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All Jane Austen part 4

Northanger Abbey

The 2007 version starring Felicity Jones and JJ Fields

plot: After Catherine is asked to join friends of  her parents on a vacation, she finds herself thrown into dramas better then anything she could have read in her books. Her brother James, is recently engaged to Isabella Thorpe, and in turn Catherine begins a friendship with both Isabella and her brother John. This friendship becomes one that dives Catherine from her own love interest Henry Tilney and his sister Eleanor.
While staying with the Tilney's, Catherine; having read her favourite ghost stories starts to believe that their father has murdered their mother, and begins snooping around the estate for proof. She gets caught and is thrown out in the middle of the night, left to survive on her own. Meanwhile, all the time her brother James has been away for school, Isabella has been less then faithful to him, starting up an affair with the oldest Tilney brother. Finding herself now unwanted by both men, Isabella begs Catherine for her help in talking James into taking her back. But it's too late, as Catherine wants nothing to do with her.
Henry's father disowns him when he finds out that he's in love with Catherine, after learning the Thorpes lied about how much money Catherine's family really has.  Henry, now poor, confesses his love to Catherine and are married.

This post feels a bit like a cop out, given there are only two adaptions that I've heard of.  I talked about this back in year one (day 173)

This story was originally published in 1818, and has never been out of print. That's staying power.
The main themes here are trust, innocence, betrayal, honesty, and imagination.
The heroine is a bit of a rebel for the times, listed as a bit of a tomboy, and spending all her time reading gothic novels and talking about the stories. She spends much of her time in her own head having wild teenaged fantasies about the novels. This leads to her jumping to conclusions about her friends.
She finds herself at the wrong end of peer pressure, being swept away in the idea of what her friends represent and less of what the reality of it is.

All the characters end up having their dreams shattered in one way or another, and find themselves loosing their faith in each other.
You see how rumours and secrets end up dividing all the couples and how easily reputations can be dirtied.

This is said to be the first story Jane Austen wrote but the one of the last to have been published. You can see her own innocence about romance and society as well as writing itself within the lead character. 

Okay...till later...

Coffee Talk March 31st


Just a quick run in.  It's the last day of March, and I know I know, the All Jane Austen (#4) post for Northanger Abbey still isn't done. I'll do my best to have up before end of day, otherwise, by the end of the week. I have to be honest, I completely forgot about it till right now.

Anyways, came in to give a shout out for the April Food n Flix, which will be hosted by Culinary Adventures with Camilla, and the movie will be Chef

I actually have April's theme week picked out, and the April (#5) All Jane Austen will be Mansfield Park. 

later babes

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The Nosferatu Adventures s8 p3

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 203, chapter 203

Our heroine found herself face down in a puddle of mud. Her leather bag and the Seer's book somehow landed a few feet away on a clean patch of grass. Sighing to herself, at lest the book was okay.  The sound of horses caused her to turn, as she scurried out of the mud, the noise causing her heart to jump.

"You there!" a loud angry voice screamed just as the horses came to a stop.  The man was dressed in leather, with a small patch of armor on his right shoulder. "Woman! Where are you to?"

"I have ...don't remember. I fell...hit my head." she was only half lying as she had no clue where she was, or what timeframe.

"Can you cook?"  she nodded. "Come with me then. You're prince is in need of you."  She gathered up her things, following the horseman. "You're English?" it was said with bitterness and suspicion. She nodded again. "You read as well?" he gestured to the large spellbook. Clutching it tight to her chest she said yes. "You coming from a nunnery then?"  Not sure how to answer him, she just nodded once more before saying yes. Well, hell, living in Victor's estate sure had her feeling like she'd been in one. The man said something under his breath in a language she didn't understand, causing the second horseman to laugh. Before long, they slowed down just as the tents came into view. There must have been close to fifty of them scattered on the field, the men all in various states of wounded. A select few had little to no injuries, but most knew this was their last days.
Our heroine followed the first horseman as he dismounted, handing the horse off to a young man. Gesturing for her to follow him, he led her to what it seemed was a cooking tent. "Our last cook was a spy, sent to poison the prince." he took a hold of her shoulders moving her around the back of the tent, pointing to something off in the distance. "He's there. A warning to anyone who tries to harm the prince."

Our heroine's mouth feel open as she saw the impaled body. "Oh my god."

"I'll have fresh water brought for boiling. Everything else you need is in here."  our heroine was stunned as she processed what was being told her.  The horseman walked away from her, heading into another tent not too far to the left.

"Sebastian..." the voice was low, smooth as it seemed to float across the room, snaking it's way out of the shadows. "Did you find a replacement?"

"Yes my prince. A woman, lost." he poured himself a goblet of wine.

"A woman? Was that really the best idea?" the prince moved around the tent, the shadows seeming to wrap around him, even with the light of the candles touching every corner.  Sebastian brought his hands out in front of him gesturing to our heroine's size.

"I'm more then certain she is capable of decent food." he laughed finishing his wine.

"Bring her to me." Sebastian put down his goblet and went to get our heroine. She arrived a moment later, still clutching her bag and the book.
Our heroine couldn't catch her breath. The prince stood about 5'11, with short dark hair, a high forehead, a thin mustache and thin beard that barely lined his jaw. Not the image she'd seen a million times before in wood carvings or drawings. "That will be all Sebastian. Leave us." he nodded towards the other male before gesturing to the wine. "Can I interest you?"

"Thank you...no." she was in total awe staring at this man.

"What is your name?" he plucked a handful of grapes from a bowl rolling them gently in his palm.

"Nosferatu." she whispered. "My prince."  she blushed wildly at the realization of how that must sound to him. The dark haired male turned from her, a smirk spreading across his pale lips.

"I'm surprised to find a woman traveling alone. Tell me, what has brought you here?" he waited still smiling, his back still turned to her.

"My prince...I am afraid it's a story I can not tell. I don't remember." she hoped her voice didn't give her away, but she didn't think she should be announcing that she opened a portal through time.  He finally turned to face her again. Our heroine's eyes went wide when she saw Vlad's. They had turned as white as her own when her banshee nature takes hold.

"Come come now." his eyes flashed back to their normal brown. "I know you are no ordinary traveler. You, I've seen in a dream. The old gypsy woman who sells trinkets to the foolish, told me to listen to my visions." he tapped his temple. "Said I'd learn of a female like myself." he sniffed her. That caused her to be taken aback.

"Uh, let me guess you were hoping I was pretty. And thin." she closed her eyes letting her shoulders sag. The smile returned to his pale lips. "Wait! You saw me in a dream? Me?"  Vlad nodded

"You were standing in the forest surrounded by wolves, only you were not afraid."  It was our heroine's turn to smile. "I've said something to amuse you." Vlad ducked his chin an inch to stare at her.

"No my prince. I mean..." her hand instantly went to her throat, as she felt flushed. "I'm very sorry, it's just that...I've heard of you where I am from. To be standing here with you now..."

"Only believe half of what you hear. But I'm keeping you from your duty. My men haven't had a proper meal in a few days. Please, feel free to join me later, there is so much I would like to know. I've never met another of my kind."  Our heroine found herself blushing still as she left the tent and made her way back to the cooking area.
She was deliriously giddy, completely star struck at what just happened. He wasn't a cartoon, or a movie actor, he was the real deal. Vlad Tepes.

"You're swooning already." the voice startled her. She hadn't been paying attention, lost in her own mind. Otherwise, Sebastian would not have been able to sneak up on her. "He seems to have that affect on women."  He wasn't much taller then the prince, little bulkier in the shoulders, shaved skull, piercing blue eyes. He crossed the length of the tent, putting the large buckets of water near the iron pot. "I'd be careful if I was you. He's a powerful man. In more ways then one."  Sebastian stood there for a long few seconds looking her over, his feet apart, arms crossed over his chest. "Some say down right unnatural. But something tells me you already know that."  he winked at her as he smiled, turning to leave the tent.

Our heroine was busy chopping carrots and peeling potatoes, a broth already under way when her ears began to twitch. Stopping everything, she left the tent the echoing footsteps in the distance having grabbed her attention. There were another set of horsemen coming towards the camp. It looked like they had prisoners with them. There was no mistaking the wild scent of wet dog as it held thick in the air. She found herself the center of attention suddenly as the little parade passed her, Reuben screaming her name.
Rolf roared as he pulled back hard on the shackles breaking the iron chain that was tied to the horseman's saddle. Dirt and mud flying around them as he did.

"What are you doing here?" Reuben spat the sentence as if he were scolding a child. She wanted to ask them the same thing.

"What is going on here?" Sebastian asked just as he spotted Vlad exit his tent. "Answer me woman, how do you know these men?"  Our heroine took a deep breath as she watched Vlad's reaction to the sight. Turning to the prince she said a silent prayer hoping he wouldn't leave them all on wooden pikes.

"My prince. I beg your forgiveness for lying to you. When you commented on the fact I was a woman traveling alone, I did not correct you. For I wasn't."  she pointed to Rolf first. "I was searching for my brother and..." she hesitated before gesturing to Reuben and Finn. "my betrothed." she flashed the ring on her hand that Loki had given her. It was all she could do to keep a straight face when she spotted Rolf's eyes light up at the lie. The large werewolf was practically tearing up he was trying so hard not to laugh.

