Sunday, November 30, 2014

My dream match

So, there is a Chopped marathon today on Food Network Canada, and one of the celebrity episodes was just on. Hold that thought...I caught up with this past week's WWE Raw and Smackdown, and the gimmick this week was Kane being forced to serve the fans, follow me if you will into my morbid idea of a dream match.
If the WWE did an episode of Chopped for charity...they haven't have they?...who would be the best to pick?  Well, you could go with the usual suspects like Cena, Miz, Rock, Bryan, all of who are the faces of publicity. Or, you could go another route and pick wrestlers you wouldn't normally think would do something like this. 
I mean, on one hand, it's cooking. Now, I personally have no clue who in the wrestling world can actually cook, so I'm just throwing out names of who I think would make for an entertaining hour of kitchen mania.

No wrestler was harmed or intentionally insulted in making this post

1) Seth Rollins...I would love to see what he would do with the mystery box filled with corn on the cob, candy floss, moose sausage and green onions. Then again, I just love watching Seth Rollins do anything.

2)Wade Barrett...can't you just picture him leaning on the judges table telling them he's got some bad news after they have chopped him for forgetting to get all four basket ingredients on the plate?

3)Micheal one would expect him to wipe the floor with everyone, but remember he is 1-0 at Wrestlemania, I think he could handle the dessert round.

4)Triple H...I could totally see him spending the first five minutes of the appetizer round just trying to find the right spices while distracting everyone with stories of the time he did the movie Blade 3 Trinity. (yes it's the only one of his movies I've ever seen therefore the only one in my mind that he's done...wonder if he kept the metal fangs?)

5) Roman Reigns...biggest challenge for him would be keeping the judges from swooning while he ran around the kitchen. As long as that curtain of hair stayed out of the plates...

6)Bray Wyatt...can't you just picture him adding hot sauce to everything and then laughing when he gets chopped, just before jumping up on the judges table and stomping on everyone's plates?

7)Adam Rose...I have no bloody idea why, but I see him screaming for the watercress while gathering greens for garnish.

8)Bo Dallas...I could see him telling everyone that it won't matter who wins because it's for charity and that everyone's a winner if they just bo-lieve. And having everyone in the studio including the camera crew toss dinner rolls at him.

That's my idea of a dream match, if WWE were to do a celebrity episode of Chopped USA or Chopped Canada. (and if they have, someone point me to the episode)

Till next time

Friday, November 28, 2014

Potluck Project

Spudguns! Next week, Dec 3rd, will mark the anniversary of this blog.

I guess we know that the last two years have not been as successful as far as the challenge went. I failed to complete the one movie a day challenge for years two and three. (the original reason of the blog)
So there will be no re-try of the one movie a day challenge for year four.  Maybe bring it back for year five? But, my blogging failures are not doing much for my self esteem...bloggingly speaking.

But my cinema loving Spudguns! when it comes to the movies, all is not lost. I discovered a group of bloggers who once a month pick a movie, watch it and then cook something related to the movie. Oh yes, my kind of people.  So, I got the idea to join their blogging tribe.(I swear on a stack of Anne Rice novels that I did not bribe my way in with chocolate and left over Hallowe'en treats...I did however have to do the truffle-shuffle...)

Year four will be trying to keep up with them to the best of my cooking ability. Which, if you saw my attempt last year at the stake through the heart cake, is going to be a massive challenge. (realizing bitterly that I'm not the heavy metal domestic goddess I always imagined I was)

Yes, they have a name, it's Food n Flix. And I imagine I'll be pointing you to them a lot over the course of 2015. (Great! Now I'm craving chocolate and wanting to watch Corey Feldman movies...)

The Nosferatu Adventures S6 p15

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 169, chapter 169

The cat was now curled around our heroine's shoulders, his claws and tail clasped together. "Would you like me to take him off your hands for you?"

"You are the only person so far it hasn't shredded." Jessica said standing up straight, holding her one hand tightly. "If our aunt ever returns looking for him, we'll just say he ran off."

Our heroine nodded in agreement as she stood herself, thanking them for their invitation, agreeing that it was a shame it was cut short.  Quickly, she made her way back to the hotel room, having caught the scent of both Leo and the Seer, fully expecting to see them sitting there. She let out a sigh of disappointment when she found the room empty except for the hellhound.  Tombstone made a noise at seeing the marmalade cat. "Okay, I guess they went to find Dagan and Reuben." she said out loud, causing Finn to make a noise at the mention of the werewolves.  The hellhound jumped up from the bed and ran outside of the room, howling as he found the front door of the building closed. "Right, I forgot you can't shapeshift to use a toilet." she spoke to no one as she ran back towards the doorway, letting the hellhound outside.
She stood staring at the familiar in her hands, decided she didn't have a choice but to see if Jarl or any of his pack knew magick. Making her way towards his house, our heroine hoped she was doing the right thing?  When she had last seen Finn, he had left her broken up with her.

Our heroine found Jarl and Malone sitting in the small kitchen each with a beer in front of them. "Now why on earth would you bring that thing in here?" Jarl mumbled not looking up at her. Tombstone suddenly appeared in the doorway, his nose to the ground, following the trail of something or someone, before making his way over to where the werewolves were. Plopping down beside the fireplace, the hellhound curled up getting comfortable.

"Either of you know anything about shapeshifting spells?" she said mindlessly.  Both males started to snicker as they raised an eyebrow at her. "I mean...he's not a cat-cat...lest not all the time. He's a familiar, usually in human form...just help me find a spell please."

"Fraid you're out of luck there darling." Jarl said nodding at her as he took a long swallow of his beer.  "Closest thing to a witch that we've got is Malone here. He was a chemistry professor before being bit."   The marmalade coloured cat hissed as he jumped out of her hands heading towards the row of spices that were sitting on the counter.

"Something tells me we're going to need a witch for this...hold up." she covered her ears, squeezing her eyes shut, trying to make contact with The Seer psychically.

"What exactly are you trying to do there?" Malone asked as he got up from the table, moving around her for another beer. The dark haired male was about 5 foot 9, with piercing blue eyes and a thin beard that lined his jaw. Scratching at his left shoulder, our heroine spotted a tattoo, thinking it looked familiar to her. "What? This...zodiac." he smiled showing off his dimples.  But she didn't hear him, as she was then doubled over holding her skull.

"Okay turn down the volume in there." she said out loud. "four sprigs of pine, a litre of blood...someone write this down..." she rattled off the rest of the spell, the taste of cooper and salt heavy on her lips as her nose started to bleed. The trail of crimson got the attention of the hellhound as he whimpered dancing in circles around her.

It took them almost two hours before they completed the spell and Finn was standing in front of them in human form. Grabbing the female, he hugged her breathing in her scent. "You smell less like a banshee and more like one of those furballs." he hissed unintentionally on the 's' in each word. "In fact..." he moved back from her just an inch, looking her over. "Your aura is crazy. Like it can't decide what it wants to be." he raised his hand holding it over her stomach. "Oh my god! You'!"

"Yeah. A lot has happened since we all saw you last." she said ducking her head, pointing towards the familiar. "I mean, look at you. What happened for you to be with those people?"

Finn shrugged. "I was cat-napped. This psycho witch wanted a pet and thought I was her type or something. I wasn't even sure you'd realize it was me." his right hand slithered over her spine, falling at her hip.

"It was your eyes. I haven't seen eyes like that in anyone else, cat or otherwise." she blushed.

"Speaking of..." he lifted his chin towards her, his hands on her ribcage. "How is it you're knocked up?"

