Friday, August 2, 2019

Random movie- Holmes and Watson

Spudguns!,  it's just after 9am EST where I am, and I should have posted this last week.  I saw the movie Holmes and Watson last weekend, but the week really got in the way of me sitting down and doing this post. In a way, I'm sort of glad it did.

movie:  Holmes and Watson
starring: Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly
genre: Comedy, Crime,
year: 2018
format: Crave

plot: Holmes and Watson are hired to solve a string of murders after Queen Victoria's life has been threatened.  Watson, who's not yet a detective, has a lot to prove if he's ever going to get the promotion he's looking for. Meanwhile, the emotionally frozen Holmes has fallen in love for the first time. This clouds his judgment as he lets Watson be sent to jail.

Okay. So, I love anything related to Sherlock Holmes, but this was just crap.  John C. Reilly normally spins pure gold, but this movie left me scratching my head as to why he decided to be in it?  Hugh Laurie plays the part of  Mycroft Holmes but even that couldn't save this movie. (Stephen Fry who is Laurie's comedy partner played the character in the Robert Downey Jr movies)

I need to rant about Will Ferrell for a moment.  His last few movies Zoolander 2, The House, Daddy's Home 2, Holmes and Watson;  have just been terrible. I have to say, if he's writing his own stuff then he should get someone else to write for him for a few films. If he has someone writing for him then he should take back control and write his own stuff. Either way, he's just been down hill the last couple of years. I really think he needs to step out of that buddy comedy comfort zone for a bit and do a serious drama or horror or something.

There's just nothing nice to say about this movie.

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