen Doherty,  Julie Benz
genre: Drama
year: 2000
format: tv edit

plot: After her younger sister's death, a woman goes undercover to the same women's university where her sister had attended to find out the reason she died. While there, she uncovers a plot by a secret society to make her their fifth member.

This is a remake of the 1973 movie of the same name. Actually, it's more like a sequel then a remake, as this one has more story and depth.

I have to admit, this is a pretty cheesy made for television movie of the week, but it's one of those so cheesy it's good for a Hallowe'en party kind of "the devil made me do it" genre films.
And personally, I love those "the devil made me do it" type of films.

Doherty isn't playing anything too different then she did on Charmed, which, if you're a fan of the show will have you hooked in under five minutes.

The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p16

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 75, chapter 75

Reuben walked into the cabin, to find our heroine perched on the back of the sofa, a cup of hot tea in hand, staring at the wall. Sitting beside her, he wrung out his long dark hair, splashing water everywhere. "What's going on?" he asked. Our heroine did a double take, as she smiled at him, reaching over to wipe the chunk of fur from his beard. "I had raccoon for lunch."

"This wall is still bothering me. The fact I read in the old witch's spell book that she was a seer herself, has me wondering if this big empty space on the wall wasn't always empty?"

"You think she had a giant crystal ball or something?" he smirked at her as he crossed his muscular arms over his chest.

"Yes." she sipped her tea. "Not a crystal ball, but maybe a scaring mirror?" she stood up again, tapping on the wall. "But I don't see any discolouration from like if a mirror or picture had been removed."

"Maybe she had her visions like the Seer? You know, migraine style." Reuben remarked shrugging. Our heroine shook her head crossing to the kitchen table where the book was sitting. She showed Reuben the page that referred to being able to see the future. There was no talk of headaches or strange dreams or visions, just that she'd seen the future clearly.

"I just can't shake the idea, sorry hon."

The werewolf tilted his head, turning his chocolate brown puppy dog eyes up at her from under his hair. "Something else going on? You seem..." he pulled his hair back into his trademark ponytail. "Like something else is on your mind." she shook her head again, reaching over once more to wipe some blood off his eyebrow.

"Nothing important." her hazel eyes drifted over him, the vein at his wrist grabbing her attention. She licked her lips as Reuben reached his own hand to her hair, his strong fingers delicately tapping at her temple.

"When did this happen?" he asked.

"When what?"

"This, right here." he grabbed her by the shoulders guiding her to the bathroom, making her look in the mirror. "Your hair. You've got a big streak of grey at your temples."

"That's impossible." she answered closing her eyes. "Vampire's don't age."

"Don't banshee's have ghost white hair though? Maybe your powers are getting stronger?" he sighed.

"Maybe." she shrugged.

"Maybe what?" they heard Dagan's voice as he appeared behind them in the mirror.

"She's got grey in her red." Reuben said scratching at his stomach. Dagan leaned over cracking his neck like he was about to get into a boxing ring, then turned towards the mirror himself, ducking and weaving as he checked his own hair.

"That's weird. You were fine an hour ago." he looked over his shoulder at them. "Don't be so dramatic. Both my mom and my aunt ended up with their hair going grey like that. At the temples." he brought his hand up running his fingers through her short hair.

"They sisters?" Reuben asked.  Dagan shook his head pouting.

"My uncle Victor's first wife. Both married into the family." he continued to play with her hair, not paying attention to the way our heroine was glaring at him.  She shoved him hard, moving away from them both. "That's not very nice." Dagan remarked as he leaned on the doorframe of the bathroom, one hand at his waist.

"Married into." Reuben continued, scratching now at the back of his skull, his eyes filled with mischief. "So you claimed her as your mate?" he asked staring at his friend. Dagan stood up straight, a look of worry suddenly on his pale face. Squaring his jaw, he pointed at his own chest eyebrows raised.

"I haven't claimed anybody. You know beyond the sire bond." all the colour drained out of his face, leaving him ashen as he thought about the last hour. Dagan fell to a crouch sitting on his heels, hands now in his hair. "Damn it!"  Reuben was laughing so hard he was nearly out of breath.

"You shacked up with her already having the sire bond. Sounds like a claiming to me." he gestured towards our heroine who had gone back outside into the rain. "And let me ask you something else. Did you by any chance while you were mindlessly shacking up with the banshee that you created; strengthen the sire bond yet again by partaking in another blood exchange? At all? "  Reuben was clearly too happy to hear that the other werewolf had blindly done just what he'd predicted from the start.

Dagan let out a very aggressive sounding sigh as he rolled his eyes at him, standing back up. Slouching his shoulders the male bit his thumb. "I really hate you right now."

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Why is Reuben the only one happy?)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Halloween Week 2013

Day 1
Movie: Fred 2 Night of the Living Fred
starring: Lucas Cruikshank, John Cena
genre: Family
year: 2011
format: TV Edit

plot: After his favourite teacher is replaced, Fred believes the replacement teacher is a vampire, and that he's turning everyone in town into vampires as well. With the help of his best friend and imaginary dad, he sets out to destroy the vampires.

Someone somewhere basically said, "hey, lets cash in on Twilight and vampires and look we've got enough budget to get WWE superstar John Cena, but what are we going to do with him? I know, stuff him into the fridge for half the movie."

Yeah, it's a kid's movie, but it was really lacking. It felt like it was just cobbled together without any real reason behind it.   I understand it's actually part of a series of kids movies, but there wasn't any real back story for those who stumble on it as a stand alone film.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p15

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 74, chapter 74

Our heroine had started her way back to the old witch's cabin, the situation with Finn forgotten. She felt secure in having nearly talked the Seer into her plan to leave as soon as possible. The idea of going home made her smile as she made her way through the darkest part of the forest, the sounds of the frogs in the nearby stream guiding her.
That was until a figure leaning against a tree startled her. He was purposely crunching the leaves with his boots, the upper part of his back pressed against the tree, his hair caught in some of the bark. A large bottle dangled from his hand, empty except for a few drops of  rum.

"Dagan." she let out a breath she didn't realize she had been holding.  The werewolf turned his eyes at her, not moving from the shadows of the tree. He finished the bottle off, tossing it into the darkness of the forest.

"I followed you back to Ash's." he shrugged. "Not even sure why? Just a hunch. This odd churning in the pit of my stomach." he gestured to himself, his palm flat. "I heard everything. Every little whimper, every little scheme, your betrayal." he launched himself away from the tree, shaking his head, eyes wide as he felt a short wave of dizziness. "Are you working with the Seer so that he can challenge me for my alpha position? Is that it? Or is there something worse going on? You two are always huddled together planning something. Whispering, laughing. Always laughing. How is he more fun then me? How is he more interesting? Is it the magic?" he brought his hands up to his sides. "I'm interesting. People...people tell me all the time how interesting I am. So why don't you? What is it about you that I can't figure out?" he had advanced towards her, a sadness in his eyes. He kept advancing till he'd backed her up against another tree. "I keep trying to figure you out, but I can't...can't make sense of you. You're in my head, in my veins." he twitched his shoulders, closing his eyes Dagan began hitting the tree above her head. "I guess that's my own fault though." he grabbed her neck, his fingertips leaving marks on her pale skin. "I should never have drank your blood. So that's on me. That's...that...but still." he let go turning a few steps as she slid down the tree sitting at the base of it.  "Everybody leaves me. My parents, they left me when they died. Okay, that couldn't be helped. My brother Harker left me when he ran away scared the night I was attacked and turned. Coward. I forgave him, I did. Sure you can find someone at any given time to waste a few hours with. Shack up with, as long as you stay in human form and don't mention the wolf." he brought his fingers up to his lips making a sshhing sound. "But you can't, you can't be honest with them. You can't build a future on that. You can't have friends. You know why?" he ran his hand through his hair first fixing it, then back to front messing it up. "Because they get scared you're going to eat them. That you're going to wolf out." he cracked his neck rolling his shoulders. "So no building a future with anyone. How long can you hide who you are? Right, I mean, if they learn you're a werewolf, it's all about the trying to kill you." he was swaying as he got in her face. "And then, and then you show up." Dagan patted her on the hair. "You didn't run. Didn't freak out with trying to set us on fire or bash us with a rock to our heads." he pointed at her. "No, you just accepted it. Like it was normal. Like I was just normal. And now you're leaving. Taking the normal with you." he fell on his knees in front of her, leaning over. Dagan tilted his head, his lips showing the abuse from him having been chewing on the bottom one. "Why cou...couldn't you just have been pretty? I can get over that. It would be worse maybe if you were, cause then they'd all be trying to force you to leave me." he fell over completely, grabbing her elbow, his glass like nails digging into the soft pale flesh of her arm. Blood appeared making it difficult to keep his grip. "I think that I'm a bit drunk. I think that I drank too much of that bad rum. tasting." he crawled closer to her, resting his face in her lap. "Good talk. I think I need to make the forest stop for a bit. Wake me when the forest has stopped spinning."