"Loki used a spell." she felt her throat start to tighten causing her to gasp for air her chest feeling like someone had punched her, as her knees buckled, sending her to the floor. She felt like she was being burned from the inside out, her pale skin covered in red marks and bruises. A scream ripped from her once she was able to breathe, causing the werewolves and the familiar to cover their ears.  The hellhound had run out of the house in fear, as our heroine's voice shattered the nearest window. "I...I thi...think Dagan's de...dead." her voice was nearly non-audible as she continued to kneel on the floor, blood saliva dripping from her mouth, her eyes having changed to the pure white of the banshee. She nearly choked as she vomited up more blood, her limbs still shaky. "What colour is my hair?"

"What?" Jarl asked through the ringing in his delicate werewolf ears.

Our heroine slammed her hand down on the floor causing a crack in the wood. "What colour is my hair! Are there any grey streaks?"

"No. It's all one colour, like a reddish brown." the confused werewolf answered sniffing. Shaking his head he sniffed again, this time having caught an unfamiliar scent in the room. "I don't smell your mate anymore. I think you might be right about him being dead. You don't seem to be claimed anymore."

An hour later...

Leo put his arm out, causing the Seer to smash into him, falling on his butt. "You hear that?" he pointed in the general direction of the castle. The Seer sat for a long second listening before getting back up to his feet wiping the dirt from him.

"Reuben. Angry." he replied as the two of them tore off in the direction that the voices were coming from. "Have a feeling we're too late to stop what I saw in my vision."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. This changes everything.)

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Year 3 Day 141

movie: The Lunch Box
starring: Irrfan Khan, Nimrat Kaur
genre: Drama
year: 2013
format: Netflix Canada

plot: After making lunch for her husband and having it delivered to the wrong person, a young housewife finds herself in an emotional affair.

Okay, first off, I was really reluctant to watch this. After the first few minutes of screen time that the lead male had, I was ready to turn it off. I was having a difficult time getting past the fact the actor looked like my dad, and in fact I did turn it off and went to do something else for twenty minutes.

Now, with that confession out of the surprised me. This is something that ironically reminded me of a Jane Austen story with food.  The two leads never meet. They spend the whole time, communicating through letters and food. What starts off as an off handed criticism ends up being a way to express the unexpressed.
We see both character's arch as they begin to come out of their shells, the one reconnecting to society after the death of his wife, the other gaining courage to leave her husband.  The Khan character starts to soften towards a new co-worker who ends up being his replacement, first sharing his meal with him, allowing himself to forgive the fact the younger co-worker has been conning him.

I'm wishing there had been more food prep scenes. The first half hour is heavy on the importance of the food, then slowly shifts it's focus onto the letters they share. The two looking more forward to little scraps of notes then the actual meals.

You can look at this from a few points of view, one being how universal the expression of emotions through food truly is, another is about how trust is something that can pop up in the most unlikely of places. The theme of loneliness screams at you from every angle, when we see the Khan character sitting watching old vhs tapes of his wife's; to him just staring at the neighbours over dinner every night, to how the Kaur character finds herself buried in her daily tasks as caregiver to both her kid and parents, to how she tries to get her husband to even talk about the most basic of things.

I'm very pleased with myself for not crying through this. Films like this usually have me in tears, but for once, I am dry eyed and snot free. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Top 5 Fav Newfoundland movies

1. Shipping News (2001)

2. Down in the Dirt (2008)

3. Grand Seduction (2014)

4. Young Triffie's Been Made Away With (2006)

5. Rare Birds (2001)

Okay, so this was a personal challenge that didn't end up being much of a challenge.  I originally thought I'd have to scramble to find three let alone five, but hey no sweat Eh?

The Shipping News, when I first saw this movie back in 2003, it held me spellbound. You have a story about a guy who is so lost, he allows a stranger to talk him into moving to a new country, after only knowing them for a few minutes. It's one of the ultimate starting over films, while being a find yourself/journey to recovery stories. 

Down to the Dirt.  I've talked about this before on other blogs, and it's still one of my favourite Canadian films. It follows a couple as they deal with their addictions, their dreams and their journey to find love.

Grand Seduction. It's a cute film. I loved it from the first few moments.  You follow this big city doctor as he is seduced by the people of a small town, who are doing everything they can creatively think of to keep the doctor in town.

Young Triffie's Been Made Away With.  Another movie I talked about few years back on other blogs, and one of the first movies I stumbled across that really highlighted the province.   A young police officer in the 1940's is called in to solve a murder and sexual assault, and finds himself in a Clue-style situation.

Rare Birds. A small restaurant owner who's about to loose his business, cons a group of bird watchers into hanging out there in order to keep customers, while his strange neighbour is dealing with a boat-load of drugs.

Monday, November 24, 2014

The Nosferatu Adventures S6 p14

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 168, chapter 168

Six hours ago...

Our heroine cleared her throat, her palms firmly on Leo's chest, holding him back. "That's enough. Ferguson is part of the local pack. He's a friend." she sighed. "We've got a lot to talk about, just not now. Dagan went with Reuben to find some prince he used to date or something. So you two can either go back to Ash and Harker, or if you really need them, they only left an hour ago. You can still catch up with them." she pointed in the general direction the two had traveled. Leo looked down at her, his hand over her's.

"You're not even going to try to come home?"

She shook her head. "Leo, I can't. Bacchus has a no vampire clause in affect. Silent wall at the edge of our kingdom. Who knows how long he's planning on locking me out?"

"So this prince, they went to get help finding a way to break Rolf out am I right?" the Seer asked, suddenly finding the toe of his shoe interesting. He gazed up at her from under his lashes, giving her a very innocent look.  The female nodded turning her attention back to the older werewolf.

"And as much as I like naked men, Leo hon, pants! This isn't like back home. Either get some clothes on or stay in wolf form."  she gestured then towards the Elton's home. "There are some very gossipy girls in this town."

"Is that an order?" he leaned in smiling at her.

"Yes. I might not be the local alpha, but as far as you two boys are concerned, with Dagan away I'm our pack alpha."

"Yes mommy." the older wolf said misting a pair of cowboy boots, leather pants and a dark button up shirt. Our heroine cringed when he said that.

"Oh don't say stuff like that...not now."  The Seer grabbed his skull, howling as he fell to his knees. "What did you see?" the female asked him once it was over. The younger werewolf leaned against her, gasping for air, his eyes wide. Shaking his head he refused to look at her.

"Nothing. Nothing you need to know right now."


"No. It's not...just go to whatever it was you are dressed for. We'll talk in an hour or so. Leo and I need to get some food." he grabbed her elbows turning her towards Ferguson, pushing her gently towards his direction.  Waiting till she had left with Ferguson, the Seer turned back to Leo as they walked into the hotel, following the scent of Tombstone. "I saw Dagan with another female." he whispered.  Leo raised an eyebrow at him, bending down to pat the hellhound.

"That's impossible. He's claimed her."

"Exactly!" the Seer began to bite his nails as he paced around the small hotel room. "He's going to use some sort of magick to undo it. All of it!" his voice began to raise in a combination of panic and disbelief. "The sire bond too." the dark haired male flopped down on the bed, hands over his eyes.

"That's really heavy magick. As much as I think he's wrong for her, and want to see Reuben with her, I can't pun intended...I just can't see Dagan doing that." Leo replied crossing his arms over his chest, the hellhound begging for him to continue showing some attention.

"Well, I just saw it! She won't be his mate anymore, she'll be up for grabs."

"Which means that if any of the rest of the pack claims her, we'd be instant alpha. But what would be the point? She can't come home." Leo mumbled, his eyes shifting around the room, as he spotted a cobweb.

"The second Dagan does this. Goes through with it, this reversal, technically Nosferatu is no longer part of our pack. But that's not all I saw." his words were strained through his fingers as he continued to rub at his face. "That scent of magick you smelled, was because of Loki. He's restarted the experiment."

