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The Nosferatu Adventures s12 p19

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 319, chapter 319

Rolf's Kingdom

Our heroine pushed herself up from the floor where she had skidded across the length of the kitchen, crumpled against the wall. "Damn Roo, how do you make that shoulder roll look so easy?" exiting the kitchen, she turned left down the large hallway. "Everyone, meet everyone else." her voice trailed behind her as she headed towards the library. Reuben hot on her heels.

"Finally. Rolf's been..." Reuben was talking at werewolf speed, his words blending together over her shoulder.

"Where's the mirror?" she didn't stop moving until she was standing in front of the magick mirror. Removing the blanket she knocked twice. "Wrong mirror." letting out a deep sigh she turned quickly slamming into the dark haired werewolf. "Where's the other mirror? The one that connects to my world?"

"Finn's bedroom." the dark haired wolf said pulling his hair back into the perfect ponytail. Our heroine shook her head a millimeter as she let a small breath escape.

"You never change do you?"

"No need to." he breathed the sentence as he watched her turn again leaving the room. Sniffing the edges of the walls, our heroine picked up the trail leading to the familiar's bedroom. Finding the mirror she was looking for, she knocked twice. A hazy picture started to focus, like watching through a dirty window in the rain. She saw the female figure begin to come into view, as Matilda stood in front of her side of the magick mirror a half eaten banana in hand.

"I need to talk to Edric." the banshee's voice was edged in quickness.

"Okay. I can do that. I think? I can whip up a spell that will allow any surface to tap into this mirror. Might take a few hours. But I think if I ..."

"Matilda! Phone him! Just grab the telephone and dial Seward's number. Put it on speaker."

"Oh right yes!" the older hippy said, her tie-dyed skirts flying around her as she spun in a half circle looking for the little cell phone. "How did you end up back home?"

"Portal. I couldn't get it to open back to our reality. Bacchus has some sort of blockage in place."she sniffed halfway turning again to face Reuben who was standing behind her once again. "Fill me in here, what's the date?"

"September 4th 2026." Reuben said raising his palm in question, his arms crossed over his muscular chest. "Why?"

"Have you had the full moon yet this month?"

"Two days from now." he turned then to look at the bedroom door. "Oh!" he rubbed his nose confused as to why he hadn't picked up on the scent of the two females.

"Shayne needs safe passage out of the kingdom. I'd take her with me back to my reality, but even with every glamour spell on the planet, she wouldn't be able to hide for long. " our heroine said gesturing to her hair. "She's the lest of our worries."

"The other one?" Reuben shrugged towards the hallway. "You going to tell me why you brought passengers?"    Our heroine was about to answer him when she heard Matilda say she needed to put Seward on speaker.

"Seward. Can you hear me?" our heroine's voice was tight as she yelled leaning over towards the mirror. Reuben squinted up his nose as he stuck his finger in his left ear.

"How can he not? I have a ringing now." the dark haired wolf grumbled under his breath.

"Nosferatu! Oh my god!"  the human's voice sounded as clear as if he was in the room with her, and not transmitting through time and space. "Oh my god. Okay, so where are you?"

"Long story. Is Edric with you?"  she knew the second she'd asked that she hadn't needed to, as she could hear the sound of the human running through the house nearly tripping over the stairs in his rush to bring the phone to the hybrid. The view of Matilda on the other side of the magick mirror didn't help matters, with her nervously jumping in place with every sound. It was like watching someone playing a video game for the first time, holding the controls while acting out some of the movements.

"Okay, he's right here, I'm just...oh watch the puddle...god I hope that wasn't...Arrgghh!" she heard Seward land hard on the ground. "Hang on. You still there? I tripped, dropped the phone." she heard the human's breathing returning to a hot pant as he scrapped the cell phone across the edge of the pavement. "Hello? Hello? Nosferatu?"

"Yeah still waiting." she sniffed catching the aroma of a crowd having gathered at the doorway. She didn't need to turn to look to know that not only had Finn joined them, but the two kids and Maxwell.

