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The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p30

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 89, chapter 89


Grandmother's house was a perfect opposite of what our heroine had expected. After all the time she had spent with the werewolves, in the cabins, the Fort and the castle, she was expecting something else right out of the middle ages. But this, this was a bit more modern.
If you were smack in the middle of a Jane Austen novel. The house was a two story country cottage, full on with gardened gate and a sign that gave the name of the cottage. 'Flowerpot Grove'. It was definitely a reflection of the grandmother. The garden spread for thirty feet, a small stoned walkway and tiny white fence.

"Be sure to say away from the outer corners, that's where my rose bushes are." she said to our heroine as they walked the stone path, grandmother turning in one perfect circle as she did, her hands out to gesture at either side.

"She's not going to trample your roses grandmother." the Seer said mindlessly, rolling his eyes.

"Parish the thought. But she is a vampire after all. I don't want her spontaneously burning up because she touched them."

The Seer stopped dead in his tracks, turning to look at the red roses in the right corner of the garden, his hands in his pockets. "Oh crap, right." They continued on into the house, the smell of fresh baking and lemon-aid filling the place. Grandmother took the leather bag the Seer had been carrying, placing it on the kitchen table.

"My goodness, this is heavy."

"Should be, it's your book. Weights a ton." the Seer commented as he went straight to the plate of pastries grabbing himself one.  Grandmother opened the bag getting the spell book.

"Oh my darling. It's really been added to." she said flipping through it. "Why, you're missing pages." she said delicately pointing to a section that had indeed been ripped out.  The Seer jumped up from the chair he'd just sat in and ran over to her, his food forgotten.

"What! That's impossible. The book was fine..." he closed his eyes then, making a noise of pure frustration.  "Leo!" both the Seer and our heroine said in unison.

"He's been obsessed with the book for days now. Claims it can't possibly be rightfully yours. Thinks you stole it." our heroine added.

"I admit, when I was..." he cleared his throat a slight blush hitting his face. "Before the werewolf thing happened, I would take whatever spell books others had, but this is truly our family's."


Reuben was perched on the back of a chair, his feet planted firmly on the seat, eating popcorn, as he watched Dagan. The other werewolf was sitting on the bed, door open, making his dream catchers again. The empty half of the bed were littered with about ten of them just in the last twenty minutes.

"Think he's going to go crazy again?" Reuben asked. Rolf shrugged, handing his friend a plate of food. Reuben stared at it, sniffed it gingerly, then held it up to the light. "Dude, what is it?"


"Yeah, but I can't identify anything on the plate."

"It's got potatoes, turnip, carrots, all fried together." Rolf said pointing a fork at it.

"It's burnt is what it is. Smell that. Tell me that you don't feel your nostrils bursting to flames from the burnt chardness coming off it."  Reuben put the plate down on the table waiting to see if Rolf was going to eat his. The larger male took a big forkful, and began to chew. Making a face he tossed his fork onto the plate and pushed it away. "You upset she's gone too I see, cause you can cook and that my friend is not cooked, it's cremated."

"I just can't understand why she would leave when we've got such a big problem with the timber wolves? Why would she leave us to deal with the whole thing alone?"

Reuben let out a deep breath, his cheeks puffing out as he did. "She wanted to get the Seer someplace safe. With everyone mystical out to slaughter him." Reuben commented as he stuffed another handful of popcorn into his mouth. Standing up, he grabbed a fry pan. "Eggs?"

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If I was your vampire

I'm sitting here, having a coffee, looking at the fresh snow outside, thinking about the trend in monster movies/tv shows. 

I can't be the only one, who has noticed it. Two years ago, it was vampires and werewolves being all the rage, now it's slid into zombies and witches. I love witches. Not a fan of zombies. Which is ironic when you think about given how zombies and vampires criss-cross and blend.

I'm loving the new show Witches of East End.  And was thrilled when I heard they got a second season.

I used to have this parlor trick back in college, where I could tell a person's personality by their favourite horror movie.  It evolved into me being able to guess a movie connecting it to them.  Most of the time I was bang on, which always scared people. Usually followed by a raised eyebrow and a shake of the head before they swore and mumbled at me.
So, sitting here bored out of my skull and thinking of something movie wise to add to this movie blog I decided to play a game. Pointless as it truly is, come waste some time with me as I play...

If that wrestler was a vampire movie... (I told you I'm bored and it's totally pointless. No wrestler was harmed or intentionally insulted in the making of this post.)

Level one-  Roman Reigns = Blade
                -  Tyler Breeze = Twilight
                -  Austin Aries = Van Helsing
                - Dean Ambrose = Vampire's Kiss
Level two- Corey Graves = Fright Night
                 -Leo Kruger = Vamp
                 -Brad Maddox= Underworld
Level three- Chris Sabin = Monster Squad
                 - Seth Rollins = Crypt Keeper's Bordello of Blood
Level four- Alex Shelley = Subspecies

As you can see, some were harder then others to match up, and no one got Interview with the Vampire or Lost Boys, cause you know, they're Interview with the Vampire and Lost Boys.       

If you haven't choked on your coffee yet or died of laughter, let's continue...

What does Blade say about you... silent strength, a deeper connection to your environment then most realize, killer observation skills, the ability to straddle two worlds without ever falling prey to either. There is a loyalty in you that only a very select few ever have the chance to witness.

What does Twilight say about you... you know someone was going to get a fluff piece. Or are they? On the surface it's shinny, pop-culture, but under the skin, there is something darker and dangerous lurking. Something to be taken serious. The complete idea of a  predator just waiting. Like the ever present bad boy who might be just misunderstood, you are able to draw others towards you without them knowing you're just not what you first appeared. In the end, you become the strongest of those around you.

What does Van Helsing say about you... Skills on top of skills on top of skills. You know you're the top of the food chain, and you have no reason to prove it, but you do with ease.

What does Vampire's Kiss say about you... Think how Nicolas Cage portrays the character in this film. You're brought into the desire and the damages without knowing what end is truly up. You're made to believe one way at first, then hit with another explanation, only to be left thinking your first response was the true one. It's a mind-bender that bleeds honesty. You constantly leave everyone asking what is really happening?

(I've put way too much time into thinking about this, and it's off the cuff...what does that say about me?)

What does Fright Night say about you... classic, clean, but with a honestly serious twist. The guy next door is more then he seems. There is a darkness about you that you've been trying to hide, only you no longer want to hide it, and you let yourself get caught. You slip up on purpose, for the simple reason you've seen it all done it all and are ready to show the world who you really are.

What does Vamp say about you... you are hiding in plan sight, constantly hinting at the power you actually have without giving any of the reality of it away. Still allowing the fantasy to be believed, until it's too late for those around you.

What does Underworld say about you... well you're just power hungry. Okay, maybe not completely. But you are torn between what you have been made to trust to this point, and what you find out for yourself later on.

What does Monster Squad say about you...there is an innocence about you, even though you've been through hell and high water, you still manage to keep that spark of life going.

What does Crypt Keeper's Bordello of Blood say about you... you're the kind who would make a cup of coffee jealous, you're that fast paced. Methodical and patient in your schemes, you know when to let loose and when to hold back. You always get what you want in the end, even if it means using yourself as bait. You are able to live within the rules but still break them, and no one is the wiser.

What does Subspecies say about you... steep in tradition, you have one main goal. You use every tool at your disposal and take no refusal in order to get it, even if that means playing a bit dirty.  There is a hurt lost innocence under the harshness, one that can't seem to keep you out of mischief. You always find a way to land on your feet, even when loosing your head.

Some were much easier to pin point then others.  Now, go out and rent those vampire movies and see what you think.

till later

The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p29

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 88, chapter 88

The reunion was cut short as the Seer heard the scream come from our heroine. Turning, both him and his grandmother saw her being flung against the wall by an invisible force. Her body suddenly contorting as her clothes were shredded, blood pouring from her nose, claw marks and bites ripping across her pale flesh. The Seer was on his knees then, covering his ears from the sounds, his grandmother running from the tiny crypt, hovering just outside the door.
Nosferatu levitated more then ten feet into the air, blood hitting the floor and wall as the invisible attacker continued to rip pieces of her flesh. Her screams stopped cold as her limp body crashed to the floor of the crypt. She wasn't breathing as her eyes were wide open and completely white. Her fangs exposed, her fingers like claws, as she lay there in a massive pool of blood.

She found herself suddenly in the woods, the smell of blood heavy in the air, the coppery taste of it blasting her senses. She could hear nothing but the sound of the blood pounding in his veins at first, then the slower rhythm of the blood as the heart began to weaken. It only took her a second to realize where she was.  The camp where Dagan and Harker had been. Our heroine stumbled as she followed the sound, the scent of blood.