It had started to rain, the scent of the grass filled his nose, the sound of the drops echoing in his sensitive ears. Dagan opened his eyes begrudgingly, sitting up. His skull was pounding with the migraine he was now suffering from.

"We'd better get to the cabin." our heroine whispered standing up. Dagan nodded, growling as he leaned his forehead against the tree.

"Forest is still spinning."

"Start walking. The rain might clear your head." the female headed in the direction of the cabin refusing to look at him.

"You never answered my question." he grumbled, kicking at the pile of wet leaves.

"Didn't realize there was one?" Nosferatu stumbled as the weight of his arm suddenly crashed across her shoulders.

"Okay I'm walking. Walking, walking, walking home." licking his lips, he let his tongue hang out of his mouth panting, his eyes turned to the amber-grey of the wolf. "Why is it you would rather be with anyone but me?" his voice cracked on the last word. "Haven't we become friends?" he turned her to face him, resting his chin on her hair, as the rain pounded down on them.

"You're paranoid." the female said as she started to shiver from the rain. Dagan brought his hand up to her face, his thumb and finger touching her nose.

"Just a tad." throwing his head back, he opened his mouth wide, letting the rain fill it before spitting the water back out. "Ever notice, whenever we're alone it's raining? We seem to create storms or something. Is it you think because we don't seem to keep anything inside?" he gestured to his stomach again. "And the gods are picking up on it?" he smiled at her then, his fangs suddenly exposed.

"What is wrong with you?"  she moved from him, entering the cabin. Dagan was a step behind her. He planted both hands firmly on the kitchen table as our heroine started up a fire in the fireplace.

"I hate loosing. And if I'm going to loose my alpha position, I'd rather it be because someone challenged me, properly to a fight. Not because they took a cheap shot and stole..." he gestured towards her. 

"I've seen you take what you want when you want it. If someone challenges you, I can't see you loosing to them, lest not for long." she moved past him grabbing a blanket wrapping herself up in it."If there is something else you want, I know you'll get it, just take it."

"I would if I could." he made a noise that was pure frustration as he followed her around the room smacking into her as she shuffled a few steps trying not to get tangled up in the blanket. Linking his hands behind his neck, he stood there looking down at her.  The male was completely human again as he stood there, his breath hitting the top of her hair as he waited. "It's like you and other people's houses, you need to be invited in."

"You're invited."

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story again. And I think we have better hide the rum)

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p14

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 73, chapter 73

Our heroine entered Ash's cabin, to find the Seer still sleeping on the sofa. Unaware that he'd been given the sedative, she tried waking him up. After ten minutes, she gave up, sitting down on the floor beside the sofa. 

The Seer rolled over in his sleep, his hand smacking into her.  "Oh my god!" he screamed as he jumped awake, holding his now bleeding wrist.

"Good, you're up finally." she turned to look at him over the edge of the sofa, patting his knee.

"Remind me to call the tooth fairy and have him rip all your fangs out  sometime." the Seer said, shaking his hand dramatically, his face ashen. He opened and closed his mouth as if checking his jaw, rubbing both hands through his hair.

"It's fine. It's always fine, even when you've got it messed up, it's still fine." our heroine moved to sit beside him. "How are you feeling?" She watched as the Seer got his barrings, looking around the cabin taking stock of the light coming through the window, scratching at his neck.

"Hungry. How long was I out?"

"No idea. I just got here." she leaned over wiping the drool from the corner of his mouth. "I'd say from that though maybe a few hours?"

"I was having the craziest dream. I was dreaming that I was hanging out with some dude, and I was talking in code. Something about reading peanuts. So weird. Hey, that's a smashing blouse you're... not wearing...cause you're actually wearing a t-shirt, really ugly one." The Seer rubbed the heel of his palm into his eyes, examining the glittery powder on his face. He growled then as he realized Ash had indeed doused him with fairy dust. "Speaking of nuts, I don't suppose you've got a friend I could seduce? Say a bar maid,  or troll even? Cause I really need to feed."

"Aw, you're so cute when you're desperately freaking out." she traced the dark circles under his eyes. "You're not kidding are you? You really need to lift some energy off of someone." it was a statement not a question, as the Seer turned to face her. He gave her his way too charming to be sincere smile which she'd only seen once since meeting him, then bent his neck till he was leaning on her shoulder.

"Yes." he was starting to whine. The Seer then hugged her, wrapping his arms around her waist. "I can feel myself getting weaker." he brushed the back of his hand across her neck. "Do you feel that? All my powers of persuasion are at minimal. If they were up to full, you'd be reacting by now. Totally relaxed and submissive. And you're not."

"Okay, I admit; normally there is a stronger sense of relaxation with your touch." she patted his knee again. "Can you do this without killing the person?"  The Seer moved from her tilting his head to the side, his mouth in a perfect 'o', his eyes squinting.


Leo sat in the far end of the garden, his back pressed against a tree as he read the book. More accurately what he could of the book, as some of the pages were destroyed. He'd seen the book before, many many times when he would astral project during the coma. It had been the Seer's most valued of spell books. Holding the book as delicately as he could, the dark haired male traced a strong finger down the spine of it, across the cover, over the clasp. How often had he witnessed the Seer studying from it and longed to touch the book himself? Who would have thought that something as simple as a book would hold so much promise.
The King turned each page with a caress as soft as a feather, as he allowed himself the chance to remember who else had once owned the book.


The Seer stumbled out of the bathroom, his hair dripping from having showered to find our heroine boiling water for tea. "I still can't believe you burped." she said casually.

"Sorry. And thank you. For sacrifice." he stood beside her, his palm flat as a small bubble appeared with what looked like the inside of a lava lamp. The red coloured liquid rumbling around inside as he turned his palm one direction then the next.

"All I sacrificed was a bit of dignity. You got your boost of energy and no one had to die for it. Besides, I've fed off of you more then once." she handed him a cup of tea, taking note that the dark circles were gone and his colour was back to normal. "Now, in light of you not being able to feed your sidhe side here anymore on a count of everyone wanting you dead, how do you feel about opening that portal and coming with me? "

"After all the trouble I've caused for're helping me." he leaned over planting a quick kiss on her temple. "I had a vision while back about a werewolf killing me. I guess this is what it really meant." he shrugged sipping his tea.

"Okay, answer me something." she sipped her own tea. "How do you shut it off?" The Seer gave her a puzzled look. "I mean, if seduction is how you feed, how do you keep yourself from grabbing their soul or whatever when you just want to shack up? When you want to shack up just for the sake of shacking up. How do you keep from draining them completely?"

His blue eyes went still as he looked over her shoulder at nothing, trying to figure out how to answer her question. "It doesn't work that way."

Our heroine closed her eyes, her palm flat on his chest as she processed the information. "Hang on. You're telling me that you've never just...for the simple act of...hang on. What happens when you fall in love? You going to kill them the first go around? Like a spider or something?"

He cleared his throat feeling like he was under arrest. "Where is this going?" his voice raised a few notches as the Seer closed his eyes, slamming his cup on the table sloshing the tea.

"Just trying to figure out who you really are under all that hair gel."  They both turned as the door to the cabin opened, exposing Leo. He was hugging the book like his life depended on it, the few talismans hanging out of the bottom like bookmarks.

"Any news?" the older werewolf asked as he crossed to stand beside them. Smiling down at our heroine, he put the book on the counter away from the Seer.

"We're running away together it will be tragically romantic." our heroine said in a fake British accent her one hand across her forehead for effect.

"What about Dagan?" Leo asked as he poured himself a cup of the tea. "That sire bond and all." The Seer nodded pointing his finger at her, his eyes wide eyebrows raised. 

"Dagan." she let out a deep sigh as she reached for a cinnamon stick from the bowl of spices and stirred her tea. "Dagan, Dagan?" she stood on her tip toes with her hand parallel with the top of Leo's head. "About this high, wickedly yummy arms, blue eyes that you can get lost in, dimples for hours, an ego the size of Montreal, and an addiction for slaughtering me? " she stuck the cinnamon stick in her mouth.  Both males waited for a few long seconds for her to respond. Leo bent his neck towards her making circles with his hand as they waited for her to continue. "You so don't want to know what's percolating in my mind on him."  she turned to the Seer. "Which are your fault. You started it."

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Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p13

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 72, chapter 72

The leaves crunched under foot, as Ash made his way towards the cabin. Letting out a deep breath, he ran his hand through his short hair fixing it. He didn't need to knock, as Reuben had smelled the other werewolf's scent moments before, opening the door. The younger werewolf just nodded as he turned heading back towards the kitchen taking his seat once again at the table.
Closing the cabin door, Ash didn't have a chance to get any farther before our heroine handed him a glass of wine.

