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The Nosferatu Adventures s9 p12

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 236, chapter 236


The auburn wolf leaped over the guard's dead body licking his muzzle as he landed squarely on his paws without much more then a light patter. Turning to look at the destruction, the creature tilted his head to the side sniffing the air.
This wasn't his handy work. Nor was it, as far as he could tell, that of any wolf. Turning back towards his goal, the large wolf made his way cautiously towards the darkened room. Smart he thought to himself, turning an abandoned well into the banshee's prison. Carefully, he stopped short of the silver bars, daring not to burn his fur.  Even though the female was gone, her scent was heavy in the air. Crossing to the stone wall, the wolf sniffed again pressing his large cold nose against it, closing his eyes.

"You're too late."  Growling, Dagan turned to see Bacchus hunched on his heels a few feet behind him, the red tie flapping like a long tongue. "Get out of that fur coat will you. I hate these one sided conversations." The werewolf sneezed shaking his head not wanting to at first, but the sandy haired god sighed with impatience snapping his fingers.
Dagan started to transform against his will, his bones snapping and cracking as he did. Within minutes, he found himself kneeling on the cold stone floor, one naked leg in a puddle, one bare hand in the moat as water rushed across it. "As I was saying, you're too late." Bacchus cleared his throat standing over the naked male practically gloating. "Loki has whisked her away." he turned lifting his hand in a careless dismissive gesture.  "I don't suppose you know why?"

"Does it matter?" the auburn haired male asked as he stood.

"So you couldn't have her." he twisted on his heels leaving a scuff mark on one of the stones. His hands in the pockets of his suit pants, he shrugged. "Hm." Bacchus tilted his head so he could look the werewolf in the eyes. "I'm sure he's thankful you killed that witch for him. He couldn't remove her from here until you had." he winked.

"If he knew how to find her, why did he never get her out before?" Dagan never took his eyes off the god, barely managing not to snap his teeth at him, barely keeping from growling in his face.

Bacchus let out an over exasperated  breath letting it hiss from between his teeth before answering him. "The thing with gods is that even we have to follow certain rules now and again. The witch that was impersonating her had been a favourite of Hecate. There was a spell..." he gestured towards the prison.

"Cloaking spell." Dagan said nodding.

"No. We knew...were fully aware she was here we just couldn't do anything about it. As long as the witch was alive we couldn't break Nosferatu out. And we...and I do mean any god, could not kill the little...Loki's been waiting rather impatiently for someone to figure out where she's been all this time. For someone to either rescue her, or kill the witch."

"Kill the witch you kill the spell." Dagan interrupted.

"Pretty much."

Out of Time

The slap of the large brown envelope as it landed on her desk sent a stack of pages flapping in the breeze. Our heroine looked up at the delivery guy from under her lashes, as he leaned on the edge of the desk, as if he couldn't care less about it. "Do I need to sign for it?" she asked mindlessly.

"Yeah, suppose that's what's done isn't it?" he commented around a piece of gum as he handed her the little electronic pen and screen. Taking it from him, our heroine hesitated. "Right there." he pointed tapping the contraption. "Not that hard. Just your name." Growling under her breath our heroine scribbled something illegible before handing it back. "That wasn't hard now was it..." he tried to read it squinting up his eyes at the loops and swirls before scanning her desk for a name plate. Finding nothing to indicate what her name was, he nodded leaving the office.

Grabbing the package, she scuffed down the hallway towards Loki's office, not bothering to knock before opening the door. Normally he was just sitting around playing video games if he was not with a client, sometimes she'd find him actually reading a manuscript or doing actual work but that was rare. But today, she found him sitting in front of  the large monitor he used for his games, flipping channels with a tv remote.  "Did I catch you watching porn?"

"Haha very funny. No, I was watching My Gothic Kitchen."

"Sounds dishy." she couldn't help but smile as she put the envelope down on the desk. "Why?"

"Let's just say that I'm heavily invested behind the scenes shall we."  Turning he scratched the back of his skull. "I'm craving donuts."

"Sure, I'll see what's in the break room." she left the office remembering to slow her speed down in case any clients happened to be in the lobby.  Slumping his shoulders, the dark haired god hung his head his chin hitting his chest as he flopped back to lean on the edge of the desk. Even with his ability to shimmer he had cut it close, nearly having to shift while shimmering back in. He'd have to make up an excuse to leave next time he wanted to do something like that. 

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your heroine...me(straight up story. Can you tell I long for the return of more daytime soaps...) 

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