Dagan was laying near the edge of the camp, in the trees blood soaking quickly into the ground around him. His entire body was shredded. Falling to her knees beside him, she saw the fear in his blue eyes. His breathing was a struggle; chunks torn from every part of him, clothing nothing more then wet strips. He saw her, reached for her as blood saliva bubbled from the hole in his throat and mouth. Nosferatu felt his last breath as much as saw him take it, the light in his blue eyes flickering out. A second later, what was left of his clothes melted into him as his wounds disappeared.

The scream that came from her then seemed to come from every fiber of her being. Every bone and muscle in her body was on fire, was as if she were having the skin cut from her.

Her astral self rejoined her physical one as the Seer bent over her. The whole experience had left her weak and shaking.  Sitting up, she found her own wounds had completely healed.  "The pain Dagan felt. The fear. We both know he's not the type to fear anything, but that alone was overwhelming. That was more then just a hunting, I don't understand what...what stopped Ash from eating, he tore him to nothing. God, I remember the guys said something about Dagan having been alone for like two days between the attack and ...and Harker returning. Two days dealing with that, alone. Processing what happened."


Dagan slinked around the old witch's cabin, picking up first a pillow from the chair sniffing it, a piece of material falling to the floor. Picking that up, he sniffed it too, then held it up to the light. It was the dress he'd hidden when he had been trying to keep the female from leaving the house to see Finn.  "You said I had been shacking up with someone?" he asked Rolf over his shoulder.  The large male grunted as he moved around the cabin, busying himself with the task of fixing a chair. It didn't necessarily need to be fixed, but Rolf needed something to keep his hands busy.  "You think I would remember some hot little number..." Dagan continued.
Rolf dropped the screwdriver in his hand onto the kitchen table with a clank as he broke out laughing. Flicking his hair out of his face he wiped his eyes where they had started to water he was laughing so hard.

"Oh god. You really have lost your memory haven't you?"

Dagan turned to look at his friend, his eyes wide chewing on his bottom lip, the dress still dangling in his one hand, the pillow in the other. "What's so funny?"

"You calling her hot..and little for that matter." Rolf couldn't stop laughing, he was doubled over clutching at his ribs.

"What?" Dagan dropped the items back onto the chair, crossing the few feet to stand beside Rolf at the kitchen table. "I mean, she had to be hot right? That goes without saying. Cause I'd..." he watched as Rolf wiped the snot from his nose as he continued to laugh. " saying she wasn't?"

Clearing his throat, the larger male raised his hand tilting his head, eyes closed. "If by little you mean short, then yeah." he held his hand out to Dagan's chin. 

The werewolf bit harder then on his bottom lip, hugging his elbows as he hunched his shoulders feeling like the air had been knocked out of him. "You saying she was a dog? As in not canine...but...was she a canine? Did I shack up with a female werewolf?"

"No, I already told you, she's a vampire. Banshee to be exact. And no Dagan, she was not hot, but she was decent. Good heart. She sacrificed herself for me, and my brothers." his tone became serious then as he patted the other male's shoulder.  "As much as it pains me to say it, whatever you did, you need to fix it. You two were; are good together. Even if you do drive the rest of us to drink."


"Well, I don't need you!" the young male said as he stormed out of the small house on the far end of the forest. His long dark hair falling into his face. He ducked as a book was thrown at him, followed by a large pillar candle, a bag and a small container of fairy dust.  Reuben bent to pick up his things, kicking at a pile of dirt as he did.  "I'll be fine on my own!" he punctuated the last word with a flick of his dark hair as he turned heading towards the main path.  He'd gotten involved with a young witch, hoping to expand his own strengths.  Only he hadn't accounted for the guy freaking out about the whole werewolf thing.
Reuben walked by the small river, a rabbit having caught his attention when he caught the scent of blood in the air. Quickly, he followed his nose, his werewolf speed helping him to cover more ground then a human would.
He stopped short, literally digging his heels into the ground his arms flaring in circles to keep balance. He had nearly tripped over the guy's body.  Cautiously, Reuben crouched to sit on his heels, sniffing the air deeply, catching the scent of the new werewolf.  "Hey, buddy." he shook Dagan's shoulder. "Buddy, you can't sleep here. It's not safe."

He opened his eyes rolling over to bury his face in the blood soaked dirt. "Am I dead?"

"Not yet. But you will be if you don't get home."

"I think I'm dead. I was being eaten by this big red wolf, then this thing came to get me. This demon or angel or something with creepy white eyes." he coughed as he made it to a knelling position, his eyes now closed against the pain. "And I think she came for me earlier too, only, only she didn't stay." he fell forward onto his hands, puking up whatever had been left in his stomach. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to..." his eyes rolled back in his head as he passed out again.

A half hour later, Reuben knocked on the door to the large house. He shifted his own weight as he adjusted Dagan's limp body over his shoulder. The door opened a centimeter, a very tall male standing there. "Rolf, I need your help."
The shy male said nothing as he opened the door sidestepping to allow his friend in.  Scratching at his neck, Rolf kept his head down as he hid behind his hair, whispering. Reuben was glad he had very sensitive werewolf ears, cause he was straining as it was to hear the other male's nearly non-audible voice.  "I'm just going to go ahead and dump him in the guest bedroom. Think your dad will mind?"

Rolf shook his head, scratching this time at his jaw. "He's gone to the market square."  he crossed then to the kitchen, pouring a glass of water from a large pitcher.

"Better grab a whiskey or something for him too. He's going to have a hell of a time when he wakes up." Reuben leaned against the door frame of the bedroom, his hand on his forearm. "He said it was a large red wolf. You know anyone like that?"

Rolf shook his head as he sniffed, getting the newly formed werewolf's scent.

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story.  Come on, Rolf wasn't always confident and angry...)

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Top 5 fav Alice Cooper movie roles

Okay, time for something movie related, and since I'm in an Alice Cooper mood...

1. Suck (2009)

2. Nightmare on Elm Street 6 Freddy's Dead (1991)

3. Prince of Darkness (1987)

4. Roadie (1980)

5. Dark Shadows (2012)

So, he's done a few vampire movies, Suck, Dark Shadows, Prince of Darkness,  (and technically the NOES movie too but that's another post for another chat) and appeared as himself a few times.  

I have seen him in a few other films, Wayne's World, Monster Dog and Attic Expeditions (I just don't remember the last two very well it's been years, and hated Wayne's World)

I don't actually have a favourite on this list, they are all fairly even, but for the sake of keeping the theme of random top fives, I ranked them.

till later.

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The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p28

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 87, chapter 87

The Seer finally caught up with her, grabbing her by the shoulder. He was doubled over hands on his knees trying to catch his breath. "Time out babe." he closed his eyes, then crumpled to the ground. "Since when can you run like that?"

"You sent us into the past! You sent us..." she made a sound that to the Seer was pure animalistic as she spun around her hands in her hair. "Okay, okay let me think for a second." she breathed sharply, closing her eyes. "Harker, our Harker is 32 or so and this Harker, is a teenager so that means you hurled us back what...12 or 13 years ago?" she started to pace back and forth. "Okay, okay we will just open another portal and try again. In the mean time, we'll just lower our profiles. Yeah, that's it."  She opened her eyes to see the dark haired werewolf shaking his head at her.

"Sure, but I need a few days. That portal took more out of me then I thought it would. I need to feed, everything. My sidhe side, my werewolf side. Energy, magic, normal food. And I need to sleep."

"What do we do in the mean time? I mean, if they see us will that screw up the future like in movies or something?"  her voice was rising as pure panic clutched at her spine. Again, the Seer shook his head.

"Doesn't work like that." he sniffed getting back up to a standing position, taking her by the wrist. "Come on. First thing first, we need to find someplace to sleep."

"That was human Dagan. Pre-werewolf bite. So, what, is this the night it happens?" she was shaking as the Seer wrapped his arm around her shoulders.

"Either the night he is bitten or a day or so before hand."


Present Day 2013...

Rolf entered the cabin to find Dagan on the floor, a small puddle of blood under his face. Rolling him over, Rolf discovered the deep grooves in the floor from where Dagan had been clawing at it. There was no other signs of a struggle, but he knew something was wrong, the smell coming from Dagan told the werewolf something wasn't right.  Picking him up, Rolf got his buddy to the sofa, realizing he wasn't breathing.
It took almost an hour before Dagan's chest started to move and another half hour before his eye lids fluttered open. The werewolf sat up with a start, looking panicked.