"No idea how good it is, but found three bottles of the stuff out back in a create." she said smiling at him.

"Brought you your bag." he said mindlessly handing her the leather bag. "Your binder and lunchbox are in it, and the remaining bottles of blood, and..." he reached in pulling out the skirt and a small shawl. "Clothes." Ash raised an eyebrow, bowing slightly.

"Oh my god, I love you." the female took the skirt wiggling into it right there in front of both Reuben and Ash without a second thought. It was a tanned leather, that came to middle of her calves. The shawl was a plan grey coloured wool item. "Okay, so now that I have something to wear, I'm going to see Finn. I'll be back shortly." she ducked past him and was out the door in a heartbeat.

Ash stood there for a moment in silent shock as he tried to process what had just happened. "Wine's not bad." Reuben said reaching his hand behind him, grabbing a plate of cookies from the counter. "And the shortbread's good too."

"I'm missing something here." the older werewolf said scratching at his stomach as he took a seat at the kitchen table.

"Well, Dagan hid her clothes so that she couldn't leave the cabin because he didn't want her hanging out with Finn. You showing up with the clothes just gave her a day pass." he spoke around a mouth full of the cookies. "Oh and Dagan decided it would be a brilliant idea to strengthen their sire bond again, because his first trip on the crazy train was so much fun."  Ash downed the glass of wine, grabbing the bottle pouring himself another. Reuben did the same as he continued. "How did your offering go? Did you find out anything?"

Ash shook his head. "Didn't work. Where is Dagan anyways?"

Reuben shook his head his eyes starting to glaze over from the wine. "He wanted to check out the burial site, something about needing a body count?"

It didn't take our heroine long to find the path that lead to the house Finn had told her about. It was a bit bigger then the cabin they were now staying in, the garden filled with flowers, and a small tree that seemed somehow  out of place. The female ran towards the front door, the wind chimes blowing in a sudden breeze sounding angry as she did.
Her whole body reverberated as she hit the invisible wall and found  herself twenty feet away on the ground, her head smashing into the tree.
Finn came running out of the house then, beside her out of nowhere helping her up.

"You're a vampire. House is protected. I'm sorry babe but I can not invite you in."  he slipped his one hand around her waist, the other under her chin. "I want to, trust me." the familiar licked his lips, pulling the tinted glasses down his nose to look at her over the edges of them. "But the house has a mind of it's own." 


The wolf was covered in mud, his muzzle dripping with saliva as he panted from the task. Shaking himself, the shapeshifter tried to get the clumps of dirt and moss from his fur but was unable to. Springing to his right, the wolf made his way towards the lake.

The auburn wolf yawned as he watched a seagull dipping and diving for food.  He pounced, splashing himself, causing the bird to squawk as it ran a few feet away. Licking his chops, the wolf bowed his head, waiting before pouncing again.  He sat a few minutes later, crunching on the bones of the bird when his ears twitched. Lifting his muzzle he sniffed giving a short howl.
The figure appeared from the deepest part of the forest, stomping like a mad elephant, and not who he was expecting.  Trudging over to her, he growled as he jumped up causing her to fall backward under their weight, one paw on her throat.
The auburn wolf bared his fangs as he sniffed wildly at the leather of her skirt. The animal made a huffing sound as he quickly realized why Ash's scent was so strong. The leather was one of his pieces. Turning from our heroine, Dagan moved a few feet to the shade of a large tree and stretched out to sleep.

The wolf woke less then an hour later, whimpering. He shook his head as if shaking off water, as he tried to rid himself of the nightmare. Seeing that Nosferatu was still sitting on the rocks near the edge of the lake, he made his way towards her, then thought better of it, running into the forest again.
Dagan emerged a few minutes later, in human form.

"You didn't have to change on my account." she said over her shoulder not looking at him.

"Why were you here to begin with?" the male said raising his hands letting them slap against his thighs. He hovered over her, refusing to sit down, refusing to be anything but above her.

"I was at Finn's. Only he didn't want me there. Well, he said he did but he refused to invite me in. Something about the house having a will of it's own. I was just walking, blowing off steam. Then heard a howl and followed."


Leo walked up the stairs of the lighthouse, his nose burning from the smoke that still lingered, from the smell of chard wood and herbs. Carefully, he entered the Seer's loft, a chill running over him. He didn't like it there. Didn't like the other smell that hid itself within the smoke.
With his boot, he moved the remains of the small table, hunting for anything that might have a clue as to who had started it. There was nothing, nothing but that smell. Closing his eyes, he listened to the creeks and moans of the brittle remains as some fell apart in the slightest breeze. A soft rustling got his attention as he moved towards it.  It was a large book that seemed to still be mostly intact. Picking it up, he felt something brush his shoulder. Leo mumbled something to himself as he took the book and the few talismans that were still unharmed; heading back to Ash's.

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p12

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 71, chapter 71

Dagan leaned over the female, blood dripping from his lips, matted in his hair, pooling under the body. He'd already ripped the object from her, digging a hole a few feet away from the body in order to bury it. He turned back around to look at the work he'd done, seeing nothing in the thick darkness of the forest, blinding even his vision. Throwing his head back, the wolf howled in frustration, morning the others. Hundreds of wolves lay dead before him.

He woke up to find himself still sleeping on the floor, one of the love letters plastered to his face. Dagan sat up, looking around the empty bedroom, the smell of toast and coffee filling his senses. Managing to get to a standing position, he brushed the page from his face, as he shook out his shoulders getting his composure. He found Reuben and Nosferatu in the kitchen, having coffee while laughing and whispering. Straightening to his full height, Dagan moved around them getting himself a cup of coffee, mindlessly adding three large spoonfuls of sugar to it.

"Nightmares?" Reuben asked as he scratched at his ear. "I could hear you as if you were in the room with me."

Dagan nodded grabbing a chair and dragging it between them. "I guess this timber wolf thing has gotten to me more then even I realized." he plunked down on the chair, slamming his coffee mug on the table, turning towards the female.  Pressing his nose to her, he sniffed deeply tracing her shoulder, across her collar then down to her heart before she shoved him away. "Did you tell Reuben what we got up to last night?" he slurped his coffee nodding, gesturing with the mug towards his buddy. Dagan smirked his eyes flashing the amber-grey for a split second, before taking on a coldness to them which made his blue eyes that much scarier. "We decided...well I decided but she didn't object, to strengthen the sire bond once again." his voice rose with something hinting at anger. "So..." he brought his left hand up making the bouncing motion, chewing then on his bottom lip. "So don't be surprised if we..." his voice cracked on the word we, causing him to clear his throat. " we...if we, us, her and myself." he closed his eyes then tilting his head till he was touching her. "start acting cozy. Might get a bit more cozy, which happened at the castle." then the werewolf started to grab for her hand bringing it to his face, "Fix my hair for me please."

"Oh my god, you're already having a mental breakdown." our heroine replied, her pale fingers delicately brushing his hair.

"So no more feeding off of anyone else. Not even good old Reuben here." he sat back up straight slapping his buddy on the shoulder. "And no more hanging around that talking cat!" he bent his face back to her chest grabbing both her hands bringing them to the sides of his face. "Seriously, I think I'm getting a migraine."

"And my fixing your hair helps how?" our heroine asked, her own voice taking on a harder edge.  Reuben nearly choked on his coffee, he was laughing so hard.  She pushed him away from her, getting up from the table and walked out of the cabin.

"Yeah that was slick. You know she's going straight over to Finn's?" Reuben remarked as he linked his hands behind his neck, rocking back in the chair.  Dagan finished his coffee reaching for the old kettle once again, pouring another cup, his hair falling across his eyes, his tongue slightly out of his mouth, eyes shinning bright.
He then held up his hand mumbling to Reuben to hold that thought as he went to the chair in the corner of the room, digging something from under the cushions. He made a dramatic gesture of shaking out the article showing Reuben the dress, then placed it back in it's hiding spot.

"I grabbed the dress off the laundry line last night. And that shirt she was just wearing, she wouldn't dare go too far in it, barely covers anything." he crossed back to the kitchen grabbing an orange from the small bowl of fruit on the table. "Take her hours to find something to fit."

"You going to tell me about your nightmare?" Reuben asked as he continued to scratch at his beard.

"I was in this grave site filled with timber wolves, burying something." his eyes became distant as he allowed himself a brief second to remember the dream. "Hey, do you remember how many of them that we did bury that were females?"  Reuben shook his head. "Okay, I think we might need to go back to the burial grounds find out. Something about my dream makes me think we are really missing something."


Ash was sitting by the outside oven when Rolf made his way to the cabin. "That another trenchcoat?" he asked as he took a seat beside him. Ash snickered as he shook his head, holding up the piece of leather he was working on.

