Monday, June 16, 2014

coffee talk June 16th

Dearest Blog:

Day 2 of having no water in our building because the street outside is ripped to pieces by construction workers. That sucks.
As I sit here, ready to cry because more then once I've packed a box and had it fall apart scattering everything everywhere, namely on my foot, I decided to just take a break for a few hours. Just do nothing. And while doing nothing, I started to think about how it's been a week since I blogged about anything, and also about the movie Julie/Julia. How, both Julie Powell and Julia Child manged to continue to work on their respective cooking projects and write about it all while moving homes. (granted they had husbands who helped with the moving) This led to me wondering how it is in such a modern time, I can't seem to accomplish this gift at multitasking? 
Sad, but true.

Love Me

I'm am jotting down notes here and there in bits and fits for The Nosferatu Adventures, and hope to have more then ten minutes to actually type it up later in the week.

In the meantime...  June 24th, in Canada and the U.S. is the release date for  The Witches of East End Season One DVD, and the second season will return to Lifetime networks on July 6th. (Canada and U.S. not sure about anywhere else)

Till Later

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