"About time man. You had me really worried the last while. What happened anyway?" Rolf said casually as he continued to drink his coffee.  Getting a mug he poured half a bottled water into if for him, handing it to the still confused male.  Shaking off the cobwebs, Dagan drank greedily as he let out a growl.

"Got any aspirin?" he asked clutching both hands then to his skull.

"Na." the larger male said shaking his head, running his hand through his long dark mass of curls. "Best I can offer you is some tea."  Dagan nodded his eyes closed. "You remember what happened?" Rolf asked as he began to boil water for the tea.

Dagan shrugged, letting out a deep sigh. "I remember Reuben being an ass, coming home in the rain and that's about it. Then feeling like something was wrong, like something had been ripped out of me. My chest hurt." he instinctively put his left palm flat on the middle of his chest as he said it. "Then nothing till waking up."

Rolf leaned against the kitchen table as he waited for the water to boil, his arms crossed over his massive chest. "Did you get into another fight with Nosferatu?"

Dagan's eyebrows knitted together in puzzlement as he tilted his head to look at his buddy over his shoulder, his nose scrunched up. "Who?"

"I'm asking cause I don't see any signs of her. Come to think of it, the Seer hasn't been around all afternoon either."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Dagan asked as he stood scratching at his right shoulder.

Rolf flicked his hair out of his face, a short giggle filling the air between them as he turned to make the tea. "Oh I see, you're that mad at her are you? Alright, I'll humour you. Nosferatu, female, pale as salt, red hair, fangs. You're either constantly killing each other literally or making us want to kill you both." he handed him the cup of tea, a smile spreading into his blue eyes.

Dagan took a noisy slurp of the tea, a blank look on his face. "I have no idea what you're going on about. Are you stoned?"

"Dagan, seriously. I know you two get under each other's skin, but most mates do..."

The other male's eyes went wide as he hunched his shoulders, stretching out his neck, his jaw squared. "Mate? I don't have a mate." he pointed at Rolf. "Oh this some sort of joke you and Reuben cooked up? Huh? I know you two were pissed at me the other day when I left the entrails...well tied the entrails of that moose to your tails when you were both sleeping, but I was bored."

Rolf tilted his head to the side, his turn to look confused. "Dagan, that was weeks ago you did that. And we got back at you for that prank with the cod liver oil in your soup. Why would you bring that up now?" He took a step towards him. "You must have really got hit hard if you don't remember Nosferatu."

"What kind of name is that?" he turned to look around the room suddenly. "Sounds like some sort of vampire or something." he began moving around the cabin then, picking things up, examining them as if he'd never seen them before.

"Uh, she is a vampire...banshee flavoured actually. And you sired her when you killed really don't remember her?"

"Nope." he removed the sheet from the mirror then, tapping at it just as Nathaniel appeared in the reflection. The werewolf jumped back a half step. "Hey, we have a magic mirror."

"Is something wrong?" Nathaniel asked from his side of the mirror.  Rolf grunted as he moved to stand beside Dagan.

"Uh, yeah you can say that."


In the past 2000...

"When I said find a place to sleep, I wasn't thinking running back to the graveyard and to the crypt." the Seer's voice became pinched as he lit the torch in the back of the building.

"Well, let's see, you could have used your seduction to con an innkeeper into giving us a room, but that would have opened up trouble. Cause..." she pointed to herself. "if we posed as brother and sister that would be weird given our.." she cleared her throat. "Uh,huh...feeding tendencies if you get totally stuck, and if we posed as a couple..."

"Which seems the logical cover." the Seer mumbled as he started to sweep cobwebs off of the coffin lid.

"...then we'd have other issues, cause at some point you will need to seduced someone to feed your sidhe side. And your reputation as the ultimate heartbreaker is why we're sort of here to begin with." our heroine started to pace around the small crypt. "And given the old witch's cabin is still owned in this time by the old witch and her family, we can't hide out there. I happened to notice the lighthouse in this decade is working, so that means someone is living there acting as caretaker so it's off the list, and if Dagan is still human, that means Ash hasn't gone through the grief of loosing his wife yet, so he's still pretending to be human for her sake. Honestly, hon, we really don't have any other options."

"Or you could just stay at my place." the female voice echoed in the tiny crypt. Our heroine jumped spinning around to face the doorway, instinctively stepping in front of the Seer to block him from being recognized by whomever from his past was there.  "I mean..." the woman shrugged bringing her hands up to her face then back to rest on her knees. "You're safely off with friends from my coven, learning to be a better witch, and my seventh husband just died..."

"Seventh? How very Erica Kane of you." our heroine said.

"...I knew you were coming. I had a vision of you my darling." she said taking another step into the crypt. She was about  5foot 2, with a mountain of curly dark hair that had wisps of grey threaded through it. But somehow, the woman radiated power. 

"Grandmother." the Seer practically threw himself at her, picking up the tiny woman and hugging as he sniffed her hair.

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story.  Yeah, I said seventh, and she's just suppose to be the witch/human side of the Seer, not even his sidhe relatives.)

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The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p27

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 86, chapter 86

Dagan entered the old witch's cabin to find it empty. No fire in the fireplace, no heat, no Nosferatu. Mumbling to himself, he pulled out a kitchen chair and sat down, water dripping off him from the rain. He was loosing control of the pack, and he knew why. Ever since the female had arrived, things had been bad. He hated feeling like this, feeling anything. For years, Dagan had managed to keep a comfortable distance from everyone and everything.  Slamming back in the chair, he ran his hands over his face.


The book appeared on the small coffin beside the Seer. He said nothing as he opened it to the proper page, tracing the symbols for the ritual in the dust of the crypt. Silently, he recited the ritual, slicing his hand in order to get the werewolf blood needed. He then turned to our heroine nodding to her. "You ready?"


Dagan's breath caught in his throat as a stabbing pain spread through his chest. He instinctively thought he was having a heart attack, then remembered he was immortal, he couldn't. But none the less, he found himself clutching at his chest, falling out of the chair face first onto the floor. Something was wrong, horribly wrong. He began to shift into his wolf form, unable to do anything but ride out the pain as it seemed to burn him from the inside out. He screamed, arching his back as he lay on the floor on his stomach, his claws digging into the floor, his throat filling up with first foam then blood. Then everything went black.


The scream ripped from our heroine's throat as she opened her eyes. The pure white of the banshee all the Seer could detect in the darkness of the crypt. He himself had not taken into account that her pitch would cause his own delicate werewolf ears to bleed. He found himself fighting through the ringing that was happening, pounding in his brain, could taste the blood as it streamed from his own nose into his mouth. Then, the wind began to pick up around them. The wall behind the female opened up, like a black pit, sucking them towards it for a few seconds before stopping. The air pressure righting itself and the pain stopping. Quickly, he grabbed his spell book and her bag in one hand, while locking his other hand with hers, pushing them both through the portal.

Opening her eyes, our heroine heard the chirping of birds, saw them flying from one of the higher branches of the nearest tree, saw the setting sun over the tops of them. Turning, she spotted the Seer as he rolled over on the ground beside her, leaves and mud clinging to him.

"Are we there yet? How's my hair? Is it really as wind blown as it feels?"

"Well, we're somewhere. Foresty." she replied as she  got to her feet, reaching for her bag. Helping the Seer up, she asked him if he wanted her to add the spell book to the contents of her leather bag.

"Got it covered." he answered smiling at her as he waved his hand, a bubble appearing. Within it, a perfect replica of her leather bag. Tossing the bubble into the air, he blew on it, and the leather bag was released from it, landing at his feet. "Something I learned from this goblin I seduced once."

The pair walked about a half hour before the Seer stopped. He turned towards a small pond his jaw squared as his shook his head.  "This place look familiar to you?" he asked bringing both hands up then slapping back on his thighs.

"Yeah. Actually it does. It looks like the pond not far from Ash's cabin. But that's impossible unless your ritual didn't work?" our heroine said dropping her bag and sitting down on a large rock.

"Oh it worked." he moved farther towards the water line, turning one direction then the other. "I think."  the male then crouched on his heels, his nose in the air, eyes closed as he felt a strange shiver start to creep up his spine. Taking a deep breath, he caught the scent of someone, someone familiar to him. Standing with lightening speed he took off in the direction that the scent was emanating from.
The werewolf stopped when a voice began to tickle at his ears. He spoke to Nosferatu with telepathy telling her where he was, and that she needed to see what he was seeing.

Silently, the female made her way through the thick trees and over the rough path. A gasp was spotted short in her throat as a very strong pale hand covered her mouth. The Seer then held his fingers to his own lips, letting her know to be silent as they watched the figure sitting at the edge of the clearing, hovering over a campfire.

