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The Nosferatu Adventures s12 p26

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 326, chapter 326

Rolf's Kingdom

Anezka stood starring at her hands, palms up right as she cried.   "Get a grip princess." Shayne commented as she surveyed the little shelter. "It's not that bad."

"He'll come for me and when he does, you'll both die a painful death." the raven haired girl nearly spat the sentence between tears.

"Who? Bacchus? oh my god!" Shayne shook her head, the octopus tentacles smashing her shoulders as she did, her violet eyes becoming slits.

"When he learns of our escape, of how you two fiends kidnapped..."

"Kidnapped you? Are you nuts?" she crossed her arms in disgust pacing now around the room.

"He loves me!" Anezka slammed her palms into her chest, leaning a little towards the other female.

"Loves you? You're really that naive? He knows already, sugar lips. He knows because he let us go! He's a god princess, a god! Nothing happens without his knowledge. If he wanted to keep us he would have. We would never have gotten out of the place. What makes you think he'd come looking for you anyway huh? Cause you're shacking him? Huh, sharing his bed once a week. You're one of a hundred girly. And when did your lover pull you from the ranks? Not long ago was it?"

"I've been with him for over a decade." the raven haired female said still teary as she raised her chin in defiance. Daring Shayne to counter her.

"Suspicious timing on that don't you think? Bacchus suddenly taking an interest in you. Ever wonder why?"  Shayne moved then to lean her shoulders against the door of the little shed. Blocking the other female with her body.

"He loves me."

"Lie to yourself all you want, but don't you dare try to play me for a fool. Bacchus chose you for one reason and one reason only. To mess with Nosferatu."

"Don't speak her name to me. She ruined my life by bringing me here." Anezka's voice began to lose it's grip on the fear, on the panic as pure bitterness took over.

"She saved you! Stupidest thing she ever did I'd say, but what the hell do I know?" Shayne let her arms slap against her thighs. "You were bait honey. That's all you ever were. Bacchus took you for collateral and then dangled you like a worm on a hook. I know that, and I'm sure she knows that too. Just don't understand why you don't see it?"

"You're lying!" she began to move around the small shed as well now, not focusing on anything but the far window.

"Fine suit yourself." Shayne tossed herself from the door turning to open it. "If you think you can survive on your own while you wait for your precious lover-boy to come get you, then be my guest. But understand that you little girl are nothing more to him then wasted space. A space that Nosferatu herself filled."

"What is that suppose to mean?" Anezka's voice became a hard note.

"It means, that while you've been playing house with Bacchus, Nosferatu has sacrificed herself for your brothers. Getting them out of the Queen's prison. Saving Rolf from Odin's wrath. She saved you! She's the whole reason you're alive right now and not dead in some gutter. The only reason your brothers, all of them, are alive."  the female's violet eyes turned blue as her emotions got the better of her. She slammed the door closed. "She recognized you the second she spotted you. Do you think that was a fluke? Huh? The first day you get tossed back into the main ranks, were she'd be in a position to spot you. Or how she'd know who you were even? It's because she's got a link to your bloodline. Shared a soul even with Rolf. You don't deserve to be here. You don't deserve any of them."

"My brother? That's suppose to make me trust you? Because you mention him, I'm suppose to believe anything you say?" she shoved her way to the door about to open it. Turning Anezka let out a scream. She was frozen in fear, eyes wide as the large caramel coloured wolf snarled at her. It's head down, eyes glowing amber-grey, his muzzle dripping.  Snorting the beast lowered his front stretching out his paws, the sounds of bones cracking. It only took Reuben two minutes to shift back to his human form. Leaving him standing on the outside of the doorway covered in sweat, his long dark hair matted to his skull, falling and dripping against his nose.  Nodding, he took one step into the shed the magick mist swirling around his perfect body leaving a pair of black pants and boots in it's wake.  Shayne stood with her head tilted to the side in awe, never having seen anyone actually shift before. Anezka fainted.

"Wasn't expecting that." Reuben remarked fixing his hair.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Everyone sees things their own way, not always with the whole picture either.)

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