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The Nosferatu Adventures s12 p18

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 318, chapter 318

Out of Time

"I don't understand." Shayne said as she stood in line, her tray in front of her waiting for our heroine to add the spoonful of mashed potatoes. "Every other female in this place are slaughtering each other to get into Bacchus's bed. Yet you, choose to wash dishes." she shrugged. "Why?"

"He's not that charming." our heroine replied smirking.

"EVERY female." the other creature replied moving to the side of the line so she could continue to talk. "Even the ones who don't like males are fighting for their chance to lay with him."

"Ew. Like seriously, why?" our heroine asked glancing around the room. She'd forgotten that Bacchus only appeared to her in the form of the sandy blonde Australian surfer. To each creature he would appear as they figured he should look. Some of them, indeed would be lusting after him as he took the image of their ideal man; some just wanted to be his favourite for the power it would allow them. "Yeah well, sleazy come...what?" she asked it was her turn to shrug.

"You're the one he's got plans for. Accept all that it entails. You've got a target on your back." Shayne nodded as she moved then to the nearest table.

Our heroine screwed up her nose as she mocked her, continuing to serve the meal.  An hour later, she leaned on the edge of the small cafeteria window that separated the actual kitchen from the dinning hall. Watching the rows and rows of females as they talked and fought among themselves. Like anywhere else, the female creatures had broken down into smaller communities. The former mermaids huddled together next to the witches, but away from the vampires and former shapeshifters. The amazons seemed to prefer the former shapeshifters, but were less inclined to share space with the trolls. The dragon like furies seemed to distrust the sprites and sidhes.  All of them sending chills through our heroine as they plotted to over throw her.  She had turned her back to the window, her attention on mopping the floor of the kitchen when it happened.

Her brain seemed to freeze up, her nose twitching as if on fire, her ears tuning in past the din to one single heartbeat. Her eyes became the pure white of the banshee, her gums aching as she licked her lips. There was no denying the familiar scent that suddenly caught on the air. Looking up, she caught the image out of the corner of her eye. Blood splattered on the attacker's hair as she continued to punch the raven haired female over and over, her companions holding her in place. Growling, Nosferatu snapped the wooden mop handle in half, jumping over the edge of the window just as Shayne's strong grip landed on her shoulder.

"What's wrong?" the other female asked not bothering to look around the room."Are you trying to get yourself killed already?"   Our heroine snorted back a half growl, running the back of her wrist over her mouth. She shook her head no.  "Well that's what will happen if you interfere." Shayne said nodding now towards the fight between a few of the amazons and the other creature. "She's just come from Bacchus's quarters. That one's been a favourite of his for as long as I can remember."  Our heroine had stopped listening to her friend, her instincts on overload. In fact, she heard nothing else that was said to her, heard nothing else that was happening around her. Saw nothing but the mass of creatures as they cowered on their knees, or fled the room entirely.  Their ears covered, some with blood running down the sides of their hands where the blood was trickling between their fingers, others with full streams of the red liquid trailing across their lips and chins.

Our heroine had let out a howl enough to silence everyone of them. The banshee's voice reverberated off the walls in a painful echo.  A moment later she found herself breathing heavily as she turned towards Shayne checking her friend for any real damage.

"You're good." she mumbled, not realizing that the other creature could hear nothing but a ringing in her ears as she glared at the banshee in pure anger. Watching as Nosferatu pointed towards the main hall, shoving her out of the way. Shayne watched then as our heroine moved across the room at lightening speed.

"What the shack was that?" She asked a few minutes later in the hallway following our heroine back to the small room where she slept still in the cage. Shayne didn't understand why our heroine chose to act like a prisoner when she had the right to act like a queen?

"That!" the banshee snarled her double row of top fangs wet with blood saliva. "That was me laying down the law."

"Why? I don't understand what you were trying to accomplish?"

"I just...I need...a moment!" she hissed slamming her fist into the wall causing the bricks to bend. "That can't happen again! In fact I won't let it! It ends tonight because I'm out of here. I'm going and you're welcome to come with me. Or not. Up to you. But I'm going to figure out how to get out of here and I'm taking her with me!"

"Her who? Bacchus's favourite concubine?" Shayne asked referring to the raven haired girl. "What is she to you?"

"Technically. Me. Well, the female werewolf I replaced. That was Anezka." she said swallowing some of her anger. "Rolf's sister. The one he traded his soul to save. She's suppose to be living as a human."


Rolf's Kingdom 

The six year old stood in the middle of the room, his little hand gripping the edge of one of the old poppets tightly. The fur dollie was a sad excuse for a toy, but little William adored it. His ears had been ringing for almost half an hour, his nose itching with the electricity in the air.  You heard it too? the voice in his head said. Nodding, he didn't bother to turn seeing his older brother standing a few feet away from him in the doorway of the kitchen. Damen bit his lip trying not to appear frightened as he reached for his half brother pulling him back into the hallway.  A brief half second later and Finn, Reuben and Harker were standing between them and the portal that had begun to open in the middle of the castle's kitchen.

Harker was thrown backwards hard into the wall, his vision blurred as he'd watched Reuben move at werewolf speed protecting the boys; just before three figures seemed to tumble out of midair.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story.  I've got "we are family" stuck in my head now)

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