Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Random movie Jan 21st 2015

The Man With the Iron Fists

plot: A group of warring clans all plan to steal a vault of gold from each other, destroying a village in the process.

This is a 2012 action movie starring Russel Crow and Lucy Liu.

I rented this for one reason, it had Quentin Tarantino in the title. Ends up, not one of his per say as much as distributed by his label.   With that said, major martial arts movie.
It's another one of those that I didn't really hate but didn't really love either.  Did not want or need to see Batista's ass, but there it was at the end of a fight scene. Pun intended.

For a sci-fi/comedy, it was pretty good. For an action film, it covered the bases. It says it pays tribute to the genre from the 1970s, translation exploitation film. Which it captures well. 
The fact it's writer/producer/director/star is rapper RZA...leaves a bit to be desired. I have no clue if this was his first movie/acting job, but it sure felt like it. He looks so bored. No seriously, he's suppose to be the center of the story, and he comes across like he could care less that he's there.

I would have liked an explanation as to why wrestler Batista was the gold platted hulk? If there was an explanation to his character, it was so quick I missed it. Did it have to do with him being the killer of his clan? I have no clue.

There could have been a little more plot but otherwise not horrible. 

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