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The Nosferatu Adventures s12 p27

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 327, chapter 327

Beaver Teeth and Moose Tails

"I have no idea what I am doing?" Seward said as he walked through the halls of the school, his head down talking to his phone. He was recording a video for his social page. "But you all have to agree, that if you're in a relationship for more than a month, and you're not having sex with the person and there's no medical reason, then you need to ask why are you even in that relationship? Cause more times than anyone wants to admit, if they're not getting it from you, they're getting it from someone else. And that my friends, is the thought I'm going to leave you with this week. Text me, Message me, Show me how much you dream about me, and take care." he smiled brightly as he turned off the camera function. Looking up, he spotted a few of the guys from his science class standing at their lockers, laughing about something. Crossing over to them, Seward nodded asking what was up?

"Nothing man. Just talking." the one with the nose ring replied.

"Na man, give it up." the chunkier one said reaching into the locker to grab a large piece of fabric. "His dad picked this up for him at work. Totally gnarly."  he continued to laugh as he unwrapped the object.

"Doesn't your dad work at the zoo?"

"Yeah man."  Nose Ring answered. "They brought in a few animals that were injured, caught in bear traps or something. Nothing to do but..."   Seward found himself staring down at a severed paw of what he thought was a panther.  "So we thought it might be good luck, you know like a rabbit's foot." Nose Ring continued grinning like a moron as he wrapped the dead thing back up.

"We were going to do a little experiment on it. Like what Professor Quoyle was doing with the frogs in class."  Chunk said grinning too wide.

"That's gross you know that right. And totally awesome! I'm in."

"You seriously think you can hack this? I mean, we're not just talking about some video game here, this is like totally next level man." Chunk continued, not looking at anything but the floor, as if his shoes suddenly held the answer to life itself.

"It's a severed paw! I've got $30 that says you puke your guts out before we even get the jumper cables attached, $50 if you actually pass out." Seward said almost too casually. What no one had bothered to bring up, was how did his dad get this really? There was no way a panther could be in the area to begin with, and absolutely no reason for it to have been around bear traps to start with. No, there was something shacked about this and Seward knew he needed to understand what that was. For some nagging reason, he felt his entire future depended on it.  And of course, he was very eager to remove both guys from their money.  Turning, someone smashed into Chunk, which caused Chunk to slam into Seward, causing him to drop his cell phone.

"Watch it!" Nose Ring said to the guy.  All three turned to see an older male with short spiked hair. He was chewing on what to Seward looked like a large leaf. Tilting his head to the side, Seward felt a deja vu; as he sized the guy up. The male was in his 30's, dressed in black pants, pointed black boots, a pink dress shirt and a black jacket that fell mid-thigh. He looked like he'd just walked out of a gothic novel. Or poetry night at the goth club. Seward couldn't decide which as he continued to stand there confused and transfixed. Rotating his shoulders, Seward stood to his full height, puffing out his chest a little as he realized he towered over the dude by at lest a foot.  Somehow, that made him feel better.

"Relax young grasshopper. Just looking for the library." he raised both hands palms up at the same time he made a gesture with both eyebrows. It was if he was sharing a secret with Seward, only Seward had no idea what that could be?  The goth reached into the inside pocket of his jacket pulling out a stack of small pink pages. "My band is playing tonight at the club. You should check us out. It will be electric, I promise."  Nose Ring made a scoffing noise, tossing the paper into his locker, as they watched the guy continue walking down the halls till he found the library.

"Bryon's Mirrored Tomb presents Pink Zombie Flamingos. One night only." Seward swallowed the sudden dryness in his mouth as he read the flyer. He barely registered the fact Chunk was smacking his arm, pointing suddenly to the library.

"Check it out." Chunk whispered. "That Bryon dude is like all over Miss Frankenstein."  they turned to see the librarian Nosferatu leaving with him.

"I don't trust him." the words were out of Seward's lips before he realized it.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story.  Yes, I watched Impact this week.)

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