"Let them go. There has been more then enough excitement for one day." Vlad's voice was soft, low steady as he locked eyes with Reuben. The three males followed her then back into the cooking tent.

"What are you doing here?" everyone seemed to say at once. Reuben raised his hands telling her to chill out as he explained what happened with the magick mirror and Loki. "So we're looking for the magick mirror. What are you doing here?"

"I didn't want to be in the estate anymore. Couldn't brake the locks on the magick wards, but I was able to open a portal." she tapped the Seer's spellbook. 

"You couldn't just say we were both your brothers?" Reuben commented running his fingers through his hair. "Huh?"

"No. Seeing you gave me an idea." she crossed her arms, the knife still in hand.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your heroine...me(straight up story. Now this should be interesting...)

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The Nosferatu Adventures s8 p2

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 202, chapter 202

Dagan wandered down the hall, trying to find where there might be something other then wine hanging around the vineyard. He'd searched every cupboard in every empty room, not finding anything. He finally gave in and took a bottle of merlot heading back to the south wing.  Our heroine was once again bent leaning over the spellbook,  a strange looking potion being made. The auburn haired male was about to sit down and open the bottle when the female told him to take a look at what she was doing.

"I don't wanna."

"Just come here." she huffed clearly annoyed with him. Sluggishly, he got up from his seat, inching his way across the ten feet. She gestured for him to lean in sniffing the container. "What does that smell like to you?"

"Lemons?" he sniffed. "Lemon bars...it smells like lem...." he coughed taking a step back as our heroine blew the powdered mixture into his face. Raising both hands, he tried wiping his eyes, but it was too late. "What...wha...wha?" he stumbled back again hitting the edge of the chair causing it to scrape on the floor as he fell into it.

"You'll be fine in a few hours. If I did it right." she cleared her throat. Crossing her arms under her boobs, she turned sharply on her heels advancing towards him.

"What did you just do?" he thought he screamed, but it came out more a hush.

"It's called drugs sweetheart." she leaned over him, one hand on either side of the chair blocking him in. "I tried this the old fashioned way and you weren't going for it, and I can't overpower you even in full banshee mode so..." she sighed as she watched the werewolf's eyes roll back in his head. "Damn it! I need you relaxed but awake not comatose." she crossed back to the spellbook reading the recipe again. "Oh shack. 1 teaspoon damiana leaves not 1 tablespoon." she tossed her head back in frustration clasping her hands behind her neck. "I should have just used the love spell but that called for fresh chicken feet."  Our heroine sighed slumping over the desk as she heard Dagan starting to snore then mumbling in his sleep. Grabbing up the spellbook and the merlot, she headed back to the bedroom.
Tombstone made a noise when he saw the bottle in her hand. "Don't judge me. I didn't want this kid to begin with." she whined sitting down next to the hellhound. "No one asked me if I wanted to do this, they just magickaly knocked me up. No one asked me if I wanted to be separated from my mate, they just went ahead and did it. No one asked me if I wanted to leave the other kingdom, they just magickaly barred me. No one asked me if I even wanted to be here. They just brought me, two years ago from my cozy little life. Okay so it was crappy. Single, friendless, struggling to find a place to belong a purpose. Great, have one. Hate it." she opened the bottle of wine slugging back the neck's worth. "And I really really miss the Seer." she sighed, drinking another large gulp. The spellbook slipped off the edge of the bed, falling to the floor open. Picking it up, our heroine saw the page it was now open to. It was a spell to create a portal. The one the Seer had used over a year before when they accidentally went back in time. "Huh, looks simple enough." she stood up putting the bottle on the dresser and began the spell.  Tombstone sensing trouble, began to growl and bark, before jumping down from the bed running through the rooms to where Dagan was passed out. He jumped up on the werewolf, licking his face trying to wake him, but the sleeping powder was too strong. Quickly the hellhound ran through the rooms again, knocking the book out of our heroine's hands, then continuing on through the estate barking. 
He found the man who looked like Dagan but wasn't and started barking, then tugged at his sleeve getting him out of his chair. By the time Tombstone and the not Dagan got back to the rooms, it was too late.  Our heroine was gone and the room smelled of magick.

The hellhound slumped to his belly and howled.


Reuben burped as he slapped his leg on the top of the table. Finn sitting in the far corner of the Inn, crouched on top of the bar, surveying the carnage. The two werewolves had behaved for all of an hour, before something set them off, and they killed the ten people in the bar. He watched as Rolf spat something out of his mouth onto the floor. It looked like a piece of fingernail.

"That should get their attention." Reuben said burping again. He ran his hands through his long hair, shaking out the pieces of ripped fabric. "How long you think we need to wait?"

"Most likely a few more hours. Till either someone comes in or starts noticing their loved ones didn't come home...does that dude look familiar to you?" he pointed suddenly to a short man slumped over another table, before getting up to check.

"He's one of mine. Screamed a lot...pissed himself too." the werewolf smiled sticking out his tongue. The other male shook his head as he lifted the dead guy by the back of his neck to see if he could get a clear view of him.

"Kinda reminds me of Harker." Rolf commented. Shrugging he dropped him back to the table.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your heroine...me (straight up story.  I was going to have her rape him then turn him into a toad...)

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The Nosferatu Adventures S8 p1

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 201, chapter 201

"What are we going to do?" Reuben asked, hugging his elbows.

"We're going to find the magick mirror like Loki told us to." Rolf replied, gesturing mindlessly to the right of them as he just stared ahead completely in awe of the sight.

"This is not right man." Reuben continued sniffing, rubbing his one hand over his nose and beard. "I was told to go back to the late 1800's...this is...this is..."

"1300's or something." Finn interrupted as he side stepped what looked like a large piece of rotten flesh. The ground was slick in places, the mud having been created by the dripping blood.

"1462 actually." Reuben corrected him without thinking. Both Finn and Rolf turned to look at him with raised eyebrows. "I got bored one night and read Nosferatu's binder. You know she's got a whole chapter researched on vampire cult killers? And this isn't helping us any."

"We've got to go through that don't we?" Finn asked hands in his pockets. Both werewolves grunted nodding. "Vacation of my dreams, walking through the forest of the dead with two overgrown mutts. On the bright side, for once there will be something to cover how bad you two dogs smell."   Rolf turned a half inch to face the familiar, his hands clutched into fists, his eyes cast down hair falling over his face, nostrils flaring.

"I would punch you for that, but I'm pretty sure we need you awake for this." he growled.


"Sweetheart" Dagan screamed as he entered the estate. "Sweeeeetttthhearttttt! We've got a bit of an issue...oh cake."  the auburn haired werewolf stuck his fingers into a corner of the frosted cake breaking off a chunk as he made his way through the building. Licking his fingers he slowed his pace as the scent of blood filled the air. He checked all the rooms finding nothing to indicate anything was wrong, and decided to brush it off as his uncle Victor in with his experiments. Then he turned the corner for our heroine's rooms, and the smell became heavier. The female banshee was unable to get out to hunt on her own, with the magickal wards keeping her inside, and he sure as hell didn't hunt for her, so how did she get blood? Racing into the rooms, Dagan expected to find one of the servants, one of the few people who had ever cared for himself and his brother dead at the hands of the bloodthirsty female. Then he realized he hadn't seen Tombstone in a few hours. Had she gone so far off her rocker that she ate the dog?
Dagan let out a breath he didn't realize he'd been holding when he entered the bedroom to find the hellhound stretched out on the bed, and our heroine sitting in the library. She had a large tray of food laid out on the desk, half of which was a steak so rare it was bleeding. Slamming down in the nearest chair, the male slumped over, his head back mouth open, feet apart. "I was worried you killed the kid." he huffed mockingly putting his hand on his forehead. "So we're half a pack short again. Loki sent Rolf, Reuben and Finn off somewhere...aarrrrgghhh!" he jumped up as if someone had pinched him.

"ut?" she spoke around licking her fingers.  Dagan just screwed up his nose as he pointed clearly disgusted as she continued to with one hand dip pickles into the plate of blood, and dunk some sort of white square item into peanut butter.

"What the shack is that?" he sniffed not getting anything but the smell of blood.

"Tofu." she answered licking her fingers again.

"Please tell me I did not just see you dunk raw tofu into a perfectly wonderful container of peanut butter...cause....that's just..." the werewolf stuck his tongue out faking a gag.

"Palmer's got some wicked cravings."

"Who's Palmer?" he looked around the room expecting to see a new servant.  She said nothing, just patted her stomach. "Palmer? Can't you come up with anything better? Like Alex, or Patrick, or Chris, or Joshua, or Dean or Jonathan...something manly at lest." His mistake was reaching for one of the pickles, only to have his hand slapped. He took a half step back from the table.

"You sounded just like your uncle just now. He mocked it too." She got up, walking around the room suddenly searching one of the shelves in a bookcase, that had all it's books removed and replaced with what he could only guess were spell ingredients. "And I'll tell you what I told him. You and Loki and figure it all out when the time comes."
The male ran his hand through his hair scratching at his ear as he moved closer to where she was standing.

