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The Nosferatu Adventures s12 p21

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 321, chapter 321

Rolf's Kingdom

"Can we talk? I think we need to talk? Don't you feel we should talk?" Maxwell said as he gestured between himself and our heroine. He stood at the end of the hallway, waiting for her. Sighing under her breath, the banshee moved down the hallway past him. "Hey! Don't walk away from me." the older shapeshifter said reaching for her arm. He felt the back of his head crack before everything went black, as he slammed into the wall, the magick barrier throwing him across the floor like an echoed nuclear blast.

"Huh. Interesting." our heroine said to herself as she glanced at Reuben out of the corner of her eye. He was standing once again in Harker's bedroom making sounds of disgust as he bent picking up the discarded trenchcoat.

"What's interesting is that you've been here all of twenty minutes and already you've left a path of destruction. What's next, a bloody trail of entrails across the castle floor?" Harker commented from the next doorway. Our heroine's face softened as she let her gaze caress the younger Frankenstein male.  She hesitated on her toes wanting desperately to hug him but unsure if he'd be tossed into oblivion too? The 45 year old pirate reached out gingerly to embrace her, fully certain that the fact he was still human would be his safe guard.  He was wrong. A few centimeters from her, he felt the push of the invisible barrier, his arms hovering there blending with the awkwardness of their attraction to each other after all these years. "I understand you're not with my brother anymore." he whispered clearing his throat.

"I'm not."

"Is Dagan alright? I haven't heard from him in months."  Harker's voice was as soft as a breeze.  Our heroine shook her head blinking, before shrugging; Harker's hands still an inch away from her.

"I would suppose he is. I didn't hang with him much before Bacchus kidnapped me." the auburn haired female dropped her own voice to match his before running her fingers through the air, not quite on the edges of Harker's hair. Age had caught up to him in little ways. The laugh lines around his eyes deeper, permanent. The once thick dark hair now a new texture that was softer, and nearly all salt and pepper. There would have been no room for the grey streaks the Frankenstein curse leaves at the temples had there been the opportunity to give them.

"What?" he asked bending at the knees to stare into her hazel eyes.

"If only I'd met you first."

"Well, if you had, you wouldn't have become a banshee."  the human gave Nosferatu a weak smile before bringing his hand back up to his own chin. "You can't tell me you would have changed that part of things for the world?"

"No. You're right there." she agreed.  Harker closed his eyes bringing his hand up to his forehead, wincing in pain.

"I'll be right there." his voice was solid but calm.

"Be right where?" our heroine asked confused.   Tilting his head then to the side, Harker's brown eyes were puzzled as he gestured towards the hallway.

"Um Damen just called out to me. You didn't hear that?"

"No." the banshee replied as she turned to follow him. "Does he do that often?"

"It's how he communicates. Both the boys actually. Damen at lest writes, William refuses to do anything normal." they continued down the hallway towards the main throne room. There they were greeted by a few of the people from the village. Damen was standing by the desk in the corner of the room, William sitting on the floor near the throne playing with a stack of cars and toys.

"Sir." the farmer stepped closer to them, his hands nervously held tight to his stomach. "I'm sorry to trouble you, but we feel the king needs to know what's going on." the human bowed his head nearly ashamed of himself. "The fields were raided again sir."

"Raided? Raided how?"  Harker asked moving towards the man, slapping his hand on the guy's shoulder. "Anything left?"

"They burned half the fields. There was nothing we could do, they came in the middle of the night." the man was on the edge of tears, his voice in a panic.

"We'll take care of it." he guided the man towards the doorway, stopping at the desk opening up one  of the drawers to expose a locked box. Nodding towards the man, he fished out a handful of loose coins handing them to him. "In the meantime, you'll need to be able to purchase new seeding."  The farmer thanked Harker his hands shaking as he took the gold coins. 

"You handled that well. You're good at this." our heroine commented as she crossed her arms under her chest, giving her boobs a boost.

"It's been happening off and on for the last year. We managed to cut them off on the west, but we're nearly defenseless from the docks."

"You were a pirate for years. You're telling me that the waterline is your weakness?"

"I'm telling you that because I was a pirate for years. There is nothing we can do on that defense."

"How did you handle the raiders from the west?" our heroine asked moving once again closer to him, dropping her voice instinctively.

"Well..." Harker shrugged pointing towards Reuben who was now entering the room. "He ate them."  they turned to look at the dark haired wolf as he strode into the center of the room.

"What? It's the only time I'm allowed to hunt anymore." he hooked a thumb in the direction of the kids.

"Understood." our heroine said nodding.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Ask yourself was Nosferatu unable to hear the kids telepathically because they didn't want her to or because she didn't want to?)

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