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The Nosferatu Adventures s12 p28

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 328, chapter 328

Beaver Teeth and Moose Tails

Seward showed his id to the guy at the door, then waited as he was given approval to enter. The flyer hadn't lied, the place was as dark as a tomb. Seward couldn't see his feet and was moving by pure instinct. The club was like something out of a bad disco movie. Only he couldn't decide which one. Nodding to himself, he decided all of them fit the bill. There were groups of people dressed like they should have been going to a costume party, others like they had just come from a bad drag show at the karaoke bar, others like they'd seen one too many vampire movies. The dark haired male smiled to himself on that last one; whispering under his breath. "There's no such thing as too many vampire movies."  Someone grabbed his arm shining a flashlight in his face. He saw them mouth the words closed area invitation only. Nodding, Seward dug out the pink piece of paper from his pocket and handed it over to him. Flashlight sighed tagging him with a pink flamingo sticker at the collar of his t-shirt allowing him into yet another darkened doorway.

If being out there in the crowded area was the dark before the dawn, then this was the heart of the disco ball. And where the club got the rest of it's name. He squinted, covering his eyes for a second with his hand, adjusting to the sudden glare of light. The room was one giant mirror, with Bryon sitting dead center in what looked like a giant red velvet and gold throne. A strange little king, in an even stranger kingdom.

Seward felt the need to practically tippy-toe across the tiled floor, afraid his shoes would either leave scuff marks on the mirrored tiles, or worse, crack under his weight. There was a small stage area near the very back of the room, almost like an after thought. It was already dressed with a drum set and a few speakers. But otherwise, it just didn't seem to carry any real importance. At lest, not to the extent that Bryon had given it. Nor did there seem to be anyone who might indeed be in a band. But, there did seem to be a hell of a lot of groupies gathered around Bryon, in the little vip lounge. All of them dressed like they had seen the same cheesy Victorian vampire movie.  Seward made a noise under his breath to himself, as he licked his lips trying not to laugh.

"Whoa. Hey now. Hi."  the dark haired male said as he suddenly found himself the center of attention, as three girls sprang to his side. Each of them were dressed in flowing white gowns, their long hair braided with ribbons, vines, flowers and what oddly enough looked like moths. In fact, the one facing him, seemed almost like a moth herself, with her heavily painted eye make-up in shades of grey and soot.  Seward felt that uneasy deja vu clamor over him in a wave. He had to close his eyes and fight back the desire to vomit. The groupies said nothing as they led him to the vip area, shoving him onto the large velvet red sofa. They were only about five feet away from Bryon's throne, but it might as well have been miles. Another of the groupies arrived on his left with a large goblet of the deepest red wine he'd ever seen. "Okay. What movie is this? What movie is this? What" his words had been hushed under his breath, but the feel of someone kissing him stole his thoughts.  Seward shook his head blinking rapidly, as he pushed one groupie off his lap, spilling the goblet of wine as he did, only to be pulled back down on the sofa by another set of hands. The sound of his shirt ripping seemed to echo in his ears. Taking a deep breath, he managed to get to a standing position, stumbling over MothGirl's legs; his palms landing flat on the smooth cold wall of mirrors as he did.  Seward's eyes widened as he came face to face with his own reflection. His eyes taking in the images of the room. Turning to look over his shoulder, he saw Bryon sitting on the red and gold throne; only his mirror image was of someone else. Shaking his head once again believing it to be the wine and lights playing tricks on him, Seward looked once more over his shoulder then back at the mirror in front of him.  There was no mistaking it. The man in the room was not the man in the mirror.

Mirrored Man had short jet black hair, a clean shaven face and a thinner build. But it was his eyes that caused Seward's heart to beat faster, for his mouth to go dry. Mirrored Man had the amber-grey eyes of the werewolf.


"What movie is this?" Seward mumbled more than once in his sleep before Edric finally decided to wake his friend up. Which he did by tossing a large orange directly at Seward's skull. Giving a half snort, the human rubbed at his eyes, as he sat up on the sofa.

"Dude, you okay?" Edric asked as he leaned on the back of the sofa.  Getting up, Seward nodded as he slowly made his way upstairs to the bathroom. Splashing cold water on his face, he refused to look up at his reflection until he'd managed to get his heart to stop beating like a drum.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. I'd say something cute as usual, but...)

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