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The Nosferatu Adventures S7 p3

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 181, chapter 181

(Since I doubt many read the red end notes to each episode of the story, I'm putting this up front cause I want it in your minds as this next few episodes unfold...Playlist: W.A.S.P.- The Idol, Type O Negative- Black No.1, Cycle Sluts From Hell- I wish you were a beer, Exodus- Thorn in My Side, Circus of Power- Mama Tequila, Billy Idol -Pumping on Steel, Alice Cooper-Might as well be on Mars,)

The cab stopped in front of the fair grounds. Letting out a deep sigh, our heroine dug her earphones out of her purse, as she handed the driver his money. A blast of noise and cold air hit her square in the face as she opened the door, getting out. She stood there for a long moment, uncertain which direction to go, as a large fence seemed to be around the front of the grounds. She followed it right for few minutes, until she found herself at a ticket booth. Peeking around it, she found it empty, the usher nowhere.
She jumped as a thick slurping sound invaded her right ear. "Hey." the dark haired male said casually. "Day passes are forty bucks..." he swung around her, slurping his pop noisily before putting it down on the edge of the booth door, jumping up on it himself, swinging both legs over gracefully before jumping into the locked booth. "weekend passes are eighty."

"I just want to see the one concert." her voice seemed low, unsteady, unsure of herself.

The dark haired male shook his head, his brown eyes filled with mischief as he leaned on the edge of the booth door, his leather jacket open, the words Motor City visible on his grey t-shirt. "Doesn't work that way." Our heroine nodded and started to turn and walk back the way she came. " know what..." the dark haired male screamed at her. She turned back to look at the beautiful man. "I could totally get in trouble for this, but you seem like you aren't going to start a riot or anything." he gestured mildly to the knee length pencil skirt, flats, and frilled short sleeve button up blouse she was wearing. "I mean, you look like a librarian or secretary or something."

"I am a librarian and a secretary." she replied a little sharply. "Well, I was anyways." she turned to look away from him, sniffing.

The dark haired male snickered to himself as he cleared his throat ripping off  one of the day passes from the large clipboard, handing it to her. "Twenty bucks."  Reaching into her purse, she found her wallet handing him the money. "Careful in there. Not everyone is what they seem."
Our heroine nodded to herself as she waited for him to unlock the gate, letting her into the fair grounds.

Loki grabbed his half empty pop taking one last long slurp, before tossing it into a trash bin and shimmering away.

Our heroine flipped through her playlist again, mindlessly, she just hit track one. She had about an hour to kill before the band got on stage. If she could find the right stage that was. When our heroine had read about the out door concert, she hadn't thought anything of it. That was until the lead singer Leo had done the local news. The man in the leather pants, with the long dark curls had sat in the whole interview, his cowboy boots up on the reporter's desk, a hookah hanging out of his mouth; not saying much of anything. It wasn't until the last few seconds of the interview that the threw his head back closed his eyes and howled. Nothing else, just this odd howl. The image had sent a strange longing through our heroine. It was as if she recognized him only she had no idea from where?
She continued to walk through the pockets of people, past the guy selling t-shirts, past the hot dog venders, and past the smaller stage that was already set up for some boy band. The whole time, she never looked up from the flyer she'd grabbed from one of the street lights in front of the library. She didn't even think anyone made paper ads anymore. But there it was, staring at her in large bold letters the name of the band Clive and the Bat-droppings.

She swore as someone smashed into her, knocking her purse, the ticket and her flyer out of her hand. Bending to gather them up, a strong pale hand reached down the same time she did. "Let me get that for you." the male voice said in a rush, a sweet cinnamon drifting under her nose as it did. She swore again as both their skulls seemed to bounce off each other.

"You trying to kill me?" she found herself in a huff as she stood finally, shoving everything into her purse. The man stood up to his full height, towering over her. A smile lit up his blue eyes as he let out another sweet laced breath, chewing a piece of gum. Dagan stood with his hands on his hips, the cuffs of his jeans covered in dirt, a smudge of what looked like blood or red dye on his right elbow, another of grey-yellow on his neck near his jaw.

"No. Not yet anyways. You haven't given me a reason to. What's that?" he pointed to the flyer hanging out of her purse then quickly hid his arms behind his back leaning towards her. If she didn't know better, our heroine would have sworn he sniffed her.

"Nothing." she moved from him, heading towards another pocket of people, then thought better and stopped. "Do you know where the main stage is?" she asked turning back to face him.

"Yeah but I'm not telling you." Dagan replied scratching at his stomach. He took a single step catching up with her, his hand firmly at her elbow as he started to drag her through the closest crowd of people, pointing off to their left. "Keep going that way till you hit the wall of amps. Miss it and it just means you're stupid or blind or both." he let go of her arm roughly, jerking her sideways. "And watch your step, dangerous around here." the sandy-auburn haired male took a backwards step disappearing into the crowd once more.

Putting her fallen earphone back into her one ear, she noticed the first song was over and the intro to the next had started. 

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story)

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