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The Nosferatu Adventures s9 p11

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 235, chapter 235

Out of Time

"I can't believe you brought her here!" Bacchus screamed, slamming his palm down on the table.

"Relax." Loki replied not bothering to turn away from his video game. "There hasn't been any major issues with our containment unit since we doubled security. Bringing Rufus in to help keep an eye on The Seer was a brilliant plan."

"It's not The Seer I'm worried about!" the sandy haired god said leaning over Loki's shoulder, his hand automatically going for his tie smoothing it down. "Is it? Huh?" he pointed towards the closed office door. "It's her. What if she bumps into him? Have you thought about that?"

"What if she does?" Loki mumbled as he hit the pause button tossing the controller to the floor. He stood up facing Bacchus, his hands behind his neck as he stretched. "He won't recognize her."

"But she will him won't she?" Bacchus threw up his hands in defeat, turning his back on Loki crossing to the door. "The whole point of keeping them separated was so that Pan who's been squatting in The Seer all these years, can't be reborn. If Nosferatu and The Seer start up their affair yet again; there's no telling what could happen!"

Loki cast his eyes down staring at the floor, his mouth in a slight 'o' as he tried to focus. The last thing he wanted was for our heroine to end up back with The Seer. "It won't happen." he said raising both hands palms flat downward, crossing them and uncrossing them as if smoothing out a surface.

"It won't happen he says, relax he says. Those two have runaway together already. Since day one, The Seer has been her weakness. No matter who claims her, or who she claims." he titled his head snorting. "Oh yeah, I'm fully aware of your little scheme few years back having her mated to Reuben while in the 1400's. Sneaky, I'll give you credit for that, but still it didn't stop her did it?" he leaned over again to punctuate his point.

"That wasn't Edward."

"No it was worse! It was his previous incarnation who only married her the first time in her previous incarnation then stole her from her husband!" Bacchus made a rolling gesture with his hands. "Over and over and over again those two go." 

"I'm not going to let those two start up another affair trust me on this." Loki said scratching his ear his left leg beginning to twitch. He'd grown too fond of her himself over the decade to want to see  her claimed by any other werewolf, or in a relationship with anyone for that matter.

"Why? Why should I trust you this time? What do you plan on doing?"

Loki brought his hands out in front of him, his fingers still locked as he stretched again. "Sway her to my darkside."

Bacchus couldn't hold in the fit of laughter as he nearly bent double pointing at him. "Sway her to your darkside? I think you've got that turned around bud. I I know, she's already got you swayed to her darkside. Have you looked in the mirror in the past decade? Huh?" he rubbed his forehead.  "You're the shacking god of shapeshifters and when was the last time you bothered to do so? I mean really shift." the sandy haired god held both his hands out between them like upward claws. "I don't mean just when you are summoned by anyone else and take the shape they expect of you, no I mean when you're sitting around Valhalla, or alone or what have you. Since the first time you presented yourself to her, since the first time you searched her mind for something she identified with to shift into you've stuck with it." Bacchus moved on his heels, hands now at his waist as he raised an eyebrow. "What is this? Some wrestler? Some punk ass...have you ever bothered to ask yourself why you chose to keep this outfit?"

"Chicks love it." he remarked squaring his jaw.

"She loves it! You've kept this...this...outfit because she's in love with it. Doesn't matter that she doesn't remember who he really was before hand, lest not consciously. Admit it, you love the fact that face makes Nosferatu..." he sighed slouching his shoulders. "able to stomach you."

What he was hearing was partially true. Loki just couldn't bring himself to admit that given he was the god of shapeshifters, he couldn't even remember what he truly looked like. "What do you suggest then?"

"You really want to sway her to your darkside?" Bacchus air quoted the sentence. "Then try shifting into a fresh outfit. Don't even tell it it's you if you want. See how much influence you really have on her when your not wearing this face?"

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. We ready for another Buffy quote..."get out of my facial"...)

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