"Do you want to stay here or find Dagan and Reuben?"

"I want to go someplace far away, where beautiful creatures with large bottles of wine let me feed off them. Someplace where my family isn't destroying itself one member at a time." he sat up letting out a heavy sigh. "Let's go."


Our heroine found herself in a room draped in shades of gold and lavender. Raising her shoulders feeling the sudden need to appear taller, grander then she was, she tried not to burp. A maid gestured to a large uncomfortable looking chair in a floral pattern, also gold, telling her that her hostesses would be with her momentarily. Nodding, she sat down, trying not to rip her gown.
The three sisters entered the room in single file, all looking like they fell out of a turn of the 19th century painting. Jessica reached her hand out towards our heroine, a fan in the other as she made the introductions.

"So, what brings you here?" she asked as the maid poured them each a cup of green tea. "It's so rare for us to have anyone stay in town anymore." the smile on the blonde's face was as forced as the beehive of  curls that piled on top of her scalp.   Our heroine gulped silently the too hot liquid as she thought of how to answer.

"Jarl invited me." she figured that was as close to the truth as she needed to get without telling them her life story.

"Yes, how do you know him?" Elizabeth asked staring over at the banshee from her seat on a very  lush looking sofa. Her blue eyes searching our heroine for signs of status.

"He's a...distant relative of my mate...husband." she hoped they hadn't caught her slip up.

The tea cup in Jessica's hand rattled noisily.  The blonde cleared her throat moving slightly in her chair.  "And that would be the man we saw you so intimately with by the tree?" her tone seemed both laced with humour and accusing.

"Not the man who carried you up the road after you fainted?" Maryann asked as if to cover up her older sister's rudeness. Our heroine nodded, holding her tea cup towards Maryann as if to agree, an awkward smile on her pale lips.

"Yes the man by the tree, Dagan. The one with the long hair, Reuben is another of his...cousins." she felt herself starting to blush not knowing what else to say about their situation?  A werewolf pack was more complicated then just a normal family, and she wasn't sure how long she could keep on this line of questioning?  Looking around, Nosferatu pointed to a large painting in the middle of the far wall just over the fireplace. "Is that you?"

"Our aunt." Elizabeth replied without looking at it.  The resemblance to Jessica was uncanny. Brought to mind the whole situation with Dagan and his uncle Victor. Our heroine found herself blushing once more at the thought of Mr. Frankenstein.

"She disappeared about a month ago." Jessica's tone became that of a spoiled bored child as she turned to face the painting. "She was always ranting about something or other to do with ghosts and nonsense. Last time she came home, all she brought back was a stupid nasty cat, and some dusty old trunks that no one can open." she turned then in her seat again this time to face Maryann. "Speaking of, did you feed it?"

"It's your turn!" the youngest sister protested, her face suddenly seeming to drain of colour. Our heroine could hear the other girl's heartbeat quicken. "I took care of it yesterday."   They all turned as Elizabeth cleared her throat making a face. It was obvious, she was quietly reminding the other two that our heroine was sitting right there witnessing their behavouir. "Fine! Just have the first aid kit handy." Maryann replied getting up from her seat and heading into the other room.
Our heroine heard every sound the woman made as she unlatched a cage, the cat hissing as he scratched violently at her, before running first into the hallway then into the room. It seemed to bolt straight for our heroine, jumping up on her lap, his paws at her neck.  The banshee found herself staring into the most beautiful eyes she'd ever seen.

"Finn!" Jessica scolded the marmalade coloured cat as she dove towards our heroine, grabbing at the creature with both hands. "I hope he didn't scare you. He just doesn't seem to be house trained..."
The cat made a low sound as he bit Jessica's hand.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Everyone is lusting after Dagan...)  

year 3 day 140

movie: Little Witches
starring: Sheeri Rappaport, Jack Nance
genre: Horror, Thriller,
year: 1996
format: VHS

plot: A group of girls find an old grimoire and decide to call an ancient god. One of the girls becomes obsessed with the idea of total control, and begins killing to keep the ritual in place.

This used to be one of my favourite movies about witchcraft. Okay, yeah it's a B-movie that may or may not (depending on who your talking to) been a straight to video release, that gets down played because it looks a bit choppy at times. I've heard it called a Craft-rip off, and although it does have similar themes, the fact Little Witches tries to create a "mythology" and rooting itself in secret societies it's closer to the  Satan's School for Girls film.

Does it hold up twenty years later...not really. Definitely a movie of it's time, which was the mid-1990's before the real positive side of witchcraft was being shown. In 2014, it's fairly cheesy and really bias.
I can't help but think this movie if done today, would have a completely different spin.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Nosferatu Adventures S6 p13

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 167, chapter 167

Dagan sat with his back against the wall. Reuben was inside the prince's private rooms wasting time. With his eyes closed, the auburn haired male waited. Listened, his ears ringing with the sounds of the castle, Reuben's hushed voice as he told the prince their story, the maids whispering their gossip in the kitchen, the solders drunkenly telling each other battle stories to one up the other. He listened to all of it, none of it mattering. What mattered was that he missed her. Dagan missed our heroine. The sound of his shoe squeaking on the cold polished floor as he adjusted himself echoed in his ears. Slamming his arms first against the wall then his knees only made it worse. He couldn't sit still. The feeling in his chest had begun. That thing that seemed to clamp down like a tight pressure had started. He knew it wouldn't be long before the paranoia kicked in, leaving him thinking of nothing but visions of her in bed with someone else. Followed by the laughing.  That voice that told him his only choice was to kill her to keep her from leaving him. The one that pointed out the fact she could still have an affair if someone wanted her while he was practically neutered. Dagan hated that part the most. That's when he always lost control. His emotions heightened to the point he felt everything at once. Lust, rage, jealousy, hunger. When he'd start to transform against his will.
He pushed himself up on his hands, sitting on them, rocking back and forth telling himself to stay straight. That he would be back on the road in an hour or so. That as soon as Reuben had secured the help of the witch, they could head back towards where Nosferatu was.

The werewolf heard someone counting, heard a soft velvety voice like music telling him it wouldn't be as bad if he just said yes. If he just admitted it out loud once. He swallowed hard, sweat beading on his forehead as he slammed the back of his head again against the wall. The smell of blood filled his senses with a hot rush of salt and copper. Dagan agreed to the voice, the low animalistic voice that came from his own lips.  He needed her blood to complete his task, only he couldn't remember what that was? He couldn't think clearly, couldn't see beyond the idea that the female he shared this vampire sire bond with needed to be with him.

The werewolf stood up stumbling a half step. Mindlessly he ran the back of his hand over his mouth, a thin layer of saliva clinging to his knuckle. He breathed deeply, catching too many scents; none of which were her's. Hunching down against the wall Dagan waited. Waited for the pressure in his chest to move out of him. It seemed to be too heavy for him this time. With his eyes squeezed tight he forced himself to get control, his left fist connecting with the wall. More blood filled the air as the sound of dripping liquid got his attention. He saw he'd punched the wall hard enough that his hand was broken. Silently he mumbled something to himself about the pain as he began to slide down the hallway pressed tight to the wall.  If he could just get outside, get some fresh air to clear his head. Regain a few hundred feet that separated him from his mate, the sire bond could be conquered.

By the time Dagan got outside, the fog in his brain had lessened. He was able to think just a bit clearer. What he wasn't able to do was stop the reaction his body was having. The werewolf had started shifting without fully realizing it, his eyes the amber-grey of the wolf, his bottom and upper fangs exposes, his nails as long and sharp as filed glass, and at lest two days worth of beard on his normally smooth jaw.  The magic mist rolling off him in visible tendrils causing his clothes to fade in and out. Throwing his head back he howled in frustration as he ran back in the direction he knew our heroine was.