He was only about 19 years old, but there was no mistaking the short, dark haired male. It was Harker. Our heroine felt herself go weak as she watched the young man boiling water in a small pot, his hair falling into his eyes as he did. Her stomach nearly jumped out of her when the sound of footsteps about thirty feet away grabbed her attention.
Turning to the left of them, she spotted Dagan coming towards the camp, two large fish in one hand and what looked like a bottle in the other.

The portal hadn't taken them someplace else, but somewhere else. Into the past.

Breaking away from the Seer, our heroine ran back into the forest on very shaky legs. 

Hearing something in the distance, Dagan told his brother to be still as he began to check it out. Slowly he placed one sneakered foot over the other, the cuffs of his dark jeans dragging in the mud as he did. He stopped cold, feeling like someone had punched him in the chest nearly knocking him over. His ears began to ring, his heart beating double time, his brain swimming. Hearing his younger brother calling him, the male hesitated before turning back.

But something off in the rapidly darkening forest caught his eye. The male could have sworn it had been a female. Something in him wanted to go to her, to call out to her. Only he had no idea why?

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story.  Talk about a blast from the past eh?)

The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p26

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 85, chapter 85

Dagan scratched at his chin, as he waited for Reuben to say something. When the other werewolf simply sat down on the floor in front of the fireplace, Dagan swore as he turned and ran back out into the rain.


"Leo's not going to give you your grandmother's book back very easily." our heroine said as they sat in the darkened tomb.  The Seer shook his hand, ending the light bulb spell, having found a torch near the back of the small building. Sniffing, he cast his eyes down, refusing to look at her.

"I can do a return to me spell on it. No worries." his voice was low, filled with something that our heroine could have sworn was longing. "You know." he took a step, turning on his heels then threw himself against the wall, his shoulders rubbing against the roughness of it. "Maybe...maybe going with you is the best idea." he crossed his arms over his sculptured chest, rolling his eyes as he let his lids flutter. "I mean. You're right about me not being able to feed my sidhe side here now, and ..." he shrugged his lips turning up in a duck bill. " original plan was to open a portal and leave here. Now, at lest if I go with you, I will..." he cleared his throat, his voice becoming low. " lest I'll have a traveling companion."

"Huh. Interesting."


Our heroine reached over brushing his hair out of his eyes. "You're not as shallow as you appear to be."

The Seer leaned over sniffing her shoulder deeply, smiling as he did, planting a quick kiss on her ear. "Think he's figured it out yet?" he growled.

"Dagan doesn't care."

"Not Dagan, Ash." he bent his face to her chest, our heroine grabbed his chin forcing him to look at her. "I tried." he let out a deep sigh, a sound escaping him that was not quite a growl not quite a grunt. Scratching at the back of his skull he turned to face the wall. "Good wall, strong well built, bumpy." he ran his palm over the wall, trying to cover up the sudden wave of embarrassment. "You're wrong you know." he turned back to face her, his blue eyes flashing the amber-grey of the wolf, his voice dropping to a gravel. "Dagan does care. You didn't see him back at the castle, in the rose garden digging you up like his life depended on it." he scratched at his eyebrow, squinting in the darkness. "Which, I guess it didn't but yours did. When you think about it, sort of poetic. I mean, not in a sexy sort of way or anything, but in an...I'm going to shut up now."

"You think Dagan digging me out of the ground sexy?"

"I didn't say that. Don't be...don't be putting words in my mouth. Okay, just don't. Not cool." he was pointing at her.

"Far be it from me to keep you from him. I mean, Ripper's got that whole tortured innocence thing working for him." she started to pick the spiderwebs from the Seer's hair that had rubbed off from the tomb wall.

"So you do have a soft spot for him?" the Seer smirked at her.

"Everyone's got a soft spot for him. So to speak. It's why none of you have really bothered to challenge him for his alpha position. You're all as far as I can tell, more then happy to bow down for him." she scratched at her right shoulder. "Some more then others if you know what I mean? Do you ever wear a shirt?"

"Not if I can help it." he replied as the magic mist then rolled around him leaving a grey t-shirt in it's wake. "You never answered my question, do you think that Ash has figured it out?"

"Figured what out?"

"Us!" he shifted his weight again so that his back was once again flat against the wall.

"Um hon, you call this an 'us'?"

He gave a short laugh. "I'm sorry!"  he locked his fingers with hers, sending a wave of relaxation through her. "I'm not able to control things as well as I could before. You know, it's getting really frustrating to think that I'm at the mercy of  the lycanthropy; when my whole life, my whole entire life, I've been the one who controls things. Controls...things!" his eyes went wide, his voice rose a few notches as he raised his free hand spreading his fingers flat.

"What do you need to get before we open the portal and leave?" she asked feeling the need to deflect the conversation. Our heroine was suddenly imagining the werewolf taking over like it has with Dagan. Imagining the Seer going into an emotional rage, wolfing out on her and the last thing she needed was another version of Dagan.

"My grandmother's spell book really. Why? In a hurry?"  our heroine nodded pulling the shawl tight as possible around her. "You're not even going to say goodbye to them?" she said nothing, just moved from him to sit on the floor of the tomb.

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story.  Is the Seer's intentions good or will he turn on her?)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p25

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 84, chapter 84

Our heroine pulled the shawl tight around her shoulders as she headed into the woods. The leather bag smacking her hip with every move. She stopped suddenly, hearing the Seer once again in her mind. She had no choice but to follow the telepathic call.

The Seer was in the graveyard when she stumbled on him. He was stretched out on a large grave, leaning on one elbow, the grey pajama bottoms surprisingly spotless even though there was mud and dirt everywhere. Looking over at her, the Seer smiled wide. "Great, you heard me." he reached out his right hand to her beckoning for her to join him. Dropping her bag, she shuffled to where he was, pulling the woolen shawl even tighter around her shoulders. "What? Are you cold?"  She nodded at the werewolf. "Hm?" the Seer raised an eyebrow at her. "Best thing about being a werewolf, we're so hot. And we are always warm." he smiled at her.

"I'm really not in the mood right now for any kind of goofiness. Did you need something? And aren't you suppose to be all hiding in wolf form in the house?" she asked sitting beside him.

"I am, I was and decided just not going to anymore. I am a grown man, can take very good care of myself. As long as there are no silver objects being tossed at me." he said running the back of his hand gently across her jaw. "Okay, seriously, what's got you looking so..." he made tiny circles with his hand.

"What's it going to take for you to open that portal for me?"

The dark haired male sighed. "Alright." he reached for her, pulling her down to lay beside him on the tomb. "We can do the ritual tonight, I mean, we've got plenty of werewolf blood now, and all we really need is to make you scream at a high enough pitch." he sounded suddenly like a disapproving teacher.

"I still think you should come with me. I think it would be safer for you." she replied, propping herself up on her elbow.  The Seer leaned over her, sniffing her ear, her hair, her jaw.

"You're hiding something. Spill it."

"I found something. And when I researched it, well you're not going to like what I have to tell you." she got back up from the tomb picking up her bag.  The talisman spun with the movement when she retrieved it.

"Huh, what are you doing with my grandmother's talisman?" he raised an eyebrow, flicking the center of it with his finger, causing it to twist even more between them. "And where did you find it?"

"Leo had it tucked away in your grandmother's spell book like a bookmark." she held up her hand touching her pale fingers to the Seer's perfect lips to keep him silent. His blue eyes sparkled as a mischievous smile crept into them. "He had gone to the lighthouse for whatever reason, and found them in what was left of your stuff after the fire. He didn't see me take the talisman, but he refused to believe the spell book was honestly yours. He's got some secret attachment to it. But that's not what you're going to hate. I found out this is actually an old family crest, it would seem of some branch of your family. And the worst part gave it to me. Or lest someone about five hundred years ago who looked like you and might actually have been you in a past life, gave it to someone who looked like me in a past life or you know what I mean. As a wedding present." she was starting to shake with nerves suddenly.  A laugh escaped the Seer.

"Why would I hate that?" he stretched back out, one knee bent, hands behind his head the mischievous smile never leaving his face.

"Cause it means that you and I were married. Or a version of us was. Or family members were. Or something." she said shaking the talisman in his face before dropping it onto his chest. "Why are you so calm about that news? Shouldn't you be freaking out? Denying it or something?"   The male said nothing, just tapped his temple twice then winked at her. "Oh you bastard. You already knew about this didn't you?"

"Yeah. Had a vision of this very scene. Us here, this talisman. There was one little difference."

"What was that?"

He pointed to the sky, his blue eyes darting around before closing them. "That." he remarked as a thunder clapped and a sudden downpour hit them in a cold shock. The Seer jumped off the grave and opened the door of the nearest vault. "In here, could be awhile." he watched as the female grabbed both the talisman and her bag, following him into the darkness of the tomb.
Shaking out his hair, the Seer chanted the light spell, his left hand glowing suddenly in the darkness. 