"It's a skirt. Well, the base of one. I took one of my wife's and followed the design. After seeing Nosferatu last night in that pitiful excuse for clothes, thought I would make her something warmer."

"I don't remember hearing you complain." Rolf teased as he flicked his hair out of his face.

"She has no idea." he sniffed, his very heavily tattooed hands working the stitching at a blur. "She's too innocent for her own good."

"I'm surprised Dagan has even bothered with her." Rolf continued, picking up a piece of firewood, breaking it into smaller pieces just to have something to do. Ash smiled meekly clearing his throat.

"You make it sound like you don't approve?"

"I don't." he said flatly, his mouth turning downward. "She's got a good soul, hearts in the right place but..." Rolf turned in his seat looking for another piece of firewood. "Dagan will get bored then what happens? By then it will be too late. Too many people will get hurt."  he put the one piece of firewood under his shoe, stomping on it.  "Has the Seer said anything else about who might have started the fire?" Rolf asked changing the topic.

"Nope. Then again..." Ash replied holding up the nearly finished project. "How can he? I gave him two large doses of fairy dust. He'll be out till tomorrow." his shoulders squared as he gestured towards Rolf. "I'm serious. Technically, I'm still the alpha. If I say I'm going to ground one of my pack for misconduct, you better take me serious."

"And you wondered why I never challenged you for the position?" the large male then stretched yawning. "Where are you putting everyone? You've got one bedroom and a sofa. And besides yourself and the Seer, Leo is still here."

"Leo has decided to set up a hammock on the porch. He's spending most of his time outdoors."

"Well, after 30 years frozen in a glass coffin, wouldn't you? I'm surprised he even decided to transform back to human. I can't even imagine not being able to be in wolf form for even a day." Rolf shook his head, making a chewing gesture as his eyebrows knitted together in worry.

"What else is bothering you?"

"The next full moon. We just can't have a repeat of the other night."

Ash shook out the finished skirt nodding to himself at how well it turned out. "You worry about everyone but yourself. Sure you don't want to be alpha?"

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coffee-talk October 17th 2013

I hate admitting when I failed. But this year's part of the blogging project failed.
As I've stated on the vampire blog, last month actually, the one year of vampire themed movies/shows just didn't flow like the original year of one movie a day.   I have also stated I think I screwed up by over thinking it.

It was Canadian Thanksgiving this past weekend. I will never understand why the American's have their's a month apart from us? Makes zero sense.

Hallowe'en week is coming up. I will have something for the idea what yet but something.

Anyone else disappointed with the new show "Once Upon A Time In Wonderland"?   It's no secret that I'm a big fan of the Alice in Wonderland stories, and when I learned that Michael Socha from Being Human (original UK version) and Naveen Andrews from London Kills Me and Buddha of Suburbia where two of the main stars, I was hyper.  But so far, the first episode was like mud. I really hope the show jumpstarts soon.  

Yes, I have a thing for British

till later

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p11

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 70, chapter 70

Our heroine walked back into the bedroom after having showered and changed, to find Dagan sitting on the floor, a wooden box open in front of him, and candles everywhere. "Are we having a seance?"  she leaned over blowing out a few of the candles. "I already escaped one death by fire tonight, can we try not to go up in flames again?"

"Check out what I found." he grabbed her wrist, dragging her down to sit on the floor beside him. "It was under the bed."

"Okay, and what were you doing under the bed?"

"Trying to fix the squeak. It was getting annoying." he handed her one of the letters he had been reading.  "Oh wait, not that one." he took it from her again adding it to the pile to his right. "That's...I'm keeping that."

"Thanks for the warning."

Dagan wiped the corners of his mouth turning his eyes at her. "It's a recipe for shampoo actually. Come in handy when you've been in wolf form for a few days." he handed it back to her, letting her read the letter. She grunted handing it back satisfied he was telling the truth. "Some of these were dated less then a year ago."

"Didn't Reuben say the old witch was like ancient?" our heroine said as she made a chomping gesture, both hands up in the universal gesture for being scary. "When he decided to snack on her?" 

"Yeah. We'd all seen her wandering around, that's how he knew about this place to begin with. She must have used glamour spells or something?" Dagan commented as our heroine started to read one of the love letters out loud.

"Okay, I can't. This is pretty explicit."

He took the page from her, mumbling as he read the letter semi-silently. "Who do you think it was? There's like no indication who she was having the affair with." he asked, mindlessly wrapping his left arm around her shoulders. She shook her head reading the next letter, then handing it to him.
Our heroine heard the sound of the magic mist as it started to wrap around the werewolf, she wondered what it must feel like for them, literally having their clothes melt away?

"I don't know, but sure seems like they were completely in love." her voice dipped to a whisper.

"I think it's more lust then love." Dagan reached around her grabbing one of the earlier letters. "This is...explicit doesn't cover this passage here." he started to read and even he stopped, as a blush greeted his cheeks.

"Why are we even reading these?" our heroine asked dropping the page she had back into the wooden box. Dagan shrugged pouting at her.

"Thought it would be fun."

"Why the candles? You're a werewolf, you've got perfect night vision."

"They were in the box with the letters." he shrugged again.

"Candlelight and naughty letters. If I didn't know better I'd say that's a recipe for seduction." she leaned away from him a few centimeters; and gathered up all the letters stuffing them haphazardly into the box. She then pushed it away from them with her foot like it was contaminated, before patting the male on the knee. "You're cut off. They're obviously affecting you." 

He cracked his neck like he was about to enter a fight, rolling his shoulders as he first turned to look at her in puzzlement, then at the wooden box with the crumpled pages sticking out from all sides. In the candlelight, he looked so innocent, his eyes cast down. "Affecting me?" he reached for the nearest letter falling backwards on the floor as he did. "What makes you say that?"

"The more you read, the more you hugged me." she reached for the nearest candles, blowing them out.

"But you're just so squishy." he brought his hands up to his face, then pulled them apart like he was playing an accordion, his voice rising a few notches as he did. "Like a big ball of raw dough or something." he continued to read the letter as he lay on the floor on his back. "Or a pile of wet chicken livers."

"And there's the Dagan I know and am disgusted by." she replied as she continued to blow out the remainder of the candles. "Did you learn anything about the timber wolves?"

The male yawned as he sat up putting the final letter back into the box. "If I did, would I be sitting here reading these with you?" he grabbed a hold of her leg, dragging her back beside him. Brushing his hair out of his blue eyes, he made a sound with his teeth before pressing his nose to her throat.

"Why do you do that? Sniff me every time I've been out of your sight for like two minutes?"

"Making sure you're always you." he patted her on the hair, letting his thumb poke her in the eye. "There was this one summer, Reuben was involved with a druid, and out of revenge this shifter made itself look like the druid and well, now we have all learned to make sure the person is who they say they are."

"But you and I aren't invol...." her sentence was cut short as he bit into her neck, tearing a small chunk. Our heroine felt herself drifting as the pain flashed through her shoulders and chest. The way her muscles tightened choking off the air, as the werewolf drank. Her eyes became hazy as she watched in the darkness Dagan's glass like nails rip at his own arm. Moving his face away from her, the male's tongue darted out across his mouth exposing the blood and saliva bubbles on his teeth. He said nothing as he offered his now bleeding arm to her, the look on his face reminding her of a little boy as this strange gleam of innocence softened his features. His blood tasted of a bitter-sweetness that at first put her in mind of chocolate, then she realized it was wine.

Dagan said nothing as he nodded, his top lip curling in a half smirk half snarl, his eyes sparkling with mischief. "We don't have to be. Sire bond remember." he tilted his head to the side, smiling wide at her, his eyes now the amber-grey of the wolf. "And as long as it's my key to being unchallenged as alpha, I'm going to make sure it stays intact."

"Sort of made you insane last time." her voice was a hush as it hit his cheek in a hot blast.

"Well, I can't argue with that." he replied as he ran his hand through his hair fixing it. He bit his bottom lip, making a grunting noise that was all too human, as he pulled her even tighter to him. "Nor do I think I can argue about those letters." he reached for the wooden box and pulled out a handful of the pages. The male then pointed to a passage midway down the page. "I think I could be up for that."

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The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p10

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 69, chapter 69

"Um.." the Seer squinted at the older werewolf. "I'm sorry. Grounded?" he laughed, his hands out at his sides. "How do you expect to ground me? I'm a grown man. You can't ground me like a spoiled child." he shook his head at Ash, as if taunting him.

"I could douse you with fairy dust for a few weeks. Keep you knocked out cold." he replied not looking at anyone but his tea.

"Or, you know, you could just open that portal and come with me." our heroine said still playing with the ripped lace on the hem of her slip.

Reuben was now beside the fireplace, having moved in a blur, crouched on his heels as he added more fire wood. "Portal? What portal?"

