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The Nosferatu Adventures S5 p 13

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 144, chapter 144

"What do you mean you traded your soul?" our heroine asked as she bit into her wrist offering it to Rolf. The large werewolf shook his head, refusing to let the vampire's blood heal his wounds. Sniffing he got back up to a standing position, heading deeper into the woods towards the lake.


The witch Kendra smiled as she stood on the opposite side of the room from the two werewolves, her eyes never leaving them. "You two have traveled along way together. Seen many strange things, done many strange things." she lowered her voice just a notch as she ran her hand over the deck of tarot cards that were sitting on the edge of her table. "Love has brought you both here. A common bond, but..." she flipped the lovers card tapping it, "...a choice had to be made but not one either of you are completely happy with." she flipped the hanged man tapping it, then pointed to Reuben. "Sacrifices had to be made in order for, order to stand tall." she bowed her head slightly, smiling then at the dark haired wolf before flipping the three of swords. Her eyes sparkled with the hint of secrets. "Raw emotions, pain, suffering, heartbreak...yours but not yours." she then turned to look at Dagan, her eyes becoming slits. "You boys have really dug yourselves into a dark hole. But one you can come out of, you just have to be honest with yourselves." she moved a few feet away from them then, seeing that Dagan was beginning to shuffle around the room, picking up bottles and jars smelling them, groping the candles, fondling every single item on the nearest shelf.

"Okay lady, enough with the carnival act." Dagan said making clicking noises with his tongue. "Why are we even here?"

"You're here because you decided you should be." she said calmly, folding her hands in front of her.

"Well, for all your wisdom, you are wrong about us." Reuben commented sniffing, flicking his hair out of his face.

"Am I?"

"You said we were looking good for dead guys. Dagan here's the only one who's been dead lately."

"Are you sure about that?" she gestured towards Reuben. "Are you going to look me in the eye and say that everything is working the way it should be with your new mate?"

Dagan turned a half circle to look at Reuben over his shoulder, his hands by his stomach. "What she talking about bud?"  Reuben twitched, shifting his weight from one foot to the other. "What's...what's she talking about buddy?" Dagan asked again as he moved towards the other male, his left hand now at his belt.

"Nothing. She's just trying to get a rise out of you."

"Interesting choice of words. I would say that you were the one who had the rise out of you. And not with the woman you should have." Kendra said waving towards Reuben.

Dagan scratched then at the back of his skull squinting, turning his head slightly to the side. "Are you saying that he hasn't claimed the bat?"

"I'm saying that his death earlier in the dream reality undid more then just that."

Dagan growled, pushing his way past his friend, biting Reuben's hand as the other male tried to stop him. "I want what's mine!" He screamed pointing at the ground. "I want my alpha position, and my key." Saliva gleamed on his bottom lip, his eyes wild, forcing Reuben to back off a step. The dark haired male didn't know what hurt him more, realizing Dagan was about to reclaim his status as alpha, or that he was about to reclaim Nosferatu as his mate.  Ducking his head an inch, Reuben sniffed, trying not to let his emotions show. He nodded then, turning away from Dagan, feeling his heart break.

Dagan ran back down the tunnels and up the stairs to the barn, sniffing trying to get the female's scent. He threw his head back, howling as he followed it out into the night air, into the still drizzling rain, and towards a large tree. He stopped suddenly, a puzzled look on his face as he caught Rolf's scent heavy on the tree. It was almost overpowering all traces of Nosferatu's, almost. He took a large step to the side then forward, his hands stiff at his sides, his mouth in a frown as he screamed. "Stupid there anyone you haven't shacked up with?" he replied to the tree as he punched it. Closing his eyes, he took a deep breath and tried to focus. "If I were a human sized leech..." he rotated his shoulders then his neck. "...where would I be?" he turned then towards the direction of the lake. "I'd be where the blood is." he picked up Rolf's scent following it.


Rolf broke the surface of the water, floating his eyes closed. The wounds still were not healing but the large male refused to accept help from the vampire. There was no point. He was already living on borrowed time, why bother to feed off the vampire? He'd seen what the simple act had done to her and the others, to Dagan. The bonds it started to create.
His ears twitched as he heard the trees and leaves begin to crackle from someone moving around in them. Turning, the large male spotted the other werewolf stomp out of the darkness like a crazed animal.

"Where is she?" the auburn haired male asked out of breath. "Did you shack up with her?" he pointed at Rolf. "Answer me. Did you shack..." he turned as he got her scent suddenly, the female appearing out of the bushes to the right of Dagan.

"What's going on?" she asked. Dagan grabbed her elbow dragging her back into the bushes. "Dagan what's wro..." he spun her around sniffing her violently, his eyes having turned to the amber-grey of the wolf.

"I was just told you're not Reuben's." he said bending his knees to be eye level with her. "So, did you do anything with any of the other guys?"

"Oh my god what?" she shook her head in disbelief. "And what do you mean not Reuben's? He claimed me the last full moon..." 

Dagan shook his head, his hair falling in his eyes. He felt his stomach flip as the female reached out and brushed her fingers through his hair fixing it for him. "Whatever that little dream world we were all thrown into, undid that. He's not the alpha and you're not his mate. So I need to know this second, have you done anything in the last few hours with Rolf or the Seer or anyone?"

"No. Why would you even ask that?" she shook her head again trying to make sense of what he was saying to her.  Dagan licked his lips looking around them feeling like a strange electric current was suddenly building up at the base of his spine. He guessed the sun was soon to rise, which meant he had very little time to secure his position again as the pack alpha. If he didn't reestablish himself as the pack alpha quickly, it would revert back to Reuben at sunrise.

He pulled her farther into the darkness, mumbling to himself until he found a large tree. "Dagan! Dagan! What are you..." Her words were cut short as all the air was knocked out of her as he pushed her against it.
She felt the heat of his hands then at her waist as he bent his face to her shoulder, mumbling over and over again that he was desperate and that he didn't want to fight Reuben. She shocked herself as she nodded against his neck, then heard the sound of his zipper.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your heroine... me (straight up story. I guess that would be an invitation for destruction...)

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