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The Nosferatu Adventures s12 p6

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 306, chapter 306

Out of Time...

"Quoyle!"  the guy standing in the backyard said before sniffing. "Come out come out wherever you are."

"Who's Quoyle?" Ruthven asked.  Edric let out a deep sigh dropping his chin to his chest, rubbing his left hand over the back of his neck.

"My last name." the sandy-blonde hybrid snorted as he touched his thumb to his lips. "Damn it, this can't be a good sign." he shuffled his feet around the edge of the group as they still continued to peek through the lace curtains. Quickly Edric opened the back door crossing the length of the yard.  He was down on the ground before he had blinked; the sky swirling in semi-darkness and shades of crimson. Edric realized a sharp few seconds later, the crimson was the after effect of his skull cracking on the ground.

"Huh, did he just DDT him?" Seward asked.

"Yeah he did. Do they even still class that move as..." Ruthven stopped mid-sentence as he saw the look of complete awe in his younger cousin's eyes. It left a cold chill down Ruthven's back.  "So who you think he is?"

"I'm not overly sure I want to find out." Arthur mumbled tilting his head to the side the same way a dog does. His movements were becoming more and more uncontrolled as the werewolf became more and more used to his new found nature.

"What do you think he wants?" Seward asked.

"I dont' think I want to find that out either." 

The group watched as the god pulled Edric up by his hair, grunting and smiling at him. "See, we've got a bit of a problem. See, Rolf made a deal with me very very long time ago. He gave me his soul." the god shook Edric like a rag doll still holding him by the limp mohawk. "Only, when I went to collect, Loki had divided Rolf's soul, hiding a piece in Nosferatu. Until she gave birth to that first brat of her's. Then he took a small piece of it. Now, she's dumped all of her soul back into Rolf." Odin sniffed the smile never leaving his face. "and Loki has been bargaining for it back. Only, since she willingly gave it up for you; that's a sacrifice that needs to be honored." he flicked his hair out of his face revealing his missing right eye. "And if I respect anything it's personal sacrifice." he laughed deeply, causing Edric to turn his head, covering his ears. "I can't kill the brat. I won't. But you are Rolf's bloodline. As is the mutt detective in there." he tossed Edric to the ground.

"What does some shapeshifter I've never met have to do with me?"

"Your sire turned you while she still had a soul. A piece of Rolf's soul. It's Rolf's essence that flows through your veins. And since you turned Arthur...well" Odin shrugged too casually. "You're heading into a battle you won't win. I'm just giving you a heads up that your shapeshifting days are running on fumes. Both you and the detective. Live or die, I will collect every remaining piece of Rolf's soul, even if I have to drain every drop of blood from anyone in his bloodline." taking a step back, he seemed to melt into the large maple tree at the edge of the yard and disappeared.

"Dude, that was cool!" Seward said pointing at the window.

"I need a drink. A really large drink." Ruthven said moving around the kitchen opening all the cupboards one after another. "Why is all the rum gone?"

"You drank it last week." Seward replied still focused on the window. The younger male moved then as if jolted by lighting, grabbing his medical kit from the sofa, running outside to where Odin had just been. Moving past Edric quickly, he started grabbing samples of the bark, some of the soil where the god had been standing, even tried to bottle up some of the air between the two spots.  There seemed to be a ripple of warm air flowing at a crooked angle between the two points. Seward knelt below the air flow, punching numbers into his cell phone; promising himself to add them to the map he was making.  Every time someone shimmered into view, there seemed to be a bit more static electricity in the air. Making it harder to breathe in that spot for awhile afterwards. He was sure it could lead to finding away to rescue our heroine.  Walking back into the house, not once did he bother to look up from his calculations.  "Hey, Ruthie, where are your notes on the soap opera?"

"My...oh yeah on the table there." Ruthven said shaking his hand towards the kitchen table like he was trying to get something sticky off. "Quentin really thinks The Seer is out right telling us what's going on?"

"Yeah." Seward grunted.

"But why? I mean, if he's trying to take over the world and Nosferatu was his only real thing blocking him...not that she really seemed to be very effective at that...why would he want to help us get her back from wherever it is Bacchus is holding her, in order to help her stop him...The Seer I mean?"

"Maybe he needs her for something?" Seward said shrugging before slamming into the edge of the door frame. "Hey!" he brushed himself off to see Edric had reentered the house.

"Oh I didn't even touch you much. Thanks for nothing back there. When you grabbed the kit, thought you were coming to see if I was okay, but no, you ran straight for the science." the sandy-blonde hybrid said pointing towards the backyard. He was physically fine, his ego on the other hand was still stinging. Seward hit a button on his cell phone, a sound effect playing as he moved the little machine across Edric's shoulders and face.

"My Star Trek ring tone says you're fine."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. What about Odin?)

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