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The Nosferatu Adventures s12 p3

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 303, chapter 303

Out of Time

Landin gulped a desperate amount of air, as he wiped his left hand down the front of his shirt. Small streaks of blood and grease staining it as he did. Swearing, he then ran his hand over his mouth without thinking, adding sweat to the mixture.  Edric snarled at his friend, already hunched over the broken iv bag.

"Dude! That was so awesome!" Seward said practically bouncing up and down. "I've never run so fast in my life!" the younger of the Van Helsing cousins remarked, as he dropped the second cooler of iv bags onto the picnic table.

"Speak for yourself." the bleached blonde male said coldly as he moved away from not only his younger cousin, but from the two half turned creatures who were both kneeling on the ground devouring the first cooler of blood bags. "That was too close. Way too close man." Landin said shaking his head, running his still blood covered hand over his neck. Closing his eyes, he could feel the hunger flowing off both Edric and Arthur like echoing shock waves. It wasn't the kind of vibrations he had hoped to get from Edric, not to mention, it was more than the psychic could handle. "I'm going to grab a shower." he mumbled walking away from the scene of their crimes.  Edric nodded silently in Landin's direction as he sat back against the leg of the picnic table, his eyes the pure white of the banshee.

"So my eyes never going to do that?" Arthur asked tossing a freshly squeezed blood bag over his shoulder like a used chicken bone. "That white empty socket thing?"

The hybrid snorted licking his lips before grabbing another of the blood bags. "Nope." he pulled his knees up dangling his wrist over his right leg. "You're not special enough. Seriously..." Edric turned then to look at the lycanthrope. "I would give anything to be able to turn completely into a wolf like you can." he said pointing then towards Arthur. "At lest you know where your bloodline comes from. You have a bloodline."  Edric turned looking towards the edge of the backyard. "At the end of the day, I'm on my own." the weight of the blood bag felt good in his hand as he sloshed it back and forth, watching the bubbles gather air near the edges before swaying to the other end. Like a lava lamp he used to have as a kid.

"We'll get her back." Seward said breaking the moment.

"Will we?" Edric asked shrugging. He made a duckbill with his lips before biting the corner of his mouth. "Should we even try?" he stood up brushing the grass and dirt from his jeans. "She knew. Nosferatu knew that at some point..." the sandy-blonde hybrid tossed the iv bag down onto the picnic table next to the half used pile of paper plates; that still held the remains of Arthur's BBQed ribs, as he brought both hands up to his temples. "She saw it coming. That Bacchus was going to arsejack us!" gesturing with his left hand towards the yard he made a sweeping movement. "That's why she broke the sire bond. So that when we were separated, we wouldn't go insane the way Dagan had. Or the way we were those first few days. You know." Edric shook his head tilting it to the side in sudden disbelief. "She saw it all so clearly but I had to be in charge. Had to prove that I knew better than she did. And look where it got me?" he brought both hands then to his chest slapping himself twice.

"Look where it got you." Seward repeated smiling. "She's still your mate isn't she? She's like a god or something. You still get to say your mate is a god. How cool is that...okay not time to look at the bright side yet." he held up his hands in defeat backing up a few steps. "Just saying..."

"Don't you start!" Edric said pointing at his friend.

"Me? You said yourself few hours ago, you couldn't loose her. That you were happy for the first time in a long time because of her. Now you're ready to give up? You, Edric are the single most powerful creature in this known universe; and you are throwing in the towel after one boo-boo? Really?"  Seward replied his humour drained out leaving only his anger.  "I would give anything to have the abilities you two have!"

"Keep it up then!" Edric's voice began to rise, echoing slightly in the yard. "Keep up your attitude and I might just let you have some." he spat in disgust between them. "Power my ass. Yeah, I've got some sweet new skills. Werewolf speed, strength, healing ability. Banshee hearing, sight, immortality. But I've got a lot of damned let downs too! In case you forgot. Stuck at a street corner in the rain if there's a manhole because I can't cross running water, my ears are constantly ringing because everything hurts them, my nose constantly feeling like it's on fire because it's so sensitive. Someone knocks over the salt or the pepper at the dinner table and I'm stuck there counting every last grain of it. Can't wear anything with silver because it'll burn my flesh to ash. Never mind that I can't eat pizza or sausage anymore because the world puts garlic in everything. Roses...who'd ever thought that a flower shop would send mortal fear into me? Huh? And then there's this" he gabbed himself. "The full moon ritual controls you. It controls you unless you're one of the few who does have a mate. A mate that you might not have any say in having?" he shrugged. "This..." he gestured then to the iv bags. "Is the neutrality of it. The blood..." he shrugged again his eyes having turned to the amber-grey of the wolf. "You need this but it's just a drug, an addiction you can control. The one part about this that does not control you completely. You can learn to survive on the smallest amounts as little as possible." he took a step towards Seward. "But if you want a piece of what I've got going on, of what Arthur has coursing through his veins; then by all means. Otherwise, be damned careful what you wish for!"  he looked the young human up and down giving a snort. "You pissing in your pants yet?"

"So you lied about Nosferatu?" Seward's voice was steady but low.

"What?" Edric stretched his chin out towards him tilting his neck a few millimeters.

"I said; so then you lied about Nosferatu? About what you said yesterday in the kitchen. About how you wanted her to admit she wanted you." Seward answered.

"No!" Edric screwed up his nose his eyebrows touching in disgust. "Shack you didn't listen. All I'm saying is that everything comes with strings. Even when you've checked all the angles and double checked. There's still an invisible spider web thin string holding up the disco ball." he brought his right hand up in a claw like manor. "Nosferatu saw it coming down the line. She knew the pitfalls better then the rest of us and she tried to save everyone from the bad tides of paranoia. She tried to be the white knight and look what happened. She left us like the seven dwarfs holding our balls in one hand and pick-axe in the other. Not because she wanted to, but because that's just what was meant to. Do I want her back? Bet your maltese bippy I do."

"That's a shacking stupid movie." Arthur said from his seat on the edge of the picnic table gnawing on a large pork rib. "An action adventure romantic horror melodramatic comedy. I mean, what isn't now a days?"  he scratched at his neck letting the magick mist dissolve around him as his clothes completely disappeared. "Things would be so different if these two had told me what was going on before the night was over." the blonde sniffed, spitting towards Edric as if challenging him, pointing towards the shed. "If they had told me about the ritual just a few hours sooner...I would have understood what the hell was happening to me and I wouldn't have let them keep me chained up that first night. I would have been the one to claim her!"

"Oooppss." Seward giggled blushing. "Completely forgot that you were dating her first." his good humour had snapped back into place, leaving the dark haired human embarrassed.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Yes, the Maltese Bippy is a real movie...)

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