Thursday, September 5, 2019

Sept Book Club Selection

Spudguns!, how's today? Great to hear.  This is the official announcement for the book club.  September's choice is Bag of Bones by Stephen King.  Honestly, when I picked the books for this year back at x-mas time, I had no idea this would end up being a year of remakes/re-releases of his works. 

Rules are pretty simple, if you want to join read the book and blog about it. You must have a blog to join in on the online part. Read the book, blog about it, if it inspires you to cook/bake/craft then add that to the post. The blog post must be current - in this case Sept 2019.  Link your post to either this post or on the day of  when I do my review.  Datedue is the last Sunday of the month, in this case Sunday Sept 29th 2019.

Since I failed to complete last month's selection, The Stand, I have both books to read and review this month. 

If you live in the Thunder Bay area and want to be part of the physical book club, message me.

That's about it for now.

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