He stopped not too far from the castle border, a small pool of rain water visible under a fallen branch. Dagan caught his reflection in the water's surface, as he slowed his breathing. He sat down on the wet ground, letting the magic mist dissolve his shirt, feeling the cool air on his skin. He was covered in sweat his hair plastered to his forehead and ears. Slowly, the shapeshifter got control over his animal side, transforming back fully to human. He'd managed to cover enough of the distance to counteract the worst of the sire bond's rage. All that was left was the feeling of lust which seemed to cling to him like a dirty sheet. The male bent his face to the cold ground his hands in the puddle of rain water, splashing it over his neck and face. He couldn't go on like this any longer. The sire bond was destroying his sense of self, making Dagan a prisoner to his own body.  Gulping a handful of the water, he mumbled a name.

Reuben exited prince Kraven's room, slightly drunk. The tall muscular male slicked his wet hair back as he made his way down the long hallway. He stopped just before reaching the stairs. Something wasn't right, he couldn't put his finger on what, but the little hairs on the back of his neck were electric. Closing his eyes, he listened intently to everyone in the large castle. He heard people snoring, the maids sweeping empty rooms, the baker in the kitchen humming as he made the pastries, and the low moans of someone having sex.

His amber-grey eyes shot open as he zeroed in on that couple. Reuben took the stairs three at a time, as he followed the twists and turns till he was near the back of the servant's quarters.
He placed his hands on the bedroom door forcing it open, as it bounced into the wall with a force that broke it from it's hinges. Grabbing the girl by the back of the neck, he hauled her off her companion.


The woman's limp body hit the floor before the sound of her neck snapping had finished echoing. "What the hell did you do?" his strong hands were already at Dagan's throat as he lifted the other male off the bed throwing him across the room.

"Chill out okay." Dagan said raising his hand in a surrender. "I just got a divorce. No big deal." The auburn haired male sat with his hands over his knees, back pressed against the wall. Reuben shook his head in disbelief his hands in his hair, eyebrows knitted together.  "I...I...I called Bacchus and told him I give up. He can have the stupid cow if he wants her." he shrugged.

"So what, you unclaimed Nos?" Reuben's voice was high pitched, nasal.

"Yeah, that and removed the sire bond." he misted a pair of jeans. "I'm free. Once again."

"That's not possible. The sire bond..."  Reuben pointed at him, his hands then back at his long dark hair.

"Has been broken before. Back at my uncle Victor's castle." he crawled for safety towards the corner of the room, out of arm's length of Reuben. "When we had that little accident..."

"You ripped her beating heart out of her chest! That's not an accident that's stupidity!"

"...and he had to drain her blood completely. Don't look so shocked. The novelty of that scream machine has long since worn off."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story.  Well someone's being selfish...)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

year 3 day 139

movie: Tammy
starring: Melissa McCarthy, Susan Sarandon
genre: Comedy
format:Shaw Video On Demand

plot:A women looses her job, finds her husband cheating and decides to runaway. She ends up on a road trip with her grandmother, who is an alcoholic. Along the way they meet a couple of guys who become a strange touchstone for them, as they end up in jail for drugs and robbery.

Both McCarthy (Identity Theft)  and Sarandon (Thelma and Louise, Banger Sisters) seem to be the queens of road movies, both having done them in the past.

This is as much a romantic comedy as it is a buddy road movie. Both leads fall for guys who are their equals, while dealing with their own issues. It has all the expected elements of a "road movie" where finding yourself is the point, even when you don't realize it.

It has a few laugh out loud moments, but it felt to me like it was missing something.  The scene where McCarthy is "transformed" with new hair and clothes, proving that she's more then just a loud mouth, was like deja vu. The same thing was done in her other movie Identity Theft.

I liked it well enough, but I don't think I'd sit through it again.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Nov 17th 2014

So I caught up with last week's episode of Supernatural, one of my favourite shows on tv right now, the other having had been/is Witches of East End...get to that in a minute...last week being the 200th episode of Supernatural, and well, I was disappointed.  I know 98% of the fans dug it completely, but I just was totally put off by it.
But I hate musicals, so right there I was rolling my eyes and tempted to just turn it off. Honestly, sitting through 57 minutes of fluff to get to one minute of the return of an old character, wasn't making like the episode any.  I guess I just expecting something more for such a big episode. I liked the idea of the show within a show, just wasn't happy with the vehicle used for it.  For me, it would have been better to have had the Loki/Gabriel character buddying around with them instead of having done a musical.
We need to bring his character back.

Witches of East End... Speaking of bringing something back, damn it! When I heard that the show was cancelled, I was pissed. Like so many other fans, I need more! There were just too many cliffhangers for my taste, and it was one of the few shows that I looked forward too every week.  Because of the show, I read the books. I liked the show better then the books. Which is rare for me. I was trying to guess who the actress might be that they were thinking of having play the new sister. I was wanting to find that out for one, and I loved getting to see James Marsters and Madchen Amick on tv every week, given I'm a BtVS and Twin Peaks fan. 
Now, I'm left wondering if the FBI agent was a Valkyrie character (a character from the books) or what?  Wondering how Freya just didn't notice that her soulmate switched bodies when she could see him clearly instantly in every life they have been together? And the whole baby issue with Ingrid.
Dude! If Lifetime is going to be an arse, then here's hoping Netflix picks it up like it did for Trailer Park Boys!  Or NBC or something. It would fit nicely with the already supernatural line up on Fridays along with Grimm and Constantine.

So that's my post for now. Ranting over two great shows disappointing me this week.  Just bring back Witches of East End for another season or two, or three, or five....

till later

Sunday, November 16, 2014

year 3 day 138

movie: That's what she said
starring: Anne Heche, Marcia DeBonis
genre: Comedy, Drama
format: Netflix Canada

plot: When a single woman spends the day helping her best friend get ready for a big date, they find themselves dealing with police, a sex addict, and their own personal illusions about dating.

This was an unusual take on the state of being  a single woman. I can only describe it as the anti-Sex and the City.  We see the every day average woman's insecurities played out in both main characters, as they go through the day dealing with relationships.  One still hopeful that everything can be fairy tale like, the other jaded by broken love.

The movie started off on a hilarious track with the Heche character smoking while brushing her teeth, then conning her way into an extra seat on the subway, but looses some of it's steam once the leads find themselves in a coffee shop with a sex addict.
The movie rounds out with the main characters proving each other right on their extreme views about men and relationships.  

This movie sold itself as a comedy, but quickly turned into a hallmark style film. It lost it's edge for me, when it became a sisterhood film.

Friday, November 14, 2014

The Nosferatu Adventures S6 p12

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 166, chapter 166

Our heroine looked at herself in the full length mirror in the hotel room. "I look like I fell off a cake." she grumbled.

"You look..." Ferguson scratched at his nose biting back a laugh. " you don't know how to dress yourself." he gestured to the butter-cream yellow floor length dress. "Like you rummaged through a lost and found bridesmaids barrel. That's, that's bad."

"This was your brilliant idea pal." she said tapping his chest.

"Yeah but you were stupid enough to listen." he was laughing full on then. "The black would have suited you better, why didn't you go with it?"

"Crazy I suppose." she remarked unlacing the bodice. "Help!" she turned towards the werewolf having snagged her sleeve in one of the eye-hooks.

"Just crazy enough eh? It's a good thing you can mist clothes cause you're worse then a kid." he was still laughing as he managed to undo the snag. "I win dress zero." he raised his eyes to look at her from under his hat.

"Speaking of misting abilities, what colour is your fur?" the female rested her hand on the male's shoulder. "You the same colour as Gustav?"

