Saturday, August 1, 2015

Theme Week- Werewolves

Full Eclipse

plot: After witnessing his partner kill himself, detective Max Dire is offered a chance to join a special unit called the Pack. On their first mission, where he believes the others are using a designer drug to ramp up their adrenaline, he starts to investigate their chief Garou. Max soon learns his new boss is a werewolf, and is running out of time before not only the next full moon, but a total lunar eclipse, where Garou will become unstoppable.

This is a 1993 made for tv crime drama starring Mario Van Peeples and Bruce Payne.

I remember seeing this twenty years ago on vhs rental. I had no idea it was a made for tv movie. With that in mind, it would explain why there are a few scenes that feel rushed. Otherwise, this is one of the more original werewolf movies to come out of the 1990's.

There is one scene when we learn what the "drug" really is and Garou utters the line "this is my brain, this is you on my brain any questions?"  Which is funny for the simple fact the anti-drug campaign back in the 1990's was "this is your brain this is your brain on drugs any questions" with the eggs frying.

Bruce Payne is the star of this, even though he's the big bad, and only in half the movie, you end up rooting for him.  His character does all the bad stuff, all the wrong things for all the right reasons with completely good intentions.

Now, this version I watched online and was the 93 minute R-rated, which is edited just a bit. What I saw 20 years ago on vhs was an uncut version which came in a few minutes longer, and I seem to remember there being more story to do with the lead character's wife, and more with the mob.

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