Monday, April 22, 2019

The Nosferatu Adventures s13 p18

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 348, chapter 348

"My cellphone isn't working." Seward said as he waved the little machine. "Like nothing. No bars, no indication of anything." he looked around them nearly spinning in a complete circle. "Where are we? If we were in the warehouse when we went through the portal shouldn't we have returned to the warehouse when we came back through?"    Our heroine was barely listening, as she brought her left hand up flexing her fingers before whispering and blowing on her palm. A golf ball size bubble appeared suddenly, a small butterfly held within. She moved her wrist slightly letting the bubble move across her knuckles.

"Wicked." she said wide eyed.

"How'd you do that?" the dark haired human asked just as the bubble disappeared.

"Shack." our heroine huffed. "It's a trick The Seer used to do all the time. I guess his bloodlink ran it's course. Any magick I had from him just ran out." the female banshee plunked down on the nearest patch of lawn, the canvas bag with the spellbook now in her lap. They turned to see Edric returning from just to the left of them. Neither had paid any attention to the fact the hybrid had wandered off in the last few minutes.

"I just found this." Edric said showing them a newspaper. "Look at the date."    Seward and our heroine looked at the little black and white print.

"Oh my god! 1976! What the shack?" Seward threw his arms up . "Back in time?" he was still waving the little dead cellphone in his hand trying to understand. He spun around on his heels surveying the landscape suddenly. They were in what looked like a naked plot of land. Half of it was nothing but dirt, with bits of car parts and trash in the far corners by a wire fence.  "Are we in a dump?" he shook his head blinking at what he thought were train tracks hidden under long weeds about thirty feet away. Walking over to them, he pointed. "This is where the warehouse should be. By the abandoned tracks."

"Figures." Nosferatu sighed linking her fingers together stretching. The weight of the spellbook causing the canvas bag to slide off her knees.

"What do  you mean figures?" Seward was now holding his useless cellphone in both hands like his life depended on it, his knuckles bone white.  He crossed back to them his shoulders tight.

"I think that was me. Not on purpose, but it's not the first time it's happened. No puns intended."  the two males stood there waiting for more; Edric's eyebrows knitted in confusion and Seward looking like he was about to have a full on panic attack. His fingers were gripping the cellphone to the point they were leaving heat prints. "Way back when I was first in the Darkest Forest, the Seer and I opened a portal, only instead of going to another reality, we landed back a few years in the year 2000.  Then another time I'd had enough of things with Dagan, and opened up a portal only I ended up in the 1400's. How I met Vlad actually." she frowned. "Come to think of it, when I escaped Bacchus's palace I ended up back in Rolf's kingdom with a wee bit of a 24 hour time difference." she held up her thumb and forefinger squinting. "Just a touch of jet lag on that point."

"So what you're saying is you can time travel?" Seward asked his chin down eyes wide hands now out at his sides, the cellphone still clutched in his left hand.

"Not on purpose." our heroine picked at a single blade of grass having noticed how it was yellow and split down the middle where as all the others around it were still deep vibrant green. "It's one of the reasons Bacchus is so determined to have me. Well, not have me-have me..." she went quiet for a long pause as she thought about it. Tilting her head to the side she raised an eyebrow as if answering a question to herself.  " lest that was never hinted at as part of his deal. Anyways, it's one of the reasons Bacchus wants me to rule by his side as the High Priestess Queen of his Bacchae. Because of the portal time thingie. I don't move through the realities in any liner fashion."

"And you're just telling us this now! After we followed you through the portal to begin with and back to what was suppose to be home! You couldn't have said anything oh I don't know, like twenty minutes ago when we were still safe in 2018 in the warehouse?" Seward was standing on his toes red faced getting hysterical.

"Don't you dare!" the female got up to face him. "I never asked you to jump through the portal with me. You did that! That's on you." she bent down snatching up the canvas bag, slinging the straps over her shoulder as she stormed off towards the nearest street.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Yes, it was 2018 still in the story's modern timeline when they went through the portal.)