"What you got there?" Dagan asked Leo as he found the older werewolf sitting by the firepit, the spell book by his feet. Sitting down beside him, he reached for the large volume. "Hey, I've seen this before. It's the Seer's." he carefully turned the pages as he examined the book. "Yeah, this is the spell book he first used to get the female's attention, back at the Fort."  Leo leaned over snatching it back from him growling. Turning slightly, Dagan looked at the older male, raising an eyebrow. "Not in the mood for sharing I see."

"It's not for you." Leo got up from the tree stump he'd been sitting on and wandered to the back of the yard behind the cabin.  Dagan stretched out his long legs, leaned back in his seat hands linked behind his head then, just about to take a nap when the sky suddenly opened up and a mad downpour began to drown him.
Swearing, the werewolf jumped up and ran into Ash's cabin just as Leo did the same. Within seconds, they heard the howl off in the not too far distance, just before the smell of wet dog invaded the air, burning their noses. Dagan turned and opened the door just as the large onyx coloured wolf ran in.  Rolf shook himself dry, heading towards the fireplace, giving a snort before plopping down in front of it to dry out.  Reuben was less then a moment behind him, in human form but covered in what looked like bee stings.

"And what did you do this time?" Dagan asked.  Reuben shrugged glaring at him, as he ran his hand angrily over his beard, before knocking his shoulder into Dagan as he past him heading too to the fireplace.  Tilting the upper half of his body, Dagan half turned towards his friend, his eyes wide. "What was that all about? All I did was ask how you got covered in the bee stings."

"I was out in the woods." Reuben replied as he smoothed his long hair into one of his ponytails. "I got stung. No big deal."

Dagan turned to look at Ash, but all Ash did was throw his hands up, shaking his head. "You're on your own for this one."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story.)

Coffee Talk Nov 19th 2013

Two weeks away from the 2 year anniversary of this blog.  Already. Doesn't seem like I've had this one up and running that long, but it has been.

It's a cold bitter Tuesday morning where I am. Almost too cold here for snow, which makes coffee a wonderful thing.  Okay, just thought I would run in and write something cause it's been a few days.
The last few pieces of The Nosferatu Adventures is coming up, I had hoped to have it done - the story- by the 3rd of December; as that will be the blog 2 year mark.  My hope was to finish "year 2" and get "year 3" up on that day.  

I know the story started off as a creative way to recap the movies I've been watching randomly this year, but things grow on their own.  It was meant to be a six part thing spread out over the course of the year. Now it's -it's own thing. 

Some of the vampire themed movie crafting projects I was/am working on, I hope to have finished soon. As well as some scrapbooking movie themed pages. Cause this blog needs some more "what this movie inspired me to do" posts.

And movies.  It needs movies.

till later...stay fresh.

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The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p24

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 83, chapter 83

Our heroine got up slowly, wiping at her t-shirt where Reuben had drooled on her, and walked deliberately out the door of the cabin. She made a low sound that was something between a grunt and a sigh of satisfaction as she leaned towards Ash. "All I did hon, was widen the rabbit hole." she let her pale slim fingers trace the hollow at his throat before moving her hand down his body.  She walked out of the building past Rolf who had to grab Reuben by the neck to hold him back.

"What the hell was all that about?" Rolf asked turning towards Ash.  The older werewolf shook his head in shock.

"I have no bloody idea?"

Nosferatu didn't stop to rest until she was back at the old witch's cabin. Grabbing her bag, she was about to drop in the new trinket she had grabbed from the spell book when Leo wasn't looking, but spotting the sheet over the magic mirror changed her mind. Removing the sheet, she waited for Nathaniel to appear.  Within seconds, his image popped up.


"What is this?" she held up the talisman in front of the mirror. "I found it in a spell book." the cord was leather, the talisman itself made of iron, the design a celtic knot with two dragons on top and bottom of it, surrounded by more celtic style knot-designs, and a rune engraved into the very center of it all.

"I have no idea." Nathaniel said as he moved closer to his side of the mirror in order to get a closer look.

"It was next to a spell I couldn't read. Something in I think Gaelic."

"And you decided to take it why?"

Our heroine shrugged as she rubbed her thumb over the design. "It just seemed to...want to be rescued. I just had to remove it from the book."

"And you have no idea why?" he asked as he started to pick up a large volume on his end, flipping through the pages searching for a drawing of the talisman.

"Not a clue. It literally felt like the spell book was blocking it, hurting it somehow. Can objects like this have a life of their own? Like a spirit or soul?"

"There are some cultures that it is." he pointed to the page of the large book. "It's apparently a family crest. A necklace was given as a wedding present to a woman back in the 1400's. Aurora. She was married to an Edmund Gaerwn." he cleared his throat. "Uh. Here's a picture of them." he turned the book around so that she could see the drawing. Our heroine nearly fell over when she spotted the couple in the drawing.

"That's impossible." she said pointing towards it with the hand still hanging onto the talisman.

"Anything is possible." Nathaniel remarked rolling his eyes as he turned the book around again to study it some more. "I think it's very possible that you were either related to her or dare I say, her. I mean, it clearly looks like you, only a few pounds lighter and with long hair. And why is the guy familiar to me? Where have I seen him before?" he started to flip through another book when she told him the male in the drawing was the Seer.  "Oh right, the reincarnated male the witch thought was a demon. And this suddenly vexes you?"

"We've become friends. This wasn't just some fluke, finding the necklace in one of his grandmother's spell books was it?"

Nathaniel crossed his arms, the book dangling from his hand. "I would wager that the talisman called you to it. Assuming it's been enchanted."

She held it up letting it twist with the movement. "Trust me, this is enchanted."


Dagan stood there scratching at his jaw, as the Seer walked around the spot where the body had been. There was nothing more then a few dark splotches on the ground.  "There was a body here only a half hour ago. And the head was over there. The black stuff..." Dagan began to make circles with his hands gesturing to the area. "Was everywhere. Bodies just don't disappear."

"Well they could if something was done magically to them."  the Seer then bent down touching the dark patch of ground hoping to get a vision. After ten minutes, he gave up and started to sniff the area thinking maybe his werewolf senses might dig up a lead. Again nothing.

The older werewolf tilted his head back, his eyes squinted together, eyebrows knitted in question, mouth slightly hanging a gap. "Why you so cold shoulder? You still upset about that neck thing?"
The Seer turned his eyes to look at him sideways as he crossed his arms over his chest.

"I can't believe that you claimed her as your mate? Well..." he closed his eyes shrugging. "Yeah, yeah I can."  he tilted his head opening his eyes again, hands now out at his sides palms up. "I would have done the same thing if I thought it would have secured me the position of pack alpha." 

Licking the corner of his mouth, Dagan smirked as he started to turn to walk away.  "This is about the female? Come on! I thought you were better then that." he gave a chuckle as he strolled away a few feet before turning back around on his heels, raising both arms straight up in the air. "You and me, we're friends, buddies, pals even. Family now." the smile on his face would have scared anyone else as he had let his eyes turn to the amber-grey of the wolf and his bottom fangs were suddenly gleaming. "Should have done it sooner. Should have secured that angle weeks ago. That whole full moon thing would never have happened, that stupid talking cat would never have happened. The thing with my uncle would never have happened."

"So why didn't you?"  Dagan nodded sniffing, running both hands through his hair a few times, not answering the Seer. "Seriously, what stopped you? You're the big bad wolf right? I mean, you put fear into the shadows, so what stopped you?" the Seer gave him one of his overly charming smiles to the point Dagan thought he actually saw a cartoon star sparkle on his perfectly white teeth.

"I...I don't want to talk about it anymore." he turned then and zipped off about twenty feet, leaving the Seer standing there hearing a faint whisper of Dagan singing a Garth Brooks song.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story.  Yes, okay I admit I was listening to "Friends in Low Places")

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The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p23

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 82, chapter 82

Dagan leaned over slapping the Seer on the back of the head. "Wake up."  The wolf bit him as he growled, then began to transform. "Don't start with me man."

"How about I finish with you. What do you want, and by the way that was for you braking my neck the other day." the Seer screamed.

"You were stuck after that vision, not transforming. Had to do something."  Dagan's voice was smooth, never rising.

"I repeat, what do you want?" the Seer asked as the magic mist began to wrap a pair of grey pajama bottoms on him.

"There's something up at the Fort. I was battling a few guards earlier only their blood wasn't blood it was something else, and it was like they were super strengthed. Any clue?"