"What do you mean, we can figure it out when the time comes?" leaning against the bookcase, his arms crossed, hands under his armpits, he blew dust off a stack of old books trying to read the spines.

"You boys keep reminding me why there are no female werewolves. The chances of me surviving this birth are slim, and if I do..." she huffed her hazel eyes wide as she tried to reach a book on a shelf she was too short for. Dagan just stood there looking first at the female, then at the book, then back to her, then once again at the book. He didn't bother to help her, just chewed on his bottom lip. "Victor has made it fairly clear he has plans for my body. As in draining my vampiric blood, removing my spleen, my lungs and doing god knows what with for his experiments."

Dagan scratched his right cheek, finally grabbing the entire contents of the shelf our heroine couldn't reach handing them out to her. Picking the one in the middle, she caused him to loose his grip on the other five as they fell on the floor. "You know he won't. Okay, he might drain your blood a few times, but..." he licked his lips as he bent to clean up the books, dropped them again and just let them stay on the floor. Stepping over them he followed her back to the edge of the desk where the spellbook was sitting. "He's in love with you." Our heroine burst out laughing nearly falling to the floor. "Alright, alright, alright, not in love with you, but in love with the idea of taking you from me. Better?"  he began shuffling his feet in his nervousness while our heroine just continued to laugh. "And you're wrong you know."  he ran his right hand through his hair fixing it, then stretched his arm out fingers spread as he bounced his hand up and down. "I'm not repulsed." he smiled sticking his tongue out at her, his eyes flashing the amber-grey of the wolf. Our heroine ended up having to sit on the floor, as another wave of laughter over took her.


The space between the wooden pikes was getting smaller and smaller making it difficult for Rolf to walk in the rows without knocking a shoulder into one. Both himself and Reuben were suffering with their noses running, and eyes watering from the smell coming from the impaled bodies. Even with the speed both werewolves and the familiar had, it had taken them four hours to make it through the wall of bodies. Twice Reuben had given in to the vomit it had gotten so bad.
Reaching the end point, the three males found themselves gasping for any bit of clean air they might get, as the now darkened sky loomed over them.

"Where now?" Reuben asked, hands on his knees, spitting out the bad taste lingering in his mouth.

"There's smoke coming from the left." Rolf remarked running his hands through his curtain of dark hair. "Just head that way. Either find shelter, or food or something."  Twenty minutes later, they found themselves standing in the middle of a dirt street, staring up at a sign for an Inn.

"You've got to be kidding me?" Finn said removing his sunglasses, tucking them into his pocket. "The Wolf's Claw...really?" he gestured towards the sign before letting his hand slap against his thigh.

"You can read that?" Reuben asked pointing out the fact it was in Romanian. The familiar nodded suddenly feeling smug.

"I have a magickal translator."  he said it with such a straight face the two werewolves had to take him on his word. Rolf reached for the door about to grab the handle, when he yelped in pain. "Vampire proof?" the familiar stated as the now angry werewolf shook out his hand. "I thought the fact you're in the past would have separated you two."

"Then he wouldn't be here. They can't ever be separated, Rolf would cease to exist. The only bit of his soul left, has merged with Nos. Not like Loki didn't get a happy on that little tidbit." Reuben's voice was pinched as he stated the obvious. "Can you undo it?" he asked Finn. But the familiar had already disappeared, walking around the building, looking for either an open window or something that might be the magickal lock. He found a crow's foot hanging over the back door of the Inn. Grabbing it, he returned to the others, telling Rolf to try again. The door opened for him this time.

"You do realize that by letting you eat here, we've just endangered everyone leaving them open to vampire attacks." Finn held up the talisman shaking it at the large werewolf.

"I'll let that weigh on my conscience later."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your heroine...me (straight up story. I have no idea what these boys are walking into, it's Wrestlemaina week anything could happen...)

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Happy Birthday

It is I, Ardeth Blood aka Our Heroine Nosferatu aka The Crazy Vampire Lady aka Your Heavy Metal Goddess aka...okay that's enough.  And it's my birthday. Yeah it is. Sweet Eh? I've survived to 41, (not counting that minute and a half with the car accident back in 2006) 
You might remember earlier in the week on the Theme Week part 1, I mentioned there might be cake! And there is...

 I made myself a carrot cake. First time trying it, and I have to say, for the amount of problems that sprung up, it turned out pretty decent.

1 and 1/3 c flour
1 cup sugar
1and 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon ground cloves
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon allspice
1/2 teaspoon salt
3 eggs
2/3 cup vegetable oil
1 and 1/2 cup shredded carrots
1 cup raisins

Mix all together, spread evenly into pan, bake 350degree for 30 minutes depending on your oven.

Speaking of my goddamned oven...hence all the issues. This is why I need to find a husband, for situations like this...It all started while shredding the carrots; picture it, little bits of orange slivers flying all over the kitchen, some sorry to say, behind the stove. Well, more between the stove and the wall not behind-behind more like beside. Couldn't get a broom in there too tight without moving the stove a few inches. And we're not talking little crumbs of food, we're talking if I let it sit there I would have drawn creepy-crawlers so I was damn well cleaning the space.
It moved out no trouble, but now, I'm kinda stuck with my stove out in the middle of the kitchen and my kitchen is only a hallway- I think you call them train rooms?  No matter how I twisted or turned or pushed all I managed to do was bang up my knees and pull a muscle in my arm.
Normally, this building is overflowing with maintenance workers, but it's Sunday they're not in on Sunday.  So here's me, pathetic as I am unable to get any of the neighbours to stop and help. Yes I did ask people in the building, they all just looked at me like I sprouted wings or something.
I'll have to be rescued tomorrow between 9am and 4:30pm...but there is enough space to open and close the oven door still so...on with the food.

Here it is, and for once it's sort of pretty isn't it? Made me feel damn happy tell you that much.
The frosting was pre-made from a tin...Hey, I'm not Betty Crocker yet.

And keeping the whole vibe of the theme week, I had been saving some SATC cocktail napkins, pink cups, pink silverware etc for today. Couldn't find any pink candles, but I did have some yellow and green left. And some candy hearts from Valentines day.

This is the first time in years I have really felt like celebrating my birthday. Even though, I'm sitting here by myself...more cake for me...I wanted to dress the table for the cake.
Okay, so I wanted to blog about my afternoon too.

So my lovely Spudguns! here's to having our cake and eating it too...and working ovens.

41 and Fabulous!

Theme Week part 6-SATC

The final season of the show was split into two separate DVDs Season 6 part One and Season 6 part Two; and that's how I'm tackling it...

Sex and the City
Season 6 Episode 12 (#86 for the series)

plot: Charlotte and Carrie go to see a performance artist and meet Aleksandr Petrovsky. Miranda's new boyfriend tells her he loves her with a cookie, which freaks her out. Samantha deals with finding a few grey hairs. Charlotte finds out she's pregnant but miscarries. Miranda and Steve's son has his first birthday,

Quote of the Week- "When will waiting for the one...be done?"

Favourite quote- "Yes I need glasses and I'm not ashamed. I have a sexy young man who loves to f*** me and I'm fabulous." -Samantha
"Have you considered putting that on a t-shirt?" -Miranda

Favourite outfit- the purple-blue scarf dress that Carrie is wearing at the beginning of the episode.

The big gag in this episode is how many times they put the word/number "one" into things, from Brady turning one year old, to Carrie's date being at 1am upon her showing up a few minutes late at 1:03am, to their date ending at 3:01am, to the one single grey hair Samantha finds, to the one giant cookie given to Miranda, to the one shaped birthday candle.  Even in Carrie's question of the week, she talks about waiting for the one guy, one thing, one apartment, one job that people believe will make everything in their life better.

Sex and the City
Season 6 Episode 20 (#94 of the series)
"An American Girl in Paris part Deux"

plot: Carrie has moved to Paris with Aleksandr, and finds herself spending too much time by herself. Charlotte and Harry adopt a baby. Samantha finally starts to feel normal after her battle with cancer. Miranda finds herself running through the streets looking for Steve's mother after she has a stroke. Mr. Big freaks out and runs to Paris to win Carrie back. The girls end up celebrating Samantha's birthday back in New York.

Quote of the Week-   this is the only episode there is no question of the week.

Favourite quote- "Oh did you want to come up?" -Carrie
"Absof***inglutely." -Mr. Big  sitting in his car, this is mirrored to the end scene in the pilot episode.

Favourite outfit- I have to say, I loved the hairdo they give Samantha in this, a short bleached out crop cut.
I also love the fur coat Carrie wears on one of her walks in Paris, and the fur coat Samantha wears when she gets the flowers.

It's the first time in the entire series we learn Mr. Big's name in the final scene. It had been a running gag throughout the series that his name is never mentioned. Names actually become a theme in this episode, we see the gallery where Aleksandr's name is in giant letters giving a hint of how his ego is, then Carrie finds her lost necklace with her nameplate in the bottom of her purse giving her back her own identity, and the caller id which says John reveling Big's name.
I love the in joke they have with the character Samantha talking about Canada, given the actress is Canadian. And the ballerina style tutu they put Carrie in for her party scene, which is a mimic of the classic opening credits tutu used the whole series.

