Saturday, April 27, 2013

Week 17 Movie Club

Okay, it's a Saturday night, I'm babysitting  and I'm scrambling for time to pull this off... vampire movie of the week...Hotel Transylvania (I don't think I used this for movie club yet?)
So this will be very very short.

We see Dracula building a castle in the middle of Transylvania, which will be a hotel for monsters.  Dracula has become afraid of humans, because they caused his wife to die in a fire. Dracula, now left as a single dad, is afraid of loosing the rest of his family and friends as well, and decides to create this private hotel.
On his daughter's 118th birthday, Dracula has a major all weekend party planned, having invited all the monsters. But Mavis, his daughter, wants to travel, and manages to talk Dracula into letting her go to the nearest village to see what humans are like. She ends up afraid of them and goes back home.
Soon, a human named Johnathan, stumbles upon the hotel and falls in love with Mavis.
Dracula is now worried about how the rest of the monsters will react if they learn a human is in the hotel, while trying to keep the young couple apart.
But, Mavis finds out the truth, that Johnathan is a human and Johnathan leaves.  As the monsters feel they are no longer safe in the hotel, Dracula realizes that he can not control everyone.  When he realizes that Mavis and Johnathan are really in love, Dracula, Frankenstein, the Wolfman, the Invisible Man and the Mummy, all race to the airport to stop Johnathan.
They all return to the hotel, and celebrate Mavis's birthday with a concert, just before Mavis and Johnathan go traveling around the world.

The point of the movie was that you never know who you're true love will be. Nor can you control everything to make it perfect, as there is no real way to have perfection.

Sorry it's a short post, but it's here tonight.  I've covered this movie in the original 1 movie a day for the year challenge (2012) and earlier in the year already on the vampire blog.

Okay, as I said, I'm babysitting, so I'm off.  
Till later

Monday, April 22, 2013

Week 16...ooopps

Yes, there was no Movie Club last week.  I plain old forgot. I've been distracted and it totally slipped my mind.
So, some might wonder why do I bother posting a note on the missing weeks?   Because, I'm trying to keep track of the which week is what. Yes it would be just as easy to write it on a calendar but what's the fun in that?

There will be one for this week. I promise on a stack of Anne Rice novels I will get week 17 done before Saturday night.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday April 19th

Friday, and time for the weekly round up from the vampire blog.  And this week, there's stuff to list.
It's a short week, but a full one. 

Wednesday April 17th, was Day 55 and I talked about an episode of Dracula the Series

Thursday, April 18th was Day 56, and I covered an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Friday (today) was Day 57, and I talked about the movie  Stephen King's Sleepwalkers,  plus I covered 4 episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in what I'm calling my Slayer Fest.  

I'm going to do a couple more rounds of Slayer Fest this weekend.

till later

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

On the Banks of Newfoundland

Movie:  Down to the Dirt

Where: my living room

Reason for seeing it? It's about a guy from Newfoundland

This is one of my favourite Canadian films. It's not a new one, it's been out for a few years now, but I haven't watched it in over a year so I thought I would dig it out.

It is based on a novel by Joel Thomas Hynes, a Canadian writer/actor.   He also stars in this film.
As does Hugh Dillon (Hard Core Logo, Flashpoint, Dance Me Outside, Trailer Park Boys, Ginger Snaps 3-Ginger Snaps Back, )

This is one of those harsh dramas that pulls you in and chews on you for a bit. And if you haven't seen many Canadian films, this is a great place to start.

It focuses on a couple in their late teens, early twenties and how partying tears them apart. Each believing what they are looking for is each other, when what they are really looking for is themselves. There is a very subtle quite chaos to it, that leaves you wondering if you should feel sorry for the characters or not?

Year 2 Mid-season...The Rest of the Story

The Nosferatu Adventures
 Page 1, Chapter 1

In the year 2013, our story follows a not so brave woman as she goes on a quest. Some would say a spiritual quest, some would say she needed to face her past demons, and others still would say she was just bored and had a large collection of movies in her tiny apartment.

Packing a small armory in her vampire themed lunchbox,(very tiny, mostly swizzle sticks shaped like swords from her last time having martinis and bat shaped stickers from a Hallowe'en craft project)  she grabbed her vampire printed binder and set about doing research on a long loved but never truly forgotten source of movie history; the vampire genre.  Digging deep into the very bowels of this pit of despair, she made her way through the blood soaked fears and joys, hoping to learn something about herself and society in general.

Along the way, there were many challenges in the form of snow, ice, migraine headaches, uninvited company, and temptations in the form of a creative writing roll and Wrestlemaina weekend. But these set backs were not mere road blocks, these road blocks were mere set backs, and could not keep our heroine down for long. (I refuse to tap!)

Day and night she toiled filling boxes of decrepit earth... no wait, that's a line from Dracula.... She continued her quest to spend a year neck deep in the vampire sub-genre, only to be .... forget this paragraph it's not working out.... Day and night she toiled filling boxes of decrepit wait, that's still a line from Dracula... trying to keep her sense of humour as she wondered if anyone was still listening to her other then the handful of wrestlers who had been the base of her fiend club. Still, she trudged on.
In the beginning of the quest, it was easy for our heroine, she was able to stake the vampires, using only her witty puns and a small unsharpened charcoal drawing pencil, and still have time to back flip over other movie genres. (okay this is where the links come in for the flashback) 
Seeing Hobbits and Mice and Meat oh my! But it didn't stop there, she also swiftly made her way through a forest of bad Houses two Heartbreaks, okay Make that three, spotted some flying Fish, and hung out with 007.

