Friday, March 9, 2018

Coffee Talk March 9th 2018

Spudguns! How's it where you are right now? Spiffy. It's March month and that means, a new theme for the month.  I know, I failed horribly - no pun intended- on February's zombie month theme; and so far this month's witch theme, has been missing too. (there are a few things coming)
I actually did a couple of zombie themed recipes, that didn't turn out as planned, so I haven't posted them as of yet. One based on iZombie, the other on the Walking Dead, I had intended to post the weekend both shows had their season/mid-season return.
I have been, however, keeping up the monthly themes on my facebook page (right here) with the weekly quotes, quiz and tidbits.

I think by doing this blog for the last few years, it's driven my love for doing movie reviews deep underground. It's not that I haven't been watching movies the last year, it's just I haven't been talking about the movies I've been watching the last year. Such as, I finally saw Cult of Chucky last week, as well as The Cure for Wellness back a few weeks ago. Was really disappointed by both to be honest. I had purposely stayed away from all reviews on both, because I wanted to have a clean opinion of them; only to feel like I was only given half the story. You know that feeling? Like half the movie was left on the editing room floor.
Earlier in the week, I sat through Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice, and was confused. Would have been nice to know beforehand it's technically the sequel to the previous Superman film, which I have not seen.
As much as I love Netflix Canada, I do long for the days of actual rental stores where you can go in and shuffle around the aisle interacting with other people. Part of the whole movie experience for me was rooted in the physicality of  it. Seeing the new posters being added every week on new release day, having to sometimes reserve a copy to make sure you got to see it cause the store only ordered two copies and you knew people were not going to return them. The shelf of collectables that sat in the middle of the room, where everyone huddled around like a fire-pit talking about their favourite films. I miss that.
Doing the reviews online; both written and video, doesn't hold that same flair anymore for me. I am hoping that love returns as time goes on.

Beyond that, I have the new serial on here, Cinema Files. Which, for the next few months, I'll continue to alternate with The Nosferatu Adventures.

We are 236 Days away from Hallowe'en. If you drop me a comment either here or on my facebook page, letting me know your favourite movies, if I haven't seen it yet, I will do my best to watch and review. We'll chat about it, over our invisible fire-pit.

See you later in the week.

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