Sunday, February 25, 2018

The Nosferatu Adventures s12 p30

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 330, chapter 330

Out of Time

Our heroine wiggled out of Edric's grasp walking around him quickly as she entered the house. "I could use a hot shower. Is anyone in the bathroom?" she asked Seward. The younger male shrugged his shoulders hands in the air.

" is it you were able to hug me without me being shot across the yard like a cannon ball?" Seward asked as he ran to grab a stack of fresh towels for her.

"Long story." the banshee said letting out a hard gulp of air. "And no I don't want to get into it right now. I just want to shower and change into something appropriate for this." she said gesturing wildly. She made it up the stairs and into the bathroom locking the door behind her, before nearly collapsing. For Nosferatu, three years had past while she had been in the other reality with Reuben.  Three years they had been stuck on the borders of Rolf's kingdom, fighting off the raiders while trying to get Shayne and Anezka to safety. Her original plan had been to bring Anezka back with her to this reality, but it just never played out that way. Rolf's sister had no intentions of being anywhere other than back with Bacchus, and it took them months to convince her she was better off without him. Ironically, it was Bacchus himself that managed to do so. Anezka had done a summoning spell, calling the god to her side. He didn't even acknowledged her when he showed.

A knock at the bathroom door brought our heroine out of her thoughts. She didn't have to open it to know it was Edric on the other side. Her banshee nature had gotten sharper while she'd been back with Reuben. She figured it had more to do with the fact he hunted and she fed off his blood. Reuben might have been angry for their situation, but he always played by the rules. It didn't take very long at all for him to start treating her like his mate. A few weeks at most. The natural instinct to protect her, to look after her while she was with him, even at the expense of both their own happiness, took a hold like a fish hook dug deep. Reuben's boyfriend had been human. There was no way to explain to him about the forced bond between them, without exposing the rest of things to him. In the end, Reuben sent a letter telling him that he was off to deal with the raiders invading the borders. Which he did. He just left out the fact Nosferatu was with him. It was only now, standing in the Van Helsing's bathroom that Nosferatu began to have any real regrets over that. After what had been the first six months in the other reality, she accepted that she might never make it back to Edric. Opening the bathroom door, our heroine had no choice but to allow her fledgling in. Neither of them said anything as Edric wrapped his arms around her, squeezing her tight to him to the point he broke two of her ribs. Still holding on to her, he flattened his back against the bathroom door, his eyes back to their human blue.

"One coded message in all that time." the sentence was nothing more than a heavy breath as the sandy-blonde male tilted his head to the side.Our heroine waited till she felt her ribs heal before she slipped her own arms around his body, leaning on his shoulder. "And why...why..." Edric let out a grunt as he tried to find a clear thought to express. "Do you not smell like you? I know that feeding effects it, but not to this extent." he shook his head slightly squinting his eyes. "I mean, this is like" he sniffed her again, the wolf in him battling with his human side. ""   Our heroine kissed him. 

She kissed him, not because she hadn't seen him in so long, not because she was feeling vulnerable but because she didn't know what else to do to get him to stop talking. In that second of utter desperation, she kissed him. Her body pressed so tight to his, she could feel his stomach growling not just hear it. Her hands moving over his rib cage, down his thighs, across his butt. Not because she couldn't get enough of the feel of him, but because she didn't want to give him a chance to think otherwise. She felt every heightened emotion he had in that single act. All his longing, all his sadness, all his anger and confusion. Everything Edric had been trying to suppress while she was missing from his life. The hurt, the disappointment he'd been hiding from Seward and the others. Our heroine felt every bit of it to such an extreme, she could do nothing but sob as she took it in. The tears streamed down her own face in ice cold trails to puddle on the corner of her fledgling's shoulder. She had no way to explain to him why she didn't smell like her. Not without a fight anyways. They were on the floor of the bathroom before she got her barrings, Edric having magick misted his clothes, leaving the hybrid naked.  She couldn't look him in the eye. Couldn't bare to see the relief and pain trapped within the blue depths. She stared then at his chest, focusing on the spatter of hair that ran across it and down the center of his stomach. Still a sign of the male's perfection. Edric was still Nosferatu's obsession.  


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Sunday, February 11, 2018

The Nosferatu Adventures s12 p29

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 329, chapter 329

Out of Time

Seward leaned on the edge of the kitchen counter, his eyes barely focusing on the kettle in front of him. The dark haired human was tired. Bone deep, soul scratched tired. He was tired of constantly having dust and paper cuts on his hands from the mountains of research he had to do. He was tired of dealing with his cousin Landin's vision -nightmares. He was tired of having to look over his shoulder for the many new enemies they seemed to have attracted like magnets on the fridge. He was tired of smelling like wet dog day in and day out because a couple of werewolves were living with him. He was tired of never having the bathroom for more than two minutes to himself anymore, because someone was always knocking on the door telling him to research this or translate that. He was tired of the crazy that seemed to be dropped in his lap. Seward wanted nothing right that second but to walk away from it all. To just leave all the werewolves, the banshees, the gods and the creatures that were trying to do whatever it was they were trying to do behind.  Which is what he did. The 23 year old stood up to his full height, opened the back door and just walked out of the house. He didn't stop walking either till he reached the end of the street. Standing there, he took a few deep breaths, closed his eyes tilting his head to the sky and just stood. Said nothing, thought nothing, did nothing.

