Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Round Up Food n Flix Aug

Hey my lovely Spudguns! It's the time of the month when the Food n Flix host tells you who made what. Which means, that it was my pick this month. Being the vampire queen that I am, I picked Hotel Transylvania 2.   Yep, I made everyone sit through a vampire movie; totally batty of me right.  So let's see what creepy oozing treats everyone dug up.
First up was Amy from Amy's Cooking Adventures, with Monster Ball soup,  and this particular recipe, was not even her idea, but her kids! It was inspired by what is one of the most endearing scenes in the film, Mavis being pregnant and Dracula making her mother's recipe.

and second submission was also from Amy with a Strawberry Lemonade slurpee,  which was inspired by one of my favourite scenes, the trip to the corner store. Mavis has never been to one, and goes wild for the many choices she's given in the sweet treats.

next was Camilla, over at Culinary Adventures with Camilla with her version of a Gluten free Monster Ball soup As I said, Mavis's and Dracula's sentimental moments were so endearing, everyone loved them. 

next up was Terri from Our Good Life  with a Blender split pea soup. By the sounds of it, she was inspired by Mavis's pregnancy soup and the scene where Frank is licking an empty soup bowl.

next we have Wendy from A Day in the Life on the Farm, with an I Scream Cake. She was inspired by the many many cake scenes throughout the movie.

next we have Diana  with a  Ghouled Cheese and Avocado sandwich
She was inspired by the conversation and multiple avocado scenes between Dracula, Mavis and Dennis. I think this is a great way to get your little monsters to eat "a good fat".

next we have Sarah  over at Well Dinned, with Oozing Eyeball Pasta She was inspired by all the monster versions of the "normal" foods. This makes me just want to grab a shovel and dig in

next we have our fearless leader and vampire hunter, Heather at All Roads Lead to the Kitchen, with a Bucket of Garlic Fries she was inspired by an early scene in the film, where Dracula and Mavis go flying together, and he mentions "I'd eat a bucket of garlic to".   These are the damned coolest wooden stakes fries I've ever seen.
next we have Evelyne on CulturEatz, with her Anchovy Ice Cream on Grilled Cesar. She was inspired by the scene where Johnny offers Mavis a snack of ice cream with anchovies. I have to say, and I did on her blog, that this is the coolest idea - no puns intended- I've heard of so far. I wish I had thought of it myself.

next up Catherine  at the Gluttonous Geek, with Honey-Sriracha Roasted Sarmale Avocado. Okay, I have to admit, I'm envious that she's half Transylvanian herself, and that she pulled not just from the movie, but from her own background.

next up was Debbie from The Friday Friends,  with Avocado-Pablano Pico de Gallo. She was also inspired by the "it's a good fat" avocado conversation/remark. I got to admit, this makes me want to just curl up with my copy of the film and have some.

then Deb at Kahakai Kitchen, gave us her Garlicly Grilled Guacamole. Not only does this sound like a fun recipe, she made it look like the character Blobby.

And Debra  at Eliots Eats, served up a Vampire Blood Cocktail
She was inspired by the "I invited Vlad" scene, where upon hearing the news that his father is coming to visit, Dracula spits out his blood onto the white shirt of his in-laws.

I gave you Wayne's Conveniently Oozing Poptart Pie (here link)

Holy Rabies! All in all, a howling good feast. Don't forget to join us next month, (September) when we'll be watching Frida hosted by Eliot's Eats.


  1. Wow, that was quite an amazing roundup! I love all of the fun and inspired dishes. Great choice, thanks so much for being our hostess and bringing these all together in one spot. :)

    1. It's one of the biggest I've seen. Welcome! I look forward to 2017 and seeing what new batch of movies we get!

  2. Replies
    1. Hi. Are the links not showing a different colour? I liked some by the recipe title, and some by the blog title sentence. But, I linked to everyone.

    2. Yes, they are....I'm sorry. They didn't show up until I landed on the words with my cursor and the first I tried wasn't listed by the recipe. Thanks again for such a great movie. Everyone seems to have had fun.

  3. Such a fun pick Kimberly, loved it and I want to try all the recipes here!

    1. I'm happy you liked it. Always a little afraid my taste in movies is going to put people off.

  4. Great round up! Thanks for hosting!

    1. The round up is great because everyone was so cool this round.