And after 11 years, I still cry every time I watch this episode.

I'm not covering the two movies cause I did talked about them year one of the blog. 

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Theme Week part 4 and 5-SATC

SSHHHHSSH!  I was out all day yesterday so I didn't feel like doing this and making dinner when I got home, so you're getting two in one today...

Sex and the City
Season 4 Episode 15 (#63 for the series)
"Change of a Dress"

 plot: Newly divorced Charlotte finds herself filling her schedule with classes just to keep her mind off the situation. Carrie is having second thoughts about marrying Aidan. Samantha is in a relationship with her boss Richard Wright, and afraid he's cheating on her. Miranda finds out she's having a boy and has to fake being happy about it. While trying on wedding dresses with Miranda, Carrie has a panic attack, adding to the fact she's not ready to marry Aidan. The girls then talk about why society pushes marriage as the ideal situation.

Quote of the week: "Are we just programmed?"

Favourite quote - "Once you get a rash from a guy, it's time to heave ho." Samantha's reaction to seeing the rash Carrie has after her panic attack.

"I think I have monogamy, I must have caught it from you people."-Samantha
 "Now it's airborne."  -Carrie  
Favourite outfit - the white ball gown/wedding dress that Carrie is wearing at the end of the episode for the Black and White Ball.

This episode does bring up the topic of do we get married/have babies/buy a house because these are the things we as individuals want or because it's what's expected of us to want? 
This episode really puts the spotlight on the idea that it's not all a woman's desire to rush into marriage, really tackling the topic that there is a breed of male who is just as much out to marry; sometimes just for the sake of it. 

Sex and the City
Season 5 Episode 8 (#74 for the series)
"I love a Charade" 

plot:The girls are invited to a wedding of two of their friends, which gets them wondering if their friends are desperate or just trying to fool themselves? Charlotte finally tells the girls about her relationship with Harry, her divorce lawyer. Samantha decides to take over her ex's- Richard's summer house for the weekend of the wedding. Miranda realizes she's got real feelings for her son's father, her ex Steve.  Carrie learns her latest crush, fellow writer Jack Berger is freshly out of a relationship himself, and invites him to the wedding. 

Quote of the week-"When it comes to saying I do, is a relationship a relationship without the zsa zsa zsu?"

Favourite quote- "I know what I did, I revealed too much too soon. I was emotionally slutty." Carrie when telling Miranda that she scared off Berger.

Favourite outfit- the light pink baby-doll dress Carrie wares to the wedding.

This was a shorter season, given they were hiding the lead actress's pregnancy. 
The big theme in this episode is what is the real key to a long lasting marriage? The girls debate back and forth through the course of the episode on if it's the friendship factor/comfort or if it's the sizzle of sex? 
This is also the first episode that tackles the topic of if two people with different spiritual paths/religions can make a relationship work; when Harry tells Charlotte he will only marry a Jewish woman. This itself becomes a major plot point in season 6.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Theme Week part 3-SATC

Sex and the City
Season 3 Episode 11 (#41 of the series)

"Running with Scissors"

plot: After Carrie starts an affair with the now married Mr. Big, she starts to feel guilty. Samantha meets a man who's just as straight forward for sex as she is, but he demands she get tested before sleeping with her. Charlotte becomes a bridezilla while planning her wedding, deciding to hire a wedding planner. Miranda becomes obsessed with the mascot who dresses as a sandwich outside a local take-out diner. After Mr. Big's wife catches Carrie in her house, she falls down the stairs and ends up in the hospital.

Quote of the Week -"Is sex ever safe?"

Favourite quote: "I can't have sex with a sandwich...can I?"  when Miranda tells Carrie about the mascot and how she can't stop thinking about him.

Favourite outfit: the beige knee length dress with the green ribbons, and sun disk necklace Carrie is wearing when Charlotte finds her and Mr. Big coming out of a hotel.

This is the episode that introduced Anthony, who would go on to be Charlotte's best gay friend, and is a key plot point for the second movie.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Theme Week part 2- SATC

Sex and the City
Season 2 Episode 18 (#30 for the series)
"Ex and the City"

plot: After Miranda spots her ex Steve on the street, the women discuss the idea of being able to be friends with an ex. When Steve confronts her, Charlotte finds herself facing a fear of horses, and Samantha picks up a man on the street. After Carrie cleans out her clothes finding a dress that's over a decade old, she calls her ex Mr. Big. They make plans for lunch, both trying to prove they are not affected by the other. Charlotte talks Carrie into going horseback riding with her, but chickens out last second. Samantha goes to sleep with her new man, and finds he's just too much to take. While Miranda and Steve end up having sex, confusing their situation.

Quote of the week- "Can you be friends with an ex?"

Favourite quote: "You know what? I broke in Big. I did I broke him in and now the idiot stick figure with no soul gets to ride him." - Carrie in a scene with Charlotte who's about to go horse back riding.

"You broke up with James because he was too small, and this guy he's too big. What are you goldiec**ks?" - Carrie to Samantha when Samantha tells her, her new man is overwhelmingly large.

Favourite outfit: the two piece camisole and skirt in peach with silver, that Samantha wears when she first sees how big Mr. C**ky is.

This is pretty much the first time you really see Mr. Big come undone. Up till this point in the series, he's been pretty much calm cool and collected. But there are a few scenes where he shows how much Carrie really means to him, and already the regrets he has.

This episode got me to watch the movie The Way We Were, for the first time because of the drinks scene where the girls compare themselves to the movie.  The final scene with Carrie and Mr. Big is a recreation from the movie.

The Nosferatu Adventures s7 p22

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 200, chapter 200

"You didn't get the job done."   Loki said as he shimmered out of the shadows, walking carefully, slowly across the length of the library. Our heroine didn't need to turn to know the dark haired god was standing inches now away from her. She could hear the crinkling of his leather jacket.

"I didn't realize it was an ultimatum." she responded breathless. The god shook his head, his chin brushing against her shoulder as he looked extremely close at what she was copying from the spellbook.

"No but I'd get it done if I were you. Times a ticking and let's just say your boys have a ladder match they need to go deal with." he grinned like a little kid.

"Dagan didn't even notice the ring..."

"Six sided ring..." Loki added tapping her hand. "It's not just any ring, it's a very special ring."

"But Victor did." she sighed feeling the breath of the man on her neck. A strange chill ran through our heroine just as Loki moved away.

"Victor isn't the pack alpha. Dagan is. Shack Victor all you want, after you secure the alpha position in the pack." he turned on his heels "But trust me, you'll be thanking me for pushing you on this." he started to wander around the room, heading straight for the adjoining nursery. "Cozy. Two of everything. Maybe I should have knocked you up with twins? Huh? Keep the Frankenstein family theme going, make use of all this stuff." he leaned back at the waist his hands out in front of him gesturing to the cribs and cradles, the toybox of old forgotten broken items, and the rocking chair in the corner. "Try the page with the carvings on it around the back of the book. The ones that look like they were printed in blood." He heard her flip through the large volume, grunting as she found them. "And isn't it strange that the Seer has yet to arrive to save his grandmother's book? Or you I suppose." Loki shrugged, as he returned to stand beside her. Tapping the book, the dark haired god's demeanor changed, the little laugh lines around his eyes becoming smooth, the shinning flicks of gold in his brown eyes becoming liquid steel just before flashing the amber-grey of the wolf.  "We're going to need a few things. I'll head to the kitchen you get started."


The auburn-red wolf ran a few feet ahead of the onyx wolf, having caught the familiar scent of their buddy. Coming to a halt, Dagan realized he'd lost the trail, sniffing the edge of the vineyard, getting closer and closer to the edge of the village. His ears twitched as he heard something off in the distance. Leaves crunching, the sound of something jumping and landing heavy in packed dirt, the rush of a thumping heartbeat. Without waiting for the other wolf to catch up, Dagan turned heading west back around the length of the still viable crop. There he found the temptation, a small family of rabbits that were living in an abandoned wine barrel. The caramel wolf not more then twenty feet away, stalking them.
Reuben really needed to break his rabbit habit. Howling Dagan sent the rabbits fleeing in all directions, as the caramel wolf snorted slumping to his belly.

A few minutes later, the three males sat exhausted, having shifted back to human form. Reuben stood up stretching out his arms feeling the ache deep in his muscles from having traveled so far. He didn't have to wait long before everyone started to fill him in.

"So you are saying that you..." he pointed to Rolf. "are barred from entering the estate and Nosferatu can't come out cause she's being held in by the same ward? Next thing we know you'll be stuck counting seeds and freaking out over flowers while she's howling at the moon." He tapped the back of his hand on the larger male's chest. "Am I right?" 
Rolf turned his blue eyes away from his buddy not willing to tell him it had already started. "And you..." Reuben turned slapping Dagan on the back of the skull. "I told you so!" he flicked his long hair out of his eyes before putting it back in this trademark too smooth to be human ponytail. "Come on! I told you breaking your sire bond with her was a mistake. Told you that you'd regret it. Didn't I? Huh?" He nodded to himself smiling like a little kid. "I'm always right, you just don't give me enough credit."