But our heroine needed more.  More skills, more thrills, and more chills, to help balance her quest. There was only one thing left to do. Our heroine had to call upon the Magic Ninjas.... (watching a lot of old JCW this week hang in there with me) to guide her through the next phase of her quest. To help get her over the desert and back to the graveyard....

Tune in later for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Movie Club Week 15

Okay guys, I've sort of got one this week.  I say sort of because, it's technically not a vampire movie, but a werewolf movie.
I've been thinking about what to pull for movie club, and started to compare traditional vs non-traditional vampire movies again, and thought I would step out of the box once again.  I'm throwing  Ginger Snaps  up here this week.  I know you're going Waaaaawhat?   But let me break it down a bit for you. 

We have two sisters who have been bullied for most of their lives, living in a small town in Canada. Both are obsessed with death and the morbidness life has to offer, like so many teenagers. The older gets her period for the first time, and rebels against the idea of it.
While out later that night, she gets attacked brutally by some sort of wild animal, and nearly dies. Within minutes, her wounds are healed and she says she feels nothing. No pain, no fear.
The younger sister managed to get a photo of the creature, and is sure something crazy is going on.
Over the course of the next few weeks, Ginger who was the one bitten, starts to change, becoming more aggressive, more sexual and more of a loner. Bridget, the younger sister is left having to clean up the mess that Ginger is making as she starts to become violent actually killing one of the girls at school who has been bullying them.
While this is going on, Bridget turns to the local drug dealer for help, as she watches her sister become involved with a few of the popular boys in school. Soon, one of the boys begins to show the same signs of change as Ginger. The two girls along with the drug dealer, have figured out that she was bitten by a werewolf and have little time before the next full moon to reverse it.
But Ginger's aggressiveness has hit a peak and she's killed more people. She then turns on Bridget infecting her.
The three of them end up in a show down that only Bridget survives. But it's too late by this point and she too begins to change into a werewolf.

Okay, so I thought I would take a look at this from the point of view of a vampire movie because of the aspects of the werewolfism being transferred by blood and a bite.  I know, most werewolf stories do rely on this method for their plot line, but not many draw the parallel with vampirism.
Werewolf stories and vampire stories go hand in hand with the idea that vampires can either control animals or transform into them.

I like the fact that this story has in it the theory that the werewolf bite is basically an infection that eats away at the blood of the host, like many modern vampire stories. (Dracula anyone?) And that it can be cured if the blood is purified. (again Dracula does the same thing with the idea of giving the victims transfusions)
Silver is also an strong element in both werewolf and vampire folklore.

okay that's it for tonight, till later

Saturday April 13th

Well, it's the weekend. And that means, the latest round up from the vampire blog.  Which, I have to admit has been a bit anemic.

Saturday March 23rd was Day 49, and I covered an episode of Dracula the Series

Sunday March 24th was Day 50, and I talked about the vampire movie Stay Alive

Tuesday March 26th was Day 51, and I talked about the cult classic  The Hunger

Monday April 1st was Day 52, and I covered another episode of Dracula the Series

Thursday April 11th was Day 53, and I talked about the movie  Immortality Wisdom of Crocodiles

Saturday April 13th (today) was Day 54 and I covered another episode of Dracula the Series

So we're starting to come down to the last few episodes of Dracula the Series, and will be heading into some of the other shows between movies.

till later

Coffin Break

I decided to take a bit of a break from my writing, as I've been in my head a bit too long the last few weeks, buried under the keyboard as it were.  And while I was sitting here having a coffee, I realized it's been a full week since I posted on this blog. 

Some of you my moonglourious Spudguns! read my wrestling blog, and if so, then sip your coffee and just smile at me, maybe roll your eyes.  The rest of you, guess what, the other week I wrote this blog post on my wrestling blog about who I would cast in a vampire movie from the wrestling industry. 
It's a fun silly silly post.  But I thought it would be a kick to let the rest of you in on it. Press here

P.S.  did you catch my ICP reference?

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Movie Club week 14

Okay, so I was wrong.  I miscalculated, or you could say, I got ahead of myself. And we're at the end of the week and I don't have a vampire movie of the week done.  Nor will I have a chance to do one before Tuesday, as I am not home and have no access to my vampire collection.   Yeah, I haven't gotten anything done this week at all on my vampire blog.
I've been a bad vampire lover this week.  Been an good writer all week, but that's about it.
And since I'm hanging at my mother's for the weekend...let me rephrase that, Wrestlemaina Weekend, and we're babysitting... well that adds up to nothing but kids shows for the next 7 hours and catching up on wrestling before the pay-per-view after the kid leaves.

So no vampires this week, no movies at all this week.  Bad me.

till after the weekend...

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April 3rd 2013

The idea was simple. 52 weeks, 52 vampire movies.
I've managed to do 11 out of 14 so far.  (I should have week 14 up by tomorrow)  I'm falling behind on my vampire stuff in general.  I've spent most of the last week writing.  After the worst case of writer's block,(I was giving up on ever writing again) I've been writing pretty much non-stop for a week straight. Everything else has been on hold. (the bathroom really needs to be cleaned and the floors haven't been swept in a long while, trash need to be put out)

I'm also toying with the idea of getting back to the one general movie a day, sooner rather then later. (was going to that in 2014 AFTER my year of the vampire)

So this is just me, coming in here sliding a note under the door to say, yes it's been a week just about since I posted but I'm not dead yet.  I just smell that way this week.

till later