Thursday, May 22, 2014

Coffee talk May 22nd 2014

The last week has been fairly dead blogging wise, sorry folks. I haven't watched any movies at all in the last week. But I have been watching the season finales of shows.  I don't know about anyone else, but this year almost all the season endings have felt flat and pointless.
Once Upon a Time, really felt dead, almost like a regular episode. Very disappointing. Grimm ended season 3 feeling to me like an echo of season 2. Same with the Good Wife, it ended on a note that just made me think of last season. The big episode for the Good Wife was back last month, the one that had everyone heartbroken and talking.
And isn't that one big thing people expect from the season ender of a a show?  To talk about it and be interested in what next season has to offer?

So while talking about tv shows, I have to say, I'm eager for season 2 of Witches of East End. So much in fact that I got myself all three of the books it's based on. The second season starts in July, with a DVD release of the first season next month in June. I read the first book, just before the New Year, and just finished both books two -Serpent's Kiss- and three -Winds of Salem-  in the series this last week.
This means that I have not finished reading the books in the Night Watch series yet. I'm still on book one.

And I wanted to post this too because, I'm in the process of moving apartments. So the blogging will be very limited during the next few weeks.

Till later

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