"Okay, you were...you...you were...right." Dagan stammered as he closed his eyes, arms crossed over his chest. "What do you want a metal?" his left leg started twitching in nervousness.

"I so do not hate breaking up this little love fest, but why are you here?"  Finn asked from his seat by the campfire. The familiar had gone hunting while the werewolves had been playing. The goose he figured was enough if they weren't greedy, but that was asking a lot from a bunch of mutts. The sandy haired male began angrily plucking the feathers of the bird.

"The magick mirror sent me. We've got an issue. He's freaking out back in his century talking about a rip in time or something. He wants me to open a time portal. And in order to do that, I need the bitch to scream."

"Isn't that the same thing the Seer did last year? When Dagan lost his memories?" Rolf replied.

"Yeah." Reuben replied scratching at the edges of his beard. "Damn fleas." He stretched again, linking his hands behind his head. "But, this time, if Nos don't go, it should be okay." he shrugged. "I just need her to scream. The mirror said, her being a banshee is the key to the spell working. Something to do with the sonic blah blah blah. I wasn't paying attention, his stuffy British voice bores me."

"Don't you kind of need the Seer for magick that strong?" Rolf said, turning in his seat one hand on his knee. "And we haven't seen him in a few days."

"No. All I need, is his spellbook. And that's here." Reuben replied pointing to the estate.

"Actually, no you don't."  The whole group turned to see Loki standing beside the tree. "Which mirror did you end up inheriting?"

"Um...Nathaniel." Reuben and Rolf said.  "The stuffy British dude with the wire rimmed glasses and shifty looking face." Dagan answered. They all spoke in unison. Everyone turned to look at the auburn haired male.

"What? I couldn't remember his name okay." he shuffled his feet as if wiping them. "I remember the way he sweet talked the female smiling at her in that come hither way. All educated in charm school tactics and and..." his voice became heavy, pinched as he spoke through clinched teeth. "Getting her trust with that tweedy flirting he did..." the werewolf had brought both hands now up to his face in claw formations, before throwing punches at the air.

"So sire bond has taken affect."  Reuben said under his breath. "20 coins says he's a drooling mess before he manages to claim her as his mate."  Rolf just shook his head trying to hold back the grin. Dagan snarled as he cracked his neck, rotating his shoulders advancing towards Reuben.

"You think this is funny? You think this is funny? Huh?" he stood just centimeters away from him, his stance suggesting a fight, his mouth slightly open. "I'd like to see you handle this any better. Oh wait, you didn't! She was only your mate for a half second, by default and you..." he grabbed Reuben's chin digging his nails into his flesh before the other werewolf shoved his hand away. "And you puffed up screaming about how you were the man! Huh! Now where are you? You are no longer the pack alpha, and she's no longer your's."

"Enough!" Loki's voice was loud enough to shake the ground, rattling the trees sending a shower of leaves down around them. "No wonder she's happier in the estate with Victor. You all acting like a pack of rapid dogs! Or worse, a bunch of wrestlers fighting over a title. What, do you want I throw you all into a cage with a ladder and let you slaughter each other, cause I can do it."

Dagan backed away a half step his hands up in the air in a surrender motion. "Alright alright alright." he licked his lips tilting his face towards Loki, his eyes squinted up. "Ever notice the banshee gets compared to a belt a lot? Am I the only one who keeps seeing the..." he made a motion with his hands towards his waist. "Is it a barbed wire cage? Will there be chairs?"  He fell to his knees coughing up blood, Loki's patience worn thin.

Letting out a deep sigh, the god lowered his hand, releasing Dagan. The werewolf bent his face to the ground gasping for air. "You are so lucky you three are my favourites. I'd have slaughtered you myself by now if I didn't love you so much. Ungrateful as you can be." He turned his attention to Rolf who had by this point stood up, ready for an attack. "You will go with Reuben. Understood. Take the cat with you." the dark haired god lowered his eyes, a dark shadow covering most of his face. "You..." he turned again to face Dagan who was still on the ground. "I suggest, you waste little time claiming her as your mate. Cause I can make your life so unbearable. I had planned on sending you with them, but I see you're not man enough to get anything done. You have one simple task. Make her your mate so she has the protection of the pack. It's not rocket science."  The god had started to shift, loosing the control on his current form, the leather jacket and grey t-shirt that he preferred both disappearing in the magick mist, as it swirled angrily around him. His legs seemed to get a few inches longer, his shoulders becoming wider, his flesh paler almost to the colour of eggshells. But it was his face that sent a shiver through all four of the others.
His nose became more muzzle like, his jaw more squared, his cheekbones sharper, higher, his eyes sunken pools of amber-grey, his fangs jutting out a full inch from his lips both top and bottom rows. Loki stood there half human, but more than any werewolf. More than any shapeshifter any of them had witnessed. Large horns had begun to form in a strange shadow like way from the back of his skull, his ears coming to fairy like points. There seemed to be spikes of bone in a double row in shadow form too at his shoulders, and elbows, a strange pattern of rune markings fading in and out across his chest like the way the sun gleams off the lake.
"Understand, you'll need to find a magick mirror once you get there. Not an easy task in itself. But it should be your first priority. Time portals are sticky things." he tossed a small pouch at Finn. "This is for when you're ready to come back. It will only work once."
Loki waved his hand, causing Reuben, Rolf and Finn to disappear. Turning his attention then back to Dagan. "I'd tell you not to shack things up, but, that's exactly what I need you to do."  Loki shimmered into the shadows, disappearing.

Rolf, Reuben and Finn found themselves suddenly on the edge of a cliff. Turning, the familiar mindlessly tapped Rolf. "Um guys..."  The two werewolves sniffed as they moved an inch away from the edge of the rocks, before turning too. "Is that?"

"Oh my god!" Reuben replied bringing both hands up to finger comb his long dark hair. His mouth fell open in shock as he tried to process what he was seeing.

"I think we are in Romania." Rolf's voice was a more a statement then a question as he moved another few feet closer to the dead body that hung before them. There was nothing for miles but the wall of impaled bodies.

TO BE CONTINUED NEXT SEASON...(okay you know Wrestlemaina week)

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your heroine...me(straight up story. What, you think our heroine was the only vampire I was going to bring into this? What are you dumb, stupid?)

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Theme Week -SATC

As I mentioned on another post earlier this week, I've been struggling to find a theme for this month. I was thinking at one point, of movies done in 1974, but I believe I already mentioned that I couldn't even sit through the trailers for the few I found let alone the whole movies.  Then with yesterday's pizza post and all the talk of old 80's Feldman films, I started to think about things I love. The pieces of life that makes me; well me.
So since my birthday is Sunday, I've decided that the theme this week is going to be a tv show that really shaped who I am now. My ultimate can't live without, inspired big changes/A-HA! moments in my life.

And cross your parts/paws/fangs that there will be at some point cake...

Sex and the City 

Season 1 Episode 1 "Sex and the City"

plot:After another birthday that the four girls -Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha- spend single, they make a pact to have a love life without the love and just have sex like men. Because of this, Carrie makes a mistake with a former ex, where upon she meets Mr. Big.  Carrie learns she's not cut out for emotionless relationships, and starts to question if she'll be alone forever? Miranda dates a younger man who's too nice. Charlotte dates a guy who is infamous for being a playboy, who dumps her for Samantha.  Carrie bumps into Mr. Big again on her way home from a club, and they discuss the topic of loveless sex vs emotional relationships.

Quote of the week "Cupid has flown the co-op"

This episode sets the foundations for the whole series to come. The debate of hopeless romance vs sex without feelings.

Favourite quote -"Absof***inglutely."  uttered by Mr. Big in the final scene.
Favourite outfit- the animal print dress Carrie wares in the last five minutes of the episode.

I can say without any doubt, it was literally this last scene with Carrie and Mr. Big in the limo, that hooked me as a fan. The scene itself is only 2 and a half minutes, but it's the scene that always stuck out to me.
I loved the fact that this guy comes out of nowhere, and in one conversation, manages to undo all the hard work that the four women have put into motion convincing themselves and each other that they have to be colder, when it comes to men.
He, literally, with one word changes how Carrie views the power struggle between men and women. 

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What that movie inspired me to do #14

NOTE - I'm counting the Food n Flix blog group entries as #11, #12 and #13.

(#1 was talking about how Julie/Julia inspired this blog,  Bridget Jones's Diary changed my thinking, The Jane Austen Book Club got me partaking in book clubs.  #2 was Nightmare on Elm Street Dream Warriors inspired paper mache house, #3 was the Elvira Mistress of the Dark casserole, #4 was how Ninth Gate inspired me to read the original book Club Dumas, #5 Ramen Girl inspiring me to become obsessed with ramen, #6 was the YaYa Sisterhood inspiring me to start scrapbooking, #7 was Lost Boys fried rice, #8 was movie Casserole Club inspiring a "bad awful casserole", #9 was Twilight New Moon inspiring me to make a dream catcher, #10 vampire movies in general with the Friday the 13th dinner where I had food from a bunch of vampire movies,)

Anyways... today it's PIZZA DAY! inspired by two movies actually

Return of the Killer Tomatoes,  which I talked about way back in year one (Day 42)  When I talked about this movie originally first year of the blog, I focused on the bad pizza toppings.