"The one I asked him to create to send me home."

Reuben threw himself into one of his perfect shoulder rolls, landing at her feet, springing to his. He was so close she could smell  sap from the pine logs still on his hands. "You can't leave. Dagan went insane last time." he scratched at his ear, rolling his eyes. "Think I got fleas, again." he scratched manically then at his beard and neck.

"He went nuts because of his brother and the guilt or something." she replied waving her hand towards Reuben.

"Let me guess, he told you that? No, not what happened at all." Ash interrupted. "Dagan went bonkers because you two were separated. You can't leave again anytime soon."


Finn sat on the floor in front of the large cauldron, candles and incense burning throughout the house. Wind chimes gently clanked together, as they swayed in the wind outside of every window. The familiar chanted under his breath till it was just a hum to his own ears.
Spinning around, he nodded as he pulled the tinted glasses down to the edge of his nose, as the figure stood then just outside of the door. "Don't for a second think I'm going to invite you in, cause we both know that would be a mistake." he stood up, his right hand ready to shoot an energy orb if needed.
The figure was nothing more then a cloud of black smoke to the naked eye, but the cat could see the spirit within the wisps.

"Don't know you. You're not the witch who lives here." it turned ready to leave.

"She's dead. I need to know why? Who?"

The spirit turned again looking up at the barrier that was the uninvited doorway. "Don't care."

"What if I could give you the guy who stole your powers? The one who killed your mother, would you help me then?"  his voice took on a near meowing sound then. The spirit turned around again in a full circle as it rose above the ground then settled back down inches from the threshold.



Our heroine dragged her tired sore body into the old witch's cabin, noticing Rolf passed out on the sofa. His long mass of dark curls completely covering his face like a veil. She moved as silently as possible past him to the bedroom, spotting Reuben in the spare bedroom as she walked past it, having circled around to the back and jumping through the window. She sighed to herself, wondering why she hadn't thought of that too?  Most likely, because unlike Reuben, her sense of smell was lacking, keeping her from having sniffed out that there was a sleeping werewolf in the living room.
Crossing to the closet, she started searching for something else to wear.

"What happened to you?" she jumped as Dagan's voice slithered around her.  Letting her shoulders drop, she hung her head in defeat.

"What are you doing here?" the dress she had in her hand was never going to fit. Putting it back, she sighed settling on an oversized men's shirt.  Must have been an old lover of the witch she thought.

"I was sleeping till you came in all smelling like mud and smoke."

"I mean what are you doing here in my room?"

Opening his eyes wide so that his eyebrows were meeting his hairline, the male smiled in the darkness. "Seriously? Your room?" he let a low growl build in his chest as he grabbed a hold of the far end of the mattress, dragging himself towards her and to his feet in one quick movement. "You're forgetting sweetheart who's room you took over completely back in the castle." he was behind her then, his eyes having turned to the amber-grey of the wolf, his fangs dangerously close to her neck as he sniffed her ear. She felt the air around them shift as he planted both arms firmly on the door frame of the closet above her head, barring her from the rest of the room. "Seriously, what happened? You look like hell."

"Amazons, mermaids, fire...yeah that about covers it." she ducked under his one arm and made her way back out to the hall towards the bathroom closing the door.

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (another straight up story piece. Should our heroine end up with one of the werewolves or with the familiar?)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p9

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 68, chapter 68

"What happened here?" Reuben asked as he walked backwards a few feet behind Ash, his eyes filled with anger.

"I don't know." our heroine replied as she struggled to keep up. She turned when she realized the other male was still walking behind them. Leo said nothing as he followed, letting Reuben grab our heroine's arm forcing her to speed up her pace.

"How do you not know?" Reuben's voice rose in volume and became pinched as he continued to talk at her, as if scolding a child. "You were there, you were with him, how could you not know what happened?" They stopped once they got to the cabin, the very tall angry male not letting go of her as he spun her around to face him. "He's got a silver arrow in him. I find you with glass embedded in your skull, burn marks and smoke inhalation." he grabbed her face between both hands then, prodding his fingers into her mouth. "Your one fang is chipped. How do you chip a fang? You're going to need to feed for that to fix itself." he shook his head still holding her face tight in his hands.

"Is the Seer going to be okay?" she asked once he let go. The dark haired male nodded sniffing.

"Should be. Whomever it was, never finished the job. He's in one piece. But how did you get from the lighthouse to the forest, and why was he in wolf form?" 

Our heroine closed her eyes rubbing at the spot where the glass had been. "I honestly have no idea. We were talking, I fell asleep, next thing I know you're screaming at me."

"You fell asleep? Nos, for starters there is no way you could have slept through all that and second, Leo saw you carrying the Seer, well dragging him more like it, which is when we came looking for you."

"What do you mean he saw me?"

"I was astral projecting. It's more then second nature to me now after all those years in the coma." he smiled at her, bringing his hand up to his face, passing it in front of his eyes as if that was explanation enough.
Our heroine then turned from them, making her way into the cabin finding Ash standing near the fireplace, a ridge of worry between his eyebrows. The Seer was sitting up on the sofa, back in human form, a large purple mark on his side from where the arrow had been.  He said nothing, turning his eyes up to look at her from under his thick lashes as he examined the rapidly healing wound.
Sitting beside him our heroine asked him what had happened?

"You fell asleep, were having some sort of nightmare so I doused you with fairy dust, just a little, just to calm your nightmares." he said holding his hand up to keep her from yelling at him. She noticed the large burn still on his palm. "I transformed, cause I needed to hunt, and when I got back, there was someone there. I couldn't get a good look at them. They seemed to be cloaked, and I mean a long black robe. But whoever it was, they have powers cause..." he shook his head closing his eyes as he squared his jaw, continuing to speak through clinched teeth. "...they set the place on fire with a snap of their fingers."

"I've seen you do that, so?" our heroine said shrugging. "Use fire like that."

"In small doses, to light a candle, not the way they did. Not setting a building on fire. You don't understand. That's a gift I was born with because of my witch side. There are not many who can master that. It's not like learning to sing or something."

Our heroine moved a few centimeters closer to him, her hand on his arm. "How did we get out? And how did you get shot?"

The Seer ran his thumb over the burn on his other hand starring at the floor. "It's a bit of a blur. Before the cloaked guy left, he produced the arrow and I really thought that was it; you know. I was hit, the next thing I know, you're grabbing me and we're crashing through the window. I don't even know how you woke up? The fairy dust wouldn't have worn off yet." his voice became a high pitched sound as he slapped his hand against his thigh then cringed. The burn wasn't healing as fast as it should have.

"Well, I guess that explains the reason I was chalked full of window. But I didn't wake up till after Reuben and them found us." she traced circles on his palm with her fingertips trying to sooth his burn.

"I think it was your ability to astral project. I really have no other explanation. I just wish..." he turned from her letting out a deep sigh as he threw his head back staring at the ceiling, before running his hand through his hair. "I should have seen it coming. The longer I'm unable to..." he moved his other hand in small circles, pouting. "...seduce someone, the less powers I have. It's been a few days, and I'm getting weaker because of it. My werewolf side is burning through my magical energy so to speak faster then I would have ever thought. My visions, the one thing that makes me really what I am, are..." he stood up moving from her a few feet pacing back and forth. "depleting." the Seer turned then sharply on his heel, stopping in mid-step. "I'm going to starve to death. Do you understand?"

"Oh settle down, you're not going to starve to death." Ash said from where he was still standing by the fireplace. "You still eat normal food. Werewolves eat normal food. Witches eat normal food. Your body still functions on normal food." he crossed then to the kitchen table, picking up a tea cup and making himself a cup. He let the hot steam glide across his face, taking in the scent of the earl grey. "You will however, become extremely over dramatic and a total pain in the ass if you don't shack up with someone. And yes, you might loose some of those precious powers of yours, which you mostly stole anyways. But you're not going to shrivel up and die because you've gone a few days without seducing someone."

"You don't know that!" the Seer continued in a slight panic.

"I'm willing to bet on it. What I do know, is that you've managed to make a lot of people angry because of your sidhe side. The word is out there in the kingdom about you. You're going to be really hard pressed, pardon the pun, to find anyone dumb enough to be seduced by you because you've alienated yourself from every other species. You really need to lay low for awhile."

"So are you saying you think this has to do with the amazons that were trying to assassinate us earlier?" the female asked standing up stretching.

"What amazons?" they turned to see Reuben standing in the doorway.

"The Seer made an enemy out of a very powerful sea witch who then sent a mermaid after him, who in turn it would seem hired amazons. Don't worry, I took care of the amazons." she commented off handed as she examined her ruined slip.

"Okay that's it you're grounded." Ash replied pointing at the Seer.

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story piece. I'd still let the Seer use his powers of seduction on me anytime.)