"Shack!" he turned running back past the three neighbour's houses to his own, running into the warmth of the back door, grabbing the nearest jacket off the porch. "I'm awake. I'm awake. I'm frozen with frostbite but I'm here." he started mumbling to himself. He grabbed each of his feet wiping the snow from them, removing the socks tossing them straight into the washer as he passed it on the back porch. He made a noise of discomfort as he entered the kitchen once again, the kettle now steaming high, threatening to boil dry.  Grabbing it off the stove, he swore again as he burned his arm on the steam. "Damn it!" Seward said his shoulders tensing with stress. Making sure the stove was indeed turned off, he returned to the porch getting his shoes, as he trudged back out into the yard.  "How many people living in this house? No, not even people..." he air quoted the word as he continued to rant his way to where the shovel was sitting leaning against the back of the house. "Werewolves. Big, scary, muscular-lary-ly strong shapeshifting lazy ass freeloading lycanthropes. And not one, not one of them can think to shovel the snow." he dug the shovel deep into the snow pile that was surrounding the picnic table. "Neither of them bother to clean the yard, or wash the car, or do the shacking dishes. I can't even get the human occupants of the house to do anything anymore. I should just up and leave them, serve them right if I did." he continued to rant to the emptiness. His breath flowing in an icy mist causing his nose to run. He sniffed. Stopping his task, the dark haired human ran his hand through the mop of curls as he squared his shoulders. The air had shifted around him, and was carrying on it an odd odour. The hairs on the back of his arms began to stand on end as if covered with static electricity. He felt the ground then, as if an earthquake was about to happen. But Seward knew that was impossible, the province he lived in was known for being too solid of rock to ever have an earthquake. The freshly shoveled snow began to whip around him, biting into his face, leaving sandpaper like cuts on his cheeks. He barely got his arm up to cover his eyes from the sudden blinding spotlight that burst open from the edge of the large tree.

The figure scrambled up from the ground where she'd fallen, her hands clawed talons, her eyes pure white of the banshee as if just an eye socket, her double row of fangs top and bottom exposed. She pounced at him, grabbing him by the shoulders dragging him to her. She was about to rip into his throat, about to tear the flesh from him when she stopped. She made a horrible sound then as she sniffed him, his hair, his shirt, his ear. All before her tongue landed on his jaw as she licked him across his face.

"Seward!" our heroine hissed as she hugged the confused male, practically smothering him to her boobs. He felt her begin to sob suddenly, the hot wet splotches of tears hitting the back of his neck.

"Nooosstaroo. Ooer sack." he spoke still being smothered. Seward had to literally shove himself away from her in order to get her to break the hug. Taking a half step backwards, he watched the female rotate her shoulders, cracking her neck as if about to get into a fight, shaking out her hands as she transformed back to her human form.

"I'm freezing. There's snow on the ground."  she said hugging herself, the thin t-shirt and shorts exposing her pale flesh to the elements.

"It's February."

"How long have I been gone?" she asked nodding towards the back door.

"Eight months."

"Only." she let out a sigh of relief. Seward looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "Time moves differently in each reality." she said too causally. They had barely taken a step towards the back door of the house, when it sprang open, nearly ripped off it's hinges. Edric jumped down to land directly in front of them, grabbing her tight.

"Oh my god! I missed you so much." the sandy-blonde male hybrid said as he buried his nose in her shoulders, sniffing her wildly. His own blue eyes now the amber-grey of the wolf as he dragged his nose across every inch of his mate. He snarled in anger. "You don't smell like you. I don't like it."

"You grew that damned beard back. I don't like it." she replied too coldly.

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Coffee Talk Feb 6th 2018

Spudguns! Hope you're having a fabulous day wherever it is you are right now. I, myself am sitting here freezing my boobs off, drinking more hot liquids than should be humanly possible, while I write this.

That could only mean one thing; it's February, and where I live that means deep freezing cold. The kind of cold that keeps you inside cause if you go out for 30 seconds you will become frostbitten.

It's also zombie month as far as the theme schedule goes. Only, I've yet to get around to doing anything even remotely close to what you would consider homework. So far, I've managed to dig through my endless boxes of dvds and find my stack of zombie movies. Which, ironically is much larger than I ever thought. (all comedies I might add) So, why haven't I gotten around yet then to reviewing any zombie movies for this month's schedule?

Because, I just don't get it. No, seriously, I really don't get the appeal of zombies. Beyond the metaphor for consumerism, biological and environmental issues, what are they about? What's the glue that keeps people interested in them?   So this, is what I'm tasking myself with this month. Finding the real reason people dig the unearthly leftovers that fill pop-culture. 

Today marks 267 Days till Hallowe'en.