And the second movie that inspired this is  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles  which I don't think I've ever talked about on this blog?
Dude, there's a lot of pizza displayed in this franchise. Back in the day when this franchise started, some of the pizza combos they have them talking about had people screwing up their noses; now some nearly 30 years later, gourmet pizza is the key to happiness.

This is also a bit of a challenge coming from the hostess of Girlichef.  After a food related chat, she threw the gauntlet down pointing me to her many pizza related recipes on her blog and said "Don't be a foodie wimp- DO IT!"
So after raping her blog of it's pizza recipes...er um READING, I meant reading all the pizza related posts on her blog, I decided I was too impatient to wait for rising dough, so I went with the recipe on the back of the yeast package. No proofing/rising no waiting. Pizza totally done start to finish in under 30 minutes.  Enough to make Donatello proud. (yeah the one Corey Feldman voiced)...(remember the Corey Feldman comment for May as that's a hint to both the Theme Week of May and the Food n Flix movie pick...)

For my sauce
-one can tomato paste with 2 cans of water
-black pepper
-about a teaspoon minced garlic
-about a tablespoon dry oregano
-about a tablespoon dry parsley
-about a tablespoon dry basil
-teaspoon of sugar
-tablespoon cornstarch
-tablespoon extra virgin olive oil 

Just simmer it all together for about ten minutes on lowest heat. Let cool/thicken for a few minutes. I had enough leftover that I'm freezing a few containers for next time.

Now, my dough, as I said I used the package's recipe from the yeast.
-combine 1 cup all purpose flour with 1 envelope UNDISSOLVED yeast, 1 and a 1/2 teaspoon sugar, and 3/4 teaspoon salt. Then add 2/3 cup warm water and 3 tablespoon oil. Mix well until blended.

Then it tells you to add more flour, and it just says "add enough all purpose flour to make a soft dough".   Okay really...I used more flour today then I think I have in the last four months cause "add enough..." ended up being a hell of a lot more then expected.  What the hell is "add enough"? That's not a measurement that's a messy kitchen is what that is, cause you end up with your hands covered in dough and end up having to grab the flour bag four or five times dumping it in...moving on...

It says "dough should be slightly sticky."  Slightly being the trick answer here. It was like superglue. Knead on a floured surface adding additional flour as needed...see more flour.

When it's all smooth and elastic, package says 4 straight minutes but trust me it took longer, then start rolling it out on a greased pan.
Okay, the package is then really cute cause it tells you how to add your sauce and toppings. Too cute seriously.

Preheat oven to 425degrees and bake for 15 minutes.

I went with onions, monterey- jack cheese and cheddar cheese, kept it simple.

The dough ended up rising bit more then expected in the oven, giving it a chewier then I thought texture, but...piiiizzzzzzaaaaa! 

I am so so so glad Heather at Girlichef  slapped me upside the head to make this. I mean, dude, I've had "homemade" pizza before, you know when you buy a kit or a pre-made crust and make your own sauce; but this was so much better!
The directions on the yeast - and I used Fleischmann's Pizza Yeast for anyone who's counting out there- says 30 minutes start to eat, but I swear making the dough itself took me nearly 60minutes.

As you can see, I didn't get it rolled all the way to the edges, but that's okay cause it doesn't need to be pretty, it just needs to keep you happy...dude, it's pizza it's gorgeous no matter what form it comes in. Right, tell me I'm not right on that one. Everyone on the planet is a pizza slut so don't try to pretend you're not!

Till next time....

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Coffee Talk Saturday March 14th 2015

Suddenly everyone around me is talking about their bucket lists. Normally, this wouldn't even phase me, but my birthday is next week and I'm feeling it. All the things I keep hearing people say they've crossed off their big life lists.
Uh huh. Yeah, I got nothing. Dude, I can't even figure out what my theme week is going to be this month...I was thinking movies from 1974, the year I was born, but I can't even sit through the trailers for the few I found, let alone full movies.
I did join the Go Mighty site back few years ago, which I haven't been to in well three years. And today, decided to check it out again thinking I could update something on there. Ends up, none of the things I listed are really "bucket list" items. They were more "goals for this year" type stuff. Very in the moment.

#1) I have never been to a Comic-Con/HorrorFest type weekend. That's something on my bucket list. When I first started this blog, it was something I originally had planed for the big reward of finishing a full year of one different movie a day. But, sadly my knee injury happened and the idea got forgotten.
#2) Horror hostess Elvira is my hero. Meeting her would be a top priority on my bucket list. Which, ties into the first thing. If I ever decide to actually grow up, I'm going to be just like her.
#3) Going to a real occult shop/hoodoo shop would be another.
#4) Hosting a cooking show...that's not just on youtube.
#5) Meeting wrestler Chris Sabin...and
#6) hosting a cooking show with wrestler Chris Sabin...that could be just on youtube.

There are other things that come to mind, but this is enough for this post. (there's a bunch of wrestlers pouting right now cause I only picked Chris Sabin. Howling in grief because I went for the original wrestling hair god, and not them even though I love them more...)

Till later...

The Nosferatu Adventures s7 p21

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 199, chapter 199

The auburn-red wolf snorted as he trudged past the campfire, headbutting the larger male. Rolf sniffed, shifting his eyes to look at his buddy debating if he should join him for awhile. Moving slightly in his seat, the dark haired male put down the sword he was sharpening, and stood up stretching. The magick mist engulfed him, removing the black leather pants, vest and boots, leaving him naked. Shaking out his shoulders, the tall male began to open and close his mouth, loosening his jaws. Arching his back, he felt his shoulders pop out of joint as he fell to the ground. His nose had already lengthened, just as his lips split to allow the muzzle to emerge.
The onyx wolf shook himself as he howled, the sound reverberating back in the estate. Our heroine stopped looking through the large spellbook; closing her eyes and listened. She found herself stretching her own arms feeling the extreme tightness in her back and shoulders as the part of her that was merged with the lycanthrope yearned to join them.

Finn jumped up into the nearest tree branches in order to keep his distance from the two wolves. They didn't like him at all, but at lest in their human forms, Dagan and Rolf couldn't really hurt him; but there was no telling what they would do now that they were at the mercy of their animal sides.
Dagan threw his head back howling. Our heroine cringed as she heard the sound. He was still upset with her. Raising an eyebrow she shuffled through the length of the library trying to see if she could find a pen and notepad, wanting to copy some stuff from the Seer's spellbook. 

"You cringed. Surely you've grown custom to my nephew's more natural side by now?" Victor smirked as he appeared in the doorway of the room.

"You have no idea." she retorted, slamming a drawer shut. "I know what every little nudge, every little sound means. Not just Dagan, but Rolf, Reuben, Ash, Leo, the Seer." she moved back to where the book was. "I know when one of them is mad, happy, goofing around in wolf form. When one of them is sulking over a loss, and trust me those boys fight all the time in wolf form. Fight all the time in human form too. There are days I want to put on a striped shirt and call for a bell..." she flipped the pages in the book trying to keep a few feet of distance between herself and Victor. He was smiling just a bit too handsomely. "Thank god werewolves are instant healers cause otherwise the place would look like an emergency waiting room some nights. Cuts that would otherwise need stitches, bruises that look dangerously evil, broken bones that would never totally heal, skull injuries. Must be what living with a wrestler is like eh?"
Victor crossed the room in what appeared like two steps, his attention having been taken by the trinket on her hand. "Early birthday gift from Loki." her voice was nearly inaudible.

"Have you thought about what you're going to name it?"

"Um...it's a ring..." she snickered turning to grab her leather bag from a chair, retrieving her lunchbox.

"The baby smartass." the tall male leaned on the book, not letting her return to her task.

"Oh...I...not...no? Why? He's Loki's son."

"He? You already know it's a boy?" the older male stood then to his full height, letting out a laboured breath.

"Magickal pregnancy remember. Loki wants an heir so I'm sure he's already magickaly chose it's sex."  

Victor nodded mumbling to himself as he shifted position again, inching his shoulders closer to her. "But you must have thought about it? I mean, every woman does." his voice rose as he began to fidget, his left hand moving in tiny circles.

"Palmer's nice. Thomas. I like Vladislav..." she dumped the contents of the lunchbox in the middle of the desk. Holding up a pen she grinned in triumph. Victor squinted up his eyes as he opened his mouth seemingly stupefied.  He started to pick through the items that now littered the desk.

"Palmer? Since when has a demi-god had such a mundane name? Oh let's summon the all and powerful god of war Palmer...What's with all the dream catchers? You've got like fifty here"

"Thirteen actually. Dagan keeps making them." Victor held one up to the light that had dark wool wound tight along with little gold flakes. "He makes them from whatever is on hand." she said flatly. "Yeah that's not wool." the male tossed it down like it was contaminated wiping his hand on his thigh. "That one was made with..." she picked it up gently twirling it in the light of the lamps. "Rolf's hair. That boy sheds something fierce even in human form." she shrugged putting it back down on the table. Victor groaned shivering at the thought. "Victor you play with dead people."