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The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p8

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 67, chapter 67

Our heroine ducked out of the way as a large silver tipped arrow zipped past her, just missing her ear. "Are you kidding me?" she screamed as she kicked the amazon's legs out from under her. Her knuckles were bleeding, as burn marks sizzled on her hands from where she'd already dug one of the arrows out of her shoulder.
The Seer ran down the small hill, leaves getting kicked up as he did, flying everywhere as he screamed at her to watch out for the one on her right.  She turned to look at the Seer instead of the amazon.

That was her first mistake.

The one on her right smashed her across the shoulders with a staff, knocking both the wind out of her and her to the ground. But it was the other figure propped up on the rocks near the lake that got her attention. Spotting the whole reason for the situation they were in, our heroine let out a noise that was something between a scream and a growl as she kicked the amazon in the face. Blood splattered landing in our heroine's ear as she let the banshee take over. Her eyes went pure white, her fangs suddenly exposed, her nails sharp as knives. Grabbing the broken arrow she stabbed the amazon first in the eye, then the throat before turning her attention to the mermaid.
The creature ducked under the water and swam away, but not before our heroine had shot the broken arrow at her. She knew she'd hit the creature as blood fogged up the edge of the water by the rocks.
Turning in a rage still, she stomped back towards the first amazon digging her nails deep into her stomach, ripping out her intestines.

She was breathing heavy as she then turned towards the Seer wiping her bloody hand on his shirt. "What the hell is wrong with you? You've got all that power and you couldn't send one tiny orb to help? One small energy blast?"

"Silver, mermaids. Death to werewolves!" he said waving his hands around wildly.

"If there is one thing I hate more then amazons, it's mermaids!" she spat the blood from her mouth, leaning on his shoulder. "So tell me again how you ended up in that mess to begin with? Why was that mermaid tracking you? And how did you end up with amazons up your butt?"

The Seer started to smooth down his hair, his lips in a pucker as he looked everywhere but at her. "Funny story actually, um..." he cleared his throat rubbing his thumb on her cheek, licked it then continued to rub the smeared blood off her. "You know how we were both sick earlier, well it might have something to do with the sea witch I pissed off." he gently fixed the strap of her slip back on her shoulder. "Oh you're bit on the sweaty, and dirty side." he smiled nervously, his blue eyes crinkling as he did. Clearing his throat again, he ran his tongue over his teeth. She slapped his hands away. "I needed to feed my sidhe side, and decided to seduce a nymph, but I accidentally attracted a..."

"Let me guess, sea witch?"

"Not exactly." he smoothed his shirt down then tried to charm our heroine by taking her hand in his, letting his seduction spells relax her before continuing. "But it might have been a devotee of Neptune, who called upon the sea witch." he cleared his throat again before dramatically pulling her to him for a extremely tight hug. "But we're okay. Now. You scared them away, just like before. And wearing nothing but a tiny thin slip. You must be cold?"

"What before?" she breathed. "And holy wooden stakes and crosses batman, what's going on down there, you need a hand with that?" 

"Always." he gave her a smirk and a raised eyebrow. "Before, before. When I was being held captive by the sea witch and you showed up, breaking the giant...I wasn't dreaming that was I? You saving me from the sea witch's powers.From her draining the life out of me." he closed his eyes letting out a deep breath, scratching at the back of his skull. "So okay then. What was it you were wanting anyways? I mean, why did you decide to come hunt me down at the lighthouse?"

"I want you to open that portal you had kidnapped me for when you were still you know...evil."

He looked at her sideways, tilting his head then running both hands up and down her shoulders. "For what?"

"To send me home."

"There's no controlling the destination. I could send you home or I could send you somewhere worse then here, or why?"

"Well, I think it's time to seriously figure out how to get home since the graveyard didn't work. And anywhere that does not have Dagan is fine by me." she grabbed his elbows, turning him around pushing him towards the lighthouse. "And what do you mean, I saved you from the sea witch by breaking the giant..."

"It was like a jelly bag. She had me trapped in it, and then you were suddenly beside me almost as if you materialized just as I was loosing consciousness. Had that not happened, I would be fish food right now. I thought it was a hallucination."

"And what makes you think now that it wasn't?" she asked

"You're saying it was? Dagan said you were rambling about jellyfish after you came to. You really don't remember helping me earlier?"  our heroine shook her head.

"Dude, I was dead. Dagan slaughtered me, and I was dead." she pointed behind them at the two amazons. "Which they are not yet, but I can feel the scream building which means they're nearly dead. Can we get away from the deadness?"

They walked up the stairs of the lighthouse, the Seer waving his hand every few feet as they did, magically lighting candles and lanterns. "Just like when Rolf had the vision of you."

"Rolf had a dream of me?" she smashed into the Seer as he stopped dead in his tracks. He jumped giving a small snarl as she grabbed his butt.

"You don't remember appearing to Rolf either?" she shook her head at him crossing to the bed, sitting down. "He said it was when Dagan...ripped your...heart out. Hang on, you were dead, violently both times by Dagan. I think your powers might be growing. But you need to be dead and the other person unconscious...astral projecting I'm guessing."

Our heroine yawned as she stretched out on the bed. "New powers are good." she watched through half closed eyes as the Seer leaned on the little table a worried look on his face. "What's wrong?"

"We do this, open a portal and it ends up being worse then here; you're stuck. My original plan was to keep you with me and us open many portals. But that was before...I can't go with you..." he stood up straight, his hands in his back pockets.

"Belonging to someone or something is a wonderful feeling isn't it?" she yawned again, drifting off to sleep.

That was her next mistake.

When she opened her eyes again awhile later, she found herself gasping for air in the middle of the forest, covered in blood and soot. She looked over to see flames coming from the direction of the lighthouse. Our heroine managed to make it to a crawl, her head pounding and a sharp pain radiating from over her right eye down through her jaw.
She heard a noise, an animal in pain and instinctively crawled in that direction. A large caramel coloured wolf lay barely breathing, a  silver tipped arrow in it's side. "No no no!" she started to dig the arrow out. Biting hard on her wrist, she held it over his mouth, but he was too far gone to drink. She then held her wrist over his wound. "This always works in the movies." Nosferatu was in a panic then, begging silently for the Seer to be okay.

Two strong hands pulled her from the werewolf, tossing her aside. "I got him." the voice was familiar but she just could not seem to concentrate with the pain still in her face. "Sit still, it's going to hurt." a figure leaned over her reaching for her face, looming in a blurry shadow as she fought with it. "You've still got the damned thing in your...owe! Quit scratching me. Fine! Walk around with half a broken window in your face see if I care."  he flicked his hair out of his own face, as he pinned her to the nearest tree with one arm across her throat.  She made a sound that forced Reuben to cover his ears as someone reached from behind her ripping the shard of glass from just over her eyebrow.
Reuben helped her to her feet then, as she spotted Ash carrying the Seer still in wolf form towards his cabin.

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Poor Seer...he really needs a proper name.)

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The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p7

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 66, chapter 66

Finn walked across the small stones with all the grace and balance of the cat he was. His movements swift and sleek. Our heroine sighed as she watched from the large fallen tree she was sitting on a few feet away from the small stream.  The familiar bent down studying the water, his hand batting at it, holding up his prize. A small pickerel gleamed in his hand. "Dinner." he grinned at her as he made his way back to the make shift seat.

"Impressive. But, I've seen Reuben snatch a rabbit out of mid jump while hanging by his knees from a tree."  Finn looked at her, pulling the tinted glasses down his nose, his shoulders slumping in defeat.

"You and those damned dogs." his voice was nearly a hiss as he tossed the half dead fish back and forth between his hands playing with it. "Freaking hell hounds."

"Right, I forget you're a cat." our heroine said scratching at her right shoulder. "So what do you think is the reason you stayed in human form?"

"My witch is dead. I can only guess that her magic died too?" he shrugged still playing with his food. "I could get used to being a human all the time. Thinking like a human, like a man." he smiled at her, leaning towards her for a kiss. She nodded as a hot blush coloured her skin. "Your friends don't seem to like me much."

"Don't think like that. Werewolves are the most honorable loyal lot I've ever come by." she replied, a vision of Rolf and Ash filling her mind.

"Yeah, but what do they think of you?"

"What do you mean?"

Finn stood up, reaching for her hand with his free one, the now dead fish in his other. "Wouldn't you like to know just what it is that's on their minds? I mean..." he shrugged pulling her along behind him as they walked back towards the cabin. "you keep making comments about how they're not interested in you, but I bet you if you could read their minds, know what they are really thinking you would have a whole new perspective on them." he looked at her over his shoulder winking. "Oh come on, don't tell me it hasn't crossed your mind?" our heroine shook her head, mouth open. "Really? One poor defensive female alone with a bunch of rapid dogs. At some point the situation is going to get to them and one will make his intentions clear. Trust me, the full moon the other night was just a taste of the reality."