"Yeah. Why wouldn't we be?" he shrugged handing her back the laces from the sleeve of her dress having untangled them for her.

"Just wondering. So are you all born shifters or bitten or what?" she turned back to look at her reflection again, deciding to remove the sleeves all together, opting for bare arms.  Ferguson shook his head looking at her.

"Born werewolves are rare. We're all bitten. Jarl is our alpha because he's the one who bit us." he sniffed, turning towards the door.

"Why?" our heroine asked as Tombstone moved from his spot on the bed, the hellhound having caught the same scent that Ferguson had.  A female stood in the doorway, a plate in hand. The hellhound licked his chops, tail beginning to wag as he anticipated getting half the meal.

"A man stopped by the bakery and ordered this for you." she said placing it on the dresser, leaving.  Ferguson didn't need to lift the cover off the plate to know that there was a fresh slice of cake, fruit and small sandwiches.

"Your mate has an interesting taste in gifts." he chuckled at his own pun.  Our heroine shook her head sighing.

"Not Dagan's style. Na, this has Loki written all over it." she said taking a piece of the fruit. She caught the wince come from the werewolf as he shuffled a step from her.

"Another pack member?" he sounded both disappointed and suspicious.

Our heroine shook her head feeding a small bit of the cake to Tombstone. "Loki? You're kidding right?"  the male ducked his head slightly looking at her, waiting for an explanation. "You know, Loki. The god...of shapeshifters."

Ferguson broke out in a mad fit of laughter, his voice taking on a tone that caused the hellhound to yelp. "Seriously. Who sent this?"  he was fishing for something, probably wanting to know where her loyalties were.

"I'm being serious. This is the kind of thing he would do." she gestured towards the hellhound. "He sent me Tombstone once, when he was still a puppy. Well..." she tilted her head smirking. "He arranged it so that I was in the right place at the right time to find him."

"Okay look." the male was starting to get uncomfortable. "You're having an affair and you don't want your mate to know. Fine. But don't lie to me about it and say it's the god Loki. I mean, I didn't fall off the turnip truck..." he nodded raising his hands in a surrender motion. "...okay I did fall off it once, but I was twelve and it wasn't a turnip truck per say, more like a produce cart in general. But that's not the issue here..." he gestured wildly then around the room. "Loki is a myth. Okay, something they tell us when we're young werewolves to keep us from running around eating people."

"That makes no sense. First of all, he's got no problem with werewolves hunting humans, he favours it. Second, all myths start somewhere right. And third, why would you be told about him in a bad way?" she sat down then beside the hellhound trying to wrap her mind around it all.  "And I'm not having an affair with him. I mean, not that he's not totally hot..." she could feel the disbelief in the werewolf as he stood now half way out the room door, his eyes squinting, arms crossed over his chest. He thought she was either insane or lying to him. And Nosferatu didn't know which was worse?  "I need to go to the Elton's house for this stupid lunch thing." she stood back up smoothing down the dress. She had picked the one that seemed lease likely to scream supernatural creature. Floor length, butter-cream coloured, with a butterfly design at the waist. So not her, but completely reminded her of something she'd seen on the cover of a Jane Austen novel."Remind me again why I'm doing this?"

"They run this town." Ferguson shrugged closing his eyes. He let out a deep breath, relaxing his stance. "They own everything. You make it on their bad side, they will make sure you starve, have no place to stay, that sort of thing."

"You're werewolves. You can survive in the woods." she said turning to Tombstone feeding the creature another bit of the cake.

"Why should we? This is a nice little place where no one asks questions." he said as he ducked out the door waiting for her. "Come on. I'll take you there." 
They were barely out the door of the building when our heroine heard a low voice. Closing her eyes, she focused, letting the familiar voice invade her mind. Only she realized it wasn't coming from in her head, but from somewhere off in the distance. Moving without thinking about it, she followed the sound into the bush.  "'s this way...their house is just a're going the wrong way." the male was greeted by a pale hand waving at him, telling him to be quiet. "Really, you want to go hiking in that dress?" he followed her into the edge of the woods.

"Can't you hear that?" she asked.

"Most likely just a deer." he replied, stopping dead in his tracks as something heavy broke a large tree branch. "Or a bear."

"Arguing about directions?" she shot the comment like an arrow as the scent of nutmeg and sandalwood filled her nose. Stopping, Ferguson slammed into her nearly knocking her over just as two figures came into view. Grabbing the ends of the dress, our heroine ran towards them, already grinning like a kid. The Seer made a sound between a grunt and a huff as she slammed into him, her arms tight around his neck.  "Um babe, why is Leo naked?"  she asked pointing to the other werewolf.

"He's been like that for the last hour. I can't get him to mist clothes or change to wolf form. He's just..." the Seer raised his hand then let it flop to his side. "Being Leo."

"Why aren't you back home, looking after Harker and the cabin? Did something happen to Harker or Ash?"

The dark haired male gave her one of his too charming to be honest smiles, grabbing her chin between his thumb and forefinger. "Everything's fine."  Our heroine felt the familiarness of the Seer's seduction spells washing over her.

"Except for the fact the Necromancer has an army of guards posted along the roads. No one can get in or out of the cabins. The woods are filled from end to end by small camps his men have set up." Leo said hugging her suddenly.

Moving from him, she slapped the Seer's arm hard enough she heard something tear. "What? Why aren't you there? Protecting Harker? Helping Ash?"

"We couldn't get to them. We were out hunting when it happened. By the time we got back, it was too late. The Necromancer's army had set up spots everywhere. We found you cause we need Dagan and Reuben to return with us. Or...hide here with you." he ran his hand through his hair making sure it wasn't out of place as he looked her over. "That's a smashing blouse you're wearing."  Our heroine slapped him again just for the hell of it. 

Leo bent his face to her's sniffing her wildly, his eyes closed, his hands firmly at her shoulders. "You smell different? Not like smell like magick." the older werewolf turned his face from her, his tongue out at the corner as he eyed Ferguson. "Who's he?"

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story.  I miss the Seer...)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

year 3 day 137

movie: What's your number?
starring: Anna Faris, Chris Evans
genre:Comedy, Romance
year: 2011
format: Netflix Canada

plot; After yet another break up, a thirty something woman panics when she hears a theory that any woman who has more then 20 lovers will never marry. She then starts tracking down old boyfriends trying to make it work.

Based on the book

This sounds like it would be a great romantic comedy, all the elements are there. The only problem is it really doesn't work.  The first ten minutes hits strong, but then it starts to fall in on itself. It takes too long to really get going, and doesn't hit it's steam quick enough.
There just didn't seem to be any chemistry between the two leads, leaving it feeling forced.

For a romantic comedy, the comedy just wasn't there. The elegance that chick flicks have been known to bring, just wasn't there. There was nothing in this movie that made me want to read the book, a movie based on a book should always leave you wanting to read the original book.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

year 3 day 136

movie: Spinning Plates
starring: Grant Achatz, Mike Breitbach
genre: Documentary
format: Netflix Canada

plot: Following three different chefs as they discuss the tragic events that led them to push for success.

Three different chefs from three different parts of the U.S.  One is a Michelin star chef, the other two are known in their communities.
I have to admit, I wanted to see this because I read Chef Achatz's biography few years ago, Life, On the Line. His part of the documentary talks about his battle with cancer, overlaid on top of scenes of him and his crew creating works of art for dinner. The beauty of the food creations leaves you in awe.
The Breitbach part of the film, talks about how they lost their restaurant not once but twice to fire within a year, and how the whole town helped to rebuild it. The sense of community is overwhelming from their segments.
The Martinez part of the film, talks about how their little restaurant is their world. How everything hinges on making it work, in order just to survive.

