Monday, November 5, 2018

Random movie Waxwork

movie: Waxwork
starring: Dana Ashbrook, Zach Galligan
genre: Horror, Comedy,
year: 1988
format: DVD

plot: A group of teenagers decide to visit a wax museum at night, and find themselves the victims of a devious murder plot. The owner of the museum is using the displays as supernatural portals, and needs eighteen real bodies to finish his work.

This is one of those movies that tried to be too ambitious. You're never really sure what the end goal of the film itself is? Is it a commentary on the animal within (the werewolf, vampire and Marquis de Sade are the longest segments all having to deal with duality and repression) the fear of others (the staff of the museum are a pair of butlers - a midget with an authority issue and a mute strong man) a comment on greed (everyone is rich and the lead villain sold his soul to live forever) or is it something else all together?

As this does try to cover all sub-genres of the larger horror world; vampires/ghouls, zombies, aliens, werewolves, serial killers/psychos, cults etc. You sort of know that each segment of the story will be rushed, as they are only smaller segments of the larger story happening, but you want to linger on them and try to understand why they were used.  (Such as using the Marquis de Sade instead of Jack the Ripper to cash in on the fact Hellraiser had just been released.)

The sad part of this is, the film is really pretty good till the last ten minutes, when an angry mob of secret society members shows up to battle the reanimated wax works. Then it just looses all credibility and becomes a massive joke.

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