The Seer shook his head as he began to fix his hair, then cleared his throat. "Doesn't sound familiar at all. What do you mean, blood wasn't blood?"

"It was like oil or something."

 "Show me."


Our heroine walked over to the sofa where Leo was sitting, once again poured over the large spell book.  Sitting down beside him, she began to read over his shoulder. "I've seen this's the Seer's."

"I found it in the rubble of the lighthouse. It didn't used to be his, I'm guessing he stole it from one of the many witches he's seduced over the years." the tone in the older male's voice was sharp enough and bitter enough to slice. Our heroine patted his elbow as she shook her head.

"Actually, it is his. Or at lest he told me it was his grandmother's."

Leo shook his head, closing the large volume. "That's impossible! He lied." the male stood up clutching the spell book in his hand, his knuckles going white.  "There is no way this belonged to anyone in his family!" Leo then stomped out of the cabin, and down the main path.

"Whoa! What just happened there?" our heroine asked Ash. The tall tattooed male shrugged as he poured them each a cup of tea.

"He hasn't been talking much since, well he's been talking. Just, carrying that book around like it's the most precious thing in the world." Ash gave her a sideways glance as he took the spot on the sofa that Leo had just vacated. "Okay, what else is on your mind? I've been around you enough to know that you've got something squeaking around in that brain of yours."

"That transparent eh?" She took their tea cups and placed them on the floor then took Ash's hands in hers. "I'm worried about you. All of you. Your lives were chugging along fine till I showed up, you all pretty much keeping to yourselves, and suddenly poof you're all trying to be clan werewolf, and what happens when I leave? Will you still be one big happy furry family or will you all leave each other?"

"Wow, tall order there." the older werewolf let out a deep breath, his cheeks puffing out as he did, eyes wide. "I don't know? Can't tell you that. I'm sure after awhile, Leo will find a place or figure out what he wants, and the boys will go back to living the way they were before hand." Ash shrugged. "I mean, I'm sure Dagan will be a handful for a while. He went pretty much into the deep end when you left last time, and that was only a few days. I have no idea how this sire bond will affect him once you're gone for good. Or this new issue with him claiming you" he slid his hands from her's and ran them both through his short hair, linking them behind his neck.

"Ripper's a good actor." our heroine laughed. Ash jutted his neck out slightly turning his body more towards her.

"You think this is an act? I've known Dagan for years, I'm the reason he's a werewolf. This isn't an act. Far from it. The act is him pretending he's immune."

"I think you hon, are seeing what you want to see. And that's sweet. Being all parental over him, given he's your bloodline." she touched his elbow unable to tear her gaze away from Ash's. "Besides, when it's all said and done Dagan will always have Reuben to pick up any pieces." 
The very tattooed male shook his head in disbelief his mouth open suddenly as he tried to make some sort of noise come from it but failed.  "What? You going to tell me that you haven't seen the body language and looks going on there? I'm starting to wonder what I really walked in on when I popped into their lives?"

"Wow! That's a! And with that, the tea is getting cold." he leaned over and picked up their tea cups again. "Reuben is right out side the cabin you know. Werewolf super ears, can hear us talking."

"Let him deny it." the sentence was barely out of her mouth when they heard Reuben stomp into the cabin like a mad elephant.

"I. Am. Not. In. Love. With. Dagan!" he punctuated ever word like it was it's own sentence as he flicked his hair out of his face, pointing at our heroine. Standing then right in front of her, Reuben was so angry his clothes were fading in and out, the magic mist like a fog around him. The werewolf growled at her suddenly pouncing on the sofa, one arm at each of her shoulders pinning her to the back of it, his knees digging into her ribs as he straddled her. His eyes flashed the amber-grey of the wolf as he let his fangs extend, a thin line of saliva forming.  "I'm not in love with him. He's been my best friend for years."

Our heroine started up at him, in complete awe of how beautiful the sight was. The protective nature Reuben had for Dagan, even if it did mean he wouldn't think twice about ripping her to shreds. "Really Roo, cause that looks like love to me."

Ash finally got a hold of Reuben by the neck and managed to pull him off of her, pushing him outside.  "You have any idea what you just did?"

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story once again.)

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The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p22

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 81, chapter 81

"Stop pouting." Rolf commented to Dagan.  Rolf had gone to the market square picking up a large basket of food which he carried in one hand, and two large geese in the other, feathers flying everywhere.  Dagan had tilted his neck back, jaw squared, chin up, his hair now plastered to his forehead, lips pursed together.

"I'm not pouting." he protested. Reuben looked up at him from where he was now crouched, tending to the fire of the fire pit.

"Yeah you are." both Reuben and Rolf said in unison. Dagan snarled at them, his fangs exposed. The larger werewolf put the basket on the ground beside them, handing Reuben one of the geese to clean as he himself started to work on the second. 

"Seems to me, you have nothing to pout about." Reuben continued. "I mean, you are totally secured now as far as anyone trying to take your alpha position by way of ..." he hooked his thumb in the direction of the cabin. "Now that you've claimed her as your mate."

Rolf dropped his hands when he heard that, the bird nearly falling to the ground as the large werewolf swore. "Bad idea man." he shook his head, his features becoming stone."Bad, idea." 

Dagan ran his hand through his hair first fixing it, then backwards through it messing it up again, then fixed it flat once more slicking it back. Cracking his neck he began to chew on the inside of his check. "Why are you afraid I'll go nuts again?"

"Na, Na man." the larger male said, flicking his own hair out of his face sniffing. "It isn't that. I know you'll go insane again when she leaves." he punctuated the sentence by widening his eyes then letting his eyebrows knit together. "I'm afraid of what happens to her when you change your mind. When you get bored with the whole idea of her. Then what? All I can say is you better pray that she finds a way home first before that happens."

Dagan leaned over towards his friend, his arms out at his sides, palms up. "It was an accident."  he screamed. Reuben was laughing uncontrollably, throwing a handful of the goose feathers at Dagan. "That wasn't very nice." 

Rolf squinted up his face a grin of his own now spreading wide, creeping into his blue eyes making them sparkle. "Not looking where you are going and tripping over a tree branch that's an accident, having sex not so much." he let a short laugh escape him, the sound deep and rich.

"Ugh!" Dagan threw his head back closing his eyes as he turned around in a circle. "Not that part. The whole claiming part. We were just...and then the forest was spinning, and it quieted the noise in my brain for a few minutes." he brought his hand up to his temple, moving his fingers in a clawing motion. "...kinda nice.." he then linked his hands together out straight in front of him, a shy smile, his dimples making him look like a teenager for a second. "The rest of it was a side effect. But..." he then pointed at his chest. "I am going to take full advantage of it. As Reuben said, lest with her officially- unofficially claimed as mine, no one; and I mean no one, can seduce her and use her against me like a sneak attack to take my alpha position."

"So, she's just a pawn in a chess game?" Rolf sniffed as he began to tie herbs to the first goose.

"Yeah." Dagan nodded sharply, rolling his eyes, as he once again threw his head back and gave a short howl at the sky. Turning, he then ran towards the back of the cabin where the Seer had been curled up sleeping still in wolf form.

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Hands up if you think Dagan is being a jerk or  just in denial? )

The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p21

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 80, chapter 80

Our heroine, Reuben and the Seer arrived back at Ash's to find Leo crouched beside the out door oven, smoke bellowing from it. Our heroine had started to cough a few minutes before they had even turned off the main path, and by the time they reached the cabin, she was nearly overcome with the smoke. Neither of the werewolves seemed to be bothered by it.
Ash ran out of the cabin, grabbing her just as she was about to faint, and helped her into the cabin. "Sorry, we didn't think you'd be back yet. He's roasting garlic flowers for a ritual."

"Way to keep your girl out." she managed to reply.  Ash's strong tattooed hands were now examining her hair, his eyebrows knitted together in puzzlement.

"What happened exactly to your hair?"

"Dagan. All you need to know." the answer wasn't enough, Ash didn't let go of her, just let his one eyebrow relax till they'd gone from knitted in puzzlement to raised in question. Our heroine let out a deep sigh closing her eyes. "Seems there is some whacked out genetic trait that the males in his family have, that you could say is some sort of branding or something. Like a mystical first wives club."  Ash's shoulders slouched as he took a half step from her, his arms first dropping from her hair to her shoulders then to grab her wrists, as he squared his jaw.

"So he has claimed you as his mate then?" the older werewolf moved the half step back towards her leaning in, his head tilted to the side. His blue eyes searching for something to tell him he was wrong.  "You know what that means right?"

"That his family wasn't completely human to begin with."

