Thursday, May 23, 2013

Warp Speed

Movie: Star Trek Into Darkness (ST 12)

Where: Cinema

Reason for seeing it: STAR TREK!

I've been waiting for this movie now for a year since I first heard about it. After missing a few movies the other month because of health and schedules, it seemed like the stars aligned to let me see this one, and damn was it worth it!


I don't usually give anything that might be considered spoilers, but I have to talk about the fact this is their "alternate reality version of Wrath of Khan"  and that they pretty much made Khan a vampire. Not in the usual fangs and coffins sense, but they made him 300 years old and able to regenerate, super human strength and speed and extremely pale.  Yeah, he's an indestructible vampire. Bonus, he was played by BBC's Sherlock lead Benedict Cumberbatch.  Love this guy!


I will give you one scene, Kirk is about to go on an away mission, and we see two unnamed red shirts about to go with him, and he hands them different uniforms, I believe this is the first time an unnamed red shirt on an away mission comes back alive, and does not die.

Klingons are introduced, and we are given subtitles for the one scene. Personally, I can not wait to see how they handle the next one!

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