I loved that the last few minutes is done as a montage of the Breitbach and Martinez segments with a voice over by Achatz, talking about how he got his start in his own parent's diner, and how growing up in the back of the kitchen molded who he is at his core. And when it comes down to it, all three families are telling the same core story about family and community and comfort.

The Nosferatu Adventures s6 p11

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 165, chapter 165

The two males walked in silence down the main road, leaves crunching under foot as they did. Sniffing, Reuben flicked his hair out of his face, turning his chocolate brown puppy dog eyes to look at Dagan over his shoulder.

"What?" the auburn haired male said kicking a large rock.

"You're upset. Wanna get it out in the open?"  he slowed down catching the scent of a rabbit. Reuben moved away from him off the road heading into the bush, disappearing.  He reappeared a few seconds later, his face and beard stained with blood, licking his fingers, the half eaten rabbit in his left hand. "Wish I had some BBQ sauce."

"What's to be upset about? Just because I've been pulled once again away from my home, from my pack, from my life because of something that our pain in the ass has done...what's to be upset about?" he cracked his knuckles. "I mean really, I'm having a tea party here can't you tell?"

"So you're not the slightest bit bothered by the fact that your mate, is hanging out with another pack? Very possibly getting snuggly with one of them?" he spoke around the chunk of meat as he tore another bite off.   Dagan rolled his eyes shaking his head at him, fixing his hair back slicking it down.

"No." the werewolf stood up straighter running his left hand over his stomach as he sucked in his gut. "Nothing to worry about." his hand then moved out in front of him as if smoothing down an invisible wrinkle. 

"I don't know man, I saw them when I was carrying her up that path..." he snickered spitting the fur out of his mouth, picking his teeth with one of the rabbit bones. "...I wouldn't want my mate hanging around with that one guy..."

"Who? That half pint who's calling himself an alpha?" Dagan threw back his head, shaking it as if to defy the wind daring it to mess up his hair.

"Na man, I was talking about the pretty boy. I don't trust him." Reuben tossed the chewed bone, wiping his hand across his mouth."He's her type man. Dark hair, dark eyes." there was a devious shine in Reuben's own dark eyes as he turned in a full circle to look at his buddy.  Dagan stopped walking, staring back at him unflinching.

"See I know what you're doing oh yeah." he nodded as he leaned closer to Reuben, one foot crossed in front of the other, his hands now out at his sides. "You're trying to get inside my head. Trying to get me to admit to you that you were right from day one." the alpha cracked his neck bringing his hands then in front of him inches away from Reuben's shoulders. Letting them hover there like a threat, he growled. "But here's the thing. I'm not playing your game. I'm not playing at all." his voice rose on the last word. "I picked her cause she was convenient. At the time, she was a solution. Now, now she's the bane of my existence. I'm starting to wish I hadn't reclaimed her. Starting to wish I could undo the sire bond altogether..."

"Careful what you wish for."  The two men turned to see Loki suddenly beside them on the road. "It's more dangerous then you might think. And you never know who's listening. The wrong set of ears might just decide to grant your misguided wish." he brought his finger up to his lips before pointing to the sky.

"You want to protect her so damn badly why didn't you take her as yours? Why'd you dump her in our laps to begin with?" Dagan asked, his nostrils flaring.

"Because she's not my type." he smiled chewing a piece of straw suddenly. "She talks too much." he closed his eyes tilting his head to the side. "She can't make a decent chicken pot pie to save her life, and she is useless at housework. Then there's that really annoying obsession she has with wrestling..." Loki shrugged. "Perfect for you though." he patted Dagan's shoulder.

"Maybe I'm just tired of carrying around all that dead weight." the werewolf grumbled as he turned to move away from the god. "Tired of not getting any respect from her..."

"Have you bothered to give her any?" Reuben remarked laughing. "All you've done since the moment you sired her is complain about her. All you've done..." the dark haired werewolf started to count on his fingers with each point. " remind her how she's just your security pass, how she's not physically appealing, how you've had to save her ass."  Sniffing, Reuben shoved his friend with his two fingers, causing Dagan to look down at his chest where there was now a bruise. Rubbing the spot, he looked back at him with raised eyebrows.

"That wasn't very nice."

 Reuben sniffed again running his hand over his beard, his eyes locked with Dagan's. "Well, maybe I'm tired of being nice. Maybe I'm tired of playing the nice guy so that you can be a spoiled brat. How about that!" the tall male crossed his arms, staring down the alpha.

"Ahheem" Loki cleared his throat grinning at them both. "As much as I would love to see Reuben rip your throat out and eat your liver, um may I remind you boys that you've got a job to do. Rolf is still stuck in Odin's prison. I believe you were off to see the wizard or something." he made a shooing gesture.

"This isn't over." Dagan mumbled as he moved past Reuben, his shoulder slamming into him.

"It never is." Reuben remarked under his breath, puffing his cheeks out as he did. Turning a half step on his heel, he nodded towards Loki. The dark haired god reached out his strong pale hand, stopping Reuben.

"He's already lost her, don't let him loose you too." the god whispered.

"What's that suppose to mean?" Reuben asked, his thumb tapping his lip like a nervous twitch.

"Bacchus has plans for her. It's why I restarted the experiment to stall him. May have bought them a year or two. But I can only hold him off for so long before he just takes her. When that happens." Loki shrugged. The shapeshifter thought about that for a brief second, turning again to look at Dagan, then turning back towards Loki.

"The experiment as everyone is calling it. What happens to it? Are you going to take it? Kill it? What?" the thought had been in the back of his mind for months. What would have happened to the first baby she'd been carrying if she hadn't of lost it? Would the god have raised it himself, or left it to the pack? Licking his lips, he felt his throat starting to go dry as he waited for Loki to respond.

"Let's just see if it survives first before we start planning for it's college fund." 

Reuben blinked as he took a slow step backwards, his hands up in a surrender motion, as he watched Loki shimmer away.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Reuben caught in the middle)

Sunday, November 9, 2014

year 3 day 135

movie Stepford Wives
starring Katharine Ross, Paula Prentiss
genre Thriller
year 1975
format Online

plot  After moving to the suburbs of Stepford, a young wife starts noticing that the other women in the town are acting too subservient, and one after another disengaging from their normal lives. Afraid their husbands are drugging the water, she takes samples to be tested, only to be told everything is fine, and begins to believe she might be loosing her mind. But soon learns even her rebel of a best friend has fallen victim to the brainwashing, and begins to dig deeper into the town's secrets. Discovering the women have all been replaced by robots. 

Based on the book of the same name.

Okay, I finally finally saw the original. And I'm left wondering why it's become such a cult classic? Honestly, the promised horror just isn't there, and frankly, I didn't get much thriller out of it either. I have to say it, I think the 2004 remake was actually better. 

This does however, get me wanting to read the original book, which I must now track down. And I still wouldn't mind a stepford husband who looks like Seth Rollins, I still think that would be spiffy. 

The Nosferatu Adventures s6 p10

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 164, chapter 164

Tombstone turned towards the doorway, growling just as the soft sound of a male's shoes scuffed on the floorboards. Our heroine misted herself a knee length sweater, fastening the buttons half way up. She hated to admit it, but Dagan had been right about how she'd let herself fall into the habit of looking less like a female, blending with the guys. And now, with this new pack, she found herself suddenly wanting to be seen. She caught the scent of moss and salt water, underlining the scent of  wet dog. Telling the hellhound to stay in the room, our heroine opened the hotel room door making her way down to the lobby of the building.