"I don't keep bits hanging around in a lunchbox. That's just...gross."

"Palmer...Palmer Frankenstein." she said without looking at him. "It works." sighing she turned to face him again only to find herself staring at the top of his hair. "I'm sure you and Loki will come to some agreement when the time comes." the older male had his eyes cast down at her stomach, his shoulders slumped, his hands flexing and unflexing as if he didn't know what to do with himself.

"Me?" his face shot up to her's, looking her dead in the eye.

"You're planning on raising it are you not?" she had crossed her arms now just under her chest giving her boobs a boost. "Doesn't matter if I survive the birth or if you go ahead with whatever your sick little brain has planned. The revenge you were talking about on Dagan, is raising this werewolf."  Victor stood up straight, his arms out at his sides palms up, a look clouding his intense blue eyes. The smile spread across his face exposing his dimples making him look decades younger then he was.

"Two fold. I would be the sole benefactor of a god. A god! And, my ungrateful nephew would suffer knowing I was the one shaping that monster's mind." he took a half step back rolling his shoulders as if he were about to break out in a belly dance, the exact way Dagan did when he was planning something. "And there is nothing he could do to stop me. I'm stronger than him, I'm quicker than him, I'm smarter than him. What my nephew and that pack of mutts know about magick, I've forgotten decades ago. There isn't a spell in the world that would be able to take that half-breed from me once it's born. Not even your dear devoted Loki would be able to touch me." reaching a very pale hand out, he tapped her chin. "In the mean time...you take care of yourself. Last thing we want is you miscarrying again. You'd be useless to us all if you do that."  He walked to the door of the library, stopping at the threshold. "I know what I seem like to you. But you know my nephews. I loved them both. I will love this baby." he continued on out of the rooms.

"Which is the one thing you can do that I can not." she whispered flipping the pages of the spellbook.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your heroine...me(straight up story. Palmer Frankenstein...)

Friday, March 13, 2015

Random movie Friday 13th March 2015

Generation Um

plot:What appears to be three friends recovering from a wild party, spending their day using a stolen video camera, talking about their difficulties in life, turns out to be two prostitutes and their body guard.

This is a 2013 drama starring Keanu Reeves and Bojana Novakovic.

This movie tries to be like the  Before Sunrise franchise. Had it been done 20 or even 15 years ago, it might have been considered a "concept", but in the light of the times, it's just a go nowhere do nothing film. It tries to make depth of an empty wine glass, while keeping the lead actor to the left or right of the screen to draw your attention to the world around him. And sadly, that camera move is the only really cool thing about the movie.
The last four minutes when we follow the trio to a bachelor's party, is truly the only interesting thing in it. You finally get some depth to the otherwise cut-out characters.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Nosferatu Adventures s7 p20

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 198, chapter 198

Dagan made his way back into the estate, dropping his coffee cup into the sink. Rolf had told him what had happened with the dreams, but he knew his buddy was keeping something from him. Rolf was always sitting on some big family secret like he had the weight of the world on his massive shoulders.
The cook was busy in the kitchen making bread; a tray of dinner rolls already sitting to cool, and a large lemon cake waiting to be frosted. The auburn haired male reached around the older woman about to dip his fingers into the bowl of frosting, only to have them slapped. Without looking at him, the cook scolded him. Smiling he planted a quick kiss on her cheek remembering when he and Harker were kids and being gently yelled at for stealing the whisks and spoons still covered in chocolate or butterscotch. After their mother had died, the two boys found themselves hanging around the kitchen staff more then they should have, searching for any familiar glimpse of what their mother had been in the beauty of the young maids, in the sweetness of the older women, in the general good naturedness of them. He felt a soft shot of sadness as he thought about how they were always so happy, always singing and joking and gossiping about the village. Dagan wished he could go back to being that kid again. To have the kitchen filled with innocent chatter and wonderful smells.  Sighing, the werewolf scratched at his stomach heading back towards the south wing.

He found himself slammed up against the wall, the female digging her nails into the soft flesh of his upper arms, her knees pressed hard into his; as Dagan found himself grinning from the kiss.
"Okay, magick mist those pants off, let's get this over with." she mumbled standing up on her toes to kiss him again. He leaned his upper body away from her's, his eyebrows knitted together in puzzlement.

"What the shack?" he asked running his hand through his hair. "Now you want to have sex?" he tilted his face towards her sniffing. "Are you drunk? You don't smell like you've been drinking so what's gotten into you?" He teased as he rubbed the back of his skull against the wall causing his hair to cling to the smooth surface.

She shrugged pressing against him. "Does it matter?"   The werewolf stood there for a long few seconds staring off at a small crack in the far wall. It was his turn to shrug as he closed his eyes nodding.

"Kinda yeah. This is not like you. You're not...this." he answered waving his hand in her face.  He stood up to his full height, jutting out his chin as if to punctuate his point. The grin never completely leaving his lips.

She reached her one hand up to his throat slamming him against the wall again, her nails drawing blood. "And as a vampire, I don't have to ask for anything. If I want something, I take it." she licked the droplets of blood, her tongue gliding over him from the edge of his collar bone to his ear. The taste of the hot liquid causing her mind to swim. Dagan made a sound that was somewhere between a growl and a moan, grabbing her wrist removing her hand from his neck.

"Wait a second...what do you mean let's get this over with?"  He held her at arms length, licking his lips, suspicion creeping into his blue eyes. "What are you trying to distract me from? What's going on?" The shapeshifter sniffed the air not detecting anyone else's scent. If she was hiding someone, they were long gone. The sudden thought of her in bed with his uncle flashed in his mind, his neck and shoulder muscles tightening with the hint of jealousy.

"Obviously nothing." she huffed moving from him continuing into the bathroom. Turning on the shower, she bent down to scratch Tombstone's ear as the hellhound had been curled up in the doorway between the bathroom and adjoining library.  "Gee Dags, you sound offended."
He nodded to the now empty bedroom before jumping over the bed nearly falling as his foot snagged on the blankets, causing the male to trip.

"Um yeah just a little bit." he bit his cheek flexing his one hand, before pointing at her. Shifting his weight, the auburn haired male bent his one knee as if he were about to drop to a crouch, instead he began to stretch, his arms out one in front of him, one behind. He stood up again, bouncing a few times, shaking his shoulders loosely like a little kid. Our heroine smiled, trying not to laugh at the over 6'foot lycanthrope as he moved on the spot.

"Wow! You're juiced up." she calmly stated grabbing a fresh towel from the cabinet.

"I'm not juiced up. I'm not." he leaned over his forehead touching her's as he rolled his body. "Okay maybe...maybe just a little. But what do you expect?" he broke the physical contact with her long enough to sneeze. Dagan backed her into the corner suddenly, one hand on either side of the wall. "Rolf's here. He's outside, can't come in because of the wardings. Told me to tell you..." he nudged her shoulder with his nose, his eyes flashing the amber-grey of the wolf. "that he's been having the white wolf dreams, only they're more like nightmares."

"I know. I heard you two talking. Double super-hearing now." she whispered. "I'm not too worried."

"No? He is." Dagan licked his lips again, his fangs starting to jut through his gums. "He's worried to the point he came here, in a panic."  He started to fidget, his left leg shaking, his nose pressed tight to her skin as he sniffed her shoulders, her collar bone, her neck before snapping his teeth at her twice.  Grabbing his face between her hands, our heroine forced Dagan to look at her.

"So Rolf showing up has you juiced? I was unaware he held such a dazzle over you..." she teased.

"It's the hair." Dagan let his mouth fall open, exposing both his top and bottom fangs, as he started to shift. "Okay if we're not going to shack, I'm going for a run. In wolf form." he continued to stand there pinning her to the wall. Our heroine could feel every muscle in the werewolf's body as he was holding back from transforming completely.

"Don't let me stop you."

He started to tap his thumb on the wall by her ear. "Seriously, what did you mean let's get it over with?" the insecurity in his voice made it pinched.  Our heroine let out a strained breath as she rolled her eyes at him, her hands seeming to have a mind of their own as they made their way to his waist. "You made it sound like it's a chore or something?" the male's ego was bruised.

"Dagan, it's a ritual. Nothing more nothing less. We shack, it locks in the alpha position for the pack all magickal and binding..."

"Yeah..." a low sound hissed out of his chest as he bent at the knees swaying a centimeter closer to her, the magick mist swirling around him in a thick fog. "Still, you're making it sound like it's a task you have to undertake and not...not...something you want to be doing..."

"Something has to be going on longer then three seconds to be a chore. All I'm saying."  The werewolf stared at her his mouth open, a thin layer of saliva pooling in the corner, his eyes wide still that of the wolf. "Ripper I get it, honestly I do." she moved her hands around his back sliding over his spine. "Feelings don't equal attraction."

"But you are attracted to me." he nodded his head making his point. "That's why you slept with my uncle who looks just like me."

"But you're not to me."  Tombstone snored causing both to turn looking at the half timber wolf- half hellhound. The beast raised his muzzle giving them each consideration before getting up and wandering into the other room.