"That technically was a spell." our heroine answered as she listened to the sound of their shoes crunching on the fallen leaves.

"Technically. But what's to stop them from deciding to make the best out of a bad situation? You're a limited supply of something and eventually, someone will cave. Wouldn't it be easier to know what they are thinking?"

"I think you're insane for even thinking it. Trust me, I know what they are thinking and what you're thinking isn't even in the same thought patterns as what they are capable of thinking."

"Well, I'll prove I'm right. I have a truth spell." 

Dagan was sitting on the sofa, his elbows on his knees, hunched over reading the large book in front of him on the coffee table when his ears twitched. Closing his eyes for the briefest of seconds, he took a deep sniff of the air. "They're back. Are you ready for dinner?" he asked not bothering to look at the other three werewolves.  Reuben clanked his spoon to his bowl, a slight look of amusement in his chocolate brown puppy dog eyes. "Not what I meant." Dagan replied flipping the page of the large book, then scratched at his jaw. The door opened as our heroine and Finn entered the cabin.

"Whoa." the female said leaning against the door frame, her hand to her forehead. "Yeah, okay." she mumbled as she shook her head.  She found herself standing next to the Seer without having remembered moving towards him.
Finn walked around the room, standing behind Rolf.  The large male didn't even feel the small bolt of energy that seemed to engulf him as Finn cast his spell, before turning and doing the same to Reuben and Dagan.

"You know what? I'm tired of always being forgotten." Rolf commented. "You all think that just because I'm the biggest, the strongest that that's all I'm good for. Lifting things, carrying things. I get shoved into the shadows and you all figure it's okay." he ran his hands through the long mass of dark curls, taking a half step his hands then out in front of him. "No, you know what, I've got a brain, in case you forgot. And a heart. I don't voice my opinions as often as I should because I know you won't listen. What's the point right?" he shrugged, flicking his hair out of his face. "You just think I'm nothing but muscle. And I'm really really tired of cleaning up everyone's messes. I'm not your babysitter, or your janitor. But yet, all the time, Rolf will handle it, Rolf is good with that sort of thing, Rolf we need a large wall moved, Rolf can you break down that door, Rolf carry the moose we just caught for dinner, Rolf I accidentally ate the neighbours make sure no one finds out." he stormed off out of the cabin.

"One down, two to go." Finn whispered.

Reuben stood up from the kitchen table, his chair scrapping the floor as he did. "And what about me? I get treated like a child." his voice cracked as he too flicked his hair out of his face. "None of you trust me to do anything more involved then picking up a few bottles of milk from the market square. You always leave me out of the loop when it comes to the big decisions. I'm an adult, it would be nice to be treated like one." he turned and jumped out the window landing in a perfect shoulder roll before stomping towards the woods.

Finn stood in the kitchen, his arms crossed and a look of puzzlement on his face. "That wasn't really what I was expecting."

Dagan made a noise as he cleared his throat, jumping over the back of the sofa, to stand beside our heroine. "What you were expecting?" he pouted, leaning towards Finn then rocking back on his heels. "Why would you be expecting anything? Unless..." he sniffed wrapping his one arm around our heroine's shoulders, resting his chin on her hair. "you cast a spell. Is that it huh?" he squeezed our heroine punctuating the question. He sniffed again, snarling.

"Finn was convinced that I had no clue what males, really thought of me." 

Dagan smiled, nodding against her hair. "So you used magic on us? And you're wondering why it's not working on me?" Dagan pointed to himself. "It's not working because I haven't kept anything from anyone. I've been completely up front about everything that I am thinking."  Our heroine licked her lips as she wrapped her own arm around Dagan's keeping him from pouncing on Finn.

The Seer took a half step forward picking an invisible hair off of Finn's shoulder, rubbing his thumb and finger together. "And with that, I'll go find the others." he smiled wide leaving the cabin.  Finn raised both hands letting the one not  holding the fish slap against his thigh.

"So I was wrong. No real harm done." he moved towards the door, spinning back towards them. "I'm going to be at my witch's place. I'll see you later."  he was about to lean in an give her another kiss, but decided against it given Dagan still had his arm draped over our heroine's shoulders. Once Finn was gone, she let out a deep breath, closing her eyes.

"What was that all about? I enter the room and the Seer is like screaming in my brain? Since when does he have telepathy?"

"It's part of his seduction skills. A come hither type of thing." Dagan said as he loosened his grip on her. "And he's getting his visions back that's how we knew about the little trick that overgrown puss in boots was planning." leaning in, the werewolf sniffed her shoulder twice.

"No I didn't feed off of him if that's what you're checking for." she said annoyed.

"So what was he trying to prove anyways?" a low growl sound escaped deep in his chest as he began to think about what the familiar was really up to.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

"Well, whatever it is, he's up to no good. Trying to get between us." Dagan moved from her then and got himself a bowl of the stew. "At first I thought maybe he was after some sort of powers. The Seer's maybe? Just watch yourself. You're our weak link and he knows it." he shook the spoon at her flicking gravy everywhere.

"Thanks so much for that hallmark moment." she headed into the bedroom. Rolling his eyes, Dagan swore as he got up following her.

"I just don't trust him. He's using you and you're too stupid to realize it. There is a reason it's called catting around, tom cats, cat house, cat calls..." he shoved a large spoonful of food into his mouth. "...ees gest rying to wret into boars rants."  Our heroine shook her head in disbelief as she crossed the room, closing the bedroom window just to give herself something to do. She tried not to laugh as Dagan stood in the doorway eating, the bowl right under his chin, gravy splashing over the side of it onto his hand. She watched his reflection in the window as he licked his hand making a slurping sound before turning back around to face him.

"What?" her voice rose a notch as she crossed her arms  moving towards him again.

"Mmhmm." he nodded biting his bottom lip for a second, his eyebrows knitting together as he realized the bowl was already empty. "I said he's just trying to get into your pants. Whatever he's up to, he knows he can get you to do what he wants if he has you thinking you mean something. Then you let your guard down and he gets whatever it is he's really after."  he turned and headed back into the kitchen for another bowl of food. He finished eating, and returned to the room to find it empty. The window was wide open and our heroine was no where to be seen.

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The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p6

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 65, chapter 65

"Okay, answers." our heroine said as she crossed her arms giving her cleavage a boost. Finn took two large strides towards the cart, grabbing the timber wolf showing her it's eyes, they were completely empty.

"I went back to my witch but she was dead. And that's when I found the wolf. It was laying beside her, on the floor dead. Whoever killed my witch, killed it and took it's eyes. I came straight back here."


"Is that cinnamon I smell?" Reuben asked as he barged into Ash's cabin, a large basket in hand. The very tattooed male turned to look at the younger werewolf, taking a quick step towards him.

"Don't touch that! It's not for you. It's going to be an offering." he said slapping Reuben's hand away from the apple pie. "I've already had a hell of a time keeping Leo from eating it."

"You bake?"

"No, I traded some leather for it. I needed certain things for an offering, and thought that was the easiest way to do it."

The younger male sniffed, as he opened the picnic basket, taking out a bottle of milk, some fresh bread and a handful of brass buttons. "Okay, not going to pry. But, I was told to bring these to you. You never mentioned that you had a female?"

Ash shrugged as he returned to his task of cleaning the mustard painting off the wall. "I don't. Who's it from?"

"Some female in the market. I don't know. Never seen her before. She came up to me, tapped me on the shoulder and said to give these to the leather maker. I assumed she meant you."

"Well, that's nice. Suspicious, but nice." Ash shook his head letting out a deep breath, his cheeks puffing out as he did. "You learn anything about the timber wolves?"

"No, nothing. I'm taking it you didn't either?"

Ash shook his head closing his eyes. "That's what the offering is for. I'm going to invoke Herne, the god of the forest."

"With apple pie?" Reuben raised an eyebrow at him, leaning on the table. "Why apple pie?"

"Well, you can't offer meat. He is the guardian of the forest. You offer a dead animal and you will just get killed." he shrugged. "It would defeat the purpose and offend him."

"He's right you know." the voice was low but the shadow long as they both turned to look at the man blocking the doorway and therefore the sunlight. Leo was standing there, one shoulder against the door frame, arms across his chest.  He had finally decided to transform back to human from his wolf self.  Reuben was surprised to hear the king talking, and found it a bit eerie. Crossing then into the cabin, Leo stood next to Reuben. He carried himself now like someone important, someone brave. It was as if he was a totally different person then the man who had only a few days before, made the daisy crowns and painted on the walls.  "That's why I always trusted your advice. You're smarter then you look." he smiled pointing at some of the tattoos.  Ash said nothing, just nodded smiling in return. "Aw, you redecorated." he teased pointing to the now clean wall.

"It was starting to smell."