Standing there with his back to her was Ferguson. His shaved skull covered by a hat, his left thumb twitching in circles as he stared intently at the photos that lined the lobby walls. "I haven't been in here in years." his soft voice was low, hinting on gravely. He nodded towards one of the photos pointing at the row. "That's my grandfather. The one on the far left."  It was of a group of miners. "Never found him. Or his team for that matter. Lost, buried somewhere in the cave in back in the 1920's." He turned to look at her finally, his red beard looking freshly combed. He smiled at her tilting towards her slightly, his hands in the pockets of his jeans. "What?" he asked, his blue eyes shinning. Our heroine could do nothing but smile back, wondering why so many werewolves seemed to have blue eyes?  "Two things. One, I'm suppose to let you know if you want to join us for supper we eat around six, and Two, this was left for you at Jarl's." he handed her a white card.  Taking the little invitation, the female read it silently.  It was an invite to the sister's house that afternoon for tea.

"An open invitation." she mumbled to herself. Which of course, the werewolf heard.

"More like a command. Trust me, if the Eltons have decided to invite you over, it's not out of the kindness of their hearts." Ferguson commented. "Those women are up to something."

"And if I don't?"

"They will make your life socially speaking hell." he shrugged scratching at his neck. "Either way, you're going to need a dress. Cause what you've been wearing I'm sure by now is the hot gossip with them." his smile became a full on laugh.  Sighing, our heroine told him to tell her what he thought as she magick misted a knee length sundress. The werewolf's eyes got wide as he moved closer to her. "You don't say you were a wolf..."

"Cause I'm not. Okay, that's sort of a lie. I've got a little wolf in me...long long story. What I want to know is why everyone is so damned determined to put me in a dress?" she let her hands slap against her thighs. "I mean seriously, what's wrong with a nice pair of slacks? Some of us just don't have the legs for dresses."

Ferguson continued to smile at her, as he tried not to make her feel bad. "I could answer that politely or the way I want to. Either way, that's not going to cut it." he gestured to the sundress. "Ankle length, corset, lace around here..." he turned then grabbing her by the wrist pulling her towards another row of photos. "This here." He pointed to one that looked like it came straight from the 1880's. "The sisters have a standard. The rest of the females in the area follow suite."

"You've got to be kidding me right? Please tell me that you're shacking with me right now."

"Yeah, I'm shacking with you. A little." the 5 foot 11 werewolf said snapping his fingers. "I'll just take you to the general store. You can pick something out there." he pushed her towards the front door of the building. "Do you like fishing?"


"You screwed me!" Bacchus screamed pointing at Loki. The dark haired god closed the book he was reading, leaning on the bookcase.

"You've heard about my visit to Nosferatu then?" he cleared his throat.

"Bastard!" the sandy haired god was pacing back and forth, his one hand on his hip, the suite he was wearing flying around him as he removed the jacket, then the tie. Buttons seemed to fly off in all directions of their own accord. "You knew I was ready for the next phase, you had your chance. It was my time, and you went behind my back and screwed me over!"

"Oh relax!" Loki said not looking at him. "I did what I had to do! We had a deal. She would be with my pets for the next 150 years. 150! I get my heir, my recovery of my werewolves, then you get to whisk her off into the sunset like some trophy wife. Seriously, have you bothered to check in on the situation much at all? Huh?" Loki moved around the library, his hands out at his sides. "She's not ready! Not for what you need. She still doesn't play well with others." he air quoted the word others. "She's still not strong enough to lead your army of bacchae. She'd rather fight the amazons every chance she has then join them! What does that tell you?" the dark haired god looked at Bacchus waiting for the realization of what he was saying to click. "So yes I restarted my experiment. Knocked her up again." a devilish grin lit up Loki's face, giving his brown eyes deep laugh lines.

"And put her in danger of Pan once again!" Bacchus screamed slamming his fist into the bookcase. "If Pan gets his hands on her baby...a demi-god, there will be no stopping him. Did you bother to think about that when you slipped your orbs into her?" the sandy haired god was fuming, veins sticking out on his forehead, his normally pale cheeks the colour of beets. "We can't be around to protect her during the whole pregnancy."

"Which is why you'd better hope she finds that cat sooner rather then later." Loki said casually, winking at his friend. "I maneuvered her close enough to find Finn. Once she does, and breaks the spell cast on him, then he will be there to protect her this time."

"Like he was suppose to the first time around? Yeah that worked so well didn't it? Stupid cat got himself captured by a witch."

"Oversight. Besides, he at lest will give her something to fight for. That's something Nosferatu still needs. Reason, purpose. Family. You separated her from her pack. I am giving her a new one, even if it's only for a few months. Not even like she's a loose cannon. she won't fight without a reason. She won't train without a reason, won't bother to learn. She needs this as much right now as we need her to." Loki punctuated his statement by pulling out a chair from the table in the middle of the library, sitting down, his feet up. Waving his hand, a glass appeared. Slurping noisily, the god cleared his throat. "Relax." he waved towards the mirror, causing smoke to fill it then settled on an image. "Watch the hockey game."

"You better be right about this!"

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story.)

Saturday, November 8, 2014

year 3 day 134

movie: Five Year Engagement
starring:Emily Blunt, Jason Segel
genre:Comedy, Drama, Romance
year: 2012
format; Netflix Canada

plot: A young couple decide to get married a year after they meet, only to have her promotion derail them by two years. While her career takes off, his begins to fall apart, leaving him depressed. They break up, only to find themselves feeling they gave up the best part of themselves. 

There is a side of me that thought this was funny and could see why this was something that needed to be made. And there was a side of me that sat through this just wanting to throw a shoe at the screen.

I don`t know why I rented this, other then to torture myself with a wedding movie.

I liked the male bonding over sweaters and cake was funny. Loved the scene when Segel`s character has a mini-breakdown with the hunting lifestyle, serving everything on animal parts. Gross but to the point.  And I do love anything with Rhys Ifans, so seeing him play the not quite honorable professor was icing.

The uber romantic in me, was nodding with the `love at first sight` bit, the two leads have when meeting at the costume party. And the fact they just couldn`t seem to get the other out of their systems no matter how long they were apart.
I think this movie points to the fact nothing worth having is ever easy. It takes time and generosity and honesty if it`s meant to be part of your life. Something that gets forgotten in this day and age of instant everything.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

At the table with ...November 4th

Your! Yeah, I got a little crazy with the pink, but hey, you can see my one scar on my arm. Scars rock! And I should know, I have six of them. Started collecting when I was 17...not on purpose.

And look, I dressed up...well I'm not in my pajamas so good enough right...

Well, it was another vegan meet-up tonight.  And because of some last minute issues, there was only two of us tonight. Meg and myself.  Meg wouldn't let me get her on photo tonight, though her new haircut was fabulous.

Anyways, she made a Quinoa and lentil salad, and I made a mixed green salad and baked beans. Oh the molasses made everything so sticky...tasty though, very tasty.

We didn't make a dessert, cause I wasn't smart enough tonight to...but with all the molasses, sweetness was covered. Mmmm, molasses.

You can stop drooling now...seriously, if you wanted some you should have been here. There are a few wrestlers who will be mumbling about molasses all night now and no one will understand why...

till next time.

year 3 Day 133

movie: Maleficent
starring: Angelina Jolie, Sam Riley
genre: Fantasy
year: 2014
format: Shaw Video On Demand

plot: After falling in love with a human, a fairy is betrayed by the man when he drugs her and removes her wings. She learns he did this to gain access to the throne as the current king is dieing. In her grief, she turns her attention to protecting herself at all costs, including cursing the daughter, Aurora, of the new king. As Maleficent grows older, watching the princess, she begins to forgive, letting herself trust again.

This movie started off so strong. The images gave no bend to the fact she's raped by the man she loved and trusted. Had the story continued on in that vein, with focus on her pain and recovery, it would have been better.
With that said, I found my self crying a half hour into the movie.