"Dropped the phone. Arthur's been leaving bones everywhere. Among other things. I need to hose him down again. We can't seem to get him to shower."  the human was cut short as Edric snatched the little contraption out of his hand.

"Where are you?" the male hybrid demanded.

"Not where I should be. I'm with Rolf and Reuben." she replied her voice becoming less hurried. The impatience leaving her body, her shoulders relaxing at the sound of Edric's voice. "Everyone okay on that end?"

"We're all alive if that's what you mean. Mentally, not so much. Are you? Okay I mean?" the sandy-blonde male's voice took a dip as he held the tiny phone in his hand. His blue eyes darted back and forth in a silent panic as he wished for the long heartbeat of dead air; that they were still connected by the sire bond. If they had been, he'd have been able to locate her.

"Yeah. Physically. It's going to be a while before I can open another portal." she bit her bottom lip at the same time Edric did the same on his end.

"How long is a while?" the hybrid asked feeling the back of his throat go dry.

"Not too sure. I'm hoping before the full moon." our heroine tilted her head to the side as she listened to the sounds coming from the little phone on the other side of the magick mirror. She could swear she'd heard the disappointment and grief in her mate's body language. The way Edric shuffled his left foot just a half centimeter, and the very twitch of his perfectly pointed ears.

"But you're safe. I mean, we handled it." Edric swallowed unwilling to allow the sudden doubts creep over him.

"I'm safe darling. It's the others who escaped with me I'm worried about." she sighed, scratching at her forehead. "It's not safe for either of them. Not just because of that but because I don't know what Bacchus will do?"

"Oh my god! No pun in tended." Seward said leaning over the little phone again. "I had the craziest dream about you and Edric. I was a security guard and there was a mall..."

"Seward hon."  our heroine felt more than heard Reuben wince at hearing her call someone other than himself hon. "There's no time right now." her own hazel eyes shifting around the room quickly, taking stock of the situation. "Edric, I..." she paused for a half a heartbeat, allowing herself to blush hotly before continuing. Lowering her voice a few notches, she closed her eyes tilting her head to the side. "lIj wIj ruStay "

Edric shook his head in confusion as Seward's eyes lit up before Edric covered the human's mouth, bringing his finger up to his own lips in a quiet gesture. Removing his hand, Edric mouthed the words "Star Trek?" Seward nodded as the hybrid shrugged. Seward touched Edric's chest before drawing a heart in the air. Quickly, he whispered something for Edric to repeat. Edric screwed up his nose at his friend unable to figure out what he was saying.

"nuqDaq 'oH puchpa'' e' " Edric said as smoothly as he could one hand gesturing in circles. The whole time Seward giving him looks and giggling like a two year old.

"Ferengi che' Suq Soch, wejmaH, wa'vatlhHutlogh."

Out of Time

They heard Matilda say the magick mirror went black, and the call was over. Seward turned the cell phone off. The fit of laughter that broke from him was hyper-extended with a sharp snort as the human nearly fell over.

"She comments about you being her mate and you ask where the bathroom was?"  he typed in something on his cell phone then showed it to Edric. "Rough translation of what she said."

"Not all of us is fluent in pop culture. Obviously, she felt she couldn't trust someone if she felt the need to resort to Klingon." Edric said running his hand through his limp mohawk.

"Well, it was obviously meant just for us." Seward commented as Edric glared at him. "What? I'm just saying! But why would she mention the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition? That's like double coding the code?" he scratched his ear as he started to look something up online. "There was the number seven, I think, and thirty-something, and a hundred we go." he nodded more to himself than to the hybrid as he scratched his nose. "Why would she tell us to make detergent?"

"She wouldn't. You got the number wrong. Give me that!" he tore the cell phone out of his hand scrolling through the website. "This seems more likely, number 190 which, makes sense if you're right about the other numbers. They all have similar meanings, about not trusting anyone."

"Think that means Matilda too?" Seward asked.

"Might? But, Matilda could just as easily figure it out too. I'm betting she picked star trek because of who's on her end of the mirror.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story.  I was referring to the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition 183 and 190.)

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