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The Nosferatu Adventures s12 p4

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 304, chapter 304

Out of Time...

Landin was staring into the coolness of his towel as he continued to dry his hair. The feel of the hallway rug under his bare feet the only bit of security he'd felt in the last few hours. Grounding him enough to allow the bleached blonde a moment to breathe.  That was until the hairs on the back of his neck stood electrified, his pulse beating so rapid he could swear a drum solo was being played under the floor. Moving from the second floor bathroom towards his grandfather's bedroom, the middle Van Helsing cousin found himself choked for air as a powerful hand grabbed him from behind, covering his mouth. He couldn't have screamed if he'd tried. The assailant had him in a death grip, their right arm constricting Landin's upper body. The worst was feeling his neck and shoulder being torn into, the pain blinding enough to drop Landin to his knees.  As he lay then limp on the floor, in what he was sure was a pool of his own blood, he spotted the hidden panel in the closet open. Spotted the broken lid of the coffin.

The pain should have felt worse. The damage his body took should have killed him. But when Landin woke, he found himself bandaged up, in his own bed, a needle in his arm and an series of tubes leading from it to a half used iv bag propped up on pillows beside him.

"Dude!" Seward's voice cracked the silence. "How you feel? You need anything? Water? Can you talk? Ice cream? I've got fudge ripple downstairs...I think if they haven't eaten it all. Or I can get you something else..."
Landin ignored his younger cousin, instead turning to grab the iv bag, holding it to his chest like a rag doll. "Yeah okay, I'm going to go downstairs and get you pudding. Which I'll have to go to the store for first cause we don't have any. Butterscotch or banana? Ruthven likes banana your butterscotch." Seward held up his one hand as he took a half step out the bedroom door. "Just please don't die on me while I'm gone cause...just don't die okay." he nearly ran through the house.

"Yes, I would advise not dying in the next 24 hours at lest." a voice said from the shadows of the room. Turning his head to the right, Landin jumped sending tendrils of extreme pain through his body. The shadows in the corner began to gather together in the shape of Vlad as he uncrossed his arms, moving a step towards the bed. Grabbing the desk chair the dark haired male sat down mire centimeters from Landin's face. His breath warm against his ear as Vlad leaned closer to him. "Unless you want to become undead as your pop-culture calls someone like me."  carefully with skilled fingers so fast the patient didn't feel it, Vlad unwrapped the wound, tilting his head to the side before re-wrapping it. "My blood cleaned your wound of death. Your cousins they called Matilda, but the Familiar could only do so much. It was either my blood which as long as you stay breathing for a few hours, will heal you, or the wolf's blood, which would have sentenced you to a fate worse than...well who wants to be controlled by the moon every month and all those bad hair days."  his lips curved up in a smile that was meant to ease the moment. Landin hugged the iv bag tighter.  Vlad sat back then in the chair, crossing his arms and legs in a bored attitude. "I took the time to look over the casket. I think..." he raised an eyebrow as he nodded. "...I know who bit you. I've seen those designs before. Back in my time. He was  rumoured to be a great sorcerer." he moved his left hand gesturing in little circles, showing a clear distaste for the idea. Or the man himself? Landin couldn't tell from his point of view. "Had covens devoted to him. To his resurrection."   The bleached blonde could tell by the way Vlad was sitting that he was holding back something. Something personal and something very important; at lest to Vlad anyways. "I'm sure you know why it attacked you? Why it waited in darkness, and didn't once it escaped, just run out and start feeding on the rest of the group. It sensed in you the same thing The Seer had that day. It needed your psychic abilities. Your power. That's the thing with a Sidhe. They become so power hungry." the dark haired vampire laughed then at what he considered to be a joke. "Where the sorcerer is his devotees are never far behind. They are who we need to look out for now. Your vault of toys are not safe. Specially the fragments of the books. They can not be brought together. I can only assume in the last few days, they were? Or at lest part of them where? Otherwise, he wouldn't have been woken up."

Landin processed what was being said, and tried to sit up. He fell back down like a stone before making it to a 30 degree angle. The nausea feeling like a ton of bricks in his throat, his skull becoming a drum solo.

"We've already contacted Quentin and told him to stay where he is with his part of the book fragments. And the magickal items your grandfather had collected, they are being taken by the mutts to a different location. Which I must admit, I'm bit jealous about. Your grandfather had spent his lifetime collecting some important toys. I'm sure the covens will be none too happy when they see some of them." Vlad reached his strong pale fingers over checking the pulse of his patient. "This is taking too long." he answered. "We need to speed up your metabolism." Vlad said grabbing Landin's jaw, forcing him to open his mouth before dragging a nail across his palm, allowing one single drop of his blood to fall on the human's tongue. "Good boy." he patted his check in half mocking. "Now you grow up to be big and strong like uncle Vlad." he laughed "The hybrid is going to need your talents if he is to help me get Nosferatu back. And mark my words human, I will get my wife back!"  Vlad got up from the little desk chair silently putting it back in it's spot as he crossed the length of the room. Landin watched in a cloud of pain and confusion as the other male seemed to hover at the doorway, unsure of something. But the bleached blonde swore he'd heard the vampire mumble under his breath  "And my kingdom." before passing out again.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Blood, energy, magick. We've got suckers of all kinds leeching up everyone's life)

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