Ash hasn't even been thinking in that direction. He gave her a half hearted smile as he brought her hands up between his. But before he could answer her, his nose started to twitch.  Dagan jumped through the window, crossed to the kitchen and opened a bottled water downing it in seconds. They both turned to look at him, as he wiped the back of his hand over his mouth, a distant look in his blue eyes. He mumbled something as he grabbed the female, hugging her, resting his face on her hair, his arms tight around her shoulders. He said nothing at first, just pointed at Ash.

"Where's the Seer?" his voice cracked forcing him to clear his throat.

"Out front still I think. Why?"

"I just spent the last twenty minutes, fighting a couple guards that weren't human. We need to know what he knows about some of the stuff going on at the Fort still." Dagan then started to sway as the colour drained out of his face. "I'm fine thank you for asking." he snarled at the female.

"Great. Another thing to add to the ever bizarre to do list which includes, A- finding out about the timber wolves, B - keeping the Seer safe, C- opening a portal so that I can attempt to get home,  D- find out what is making the guards not human, E- get the King back into a kingly state and of course F- unlock the mystery that is the family Frankenstein.  Have I missed anything?"

Leo seemed to appear in the doorway suddenly out of nowhere. "I'll cross one thing off that list for you right now. I don't need or want to be king again. At lest not now."

"Why not?" Dagan asked as he tightened his arms around our heroine's shoulders, starting to sway.

"I'm immortal. My son is not. If he wants to rule the kingdom, by all means let him. He doesn't have any heirs, and when the time comes, I'll return to take his place." Leo was smiling, his tongue darting across his top lip. "For now, I just want to have a life."

"That is the bravest thing I've ever heard anyone say." our heroine sighed as she found herself nearly toppling over as Dagan continued to sway from side to side. "Okay making me sea sick there bud."
She then found herself crashing into Ash as Dagan let go, taking a step backwards, his hands in the air in a surrendering motion.

"Alright, alright, alright." he moved around them in a half step, half circle as he started to head outside to talk to the Seer. Our heroine could have sworn that Dagan had begun to dance his way out the door then thought better of it. He was just suddenly very giddy.

"What's wrong with him?" she asked leaning on the kitchen table.

"That's just Dagan. He's always been a bit of a kook." Ash replied scratching at his jaw with his left hand, the letter 'd' on the word 'down' of his tattoo disappearing as he did.


Finn stood in the middle of the swamp, a jar filled with a slimy liquid placed at the foot of the nearest tree. He stood with his hands out at his sides, his head back as he chanted. His arms were starting to cramp up when he felt a breeze begin to start, sending leaves and small rocks whipping around him. 

"What do you want familiar?" a strange sing song voice asked. Opening his eyes, Finn turned to see a little boy sitting on a rock that just seemed to appear in the middle of the swamp, frogs suddenly everywhere.

"I need to see the witch."

"She doesn't want to talk to you. That's why she sent me when she heard you calling." the little boy turned his eyes up to look at Finn, while he petted one of the larger frogs. The boy was eerie looking, with matted hair that seemed to stick to his face, dark skin that almost reflected the mud around them, and eyes so empty and cold, too cold to be that of a seven year old.
But this was no seven year old, Finn knew better then anyone that the little boy sitting just a few feet from him was older then he could imagine, at lest older then himself, older then King Leo and Ash combined, older then even the sea witch.

"It's important."

"It's always important with your kind. Working on borrowed time, even if you do happen to have nine lives, they are so easily dismissed." the little boy opened his eyes wide as Finn felt his throat start to close, choking him, as he seemed to be now a few feet off the ground. Dropping him, the boy picked up the frog he'd been petting and popped it into his mouth whole. He didn't bother to chew, just swallowed it. "Okay what is it you want?" the boredom was thick as he closed his eyes savouring his treat.

"The female." he bowed his head then dropped to one knee. "I can save her from the werewolves. I just need to know how to remove her curse."

"What makes you think that she would want you to?" he slid half way off the rock. Finn looked at him then, not sure how to answer.

"I just...I just need the spell. I know the sea witch"

The little boy shook his head, a cracking sound echoing in the swamp. "The sea witch says she's not part of the deal. Was never part of the deal. Sea witch says, the female has her own fate, her own destiny to follow. Does not include you. Does not include here when the time comes. She won't be here anymore. "

"What's that suppose to mean?"

The little boy just shook his head again. "Times up. See you later." The little boy was gone as mysteriously as he had arrived, the rock in the middle of the swamp gone as if it had never been there.

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Top 5 Fav books to film

It's a Sunday morning, easy breezy right...right.  And since I'm really behind this week with the next few installments of the Nosferatu Adventures, thought I would take a moment and just write up a quick post.
And clearly, we haven't had a top five in a while.  So, here is my Top 5 Fav Books to Film list...currently.  Topic that could always change... in fact, I think I might have covered this before in the first original year of the blog?

1. Dracula.

2. Bridget Jones's Diary.

3.Interview with the Vampire

4. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

5. Frankenstein.

So, of course there is the classics.  Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, and Bram Stoker's Dracula.   Even with all the versions of the stories, they still ring true. There will always be something hypnotic and frightening about those stories.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,  for me was a strange time capsule of coolness. 

Interview with the Vampire.   Not my favourite Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles to read, but of the movies to date, the far superior one.

Bridget Jones's Diary.   Book, v.g. Movie, v.g. Sequels, good and 2. Inspiration from the style of writing, exceptional. All in all, brilliant works by a woman who knows how minds of modern women work. Calories burned while writing the last few sentences, 1.

And I can't lie, I'm reading the third part of the Bridget Jones series "Bridget Jones Mad About The Boy"  right now.  I can't wait for the third film. 

till later

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p20

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 79, chapter 79

The caramel coloured wolf ran through the lower branches of the trees, his nose to the ground, having caught the scent of a deer. He'd never admit it to the others, but he liked hunting animals more then humans at times simply because they were faster. When he hunted humans, the werewolf found it too easy, they were slower, clumsy, but animals, double the speed, graceful, tactful. Always made it worth the chase.  He stopped cold when the scent of another werewolf invaded his nose.
Reuben relaxed when he realized the scent was familiar and headed in the direction it was coming from, his dinner would have to wait. He followed it north for a few minutes till he came to the edge of a small pond.
Cautiously the caramel wolf crept out of the darkness of the trees and over to the other werewolf.  Licking his chops, Reuben made a sound as he sniffed the air around the other wolf.

Bowing his head, the second caramel coloured wolf gave a small howl, turning his body in the direction of a small campfire. Reuben lifted his front paw a few inches as if to tell the other to stay put then headed towards the campfire.
Investigating the books, and small pot that was cooling on a rock beside the campfire, the older werewolf let out a sound that was between a huff and a sneeze as he continued on towards the pond.  He sat down at the very edge of the pond, his eyes focused on the female as he watched her washing her hair.  If Reuben had been in human form, he would have been laughing at the sight.

The book had been opened to a recipe for hair dye, which they had cooked up in the small pot. But Nosferatu was left with nothing more then a sticky mess that just was not covering her streaks.  Spotting who she at first thought was the Seer, our heroine made her way over to Reuben. But once she was a few feet away, something in her caused her to stop and look at the wolf. Tilting her head to the side, she looked at the werewolf sitting in front of her, her gaze turning for a second to the one sitting  farther up on the bank. She pointed first to the one on higher ground then to the one in front of her.

"Reuben." she said leaning over towards him, "the Seer." she said pointing towards the original wolf she had arrived with. Reuben bowed his head licking his chops once again then began to transform. The Seer stayed in wolf form.  "See, even with you two having the same bloodline and coloured fur, I can tell you apart."

The dark haired male flicked his hair out of his face, as he let the magic mist swirl around him, leaving a pair of black shorts in their wake. "I don't know how you figured it out?" he smirked at her, his chocolate brown puppy dog eyes sparkling. "But you're the first non-werewolf to be able to tell us apart." he leaned in sniffing her hair. "Okay what's this?"

"We tried to do a glamour spell to fix the colour, to you know make it all one colour. Only, it went grey instead of red. So we thought lets do this the old fashioned way, and tried to make a red dye. Only..." she was running her pale fingers through her hair. "Didn't work."

"Well, it's not all grey anymore." Reuben said. "Just the original streaks. The rest seems to have gone back to your natural colour." he pointed then to the books. "I thought you lost all your books in the fire?"

"Those are Ash's." our heroine said."Speaking of which, I should pack this up and we should get back there. Ash thought it would be best if he didn't roam around alone or in human form for a few days. I am trying to convince him into opening a portal and escaping with me sooner rather then later."

The look on Reuben's face was one of heavy disapproval. "You can't."

