Tuesday, December 6, 2016

CoffeeTalk Dec 6th 2016

Spudguns! I hope you've got your largest coffee mug this morning, cause I've got some randomness to dish.

First, the blog anniversary was back on December 3rd. Which means, this is the official first post of Blog Year 6!  My little batwing is growing up so fast...which means that I failed the one a day movie challenge for year 5.  It also means I do not have a solid plan for year 6. I think it is going to be a "random" year. But randomness is always good, cause it clears the head, and allows some creativity to sprout.

Second, Night Bleeds...we're capping off the year with Dracula. The original book and the 1992 movie version Bram Stoker's Dracula starring Gary Oldman. Deadline for that is the last Sunday of the month, which is Dec 25th. You read the book, watch the movie and if you are inspired by either/both to cook/bake/craft anything, you blog about it. Link back to the Night Bleeds page or the day of -my post. This is the official announcement post. You must have a blog to join in.

Third, I have instagram now. (here ) I'm already following a couple of the Foodn'Flix members...

Fourth, my Nosferatu Adventures; the once a week format is something I'll stick to with it.  Can you believe I've been writing that serial now for almost four years! It started off as a filler post back in year two, and look where it's mutated to. Remember, you are what you eat.  

Fifth; the What that Movie Inspired Me to Do, round of posts. Everybody's favourites.

To recap, we've got one more Night Bleeds combo this month, the mini-challenges and the never ending soap opera will continue, I have failed my blog readers (she says in her best Arrow voice) and I pictures of trees.

and now...coffee.

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