Dagan stood in the kitchen, leaning over the Seer's shoulder inspecting the pot he had in front of him. "Why are you peeling potatoes?"

"Someone has to make the stew. I have yet to see you make anything other then a mess."

Dagan nodded, his mouth open, his eyes slits as he debated if he should hit him or not? He decided to let it slide. "Where's our little pain in the ass?"

The Seer gestured with the knife he was using towards the side wall. "She went for a walk down to the lake with Finn."  he said way too causally. Dagan smirked then as he picked up on the distaste in the Seer's tone. It was clear no one liked or trusted Finn other then our heroine. Dagan could only imagine why. He shivered involuntarily.
The pot of water crashed to the floor, potatoes rolling everywhere as the Seer fell to his knees screaming in pain, both hands at his temples. He started to transform, his left hand bleeding from where he was still clutching the pairing knife. Dagan could do nothing but jump back a step pushing the kitchen table and chairs out of the way for him to give him room.
He remembered the first few times he had transformed after being bitten. The pain he felt, the torture he seemed to go through till he learned to relax into the transformation. To control when it happened. The Seer was a long way still from being able to control the pain, mostly because his transformations seemed to be connected to his visions. There was no warning for the Seer.  Crouching down on his heels, Dagan waited for the new werewolf to come to his senses. The wolf shook himself as is shaking off water, then gave a whimper as he crawled a few centimeters on his belly.  Patting the caramel coloured wolf on the back between the shoulder blades, Dagan sighed.

"You'll be okay buddy promise." he could feel the other werewolf's pain and felt pity for him. The sound of bones cracking echoed through the small cabin as the Seer fell limp beside him. Sitting down flat on his butt, Dagan watched as the wolf transformed back into human form, and waited for him to revive.

It took nearly twenty minutes before the Seer found himself gasping for air. "You didn't have to kill me!"  he screamed getting to a kneeling position, looking up at the other male. 

"Get misty and tell me what you saw."

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The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p5

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 64, chapter 64

"What?" our heroine asked looking over her shoulder at the male. Dagan shrugged as he opened the door to the cabin and walked out into the night. It had started raining and the werewolf let the magic mist swirl around him, removing his shirt as he stood just under the edge of the roof, letting the rain that was running from it wash over him. Running both hands through his hair, he slicked it back, shaking the extra water from his hands at the female.

"My patience has worn as thin as that slip you're wearing." his words were merely a breath as he leaned over her, resting his chin on her shoulder. "Or barely wearing." he sniffed at her, nudging the strap of the slip with his nose.

"What's that suppose to mean?"

"This place has become too crowded." he gestured first towards the Seer who was still sleeping on the sofa, and then towards the two bedrooms. Rolf and Reuben had argued over who was going to get the spare room, which ended in the two of them transforming into their wolf forms and racing for it. They hadn't returned yet.  Our heroine pushed the male away from her. "You still feeling like you're going to puke?"

"Yeah. I was going through some of the old witch's books trying to see if there was any explanation or a remedy or something, but there is nothing to indicate what might be the cause." she commented pointing towards the stack of books a few feet away. Dagan touched his hand to her cheek making a face like he'd tasted something bad.

"You're burning up. Which is weird, cause you're a vampire you can't get sick. Unless..." he took a step towards the Seer, peering over the edge of the sofa then returned to stand beside her again. "it's got to do with you two both being energy suckers? I mean, him being a sidhe, draining the life from people when he seduces them, you being a banshee, draining the life energy from people when you slurp from their veins." he brought a hand up to his neck tapping on a vein.
The other two werewolves ran into the cabin, growling and barking as the large onyx one chased the caramel one around the table, around both Dagan and our heroine, and then back out into the night. "I think Reuben won." he smirked as he leaned on the table. "Anything else, like the flu would have been burned out of him hours ago with the werewolf side of him. This has to be directed to his sidhe side. Which means, it's most likely magical. And only contagious to you." Dagan grabbed her turning her towards the bedroom. "Come on, get some sleep, I'll dig through the books for a bit."

"So you plan on staying? " she asked letting the male herd her to the back bedroom. He nodded grunting. "So are you planning on stealing the spare bedroom while the other two are fighting over it or just kick the Seer off the sofa even though he's half dead?"  Dagan said nothing, as he stood up straight to his full height, nodding as if agreeing with someone, chewing on his bottom lip.

"Go to sleep don't worry about it." he said pushing her into the room, then  bent over hunting  around the floor for a moment, searching for something as Nosferatu got into the bed. Finding what he was looking for he climbed onto the bed, biting a piece of his thumb nail off, sticking it into the wall. "Here." he started to shake the bed, as he stood up, his left foot beside her skull. "This will keep you company for awhile." he continued as he tacked the dream catcher up onto the wall.

"'re like a little kid you know that?" she brought both hands up trying to keep some space between them as Dagan sat on her stomach knocking the air out of her. 

"Pinned ya.Oh hang on. You're like glowing like neon." he commented as he put his hand out beside them making a bouncing motion before placing both hands on his hips, still sitting on her stomach. "I mean, I know you're pale but this is ridiculous." the bed squeaked as he jumped off of it and went into the living room, turning out the lanterns. "Huh just as I thought. He's glowing in the dark too. So that's got something to do with whatever this illness is." he stood there scratching his jaw, chewing on his bottom lip again. "Don't jellyfish glow in the dark?" Dagan started mumbling to himself as he moved around the living room, grabbing the blanket off of the chair in one quick smooth movement, crossing to the stack of books that were on the kitchen table, and heading back into the bedroom.
Plunking down on the foot of the bed, making it squeak once again, he opened the large volume, the edge of the blanket in his mouth chewing on it.

"What are you teething or something?"

He glared at her over the edge of the book before nodding. "Or something." He wiggled making the bed squeak yet again, clearly enjoying how it annoyed her. "Maybe your mad ramblings of jellyfish are so mad ramblings after all?"

The sound of the pages flipping echoed in the small room lulling our heroine to sleep. "Answer me something." her voice was heavy. "Couple of times now you've been able to when in wolf form, stop yourself from ripping me limb from limb. Why then when you're in human form, you can't?"

The male sighed as he dropped the book between them on the bed, stretching out beside her. "In my wolf form, it's all instincts. Survival is the only thing that matters, you're not a threat to my survival. In our human forms, we can't control the emotions that come with it. They're heightened."

"Are you saying I'm a threat to your survival only when you're human?"

"You're a threat to my sanity." he nodded, his eyes wide, eyebrows raised, mouth open. "My life was perfect before you came along. Hunted humans whenever I wanted, no one questioned my position as alpha, didn't have to wear clothes all the time."

"Oh such a hard life I've caused for you. So sorry for the inconvenience. So evil I am making you wear pants." her voice became a whisper as she drifted to sleep.

The sound of Rolf slamming someone against the side of the cabin, and a window crashing woke her a few hours later. Jumping out of bed, she ran to the front door, smashing into the Seer who was standing in the doorway wrapped in a blanket. They stood there, watching as Rolf had a guy by the collar of his jacket pushed up against the outside wall, threatening him.

"What's going on?" our heroine asked.

"That dude you were talking to when I got here, seems he did something to make Rolf mad." the Seer shrugged as he looked at her over his shoulder. "That slip is  really thin, see right though it." he gave her one of his smirks. "You should really put some clothes on."

"My dress is drying from where you puked on me." she shook her head in disbelief. "What's Finn doing back here? He went home." she pushed past him and outside to see what was going on.
The large male roared as he tossed Finn across the yard into a tree. The familiar was back on his feet in a blink, hissing.  "What the hell?" our heroine screamed as she stood beside the very tall very angry werewolf.

"That!" Rolf pointed to the cart that was a few feet away. "Ask your little buddy here why he's got a dead timber wolf in his cart?" Rolf was spitting foam he was so angry, his eyes amber-grey, his fangs exposed. Flicking his hair out of his face he advanced another foot towards Finn, but stopped only when our heroine jumped in front of him, literally putting all her weight into stopping the large wolf.

"Rolf! Please, please." she shoved at his chest trying to get him to back up. He didn't move, didn't even sway a centimeter. His breath was hitting the top of her hair in hot rapid gasps as the still angry male stood his ground. "Where are the others?"
Another growl escaped Rolf, as he shook his head beginning to calm down. When he finally acknowledged her, his fangs had retracted and he wiped his mouth. 

"They went to the market square to get stuff." he raised his hand gesturing towards the cabin, then ran his hand through his hair in frustration.  "I was in the back working in the garden when this thing pulled up with his cart full of..." he let out another roar.

"Okay, please go inside. I'll figure this out. Please." she started to shove at his shoulder trying to get him to move. Rolf gave in, in frustration as he stormed into the cabin.

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (Straight up story piece.  Something tells me that we're not going to like Rolf when he's angry)