"Yeah what he said." the werewolf was out of the room in a blink, down the hallway and out the kitchen door of the estate before our heroine could think of a reply.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your heroine...me(straight up story. Well you know you can't have everything.)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Nosferatu Adventures s7 p19

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 197, chapter 197

"Love is a four letter word." Bryon said as he raised the empty whiskey glass, catching the light from the fireplace. "Where am I going with that?" he shrugged as he turned towards the large window pulling open the drapes. Dust flew everywhere as the one side caught on it's rod. Leaning one hand on the window, he squinted as he spotted the familiar talking to someone.  "Victor is not going to like that. So much for a cloaking spell."


Our heroine's eyes fluttered as she opened them, trying to focus on the figure standing beside the bed. The dark haired male was leaning against the wall, his legs crossed at the ankles, examining his fingernails which were long glass like points. "You've got to take better care of yourself. I can't be popping in like this to babysit...I'll miss too many hockey games."
Loki's voice was laced with humour as the god shifted his weight moving around the room. Our heroine made a noise as she sat up, her hand instinctively going to her forehead. She sat there staring at her hand for a moment, confused as the trinket gleamed in the light of the fireplace. "It's called a ring." Loki nodded towards her. "Don't worry, it's gold. Didn't want your hand burning off with a silver one. Even though silver would have suited you better." he smiled slyly suddenly chewing a piece of gum. "It's a gift. Not for you as much as for Dagan." he shrugged moving towards her, sitting down on the edge of the bed causing it to squeak. "He sees that it will have him thinking. But I do have a gift for you..." he sniffed leaning in closer to her, his brown eyes shifting to the amber-grey of the wolf, his voice becoming gravely. "Shack him. But you instigate it. You claim him as your mate. Taking the alpha position from him in the pack. Making the pack yours."  he winked at her.

"That's possible?" she questioned the god unable to take her eyes off of his. Loki reminded her of some celebrity suddenly that she used to have a massive crush on. She blushed hotly thinking back to a publicity photo she'd once seen of the celebrity biting a necklace. 
He snapped his fingers in front of her face bringing her back to the moment. Shaking her head she blushed again. "Sorry what?"

"I said it's a hexagon. The ruby is a hexagon shape." he grabbed her hand admiring his choice in jewelery. Smiling again, Loki brought her pale slim fingers up to his mouth, kissing her knuckles. "I thought it was fitting."
Our heroine couldn't stop blushing as she felt the heat of his breath on her flesh. Clearing her throat she managed to nod, not even sure what she was agreeing to. "Okay then. Get some rest, eat something, and stay away from the mugwort! That's an order. I don't want anything happening to my little experiment there." he waggled his finger at her, lowering his chin. The god shimmered, disappearing leaving our heroine confused and still blushing.


 Dagan had smelled the other werewolf's scent the second he arrived on the property. He'd waited in the kitchen,, expecting Rolf to arrive at the back door, a pot of coffee on. Only the larger male seemed to be hovering out in the back grounds for some reason? Slurping his own cup, the auburn haired male poured one for his buddy and was about to go find him, skidding into a circle as he back tracked to pour another. He didn't like Finn, wanted to rip his spleen out in fact, but that didn't mean he had to ignore common courtesy. Shaking his head, Dagan mumbled to himself as he made his way to them. A new scent filled the air as bonfire smoke trailed upward into the evening sky.
He said nothing as he bent to place the cup of coffee beside the familiar's foot in one graceful swoop as he continued around the small campfire to where Rolf was sitting.

"There's plenty of food in the kitchen Rolf, you can come inside." he sniffed as he took another gulp of the still warm liquid sitting down beside the other werewolf on a large tree branch. Rolf had obviously redecorated the garden, creating a small area that strangely reminded Dagan of the set up Ash had in his yard.
The bigger male snorted as he accepted the mug of coffee, his long mass of curls falling over his shoulder.

"That was the plan but something got in the way. How is she?"

"What got in the way?" Dagan asked.

"That would be the no fly zone your demonic uncle has up around here. Keeps the bat in and that furball out." Finn commented as he sniffed the cup of coffee to see if it was safe.

"She's rude. Making my life hell and just generally...making my life hell." Dagan replied scratching at his jaw, his eyes cast downward. 

"Rude?" Rolf asked his eyebrows knitted together in question. The other shapeshifter refused to expand on his comment forcing Rolf to slap his buddy on the chest as a smile crossed his face. "She turned you down. Oh my god." the rich deep sound of his laughter echoed in the other two male's very delicate ears. "You're not as irresistible as you think."

Dagan sat there pouting as he finished his coffee, running his hand through his hair in a nervous twitch. "That's not funny." he stood suddenly as if needing to put distance between them.

"It is funny." Rolf remarked still grinning. "I mean, it's not like you two are fighting that feeling, that desire to shack up anymore...you aren't even affected anymore by the sire bond."  Dagan opened his mouth to say something but thought better of it, rotating his shoulders in a nervousness as he shuffled his feet.

"Well...I mean...there was a bit of blood drinking..." he stammered biting on his thumbnail.

Rolf nearly fell off his seat from laughter. He was doubled over beet red from it, shaking his head as he flicked his hair out of his face. "You never learn."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your heroine...me (straight up story. I'm betting Dagan blushing is a rare but beautiful thing.)

Friday, March 6, 2015

March Food n Flix

This month's Food n Flix film is  The Quiet Man and is hosted by What's On The List?

plot: A man returns to his family's estate in Ireland and promptly falls for the woman who lives next door. Unfortunately for him, her brother is bitter that he out bid him for a chunk of farm land and refuses to let them marry. After the rest of the town helps the young couple convince the woman's brother, more bad blood occurs when the brother withholds her half of the family money. The brother then goats the new husband into a public fight, unaware his new brother-in-law is a former boxer who killed a man in the ring.

This is a 1952 film starring John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara, and is based on a short story.

So my notes for this movie contained: trout, salmon, lamb, Irish stew, "goat cheese", "beets" (there were splashes of red everywhere that just reminded me of beet juice) pub food, baked potatoes, green beans, chops, bread/butter, pot roast, whiskey, beer, "smoked halibut" (more then a few fishing scenes but also a lot of characters just smoking)  "date squares", "tea", "gingerbread"  (the cottage made me think of Hansel and Gretel)  "strawberry shortcake" (the dress the lead female character wears reminded me of it) buttermilk, "powdered sugar" (the horse race on the beach just made me think of it) "camomile tea" (a lot of shots of white flowers mostly daisies) "graveyard cake" (the graveyard scene made me think of Hallowe'en decorations) chocolate gold coins, wedding cake, "rose-hip tea" (there's a big to do over a rose bush) shepherd's pie.

Half the movie takes place with rain and high winds, so all I could think was hot food hot drinks, which is why all the teas. Again, my list is half because of what shows up in the scenes/dialog and half of what it triggered in my mind.

I ended up watching this online. So you will notice a lack of movie case in the photos. 

I went with date squares, because A) the movie is about romance (the "date" part) and B) the movie is about land disputes (the "square" represents the "lots of farm land")  And it was one of my Newfie Grandparent's favourite things (Newfoundlanders are half Irish half British for those outside of Canada)


1 and a half cups flour
1 and a half teaspoon baking soda
1 cup butter
1 and a half cups oats
1 and a half cup brown sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 pound dates
3/4 cup hot water
1/4 cup regular sugar
pinch salt

 For the filling, mix the dates, salt, regular sugar and water.

For the crust, mix the oats, flour, baking soda, brown sugar, butter, vanilla.

Spread HALF of the crust on the bottom of the pan, then the filling over it, and the remainder of the crust on top.

Bake at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes roughly depending on your oven.
 I have to admit, for such an easy recipe, it took me double the time it should have, because I had to chop the dates. And they were glazed, so just a sticky mess.  Plus, I had to break out the pestle and mortar to break up the brown sugar as it had gotten clumpy.

I do not have any "real" kitchen equipment, no pasta maker, no blender, no food processor. So I end up doing everything the old fashioned way by hand.
Nor do I have a microwave, but that's because I hate microwaves.
The heart shaped pan was just all I had, I dropped my glass one and it broke. But none the less, very cute for the topic...

This goes perfect with a nice hot cup of tea. Which, I was going to make a homemade tea blend for, but didn't have the opportunity to get to the gluten free store to pick up loose teas. Maybe someone will pick up on the idea and run with it?

Okay, as I tell you every time, my photography skills suck, and my food is like me, not beautiful but will keep you happy.

Till next time...

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Random movie March 4th 2015

Single Mom's Club

plot: A group of women are pulled into their children's school because each child was caught breaking the rules. As punishment, the mom's are forced to work together on a school fundraiser. They all decide on their first group meeting, that they need to get a break more often, and end up sharing babysitting duties so the others can go out every week.

This is a 2014 comedy starring Nia Long and Amy Smart.

Oh my god! why did I sit through this? There is one really funny part and that's a scene where one of the mom's asks her hot neighbour if he can help build the "enchanted forest" for the school dance. Other then that, the story never really gets any depth to it. There's no real emotions, nothing to really make you care about any of the women, or the men in their lives.
Honestly, I think the issue was there were too many characters and none of them where ever really given a chance to shine, to be built upon.

I didn't care for it. I found it dull.