"Why can't I?"  she was cleaning the homemade dye out of the small pot, then dumped water on the small campfire.

"We have a freak killing timber wolves, you're Dagan's mate. You can't just leave." the dark haired male was scratching wildly at first his hair, then his beard, then his stomach and legs. "I think I might have poison ivy."

Throwing her head back, our heroine let out a loud grunt. "Okay, one crisis at a time. Don't touch me till after we get you checked for the ivy, then we'll worry about the timber wolves."


Dagan bit down hard on the shoulder of the first guard. Blood poured down his chest in a thick black oily mess. He stumbled backwards a few steps, spitting it out of his mouth as the guard turned around, his eyes registering nothing. The dagger jabbing Dagan in the side twice before the guard even seemed to realize what he was doing. The werewolf sidestepped then, as if dancing his way out of reach, both claws working at the base of the guard's skull, his nails digging in. It took a bit of work, but he managed to slice his way through the thick layers of flesh, decapitating the guard. The body fell silent, falling to the ground in a thud as the black substance that had replaced it's blood flowed freely at Dagan's feet. Sniffing deeply, he tried to get an idea of what it might have been, but he wasn't sure. The werewolf had never seen anything like this before. Turning he headed back to Ash's cabin wondering if the Seer had any answers?

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p19

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 78, chapter 78

The leaves crunched under her feet as she otherwise, silently tried to sneak up behind the dark haired male. "I know it's you. I caught your scent five minutes ago."  Slouching her shoulders, our heroine shuffled towards the Seer in defeat.

"How am I suppose to become better at this whole vamp thing if everyone has the ability to sniff?" she sat down beside him on the tree stump.

"You don't." he didn't bother to look at her, just continued to swirl the contents of the cup in front of him, then added it to the pot he had bubbling on the outdoor stove.

"Potion?" the Seer nodded at the female his eyes closed as he chanted something, both hands over the pot as the steam rose in tendrils. "Do you miss that?" our heroine asked. "Your life before becoming a furball?"

"Does it matter?" he turned to her, unable to hold back a giggle. "It's worse then I thought." he said pointing to the two streaks of grey in her short spiked red hair. "I had a flash of you, Reuben and Dagan in front of a mirror discussing your little fashion statement there." the Seer smiled at her as he scooped up the contents of the pot with the now empty cup. "Drink it."  Nosferatu did as she was told, sipping from the pink coloured liquid. She felt like she'd drank a bottle of pop too quickly, her nose filled with foam fizz.  The Seer handed her a small mirror, a raised eyebrow telling her more then she needed to know.  The two small streaks were gone, but so was her red hair. It had all turned grey.  "I guess you being a banshee should have been taken into account." he shrugged.

"Can we turn it back?"

"This is just temporary anyways. Glamour spells always are."


Leo sat alone in the darkest part of the woods, the book in his lap, the talismans still hanging out of it like book marks. Raising his right hand, he chanted one of the spells. It took a few long seconds for the spell to work, but the small window opened the size of a grapefruit. He watched as the female cried of a broken heart, watched as she agreed to marry someone she wasn't fully in love with, watched as she mourned the death of her son, watched as she was bitten by a werewolf. Flicking his hand, Leo made the window to the past disappear.


Dagan and Reuben continued to talk to Nathaniel, the man in the mirror. So far, they had gotten a history lesson on the coven that had been connected to the Seer in his past life. There were it seemed, one female and her daughter that escaped the burnings. Nathaniel had managed to trace her linage to another member of Melinda's coven.

"But all this should be in the grimoire." Nathaniel said as he walked around his end of the mirror, the purple book in hand. "You can read it all for yourselves."

"Can't." Dagan said crossing his arms over his chest. "All the Seer's books were destroyed in the fire at the lighthouse. At lest, as far as we know they have. And that one that you're holding there, was one of them."

"What do you mean was one of them? How did he get a hold of it?"

Dagan shrugged. "He took more then just their powers when he killed them. Took their spell books, supplies, the usual." Dagan smiled as he turned to Reuben. "Sort of like us. Use everything you can from the hunt."

"Speaking of..." Reuben covered his stomach with his hand as an extremely loud noise emerged from it. "I think I need to hunt."

"Think I'll join you. Do you stick around or do you shut off if no one's around?" Dagan asked the mirror.

"Just toss a sheet over your end of the mirror. It blocks the connection till you need me again."

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Friday, November 1, 2013

The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p18

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 77, chapter 77

Our heroine grunted then asked what the Seer had to do with anything?  Nathaniel looked at her, then began reading from the book. "During the middle ages, a coven was blamed for a string of events that happened in Scotland. Fires, unexplained deaths, half  the kingdom drained of life.  One of them had written in her grimoire about having had dreams about a demon. Saying she saw him being reincarnated. She planted a curse on the demon, invoking the idea that what was done to them would be done to him in his next life.  This is his picture. If he's come back, that might explain why you're there."

No one said a thing for a few minutes, just sat there in stunned silence staring at the mirror. Until a large burp was heard from Dagan who was in the kitchen eating honey by the tablespoonful. "Good talk. Doesn't explain a damned thing." he crossed to the sofa, sitting on the arm of it.

"Dagan's got a point there. What's all that got to do with us living in Melinda's place?" our heroine asked.

"You are most likely sent to protect the family line."

Rolf stood up flicking his hair out of his face, cracking his neck. "I'm done listening." he slammed the door as he left the cabin.

"First of all..." Reuben interjected. "There is no family line to protect. This place was abandoned when we got here, the Seer having already seduced the entire coven having taken their powers. Second, he's been neutered. That side of him is under control since I turned him into a werewolf. My bloodline." Reuben's voice took on an angry edge, as he pointed to his chest.

"Hon, you can't ignore the fact he's pissed off a lot of people and every magical mobster is after him. The curse, explains a lot."

"But not why super librarian here thinks you being with us is connected to him being a threat to the kingdom. Imaginary threat." Dagan added. The three of them turned in unison to look at the mirror waiting for another answer.  Nathaniel didn't have one for them. "Okay, again good talk. Maybe we should take it up with your little cat friend? " Dagan said snarling.

"You have a familiar?"

"You could say that." the male cracked his neck as he started to play with the spoon in his hand. "But, don't think he'll be showing up around here anytime soon, will he sweetheart?" squinting his eyes, Dagan tossed the spoon the thirty feet having it land perfectly in the sink. "This guy showed up few days ago, claiming he was sent here to protect the witch who used to live here. A cat in human form. The only problem was, there was no witch to protect. She'd been dead a long time, then his witch mysteriously ends up dead. The familiar stuck in human form. He's been trying to twitch his whiskers at her ever since."

"Finn said he found his witch dead, along with a dead timber wolf." our heroine said closing her eyes, letting out a deep breath. "The timber wolf's eyes were...well empty. Like they had been removed with magic. He only brought that to our attention because of all the wolves dying around here."

Nathaniel looked up at her. "Wolves dying?"

Our heroine was about to say something else when they heard a roar from Rolf. She jumped from where she was sitting but Reuben shrugged, saying he didn't smell anyone else in the area, didn't hear anything but Rolf. Dagan agreed.  A few seconds later, Rolf gave another of his roars and this time, she did go to see if the werewolf was okay.
She found him in the corner of the back yard, an axe in hand splitting firewood, so angry that his shirt wasn't only missing, but there seemed to be a constant fog around his torso as the magic mist rolled off him.

"Does this have anything to do with me digging up your garden?" she asked as she slowly made her way to where he was.  Rolf didn't answer her just continued to pile up the firewood. Our heroine stood waiting for a few long minutes as she watched the very strong male start to calm down.

"It's just when grandfather time in there started talking about protecting that old witch's family...what does he know about it?" he slammed the axe into the chopping block then crossed to the nearest tree and started to punch it.  "Is he here? Huh? In the middle of it? Like we are, like I am." he punched the center of the tree his knuckles bleeding as splinters went flying in all directions. "Three weeks ago, I would have snapped the Seer's neck and ripped his throat open without thinking twice, but he's a member of the pack. That makes him family. None of us are perfect." he punched the tree again, cracking it in half, blood running from his knuckles down the middle of the bark.  Nosferatu took another step towards the large male reaching her own hand out to him.   Another howl escaped him, this time of pain from the electrical jolt he got when she touched him.

"Okay what was that?" our heroine asked grabbing her hand as pain suddenly shot up to her wrist.

The male bowed his head letting his hair cover his face. "Sorry, that was my fault I think." his voice dropped to a near whisper. "I was helping Ash plant new garlic flowers around the perimeter of his cabin to keep the raccoons out of his vegetable garden. I forgot to wash my hands." 

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