This is a Disney film, so you know the story would start to revolve around the Sleeping Beauty character, which for me kind of killed it. I would have rather seen more plot between Maleficent and King Stefan then anything else.
I did love the addition of the shapeshifter character. A crow that Maleficent saves and grants the gift to turn into a man. I kept waiting for him to be all confessing his undying love...but the closest thing we got to that was near the end when he gets sarcastic as they go into battle.

The idea that they gave her bird wings, puts the image of an angel into your mind, while the horns give the idea of a demon. Which was a great metaphor to express the balance of human nature.

Two questions bothered me throughout the film...1) Why was she the only "human" sized fairy? and 2) were those cheekbones make-up or real?

Monday, November 3, 2014

The Nosferatu Adventures S6 p9

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 163, chapter 163

Dagan crossed farther into the hotel room, flopping down on the bed, his face half hanging off the edge, the magic mist swirling around him, removing his boots, shirt and pants, leaving the werewolf in a pair of shorts.

"What do you think you're doing?" our heroine's voice whispered as she moved over to the bed, slapping his left calf.

"Sleeping." he mumbled eyes closed. "Exhausted." he opened his blue eyes enough to look at her over his shoulder.

"You can sleep after. You have to get going." she answered. The banshee crossed her arms taking a stance that let the male know he was in for an argument. He rolled over on the bed noticing every squeaky spring as he did, grunting as he locked his fingers behind his head on the pillow.

"I just got here and you want to toss me out? Why so you can be alone with your new pack?" he growled letting his eyes flash the amber-grey of the wolf. He kicked the air beside her.

"You need to go with Reuben." she ran her hand over her forehead. Her temperature rising enough to betray her nerves causing a small grin to play on Dagan's face. "It's bad for you to be here now." she sniffed, the sudden urge to grab his ankle and bite him rushed through her. The strong pale leg was in her hand before she realized it, as the male rotated his foot. Dropping his leg, she moved from the bed putting distance between them.

"Wha...what for?" he shrugged screwing up his face at her. "You want me crazy in a few days? Huh?" he rolled onto his side, licking his lips. "You want to see me drooling like a mad man mumbling about how I'm going to eat your spleen." he pointed at the bed, his nail suddenly as sharp as a knife as he cut little circles into it.

"That's just it." she tossed her head back, turning throwing herself violently against the wall. "Last time I was part of Loki's experiment, I did eat your spleen. Ripped you limb from limb, wolfed out completely. Couldn't control it. Barely managed to stop myself from eating your heart. You'd been dead had I...Dagan, I can't promise I won't turn you into werewolf tartar again."   Dagan looked at her a pout on his face, blinked twice, mumbled something to himself as he tilted his head to the right, nodded agreeing with his own private conversation then mumbled again. He was off the bed standing in front of her so fast she didn't have time to blink. Kissing the top of her hair, he let his hands slide up and down her arms.

"Makes sense. I'll go, now on one condition." he licked the corner of his mouth greedily. "Mist something else." he flicked the black t-shirt and yoga pants. "Something with lace. Right here." he let his fingers drag across her chest. "Something in white."

"Dagan you are more disturbed then I gave you credit for." Our heroine waited for him to say something else, to move anything, but he didn't. The werewolf just stood there, his hot breath pounding her face and ear. "Fine." she sighed in disgust as the magic mist rolled over her briefly. The outfit she had been wearing suddenly melted into the fog before a white slip replaced it. He grabbed her chin in his right hand, forcing her to turn her face one side to the other as he mumbled the word make-up. She had never tried misting make-up before and wasn't sure it could be done. She was about to argue when the male snarled, his impatience growing causing her to shake. The female saw herself wearing thick eyeliner and dark eyeshadow for the briefest second. Letting go of her face Dagan nuzzled his nose to her neck, dragging it down her collarbone sniffing. His mouth twitched as a groan escaped him that wasn't completely human. His blue eyes had turned once again to the amber-grey of the wolf as he continued to gaze at her. The weight of his stare caused her to blush as he took a side step from her, his eyes never breaking their gaze.

 "Little effort never hurt. I'm mean, still nowhere near pretty but lest in that you look like a female." he grabbed her ass causing her to let out a yelp as he slid out the hotel room door. The male left her wondering how he could humiliate her and seduce her all at the same time?

Dagan caught up with Reuben a few buildings away, bending down to play with Tombstone. Grabbing the creatures face in his hands, he told the hellhound to keep watch on things. Standing back up to his full height, the werewolf simply pointed at the hotel. The creature instinctively ran back to the building, through the open door and to the room our heroine was in.

"You're dangerously happy." Reuben commented pointing to his friend. "What did you do?" the sentence was laced with suspicion.

"Simply reminded her that not every male is a puppy dog. And that hunting isn't always about feeding." he cracked his neck, his hands out at his sides. Dagan stared off into space for a few long seconds, his mind replaying the disgust his mate had been feeling, then the sudden spike in her trust. He ran his tongue over his bottom lip without realizing it, his fangs extended.  Reuben shook his head puffing out his cheeks with a deep sigh. "What?" Dagan asked his nose scrunched up like he'd smelled something bad.

"After all this time you two still haven't ironed out your issues." the dark haired male scratched at his beard. "When we all believed you were dead and her and I got caught by the full moon ritual..." he rocked on his toes leaning closer to the alpha. "She was faithful to me after I claimed her." he smirked wiping at his mouth, watching the bit of self doubt suddenly cross Dagan's eyes. Reuben started walking backwards in the direction of the town limits, his chin down as he stared at the other male from under his curtain of hair. Turning, the werewolf managed to cross half a mile in a few seconds, knowing it was a cheap card to play but one that would he knew, get under Dagan's skin. Reuben needed Dagan to admit he wanted the female around. That she was more then just his desperate attempt to secure his alpha position. That the sire bond wasn't the only thing keeping them connected. And Reuben needed to know this because he needed to know his own broken heart wasn't for nothing.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. I love this love triangle)

Sunday, November 2, 2014

year 3 day 132

movie: Just Desserts
starring: Costas Mandylor, Lauren Holly
genre:Romance, Food
format: online

plot: Marco's family is about to loose their bakery, and he gets the idea to enter a pastry contest. But in order to do so, he needs a partner. After tasting a chocolate cake by a snooty chef, he asks her to join him. Soon, they find themselves in the semi-finals and dealing with sabotage, and their feelings for each other.

Made for tv Hallmark movie.

Typical romantic comedy, but not as sappy as you would expect. A lot of good food shots here, the dialogue is smart, and the pace of the movie is good.
They manage to work the title into the dialogue about every ten minutes almost like a inside joke. And the's almost the third star in this film. Every scene that could possibly have a shot of someone pouring or mixing or eating chocolate has one.

Nice movie for a Sunday afternoon.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

year 3 day 131

movie: Vamp U
starring: Gary Cole, Adam Johnson

plot:A centuries old vampire currently working as a history professor, is unable to make his fangs extend. The guilt of having killed the love of his life 300 years before is keeping him from being able. That is until he meets a young student whom he starts an affair with, and accidentally turns into a vampire. He then learns that she is the daughter of his long lost love, who herself had been accidentally turned into a vampire when he bit her. The trouble then starts as the new vamp plots to turn half the university campus into more vamps.

This had me laughing out loud for most of it. Twilight is a running theme in this, as the Gary Cole character is obsessed with the books. ("No I marked the page, when exposed to sunlight they sparkle") I love the Wayne Gretzky stuff...the lead character is constantly being asked if he was named after the hockey player.

I did not escape my notice that once someone is vamped, they end up looking like a goth kid, or that we only ever see female vampires other then the Johnson character.

This is one of those movies that if you liked the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie or Lesbian Vampire Killers for that matter, you will dig this.